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Why is there no discussion of this hidden gem?
found a copy at my Half Price books and it is pretty ok for a Godhand clone.
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Replies: >>216403 + 3 earlier
Pretty good rosalina
Fake Helena. Her shorts are too long, and you can't see her frilly underwear peeking out.
Replies: >>208654
it must be original concept art
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>>198709 (OP) 
Not DRUID enuff for me.
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you had me for a few posts

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And most importantly, are you still having fun?

Previous thread: https://archive.vn/WTLFl
Previous previous thread: https://archive.fo/SQqGF
Other previous threads: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/raw/master/guides/vitagen_prevthreads.txt

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Game list (filterable): http://retailgames.net/playstation-vita/complete-list/
8chan game recommendations: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/raw/master/gamerec/games.png
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Anyone doing anything fun?
My Vita's (from 2012) battery died :'( 
I've stopped using my vita because I played everything in its library that interested me.
I wish there was a new modern portable gayming device that was roughly the same size as the vita, but had modern hardware and was strong enough to play some modern games. I really hate how big the switch and steam deck are and just miss having a device that actually fit in my hand.
I'm playing Gravity Daze soon.
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Does anyone have  a complete game save data of Trails of Cold Steel? I 100% the game back in the day and wanted to start 2 but i lost my save.

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What are some instances of real vidya appearing in film and TV? Are there any examples of real games being worked into the plot? Or is it just "dude look game lmao"
>House enjoys playing Metroid instead of dealing with patients
>Iraqi rebels playing Half-Life in Lost (which Valve reciprocated with a Lost easter egg in Episode 2) along with several other indirect references
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you should see the one pre-rendered game they've been using in law and order svu for the past 20 years. it's in Intimidation Game, the same episode with the fps rooftop meme, tobuscus, logan paul, and every other big name at the same to show up the ebil goobergabbers..
Replies: >>216296
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Replies: >>214862
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Jak 3 was in Zathura.
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>Known video game leaker, I’m a Hero Too, has revealed a little more about SEGA’s plans for 2024, which aligns with what the news publication Bloomberg said in April 2022. SEGA is delving into its extensive back catalog and preparing reboots of several classic gaming franchises such as Jet Set Radio, Comix Zone, and Guardian Heroes. Bloomberg originally mentioned that Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio were being worked on, so the news about Comix Zone and Guardian Heroes is new information. I’m a Hero Too also mentioned that SEGA is launching a new Sonic the Hedgehog game next year. I’m a Hero Too’s Reddit account appears to have been deleted.
If true , A new Comix Zone with hand drawn graphics would be cool. It would also be neat if they ported JSRF.
What are your wishes? Do you think they'll fuck it up?
Wasn't there a new Samba de Amigo game recently?
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When original devs reunite to make another game in a series that the original IP owner is neglecting, using a different title, that is a "spiritual successor".
When a bunch of guys who had nothing to do with the original games do the same thing, that is a ripoff.
Bomb Rush Cyberpunk is the second case.
So, is it good, at least?
Replies: >>216106 >>216241
>the term "spiritual successor" requires the original devs
>is it good
From what I've seen it's very good.  Team Reptile's previous games have all been great.
Replies: >>216275
Doesn't Treasure still own the Guardian Heroes rights? I trust them not to fuck it up, or I would if they had any staff left. I think all they've done lately is port Ikaruga to everything, which isn't a bad thing.
You are objectively wrong
Replies: >>216275
Nowadays "spiritual successor" or "inspired by" are just nice sounding term to call a ripoff without calling it for what it is.
Then it could be shit or could be good, but still a ripoff it is.
>Team Reptile's previous games have all been great.
Interesting, a dev studio with a 100% good track record is a rarity nowadays.

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Anyone else here really jaded about playing any new games (to you)? I just can't get into anything anymore the only games I ever play anymore are games I've played for a long time. The last time I ever picked up a new game and actually finished it, it was 3-4 years ago
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I think it's just that new games are shit and you're either out of good old games or you're playing the shit ones. 
There have been multiple instances of me being seemingly done with vidya only to find some 20 year old janky gem and being completely sucked into the game.
Replies: >>213798 >>216052
>There have been multiple instances of me being seemingly done with vidya only to find some 20 year old janky gem
This is what i do all the time because I'm fed up with new video games. Just search through my abandonware and you'll find all sorts of stuff. Getting some of it working is a pain, but fans usually patch it. You'll likely actually find good games that were just forgotten to time, and even some of the most rough stuff is more enjoyable than polished modern vidya imo
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>There have been multiple instances of me being seemingly done with vidya only to find some 20 year old janky gem and being completely sucked into the game.
Same here, i am trying to recover some games that i misses the previous generations, and so far i am having a good time.
Let me tell you, that "Things weren't better before, you are just blinded by nostalgia glasses!" Is a blatant lie.
I am playing older games and they are more fun and better crafted than the 90% of over-hyped shit we have these days.
Replies: >>216070
[Hide] (7.6MB, 320x240, 04:17)
>Is a blatant lie
New games are made by committee to be as bland and safe as possible. And they do it with an extremely limited development budget as half is taken by marketing, and the remainder is mostly wasted on celebrities and gimmicks. 
Old games were made for people who enjoyed games by people who enjoyed games, without much care for market trends. They could do crazy shit and test things out and that's how fun games are made. 
Anyone who uses that bullshit argument is not only objectively wrong, but probably hasn't played a good game once in his pathetic life.
Replies: >>216074
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That argument is indeed bullshit and doesn't stand on its legs, especially when you play games that you never played before.
How can i be blinded by nostalgia if i never played said game before and therefore have no memories attached to it?
That things back then weren't as shit as they are today is a proven fact, not a subjective opinion.

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Discuss vidya that actually encourges you to put down the tendies and Mtn Dew for three seconds and LIFT something. See that old desktop in the corner of your room? Pick it up. Now put it down again. Good. Now do it until you're sweating like a dog in heat (in other words, your mother).
You have no excuse to be a fat fuck. Wii Fit will have you sweating like a motherfucker on high difficulty, and you get to stare at WFT's skinny little ass the whole time. You know, an ass that's actually in shape, unlike yours.
Ring Fit Adventure will have your thighs begging for fucking mercy. And if your downstairs neighbors bitch about you jogging in place, turn on quiet mode, nobody should have to listen to your basketball-sized cheeks making an earthquake. Show that scaly gymrat that he's a little bitch.
Xbox Fitness is dead and owned by M$ and didn't even have any girls to stare at so fuck them.

See that banner with my mug on it? That's me. I owned this board and I can own it again. Now GO LIFT SOMETHING BEFORE I HAVE TO USE MY POWER.

Also come by >>>/fit/ and ask questions, you're gonna make it.
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Modern playgrounds have exercising equipment including proper sized bars.
Can the handful of you fags who feel the need to post this fat goblin every day take a break?
Replies: >>216016
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> I've been thinking about doing cardio shit first but I heard that it can make your ass bigger and that's the last thing I need right now
Exercises like running train the muscles that you use to run, which are mostly the ass and hamstrings. Your ass might get a bit bigger as it builds muscle, but you won't get a femboy ass, and you won't get a gymbro ass unless you also take supplements and lift heavy weights with your legs.
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He's just so funny looking! I can't help it, he looks like if peter griffin had a stroke.
how much of a closet homo are you if you're worried about what your ass looks like? do you waddle around your basement thinking "gee i hope none of them fags stare at my ass when i go get my tendies from the mart" women like man ass, why i don't fucking know, but they do

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Is it good?
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Replies: >>215681 + 7 earlier
No, the captcha is based and redpilled because it filters low iq subhumans
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It's ok on pizza. The acid from the tomatoes cancels out the sweetness. The pizza is only mildly sweet tasting
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I don't know if you use /b/ or not but that sounds a lot like the christfag we have to deal with constantly. But instead of calling people a slidechink, he'll call them "hapas", accuse others of being christian, and accuse others of being a niggerspammers (even though he's the one behind it all). His image folder is pretty limited (at least of what he's willing to post anyway). He most often avatarfags with higurashi characters and seemingly can't go a day without posting a character from that vn/show for more than a day. His passive aggressive attitude is obvious and all makes sense since he was born out of wedlock and raised without a father
Replies: >>215954
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>>191730 (OP) 
>I don't know if you use /b/ or not
Don't you ever insult me like that again.

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Other retroFPS and retro inspired FPS can come too. 

I'm legitimately surprised there is no Doom thread on the catalog, lets rectify that, shall we? 
Post some DOOM.
Post some WADS.
Post some of its COPYCATS.
Post some other retro FPS like DUKE. I need to check up on the DNF restoration project
Post some new takes on an old formula like DUSK and all that jazz.
Post about the communities because GOSSIP is also fun. 
Are you Mappin? Post that TOO
If you can map, offer assistance to young mappers, or make fun of their lack of skill. I'm not your dad

I myself have started to get back into Doom and have been skimming the Cacowards for some gold. I also need to beat Ashes 2063 so I can start on its second game, Through the Ashes. There was also the release of Reelism 2 a little while back which I have mixed feelings on, still worth playing though. I've also always considered making a list of gameplay mods and wads that complement each other well such as Rampancy with Highway Acceleroid Booster for muh robot theme. Lastly I like to just slam random on Doomworld and see what comes up. After this long you know there is some buried treasure just lurking in those archives, or its just fun to see what some random guy made 20+ years ago. 
I have some of the older SoyouwanttoplaysomeDOOM infographics if anyone wants them for posterity or just can't be arsed to find them on the web.
Last edited by sturgeon
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Them and kaiser were supposed to deliver from evil, but instead they enabled a bunch faggots to further infest and parasitically attach themselves to subvert retro Fps games "sanitizing" it's image and making it more "wholesome/relatable/welcoming" That whole issue with Fresh supply really cemented it, couldn't even get Atari to give the source code to the one guy who was making it and just hand-waved it as "respecting their wishes" thus shitting out the worst (and only paid) modern way to play blood even worse than just using dosbox; though the irony of some random dude beating them to the punch with bloodgdx, being both released earlier and more functional and for free, will never not be hilarious. And they might not be the only ones at fault (We also have the wonderful indie cults of personality like that newblood faggot Dillion Rogers and shitastic e-celebs like civvie11 and gggmanlives to thank for it as well as it being unfortunate enough for it to be repopularized in the year 2011+12) but if they actually stuck to their guns maybe things wouldn't have been allowed to go to shit so completely. I even see faggots now coming out and defending Daikatana and John Romero because he made a fucking doom wad and now "its all okay." 9 times out of 10 if I see, or hear, about someone who "loves retro Fps" in this day and age you can guarantee they're a giant faggot with shit taste and equally shit opinions
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Here's some old maps I had lying around.
A short 1024x1024 map:https://files.catbox.moe/xh7pfv.wad
A forest map:https://files.catbox.moe/xlny8s.wad

Hope you anons have fun with these for now since I've been suffering burnout and dont know what to make at the moment.
it's probably been years since i last touched doom, so my question is going to be retarded, but is it a rooty tooty point your mouse and shooty game (or are there wads for that) or do you still have to use your keyboard for aiming?
Replies: >>215904 >>215905
Even the official release supported mouse aiming back in 1994.
The answer to that question is "Yes".
The original Doom was made with both keyboard and mouse and keyboard only in mind. Back in 93/94 you couldn't expect every pc to have a mouse and the mechanical mice back then could be rather cantankerous and unresponsive at times (the rollers would often seize up or fail to make contact with the ball) so it was nice to have a fallback option. That said you are slightly handicapped when playing keyboard only as your maximum turn speed is lower and there are certain movement tricks (such as SR50) you need a mouse to execute.
Original Doom and some of the more faithful source ports doesn't allow you to look up and down because of the way the engine draws the screen (it does so in columns meaning it would have to refresh all the columns if you look up/down). This means that OG Doom had vertical autoaim to compensate (it actually has a tiny bit of horizontal autoaim as well).

The Zdoom family of ports famously removes the restriction on looking up and down (tecnically Zdoom ports are closer to Hexen than Doom) and allows for full vertical/horizontal mouselook. They usually have ways to turn the the orignal autoaim on/off.

Also fundamental technical features are decided by the source port (the actual executable) you use to play Doom. Wads are just data files.

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Shamelessly copypasting from the ANCIENT OP from back when this was alive with critical edits for key information for extra nostalgia:

>What is this all about?
Mabinogi is one of those few MMOs that did it right by not following in WoW's footsteps. This private server is a version of that game before Nexon came in and fucked that all up. Here is just some of what this game has to offer:
>not tab-target combat
>almost RPS-like skills.
<normal attack beats smash
<smash beats defense
<defense laughs at attacks that aren't smash
<counter beats both normal and smash attacks, but is vulnerable to every other form of attack
>comfy exists; amount of life skills rivals the amount of combat skills
>get to play an instrument
>get to literally compose the music you play. your ears perk up when you hear someone playing a tune you recognize on a variety of instruments
>if you win a fashion contest, you get a statue of yourself in every town square
>build a campfire, if you are sitting at it, and others are siting around it too, you can share your food with them, LIKE AN ACTUAL PARTY OF ADVENTURERS SHOULD
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Replies: >>215887 + 2 earlier
>Ah, the westernized version, here's how she looks in the KR version
When will someone stop their sinful hand?
Replies: >>215342
The same thing happened to the healer.
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Local elf high as fuck, more at 11
>>198666 (OP) 
<Playing Live
<Ch 7
<Game goes full Nomura
>I save Triona's life the moment she apparently, surely dies
Can you save Triona in Pro?

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Games that exist to sell/highlight a particular piece of hardware are generally shit and full of gimmicks. Post ones that aren't.

>Super Mario 64
This is an obvious one. It repeatedly shows off the analog sensitivity and general 3D graphics ability of the N64.

>Ape Escape
Designed as a showcase for the twin analog stick controller it does that very well, as hellish as 3D platforming on the PS1 and its wonky z-layering is anyways.

>Hotel Dusk
Early DS titles are pretty notorious for using its dual screens, touch screen, and mic as a gimmick for the sake of it. While not so early, this game does indeed use everything, even sleep mode.

>The World Ends With You
Likewise a later life DS title that has all novelty functions of the DS taken seriously. Results in game being utterly un-portable in a decent manner despite SE's attempts.
Replies: >>215799
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Pic related.
Replies: >>215148
[Hide] (139.2KB, 1561x753) Reverse
i only ever played bowling, tennis, and a bit of home run derby. i think i did boxing once and never touched golf.
Replies: >>215309
Bowling was always my favorite, but the others were pretty fun.
Golf was pretty good too.
>>214497 (OP) 
I never liked Mario 64. Then again,  the only N64 game I ever liked and played till the end was Ocarina of Time so my standards might be too high.

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