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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

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Let's see what you got.
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There can't really be that big of an audience to even be worth making this. right?
Replies: >>65145 >>65148
Looks like some 5000 sales, but I think that's both the Japanese and English sides. That naturally doesn't count downloaders, though. I think that's a fair to moderate sales count for DLSite, especially for a ryona game, but probably a few of those sales were wtf-value.
You're supposed to spoiler the bar you fucking newfag
Replies: >>65149 >>65151
I know but I had too much pride to delete it and repost so I pretended like nothing happened
Spoiler File (u)
(17.5MB, 480x368, 03:54)
Spoilers here hide the filename, though. It doesn't work either way.

__frey_kohaku_dolce_diras_lest_and_2_more_rune_factory_and_1_more__db45a6843352beb6c7304f66247fc8a5.jpg (u)
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The niche Fantasy Farming Sim Action RPG

What is the general opinion of this series? Despite the fifth game coming out next month in Japan, I don't see much posting about it. It'll be the first new release in 7 years. The graphics looks substantially approved.
Are there any things people are looking forward to? Things they want changed or maybe added to the game?
Personally, I'd like rival heart events to be added back to the series, but I want to be able to toggle them on/off like the town events of Rune Factory 4. 

Also, how do you think we can get the series more popular outside of Japan? With the popularity of Story of Seasons and Stardew Valley, I see no reason why this game wouldn't be as popular, if not more. Especially since it was originally a spin-off of the old harvest moon games. It has everything they have + dungeon crawling and plot. Is there a reason it never got popular in the West?
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I hope they do a remake of 3 with  more content and all of the features 4 had. 4 is the better game but 3 had far better waifus. Almost all the girls in it are top tier. 4's waifus seem bland in comparison.
Replies: >>63632 >>64755
Never finished 3 but restarted it last night. There's a lot of mechanics 3 added to the series but yeah there's a lot 4 and 5 added that I'm missing. Definitely would love to see remakes/remasters/whatever of the first three games with the new mechanics. Now one thing I will say in defense of 4 though is they had half the number of waifus because they allowed you to play as a male or female. So I think 3 has like 11 or 12 waifus, but 4 has 6 waifus and 6 husbandos. it would be great to have 12 of each but that's just not reasonable. Also, that would make almost the entire town marriage candidates who never get married if you don't choose them because they removed rival heart events from the game for some reason.
Replies: >>64755
I must be too autistic for waifus or something but for some reason I didn't like any of the girls in 3 like at all, and isn't 3 the only one where marriage is required to advance? Bad combination, unfortunately.
>because they removed rival heart events from the game for some reason.
Cuckoldry as a game mechanic is kinda shitty, especially when it's a surprise or RNG. But as the protagonists of these games tend to fix shit as is, being able to play matchmaker with the remaining characters would be interesting. Heck, some of them could initiate the request by recognizing that if you got married you could probably give them relationship advice. Maybe even give the player some amusing scenes if you intentionally give them bad advice. But this is starting to become a whole system on it's own,  and while it would probably be mostly scripting that's still a lot of effort for something tertiary when, for example, Town Events from 4 fill that character interaction thing well enough.
Replies: >>65029 >>65143
NTR is shit but once I'm married, I don't want the rest of town to be single forever. In RF4 and 5, you can cut off town events if you want, so they could just make rival events toggleable like that. Though I think RF2 was the only game that has actual NTR.
The idea was probably not to cuckold the player, but to make the player feel some accomplishment at defeating a rival. It's the old-as-time "fight for her love" trope interpreted in video game form--and therefore probably done badly, since video games are the second home of the random number determining outcomes. Of course, the real problem is that real man and woman relationships rely on internal sensations and feelings of both parties, which are unique, inelucidable, and unable to be experienced by a second party. That makes them look, to some, like random chance--or, really, makes random chance look like a good model for them, since if there are purely nonstochastic factors to human relationships they're too complicated to rationally express in simple video games. That's really the hallmark problem of the dating sim genre--nobody really thinks that affection is a matter of getting some number higher than some value, but it's as good as the average developer is probably ever going to do. That, and reality doesn't have the problem that video games do of being shy about burning bridges and forcing people to start all over (if it's even possible.)

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CDPR paid ransom but to the hackers, but they didn't keep their promises and leaked everything anyway.

Dead company full of cucks.

The leaks:

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thats_the_joke.mp4 (u)
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Abominations are never cool. They are only empty shells that laugh about anything to try to forget how insignificant they are. A single word speaking the truth said to any of them, and they crumble crying like the useless meat sacks that they are.
Replies: >>65118 >>65124
Ass2Ass.mp4 (u)
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>Hey queens look how much of a genetic dead end I am
The biggest issue is that nobody likes attention whores and doubly so ones with defects.
Replies: >>65124 >>65140
What happens to dead bodies?
>thinks that straight Men are genetic dead ends
>while defending abominations
All abominations are retarded, indeed.
There is nothing cool about those abominations.
But there is lots of fun when they are killed.

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Mostly software modifications, but console mods are also welcome.
What are your favorite Total Conversion mods /v/?

I've been dabbling into Company of Heroes Blitzkrieg mod and it's some of the funnest shit I have ever played, units are invincible bulletsponges, engagements are much farther away, camera is put much farther away so you don't have to pan like an ADD ridden retard and most units are actually useful.
I've also been playing a ton of Anomaly for S.T.A.L.K.E.R CoP, waiting for Gunslinger to finally be finished before diving in.
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haven't really played hoi4 since the last major update which I only got because I wanted to try  the spy mechanics, maybe I should get it again
Replies: >>65016
I guess you could try it. I didn't try the spy mechanic much. But the modding scene is still intresting. 
Did anyone try the hoi4 version of darkest hour? They post demos or whatever in the github.
I've been following AoE, Stahlvorhang and Cursed days.
Vic2 has also some intresting mods. Victopia sounds intresting.
I prefer Advanced personally. Roguetech is a bit too wacky for my taste. The installer also allows you to pick what mods to use, not sure if Roguetech or BTE give you that option. It is basically a "close to tabletop" experience which I am accustomed to thanks to playing Megamek Mercenaries campaigns.
Replies: >>65110
How's Europa barbarorum for Rome:Total War and Medieval 2? 

>Tried modding Yakuza Kiwami 2 with the extended moveset mod. Adds a lot of moves from previous game's playable characters but the issue is that it's still tied into Kiwami 2 and it's retarded ragdolls, extreme heat system and blocking mechanics.
No amount of mods will fix the garbage that are Yakuza Kiwami 1 and 2.
Have been playing a lot of Roguetech these past few weeks but getting tired of all the bullshit like the fucked launcher doing stuff like reinstalling every single mod every time you update or want to change settings and forced debug logging the setting in the launcher does almost nothing slowing everything down and dumping gigabyte sized logs everywhere. Something in Roguetech is also eating absurd amounts of memory, which combined with Battletech never properly freeing anything lmao Unity garbage collection stacks up to unreasonable levels pretty quickly.
Does BTA perform better and how close to tabletop is it? Roguetech tries to do everything as close to it as possible as I understand it.
Does it have things like LAMs, lots of lostech, piratetech/jury rigged tech and primitive tech? Had some fun builds with lowtech stuff early on.

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Step 0. Resource Acquisition
Go here to get Anki, a flash card program:

Here are some suggested decks:
Tae Kim's grammar:

Other Resources
Click the column of characters you want to study and type the corresponding romaji into the box as they appear

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As a russian I can tell you that russian is completely fucking useless for anything unless you want to read classic literature without translations, but then good luck learning enough to actually understand that. Might as well put all that time into learning Japanese to understand things you enjoy and having some job opportunities. I'm of a firm belief that russian is one of those languages that a non-native will never be able to grasp, I've known plenty examples on an advanced level and none of them could. Even foreigners who are immersed in russian culture and live or travel there are always shit. "Bald and bankrupt" is a good example - he can communicate with anyone on a decent level but to a native he still sounds like a retarded churka that can't even form sentences correctly or pronounce anything. Don't regret that you dropped it.
Replies: >>65061
All the good mods are locked behind the russian language barrier, so I want to learn it. Their songs are cool too.
Replies: >>65063
dea3f81112535d59330eeefb63ebd497d05cca7d0bafe98344e23d3dbad23004.png (u)
[Hide] (630.5KB, 525x604)
Like what? I'd like to try some, unless you mean most of them being for STALKER, I burned out on that game long ago.
Also, trust me, the rewards just aren't worth it for the amount of effort invested. Russia is a third world shithole where business is completely under the heel of oligarchy, and Russia's presence on the internet is mostly sucking huge cocks. Few mods aren't worth thousands of hours.
Replies: >>65074
Russian torrent/warez sites are still useful sometimes when you want to find really obscure stuff. Not that you need more than google translate level of language knowledge though. Actually you just need to know Скачать to get through 90% of them
new thread

creative_director.jpg (u)
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About your game idea... could you tell me again in detail what it is, and why do you think we should fund it?
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Replies: >>61294 + 14 earlier
>>56504 (OP) 
You go around like in GTA and rape little girls
David_Hasselhoff_Looking_for_Freedom_1989.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (18.3MB, 640x368, 03:49)
I would make a similar game, but with getting the authoritarian countries and regions to love FREEDOM. Vid related. Shoutout to kraut anons.
I don't know why, but I think this could work as a survival horror game. Something like Resident Evil.
>>61266 (checked)
>Although I wouldn't mind Musou game, where troops are not standing or running aimlessly, being nothing but a beating bags and you could even promote some to officers/companions when upgrading.
Okay. Someone has to cyberbully platinum or some other Japanese studio to make weeaboo Mountain Blade.
dark souls


in space
Replies: >>65014
img_002.jpg (u)
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So, The Surge?
a766e497ff8613d4e9327015ae2b315ab29b04167d36bc6936c9505a54baf588.png (u)
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SS13, but it's a single-player strategy.
Optionally multiplayer, but departments on station is divided between players. Also, one player is chosen to be a commander of various antagonists.
Finally, the most needed mode is to build station from the scratch.

gs22.jpg (u)
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Themepark niggers fuck off.

What do you think MMOs should do to make the genre interesting again? What features, what kind of gameplay should they pursue? Are there any examples of MMOs doing something that was going in the right direction, even if only slightly? Would you prefer if it was primarily PVP-focused? Faction wars? Maybe just a sandbox where PVP is a significant component but doesn't revolve around it? Or should it be primarily PVE and leave PVP features for more controlled features such as duels? What is the ideal, even if you don't know how to make an MMO out of it in reality?

To me, the ideal for an MMO is to be an open world where nothing is instanced, and the game is thoroughly designed to support and encourage people to interact with each other, not just people they know but strangers that they run into. The most important part of an MMO is that there's lots of players playing at the same time in the same world, so the game should more or less completely revolve around that, and then give people as much freedom and interesting options as possible. Make it likely that someone will just wander along and join you in whatever you're doing without having to agree to a party invite, and both sides will benefit from it, in other words meeting another player doesn't just mean that they'll take your resources. Make it so that you don't want to be alone to begin with because being with someone else is advantageous (though don't enforce it, the game shouldn't beco
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You need to have some decent sandbox MMOs in the first place before you can talk about what works and what doesn't.
EVE is somewhat like this. The real meat of the game is in PvP, material can get destroyed, and PvP is done to secure PvE resource gathering rights.
>PvP MMO's are only kind of MMO that can organically and reliably force player interaction.
So far.

>It happens so much between such a large variety of MMO companies that at this point I'm convinced it's just the natural progression for PvE MMO's
What's that, 100 people doing the exact same thing ended with the exact same result? Wow.
And before you mention that a few, little games didn't try to do the exact same thing: Look at OP. He also wants to do something "different" but still comes up with a shitty MMO that is gonna have its core features backstab him and kill the game. The problem here is that nobody knows how to develop a game and think about what's going to happen once you set all those pieces into the actual game.

If a good game designer tried a PvE MMO and failed, I will relent. But until then, there is no proof that PvE MMO's can't have good player interaction.
Replies: >>59255
They can, it's just that every MMO designer tries to make PvE into a single player experience, with tacked on "group" mechanics, e.g., dungeons and raids.
To elaborate; cheating in an FPS is a much smaller problem because other people only have that particular game to lose. When the round is over it no longer matters.

Screenshot_2021-06-29_at_18-18-21_Amazon_co_jp_売れ筋ランキング_ゲーム_の中で最も人気のある商品です.png (u)
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Screenshot_2021-06-29_at_18-19-18_Amazon_co_jp_売れ筋ランキング_ゲーム_の中で最も人気のある商品です.png (u)
[Hide] (3MB, 1903x4124)
I was looking through the sales ranking out of curiosity and it's pretty much all Nintendo until #90 when a PS5 game finally shows up though it's a multiplat and the PS4 version is much higher. I don't think I've ever seen such a dead new console before.

Why do the Nips still insist on supporting the PS5 when apparently nobody has one?
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>they're shunning the people who got them where they are today. >That's been the favorite thing for businesses to do for a while now.
And that is why you shouldn't support any company, ever. They all end up like that.
Replies: >>64857 >>64861
This is true.
eaacb70a525a1920bc1db7e2c60bbf8e69694fba1092222fddaa534b29e3b79a.png (u)
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literally anyone who pays for anything they dont have to is a cuckold of the highest order. the easier and less risky the thing is to obtain for free, the bigger cuck you are for paying for it.
The last two console generations are an entire media invention.
Replies: >>64933
I know you think you're fitting in, /tv/, but you still need to go back to cuckchan.

y.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (16.2MB, 1920x1088, 00:32)
>Open world Sanic game
Just make it stop.
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>See, Lost World had a problem where speed was tied to what direction the camera was facing Sonic, if he were going towards or away from it he was faster than going side to side. This was carried over into Forces, which made something like Classic Sonic play like complete ass.
Fucking what? My understanding was that every game since Colors had a separate physics model for Sonic in 2D segments, hence why speedtrannies go out of their way to glitch past the mode transitions so they can go faster. If they fucked that up that's not the engine's fault, that's the streetshitting codeslaves ruining everything and getting away with it because furfags will buy the product anyway.
lazy cuckchan thread
Didn't they already use 3d wprld in Sonic 06?
Replies: >>64853
*Open world
Or something like that.
3eea0e5427d575aeeecd8f5bfa52c0ab82e6d7c123eece033f743176932137a6.jpg (u)
[Hide] (254.9KB, 1680x1050)
>Normalniggers think all sonic games are bad because e-celebs told them so.
Not really, because it's been a mix of both positive and negative opinions concerning modern sanic games from both (((e-celebs))) and normalfags. I've seen the autists of the Sanic fanbase religiously defend Sonic Forces, but that shouldn't come as a surprise, because you can now create your own donutsteele OC. 

>Using metacritic as a source for your retarded argument
>metacritic represents a general audience 
>direct link
Are all /tv/tards lobomites?

mafia2.jpg (u)
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I have never played these sort of games, but they always intrested me.
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Replies: >>64799
Also how? I don't see a single redeeming quality about it.
The only games about breaking law that really interest me are sci-fi, stuff like shadowrun or starsector. That being said, i think a game about being a bootlegger during prohibition would be really interesting and worth playing.
Replies: >>64822
>bootlegger during prohibition would be really interesting and worth playing.
I mean it could be intresting as a tycoon.
Replies: >>64828
or a racing game, with police chases and shit, but we already have nfs most wanted for that

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