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From walking into a game store for the first time to searching free games on the web to drawing videogame characters to even doing autistic game moves irl.
Do you have any stories?
A few of mine:
>The time I downloaded a Crash Bandicoot: Warped .EXE on the family PC and infected the computer with viruses.
>Hanging Sonic game covers and manuals on my wall along with my drawings of the franchise. (Distinctly remember a Sonic Battle advertising over my bed).
>Getting scared of a Newgrounds Tails Doll cartoon.
>Putting Dragon Ball Z stickers on my PS2 and drawing on my Pokemon Snap N64 cartridge.
I was autistic to the max.
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I remember how our C64 had spooped me. The title screen showed a gray bird sitting in her nest.
Go back to /b/ and whine about words yhere faggot.
Replies: >>239133
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How about you start typing like a literate human being and not like a low-IQ reddifag instead?
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This should be capped
>One of them, the one who told me she thought I was a fag, definitely, she's changed 3 boyfriends since.
You dodged a bullet, anon. Don't listen to anything that slut says or do.

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Let's talk about those characters that you thought had a cool design or were particularly hot, but were apart of a bad game, a good game that flopped and never had a sequel, or were relegated to a secondary role only to disappear forever, but you thought deserved more.

For me it's Nariko and Kai from Heavenly Sword
The game sadly wasn't that good and even ran bad with frame rate drops and shit like that, but i think Nariko and Kai had a good design, Nariko was proof that you can make a good female protagonist that is "strong" but still sexy, while Kai had that cute but autistic appeal.
I think that both deserved to be in a much better game, more than single one, in fact.

Another one that comes to my mind is Lien Neville from KOF maximum impact.
She was created as the western counterpart to Mai Shiranui, but after the two Maximum Impact games SNK never brought her back in any other KOF game ever again.
I think she had a cool design and really could have been SNK's Nina Williams.

But there's many others like Sasha and Mathilda from Anarchy Reigns, Sokaku Mochizuchi (his evil spirit summoning is awesome) and Cheng Sinzan (great as a comic relief character) from Fatal Fury...

So yeah, post those characters that you think deserved a better chance.
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A Jaeger led rebellion in Fhirald is the natural next step for VC5
>as partisans player characters are free to dress however they want, with armbands and military equipment (LBE, helmet) creating the unified look
>civilians that can be collateral damage or war crimed by Imperials for easy drama
>paying for equipment makes sense
>also explains equipment and enemy progression as at the start the rebellion has EW1 leftovers and is against rear guard imperials who are neither motivated or given priority for good equipment
>a bunch of the characters from 3 were given epilogues that would explain cameo/bonus character appearances
>weirder vehicles, including softskins
>if they were going to do player avatar romance bullshit, Jaeger as player's boss would allow keeping a strong narrative and it would make sense he doesn't appear directly on the battlefield most of the time
>Did Ubisoft actually put that in a game?
Unfortunately no, that's what we were talking about.
That part was in the reveal trailer alongside lots of other cool stuff that was later cut in the final game.
When the game was revealed, it was clear that it was supposed to have story elements (like that funny cutscene) and much more, as the name "Origins" was because at first it was supposed to tell how Rayman came to be.
But for some reason everything was scrapped and the game turned out much more simple and barebones than it was originally supposed to be.
Then the devs justifies the name "Origins" saying that it was simply because it was a return to Rayman 2D platforming roots, when they heavily implied differently when the game was first revealed.
Such a shame.
Replies: >>238802
>When the game was revealed, it was clear that it was supposed to have story elements (like that funny cutscene) and much more, as the name "Origins" was because at first it was supposed to tell how Rayman came to be.
More than that, journo marketing material outright said it was a prequel to the original 2D game. I distinctly remember a cover story that said something like "The fairies didn't have enough Lums to make a conplete dude, that's why Rayman doesn't have arms or legs."
Replies: >>238834
>darker and grittier
They tried it again with 4 and it came off as both shit writing and a bad comedy act considering the antag has fuck all reason to commit nuclear genocide other than "well they kidnapped a bunch of kid, better justify them doing so by commit treason and murder."
I remember that, and i am sure that cutscene of Rayman blowing Betilla's skirt up was supposed to be in the game alongside that cool looking level where he beats those giant ants.

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Previous thread got anchored.
https://archive.ph/4vCfZ (previous thread)
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Retards got gassed. Everything fine in my book.
>buy a VGA [or TV connector like SCART] to DisplayPort converter
Note there are two classes of these, one of which uses the same chipset as USB-VGA boxes and is far more common intended for normalfags who just want to watch video on their TV or a slideshow on their projector and is EXTREMELY laggy, the other of which is harder to find and functions identically to the lagless DACs in old PC GPUs.

While the latter are sometimes expensive (such as the aforementioned >>238783 HDFury), especially if the pixel clock (unimportant for SDTV rez like you're probably looking for) is <150MHz they are also sometimes cheap, like this one (US$25):
A good place to see recommendations and reports for them is the following longrunning thread (in spite of the title, it's basically been a general CRTfag thread for a long time):
Message too long. View the full text
I was at the hardware store today. All contact cleaner was sold out.
Anyone still here?

[Hide] (19.1MB, 666x568, 07:14)
>ideafagging thread's gone
Fugg, I've been meaning to post my game idea there for some time but never got around finishing it.
Do you have any game ideas yourself? Anything you'd like to share yourself? Don't worry about idea theft, there are any game devs browsing these threads :^).
>last thread's archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20230620223931/https://zzzchan.xyz/v/thread/175461.html

I had an idea for a somewhat linear FPS in a similar vein to Half Life, but instead of an underground facility it'd be set in a large spaceborn installation in a similar vein to SS2 but with more diversified environments: offices, R&D complexes, civilian areas, recreational buildings, military hangars, etc; it's essentially an enclosed space colony drifting in the void.
You start off as a newly hired field engineer set to work on the ship. The first 10 minutes or so will feature the player on a tour around the place, showing him some of the multiple sections in the facility. I haven't thought this out yet, but as you're shown the place something happens then SHTF and the station suddenly is being attacked both by an extraterrestial force and a military organization. As the station goes tits up it's up to you to make your way through and leave in one piece.
The main idea for the game lies within the NPCs you find along the way. Instead of entities that will only follow you along a certain predefined route, like scientists in HL1, you can get to recruit a large cast of characters you can arm, arrange and give orders to, that will follow you through the entire game. Think of it as an improvised commando made by common people that work around the place. Here are some potential party candidates I thought on:
>well-armed security officer who sticks with you from the very beginning of the game; level-headed, trustworthy and a good shot, the game's equivalent to Barney
>mid management bureaucrat in his late 30s with a casual office look and his hair glued back; looks like he came out of American Psycho or a sitcom from the 90s
>absent-minded computer science major working in IT with a constant poker face, the silent guy; think of the Postal Dude with his receding hairline and a strand of hair obscuring his onset hairloss
>biochemistry PhD in his late 40s, in charge of one of the many onboard research facilities distributed amongst the space colossus; think of Dr Pavel albeit less med looking, a pointier chin and a slick haircut styled up
>major staff and chief civil engineer in charge of overlooking the space station, has a prepping background and is found barricaded mid-game, clearly knows how to use a gun; well-meaning and knowledgeable, resembles Wilford Brimley before the diabeetus era
>accomplished enemy commando from the military organization you fight throughout the game, sees no choice other than joining forces with you after being left stranded in a similar scenario to Forget about Freeman; resembles the Remove Kebab dude, might bring some of his men with him
>low-level technician with an immigrant polish background found half-dead/mutating late in-game, only pushes forward on his desire to see his family again; a Mariusz Pudzianowski lookalike without the steroids
Message too long. View the full text
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I haven't thought about it much more than that and I don't know what images I could even make, but here's some ideas I can extrapolate out of it:

- blocked tiles: if you build a tower, there's a pattern of forbidden tiles around it that you can't build a future tower on.
- enemy tiles: if you build a tower, there's a pattern of tiles that will buff enemies if that tile is on the enemy path.
- inverted placement rule: rather than building a tower on top of a previous tower's pattern, the pattern of the tower you're building has to touch at least 1 existing tower.
- required tiles: the tower that you're building has a pattern of 1-4 tiles that must all already have a tower on them, so you need to set up a pattern of towers before you can build that one.
- big towers that require a 2x2 square or 3x3 "+" shape of old home tiles.
- linked towers: for example, if you place a specific tower directly adjacent on both sides of the enemy path, they create a barrier between them that slows down enemies that pass between them. But the home pattern of that tower is an X or a large circle so you can't chain them directly from one side of the road to the other, you need to find another way to place them adjacent to each other. Or: direct line of sight between 2 towers will create "traders" who walk between them and generate money, they generate more money depending on how far apart they are.
- indirectly linke
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[Hide] (28.7MB, 1280x720, 11:30)
He's talking about rapeman of Rapeman Forever fame,I'd assume rapeman the janitor was named after said superhero.
[Hide] (290.3KB, 427x427) Reverse
I have been concepting a solution to this for some time now and am currently proceeding into the implementation phase, most of the time was spent on research but I hadn't seen this specific paper,thanks for posting it. (possibly because I was looking into more algorithm specific/networking focused sources instead of  stuff that mentioned gaming).
It's interesting to see how they have gone through some of the same considerations that I went through,though I can also see places where their approach would get blindsided by cases I covered so my self esteem isn't too hurt :^)
Replies: >>237297
Woah, what a coincidence. I wish you good luck.
Let us know when you make progress.
Five Nights at Freddy's, but it's an endless job/life simulator like Voices of the Void and My Summer Car. Rather than the ADHD controls of the original games, you have to act like a real security guard and build/manage the place like Pizzeria Sim. When night comes, you can walk around the security room and adjacent areas like Killer Frequency. In the mornings, you have in-depth animatronic building. The game ends when you die or a severe incident from one of the games occurs, like an animatronic biting or eating a kid or someone abducting children.

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Palworld got a thread so fuck it. I want to talk about HellDivers 2.
This shit wasn't even on my radar until a friend said to check it out. I checked out of gameplay vids and it looked fun, sure enough I'm having a blast. 

I feel like this is the Starship troopers game we were supposed to get with it being just as campy as it should be. It also feels like they took inspiration from warhammer 40k as well considering the bots have a scout walker. 
Guns are fun to use, they could use a tiny buff but I can live with them they way they are. The secondaries all have their uses like the Autocannon being a good slapper and the Railgun being great at getting rid of the big guys. It gets hectic really fast on the harder difficulties and you really need to solid snake your way around the levels unless you want to be drowning in bugs and bots.

So far there are only 2 factions but it looks like there might be at least 4. Each completely change the way you play with the bugs being the unstoppable horde with the designated wallbreaker units like the charger, the bile spewers to bust you when you've bunkered up. Then there is bots. They shoot back, call in support and really seem like a worse threat. There is a current defend order against them and it's an absolute meat grinder. I love the way their eyes light up when they spot you, it casts a glow and looks nice and intimidating. The game has a ton of little details like your soldiers cries becoming more panicked as more enemies com
Message too long. View the full text
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Flips the same switch EDF does.  Just like being a faceless soldier killing hordes with da boyz.
Replies: >>238253
[Hide] (392.5KB, 900x623) Reverse
EDF is about humanity's unbreakable spirit in the face of impossible odds. It's about bravery and fighting to protect the things you love without compromise. Storm 1 isn't as much a faceless soldier as he is a legendary hero to identify with.
It was always going to be a parody weather or not people got it is another matter. Just ask Paul Verhoeven.
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>mechs get released
>servers immediately crash
Replies: >>238299
Aw yis. Time to get stompin.

[Hide] (309KB, 1192x675) Reverse
To me it was Street Fighter Alpha, especially Alpha 3.
>Great gameplay
>God tier OST (At least for Alpha 3, the first two were just okay)
>Great presentation (Alpha 3)
<Shitty art style and character design: Gave start to the ugly "giant hands and feet" character design that sadly got into SF3-4 and 5 as well, Charlie Nash with his dumb Goofy costume and boomerang/banana hair, added schoolgirls to the roster, went way too silly anime compared to previous entries.
<Retarded story changes and retcons: Cammy being Bison's clone, Birdie retroactively turned into a nigger for no reason, later justified it by claiming that in SF1 he was "pale" because he was sick, Ryu with his "ow the edge!" evil version... 
But i would lie if i said i didn't play the shit out of it, or that i didn't enjoy it, but i still wish it wasn't called Street Fighter and was its own thing instead, like Rival Schools.
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>Dante was turned into an effeminate j-pop faggot with Justin Bieber hairstyle that looked like he was designed by Tetsuya Nomura, dressed like a yaoi bait Final Fantasy reject.
You do remember he's an entire decade younger than he was in DMC1 and that he just got out of the shower and quickly put on his jacket when the game started, right?
>He acted like a total goofball all the time and completely lost the charm he had in 1
Nigga, he's a hot-blooded teen and it's a damn prequel.
Dante has a different look in every game though there was no set standard for him.
>inb4 bringing up 2
>perfect blend between an action game and a survival horror
DMC1 is a serviceable action game and a fucking terrible survival horror game.

>Visual Key gay aesthetic
This reads like a forum post made in 2004 by someone who expected every action hero to look like Kratos. Dante is a pretty typical mix of a tough guy and pretty boy
Replies: >>234466
>someone who expected every action hero to look like Kratos
Maybe by someone who expected the main character to look the same person from the first game?
DMC3 was a good game but the style change towards anime was pretty clear,  Dante in 3 does look more androgynous than the first one, when it could be defined "handsome" but not a "pretty boy".
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I'm having a blast playing it. Sonic is really fun to control and the maps have a lot to discover. The boss fights are really cool too.
But as everybody knows, its biggest flaw is looking like an asset flip. 
It can look fine at times, specially the first map, but the day and night cycle makes it look off most of the time.

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Since pic related will no doubt be shit, what's some good games with dinos? 

Dinobreak looked interesting. Is it actually any good, or is it just another cheap Unity made cash-in?
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you're not funny
Replies: >>237739
It was mildly humorous, and you're severely autistic.
[Hide] (27.1MB, 1280x720, 08:50)
Gotta love the disparity between actual games on old hardware, and what a skilled programmer can do with it for a limited demo.
Replies: >>238259
This game makes me sad, because the world was super cool and after a few community patches the final product is playable and at least somewhat enjoyable. 
I'd love to see them take another crack at a game like this but the bad publicity just destroyed any chances of that.
That's impressive, actually.
If wonder if a game with that quality would be possible on the N64 using high capacity cartridges.

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[Hide] (362.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (515.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Started to play dragon dogma, having fun as an strider, unlocked all its skill and moved to ranger, when i finish unlocked all its skill, I will move to magic archer. Adventuring with my qt loli mage.
Holy shit the duchess is a fucking slut, I thought she was going to tell me about a conspiracy or something, since I was investigating corruption and stuff.
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But now we have proof.
[Hide] (26.3MB, 640x360, 08:01)
Replies: >>238191
Replies: >>238247
[Hide] (717.2KB, 640x358, 00:09)
You can't make pretty characters, they're all ugly on purpose and have to be huge women of middle of the road tit size.

[Hide] (1.9MB, 1016x1350) Reverse
[Hide] (4.3MB, 2000x1498) Reverse
[Hide] (483KB, 960x311) Reverse
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1920x1215) Reverse
[Hide] (284.9KB, 800x510) Reverse
Talk about the RPGs you fired,  or are going to fire or plan to fire towards MBTs, fortified positions IFVs or other light armor.

Last thread: >>170480
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[Hide] (17.5MB, 1280x720, 01:44)
what if while I'm posting about how fun something is and advocating for piracy of it that I'm fully aware some people will buy it anyway, and some of the pirates will tell their friends about how fun it is and some of their friends will buy it too?
Replies: >>237992
yeah but what if none of them buy, which is far more likely? the product's gonna fail
Replies: >>237994
>which is far more likely
The majority of normalfag gamers believe that most pirated games contain malware that will steal all their financial info and accounts and probably blow up their computer. The majority of normalfags also don't know how to download files from a torrent. A large percentage of them don't know how to open a .7z file. When I post about a product on normalfag websites and the post gets dozens of le upvotes (hundreds of views) that means at least a few are going to consume the product after purchasing it.

Even on high IQ imageboards like this one I still see lots of retards buying games because of their crippling moralfaggotry. They will pay $30 for a game they could've easily pirated and then eat the cheapest junk food at walmart because now they can't afford the more expensive healthy food that tastes better and doesn't give you diabetes. Very few are wealthy enough to have both.
Replies: >>238004
Let me know if they start selling the missing persona combinations.
Don't confuse trying to be good and being utterly retarded. It's objectively evil to support a significant majority of big businesses today, so a supposed moralfag wouldn't do that. What makes people support those businesses is an extreme lack of intelligence and the inability to have any thoughts that aren't approved by mass media.

[Hide] (194.8KB, 533x470) Reverse
2023 was a year with some extremely high profile games that crashed like lead balloons, and a fair number of breakout indie hits.  I think I played or saw footage of most worthwhile games this years, but I want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

>but Game X doesn't measure up to my standards!!!!!!111
That's a shame.  But for some other anon it might be a lot of fun.

>but what if i'm a whiny faggot and i think nothing good is gunna come out EVAR????
Then leave.

In no particular order:
>Pizza Tower
>Hi-Fi Rush
>Corn Kidz 64
>Bomb Rush Cyberfunk
Message too long. View the full text
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It actually does, though the only mods when I looked last year were some costumes (one of which is now in the game) and a randomizer.
[Hide] (303.6KB, 1152x865) Reverse
That looks terrible. If you're going to make a retro inspired 3D game why would you copy the worst style of the time? Copy the nice unfiltered textures of the PS1 instead.
Replies: >>237947 >>237958
It's bland, empty, the environments all blend together, and the music does not bop, groove, nor jive
It is pure furfag bait
Replies: >>237958
[Hide] (17.8MB, 1920x1080, 00:15)
>the PS1
I think the dev preferred the wobble to be in her butt, not the textures.

>the environments all blend together
You can have shit taste if you want, but this just isn't true.
>I think the year had more high profile flops and disasters than almost any other year.
>Can you think of another year where so many AAA companies ate so much shit so hard?
And some retards have the nerve to say: "things weren't better before, that's just nostalgia goggles lmao"
That is bullshit and they know it.
Things denifinitely weren't as shit as they are today, and i am not a fucking 80 years old to be speaking out of "nostalgia".

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