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What a nice board!
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Comfy winter edition

What have you been emulating recently? 
Anything you're looking for help in setting up an emulator?
Wondering what emulator to use to run your SNES games? Hint its not fucking ZSNES
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Finally got around to setting up citra then was disappointed when Monster Hunter 3U ran like ass.
Replies: >>48625
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blame citra devs
My Switch port of Generations Ultimate runs like butter on Ryujinx, while Citra ran like Stephen Hawkins when I threw 3U (or anything for that matter) at it.
Replies: >>48628
I might just go back to GU, not really in the mood to set up the Wii U emulator just to play 3U, I do have it downloaded on my 3DS anyways so its not a total loss on my part. Besides whats on the Wii U that you cant get on the Switch now?
Replies: >>48761 >>48763
>whats on the Wii U that you cant get on the Switch now?
Better question, is there anything on Switch that isn't a rerelease/update/port/remake/Madden-roster-update-tier "sequel"?
>whats on the Wii U that you cant get on the Switch now?
Xenoblade X and the uncensored version of TMS

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After the shitshow of Deus Ex gamenight which I didn't join sadly I'm bit interested in playing this game, yes I never played Deus Ex but I plan to do that right now.
This game was always interesting to me because of it's story, it's world and it's freeform gameplay mechanics, so should I start vanilla or is there some mods that can "augment" :^) the experience like graphic mods or something like that ?
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>give deus ex another fair chance
>it's acutally kind of fun, if you ignore stealth and blow shit up

play this one
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>>31698 You were not lying. Tried it again like >>33937. Game really slows down if you commit to stealth and not killing. Especially at the airport. 
Once I found Paul my patience ran out and I started chucking lams.
Replies: >>41814
In the first game there are very few differences between killing or not killing people, just some different dialog near the beginning of the game. Trying to do a no kill run is probably not a good idea for a first playthrough.
Replies: >>48738
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Right, my first kick in the booch was when Navarre shows up and kills Lebedev if your kill quota was too low. She wouldn't let the man talk.
Replies: >>48750
She will always kill him if you don't, unless you kill her first.

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I think that a lot of media teaches people wrong.

For a good example, look no further than SS13.
SS13 shined when it had social interactions, but its possible to just ignore the social aspects and find stuff to increase the chances you'll win a fight. Since this increases the chance that you'll "win", its rewarded immensely.
Also, look at MMOs. People have been trained to believe that MMOs shouldn't have social interaction thanks to all the themepark abominations running around. The term "Massively Multiplayer" doesn't necessarily mean anything in those games.

Hell, look at D&D, which is a board game (And actually what made me notice this trend).
e3.5 teaches you to be a a murderhobo.  e5 encourages you to be a special snowflake.

Is there any way to unteach people who have learned things the wrong way? There are people like this on this very board.
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woah dude stop posting CP
Wow I hope nobody here meets one another in real life. Imageboard users here would probably each other because muh might is right.
>probably each other
Probably murder each other*
Replies: >>48681
Most anons on the webring seem more well adjusted and socially aware than the majority of normalniggers I've met.
We're just more open than normal people.
To the normalfag, talking like you mean it and honestly expressing yourself is something you do when you want to ruin someones shit.  Argumentation isn't real to them. The only reason you talk when you disagree is because you can't afford to touch them.
This is why when ever two people get intense in an argument even though its thought out and they're both progressing, normal niggers will get scared and feel the need to "calm things down".  The idea that you can be sportsmen about ideas doesn't exist to them.

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I mean mount and blade. 
So faggots have you been playing Bannerlord or just sticking to Warband? Been playing any mods of note for either? 
For Bannerlord I saw there was this online mod that can have up to 1000 players in the same world, seems like its still bare bones right now though but its a pretty neat proof of concept. I've been thinking about going back and trying to finish a campaign of Warband Perisno or the Japanese one. Or maybe diving into Prophecy of Pendor but I hear that can be a bit no fun allowed.
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>I thought Warband was fucking retarded feminist propaganda enough starting whores out with a +1 int over men
After all these years I've never noticed this, probably because I never play females in games. Do they get str penalty or is it just a flat bonus?
>When you play a female character you get a free simp army in the form of a lord with the magical regenerating troops of NPC lords who you don't have to fund.
To be frank, all NPC lords magically regenerate troops after being beaten, they just have to sit in their castle for a day or two. And getting them to support you is piss easy, just release them after capture and/or do some quests for them.
Replies: >>48538 >>48539
Keep in mind Veccavia is an antagonist faction so it makes sense to write them unsympathetically. Singalians are basically the same way except arab themed.
>Daimyo mod
It's not a "another overhaul" you slack-jawed faggot. It's quite literally some random fag that took sugoroku submod because that memey slavfag left and dicked around with it in BBedit. In short, like yourself, it's utter garbage.
They don't get a str penalty, just an absence of a str bonus. They get an agi and int bonus, which are the best stats basically as Mount and Blade is paradoxically a game about being a god-like Legolas tier horseback archer.
And the part about the lords is that they are a follower army, other lords can help you but you can lead your simp army around and have an extra 400ish troops added to anything you feel like which totally breaks the game.

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>What is it?
It's a physics sandbox game. You can spawn props, weapons, NPCs, entities, vehicles and many more stuff from Source engine games and build things with them. There are many addons for this game, from simple scripted weapons to entire gamemodes thanks to the Lua scripting language.

>Hold on. Isn't the multiplayer for this game very pirate-unfriendly?
Not anymore. Thanks to the efforts of one hostfag (Not me), you can now host your own dedicated server and play with your fellow piratefags!
The differences from the legit version are the lack of voice chat, not being able to use the compressed .gma format for addons, and not being able to properly mount other Source game content (doing it through addons just recklessly overrides vanilla things such as sounds unless you delete the right files manually).

>But, does it run on GNU/Linux?
Yes, but with lower performance (40-50 FPS). Results may vary.

>Okay, where are the downloads?
Client: mediafire.com/file/6tr6z5ati7xvp41/GMod_Client_3-29-21.7z/file
Server: mediafire.com/file/zhmybwlblsc2rk4/GMod_Server_3-29-21.7z/file
Run SmartSteamLoader_x64.exe to launch. Remember to change your name in SmartSteamEmu.ini (search for PersonaName). More instructions are in the readme.
To connect to a server, press F11 or Tilde to open the console and type "connect <server ip>" without quotes. You can use the legacy server browser to bookmark servers, but it crashes the game sometimes. I don't know how to fix that.
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How the fug I'm supposed to parent this vehicle? When I use the regular parenting mode then all of the collision of the props is disabled, do I have to use a different addon?
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1920x1080)
(5.7KB, 161x250)
JUST FUCK MY CAR UP. At this rate I wouldn't be able to build muh tonks any time soon if I keep fucking up the wheels somehow, how does it happen?
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Here's the best map in Garry's Mod:
Replies: >>48516
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What have you been playing?
I've been playing some Captain Forever Remix, some Rogue Squadron II and maybe will play some classic Battlefront 2 later. I'm also thinking of playing Dead Space.
Speaking of soy wars. Is Force Unleashed worth playing?
Whatever happened to No Man's Sky?
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I like their aesthetics. And you can download it from the nexus but the last update was 2019.


Heres updated pastebin if you want to do it.
How is Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Ultimate?
Replies: >>46341
I really enjoy it, makes for a great blend of 4X and RTS and large maps can easily give you multiple evenings of defending against the pirates while crushing the opposition with their own credits.
It's the anti-gookclicker.
Replies: >>48496
Speaking of are minor factions and outlaw sectors worth it?

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The jews steal names from humans, anon.
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USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST I laughed but link shortener

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Replies: >>48334 >>48397

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST love you too m8 but you cant be doin this

Replies: >>48397
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Checked, ZZZchan confirmed for BBC board.
Did someone even reported this post? No one sperged out.
Replies: >>48404
Russian 6ix9ine is somehow a genius and a retard.

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I saw a game recently that was so ugly that I felt it harmed me on a spiritual level.  The aesthetic is essentially the kind of iPhone flat design you see in every piece of faggot-developed software these days.  It's honestly kind of impressive that the devs managed to make it look this way, but it's so painful to behold that I think it does more harm than good.  I watched a summary of the bosses and cutscenes on YouTube and took some screenshots, and that was all I could bear; I can't fathom actually exposing my eyeballs to this for hours.
>literal cryptocoin boss that calls people "normies"
>literal emoji boss that uses an iPhone and has a dakimakura in his boss room and calls people "NPCs"
>your notifications about new items and quests look like iPhone messages
>there isn't any shading or texture in the entire game
>all the music is the same kind of hollow, synthetic noise with just enough popping sounds to lull people into thinking it means anything

Are there any games you've encountered where the visual style is so grating that it wounds your soul?  I want to see games that are monuments to ugliness.
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Replies: >>48327 + 8 earlier
[Hide] (306.9KB, 1366x655)
Jesus Christ this art. I mean the game looks like Guacamelee otherwise but they couldn't have picked a more appealing banner art for the storepage?
I loved this shit but the low contrast with the smaller enemies was the worst part about the game and I remember plenty of times dieing simply because I didn't take a second look at the room; which would be fine if it was actually meant to be played that way.

But really I do think the overall look does fit with what they were going for: overtly dark for people who have nostalgia for that.
>>9843 (OP) 
bumping this thread, knowing the sneedposter might bump it off
Runescape 3 looks fucking horrendous
Replies: >>48402
Not suprising.

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I was playing some CDDA using the aftershock mod but I think that is dead now. Which is a shame, CDDA wants to become more "grounded" and removed a lot of the futuristic stuff. Aftershock adds that stuff back in as well as some other removed content and some new like new classes and enemies. It even had the start of its own questline which was really cool, guess I'll see if anyone else picks it up. I wish there were more scifi roguelikes, I heard there was a mech one but I never found it. 
So what are you playing anon?
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I really like old crusty roguelikes more than the new stuff they try to make complicated.  Back then the hardware resources were limited, so the gameplay had to be maximized.
There were other similar games also, like DND/Telengard, The Valley, Wizard's Castle (which spawned a few clones of its own).  I have this one "Hobbit" game that's just 320 lines of BASIC code (not the one in pic, that's The Valley that was published in magazine Microcomputing Today, April 1982).
Did some more cata recently and actually decided to not make a mobile base for once and its been pretty fun so far. I started with a 9ft tall lady and I decided after searching around to turn the evac shelter into a base. Bright nights fork has a power system so I can run a bunch of stuff off of the solar panel installed in the roof. There is a military base near by that I want to loot at some point and there are acid ants as well so free armor.
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>blob monsters are now slime
>slime are not "the blob"
>zombies and mutagen are no longer related to them
Why does the Kevteam do these things to themselves?
Replies: >>48355
You just don't get kevins dream. Your brain is to small to comprehend his vision.
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So I just picked up POWDER and it reminds me of that one disk world quote, to paraphrase: "in this world the gods are not so much worshiped as blamed". 
Following a god will give you stats and spells on level up, but really the best thing they will do for you is to block you getting smited by the other gods when they get all pissy because you are following some other god's commandments and not theirs.
Other than that pretty basic and fun

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[Hide] (2MB, 3800x2200)
>What is Thrive?
Thrive is littelary a free open-source beta Spore, but it's trying to be more of a half-sim then anything. 
The game is curently  and it will be mostlikely forever in development.
While they do have ((((patreon)))) but as far as I know the development is actually faster then before. They are sadly still on the first stage. 
You can download it through here 
But I would rather wait, because today is a new version coming out
Also you can check the devforum if you want 
And also their main site
Inb4 >shill

Also I'm not sure if I should also make an Open-source thread and if I should talk about Thrive there?
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Replies: >>48246 + 4 earlier
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I forgot one
A small bump.
I'll ask you one thing /v/, I've heard that it's like a tech demo, despite the fact it does feel like it. While yes the game is kinda incomplete, but gameplay wise it doesn't feel that bad. What are the problems /v/…
I'll give you a question fags, have you geard of Creaturesim?
>>12736 (OP) 
I was looking forward to any game like this.
> they do have ((((patreon))))
Never mind. It is shit. Made by beggars.
Replies: >>48249
Well they actually don't beg, whatsoever or not much. Infact the actually ask you to join their team, if you can.

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