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What a nice board!
It's a conspiracy >>>/hikki/

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Is there a game you love that never got a sequel but you wished for?
Is there a sequel that disappointed you, and that you would have done it differently?
Post the sequels that you wished for, the way you want (or wanted) them to be like.
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>Sequel/remaster of Crash Twinsanity that includes all the cut content and double the levels
i don't think it's much to ask for
Replies: >>62613
A sequel to F.E.A.R exclusive to PC
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The full total warhammer game better be called TOTAL Total War Warhammer. 

I’m hoping they improve the maps with the next one to get the more fun and varied terrain and city layouts, and hoping AI improves. Otherwise I’m hoping for mods to fix the biggest issues eventually.
>Crash Twinsanity
I kept hearing about that one, was it THAT good!?
I lost my interest in Crash after OG NaughtyDog stopped working on them.
I remember trying "mind over mutants" and it was so shit that it left me heartbroken to see Crash raped like that.
Now that i think about it, i am curious to know what NaughtyDog (the original, not the one led by the trannylover kike) would have done with the franchise if they managed to keep the rights to it.
Another platforming trilogy by the same devs would have been awesome.
Replies: >>62614
d05ff52bdebef9fdce8a8b7480de65ccc1bd6816e3cc2f6a05c89f56793e9294.png (u)
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>was it that good
absolutely. very buggy and rough around the edges due to rushed development but a very fun game nonetheless. areas range from fairly easy to "fuck you" difficulty, the interactions between crash and cortex are hilarious, the soundtrack is god-tier, and there are plenty of extra puzzles for you to do if you want to 100% the game.
>mind over mutant
i played the DS version of it, it was truly awful. damn shame seeing what he's become

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I'm sure nobody here gives a shit at this point and I'm sure you're not even 1/3s into your backlogs, but It might be interesting to try and predict what will happen to the industry in the next couple of decades. A lot of changes are happenings. Consoles and Triple A games are getting more expensive nearing the price of mid-range computers, companies are making more and more anti-consumer decisions, the leap in graphics is smaller than ever, ​we got the first digital-only consoles, cloud gaming getting pushed more, ray-tracing and 4K getting prioritized over fps and other shit.  Are the three main faggots too big to fail? Will casual normalfags be ok with paying 800+ bucks for videogaems machines? Could consoles die in this generation and PC be made more appealing to the general public? Will charging you 60$ for decade old games affect nintendo in the slightest and maybe make the switcheroo their last console? Is anything at all going to happen? Probably not and these are just the ramblings of a man who will never see a Rayman 4.
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I play all the games that I like and also find many more that I didn't know about through piracy and emulation.
Good videogames are eternal. There is no need to look for new ones.
I've noticed every game takes way longer to make nowadays. And that's not a vapid generalization. Like synthetik got a big update for its story last year or so. Battle Brothers got a new DLC (which is a completely different topic on its own) some time this year and its finally starting to look like a finished game. Even AAA games take half a decade to even come out and then another half to be patched into finished state.
Videogames are going to be like utility software. A constant stream of updates, being kept alive by the developers long after its release. And just like what happened to Hello Games and NMS its going to happen to CP77 and other games that bomb at the start and then take a couple of years of development before the game is good.

Holy shit I loved these videos.
Replies: >>62570 >>62573
>falling for the "numale sky got better" meme.
It's called incompetent devs and retarded marketing. 
You don't want to pay the big bucks for the competent people, so you make do with hiring marketing instead, but then the marketing start promising shit and hurrying the devs, and then you end up with a half baked potato of a release which is completely fine because normalfags are retarded and will eat it up.
If normalfags weren't retarded, or if vidya wasn't cool anymore, games would need to be a complete product at release, meaning cheap shitty devs wouldn't be worth it anymore.
Joke's on you. Because I already know there's nothing truly good that's of the world. And things getting "worse" is really just me wising up to things that were already there since the beginning.

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Spoiler Details
>The main character, a high school student living an ordinary life, wanders into another world called “Da’ath.” The hero fuses with a mysterious man and becomes a “Naobino,” a forbidden being, throwing himself into a battle between gods and demons.
>Game is set In the mysterious world “Da’ath,” where desert is found all over, various gods and demons are scattered about, including demons as large as mountains and giant birds flying in the sky.
>The game has over 200 demons and several new ones drawn by Masayuki Doi
>Multiple Paths are all but confirmed again and the protag progresses by strengthening the power of Naobino, how and what Naobino is still unknown.
Limited edition confirmed for release packed with music and accesories.
Standard Edition: 8,890 yen (9,878 yen including tax)
Limited Edition: 14,800 yen (16,280 yen including tax)
Digital version: 9,878 yen
Release date is scheduled for November 11, 2021.
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>I still don't know the biological sex of the main character.
reminder it was confirmed intentionally ambiguous at e3
Replies: >>62316 >>62360
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Source please. If this is true then we can abandon all hope now, that way if it's somehow not pozzed you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Replies: >>62318 >>62360
Just fuck it.
Why should I care.
Same, but it feels like I haven't seen anyone so much as take notice of it or mention it.
It was already confirmed male.

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975a61d3a769c1914101cfb4ff04eb2f447685ff5626a739ed521b0655921168.png (u)
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d30c074cfc18c5f2fec755f715ee25fe6c9a77e6c96eb2679d4a5f2a696e4c03.png (u)
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Back then it was very interesting seeing a game getting a sequel or being ported into a handheld. Mainly because since the handhelds were very underpowered in comparison of the console you would sometimes get a totally different game.
You have for example Max Payne, Jet Set Radio and Spyro for the GBA that now with an isometric view. Silent Hill also for the GBA as a graphic novel.
You want Banjo-Threeie and Ape Escape 4? Go play Grunty's Revenge and SaruSaru Daisakusen. They're the next best thing.
Are there any ports or/and sequels like these that you know of? And how do they compare to their console counterpart?
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>still doesn't change that I'm a retard
Duly noted, anything else?
Replies: >>62298
>I'm retard so you are too
Replies: >>62299 >>62300
>no you
So nothing else, then?
Replies: >>62301
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Replies: >>62301
Alright enough jokes.
Tell me seriously why you hate psps.

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[Hide] (2MB, 1920x1080)
The levels in this demo are a lot bigger than last year's and there's tons of new shit. It should also run better than the last one, dunno about bugs but they'll likely get patched out rapidly as they're reported before it goes on Steam in a couple days.
>where's the fucking linux build faggot?
Sadly, the specific Unity build they're using fucking despises Linux. Kowloon anon (dunno if you remember his sourcemod from /agdg/) says they'll switch to a newer version and drop the HDRP sometime to get it working, but that'll take time because
No, I'm not a developer, just a good friend of theirs because I've worked on shit in the past with 'em. I imagine some of them will drop by, and I'll pass on bugs and shit.
Guess I'll end this by quoting from the page because I'm a lazy bastard.
>Please enjoy the new and improved Peripeteia demo! What was originally planned for a February release needed a few extra months in the oven to fulfill our ambitions, and hopefully, the expectations of everyone that played the previous releases. Thank you to everyone who gave us their thoughts, opinions, suggestions and critique. Expect multiple improvements, tweaks and
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Usually the extras are coming after the game's release
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>All NPCs should have SOME dialogue even if they only tell you to fuck off right away.
>The dialogue is extremely annoying to read because the text appears slowly and keeps changing it's size as it goes.
All of the developers agree with you on these. The former will probably wait until there's a bark system so you don't get the full-blown conversation menu if a hobo tells you to fuck off.
>I have no idea how to tell who's friendly and who isn't.
Agreed on the factions needing to look more distinct, but there is a way to check for hostiles: move your cursor/crosshairs over them and see if it lights up, same as Deus Ex.
>The cursor on inventory should remember where you grabbed the item instead of snapping to some corner.
To quote shod,
>I wanted to do that, can't be fucked yet because it's way way way more work than it sounds
There isn't an official soundtrack yet, but one of the musicfags has some game tracks up at
>cant find that user
Thanks anon.
Replies: >>62194
Sorry man, dunno how those letters ended up on the end. Here's the real URL:
Replies: >>62262
Seems my soundtrack post was incomplete, another of the musicfags has posted on his youtube channel , and the other musicfag (aka the main level designer) has his shit up on . It also uses a few sewerslvt tracks (who otherwise has no involvement) here and there, which is scattered across

Screenshot_2021-06-10-02-01-15-716_com.retroarch.aarch64.jpg (u)
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I would like to discuss about older puzzle games to emulate. 
Pic related, I enjoy tetris DS.
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>Tetrises is incredibly fundamentally flawed.
Replies: >>61478
Don't blame Alexey
Blame the (((Tetris Company)))
Replies: >>61701
columns.gif (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 224x320)
If it doesn't have colour-chaining, then it ain't even worth playing.
>(((Tetris Company)))
Oh yeah, he doesn't actually own it.
Back on the topic of specifically DS games, the second GameCenter CX/Retro Game Challenge game had a puzzle game as one of the challenges, or at least was playable (I know the second game had a few optional titles). I don't exactly remember the details, it could be similar to an existing game (so many of the games in there are) or a slightly more limited version of another puzzle game (there are only 3 colors of blocks, since it's supposed to originate on a monochrome handheld like the GameBoy or WonderSwan) but I thought it was neat. Granted, I think most of those two games are neat (aside from the racing game and the magazine prize exclusive version of the racing game, fuck both of them), and would highly recommend both, regardless of the quality of the puzzle game in a single entry.

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Boston_Salt_Party_-_Shill_thread_destroyed_by_porn_spam.webm (u)
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team_falloutress_2.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (3.7MB, 1280x720, 00:32)
Oblivion_guard_horsemanship.webm (u)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1100x618, 00:36)
Last one is on page 10 and autosaging.  Keep it video game-related.
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Spoiler File (u)
(70.1KB, 640x427)
Spoiler File (u)
(88.3KB, 823x814)
Spoiler File (u)
(2.2MB, 3024x4032)
>some people truly have no shame
Choose your fighter.
Replies: >>61877
Studying the word of god for years on end just to find loopholes.
1164175748355.jpg (u)
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10 years is pretty good, not like infinity lasted longer.
It's sad you still think it's a "content creation" game and not a "secret club" game. Perhaps you're simply trying to deceive, you do got them there satanic trips after all.
fucking_blinding_cunt.webm (u)
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Dysfunctional+raspy+ant_5c225b_8252017.jpg (u)
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Love this game, but fuck this boss. Ruined two great runs with different classes in a row.
piece of shit
love it

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Post vidya music that sounds like nonvidya music, or vice versa, or vidya music that sounds like other vidya music. Tracks that use the same samples and vidya that uses the same sound effects is fine, too.
I'll be posting my collection in the following posts.
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I don't listen to much music, personally, but I imagine musicians do, and that kind of stuff can get into your head and come out in your own compositions, probably partially unintentionally. Some fag did a video just about Koji Kondo's musical similarities
Interesting that you posted the file select/fairy fountain theme, as the above video claims some similarity not only to World 3's theme from SMB3
But also to Tatsuro Yamashita's  MORNING GLORY from the album FOR YOU
Another song from the same album is Sparkle
Which showed up in Animal Crossing New Horizons as one of K.K. Slider's "secret songs" that play when you fuck up requesting one, specifically the one internally referred to as Hazure02
Back to Koji Kondo and the original point, however, You also noted the resemblance between Let's Not Talk About it and SMB's underground theme, but here's something even further back that sounds similar
So I guess this is just the same shit over and over. You could say the same thing about "the lick". It's a phrase that shows up in a lot of things, for example, the song Hobart Drive
Message too long. View the full text
Damn anon, you did your research.
Found another one

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - Ice (2009)
Half-Life 2 - Gman radio music (2004)
Devil May Cry - Ancient Castle Basement (2001)
Max Payne - Max's Nightmare (2001)
Vanishing Point - Peregone (2001)
Postal - Central Park (1997)
That sounds like a plain ripoff, how did they get away with it?
Took me forever to remember the name of this one and find it again. The opening two minutes or so of this:
always reminded me of the Airship Theme from Mario 3:

ragnarok.jpg (u)
[Hide] (19.5KB, 740x417)
God of War Ragnarok Dev Is Looking at the Last of Us Part 2 for Inspiration; Atreus May Be Fully Playable

>Just like 2018's God of War has been inspired by The Last of Us, God of War Ragnarok may be inspired by Naughty Dog's latest game.
>Speaking during the latest episode of the God of War Podcast, Sony Santa Monica concept artist Samuel Matthews commented on the upcoming next entry in the series, revealing that the developer is looking at The Last of Us Part 2 for more inspiration. He also commented on the possibility of Atreus becoming fully playable, suggesting that developer may be considering having multiple playable characters and switch between them as the story demands, like in Naughty Dog's latest game.
>In the latest episode of the God of War podcast, Samuel Matthews also goes over a variety of other topics, such as the possibility of exploring other worlds outside Norse mythology, who will portray Odin and Thor, and more. You can listen to it in full below.
>Very little is currently known about God of War Ragnarok. as it has been announced with a short teaser that featured no gameplay nor cinematic sequence. The game is currently in development by Sony Santa Monica and will release on a yet to be confirmed release date.
>God of War Ragnarok is currently in development fo
Message too long. View the full text
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Robot_GF1.jpg (u)
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You posted this already kike.
I don't think you've ever owned a dog
turkroach.jpg (u)
[Hide] (76.2KB, 600x899)
Fuck off niggerpill, nobody believes your kike propaganda.
I wonder how much you get paid by kikes to write this faggot shit.
screw_your_optics.jpg (u)
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That's why you always lose, foreskinsucker. 
Because your whole existence is a revolt against the Nature i.e life itself. You're parasite and must be exterminated, so the humanity can survive.
Replies: >>61525
t. hanging foreskin

agdg_logo_splash.png (u)
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buff_dude_typing.jpg (u)
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Health and fitness edition

>#8/agdg/ via
> via matrix programs
>Dev resources:
>Previous bread: >>37323
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4c736f3626ec4f9faad6396c2f55d4cbfe01bb94234044f3e51026231ce63132.jpg (u)
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I feel like a fucking retard, for the states I don't have to keep it as a nodes which would require more rewrites to accustom this change if I could just do these function calls from the HelicopterStates node itself instead which is used directly by the Helicopter anyway. So doing this solved my problem of making the Helicopter script less cluttered:
language: python
func _ready():
	my_states["Idle"] = load("res://Core/System/States/").new()
	my_states["Patrol"] = load("res://Core/System/States/").new()
	my_states["Patrol"].master_ = get_parent()
	my_states["Patrol"].graphs = get_node("../../graph_gen")

heu.webm (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 640x360, 00:16)
Almost forgot to post today's progress even though I actually made some for once.

I made a new rendering method that's very useful, it allows me to just say "draw X" which draws it in the current frame and then forgets about it. No need to set up a "sprite" and manage it. After I was done with that though, I realized it was almost identical to the first rendering method, so I combined them. It's just a separate array of sprites except that one gets cleared after each frame, and there's a more direct way to add things to it.

Also I can now zoom and move the camera around.
Replies: >>61301
grid.webm (u)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 640x360, 00:11)
I made a map. I'm not sure wtf I'm doing so the tile doesn't highlight exactly below the cursor yet, I need to come up with a more precise way to translate between diamond map coordinates and screen coordinates, won't be able to draw anything else until then.
Replies: >>61366
Lookin' solid, keep up the good work.
PyKd8RpuHC_1.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (2MB, 624x672, 00:10)
Used a plugin for Astar pathfinding, its works well for basic navigation, trying to make more complex mazes

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