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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211


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Talk about all the cool demos you tried. I tried TEVI and The Last Faith, they were decent but not by much. I was gonna try the Robocop  but it's like 40GB for a demo, fuck that.
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>Tribes 3
>Homeworlds 3
>Some eastern euro RTS that knocks of Relic games instead of C&C or SC
Replies: >>234730 >>234737
>Tribes 3
>No chat
>Full of hitscan weapons
Ultimate fucking cancer, fuck these niggers getting my hopes up.
Replies: >>234735
>12v12 ctf queue in demo
>32v32 announced for full game
No chat and the 4v4 game blows. Inevitably there's one guy who zips to the bomb and scores in 3 seconds. The hitscan weapons are dogshit and a noob trap. Got a ton of frags on idiots who thought they could snipe like in battlefield.
Replies: >>234738
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>Homeworlds 3
Strange, I don't know why I was getting told there was only a 4v4 mode then.

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What are some of your favorite skateboarding games? Which Tony Hawk is the best? Is Skate a good series? Do modern skate games still invoke the same amount of fun as the old ones if they don't have AC/DC's "TNT" blaring at max volume?

I played a ton of Pro Skater 4 on exbawks, very fond memories of trying endlessly to impress the bums and going all over the place on Alcatraz. Getting sick combos only to completely fuck it up at the end. Wondering what Tony Hawk is up to now.

dude thrasher
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if you post here you're playing it right now
>you are standing in the center of the skate bowl
>you attempt to accelerate forwards
>"you famous?"
>as you gain speed a person walks up to you and you turn to avoid them
>"aren't you too old for this?"
>you slowly reach the wall execute the weakest 180 kickflip known to man
>"anyone ever tell you that you look like tony hawk?"
>a small group of onlookers are standing right in the middle of the bowl now obstructing you  
>you slide down along the wall like you are swirling down a toilet, fall, sprain your wrist, face hitting the ground
>"nah you aint him"
Replies: >>229252
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>"aren't you too old for this?"
You can tell the regret on his mug right away on the spoof cover, it's amazing.
>girl has a no-pants model
You can't just say something like this and not post proof.
Replies: >>234716
Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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We only know it exists due to textures and the pantless boy model being used as an off screen base model. I'm sure someone with AR code making knowhow can force the girl model in. Pic 1-2 is male model, pic 3 is female body texture.

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>what's this?
From the fucking disgusting people who brought you a very shitty DOS Sonic fangame back in 1998, play in this DooM mod very unique kart racing game where you plunge into chasms and barge into walls. Choose your racer from a wide array of shitty meme characters made by 12 years old join my Discord server at https://dicksuck.cum/invite/g4yN1gg3r5, on tracks made by the fucking geniuses who thought building complex 3D geometry on an engine that renders 2D sprites was a good idea. Trannies don't deserve human rights.

On the flipside, the karting's serviceable, the items are decently balanced and the server linked in this OP contains none of the gay shit described above. There can be some fun derived from this kusoge even if the paragraph above reads the contrary.
>is this game fun?
In spite of what's said above it is indeed a moderately fun game. Try it out if you might.
>is this server related to that other server back from Summer?
No. This is a vanilla server that's running a bunch of new racetracks, some custom characters and not much else. It bears no relation to the >people that populated that one server, so please give this one a go if that one's warped your perception on the game.

>how can I download this game?
You will need both the game's files and the addon pack that the server's running in order to run it.
<GAME: https://github.com/STJr/Kart-Public/releases/tag/v1.6
<ADDONS: https://pixeldrain.com/u/f7t9i3Zv
To install the game on Windows:
Head over to the first link, download srb2kart-v16-Installer.exe then install the game on whichever location you've chosen. Afterwards, move to the game's root folder, create a subdirectory named addons then dump the contents from the ADDONS zip inside of it.
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That would not have happened with the drift gauge.
Replies: >>226951
More liek, drift GAYge
Replies: >>234709
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Now that I'm looking closer at me getting hit by that torpedo. Why didn't my spiky ball block it?
Replies: >>226978
You drove into the torpedo headfirst. I don't understand this game's hurtboxes, but apparently your fox's was ahead of the spikeshell's. There's also fuck-you latency to blame as well.
Hey buddy I think you got the wrong door, the leather clubs two blocks down.

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I got suckered into making this thread for some *nglo who wanted to make a gamenight, so he cracked some fotm garbage, loaded it up with mods and here we are. For the actual game, I quote from what he said:
Also he happened to mod it to be able to handle 32 players instead of just 4 AND have DECTalk text-to-speech so you can aeiou shitpost in space.

Unpack this:
This should be prepackaged with the 32 player mod out of the gate. However, to have TTS shitposting, you'll also need AEIOUCompany
Simply unpack the folder in "...lethal company\BepInEx\plugins" and it should just werk.
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I play on Linux on steam
ah, I see you're the vegan of computers
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lethal company at the end of the world.
Join some random servers in lethal company and I played the audio from this and everyone freaked out, some even asked if I’m okay. It’s pretty funny
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>All you're gonna find is a whore
Reporting back, no monstergirls, only whores.

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At long last, its time for some real autism and grindan. The return of Wurm is here, and this time, we'll be exploring the lost lands of Brorrowind! We're glad to announce that the stress test for this years server will be Dec 29th at 7pm cst. The census and excise office of Seyda Neen will officially open for business shortly afterwards (Jan 5th is the current plan, subject to general feedback. keep an eye on the thread and the website: https://wurmbadmin.wixsite.com/brorrowind)

>What is Wurm Unlimited?
Wurm is an mmo from 2006 that focuses on sandbox elements. Instead of just killing goblins for exp, its a fully terraformable world. Build a comfy cottage or a massive castle. Have a small herb garden or sprawling wheat fields. Master a craft or mine deep into the earth. Go fishing, breed horses, brew potions, even make your own cheese.

>What is Brorrowind
Every 6 months anons get together and host our own Wurm server. This time we're taking the heightmap from Morrowind and slapping it into the server. Build your own Balmora, visit Red Mountain with friends, and enjoy events like the farmers festival in Vivec. We've even got custom items and weapons this time, including craftable Daedric weapons.

>Ok sounds cool, how do I join?
Get a copy from steam, a steam key from someplace cheap, or find yourself the yarhar friendly version thats floating around (I'm sure someone with better opsec than me will post a link). Once you have a client, click connect by IP and use the settings provided later in the thread as launch date approaches (will also be available on the website)

>But how do I actually play Wurm?
Wurm does have a slight learning curve to it, but if you can read you can figure it out. I've got info for both the server and how to play on our site here: https://wurmbadmin.wixsite.com/brorrowind/new-to-wurm

>General Settings
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The sleepychan wurm fanbase has reclined...
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Welcome to the rice fields, motherfucker.
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Update from the badmins:
>Custom cliffracer models 
They aren't going to make it in any time soon. My knowledge of blender and Rolfcode settings for creature animation is too weak, and the only workaround I could find involved a lot of clients crashing to desktop.

>Server Updates
This Friday, at 2pm cst, I'll be taking the server down briefly (estimate 5 minutes) for an update: We'll be reducing mining hits required for rockshards from 50 to 30 as an experiment- if people aren't a fan of this we can revert it later, but I've had lots of requests for this and heard no pushback.
This update will also include a new feature: while I can't quite get custom emotes (yet), I have a custom action you can use in most situations that will function like an emote. Prepare to unleash your inner gamer, as Dagoth Ur himself will bless all residents of Brorrowind with an N'wah word pass. Warning: the sound carries farther than a thuum, and can be heard at render distance.

This Saturday, at 7pm cst, we'll be having our first event. Saddle your horses and hitch your carts, because we'll be having a massive race across Brorrowind! Categories will include mounted (any mount) and cart/wagon racing. Winners will get Shards of Lorkhan and silver based on performance. All participants AND spectators (is that an airship?) will get sleep powder! There may even be other surprises afte
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Update from the Badmin:

The race was a huge success, and while we managed to avoid casualties from the race itself (despite the dragons best efforts), we suffered a casualty at the winners circle. It seems n'wahs are too week to fight off shortstack thotts, and so the gods have decided next weekends event will have a fighting skill focus (pvp included)! We're still hashing out the rules and setting things up, but we wanted to give you all a heads up to train your FS. Event will happen Saturday at 7pm cst. Also, a huge thanks to Nuggro for organizing and setting up events, quests, and surprises yet revealed.

I have forg- I mean strategically delayed the daedric crafting update to Monday at 2pm cst so you lads can have a nice weekend of gains. I'm still working on getting fus-roh-N'wah working on cave tiles, but at least future cliffracers should stop breathing fire. Existing ones may still have flames. I've also begun to work glass weaponry in as another cosmetic option.

>Suggestions and the future
Once I finish cleaning up the Nword and adding glass weapons(cosmetic only, same as iron), I've got a few ideas I want to tear into next:
>item to speed up brewing time
>break into spells and start adding things that are in WO but not WU (like the mag spell for lighting forges)
That b
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Replies: >>234622
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Forgiveness, but I forgot to leave a notice here about the server move. As of 30 minutes ago we're now at Same name in the browser, but yarhar lads will need to use the new ip.

We are now using v1.1 of the Brorrowind mod, which adds some gm tools for creating events, as well as the new Bladed Fist weapon. Crafted with a short sword blade and a leather glove, this weapon works with weaponless fighting like brass knuckles. It does slightly more damage and uses slashing instead of bludgeoning.

Just confirmed the autobackup process is back up and running on the new server. Let me know if anything else explodes. Happy wurming!

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>Feminist Frequency is dead
>Buzzfeed News is shutting down
>The Gamer Praises Censorship in ‘Resident Evil 4’ Remake, Claims Original Game’s Panty Shots Encourage “Misogynistic Behaviour In Real Life”
>Chris Avellone wins seven figures lawsuit, possible return to video games industry
>GJP is attacking Valve over not supporting BLM
>Nathan Grayson laid off as The Washington Post shuts down Launcher, their gaming section
>Limited Run Games fires employee after complaints over who she follows on Twitter
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>Vice Media Will No Longer Publish Stories on its Website
> Vice Media, a one-time digital journalism sensation, will no longer publish stories and other content on its website, according to a memo sent to staff on Thursday.

>Vice to lay off hundreds of staffers, stop publishing content on its website

Dance time!
Replies: >>236493
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All the info about Sweet Baby is really blowing up to the point that people are directly comparing it to GamerGate.
Goonergate lost
Fencesitters won
if you buy it, it certainly has a linux port

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I think its sad how discord has really trumped multiplayer games in its current day and age. Fps games for example, you would talk in voice chat and trash talk and stuff like that. Now its all discord or voice chat group. Its just so inorganic and you dont really have any meaningful interactions with others anymore. I feel like its also difficult finding a game to play. Are you playing any multiplayer games? Is it any good?
Im currently playing a "clone" of phantom forces (roblox) thats called battlebit. Its meh. Downsides to it is that its incredibly rulecucked that you will get temp bans for pretty much anything. Also they plan on adding faceit anticheat which is very intrusive. I like shooting heads with my sniper but i dont like the maps and i insta disconnect on the ultra shitty maps.
Theres also a tf2 server i found that was made by people from cuckchan. Its called "kogasatopia". Its basically a "no rules" server. I think the only rule is that you will get banned for being a tranny or "lgbt" or whatever the fuck that is.
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no u
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Your niggerfaggot chart is already out of date
Replies: >>234570 >>234572
Could you both please choke on glass wool? Thank you
Where does skill issue go in these charts?
Replies: >>234589
Ironically the least skilled part.

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Have you ever done something really stupid in a videogame? Didn't know what the fuck you were supposed to do and got no one to blame but yourself? Mistook the meaning of a message, quest or item because you can't even read? Played through the entirety of a game wrong because you don't even have enough brain? This is your thread.

>playing SH2 on PS2
>read about overhead attacks being tied to pressure sensitive controls
>assume pressure sensitive meant the force you apply to the buttons
>try to mash the square button as hard as I can to do an overhead attack
>whiffs 9/10 times, with the default 4x4 attack hitting the wall instead of the monster
>dread every minor enemy encounter knowing I will take damage because default melee attack's ass
>got softlocked on the hospital miniboss once because I didn't have enough ammo and couldn't reach it with either melee weapons
>in spite of this, manage to beat the game three times
>decide to boot up the game again a few days ago
>inside the hotel, keep the finger pressed against the square button with the 4x4
>a clean overhead attack, each and every time
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Ape Escape?
Replies: >>231919
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it was either that or possibly sly cooper   I had the worst luck as a kid  and happened to get really difficult  games that I could never finish without spending a week doing so half of it  due to me being   shit at games
Replies: >>232000 >>232002
Bro same, Maximo kicked the shit out of me.
Were the Maximo games any good?
I never played them.
Seemed like Capcon wanted to turn this into a new series but after the sequel they let it die and forgot about it probably for the best
>Closest I have is putting a game down for a few months, picking it up again, and having absolutely no fucking idea what anything is, does, or what I was doing. 
I think everybody went through this at least once, that's pretty normal and understandable, i wouldn't call that a "full retard" moment.

[Hide] (125.4KB, 640x908) Reverse
I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but what happened to all of the games that used to be clones of popular games? Today, it seems like the only "clones" that exists is the vidya trying to copy From's Souls format. The reason I bring this up is because, looking back at older games that were copying other titles, you got some seriously weird games.
<For example, in the wake of Crazy Taxi, Namco came out Smashing Drive.
I bring this game up because I only knew of it due to the arcade machine located at the Red Robin I visited as a kid, but never seen anyone ever talk about. While it's "like" Crazy Taxi in concept, the game is actually closer to like a cross between San Francisco Rush and Burnout. Like I said it's a weird game.

Anyone else know of some clones, copycats, or imitators that came out and are worth mentioning?
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Replies: >>234394 >>234402
>Cold Fear
I was one of the few people that bought it (for dirt cheap) and i can say that it was nothing like RE4, if anything, the gameplay and cameras were closer to Code Veronica and the ObsCure series.
>>234384 (OP) 
>15 years ago everything was a cod clone
>everything moved onto just being a titanfall or league of legends clone
the sixth generation was the last good generation of videogames.
>>234384 (OP) 
The Simpsons: Road Rage was also a Crazy Taxi clone.
I had some fun with it back then. I don't know if I would enjoy it today, though.
[Hide] (397.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Dragon Quest Builders
I never liked Minecrap, but i really enjoyed this one, even more the sequel that fixed every single criticism i had on the first one.
Maybe it is the aethetics that are far more pleasing than Mojang's pixel vomit, or the fact that it also had a story, but i really enjoyed it despite being a clone of a game i never liked.

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Hey lads, how about some OC to welcome in the current year+9?
Simply go to https://www.videogamena.me/ and have it generate a name for a fictitious video game and use your patented "9000 hours in MSPaint(tm)" skills to make a cover for such a game.

Use the following link for resources: https://mega.nz/folder/yq4j3ArS#SowwCg0EqXbPsZXeDEpE0A
where I have been collecting creations from many anons over the years as well as templates to help you make said covers. Knock yourself out.
Happy New Year everyone, and here is to many more.
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>This newspeak faggotry is fucking gay.
You can say that again.
Replies: >>234277
[Hide] (230.7KB, 480x360, 00:04)
This newspeak faggotry is fucking gay. Is it not?
I love it becase it annoys and infuriates brownoid Latinx subhumans and that gives me great joy.
Replies: >>234289
Everything offends south americans because they're mean little men who can't stand the tiniest bit of banter.
You think you're being clever here using newspeak ironically, but remember we're living in current year. Tranny and gender nonsense used to be the butt of many jokes 10 years ago, and now bigot is used genuinely as an insult. The speaker's intention doesn't make a difference.
Replies: >>234297
[Hide] (48.8KB, 720x810) Reverse
Even if you are doing it ironically, you are still playing along with the agenda.

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