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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

What a nice board!

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Any one else notice the future of gaming is going to be platforms to sell you nostalgic characters? Smash, Fortnite, Tekken and Mortal Kombat have paved the way for multiuniverse games. Instead of having a fixed interesting universe you will have generic sand boxes full of other game characters you liked from previous installments.

The future is Shovel knight in every game they can fit him in and they will charge you to buy him every single time.
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Do you think that there is a genre resurgence on the horizon? It was nice to see someone actually try to make an actually fast paced shooter like Ultrakill, even if it was inspired by NuDoom, some development is better than stagnation. I don't believe any game genre has come back from having no titles developed for it in like half a decade like point n' click adventure games. Personally I'm hoping for a mechaissance where someone figures out how to remake Armored Core before Fromsoft releases a darksouls mech game and taints the water for a few years.
pic unrelated
>3 year old reddit post
>twitter post #122453599234801 bashing boomers and be upboated by bots
Replies: >>84214 >>84232
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>hivemind shit again
Sweet, I rewatched a couple of Megas XLR episodes yesterday
That's_right.PNG (u)
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>Do you think that there is a genre resurgence on the horizon?
Dunno, but the indie and mid sized scene is getting better while the AAA space get's worse by the hour.
Plenty of promising stuff as well next year so let's hope it delivers.
The most recent games I truly enjoyed were a horror mod for GZDoom called Total Chaos and EDF 5.

It's not like mecha vidya is totally dead as well, Daemon Ex Machina and Mechwarrior 5 came our recently.
fd4b84746dc594d1aeb5e6f5c93d184cd58b3bef562db75c28bb036bc3f82f09.png (u)
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I'm still waiting for a Megas XLR misou game.
Megas really was too good for this world.

869c0062b0cdf11fbb3f2254f5d0d03244e1f15d5598b29c2686919a7f40045a.png (u)
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20eeeffc5c61c9c4ceca75b98e9c90faa03a30439e9853147e775504af470da7.png (u)
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817b8c49ae6c708a87c96789bb71f9f315e07a947765461cf6d51b67d33d1473.png (u)
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b626e46987bad10c2e9cf49007ca999c177e6b76b6fdaeddecf2557530c5e952.png (u)
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d7dea3d02e6cf12a945aff05b53ad6a905703f5d2d321c7ee7c46ebdb223cf73.png (u)
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Guess what? Crash "4": It's About Time just released on PC last month. And you know what that means. You can pirate it and mod it so you don't have to see the disgusting models made for the game. I'll probably try it out and see if despite the shit visuals they could make a decent platformer.
Besides that, tell me anon. Do you like the Crash games? What's your favorite one?
I still often play CTR because it's so fun.
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open source multiplayer coop crash bandicoot WHEN? seriously how much better would the games be if there was a level editor
If you are not one of those faggots who jump into fursuits and want to be animals or something, but instead just jerk off to human male-female furry porn, then I guess your alright as a person.
Replies: >>84147
Yeah, I'm not into monster/fur b*ys or LARP.
Replies: >>84154
Then you are alright. Or a the best a furry can be.
>more blood in your dick = less blood in your brain to focus on rational decision making

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Mental disease or a good financial investment depending on how it's done?
Is there any piece on your vidya collection that you like looking at. Mine is a prefect condition copy of ATHF: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am for the PS2.
To be honest the only physical vidya I would like to collect are japanese N64 games with box and everything. Unfortunately I don't have the money for it at the moment.
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Replies: >>82409 + 9 earlier
c57544aa951331ef61a01a9af7ed9d22eadbf38518608d3c70154f58f18ae32a.png (u)
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Look at Pokemon Box: Ruby and Saphire on ebay. It's supposed to be like a Bank for the GBA series of games with a couple extra features for $10. Now you're better off modding your lunchbox if you ever wanted to play it.
143b45828b723fbe405d879a3d9cee8a5db6ab28c53fafedd1930f50afd2c084.jpg (u)
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>>80242 (OP) 
I use to be a massive buyfag of retro games between 2008-2014 and have occasionally picked one or two up here and there since then. I just compulsively bought games I knew about or looked interesting. My friends even gave me comments about it and said I was being a dumbass. Something about actually owning the game and seeing it's manual and stuff brings me back. It gradually started getting harder finding shit though, and the stores regularly were bare besides shovelware crap and the things they did have were starting to get really overpriced. Eventually it got so bad I called it in. Now retrogame prices are fucking retarded. 

I feel like I got in, grabbed a bunch of random shit I saw and got out just as the door was closing.
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> if your Playstation games collection dosn't include burned CDs it's inauthentic.
Please explain this part.
I am talking as a guy who only had burned CDs for the PS1, but i don't see how having burned disks is more "authentic" than having original disks.
Replies: >>84131
The idea is piracy was prevalent enough during the PS1's lifespan that it doesn't represent the experience of playing "back in the day" if you don't pirate and burn games for yourself on top of any buyfagging you choose to do. You could say the same of the Dreamcast and not having the reindeer disc and a bunch of 700/800MB repacks burned.
Replies: >>84137
>The idea is piracy was prevalent enough during the PS1's lifespan that it doesn't represent the experience of playing "back in the day"
Ah ok, now it's clear.

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This thread was made by a cum guzzling faggot
Last edited by Hidden User
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video games
Learn what spam means.
>had to upload files to someone
>done now
>back to thread mentioning 'me'
>password old so cannot delet comment not explaining itself


'I'm' not the one that makes these threads if that's 'le joek' someone tried to make. 

Just to be clear why I'm not a spammer. 

I'm not the OP and not a tranny and don't hate on lolis and such. 
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This is /cow/ material right here

did_arino_play_this_yet.jpg (u)
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the_kirby_treatment.jpg (u)
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still_better_than_regular_late_night_television.png (u)
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krang_can't_keep_his_petrified_giantess_fetish_a_secret_any_longer.png (u)
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someone_call_that_hint_number_and_tell_me_if_it_still_works.jpg (u)
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Somewhere near the woods lies a gas station, neatly placed seemingly in the middle of nowhere; however, it is far from desolate. For there anons from all around gather inside a room. A room filled to the top with arcade machines. There, anons enjoy the evening drinking, calling each other faggot and just having a good old time.
>What is this?
Anons pick a game and play it until they beat it or lose. An arcade game that doesn't take long to complete and rewards skill. Once finished they post their score and see who did the best. They give others advice, share what they think of the game, call each other casuals, say which character of the game they would fuck and more.
>How much time do I have to play it?
2 weeks or until a winner is announced (new threads are posted at around midnight UTC-8).
>Where do I get it?
Arcade and SNES versions in a single zip:

I had this huge writeup for Gain Ground ready to go, but whatever. Here's that game if anyone wants to get bonus points: https://pixeldrain.c
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Bumping to encourage votes. Seriously, my brain fucked up when I put Planet Harriers on the poll; there's no emulator that can run it except Demul, and Demul is really bad at it.
Votes were tallied, and the winner is Metamorphic Force. It seems that these threads aren't really attracting many anons; >>82258 is the only other one who posted his score.
New thread is here if anyone wants to read what is slowly becoming my personal blog: >>83846
The voting period after this one will last a whole week, I promise.
Replies: >>83924
Natsumi_reads_The_Protocols_of_the_Elders_of_Zion.jpg (u)
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I blame real life and also the jews. I promise I'll get down to playing and post a score today. Otherwise yeah, you should be making polls longer and more visible so it's not just you and a couple other faggots in the same time zone who get to vote.
Replies: >>84060
Teenage_Mutant_Ninja_Turtles_IV_-_Turtles_in_Time_(USA)-0002.png (u)
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It is done. I would have scored higher but the z-axis kept fucking me during the sewer level. Strangely the SNES version doesn't have a high score table.

lost_magic_frontcover_large_cIN7RPGo7UDIQ5s.jpg (u)
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Rudracover.jpg (u)
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header.jpg (u)
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Eternal_Darkness_box.jpg (u)
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So, I'm going to be a wizard in a month, and I thought now was a good a time as any to talk about games where you can be a wizard.
Now, I could just make this a shitty one line OP and let you try to decipher what I'm trying to say from the example images, but I actually want to talk about some of these games so let's get into it.
>Lost Magic (DS)
This is the only game of the four that I've actually played. It's been a while since I played it, but I'd describe it as an RTS. However, in addition to your units, you can cast spells by drawing them on the touch screen. I think it's neat, but I never did finish it. I really should play it again but I have a pretty huge backlog. Case in point...
>Treasure of the Rudras (SFC)
A Japanese exclusive SquareSoft RPG, often talked about in the same breath as Bahamut Lagoon and Live A Live. This game has a system where you can basically make spells by spelling them, which is the reason it took fucking forever for a fan translation of it to come out. It seems neat, I really should play it some time.
>Arx Fatalis (PC)
You can draw runes with the mouse to make spells, although you might want a mod with the alternate rune recognition option, depending on how it goes for you.
>Eternal Darkness (GC)
Basically the console version of the above, so way limited, but before the WiiDS era so no broken recognit
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Replies: >>83936 + 5 earlier
better a wizard than a glownigger
>>74562 (OP) 
I think you got most of them wizanon. Another anon already posted the greatest Wizard-fu simulator aka Might and Magic so I doubt there's much else regarding the subject. There have been noble endeavours throughout the years but then again, shit like Magical Starsign also exists and it makes you wanna kill yourself.

The next best thing after those though is probably FF9 for Vivi alone, FF Tactics Advance for combining some of the sickest mage jobs to create a clan of wizards and 7th Dragon for the DS is probably the enxt best thing since the superior sequel, 7 Dragon 2020 has Psychikers and Technomancers as the Wizard and cleric equivalents.

I don't know if Brandish Dark Revenenant's Dela mode counts but you get to play as a voluptuous spell slut seeking revenge against the warrior chad who killed her master.
divaythfyr.jpeg (u)
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I'll most likely be joining you in a few years anon. I think you overlooked Morrowind. It is just a shame that we cannot make like Divayth Fyr IRL. I for one would have no problem making concubines of my magical homunculus clone daughterfus. It may not have gimmicky method of spellcasting, but the spell creation system really rewards creativity:
>1 point Levitate on Target to slow enemies down since speed scales only with the spell points
>Massive nukes that can only be cast with the benefit of potions
>Fatigue to make easy work of humanoid enemies
>Combine weakness with damage in a single spell
>Enchant a veritable wardrobe of spells to have on reserve for no mana cost
I played this mod years ago as part of a modpack. I thought it was pretty cool that there was a magical pollution thing going on but there would be places that were pre-polluted in worldgen so you could cheese it by going to a place that was already fucked and pollute as hard as you wanted to. Is it true that the mod now intentionally permanently fucks with your health bar and stuff if you do things it doesn't want you to do?
Replies: >>84053
>Is it true that the mod now intentionally permanently fucks with your health bar and stuff if you do things it doesn't want you to do?
I've never seen nor heard of such things happening, but there's most likely a modpack out there that does that. 
There's two negative effects that can happen from messing with magic; the first being the magical pollution called flux, and the other is warp. Warp is how insane you are, and can be caused by witnessing things your mind can't comprehend, using certain objects that defy logic, and researching taboo subjects. 
Also if you prefer the wands over the gauntlets thaumcraft 4 with thaumic horizons, thaumic tinkerer, and tainted magic would be my suggestion.

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01.jpg (u)
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Let's see what you got.
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I know but I had too much pride to delete it and repost so I pretended like nothing happened
Spoiler File (u)
(17.5MB, 480x368, 03:54)
Spoilers here hide the filename, though. It doesn't work either way.
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ss_0d6c1e1a86f4e83257ba016a863ad2f1f55be943.jpg (u)
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ss_6f73a4e4f1d3af06f86251ff654bcbacdf9f6c2c.jpg (u)
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ss_2652bddb5115a4fd28df1dc8a7e269601312caad.jpg (u)
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>check to see what else Voodoo Vince's developers made
>last year they made some kind of twin stick shooter that's supposed to look like a mechanical arcade game
>it's called Bartlow's Dread Machine
>and it sold fuckall
>highest all-time peak of 5 simultaneous players
>sold so little that it's still in steam's probationary period where it doesn't count towards global achievement or game collection stats
Replies: >>84007
On second thought, as cool as the idea is I wish it leaned more on turn of the century aesthetics than steampunk. Yeah, a mechanical arcade game is inherently kind of steampunk, but they could absolutely have done more to fit the time period and this really would have made the game stick out. Had they done that, I imagine the game would have found a lot more success, like how Cuphead got a shitton of attention for imitating the old rubber hose animation look.

zzt.png (u)
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AQFM.png (u)
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final_fantasy_is_an_rpg.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (5.5MB, 512x368, 02:42)
I've been playing some ZZT. An old collection of adventure games. It's pretty fun but what caught my eye is that you can make you own games. It's really simple as well, comparable to making an amusement park in rollercoaster tycoon.
I invite anons to check it out and try making their own games (You can get it here and play it with dosbox: Then we can share them here and it'll be just like if we were kids back in 1991, sharing shareware with floppy disks. I'm doing one myself called Anon's Quest for Milk. I'll post progress in the thread.
Aside from that I'm also playing FF7. I'm not kin of turn-based jrpgs but I've been having a lot fun so far (10 hours in, just getting out of Gaia). If it wasn't for the combat I would probably have loved this game as a kid. What's the best FF in your opinion, anon? I might try it next.
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5bf54c3ac76c4ac12e6aa31bac1405b6323f6dd7e2eb0aeee587015f99c16bb0.jpg (u)
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260e282ed0a2a639e28fbcdc831654c74e8ba1b3b431a33a83f5ada97527f0c1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (147.6KB, 1280x1024)
fgsfds.jpg (u)
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Why do you have two CD drives? I've never seen a DVD-ROM drive with phono out, so is one of them one of those meme drives that can read GD-ROMs or something?
Replies: >>83508 >>83556
i took a drive out of another one of my old machines because i was ripping a bunch of CDs for my mom and all i had were old IDE drives. it was still faster to use 2 IDEs over 1 SATA in my main rig. About 100 discs later and now I'm organizing them in Picard. It also helps with installing off multi-CD games, once its done accessing the first drive you can replace the disc with the next one while its reading from the other drive.
Back in the day I built a few machines with 2+ drives for bulk work of various sorts.

I miss xfire.
I like it

707834f25a4c23c8186c279a56ceaa09ae5ec68230e23969932d040e71fceda3.mp4 (u)
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4523acd74eb1916e6226a79f939251dce985728cc11e6627e81ae294803ac821.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (8.5MB, 640x368, 01:42)
Just remember I used to play this tank game a lot though I didn't get that far due to the game difficulty, these guys sure did make some good games. Post your favorite games back then that do not appear at all in conversation these days. Nostalgia thread? Hidden gem thread?
Another one is colossatron. It's mobile shit only but one of the few that I enjoyed. I remember beating this game without paying anything. You play as giant mech dragon worm destroying cities. Ironic that my favorite mobile shit game is now deleted from the play store. I'm replaying the game as I'm typing this and it still holds up.
Replies: >>83599
Huh now that I think about it colossatron is not that old, so I guess this should be a hidden gem thread instead. But the first one is pretty old.
e719962156694d926befd0068d54ddfdd4ce0c5874237acfa09c35278b1cf86e.png (u)
[Hide] (504.1KB, 502x708)
I've been thinking about replaying Sims 1 recently even though I know I'll spend more time downloading than playing. 
It's probably the first game I ever got for myself, and for a while it was the only game I had. Fucking around with the magic DLC was fun, even though I had no idea what I was doing. 
I never got into the other sims games though, I guess the skeleton maid is what made it good.
>>83584 (OP) 
I would love to play lotr battle fir middle earth on my computer, but I can't open it after I've installed patches it doesn't work, any help?

press_c_to_crouch.jpg (u)
[Hide] (32.9KB, 450x600)
Come on have some fun once in a while
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Then put more thought to it.
loss.gif (u)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 300x225)
>There is quite literally no reason this thread shouldn't be on /b/
Why? So the herdniggers can spam in it instead?
Replies: >>83629
Ignore the painfully poorly veiled Seagull, he’s pretending to be a normal anon again
Not_this_one_you_idiot.jpg (u)
[Hide] (62KB, 640x432)
Replies: >>83635
Not_this_one_dumbass.gif (u)
[Hide] (307.9KB, 480x270)

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