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I'm displeased with how the gamedevs consistently fail to model these weapons.

Any tactical shooter where you switch your SMG to semiauto for short range fails at SMG's: the whole point of SMG's is controllability in full auto.

Any tactical shooter where you PREFER your SMG over a shotgun for room clearing fails at shotguns: the whole point of shotguns is massive damage (=one shot kill) with minimal aiming (=at short range).
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Not much. From the cop footage I saw, these days burger police will just grab a short barrel AR.
Isn't it because the P90 supposedly mimics the armor penetration of rifle rounds even though it uses smaller cartridges? (By using a higher bullet velocity.)
>each round is weak
Thats why you increase fire rate, a 22 has low enoigh power that even 1000rpm is easily manageable. 
There are multiple 22 rifles that use large capacity stack magazines, it's not the 1960s anymore
>Grenade Chucker
Ooga Booga
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What is this?
>Xonotic is an addictive arena-style first person shooter with crisp movement and a wide array of weapons.
>Its gameplay is inspired by Unreal Tournament and Quake, but with various unique elements.

Join the server, its IP address is:

Next weekend, starting Friday at 7:00 PM (UTC).
Or whenever (You) want, just post ITT for anons to join.

Download and install version 0.8.6:
Windows: https://dl.xonotic.org/xonotic-0.8.6.zip or any other mirrors at https://xonotic.org/download/
Other systems: it may be available as a package in your system. If not, use the same download as Windows.
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>15 on a monday
What? Does no one have work today?
Replies: >>212930 >>212931
>too dumb to figure out a way to get on welfare or earn passive income from some kind of scam/fraud in post-obama america
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The server's empty
Replies: >>212932
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That reaction old pic got me. I have no idea why.

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New Fallout 4 mod by American Krogan
Grounded Commonwealth
Public beta 
>Grounded Commonwealth is a Fallout 4 modification that overhauls hundreds of NPCs and alters thousands of records so that the experience now aligns more with what you would expect from a caricatured America that never moved on from its 1950s Atomic Age culture. No more sassy girl boss raiders. No more diverse demographics. No more modern political posturing. Dozens of main characters have been reworked and revoiced, and the dialogue of several quests has been adjusted.

Took over a year to complete. He uploads the releases to telegram. I downloaded it and reuploaded it to pomf2 and 1fichier
GC Public Beta 1.11.7z

Main Menu Replacer.7z

Other banned mods
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amo cupido beastarum
Replies: >>212966
Do you mean beastiarum?
Replies: >>212969
yes but no, supposed to be accusative not genitive ie. beastias
Since I have no talent or skill at modding and this thread has been de facto dedicated to Fallout modding so far, I have some dream mods I've wanted the thoughts of others on for a while:
>The Oasis of Vault 22
A port and rewrite of Oasis from Fallout 3 as being above Vault 22 with Harold's heart contained within it. Keeney would have received Harold's permission to enter the Vault because of her being a ghoul from Gecko. Her companions Koch and Bohr would be restored as well. Harold's progression into a tree in such a short time from New Vegas would be explained by him being infected by spore carriers after Bob had reached a point of hobbling him. After waking up from his attack, he would have turned into a tree and integrated with the vault, reminiscent of the Master. Having heard the dangers of Vault 22 from Keely and wishing to die. The Treeminders would still exist, but the hallucinogen from Bob would be because of the influence of Vault 22 seeping into his sap in a diluted form, something Harold could purify if he consciously allowed Bob to spread through the Wasteland. The rest of There Stands The Grass would play out the same, but the ultimate fate of Oasis would be dependent on whether you gave Vault 22's data to the OSI and whether you allowed Bob to spread. If you gave Vault 22's data to the OSI and didn't allow Bob to spread, OSI scientists come to examine him and test on the Treeminders. If you gave Vault 22's data to the OSI a
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Step 0. Resource Acquisition
Go here to get Anki, a flash card program:

Here are some suggested decks:
Core2k/6k: https://mega.nz/#!QIQywAAZ!g6wRM6KvDVmLxq7X5xLrvaw7HZGyYULUkT_YDtQdgfU
KanjiDamage: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/748570187
Kana: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1632090287
Tae Kim's grammar: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/242060646

Other Resources
RealKana: http://realkana.com/
(alternate version) https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/learn/kana.html
Click the column of characters you want to study and type the corresponding romaji into the box as they appear
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You spelled grammer wrong, retard
If you're following one of the immersion guides, probably not. You're supposed to skim through your grammar guide fairly briefly to expose yourself to the types of grammar that are possible. This isn't doable when the guide is in video format. You acquire grammar through immersion. There's also the fact that whether Cure Dolly is any good is doubtful according to some anons.
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Spoiler File
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Finally I got out of that fucking village, yay.
Also found infodumping lvl 99.
This レザム guy is weird, I'll try to parse what he's saying tomorrow. Do I need to look into dialects?
Also, do we have an oppai loli sister?
Replies: >>213474
>Also, do we have an oppai loli sister?
I never considered that before but it is now canon.
Also new thread

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>2025, Starfield flops. Bethesda goes broke.
>2026, Nintendo's new console flops and fails to follow the Switch's success. Nintendo exits the console market.
>2033, Sony loses COD and therefore its western audience. Their California HQ close and returns to glorious Nippon to develop the PSP 3 with MH Ultimate 5 and Ape Escape 4: Loli Panties Edition. Big in Japan, niche in the rest of the world. Bloodborne and Gravity Rush PC port.
>2033, EA and Ubisoft go broke.
>2035, Xbox and Sega form an alliance and make Dreamcast X. Full-Compatibility with the OG Xbox, Dreamcast and Saturn library. Cheap alternative for the family, all games also on PC for the hardcore audience.
>2036, Gabe Newell dies. New CEO allows loli eroge on Steam.
Of course, nothing of this will happen and games will continue to be terrible
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>Cloud gaming will continue to be a fundamental failure on every level.
That's not a prediction, the physics of the whole endeavor were impossible from the beginning. You'd need actual FTL communications for it not to be shit. 
>GOG will stop pretending and activate the hidden Galaxy DRM hooks in their "legacy" "backup" game installers.
How would that even work when you can just install them offline? Computers don't just magically communicate over the aether winds.
Replies: >>211993
>Nintendo releases the Drone, the official Switch successor and a soyphone rehash of Sony's Xperia play phones. Nintendo ends up controlling half the US smartphone market within a year.
>Sony Computer Entertainment seperates itself from Sony and becomes independent, renames itself as SoCial Entertainment.
>SCE releases the Pisstation Satan, a Streaming-based "console" with Beniszuelan latency and subscription-based USB ports. It predictably fails, never seeing a Japanese release.
>Nearing bankruptcy following a failed merger with Disney and evaporating Hedgefund support in the wake of the second NFT crash, Square Enix buys the practically bankrupt SCE for 0.05 BTC
>Nintendo releases the Blue Shell addon which turns the Drone into an actual drone. It quickly becomes a favorite among Ukrainian infantry.
>Amazon buys EA, nobody cares.
>Soy Eunuchs goes insolvent, Enix is made indepent while Squaresoft is eaten by Yidsney. Unsold PS6 units are buried in a Detroit landfill.
<Nintendo enters into a close relationship with Lockheeb-Martin and begins to use its supply chain to manufacture military parts following desperate requests from Hohol President Jewlensky for moar items.
>The Legend of Zelda movie launches in theaters feat. nigger Link, Chink Zelda, abbo Zoras, Mexican Gorons, jewish Kokiri, Ganondup and germanic Gerudo bellydancers.
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>>209596 (OP) 
My prediction is home consoles die. your choices are:
>subsidized x86_64 PCs that run all desktop OSs and software you've been using so far, with a separate extra locked down OS on the side for vidya with exclusives. this essentially supplants desktop computers for the average consumerist cattle
>portable, or hybrid home/portable consoles. there will always be demand for compact, easy to carry hardware
Technology won't advance much for a long while. This why some mid tier PCs from the last decade last that long. Home consoles may disapper since Steamdeck and Switch have made them obsolete. The handheld is gone already. 

Not at all since there are ton of  installers floating around.
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>>209596 (OP) 
All AAA gaming studio die and the vidyagaming market consist of indies and medium sized studios only.

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A thread to post and discuss your favorite soundtracks in videogames.
What have you been listening to lately?
I've been listening to 3D Sonic games OST. Crush 40 gives all of these games a pretty good soundtrack. It's usually what I end up remembering when playing sonic games.
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No super hitler, that was ffshrine. Was anyone able to download shit from there? When I tried anything I would have wanted was either hosted someplace dead like megaupload or taken down by mediafire ages ago.
Replies: >>212891
I don't remember paying much attention to these music sharing websites so I didn't. Are you talking about the forums or the upfront page? Didn't it have a similar restriction to KHI in that you were mandated to download albums file by file?
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[Hide] (1.4MB, 354x352, 02:03)
Replies: >>213168
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Here's the gist of things. We're going to make a yu-gi-oh deck however the caveat is that it has to be a deck that would appear in the original duel monsters anime.  In other words it has to be complete ass. preferably no monsters that are apart of an archetypes to make things a bit more interesting
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Technically yes but only because yugioh is so bad nowadays
Replies: >>213210
Real niggamons play Digimon.
Replies: >>213213
Simulator when?
Replies: >>213246
I think there's one for TTS
My vote for most cancer card was probably
>Maxx "C"
>any runick card
>Spright Elf

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Because you can't play videogames without hardware, post in this thread to find ill advice on how to build your very own personal computer, you can build your own computer, anon? You are not a retarded nigger, right?
Also ddr4 ram is fucking shit, like holy shit look at those prices, fill up your computer up, she will be grateful!
Framework Laptop 16 pre-orders are now open
The framework laptop 13 should had been beta tested by normalfags by now, so it is a great laptop for portability, if you want the 16 you should wait for the beta testing to end first.

Archive of the last threads.

Useful links
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I might also learn local language models & 3 times the performance for 600$-- if the seller agrees-- is enticing
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Hey, I just wanted to ask are there any good sound bars for PCs? I am looking to upgrade from my Creative Peeble speakers but so far everything seems either a downgrade or a stupid overkill(I have no use for a TV soundbar when I am sitting right at the computer).
Replies: >>213445 >>213625
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I've had these Logitech X-540's for about 15 years and they are great but I'm not sure if you can get them anywhere anymore.

If you are looking specifically for a "sound bar" then you are only going to find a downgrade since those are cheap things for retards.
Replies: >>213625
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somebody make a new fucking thread!!!!!!!!!!!
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There is no such thing as PC, gaming, TV, theater, etc. speakers. There are only speakers, and their performance is all measured on the same scale.
A type of speaker designed to attach to the bottom of a flat panel TV or monitor. One small enough for a PC monitor is unlikely to outperform your current speakers.

The smallest meaningful upgrade would be a set of (probably self-powered) "bookshelf speakers", like picrel, which have tweet/mid and bass separate, instead of stacking all the cones into a single coaxial driver like yours.

If you have the space, getting speakers with bigger enclosures would help greatly and cost about the same.

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I've been thinking about buying a Taiko no Tatsujin drum for my PS2.
However, I'm not sure if lag would make it unplayable through an LCD TV. I've also heard that the PS2 kits usually end up having a hard time registering hits after too much use. 
Does any of you have any experience with this?
Also rhythm games general I guess. New Guitar Hero never ever.
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Project Diva is garbage
Replies: >>212942
As far as 'pure' rhythm games go for the garbage that's out there it's not even that bad, especially when most people's standard is fucking osu. Actual trash in the same vein is more along the line of the Gumi rhythm game for the PSP. Now that's garbage.
Replies: >>213017
I second this.
Replies: >>213017
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I see you too are a man of culture.
How did I not know about this? I might have to play it even though it sucks.
If you count mods and fangames, I remember there being some really awful Friday Night Funkin' charts.  There's a decent example around 15:00 in this video: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=tXGYrxUnl_w

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Let's have a thread dedicated to talking ALL about the great games that the PS3 had.
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I remember how the Western cover got censored with a poor photoshop job.
That was awful.
>What are the recommended specs for a superior Linux user?
I think specs are the same across the board. I was emulating Ken's Rage and Armored Core 4A between 30-60 fps with a 6700K and RX 5700 combo. I have no interest in TLoU, so I can't comment anything from experience. If there've been optimizations for a game based on popularity, that has a huge impact. since PSN games like Rain I've gotten solid 60 fps since they are basically PS2 games.
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I've played both Infamous and Prototype, very different gameplay between the two games, both good though.
Piracy works on superslim too, that's what I have. You just have to launch the exploit shortcut every time you boot up which takes a second.
The PS3 truly had some of the worst western exclusives in hindsight.

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