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What a nice board!
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Gamemode for Garry's Mod that pits a group of traitors against innocents. Innocents don't know who's who, but traitors do. The traitors' goal is to kill all the innocents, while the innocent's goal is to stay alive and kill the traitors. Traitors receive credits for killing innocents, which can be used to buy special weapons and other murderous gadgets. Innocents also have a couple of detectives looking out for them that can also buy items to help or defend themselves, as well as gather clues as to who the traitors might be.
Gamenight officially starts Friday, March 26, CY + 6 at 7:00 PM EST, however I will leave the server up as long as I can to playtest beforehand.
>Download this: https://www.mediafire.com/file/dotwejb5xl1kvhn/client.7z/file
Archive password: thefatjew
>Extract the archive to a directory of your choice
>Change your name in SmartSteamEmu.ini (search for PersonaName) and your avatar in SmartSteamEmu/common/avatar.png (avatar must be named avatar.png and must be PNG format, preferably equal width and length). Those that don't change their names beforehand will be bullied (you'll see why).
>Run SmartSteamLoader_x64.exe to launch the gaym (or SmartSteamLoader.exe if you're one of the two people on the planet with a 32-bit OS)
>Change your in-game settings to your preferences
>Open console and type:
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h-h-host your own game, then!!!
Package is ready, same password as other archives. Get it while it's hot.
Replies: >>44951
Anon who never played Gmod here. The requirement for the base game seems low enough, but what about the modded clients linked here?
At least I'd like to know if I can run >>44875. I'm running a 10-year old grease-cooled toaster by the way.
Replies: >>44958 >>44962
If you can run HL2, you can probably run gmod.
You'll be able to run it.
>t. also toaster

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[Hide] (85.3KB, 632x857)
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[Hide] (40.8KB, 311x224)
What's is the first videogame you ever played?
Any austismo story?
The first videogame I played must have been Castlevania or SMB. The first console I owned however was a genesis with Sonic 1 and 2. I loved the shit outta them. Along with the cartoon at the time those were fun times. I also got EJ and Ghoul's and Ghosts later on. I only ever beat sonic 2 and EJ. It took me a fucking while too. How many videogames did you beat as a kid, anon? I was too retarded to beat most games I rented. I enjoy them regardless though. Then mid-90s was the shit. I got a playstation with Crash 3 and Tenchu: Stealth Assassins. As you know crash 3 had the demo of Spyro and I would finish that demo over and over. Me and my friendos would make fun of the faggots who got a N64 instead. I also remember those pizza hut demo discs at one point. I too remember a friend getting RE and being the scariest game ever. 
Did you ever jerk off to vidya? I jerked it to cammy. cool shit.
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Epilogue was we got caught.
I even got chided for it. Older girl probably got it worse.
>Ever since that day no64
>Nor scary titty friend to play with
My guess is she was kicked out of the home. So there's at least two other people that can confirm.
>shutting myself in and playing games until now
Wew. I hope others didn't steal from you too. That was the straw that broke me.
>>44104 (OP) 
Crashing into fences a lot in the original SSX.
>>44104 (OP) 
I played some console game where you could take control of people. When you got hit, you lost clothes, so I always chose a woman. I really don't remember the game so I was hoping some anon knows what I'm talking about.
Replies: >>44858
I hated turn-based rpgs back then (still not my favorite genre) but somehow I loved Pokemon. I played the shit out of Red, Yellow and later Crystal. Something about pokemon that appeals even to people who don't like rpgs. Same with Persona.
What console was this?
>>44104 (OP) 
First video game I played was PK: Out of the Shadows, and I could never get out of the first level, so I went on my dad's file and would just fight the final boss.
I did the same thing to Ocarina of Time, MK Deception, and Shadow of the Colossus, until I got a bit older and then I was actually able to play and beat those games.
I only beat off the the God of War PSP game's nudie scene, gave me an aural fetish.

[Hide] (161.4KB, 468x474)
Games that were left in the past millennium to never come back. Franchises that will forever keep being ignored by those who own them. Probably for the best. Any that you fondly remember that you would like to see come back if this industry wasn't so right down in the shitter.
I personally would like to see a new Ristar game. Back then platformers were so different from one another. 3D don't have that quality and I always thought Ristar could be the exception utilizing his arms for platforming. Rocket Knight Adventures is another I would like to see made something new of.
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Take your pronouns, ironic or not, and go.
Replies: >>43783
it's not ironic it's a story he gets gayer and gayer then he's a girl are you daft
Replies: >>43784
Just go.
Replies: >>43785
no fuck you you don't control shitposts kill yourself
[Hide] (267KB, 500x540)
Reflect projectile, collect health, continue until you're full, Zero-Teleport boss, rinse and repeat.
It's hard as shit but fun.

[Hide] (200.5KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (207.8KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (205.7KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (216KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (216.3KB, 1280x720)
I started playing the new game in the series and it's pretty good so far. They adopted some good ideas from Stardew Valley like skills corresponding to various activities, a bulletin board for helping the townspeople for a reward/friendship boost, and a more involved fishing minigame. I'm not sure who I want to marry yet though, the only one I rule out so far is Bridget and maybe Linh since she's kinda boring.

The English version apparently comes out on the 23rd for you EOPs, anyone getting it? What's your favorite game in the series?
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Replies: >>43346 + 4 earlier
>>42016 (OP) 
Whenever I play these games, I always focus on my farm and don't bother to talk to most of the NPCs or pick up a wife. Is there any benefit to marrying?
Replies: >>43350
suka blyat
If you don't talk to the NPCs you don't see their various events, and if you don't get married then you can't have a kid, which is fine I guess if you just want to play a pure farming sim instead of a town life/dating sim. Also some games lock useful items behind friendship, like in one game you have to befriend the only lady to get her to upgrade your backpack.
Replies: >>43351
(28.7KB, 222x218)
>only lady
I mean old lady.
[Hide] (241.1KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (246.7KB, 1280x720)
>hand holding
I thought this game was for kids.

[Hide] (988.7KB, 1240x1614)
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>>44444 (OP) 
Them's are some tasty digits and thank goodness it didn't go to a pajeet like >>>/b/20000 did.
>look mom i spammed ten gorillion posts to get the number up
grab the get properly or fuck off
>>44444 (OP) 
This is why /sp/ is superior
>allowing bots on your site
shit get, no sportmanship

[Hide] (97.3KB, 1920x1080)
I have never played a game that made me enjoy getting close to secrets and unlocking optional but better powerups. (except for Super Metroid). Do you guys play it or is it reddit? Honestly, it has some tumblr-ish type brush to it but it's still great with how massive the map is.
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>>42369 (OP) 
I like it, despite hating bugs. And that's pretty big thing.
I still remember how aggravating the Dream zone of the King was. One of the most infuriating and difficult parts of a game I've ever overcome.
>>42369 (OP) 
I'd tell you what type of art it is but I'd get my comment pruned again for bringing up the z meme and it looking like a smooth swf game (aka android freeware game). If you see. 

People do say it's fun though regardless of my not liking how it looks. Gameplay is the important thing. I used to get hate for liking Golden Sun because 'they look like claymation or something XD" waaay back in the day so that'd be the same thing. Then again I still get shit for liking Golden Sun. I may as well call you a zoomer in that case for the sake of principle. Or rather, it has zoomer graphics. Looks goo while being low effort. "Upgrade" tier a game even if it is fun. Ovelry smooth and over basic.

I remember when I wanted one of those. I was poor and never got one, but I do remember when I wanted one of those.
Replies: >>44241
Well, the parts I remember the most are Hell(which used to have a logo that was clearly EAs but that was changed at some point) which is a series of combat, platforming and whatever else challenges and that was really fun. It also had the yule tree which was the ultimate platforming challenge, and that's really fun. Otherwise it felt unremarkable outside of the occasionally shitty outdated meme.
2 I'd like to say is worse mainly because it doubles down on the LOL EPIC CHICKEN FORM meme and has a lot more platforming/combat challenges with it, even if it controls a lot more slippery and worse than the human lucha.
Nice blogpost, fag.
Replies: >>44414
use your words

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[Hide] (307.8KB, 1280x720)
Democracy is failing and society collapsing so from now on i will decide what is going to be played, not without an explanation of course, this time we will be playing...
Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown
>Why play this fairly unknown game?
Because some of you showed interest in playing old school blobbers, and to be honest i wanted to start with Might and Magic IV too, but i can't trust you to play a game where you HAVE to read the manual to understand it's controls (i also noticed a LOT of anon's are barely of legal age, so a DOS game to start will blow your feeble minds) when you couldn't even finish a fairly easy and short JRPG.

Legend of Amberland is a really good introduction to the genre,it's controls are simple (so much that you really don't need a manual), you don't need emulation and it's stats are easy to understand. If it goes well next time we'll be playing something more complex.
Download link: zippyshare /v/NKs94ffn/file.html
I'll be posting my own party progress so the thread isn't forgotten in the fairly slow catalog. Limit date will be  International Workers' Day (May first).
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That is Heroes of Might and Magic, the strategy game spinoff.
Replies: >>43732
I don't know if I forgot or never knew it was a spinoff
in either case, I am a fat retard.
[Hide] (137.6KB, 640x757)
[Hide] (101.8KB, 496x440)
[Hide] (118.5KB, 854x480)
It looks like no one is happy with how OP has handled this month so I'm doing a new poll; 3 games are already on the poll, feel free add your own of course.
Multiple Votes are enabled, pick all the games you'd be okay with playing
I am entrusting you with the maturity to not abuse this which I am aware is a mistake, but let's try it anyways.
Starting Games
Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven (1998)
Orcs & Elves (2007)
Wizardry VI: Bane of the Cosmic Forge (1990)
Adding New Games
If you're going to add a new game to the poal please do, make a post in the thread with it's cover art, a pitch for why others should pick it and a DDL link or torrent hash. If you're going with a torrent, make sure it's active and seed it. Include the manual in either the post or with the installer.
I'm not going to be precious about what qualifies as RPG enough for this, be sensible. Though if you want to pitch F.E.A.R. or whatever and that wins the voat, then this might be more of a Game of the Month club.
Not pitching those first 2 games because they're lifted from the first 2 posts of the thread. I'd ask those anons to pitch them instead. That said
Wizardry VI: Bane of the Cosmic Forge
Blobber, very focused on dungeon crawling. From reviews I've read looks to be hardcore in that regard. The goal of the game is wander around the castle you've been trapped in defeating monster and investigating the ruins to find what the dead King and his Sorcerer where investigating when they perished 100 years ago. Class and Race combinations allow depth in character creation, skills increase both through points on level up and through use. Some skill checks require minigames, like a QTE for lock picking and what looks like Jeopardy for disarming trapped chest. The Strength check may be tied to frame rate and not work if the frames aren't limited. Options for recovery of health and spells are limited, and may require save scumming to get through especially for beginner blobbers. If you can read moonrunes, the Saturn version was JAP only but looks much nicer. No other version differences I am aware of.
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>43855
>This month no new thread will be posted on the first, we'll just use this one until May 1st as to not clog the catalog
I think this thread is already dead due to the title implying the game has already been decided.
Replies: >>44015
You're right, I'll post a new one on April 1st called "Month #2 Redux" or something
speaking of, it's sleepy's first april fools day. Here's hoping the fish does something.

[Hide] (449.6KB, 1280x1806)
[Hide] (11.3MB, 1280x720, 01:00)
[Hide] (246.3KB, 800x1138)
So a new Evil Dead videogame was announced recently. It looks alright and it seems it takes from both the movies and the TV show. Which reminded me there's already an Evil Dead game. Evil Dead: Regeneration. I haven't played it yet. Is it any good? If so, should I play it on PC or PS2?
I'm also thinking of playing Two Towers and Return of the King on PS2.
What are some of your favorite licensed videogames? Is there any property you would like to see a game based off?
I would like to see a new Pepsiman game.
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It looks fun, but I wonder if it will require six gorillion gigs of HDD space and RAM to run.
[Hide] (50.9KB, 482x604)
April honestly looks less off than I expected. She's got a bit of the pug nose going on but the ass is still fat and the tits are still good, when the current year April is literally a nigger staying faithful to the original is a pleasant surprise.
If anything looks weird it's the in-game sprites. They remind me of those pixelshit flash games from Nitrome I used to play in college.
>Anon, this is an Italian board
So everyone here but myself is a nigger?

I remember playing Peter Jackson's King Kong on my PlayStation 2 and Wii and it was pretty ok as far as my memory can remember. Like the other anons said its gun section is good, while playing as kong was a boring and just mashing buttons to rip the tongues out of the T-rexes and protect da white woman. I recommend it, but don't expect a master piece or anything , it's just personal fun.

Looks meh imo, when it comes out I'll give it a try with a pirate first, but if I see a single tranny or lgbp flag then I'm avoiding this like the plague.
Replies: >>43919
I don't think anyone except (You) is advocating actually buying a video game, and one from Niggerlodeon at that. Of course it's gonna be a day 1 pirate at best. Just hope someone figures out how to hack the online mode so piratefags can play each other.
Replies: >>43943
>I don't think anyone except (You) is advocating actually buying a video game
The thing here is that I wasn't advocating for or agaisnt pirating games. I don't mind buying games that deserve the money worth, so (You) can have your (You) back.

[Hide] (264.6KB, 800x1132)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1019x1316)

That's right, it's a mosaic thread - been a while, hasn't it? Still remember how they work?

>I'm a newfag, how does this work?
We start with a video game cover cut up into tiles. Each tile will have a number and letter. The job here is (ideally) for a different anon to design each tile. You claim which tile you want (e.g. A1, C3, B5) then you save the corresponding tile, design it, then post it back in the thread.

I'll start with the original cover and the template, then I'll dump the tiles. We've also got sister mosaic threads with different covers on /geimu/ and 8moe/v/. Participate in those as well if you have the time, ideas, and will to do so!
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Really good.
Needs some finishing touch in the bottom row though. Bottom left and right don't connect properly.
(23.2KB, 220x220)
>I missed participating
Replies: >>40928 >>40967
should've stuck around faggot
You can still participate in the one on Geimu
[Hide] (123.6KB, 600x766)
Can we do this one next? It hasn't been done before, right?

[Hide] (232.5KB, 1000x555)
[Hide] (6.3MB, 1280x720, 00:19)
I personally can't wait to see what else he spilled the beans on in his TWO FUCKING HOUR interview to those cunts and all over 100 freedombucks and a macdonald's menu.
Don't shy away from this.
You defended this.
You asked for this.
You wanted this.

Hey birdfaggot and pastanigger.
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Replies: >>43733 + 7 earlier
[Hide] (686KB, 1280x664)
What do you expect from a man who unironically believes his delusions.
[Hide] (128KB, 237x218)
Why do you cling so desperately to e-relevance Mark. Stop making these threads nobody fucking cares, we have nothing to do with your fat ass anymore.
They are taking over the site, more and more.
Replies: >>43754
>>43601 (OP) 
You seem perturbed. It was literally nothing and 8channel of all places got namedropped. The nu/cows/ are a sad starving lot.
t. Hanging Flesh (a.k.a niggerpill, a.k.a the CP spammer from Julay's /cowtards) and his fallacy.

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