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What is allowed on this board? What is its purpose?

On this board you can discuss and request or give advice regarding the Hikikomori  lifestyle anxieties and social or mental issues arising from these conditions of living  and also post general hikikomori discussion If you're content with being a hikikomori  that's ok, and you won't get in trouble for saying so.

Make Sure to read the rules before posting.


The term Hikikomori ひきこもり or 引きこもり is a Japanese word that when translated into English it means  “pulling inward, being confined”,acute social withdrawal “)  in context of a person the term refers to a shut-in who stays home and does not leave their room for very long periods  usually   for about 6 months or more.


Hikikomori is a social condition in which the affected individual isolates themselves away from society at home in their parents house in their room for a period exceeding six months  . The Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare of Japan defines hikikomori as a condition in which the affected individuals refuse to leave their parents' house, and isolate themselves away from society and their family in their bedrooms  for a period exceeding six months but is not directly caused by  a physical condition or other psychological   problem.


Most hikikomori are neets and are supported by their parents or get money from the government however if you work or take classes online at home while still not going outside you are still a hikikomori but not a neet and a neet isn’t necessarily a hikikomori nor vice versa. You could be a  hikikomori  neet. But if you are a neet that does spend a moderate amount of time outside your house you are still a  neet  but you are not a  hikikomori


Yes and no contrary to popular belief most hikikomori actually do go outside for example to buy food but are still completely isolated socially and spend nearly everyday or almost everyday at home in their rooms however some hikikomori live in extreme conditions and never leave the house at all.


NO   Going to your day job not socializing  while out at work/school going home and  staying in your room for the rest of the night is NOT AND DOES NOT MAKE YOU A    Hikikomori being a     hikikomori and a shy introverted person are not the same thing.

(Pretenders and normalfags will be banned).


Yes While initially a Japanese phenomenon, Hikikomori happens all around the world


No Hikikomori is its own unique condition that is caused by factors other than mental or physical conditions such as social and societal pressure and while most Hikikomori are mentally ill  mental illness is usually not the direct cause of the isolation hikikomori is a reaction to society's stress  that is not caused by mental or physical conditions.


The Hikikomori  Diagnosis

1.  Spending most of the day and nearly everyday  confined to home,
2. A marked and persistent avoidance of social situations, and social relationships,
3.  Social withdrawal symptoms causing significant functional impairment,
4. A duration of at least six months, and
5. No  apparent physical or mental etiology to account for the social withdrawal symptoms.

New comers and outsiders please take these into consideration thank you. if you're not a hikikomori you will be banned.
meta thread for discussing board rules and changes. feel free to post complaints about rules and changes you want to see to them.
If you want to make banners for the board feel free to post them here
What games have you been playing recently /hikki/? What's the game you have put the most hours into?
Share your daily routine anons 

I'm a little bit more productive these days and feeling good on the emotional and mental side, so I been waking up early in the morning and adjusting to my new plans for the remaining 6 months of this year.
>wake up at 5-7 am 
>use face cleanser and wash teeth, make a hot cup of green tea
>planning my food for the day as I been doing OMAD for half a month now, seeing as it's easier to manage the meal and get my daily needed calories and proteins, instead of having to eat 3+ times a day
>go online, lurk shitchan /fit/ and watch some YT videos of the people I'm subbed to
>watch a movie 
>5 PM. sit down to eat my daily meal
>7-8 PM. Meditate and do some relaxing techniques to chill down before heading to bed
>sleep at 9 PM max. 
I've been thinking about adding a one hour working-out plan to my routine but I'm still kind of lazy and ain't able to go through with it, but it's getting better or at least I'm hoping it gets better and I actually manage to add an exercise plan to my day. 
Also I live in a very negative environment inside my parents house and it's been drastically affecting my mental health far more than what isolation does to me and I'm really sick of it but I have no choice but try to relax as best as I can. Though it doesn't really work most of the time and I'm left with intense anger and anxiety that fucks up my whole routine for a good 5 days or so until I'm relaxed again and able to follow back with the routine I just wrote.
the last time i went outside was 3 years ago and anytime i go outside its so fucking annoying and i freeze when anyone talks to me and i feel like i have no consciousness when im outside.
well /hikki/, what is the best and worst incarnation of nhk? the light novel will always be better then both the anime and manga to me and the anime is worse then the manga.
I vaguely remember browsing it years ago, would any of you ever want to see it come back? Even if it isn't the original owner so long as there's a definite place to go to communicate with other hikis
Yesterday I saw my teacher from high-school. Back then, I would get excellent grades and she would always used to tell me that I am incredibly intelligent and that she sees me becoming very successful. She told me that she is very disappointed that, at 21, I am a NEET with no friends. I explained that society has nothing to offer me (went into a little detail about my reasons) and she said it's tragic we live in a world where people like myself just don't want to contribute. Anyone else had a similar experience where people had high expectatinos of you and you kind of let them down?
/hkgenneral/ - thread for general discussion here.

>in before this become the final new thread that is not a staff announcement.
Well based on the pinned text 
>caused by the lifestyle
I suppose i havent been very outgoing, as the kind of.. no, as people havent been reaching out to me, and i also expects a certain kind of people to reach out to me, or being a particular kind only then you are allowed to reach me,

And i also has a certain amount ptsd caused by my mounting unsuccessful life that now culminates into a particularly specific set of questions that clouds almost every single activity i need to do...

Well, what am i to discuss? I definitely in no position to give advice, and no amount of drugs or exposure seems to work either nor does anyone continues on giving me solutions to get over it.

It seems set on that i have to have the scores and idea i need
Lest i will not be ever settled down on myself.

If anything, the world needs really smart people that can solve just about anything, and i guess this means i am not at all needed in any means possible.
Just like the suicide thread in the previous board. Share any struggles you might have regarding suicide, any past failed attempts and/or why do you think suicide may be the answer to all this you're going through. 

I've been procrastinating/delaying my suicide plan for over 5 years now, partly because I'm scared of what comes after death as I cannot know for sure what will happen once I'm on the other side and this kind of scaring me and holding me back from killing myself. Maybe it's the survival instinct in the end? I attempted suicide for like 8 times in 3 years now and every-time I was saved by either a stranger or a family member and this didn't change my mindset or made me think less of it. The desire to eradicate this body, this existence is getting stronger day after day especially these days, but I'm still hesitating to actually go with it, as I still have somewhat of a brief feeling of hope that my ways might change in the future but then I rethink it and figure out that I'm in my early 20's now and still haven't done anything significant with my life, still trying to find a purpose, a motivation or maybe a dream to live for, meanwhile everyone my age around me is graduating college and passing through different phases with their lives, all while I'm still stuck in the no-purpose teenage-like kind of existentialism. It really gets very boring everyday and Idk what to do anymore.
what has your family's reaction been to you being a hikikomori? I've noticed my family almost stopped caring about my lifestyle entirely after I entered my late 20s.
Food has gotten exponentially more expensive lately and I've been in need of more things to make that don't break the bank. If you have any recommendations and recipes I would appreciate it.
How do i get mood again.
A continuation of the old thread on the old board. How far did you get before abandoning everything? 
I was never able to finish my first year of high school before dropping out until I was forced in my early 20s to going to night school to get a diploma before cutting off everything completely.
How to control watercolor like
And the realism of it
Tell me popular 6 digit career these days
is this the largest /hikki/-type board?
the filthy /pol/ bad goyem have figured out our 6 gorellion was a lie we must use our Kabbalah magic.
anyone know how to summon Misaki golem?
>you can go outside
<that's fair I guess...
>you don't even have to be neet
<gettin' retarded here....
>rule 1
So you're a self hating faggot?
>you can't bully but can troll
Are you retarded?
>no helping with suicide
Redditor much? Stopped reading.

t. a 10+ year long neet with no social life
>be me
>offer to take my dad to the store
>offer to mow the back yard
>accomplish both of these and pick up some booze-clues
>somehow caused a fight between my parents by doing this

Anyone else feel like when they do something helpful it's somehow always counter productive?

I just wanted an excuse to buy some drinks.

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