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Well based on the pinned text 
>caused by the lifestyle
I suppose i havent been very outgoing, as the kind of.. no, as people havent been reaching out to me, and i also expects a certain kind of people to reach out to me, or being a particular kind only then you are allowed to reach me,

And i also has a certain amount ptsd caused by my mounting unsuccessful life that now culminates into a particularly specific set of questions that clouds almost every single activity i need to do...

Well, what am i to discuss? I definitely in no position to give advice, and no amount of drugs or exposure seems to work either nor does anyone continues on giving me solutions to get over it.

It seems set on that i have to have the scores and idea i need
Lest i will not be ever settled down on myself.

If anything, the world needs really smart people that can solve just about anything, and i guess this means i am not at all needed in any means possible.
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Hopefully someday things will start to turn around, and there'll be programs with very patient people to help out people like us. And hopefully the governments of the world will be forced to keep a certain percentage of factory jobs, because I think jobs with no skills required and no social aspect would be helpful for neets.
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