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Just like the suicide thread in the previous board. Share any struggles you might have regarding suicide, any past failed attempts and/or why do you think suicide may be the answer to all this you're going through. 

I've been procrastinating/delaying my suicide plan for over 5 years now, partly because I'm scared of what comes after death as I cannot know for sure what will happen once I'm on the other side and this kind of scaring me and holding me back from killing myself. Maybe it's the survival instinct in the end? I attempted suicide for like 8 times in 3 years now and every-time I was saved by either a stranger or a family member and this didn't change my mindset or made me think less of it. The desire to eradicate this body, this existence is getting stronger day after day especially these days, but I'm still hesitating to actually go with it, as I still have somewhat of a brief feeling of hope that my ways might change in the future but then I rethink it and figure out that I'm in my early 20's now and still haven't done anything significant with my life, still trying to find a purpose, a motivation or maybe a dream to live for, meanwhile everyone my age around me is graduating college and passing through different phases with their lives, all while I'm still stuck in the no-purpose teenage-like kind of existentialism. It really gets very boring everyday and Idk what to do anymore.
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>>86 (OP) 
If you wanted to truly kill yourself, this thread would have never existed in the first place and you know it. Also no one truly knows what is on the other 'side' if there is any so fuck it do what you want,  end your life or not, doesn't matter in the end. I also don't think it does get better in a way, I am an ex-hikki and even after getting a job(LOL) it still sucks, workplace is high school 3.0, seriously what a fucking JOKE
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>any past failed attempts
I attempted to overdose on opioids a few years ago, I planned a day that I knew I would be the only person in the house. the day came and I did od However I was given Narcan in the back of an ambulance and warded. the only explanation I was ever given by my father for why he came home to check on me was because he felt like something was off. I haven't attempted since and I have completely lost interest in doing so after so many times I should have succeeded some freak occurrence got in my way.
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I had one failed attempt, I tried fucking suffocating myself like a retard I am, obviously didn't work
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>tried Suffocating myself
How? with a plastic bag? did you try hanging yourself?
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yes something similiar to a plastic bag, kinda like 47 does it in hitman or in manhunt
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>kinda like 47 does it in hitman or in manhunt
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forgot to attach a file
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I'm guessing the bag had a hole in it? that fucking sucks man. I wouldn't recommend suffocation as a way to go either.
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>wanting to be alive
do you know what board your on?
is the old folks home high school 4.0?
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the cemetery is just high school 5.0, normalfag life is high school till the end and beyond
>Being a shut-in and being suicidal aren't the same thing, nor need it be that they go hand in hand
you're not wrong, I just found it a little funny
>Simply because one refuses to reduce oneself to the level of slavish drone doesn't imply that they're so fed up with the very idea of living
you can say that However If you where In his position would you be saying the same thing?
 i have all i need to do it. i'm just waiting for a time where i'll be alone for a few hours and then yeah

good luck guys
living in a faggot left-wing country means I can't find guns to kill myself and our copes are all pussies, I tried five years ago suicide by copes, the faggots acted like pussies, one let me hit him several times and I knocked another one on the ground, they needed eight cops to hold me, they didn't even use teasers on me.

I guess my only option is jump from a high place.
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their are tons of other options
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The problem with you people is that you are often shameful about what's going on, shameful about what you are, and your choices, don't be. Don't do the systems bidding by further dehumanizing yourselves for them just because you decide to essentially live monk lifestyles even just for a while, and be different by just not exposing yourselves the confines of our occupied, openly hostile ZOG governments that in addition to white genocide demand everyone to commit to a life of literal slavery and consumerism and their legions of simple "normal"(wagie, renting, losers) who by the generations have been working for less and less pay have accepted this pathetic fate as their lives. 

You are called as a group all sorts of things because the same society permits it, while putting others in jail for criticizing them, they call you as a hostile class simply because you have opted out, you have to understand that it's a threat to them, if everyone opted out the current sick society would be destroyed, that would be a great thing but not for them. The reality is that you have nothing to be ashamed of, in a way you should be proud for not taking part of this cancer.

This society does not want to incorporate you or be accepting of you so you should be accepting, innovative of your circumstance and defiant together of the sick society that has subjected you to this circumstance and has triggered your natural human response to it. It's the shortcomings of this thoroughly sick, hostile, one-way street, intolerable, dehumanizing, society and the terrible quality people that it has created that have made most of you this way, not the other way around. 

So it's really no wonder why things are the way there are. And you should not hold yourself to such a high standard in it at all, this society right now in it's current state is not for anyone, not for you, not for the wagie. And there is nothing wrong with holding them accountable and blaming the people that have created these social conditions, as long as you take adequate responsibility for yourself or make equal efforts to.
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Good point. I am not like that anymore, though. I realized that society is awful and that normalfags are awful, and that society's standards are not only arbitrary, but harmful, and that what I want not only has nothing at all do to with what society wants, but is in actual conflict with it. Everything that society praises is stupid, inefficient, generally harmful, boring, and a lot of the time actually disgusting. Not only am I different from them, the environment that they created is hostile to my very existence.

I also realized that there is no reason to be ashamed of being who I am because there is nothing wrong with it, and I should be transparent and honest because if other normalfags don't like who I am stay away from me, that is nothing but beneficial. It can only make my life easier and better and only people that do like me will remain. Of course, this hasn't been used in practice because I am still a hikki, but one day it will, if I manage to recover and actually do what I know I want to do. The difficult part is that I still have to deal with society a little bit if I want to get away from it. The world's current situation is making that very difficult, especially when I can see the shady and evil things that are going on, and refuse to go along with them.

Anyway, my goal is not to join society, because I know that it will never work, and that it's evil. Its goal is clearly enslavement, and I can see right through it. My goal is to get away from it, and to be independent from it. After years of isolation, I realized why I was never able to adapt and to fit in, what makes me different, how I have been wronged and how cancerous society actually is, and realized what I want and should do. Also what I have to do, because I can see how authoritarian the world has become, and can see that it will probably become much worse.

Oh, and the Unabomber was definitely correct about most of what he said. Technology can be very positive, but corporations and central authorities tend to always corrupt it. I grew up online, and in a way, the internet is my homeland. There was never a place or culture for me in the real world, but I had that online. Over time, I watched its corruption and destruction, and it was taken away from me. It was destroyed by reality, and then used to destroy reality itself. Now I have nothing and even the real world seems less hopeless than the internet. I wish I could at least have access to some of the nicer people that I talked to online in real life. That seems unlikely, but maybe it will occur as the world forces many of us to run away from society, and particularly from the oppression and chaos of urban life. I don't care about money, but in a way I wish I could care so I could use it to help people out. But that would require some compatibility with society, and I do not have that. Maybe at least some greed would help, but I don't have that either.

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