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What is allowed on this board? What is its purpose?

On this board you can discuss and request or give advice regarding the Hikikomori  lifestyle anxieties and social or mental issues arising from these conditions of living  and also post general hikikomori discussion If you're content with being a hikikomori  that's ok, and you won't get in trouble for saying so.

Make Sure to read the rules before posting.



The term Hikikomori ひきこもり or 引きこもり is a Japanese word that when translated into English it means  “pulling inward, being confined”,acute social withdrawal “)  in context of a person the term refers to a shut-in who stays home and does not leave their room for very long periods  usually   for about 6 months or more.


Hikikomori is a social condition in which the affected individual isolates themselves away from society at home in their parents house in their room for a period exceeding six months  . The Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare of Japan defines hikikomori as a condition in which the affected individuals refuse to leave their parents' house, and isolate themselves away from society and their family in their bedrooms  for a period exceeding six months but is not directly caused by  a physical condition or other psychological   problem.
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meta thread for discussing board rules and changes. feel free to post complaints about rules and changes you want to see to them.
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>Also it was just 4k image, webm doesn't support lossless audio codecs.
Didn't know that thanks
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I'm honestly impressed how low I managed to get filesize to be, god bless modern codecs.
I noticed you deleted my post about shut-ins not necessarily being suicidal. I'm not sure why you did that, but I am sure you're a huge faggot. What a shame.
Replies: >>278 >>280
I did not. I haven't deleted any post since July 10 and I wouldn't have any reason to delete your posts since they didn't break any rule.
Replies: >>280
oh you where the same anon who made the tranime post, I accidently deleted all posts by your ip.

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If you want to make banners for the board feel free to post them here
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/hikki/ submission
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what has your family's reaction been to you being a hikikomori? I've noticed my family almost stopped caring about my lifestyle entirely after I entered my late 20s.
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Sounds like something out of a comic strip lol hang in there
Sometimes on learning motivation, you just have to do it even if you despise that part of it, even if its retarded just do it anyway to complete your objective  , you get a routine and then you just start doing it out of spite until you learned, literally just push through. I call it the fuck reflex.
Replies: >>293
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>I had to learn some of that in college briefly, before dropping out. Teachers know how to make even really basic things seem complicated, so doing it on your own is the way to go even in school, I guess. I only really put effort into learning things that I want to use, and I still have no idea what it's used for (math teachers never know, so most math is taught out of context, and that also makes things unnecessarily more difficult), so I never had a reason to go back to it.
Even then its fucking useless, a mathematician could write software that could do everything a person can do and with more accuracy. What made me realize stem was a Gay club and a scam was how up their own ass they are about being a career student and achieving nothing of value. They go to high school part 2 for a decade and the only thing of merit they ever accomplish is usually something of no value and they end up a neet living with their parents with mountains of debt they will never be able to pay. 
>I like reading, but I don't really like reading scans of actual books on a screen that much anymore. It's kinda awkward and it doesn't get me away from the computer. It's also less spontaneous because I have to open the file and it's easier to forget about it. I miss just having a physical book on my table and picking it up and reading it. 
I had this same problem as 
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Reminds me of episode 8 of NHK ni Youkoso. Except worse and without Misaki. Also, I exclusively use laptops now precisely because the power here can't be trusted and I don't have an uninterruptible power supply. Other than mobility (flying with a desktop doesn't seem great, and I will probably have to do so if I want to bunker up in the middle of nowhere). I also don't have a GPU anyway, and my best desktop has really bad integrated graphics.

>science denier
Fuck, there we go again. I wish I could never have to deal with anyone that watches TV ever again. Meanwhile actual scientists and doctors are being ignored and censored while people's blood vessels are getting permanently damaged. More like a TV/government denier. Or just a reasonable human being that questions things, particularly when told by known liars.

Yeah, I already do that with exercise. Not that I do it exceptionally well considering my lack of energy and motivation. Eventually I will have another burst of motivation and take advantage of it, or at least I hope I do. For now, I want to get my computer situation in order first. Procrastinating a lot, though.

>how up their own ass they are about being a career student and achieving nothing of value
That's most people in general. Most people go to college because they have been in school for their entire lives and are afraid of doing something else, or just don't know what to do (like me, I had no idea what my options even were other than college and then magically getting a job somehow). In my case it was "free". "Free" being what we non-Americans call things that we pay for our entire lives through taxes (destroying our upward mobility), regardless of whether or not we use it or it deserves to exist at all.

>The money is worth having the book physically
Yes, but I want to get out of here and having more stuff to move would be a problem. I'm delaying a lot of things because of that, until I can have a more stable existence. Even after that, I will have to figure out how to get all the books that I want without giving any money at all to Amazon, even if it's more expensive. Buying used could work as a last resource, though it is kind of an indirect contribution to Amazon, though not nearly as bad. It's kinda like buying things from China. Don't do it, but if you do it, maybe get some cheap used crap. If it breaks, great, it's an opportunity to learn how to fix it so that you can be more efficient and generally a cooler and more reliable human being.

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Made a mistake, I didn't quote this post.

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Share your daily routine anons 

I'm a little bit more productive these days and feeling good on the emotional and mental side, so I been waking up early in the morning and adjusting to my new plans for the remaining 6 months of this year.
>wake up at 5-7 am 
>use face cleanser and wash teeth, make a hot cup of green tea
>planning my food for the day as I been doing OMAD for half a month now, seeing as it's easier to manage the meal and get my daily needed calories and proteins, instead of having to eat 3+ times a day
>go online, lurk shitchan /fit/ and watch some YT videos of the people I'm subbed to
>watch a movie 
>5 PM. sit down to eat my daily meal
>7-8 PM. Meditate and do some relaxing techniques to chill down before heading to bed
>sleep at 9 PM max. 
I've been thinking about adding a one hour working-out plan to my routine but I'm still kind of lazy and ain't able to go through with it, but it's getting better or at least I'm hoping it gets better and I actually manage to add an exercise plan to my day. 
Also I live in a very negative environment inside my parents house and it's been drastically affecting my mental health far more than what isolation does to me and I'm really sick of it bu
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Mfw+i+realized+that+i+will+never+play+trials+of+_4740833784f47bcd80d7922fac075f2b.jpg (u)
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>>136 (OP) 

>wake up (I don't have an established time)
>eat Breakfast
>browse the internet while I drink coffe
>do some chores
>take a bath
>browse the internet or play games until lunch
>eat lunh
>browse the internet
>maybe I play a videogame
>maybe I write my thoughts
>maybe I eat dinner or eat some snacks
>browse the internet or play a game
>go to sleep or I stay up all night
>wake up 5:53am
>eat breakfast
>wageslave 7am to 4pm
>come home have a shower
>eat some food
>play games or whatever until 10pm
>lay in bed till 11pm and finally sleep
>repeat 5x days a week
Replies: >>273
Replies: >>274
you read the rules didn't you ? hikki or ex-hikki to be allowed here
I have had no sleep schedule at all lately. Slept around 10pm, woke up 1am, slept again 11am, woke up 4pm. Will not do that again tomorrow, it will be a different mess, just like every day in the last month or two. Being consistent is hard.

tumblr_mzxgh2sSCT1t1jwjbo1_500.jpg (u)
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Just like the suicide thread in the previous board. Share any struggles you might have regarding suicide, any past failed attempts and/or why do you think suicide may be the answer to all this you're going through. 

I've been procrastinating/delaying my suicide plan for over 5 years now, partly because I'm scared of what comes after death as I cannot know for sure what will happen once I'm on the other side and this kind of scaring me and holding me back from killing myself. Maybe it's the survival instinct in the end? I attempted suicide for like 8 times in 3 years now and every-time I was saved by either a stranger or a family member and this didn't change my mindset or made me think less of it. The desire to eradicate this body, this existence is getting stronger day after day especially these days, but I'm still hesitating to actually go with it, as I still have somewhat of a brief feeling of hope that my ways might change in the future but then I rethink it and figure out that I'm in my early 20's now and still haven't done anything significant with my life, still trying to find a purpose, a motivation or maybe a dream to live for, meanwhile everyone my age around me is graduating college and passing through different phases with their lives, all while I'm still stuck in the no-purpose teenage-like kind of existentialism. It really gets very boring everyday and Idk what to do anymore.
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 i have all i need to do it. i'm just waiting for a time where i'll be alone for a few hours and then yeah

good luck guys
living in a faggot left-wing country means I can't find guns to kill myself and our copes are all pussies, I tried five years ago suicide by copes, the faggots acted like pussies, one let me hit him several times and I knocked another one on the ground, they needed eight cops to hold me, they didn't even use teasers on me.

I guess my only option is jump from a high place.
Replies: >>227
their are tons of other options
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The problem with you people is that you are often shameful about what's going on, shameful about what you are, and your choices, don't be. Don't do the systems bidding by further dehumanizing yourselves for them just because you decide to essentially live monk lifestyles even just for a while, and be different by just not exposing yourselves the confines of our occupied, openly hostile ZOG governments that in addition to white genocide demand everyone to commit to a life of literal slavery and consumerism and their legions of simple "normal"(wagie, renting, losers) who by the generations have been working for less and less pay have accepted this pathetic fate as their lives. 

You are called as a group all sorts of things because the same society permits it, while putting others in jail for criticizing them, they call you as a hostile class simply because you have opted out, you have to understand that it's a threat to them, if everyone opted out the current sick society would be destroyed, that would be a great thing but not for them. The reality is that you have nothing to be ashamed of, in a way you should be proud for not taking part of this cancer.

This society does not want to incorporate you or be accepting of you so you should be accepting, innovative of your circumstance and defiant together of the sick society that has subjected you to this circumstance and has triggered your natural human response to it. It's the shortcomings of this thoroughly sick, hostile, 
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Replies: >>283
cd6789faf11d9b710d2445ef234586184a444f81bd703ffb1eb00cc0dfb900f2.jpg (u)
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Good point. I am not like that anymore, though. I realized that society is awful and that normalfags are awful, and that society's standards are not only arbitrary, but harmful, and that what I want not only has nothing at all do to with what society wants, but is in actual conflict with it. Everything that society praises is stupid, inefficient, generally harmful, boring, and a lot of the time actually disgusting. Not only am I different from them, the environment that they created is hostile to my very existence.

I also realized that there is no reason to be ashamed of being who I am because there is nothing wrong with it, and I should be transparent and honest because if other normalfags don't like who I am stay away from me, that is nothing but beneficial. It can only make my life easier and better and only people that do like me will remain. Of course, this hasn't been used in practice because I am still a hikki, but one day it will, if I manage to recover and actually do what I know I want to do. The difficult part is that I still have to deal with society a little bit if I want to get away from it. The world's current situation is making that very difficult, especially when I can see the shady and evil things that are going on, and refuse to go along with them.

Anyway, my goal is not to join society, because I know that it will never work, and that it's evil. Its goal is clearly enslavement, and I
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well /hikki/, what is the best and worst incarnation of nhk? the light novel will always be better then both the anime and manga to me and the anime is worse then the manga.
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Replies: >>224 + 1 earlier
Every version is different, and I like all of them.
Replies: >>225
>>147 (OP) 

welcome to the nhk wasn't even good to begin with
Replies: >>225
Have you read the light novel?
That's fair. However what do you feel about the anime watering the story down?
Replies: >>233
I don't have a problem with the anime at all, it's fantastic (one of my favorites) and it's one hell of an emotional roller coaster (especially if you drink a lot), and funny too. The fact that every version is different is more of an advantage. Easier to justify finishing all of them. I have the OST too, and it's great and only exists because the anime does.
Replies: >>235
>The fact that every version is different is more of an advantage. Easier to justify finishing all of them. I have the OST too, and it's great and only exists because the anime does.
that's Fair anon, the music is the best part of the anime as well.

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A continuation of the old thread on the old board. How far did you get before abandoning everything? 
I was never able to finish my first year of high school before dropping out until I was forced in my early 20s to going to night school to get a diploma before cutting off everything completely.
tired.png (u)
[Hide] (515.3KB, 778x704)
I lasted a few months in university but it was too much for me
agentletouch.jpg (u)
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I had a psychotic break at 18 and while I've never had such a thing happen again the past 6 years, I've never fully recovered.
I think I will be a hikikomori for the rest of my life. I am so terrified of the outdoors.

Capture2.PNG (u)
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fuckin nerds haha
get rekt
you get hard from people laughing @ u?
Replies: >>100
clown_check.jpg (u)
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>>99 (OP) 
first gets to you little bitches
Replies: >>104
1721.png (u)
[Hide] (167.1KB, 350x407)
Whyd you have to waste it here

obnoxiously_chewing_animu.png (u)
[Hide] (148.1KB, 371x353)
>you can go outside
<that's fair I guess...
>you don't even have to be neet
<gettin' retarded here....
>rule 1
So you're a self hating faggot?
>you can't bully but can troll
Are you retarded?
>no helping with suicide
Redditor much? Stopped reading.

t. a 10+ year long neet with no social life
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>We have been too lazy to reclaim the 8kunt board, that's why cuckchan posters have been shilling there discords on it.
> I am confused  bro what are you talking about?

Yeah. I tried I've been delaying reclaiming /hikki/ for a long time, especially because I lost my mod account. Until I met the BO of this current board and we've been on good terms and thinking about starting a new board for a while now. 
>  I didn't screw over anyone  i didn't wanna run it anymore 
Because you wanted to reintegrate "which is totally normal and I fully support your decision" and the discord drama was too much it kinda made you overlook the board. 
>it should have stayed dead
Why? it was a place for most of us to talk away from the toxicity of other places. 
>plus the board was toxic and depressing and wasn't very good for my mental health
You never thought of it this way when you first started it. You simply started viewing it as such once you wanted to join society again which again is totally fine but abandoning a place that you were highly enthusiastic about  just because you couldn't relate to the users anymore is bad bro.

Though with all that being said. I'm still happy to see you 
Message too long. View the full text
>Im still confused as to why you left the discord servers up on /hikki/

By the time they were posted there i was already gone i haven't been  in  control of that place since August 2019 when 8chan was shutdown i originally had plans to bring it back but i changed my mind after it pretty much stayed dead and didn't comeback for a long time. I apologize for confusing you and making it seem like i fucked you and everyone else over when in reality i didn't mean to and i am sorry about that. If i was still in control i would delete all the spam and clean it up.
Replies: >>94
>wait what! did you become a hikikomori again?

Yeah and i don't mind being NEET for a little bit longer i was trying to look for a job at the start of 2020 but Codvid put me back in my room and i am okay with that for now.
email me and we will get it sorted
lets move this to the meta thread I was going to lock this thread originally before Hikki posted anyway

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