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What is allowed on this board? What is its purpose?

On this board you can discuss and request or give advice regarding the Hikikomori  lifestyle anxieties and social or mental issues arising from these conditions of living  and also post general hikikomori discussion If you're content with being a hikikomori  that's ok, and you won't get in trouble for saying so.

Make Sure to read the rules before posting.



The term Hikikomori ひきこもり or 引きこもり is a Japanese word that when translated into English it means  “pulling inward, being confined”,acute social withdrawal “)  in context of a person the term refers to a shut-in who stays home and does not leave their room for very long periods  usually   for about 6 months or more.


Hikikomori is a social condition in which the affected individual isolates themselves away from society at home in their parents house in their room for a period exceeding six months  . The Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare of Japan defines hikikomori as a condition in which the affected individuals refuse to leave their parents' house, and isolate themselves away from society and their family in their bedrooms  for a period exceeding six months but is not directly caused by  a physical condition or other psychological   problem.
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meta thread for discussing board rules and changes. feel free to post complaints about rules and changes you want to see to them.
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can you really blame them when they ban anyone that isn't a fed doomposting?
You guys always talk like people use these places. I don't know if you notice but this is not anything, nothing is here. All these dead image boards yet they still have like pinned rules and meta threads discussion as if it's real.
Replies: >>818
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kinda reminds you of those old abandonned buildings that still have doors and windows.
But nobody is living there anymore.
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Hello, /christmas/ here. We want to invite you participate in our annual Christmas party again this year. It's already started, and the main stream will be from Friday 22nd, through Monday 25th : 3 pm PST / 22 UTC . 

'Please come and share some Christmas cheer with your fellow anons!'
Replies: >>834
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You must be eating out of a copper bowl, because you are FED.

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If you want to make banners for the board feel free to post them here
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Ico is favorite game of mine. Yorda having to spend her life within the confines of the castle albeit against her will fits with the theme of the hikikomori lifestyle, I think.
Replies: >>732
You don't need to justify it, it's a beautiful game.
Replies: >>733
I guess I just liked the fact somebody acknowledged my ICO related post, albeit two years later.

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Share your daily routine anons 

I'm a little bit more productive these days and feeling good on the emotional and mental side, so I been waking up early in the morning and adjusting to my new plans for the remaining 6 months of this year.
>wake up at 5-7 am 
>use face cleanser and wash teeth, make a hot cup of green tea
>planning my food for the day as I been doing OMAD for half a month now, seeing as it's easier to manage the meal and get my daily needed calories and proteins, instead of having to eat 3+ times a day
>go online, lurk shitchan /fit/ and watch some YT videos of the people I'm subbed to
>watch a movie 
>5 PM. sit down to eat my daily meal
>7-8 PM. Meditate and do some relaxing techniques to chill down before heading to bed
>sleep at 9 PM max. 
I've been thinking about adding a one hour working-out plan to my routine but I'm still kind of lazy and ain't able to go through with it, but it's getting better or at least I'm hoping it gets better and I actually manage to add an exercise plan to my day. 
Also I live in a very negative environment inside my parents house and it's been drastically affecting my mental health far more than what isolation does to me and I'm really sick of it bu
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Replies: >>737 >>780 + 3 earlier
I wake up between ten AM and two PM, make myself something to eat, shower or don't.
Then I read/play/watch/talk/listen until five or six, I get hungry and make myself something to eat.
Then I do whatever I want until ten or eleven when I get hungry again and make more food.
Then I do whatever I want until two AM. I have set this as my "bed time" so I usually hit the sheets then but sometimes I'm too into whatever I'm reading/playing/watching/talking/listening so it gets postponed. I usually suffer when that happens, sleep a lot later, eyes hurt, that kind of thing.
This image is cute. You have good taste in cute images.Also it's good to see another member of the having-other-people-deliver-your-groceries gang.
>>136 (OP) 
Call me a newfag but who's the OP picture.
>wake up at 2-3 pm
>drinks water and do exercise with ambu
>do anki and read the bible
>lurk chans listening songs
>watch random yt videos
>pray a mystery of the rosary
>maybe watch a movie
>read book
>sleep at 5-6 am
>>136 (OP) 
The times I sleep vary all the time, because we have schedules for when we have electricity throughout the day (4hrs on, 4hrs off, 4hrs on, etc.).
The only things that stay consistent is that I do the dishes first thing in the morning, and then during the first power outage I shower, brush my teeth, and then sleep through whatever time's left.
Can't believe God placed my in this shithole.
Why does this image inspire so much happiness? Where is it from?

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well /hikki/, what is the best and worst incarnation of nhk? the light novel will always be better then both the anime and manga to me and the anime is worse then the manga.
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Replies: >>662 + 2 earlier
>>147 (OP) 
Both manga and anime are awful garbage but the anime is better, presumably because the original creator had less input
Replies: >>667
after his recent sequel id rather have someone else work on adaptations.
they were all of them different and lack of something. it should have a bit longer to my test
"In this world conspiracies exist." Tatsuhiko Takimoto
Personally I enjoyed the light novel the most, and the manga second. Once I'd read the light novel the anime seemed ten times worse considering how much they cut.
I know there's a "rebuild of NHK" but from what I've heard it kinda sucks and I won't pay money for it, maybe if someone uploads em all somewhere I'll read it but I have zero plans to especially if I gotta pay for the shit.

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I vaguely remember browsing it years ago, would any of you ever want to see it come back? Even if it isn't the original owner so long as there's a definite place to go to communicate with other hikis
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ALL the neet sites are shit. Probably because they allow non-humans/demons(non-whites) and women.
The few that were somewhat postable have closed down(like neet.moe).

But this place is good to vent.
Replies: >>830
all neet/hikky boards are shit too.
my first one was ruchan.net/hik/. then 2ch.ru/rf became refuge for bullied hikkies from /b/. then a lot of guys copied japanese hikky (turned out that board was very bad as well) rules and made some chans as well as making a refuge/hikky board on every chan. then r9k, jp, wizardchan. some obscure/invite only chans in between. some tor chans in between. 

now we are here AND I MISS MY FUCKING NEET.MOE chan shit, despite its incel clique it was the best i had.
also missing brutal blackpill dude. a little too incel, but it was also good
Replies: >>832
whats wrong with incels?
Once people realise how to get NEET bucks and then wait for society to finally fall apart. Boomers are domestic terrorists. Maybe zoomers will think it's niche like how kids who grew up after '90s wanted to pretend the Internet wasn't like 20 years old already.

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Yesterday I saw my teacher from high-school. Back then, I would get excellent grades and she would always used to tell me that I am incredibly intelligent and that she sees me becoming very successful. She told me that she is very disappointed that, at 21, I am a NEET with no friends. I explained that society has nothing to offer me (went into a little detail about my reasons) and she said it's tragic we live in a world where people like myself just don't want to contribute. Anyone else had a similar experience where people had high expectatinos of you and you kind of let them down?
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Replies: >>803 + 8 earlier
People always sound schitzo when they say "I thought you were like this" or "I thought you were like that". How could another person know what someone's outward aesthetic means and infer someone's temperament and character and life trajectory; we're aren't sharing a mind. People who talk like that are the most conceited narcissistic scum. Like their opinions of who and what you are -- are some how deterministic of the future, like by showing their high minded opinions to be their nothing more then their own delusional perceptions, you are guilt of shame for proving them wrong and therefore not the omniscient narcissists they believe themselves to be. Until exchanges like these are commonly understood to be criminal assault society will not improve.
Replies: >>814
>>555 (OP) 
I can't even rememeber a single person from school or any of my past - no names or faces, etc.
I'm sure it's the same for them.
Most people's lives just revolve around their immediate family when they become adults. Most people don't have friends once they start a family, and they also tend to stop playing games, and fill up their little bit of free time with shows.

Once I become homeless, I'll have to fill up my freetime with my imagination, and going through bins, etc.

I don't know why god even bothered to create such a shit reality.
Replies: >>826
>How could another person know what someone's outward aesthetic means and infer someone's temperament and character and life trajectory
Estimates based on experience and logic

>Until exchanges like these are commonly understood to be criminal assault society will not improve.
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There is no God, this simulation is created by an Artifact from the dreams of visitors, players. 
The administrators withdrew themselves, perhaps they survived the simulation. 
However, next year the Little Fox and the Black King should appear again!
>at least had a father that actually taught me stuff(skills, wisdom, or any help to get into the real world).

Yours was a deadbeat too, huh? Did he throw tantrums like a toddler when asked to do that shit too?

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/hkgenneral/ - thread for general discussion here.

>in before this become the final new thread that is not a staff announcement.
Replies: >>829
what's the question of the day for this general?
my life is still the same since the last time I was on this site. the only thing that's changed is that I've become MUCH more stressed and angry.
Not much to look forward to either in the future. I'm going to become homeless without a doubt, so my life is going to regress even more. I'm going to have spiders and snakes and all kinds of other trash all around me because of where I'm going to be homeless.
I would hope that god would save me, but he doesn't seem to be around anymore.
>>799 (OP) 
The chick on the left has already ridden over 9000 dicks (and probably enjoys black dick more than anyone else). The one on the right fucks her dog every day.

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What games have you been playing recently /hikki/? What's the game you have put the most hours into?
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Replies: >>792 + 3 earlier
If you want an MMO, there's plenty of Ragnarok Online private servers out there, and that game's so old it ought to run on anything.
shut up bimbo idiot, maybe stop huffing the sissy whipets for one second
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>>312 (OP) 
Playing tf2 again. It's really boring. I just play mvm bootcamp. Wish items would drop more often.

I downloaded wow again for the billionth time. Can't even be assed to  level further than goldshire.

So tired of games and of life, but I can't suicide, because God would be upset :/

Been trying to stay on the right path, but I cave in to gluttony, lust and a lot of anger. Not sure how to actually overcome these.
I'm back to playing WoW, since I can't run many games on my pc.
I tried some crpgs, but it's not as enjoyable if you can't control different aspects of your character(movement, swinging weapon, first-person view, controlling/growing a single character, etc.).

I tried a gacha, but they're just so boring, and within an hour you come to a dead-end and it's just about logging in every day. Phone games are ALL COMPLETE shit.
I started playing Legend of Mana again. Apparently it got a remake at some point, and that resulted in all the esoteric knowledge of the game's inner workings ending up on Steam and Reddit. It's a little surreal for me, but I have to admit that the new tempering calculator sites are way more convenient than the command line-based tempering calculator that I used to whip up armor recipes back in the day.

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Who wants to be my friend, You have to listen to this song on loop. I'm looking to leave the neonet with a netizen but shockingly they don't exist anymore, apparently. I assume most people have seen the neonet... umm.... wow yeah uuu boy. it's something I mean, oh boy yeah. I'm certainly not interested in it, there might be a netizen out there so if you want to be online and live and die together because life is very short yet I can only imagine the kind of asshole who'd want to subject themselves to....  I mean boy wow wowowowow gosh, jinkies! Things aren't looking so good for the net. mmmm, no not very. So if you're trying to hide away that'd be great, I just do stuff but it's hard when there's nothing else and as I say, you can go to these internet places but.... mmmmm you know dot dot dot..... mmmm hmhmhmmmmm mmm. Yeah. I don't know about that.
In other words the internet is real life and going to public internet places is a lot like going outside in real life, it's filled with the same people and interactions, you think the internet place you want to engage in is different than the anime meetup club on meetup.com you fucking stupid moron. Well surely I can stay inside on the internet and with my physical body as well, and die at some point. Well I don't know, we'll see yeah. Ultimately the choice is not up for debate but I can try and have been mmm. Maybe you do skills that'd be great to do things. If you actually have a brain I don't know, but even without a brain what
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If you would like to read the accounts of Jesus there are four: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. And then there are many church letters from early christians and one history book recording the events after Jesus, this boom called Acts of the Apostles.

These things make up the New Testament. Which is the Bible writings which are after Christ.

New Testament also meaning New Covenant refers to the fact God promised he would replace the covenant he made with Israel. You know, Moses on the mountain and the ten commandments and all that.
That was only a temporary agreement God made with Israel until the promise of Abraham would come true, that is one from his line to save the world.
Israel failed hard to keep this covenant they agreed to with God and Jesus came to establish the new promised covenant, a better covenant. No longer do we need a stone tablet with DO NOT's but God treats us as adults who should know what sin is and we are to recoeve the holy Spirit which will guide us through life, this we receieve when we believe the Gospel (meaning good news in Greek), the good news is Jesus.

The thief on the cross who was dying with Jesus as Jesus was there for 6 hours turned to the Lord Jesus and said Jesus had done nothing wrong and in that moment the thief believed Jesus was who he said he was, and asked him to rememebr him. Jesus at that moment promised to take him to paradise. He didn't have time to be baptised he didn't have time to do any righteous deeds, he had time for nothing but faith in Christ.

It is possible to be so far gone. It is possible your heart grows so hard and your soul so dead that you no longer can even ask for forgivness or believe the love of God and the truth. That was the case for the other criminal on the cross. Both of them rebuked Christ out of spite, angry like the others who hated that Jesus claimed he was the son of God, but after hours of crucifixion meeting his end one turned. People want to blame God for all their pain and injustice in the world. Hating God so much that finally when he enters the world we want to kill him and mock him because he preaches love and convicts us of our sins and that our faults are our own.
Worse is that the religious leaders knew Jesus was Christ he was Messiah, but not what they wanted. They wanted messiah to reward them and make Isrsel the capital of the world and kill its enemies. But Jesus led no rebellion against Rome, what he preached and taught he treated as far more important. He knew there was still much more history left and Jesus while he was yet on Earth said he would return when his message went across the globe and the world was like a dead carcass.

Jesus, a simple peasent preacher was right his words are now the most important and well known around the globe. Even when most people don't know it in their own speech.
Jesus was right about another thing then. The world will get uglier before it gets pretty. Dead to sinfulness and godlessness and unfaithfulness. There is no Star Trek future. There is the returning of the king of kings. Kowtow now while you can, because now the Lord is on a seat of mercy. So we beg and pray forgiveness and to be full of the holy Spirit. Fear God because he has the power to give life amd take it away from his creation. He has great things in store for those who love him. Those who hate him, what need does he have of those.
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>821
Pilate's judgement seat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKJ6GPvNUgc
4 books of shitposting insanity I wrote after getting out of the psych ward. FREE for my anon friends

Wish g*d would show himself though. he hasn't shown any kindness to me, and my mind feels like it's about to break. I hope he comes soon, and that he apologizes.

Hope your journey is still going well.

If you believe Christ is God, then the Old covenant more than a temporary agreement is the scripture and the law that He fulfilled. Basically there was a split in 33AD between those who believed in Him and those who didn't. It's not the Christians who founded a new religion. They kept obeying their God.

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