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What is allowed on this board? What is its purpose?

On this board you can discuss and request or give advice regarding the Hikikomori  lifestyle anxieties and social or mental issues arising from these conditions of living  and also post general hikikomori discussion If you're content with being a hikikomori  that's ok, and you won't get in trouble for saying so.

Make Sure to read the rules before posting.



The term Hikikomori ひきこもり or 引きこもり is a Japanese word that when translated into English it means  “pulling inward, being confined”,acute social withdrawal “)  in context of a person the term refers to a shut-in who stays home and does not leave their room for very long periods  usually   for about 6 months or more.


Hikikomori is a social condition in which the affected individual isolates themselves away from society at home in their parents house in their room for a period exceeding six months  . The Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare of Japan defines hikikomori as a condition in which the affected individuals refuse to leave their parents' house, and isolate themselves away from society and their family in their bedrooms  for a period exceeding six months but is not directly caused by  a physical condition or other psychological   problem.
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meta thread for discussing board rules and changes. feel free to post complaints about rules and changes you want to see to them.
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/r9k/ used to be a board for  depressed lonely sexless guys with no gfs to vent about their issues in life however  around 2015/2016 things changed. /r9k/ nowadays is just a dating board full of underage kids porn politics and women. This is a board for hikikomori while there is some overlap we are not exactly the same as /r9k/.
Replies: >>470
>/r9k/ is just a wizchan-lite at this point full of extreme edgelord teenagers and losers who blame all of their life's problems on every woman they see not blowing them while pretending they don't care about sex and women, and acting like they're somehow better than everyone else for it.

That's really nothing new and was always a thing on /r9k/. /r9k/ nowadays is more of a dating board similar to /soc/  with  tranny posting gay porn discord  drama e-thots and normalfags complaining about their boyfriends and girlfriends. Most of the 2012-2015 virgins are gone now and  either moved on after 2016 or died.
Replies: >>470
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I wanna apologize to hikki, whatever happened between us I completely take the blame for it and I am sorry for having been a bad friend to you. (And yes I am Twisted) not tryna hide anymore nor do I want to start any kind of drama, just pure apologies.
Replies: >>469
I love you
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You're describing cuckchan right?  Not trying to defend /r9k/ for anything other than clarity but on 8ch and post-8ch communities seemed as the posters were more than upset about women not handing it out to them and society itself though it is evidently true that not all of them were hardcore shut-ins who gave up on love and society.

The posters on this site's /r9k/ seem to be the same cloth, hence why I asked this board exists separating two similar userbases instead of /hikki/'s denizens moving to /r9k/.  Is it because of a board's name setting a precedent of what to expect after years of the name's usage?

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If you want to make banners for the board feel free to post them here
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today marks the 20th anniversary of ICO (North American release)
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წერილი - ისევ არა ჩანს მზე
Replies: >>465
Replies: >>465
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Good stuff, bro!

I like this one! 
Type O Negative - Wolf Moon (Including Zoanthropic Paranoia)
Replies: >>471
Here's a metal version if you really did like that.
Replies: >>472
Psychonaut_4_-_ისევ_არა_ჩანს_მზე.mp3 (u)
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Share your daily routine anons 

I'm a little bit more productive these days and feeling good on the emotional and mental side, so I been waking up early in the morning and adjusting to my new plans for the remaining 6 months of this year.
>wake up at 5-7 am 
>use face cleanser and wash teeth, make a hot cup of green tea
>planning my food for the day as I been doing OMAD for half a month now, seeing as it's easier to manage the meal and get my daily needed calories and proteins, instead of having to eat 3+ times a day
>go online, lurk shitchan /fit/ and watch some YT videos of the people I'm subbed to
>watch a movie 
>5 PM. sit down to eat my daily meal
>7-8 PM. Meditate and do some relaxing techniques to chill down before heading to bed
>sleep at 9 PM max. 
I've been thinking about adding a one hour working-out plan to my routine but I'm still kind of lazy and ain't able to go through with it, but it's getting better or at least I'm hoping it gets better and I actually manage to add an exercise plan to my day. 
Also I live in a very negative environment inside my parents house and it's been drastically affecting my mental health far more than what isolation does to me and I'm really sick of it bu
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What's shitchan?  Is this a new imageboard I missed out on?
After finishing high school. My family kept begging me to go to university but i just kept postponing until they gave up after 2 years and they didn't bother opening the subject again. I've been a NEET for almost 11 years now. And what's worse is that, unlike most people online, I am anti-social both on real life and online, I just lurk, rarely post anything.. i can't even shitpost.  Loneliness is getting unbearable these days.
Replies: >>456 >>467
wrong thread, I meant to post it in (How far did you get before becoming a Hikikomori)
>wake up at 2 am from nightmare
>get out of bed anywhere between 5 and 9 am
>play videogames for 30-40 minutes
>stay in bed and stare at screen all day long (mostly imageboards), if my eyes hurt too much i listen to music or comedy stuff ive already listened to 100 times already
>coom and postnut depression 
>sleep around midnight
these are the only consistent parts of my life i can think of
>I just lurk, rarely post anything.. i can't even shitpost. 
same here
i don't know about you but i'm very dumb and can't come up with anything interesting to say and even when i do, i'm unable to word it properly and in time
i can't create any good image or video either, i'm stuck consooming

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what has your family's reaction been to you being a hikikomori? I've noticed my family almost stopped caring about my lifestyle entirely after I entered my late 20s.
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Im back and I have ac. Ill reply later today or tommarow now that I can think straight
Did you live in a stronghold? You have to mine the spawner.
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>Did you live in a stronghold? You have to mine the spawner.
I don't know why This made me laugh so much. I don't know why I had them everywhere But its probaly because my dad has them and brings used books over to my house and the little retards like eating books.
Replies: >>387
Fill your house with o3 bro
>Most people go to college because they have been in school for their entire lives and are afraid of doing something else, or just don't know what to do (like me, I had no idea what my options even were other than college and then magically getting a job somehow)
In America you can join a union, which run like mafias and also get you (wage) protection so long as you pay your fees, and make very good money once you become certified.  Colleges also hand out degrees and certifications giving you an even bigger headstart.  I don't know how protected your wages are in Europe or wherever you live.

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What games have you been playing recently /hikki/? What's the game you have put the most hours into?
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Very late. I have been the opposite of lazy, I have been doing too many things, so I haven't been checking imageboards as much. I can try to join a game or something else if you want me to. It doesn't seem like other people come here much, though.

>I think Pokemon has been too easy since gen 2 or 3
It has always been pretty easy. The problem is that it never improves. You would think that the AI would have evolved in the direction of playing more like actual humans that are trying to win, but no. The AI is weak and doesn't use interesting teams and strategies. Even when some battle or another happens to challenge you a little bit, it's the exception, not the norm. Even full teams and equipped items are not that common.

>I personally cannot wait until you need a tattoo on your right hand and forehead to go to the store.
Well, they already have to scan QR codes to do just abound anything in a lot of places. Up to half of the population already has nanotechnology in their blood and already has artificially-edited genes, and some people are already getting chipped because it's a much more "convenient" way of being enslaved and proving that they did indeed surrender their bodies to the NWO. Dystopian futures are not really a concern anymore, we are already living in a dystopia. There are even robots patrolling the streets and some places. 
Message too long. View the full text
Install cfw and transfer a bunch of games onto the hdd with an ethernet cable. Its real easy.
I wish I could find an mmo to play. But none of them are fun. 
I'm trying out Rift right now, but it's very depressing-looking so far. 
Hoping someone releases something fun soon.
All I want is a bright world where I can do some fishing and that has some life/people in it.
Replies: >>450 >>454
I remember playing Rift years ago. The portal invasion events were pretty cool, but the rest of the game was kinda meh. It didn't hold my interest.
In my book, the best MMOs are going to be private servers. They're pretty much guaranteed to be better than the originals, if only because you can get cash shop items by voting for them on "top 100" sites instead of paying actual money.
Anyway, the only MMO with fishing that I can think of offhand is RuneScape. Not sure how much that'd appeal to you.
WoW has fishing, and theres a mountain of private servers out there for it

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A continuation of the old thread on the old board. How far did you get before abandoning everything? 
I was never able to finish my first year of high school before dropping out until I was forced in my early 20s to going to night school to get a diploma before cutting off everything completely.
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Replies: >>420
>Dropped out second time through freshman year of high school, skipped enough to be held back, got GED two months later. 
>Sequestered myself at grandmother's house until mid-20's when she got dementia.
>Lived with mother after that but she was dealing with abusive ex. Did that for 2 years.
>Now late-20's and with my mother crashing at relative's place until we secure a place to live after moving out of state.

The last 15 years of my life have been spent in a room shut off from the outside, I rarely if ever ventures out of my room unless I needed something or to use the bathroom. That doesn't look like it will change, being honest I don't want it to.
The last 5 years have been an emotional hell. Even with an unstable living arrangement these days it's better than what it was. Unfortunately I still have a detached connection to it but that's an unfixable aspect of my self. I feel mostly numb, emotions have always been difficult for me, most of the time I simply act in a manner deemed appropriate and attempt to disengage at the earliest opportunity.
Taking pills to try to manage the depression and overwhelming anxiety but all they do is put me in a fog. My thoughts are hazy and my brain is full of cotton balls. I have trouble concentrating. My internal dialogue is far away, it come intermittently. I've never felt more alone because of i
Message too long. View the full text
Not far. I stopped going to school when I was 15 and I have been a NEET ever since. I have no GCSEs (I'm British, obviously), no work experience, I don't know anybody within a 5 hour drive radius and I haven't spoken to the people I do know in several years. I'm pretty sure I have schizophrenia or something similar too. I'm probably going to kill myself soon.
>>178 (OP) 
High school, when the time came to choose which career i wanted to pursue i simply opted to drop out and live off my parents, worked surprisingly well (house was inherited from my grandparents, i am an only child) until quite recently when everyone got laid off due to the fucking chinese. Now we have to make do with our savings and what my father earns with his new job (mom wasn't able to find another one), meaning i can no longer "borrow" $100+ a week to purchase shit off the internet.

Terrible timing for it too, as my computer broke down half a year ago (power surge fried basically everything, even the monitor) and instead of replacing it i opted to buy a thinkpad to "learn" linux (which i didn't, it's running W10 LTSC), my TV started malfunctioning too, though to be fair it was rather old. I have a lot of things i need right now, so i might no longer be a NEET in a few weeks, and i'll have to slave away in bottom of the barrel jobs since no one sane would hire a 26 year old with no experience.
GED at 17, life was okay for awhile, mental breakdown at 25, live on bux now and life is beautiful. I've got maybe 3 years total work experience and I'm almost 30. If they ever cut me off bux that's when I will abandon everything
I've only worked a few months in my life, but that was about decade ago.
People are too terrible, and I have nothing to drive me to go outside.
I dropped out of college after a few weeks. I worked about 5 months in a supermarket packing juice onto shelves. Lost a lot of weight, and if it weren't for the incredibly terrible co-workers, bosses and customers, then it could've been a decent job. I lost a ton of weight in those few months, but gained it, and more, back.

Every one of my futures was taken away from me, and now I cope with God and hope He comes to fetch me soon.

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Just like the suicide thread in the previous board. Share any struggles you might have regarding suicide, any past failed attempts and/or why do you think suicide may be the answer to all this you're going through. 

I've been procrastinating/delaying my suicide plan for over 5 years now, partly because I'm scared of what comes after death as I cannot know for sure what will happen once I'm on the other side and this kind of scaring me and holding me back from killing myself. Maybe it's the survival instinct in the end? I attempted suicide for like 8 times in 3 years now and every-time I was saved by either a stranger or a family member and this didn't change my mindset or made me think less of it. The desire to eradicate this body, this existence is getting stronger day after day especially these days, but I'm still hesitating to actually go with it, as I still have somewhat of a brief feeling of hope that my ways might change in the future but then I rethink it and figure out that I'm in my early 20's now and still haven't done anything significant with my life, still trying to find a purpose, a motivation or maybe a dream to live for, meanwhile everyone my age around me is graduating college and passing through different phases with their lives, all while I'm still stuck in the no-purpose teenage-like kind of existentialism. It really gets very boring everyday and Idk what to do anymore.
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I_know_your_sorrow.png (u)
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mcdrivin.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (7MB, 960x720, 01:44)
>I grew up in abuse poverty gunshots and death. Mental Disabilities Adding up but no help. As a kid and worse so as an adult in my 30s
>My point is I am alone. I cant talk to anyone about this. the more I try to reach out the more i isolate myself from people. They dont want to talk about this type of thing.
>I just want legit adult conversations about depression where death is a legit option. Understanding the stuggles in life with out being patronized.  Its so hard to find a safe place to just chat about wanting to die with out being kicked trolled deleted or having to default to defending my decision. Its just ... Lonly.
I know how you feel because I'm not normal either, and I also grew up in a shitty violent place and went through a lot of abuse, without help from anyone. I'm e28e3f, but my ID probably changed by now. Since I don't have a suicide surefire suicide method on hands, I might as well chat with you here, you have my words that I will not patronize you, I hate people who downplay the suffering of others.
>Dont get me started on religious shit
>they just spout out the list of things i should do (Ie. Get help, get a job at walmart meditate) to push it off of them.
I'm religious too, and meditation isn't a fake advice, but its
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>436
Replies: >>365
I can second the recommendation of this link. The people there are a bit normalfaggy, at least for my standards, but they're good people.
>>363 holy shit. this is really beautiful. did you make this? if you have anything else like this i would absolutely love to see more
Replies: >>437
The animation? It's umami on jewtube.

nhk.jpg (u)
[Hide] (78.6KB, 550x780)
well /hikki/, what is the best and worst incarnation of nhk? the light novel will always be better then both the anime and manga to me and the anime is worse then the manga.
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Have you read the light novel?
That's fair. However what do you feel about the anime watering the story down?
Replies: >>233
I don't have a problem with the anime at all, it's fantastic (one of my favorites) and it's one hell of an emotional roller coaster (especially if you drink a lot), and funny too. The fact that every version is different is more of an advantage. Easier to justify finishing all of them. I have the OST too, and it's great and only exists because the anime does.
Replies: >>235
>The fact that every version is different is more of an advantage. Easier to justify finishing all of them. I have the OST too, and it's great and only exists because the anime does.
that's Fair anon, the music is the best part of the anime as well.
I'm reading the official English translation of the LN, how accurate is it?
Replies: >>310
its alright.

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