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What is allowed on this board? What is its purpose?

On this board you can discuss and request or give advice regarding the Hikikomori  lifestyle anxieties and social or mental issues arising from these conditions of living  and also post general hikikomori discussion If you're content with being a hikikomori  that's ok, and you won't get in trouble for saying so.

Make Sure to read the rules before posting.



The term Hikikomori ひきこもり or 引きこもり is a Japanese word that when translated into English it means  “pulling inward, being confined”,acute social withdrawal “)  in context of a person the term refers to a shut-in who stays home and does not leave their room for very long periods  usually   for about 6 months or more.


Hikikomori is a social condition in which the affected individual isolates themselves away from society at home in their parents house in their room for a period exceeding six months  . The Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare of Japan defines hikikomori as a condition in which the affected individuals refuse to leave their parents' house, and isolate themselves away from society and their family in their bedrooms  for a period exceeding six months but is not directly caused by  a physical condition or other psychological   problem.
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meta thread for discussing board rules and changes. feel free to post complaints about rules and changes you want to see to them.
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I don't mean to gatekeep and understand your want as I'm curious about other sites anons mention going to but I can't risk it whether shitters come across it or government spammers take notice and set their eyes on it, there are so few websites I enjoy going to already. Again, look up something you're interested in and find some forum and lurk it.
Something has been happening the past half decade where many forums and other internet communities are getting shut down, it's a very silent phenomenon that I didn't realize until a couple months ago. It's a further centralization of the internet, and imageboards and "alt-right" places like incels.me act as a release valve or controlled operation to be spied upon. The whole net is to be scrubbed clean and have the users conform to mainstream and "alternative" social media.
Replies: >>706
Still better than worshipping kikes
Eh. I am not like you people. But. I brows alot of not mainstream/centralize internet website long time ago with the help of my older family member when i was small. It is good time.
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This is true, however, the boards are not equal to the social network, therefore True Anonymous communicates with his Projections, Ego, and not people.
That was an interesting read.
So your assumption is : centralization + no economic recession = decrease in dropouts. Centralization being the main factor.
I think that's actually a good thing, being a dropout ain't a fun life and I wouldn't encourage others to actively pursue this lifestyle.

However at what cost comes this corpo-manufactured sense of belonging ? as I see more globohomo and degeneracy promoted on those mediums that created this sense of unity among the new generation.

Everything comes at a price.

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If you want to make banners for the board feel free to post them here
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Give me a bit to upload the new banners Ive been a lazy piece of shit lately.
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Yesterday I saw my teacher from high-school. Back then, I would get excellent grades and she would always used to tell me that I am incredibly intelligent and that she sees me becoming very successful. She told me that she is very disappointed that, at 21, I am a NEET with no friends. I explained that society has nothing to offer me (went into a little detail about my reasons) and she said it's tragic we live in a world where people like myself just don't want to contribute. Anyone else had a similar experience where people had high expectatinos of you and you kind of let them down?
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Replies: >>657 >>712 + 1 earlier
how harsh is that!
and what a fucking stupid son of a bitch
that's why really all of the parents should be taking a fucking pedagogy and education course before they raise a child
>>555 (OP) 
Luckily never happened because I had shit grades
I know I let down many people (teachers, family, my past friends), though noone told me that directly. My psychologist said I have potential. I used to have lots of friends (now I have none), used to be physically active (now I very rarely go outside my house), no job for past 2 years (except for some odd jobs I have sometimes) or maybe even 3 years. I don't keep track of time honestly. 23 here, how can one break that cycle? I guess I'll just go back reading about conspiracies
I know I let down many people (teachers, family, my past friends), though noone told me that directly. My psychologist said I have potential. I used to have lots of friends (now I have none), used to be physically active (now I very rarely go outside my house), no job for past 2 years (except for some odd jobs I have sometimes) or maybe even 3 years. I don't keep track of time honestly. 23 here, how can one break that cycle?
>>555 (OP) 
This bitch doesn't contributes to society either. She sounds like a brain dead NPC.

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A continuation of the old thread on the old board. How far did you get before abandoning everything? 
I was never able to finish my first year of high school before dropping out until I was forced in my early 20s to going to night school to get a diploma before cutting off everything completely.
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Replies: >>687 + 2 earlier
Shit, did I post here over a year ago? I must have been high if that's the case, but I really think you're just a parallel version of myself out there somewhere.
I always wanted to life self-sufficient in some remote place at the countryside.
But with 18y, shit came raining down on me and I finally broke. 
-Couldn't finish my A-Levels, cause my mind was very far out there.
-Cut up all ties with my father, never told him why.
-I became 19
-My mom and I moved to another city, I immediately cut off all ties with my friends nobody knows where I am now.
-Mental State grew so worse I couldn't hold down my part-time-job anymore. 
-mid19y  I became a full Hikki.

I never really got far with my life.
Replies: >>688
>>178 (OP) 
Is this me?
your dad would be glad to talk to you imo, give him a call
Did all the things people said I should do "enjoy life" like changing cities, getting a career, a GF, doing drugs, renting your own place, college

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Share your daily routine anons 

I'm a little bit more productive these days and feeling good on the emotional and mental side, so I been waking up early in the morning and adjusting to my new plans for the remaining 6 months of this year.
>wake up at 5-7 am 
>use face cleanser and wash teeth, make a hot cup of green tea
>planning my food for the day as I been doing OMAD for half a month now, seeing as it's easier to manage the meal and get my daily needed calories and proteins, instead of having to eat 3+ times a day
>go online, lurk shitchan /fit/ and watch some YT videos of the people I'm subbed to
>watch a movie 
>5 PM. sit down to eat my daily meal
>7-8 PM. Meditate and do some relaxing techniques to chill down before heading to bed
>sleep at 9 PM max. 
I've been thinking about adding a one hour working-out plan to my routine but I'm still kind of lazy and ain't able to go through with it, but it's getting better or at least I'm hoping it gets better and I actually manage to add an exercise plan to my day. 
Also I live in a very negative environment inside my parents house and it's been drastically affecting my mental health far more than what isolation does to me and I'm really sick of it bu
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>wake up at least 1 hour later than the last day
>prepare coffee
>watch anime, mostly lurk but occasionally post on imageboards
>order food (mostly high in saturated fat like Pizza)
>learn a little bit of japanese vocabulary if I happen to have to the motivation to
>clean up my room every now and then
>go to sleep 1 hour later than the last day
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>wake up around 12 noon - 1pm
>immediately boot up my computer
>barely eat, everything is overwhelming
>have terrible memory

I want to change my routine obviously but I'm burnt out really easily. It's been getting worse since my supply of Adderall went out. I think I'll try to clean my desk now, see where that gets me.
Wake up at 2am
consume some media until 5am ish
eat breakfast
wait for a bit then exercise
cope some more
go out unlikely then consume until dinner time then sleep
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what the heck am i doing anymore
>wake up around 7
>walk around room clean it think about productive things i could do
>eat breakfast around 9
>surf web
>ill go down for dinner at around 6
>hang out there for a while sometimes
>get sleepy around 8-9
so pathetic i remember when i would at least do some online assignments and stuff
I wake up between ten AM and two PM, make myself something to eat, shower or don't.
Then I read/play/watch/talk/listen until five or six, I get hungry and make myself something to eat.
Then I do whatever I want until ten or eleven when I get hungry again and make more food.
Then I do whatever I want until two AM. I have set this as my "bed time" so I usually hit the sheets then but sometimes I'm too into whatever I'm reading/playing/watching/talking/listening so it gets postponed. I usually suffer when that happens, sleep a lot later, eyes hurt, that kind of thing.
This image is cute. You have good taste in cute images.Also it's good to see another member of the having-other-people-deliver-your-groceries gang.

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Who wants to be my friend, You have to listen to this song on loop. I'm looking to leave the neonet with a netizen but shockingly they don't exist anymore, apparently. I assume most people have seen the neonet... umm.... wow yeah uuu boy. it's something I mean, oh boy yeah. I'm certainly not interested in it, there might be a netizen out there so if you want to be online and live and die together because life is very short yet I can only imagine the kind of asshole who'd want to subject themselves to....  I mean boy wow wowowowow gosh, jinkies! Things aren't looking so good for the net. mmmm, no not very. So if you're trying to hide away that'd be great, I just do stuff but it's hard when there's nothing else and as I say, you can go to these internet places but.... mmmmm you know dot dot dot..... mmmm hmhmhmmmmm mmm. Yeah. I don't know about that.
In other words the internet is real life and going to public internet places is a lot like going outside in real life, it's filled with the same people and interactions, you think the internet place you want to engage in is different than the anime meetup club on meetup.com you fucking stupid moron. Well surely I can stay inside on the internet and with my physical body as well, and die at some point. Well I don't know, we'll see yeah. Ultimately the choice is not up for debate but I can try and have been mmm. Maybe you do skills that'd be great to do things. If you actually have a brain I don't know, but even without a brain what
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Replies: >>700
I feel better now, someone can delete it, bye bye.
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welcome home friend
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>>69 (OP) 

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Tell me popular 6 digit career these days
Replies: >>641 >>698
>>640 (OP) 
drug dealer. idk, you expect us to know anything about jobs???
>space marine nigger asking hikkis about jobs
lel absolute retard
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>>640 (OP) 

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Soap. - Drive
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Shizuka - Bloodstained Blossom

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What games have you been playing recently /hikki/? What's the game you have put the most hours into?
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I recently found a free hacking game on Steam called Bitburner. It's something like a cross between Antimatter Dimensions and Uplink. The main gimmick is that you need to use scripts to do most things and you have to write them yourself; it specifically uses regular Javascript with some game-related functions tacked on, and the only limit is that the game functions have an in-game cost, so you have complete design freedom. (Although it seems like there's some sort of glitch with for...in loops, so you have to use standard for loops instead.)
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Ive been replaying Katawa Shoujo lately. Had a fun time Re-Reading all the routes again.
Replies: >>690
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I played Heart Gold when I was a kid so I don't remember it being slow but playing Explorers of Sky was painfully slow and took its time with the baby steps of exposition that I quit before it even began. Why did Nintendo do that? Anyway judging from happy memories I really loved the scope and adventure and addition of features of HG/SS so maybe you could enlighten me as to why it was inferior to the original gen 2. I heard nothing good about the Hoenn remakes however.
Hanako's route disappointed me, so much so that I played it twice to see if I missed anything because it felt so brief and eventless. It's the point of the game that all the girls are normal people who aren't to be romanticized for their disabilities or mystique so I don't find her to be poor quality but she was the "plainest" of them all to me and I assumed she would've been a gothic or emo character. As a kid I would've definitely eaten her up though and projected my tastes and preconceptions unto her.
Replies: >>692
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Hanako was my favorite the first time I played her route. The reason for it being so brief is because the guy who wrote her route is a hack who cant end a story properly to save his life. 
The original beta was her getting The bad end with every option you picked as well. I still love the part when you play pool with her whilst jazz music plays though.

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