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Share your daily routine anons 

I'm a little bit more productive these days and feeling good on the emotional and mental side, so I been waking up early in the morning and adjusting to my new plans for the remaining 6 months of this year.
>wake up at 5-7 am 
>use face cleanser and wash teeth, make a hot cup of green tea
>planning my food for the day as I been doing OMAD for half a month now, seeing as it's easier to manage the meal and get my daily needed calories and proteins, instead of having to eat 3+ times a day
>go online, lurk shitchan /fit/ and watch some YT videos of the people I'm subbed to
>watch a movie 
>5 PM. sit down to eat my daily meal
>7-8 PM. Meditate and do some relaxing techniques to chill down before heading to bed
>sleep at 9 PM max. 
I've been thinking about adding a one hour working-out plan to my routine but I'm still kind of lazy and ain't able to go through with it, but it's getting better or at least I'm hoping it gets better and I actually manage to add an exercise plan to my day. 
Also I live in a very negative environment inside my parents house and it's been drastically affecting my mental health far more than what isolation does to me and I'm really sick of it but I have no choice but try to relax as best as I can. Though it doesn't really work most of the time and I'm left with intense anger and anxiety that fucks up my whole routine for a good 5 days or so until I'm relaxed again and able to follow back with the routine I just wrote.
>wake up 4-6 am
>brush teeth and poor a glass of water
>make eggs and potato's for breakfast 
>get on, lurk /v/ and continue to watch or play whatever was last on my todo list.
>3pm start making a combination of rice and beans 
>4pm eat dinner
>7pm-8pm take Benadryl
>9:30pm sleep 
>>136 (OP) 
I hope the workout routine goes well and your able to stick to it
>wake up from anxiety-induced night terrors screaming at 5-8am
>calm down with heartbeat asmr while I straighten out my room, make bed, etc
>do exercise to stay healthy
>eat breakfast
>get clean
>apologize to dad for being loud at night on his way out the door
>computer learning until lunch
>eat lunch
>learn language ~2 hours
>work on creative skill ~2 hours
>work on personal project until dinner
>eat dinner
>watch anime/movie/play vidya

and since most of what I do is at my desk I also have music on in the background and lurk various places as I go about my day. It might sound like I have it all together but actually it's only because I do the same exact thing every single day that I can manage to function.
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I'm a hikikomori of 5 years and I only recently been totally secluded to my room, over the past 5 years i was also in my room but i always left it during the day to sit with my parents in the living room and get food&water. it was easy because i was on good terms with my parents until some weeks ago when we had a fight and i started completely isolating two days ago. so i was just asking for tips on how to get food and water in my room to help me survive while avoiding any contact with my parents and siblings. i just need to get water and some food and be back to my room asap. though the problem is that they're mostly awake during the day and night and i want to be "unseen". any tips? i asked in the routine thread because i couldn't find any other topic-fitting thread
Replies: >>243
>wake up whenever
>write notes on how to become more productive
>idle at the computer
>give up and go to sleep
bait post
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>>136 (OP) 
Years 23?-29 where basically
>wake up listen to news
>eat what I can find, otherwise cook
>Computer until sleepy
>Fall asleep listening to old simpsons episodes or bob ross if I'm stressed.

33 now, work 3 days of the week, otherwise, similar routine.
Get a gallon jug of water and keep it as your main drinking vessel. Fill it up once or twice a day if needed and that's about it. I've been doing the jug thing for a few years now, its probably the only thing keeping me from body failure.
Replies: >>244
the gallon jug method works however I always ended up spilling it. I got a half gallon water bottle with a water safe top and that worked out better.
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>>136 (OP) 

>wake up (I don't have an established time)
>eat Breakfast
>browse the internet while I drink coffe
>do some chores
>take a bath
>browse the internet or play games until lunch
>eat lunh
>browse the internet
>maybe I play a videogame
>maybe I write my thoughts
>maybe I eat dinner or eat some snacks
>browse the internet or play a game
>go to sleep or I stay up all night
I have had no sleep schedule at all lately. Slept around 10pm, woke up 1am, slept again 11am, woke up 4pm. Will not do that again tomorrow, it will be a different mess, just like every day in the last month or two. Being consistent is hard.
>>wageslave 7am to 4pm

Get the fuck out.

This if you have a  job you're not a hiki.
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>Wake up late afternoon or early evening
>Eat while browsing imageboards
>Continue browsing imageboards for the rest of the night
>Sleep at early in the morning
The only routine better than this would be spending the rest of my days buried in the graveyard. No, I don't even have any interests like playing vidya or watching anime anymore, I'm tired of it all.
>wakes up at random hour
>eats something and drinks water
>starts thinking about what cool things i could do today like watching anime or playing vidya 
>instead of doing any of these i waste the entire day lurking around the internet and/or feeling bad about myself 
>goes to sleep 
Replies: >>337 >>442
>wakes up at random hour
>eats something and drinks water
>starts thinking about what cool things i could do today like watching anime or playing vidya 
>instead of doing any of these i waste the entire day lurking around the internet and/or feeling bad about myself 
>goes to sleep 

every. fucking. day. only with coffee and the occasional coom sesh
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Loneliness is a Gift of Destiny!
[Hide] (88.8KB, 500x742)
>wake up at random time after preferably 10 hours of sleep
>get dressed, charge phone, start pc, turn oven on
>chug a liter of water
>eggs and bacon or just raw eggs for breakfast
>update myself on the internet while I eat
>make water with lemon and potassium, tea, and matcha
>take pills, vitamins
>consume matcha
>crack open a sips
>do some exercise
>do chores
>continue browsing IBs (no good vidya) maybe force myself to watch a movie
>eat whatever is for dinner
>continue browsing IBs
Replies: >>448
wow r u me
I wake up at about 4am, then I sit at my pc for about an hour. I brush my teeth at about 5am. At about 6am I take a shower. Then I just spend the next 2 hours browsing on the internet. At about 8am I put away the dishes from the dishwasher and then turn on the washing machine if there's any clothes in it. I eat at about 6pm when my "mother" comes home and she and her new bf are done cooking food.

I try to play games during the day, but I don't find them fun anymore. I try out new games while I listen to/semi-watch streams.
I talk to God a lot during the day, but it's mostly angry stuff.
I can't wait for this life to be over.
That caption doesn't fit him, his eyes look too sad.
What's shitchan?  Is this a new imageboard I missed out on?
After finishing high school. My family kept begging me to go to university but i just kept postponing until they gave up after 2 years and they didn't bother opening the subject again. I've been a NEET for almost 11 years now. And what's worse is that, unlike most people online, I am anti-social both on real life and online, I just lurk, rarely post anything.. i can't even shitpost.  Loneliness is getting unbearable these days.
Replies: >>456 >>467 >>628
wrong thread, I meant to post it in (How far did you get before becoming a Hikikomori)
>wake up at 2 am from nightmare
>get out of bed anywhere between 5 and 9 am
>play videogames for 30-40 minutes
>stay in bed and stare at screen all day long (mostly imageboards), if my eyes hurt too much i listen to music or comedy stuff ive already listened to 100 times already
>coom and postnut depression 
>sleep around midnight
these are the only consistent parts of my life i can think of
Replies: >>495
>I just lurk, rarely post anything.. i can't even shitpost. 
same here
i don't know about you but i'm very dumb and can't come up with anything interesting to say and even when i do, i'm unable to word it properly and in time
i can't create any good image or video either, i'm stuck consooming
Replies: >>473
I've always been dumb since when i was a kid,getting shitty grades even when i study hard; I am getting dumber as each day passes.
>can't come up with anything interesting to say and even when i do
I am exactly in the same position. I've tried to read some grammar books so i can improve, but still at the same place, can't express properly. maybe some kind of a mental disease or something.
Replies: >>475
as a kid I used to get good grades without studying and teachers would always say I was good and smart, but once I got out of school I realized that the same tests were getting easier year after year so my government could increase the passing rates and pretend their education policy was good, and I just was a bit smarter than very very dumb people rather than being actually smart
I've gotten a lot worse over time too, just like you, to the point it's genuinely debilitating and handicaps me in my daily life, I can't remember things, communicating is very hard, and even the things I know I could do are now impossible because I'm unable to focus or to hold my attention anymore, the only thinking i can do is justifying my emotions and being a braindead shut-in neet in current year only gives me negative emotions
it's rough sometimes
>I've tried to read some grammar books so i can improve
I strongly recommend reading actual books, fiction or nonfiction
grammar books are great and you should have one, but regular books do just as much while being a lot more fun to read, you can just passively absorb some of the rules and new words while enjoying a story or discovering fun things
>wake up a random time, usually late in the evening
>eat something if my poor ass has any food
>aimlessly browse imageboards and random garbage on youtube
>get no pleasure from anything, can't force myself to play games anymore and struggle to find anything decent to watch
>drink until I fall asleep if my poor ass has alcohol, preferably before the sun comes out
>repeat non-stop for years and want to die every second of it
Replies: >>492
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>wake up whenever
>wake up PC
>go through my first lap of websites (new manga chapters, news, imageboards) that i check daily
>play LoL or keep refreshing same websites
>smoke or vape
>cook something from whatever is at hand before energy levels drop too low to be able to cook
>back at PC until sleepy
>fall asleep to watching Detective Conan
Stop drinking, you'll feel better after a week.
Replies: >>493
I've gone cold turkey for months, because alcohol is expensive. Didn't do anything honestly, I just slept more
Replies: >>494
Do you seen Kenneth Clark's Civilisation? That could keep you entertained for a while.
the nightmares stopped for a few days and i was feeling a lot happier
unfortunately they came back just as horrible as before
and my laptop fell off and is slightly damaged, i'm afraid it's going to worsen very quickly
I don't have the money to replace it and my phone also very old and malfunctionning
i don't know what to do and i'm scared
>wake up, 11am-1pm
>relax in bed, put the covers over me and pretend i am in the womb for a bit
>read the newspaper, do my medical routine
>sit on the couch, put some music on, read textbooks, whatever interests me
>cup of coffee perhaps
>dinner, 9pm
>i dont know what i do between 9pm to 4.30 am, which is when i return to bed
>pray, try to sleep
>cannot sleep till 6am
Replies: >>503
what is your medical routine?
Replies: >>507
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>wake up at noon 
>start making the dough for a few loafs of bread
>fuck around with radios for an hour or two 
>bake bread
>make sandwich
>play games for a bit
>make liver or something else for dinner at 8
>play games for 5 more hours  
>pass out
Replies: >>507
i have incontinence of both things, so, i think you would rather i not put it into too much detail
tell me more about the radios?
Replies: >>509 >>510 >>534
god fucking fuck, there's reason i have to be bashful on a site like this, i am sick of being ashamed.
so i wear adult diapers obviously. i also do enemas as part of 'bowel management', you can look it up if you like

thanks for asking, anyway. i feel like a weirdo even though not many people outside of my family + doctor are even aware. hope i don't seem disgusting.
Replies: >>537
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I have a a couple shortwave radios I use a lot now that I have a backyard with privacy fence. most of the time from 1-3 am im fucking with radios back there. 
Its been a fun hobby and I feel it is more productive then playing games all day Like I used too.
Replies: >>511 >>515 >>526
with shortwave how far away can you hear?
Replies: >>512
I pick up German and polish radio stations in my backyard
Can you explain the appeal of this as a hobby to me? I've seen a lot of people talking about it and I'd like to get into it but I'm not sure where to start. I'm not sure what it even entails, in fact.
Replies: >>520
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I enjoy listening to Protestant Priests rant about demons. you find a lot of interesting stuff to listen to on shortwave.
Replies: >>602
Hey Anon I'm really interested in getting into this hobby, can you teach me a little about how I can get started?
Replies: >>526 >>532
supposed to reply to >>510 sorry
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pick up a nice shortwave receiver from my experience tecsun makes the best cheep shortwave radios. The r-9012 was my main radio for a few months before I got tired of not having ssb.
its a good battery powered analog radio for 20 dollars I think now.  
Buying a shortwave external antenna is also a good idea especially if you live somewhere where radio signals are hard to come by. Then all you have to do is browse and find interesting shit and if you want to you can write about it in a journal.
>i have incontinence of both things
Birth defect or did you have an accident?
Replies: >>553
There hasn't been a post in two weeks. What are you guys doing?
Replies: >>536 >>537
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playing video games
Replies: >>537 >>538
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I should be less lazy with my responses. Ive been playing borethunder I don't know why it fucking sucks but I like flying planes. I've always been a plane sperg so it eats at my one weakness, I've spent most of my time grinding for the me 262 its a really nice looking plane. Ive also been growing heat tolerant spinach in my backyard now that I live someplace with a privacy fence and doing radio stuff. 
This is probably the only board on the webring where you don't need to feel ashamed for hygienic shit.
Replies: >>553 >>581 >>602
Same here. I've been playing frogcomposband a lot. I like games where you can summon minions and then hide somehow and relax while they kill stuff for you.
Right now, I'm focusing on the idea of combining wall-walking and summoning; you summon a horde of minions and then duck safely inside a wall where most things can't get to you. My first attempt was a Draconian Ninja, but I got careless and a unique teleported me into the middle of a horde of enemies. I tried Spectre Gray-Mage for a bit, but they have a really hard time getting started. Currently I'm on Etheral Dragon (Domination), which is going fairly well.
Replies: >>539
classic text based rouge likes are cool. I wish I got into them
I was born with spina bifida
>This is probably the only board on the webring where you don't need to feel ashamed for hygienic shit.
Lol, I feel too ashamed to discuss this with any person I know so I much rather mention it (if I ever mention it) online when I'm anon. I feel a lot better than before after I took a step back and realized how pathetic I sounded. I need to be a bit more chill. Still, it does suck to be disabled tho.
I don't keep to a very strict schedule.
> Usually wake around 00:00.
> Computer 2 Hours.
> When hungry eat. I might have some ramen or ramen with beef or hamburger. Restaurants are not open when I'm hungry, so I do not order from them. I also distrust service staff, so not a good option.
> Then try to do some programming. I working on 1 in Java at the moment. There are things I like about Java and there are things I don't like about Java. (it's not a game. it's desktop CMS)
> Around 6:00 I do chores.
> 7:00~12 or 15 I fantizile about having a productive day doing things outside. I never do. Then I get too tired and curl up in my deskchair for a few hours sleeping then I move to the bed if I wake up before 00:00.
> Sometimes I'll eat again at 9:00.

Some days I sleep in past 00:00, but then I go to bed latter so it works out the about the same, then after staying up all night and going to sleep at 3:00 for a day or 2, it settles back to 00:00~12 or 15 schedule.

The graveyard shift sleeping I've been doing since teenage years. It was just what comes naturally.

I used to bathe every day before hikikomori, now about once or twice a week. It's difficult because the tub does not drain. So you take your shower, and then you have to sand in calf high water until it drain in an hour so it's a real pain. Sometimes when it's so slow I feel I should rinse before leaving but if the water is too high  I can't rinse. I use liquid drain unclogger but it does not always work and is expensive.
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Me-262!!! Me-262!!!!!!!!!!!! Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!
Replies: >>591 >>602
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it is a very nice plane
Replies: >>602
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They must have in-depth theories pertaining to demonology and how to identify it. What are things that stood out to you because it's a curiosity of mine.
I dislike War Thunder because it's a game as a service and turns into an addictive time sink because of the grind though if that many people play it in spite of that there isn't any other alternative. I wouldn't mind hearing about your knowledge of planes.
Wake up at about 6am. Brush teeth. Take shower. Then I see if there's laundry or dishes that need to be done. I prefer to just get stuff done before I relax. Then I browse the internet for the rest of the day and maybe play some (old)games. 
Not much interests me anymore. Would be nice to have something to look forward to, or talk about.
>I am anti-social both on real life and online, I just lurk, rarely post anything.. i can't even shitpost.
The same thing happens to me, the problem is that i take the internet too seriously and i let retarded shit anons say to me get stuck in my head for ages, i'm such a retard i can't even interact with other mental fuckups, I'm so fucking pathetic.
>wake up about 10am to 12pm
>get up and eat
>have a conversation at the living room for an hour or less
>go to pc and lurk
>start studying or doing university bullshit
>get sad and mad at university bullshit
>even madder that university actually slows me on my studies
>whine on the internet about it
>play some game
>accept that I have to the bullshit of the university
>sometimes do it
>go sleep at 3am or 6pm

I need to find a job, probably next year, university is a scam, even if online.
Replies: >>630
Fuck this american bullshit
>wake up about 10:00 to 12:00
Replies: >>631
clocks only have 12 hours on them, faggot
Replies: >>632
Greetings, human. Sorry, I live in mars just discovered how clocks work.
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>wake up at 10 pm 
>make a microwave sausage egg and cheese breakfast
>listen to music all day
>maybe play tf2
>pass out at 3pm 
Ive been unable to do anything productive I haven't been able to work on my game project.
[Hide] (624.4KB, 1128x722)
does this count as being hikki?
>wake up 9am
>leave room to use bathroom
>lay in bed for another 2 hours
>work for an hour on my laptop in my room
>leave room for 4 minutes to heat lunch in a microwave and grab drink
>work for another 3 hours in my room
>sit at my personal computer in my room for 3 hours
>leave room for 4 minutes to get a drink and microwave food
>sit at my personal computer in my room for 6 hours then get in bed
>lay in bed for 2 hours listening to asmr 
I go to the bathroom a couple more times during all that and once a week I have to go to the front door to bring in my groceries which consist of hotpockets and dr pepper
I try to leave my room as little as possible, maybe i'm outside of it for less then thirty minutes a day, I go outside for about 5 minutes once a week
Replies: >>707
[Hide] (76.3KB, 582x433)
>wake up at least 1 hour later than the last day
>prepare coffee
>watch anime, mostly lurk but occasionally post on imageboards
>order food (mostly high in saturated fat like Pizza)
>learn a little bit of japanese vocabulary if I happen to have to the motivation to
>clean up my room every now and then
>go to sleep 1 hour later than the last day
[Hide] (439.7KB, 1600x2401)
>wake up around 12 noon - 1pm
>immediately boot up my computer
>barely eat, everything is overwhelming
>have terrible memory

I want to change my routine obviously but I'm burnt out really easily. It's been getting worse since my supply of Adderall went out. I think I'll try to clean my desk now, see where that gets me.
Wake up at 2am
consume some media until 5am ish
eat breakfast
wait for a bit then exercise
cope some more
go out unlikely then consume until dinner time then sleep
[Hide] (74.4KB, 749x749)
what the heck am i doing anymore
>wake up around 7
>walk around room clean it think about productive things i could do
>eat breakfast around 9
>surf web
>ill go down for dinner at around 6
>hang out there for a while sometimes
>get sleepy around 8-9
so pathetic i remember when i would at least do some online assignments and stuff
I wake up between ten AM and two PM, make myself something to eat, shower or don't.
Then I read/play/watch/talk/listen until five or six, I get hungry and make myself something to eat.
Then I do whatever I want until ten or eleven when I get hungry again and make more food.
Then I do whatever I want until two AM. I have set this as my "bed time" so I usually hit the sheets then but sometimes I'm too into whatever I'm reading/playing/watching/talking/listening so it gets postponed. I usually suffer when that happens, sleep a lot later, eyes hurt, that kind of thing.
This image is cute. You have good taste in cute images.Also it's good to see another member of the having-other-people-deliver-your-groceries gang.
>>136 (OP) 
Call me a newfag but who's the OP picture.
>wake up at 2-3 pm
>drinks water and do exercise with ambu
>do anki and read the bible
>lurk chans listening songs
>watch random yt videos
>pray a mystery of the rosary
>maybe watch a movie
>read book
>sleep at 5-6 am
>>136 (OP) 
The times I sleep vary all the time, because we have schedules for when we have electricity throughout the day (4hrs on, 4hrs off, 4hrs on, etc.).
The only things that stay consistent is that I do the dishes first thing in the morning, and then during the first power outage I shower, brush my teeth, and then sleep through whatever time's left.
Can't believe God placed my in this shithole.
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