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I vaguely remember browsing it years ago, would any of you ever want to see it come back? Even if it isn't the original owner so long as there's a definite place to go to communicate with other hikis
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No and there should never be one.

That site was shit and full of normalfags.

Most NEET/Hiki communities are trash anyway and the original /hikki/ served its purpose and should have never been brought back from the dead and this reboot sucks ass.
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What game.
That makes sense since the place is filled with nothing but discordtards.
>>749 (OP) 
Most neet sites are filled with non-whites. So it'd be nice to see if you can get one that's only filled with White men.
ALL the neet sites are shit. Probably because they allow non-humans/demons(non-whites) and women.
The few that were somewhat postable have closed down(like neet.moe).

But this place is good to vent.
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all neet/hikky boards are shit too.
my first one was ruchan.net/hik/. then 2ch.ru/rf became refuge for bullied hikkies from /b/. then a lot of guys copied japanese hikky (turned out that board was very bad as well) rules and made some chans as well as making a refuge/hikky board on every chan. then r9k, jp, wizardchan. some obscure/invite only chans in between. some tor chans in between. 

now we are here AND I MISS MY FUCKING NEET.MOE chan shit, despite its incel clique it was the best i had.
also missing brutal blackpill dude. a little too incel, but it was also good
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whats wrong with incels?
Once people realise how to get NEET bucks and then wait for society to finally fall apart. Boomers are domestic terrorists. Maybe zoomers will think it's niche like how kids who grew up after '90s wanted to pretend the Internet wasn't like 20 years old already.
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