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Food has gotten exponentially more expensive lately and I've been in need of more things to make that don't break the bank. If you have any recommendations and recipes I would appreciate it.
Assuming you're American buy as much meat as you can before any other item.
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buy bags of dry beans and vitamin b12 to supplement the missing vitamin
The food i usually eat are tuna with rice, boiled eggs or fried eggs with bread. These are the food that i can afford and even these are getting expensive.
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Sardines are a cheaper alternative to tuna, and so is pasta over rice. That's my go-to.
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Never tried sardines before. I'll check how much it is and might save some money.
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sardines are alright they've been going up for awhile now though. Ive been having to eat them in water because olive oil sardines are up a buck and still rising. I am also not going to eat soybean oil sardines. 
Ive been making chicken stirfry a lot lately with brown rice and its pretty good ill post my recipe if anyone wants it.
Id also recommend everyone to bite the bulled and buy a rice cooker you wont regret it. its my most used cooking appliance now.
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Ramen. Always get Ramen. it's cheap and can spread anything easily. I cook some eggs and use a little milk for the broth and it fills me up pretty nicely.
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>ill post my recipe if anyone wants it.
Sure, why not. It could help me or someone else one day.
Ramen used to be my main food, but i get sharp pain in my lower left side, i think kidney, whenever i eat it so i stopped unless there's no decent food left at all.
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Eggs, boiled eggs. Dirt cheap and 5 eggs per meal is too much energy for your body already.
If you are making the ramen that comes in the packet and not in the cardboard bowl you can do this;

pour water into the bowl the ramen is going to be served in to the height you want the ramen to be in the bowl. Then pour the water into the pot to boil. It saves you having to use and dirty a measuring cup and you always get the right amount of liquid to pour back into the bowl.
first ingredients
you'll need 
2 cups of soy sauce
1 cup of any east asian wine(ive used sake but I use Mirin mostly)
a tablespoon of honey
a tablespoon of ground ginger
a few shakes of garlic powder
3 cloves of garlic
corn starch
boneless skinless chicken thighs
first mix the sauce its very easy use every ingredient in it besides the corn starch garlic cloves and chicken thighs
then fry your chicken and crushed garlic cloves until they are fully cooked then add the sauce
wait for the sauce to heat up before adding the corn starch 
to thicken 
your done
I make brown/white rice and broccoli most of the time with it 
if you haven't invested in a rice cooker already its worth it to do so minute rice isn't the same and making rice on the stove is a massive hassle to get right.
Have you tried this yourself? Two sausages and a glass of milk are better than nothing or a carb-heavy diet depending on how much you can handle hunger.
Bananas - $0.70 a pound. Oatmeal appears expensive at first, but you get many bowls from a bag or tube of it. Rice of course - drown in soy sauce or butter and sugar if you can't afford to top with meat that day or don't have fresh vegetables.
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