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What games have you been playing recently /hikki/? What's the game you have put the most hours into?
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I've been playing slime rancher again, what about yourself, anon?
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I've been playing Yoshi's island and fallout 2 again.
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>>312 (OP) 
I have been playing Mindustry,Noita,Quake Live,SNKRX and Yakuza 0 lately, game I put the most hours into is tf2 at 2100h(clocked) I suspect I could have put more hours into cs 1.6 and css nonsteam combined
I just finished Robotrek, and I've actually also been playing Yoshi's Island. I've also been playing The World Ends With You, but I'm taking a break right now because constantly using Yoshimitsu to slice up Noise ended up hurting my wrist a bit.
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>Yoshi's Island
is it as good as I remember or did I just imagine it being that good and now I just have nostalgia for it?
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Probably a bit of both. Also, if you want something different, there's Yoshi's Highland:
Things appear randomly, everything moves randomly, and you'll occasionally get teleported to the upper-left tile of level 1-1. It's weird, but fun.
it's definitely good. I replayed it recently on my old DS and had a good bit of fun. I absolutely adore the hand drawn art style too.
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>I replayed it recently on my old DS and had a good bit of fun
I remember when I played the ds game I got stuck certain places. The levels are so fucking long. it wasn't the worst Yoshi's island game though.
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Oh lol that's right, forgot there is actually a different yoshi's island for the DS. I played the GBA port of the original is what I meant. I have all the advance mario ports now that I think about it
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>forgot there is actually a different yoshi's island for the DS. original is what I meant
Its very forgettable. l wouldn't recommend it.
hopefully this board still gets some visitors.

I recently just started Totono but I'm not sure I'm really in the mood to play anything. I've been meaning to go back to my Oblivion save too but yeah I guess I'm just too lazy to even enjoy myself
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There might be a handful of other anons around here, I for one check the board every day. I just don't play videogames anymore, I have more fun watching people do stupid stuff and cracking jokes in them. The only game I play these days is 'Find the 'quit game' button in real life'.
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Why? Why can't I beat him? How is he so strong? Makes the Shin Akuma in 2nd Impact look like a joke. Maybe I should use another character.
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Cheesy enemies can only be countered by being cheesier than them.
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I guess I will have to find some cheap move to spam, but even that isn't very easy against superbosses that can counter anything perfectly and take half of your health whenever you press a button and stop blocking for one frame. Probably should watch videos to see what other people do.
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>but even that isn't very easy against superbosses that can counter anything perfectly and take half of your health whenever you press a button and stop blocking for one frame.
Fighting games AI are a bitch to beat, they read your inputs.
>Probably should watch videos to see what other people do.
That's a good idea.
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They do, but it's more of an issue of reaction time. Generally the AI defends kinda inconsistently even though it knows exactly what you're going, but strong AIs can react to everything almost perfectly if it wants to. Even weaker AIs sometimes have instant DPs and it's really annoying. Super Turbo has a lot of that, but even then, it doesn't always do it because there is a limit to how much it's allowed to, and it's mostly used for anti-air. Thankfully the AI never gets too crazy in SF3. If it did, it would be a really big problem because of the parries. Though Shin Akuma does still parry four attacks in a row sometimes and then destroys you.
Recently did a platnum nuzlocke. Only pokemon who survived was a Yanmega named Kimura and a Pachirisu named Osaka. Gave me a new respect for dragonflies.
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I never finished one of those, but it could solve issues that I have with the games. Only tried once and I got bored and dropped it. The Pokemon games are really slow and really easy, and I made the mistake of playing HeartGold. People really like those remakes, but there are more interruptions (and from what I have seen, the problem only got worse and it was absolutely insane in Sun and Moon, because I guess that's just Game Freak's fetish now, they love stopping the actual gameplay to explain obvious shit and not allow you to skip it, and to make you waste your time again every time you play the game) and it's slower, and there are even more random variables that annoy me, and I made the mistake of not emulating it because I own the game. Still like Pokemon, but I haven't played one in years. Somehow, I played the games enough that I didn't get anything out of them anymore, and I didn't like where things were going so I quit after completing the Gen 6 pokedex, which is something that I never thought would happen, and it's kind of a shame because I did pretty damn well competitively (primarily on Showdown) despite not playing that much, because I knew the entire meta so well and my predictions and mind games are solid.

Maybe I should play some of the hacks. Preferably an earlier generation because I have a hard time ignoring all the annoying mechanics because I guess I have a little bit of the OCDs (though Colosseum would be nice and I feel like playing that, or maybe Stadium, that has no annoyances other than the cheating AI and evasion spam). All the randomness with IVs, natures and abilities, and having to EV train and breed for egg moves, I really don't have the patience for that anymore. Even if I don't go for perfection, I have a hard time not paying attention and ignoring that I have terrible stats. Too many annoyances. I also have to once again figure out how to delete my save if it's not on an emulator, because of course it can't be easy, and of course you can't have multiple saves, and of course you can't even have higher difficulties. And then after all that, I get to the Battle Frontier and get great runs destroyed by luck anyway, because of evasion. Even in the older games, that are simpler, there are limited TMs and breeding and some pokemon learn basically nothing and just suck ass, and there are version exclusives and trade evolutions. I guess that's a good thing about Nuzlockes, they eliminate all of those issues since you have to follow the rules, so there aren't as many decisions to make. A randomizer run could be great too, because then it's all about the randomness and it's not supposed to be optimal. I should do a randomized Nuzlocke, actually.

This unintentionally turned into a rant. I love Pokemon, but I really don't love Game Freak. At this point I kinda hate them, not gonna lie, because over time I became less tolerant of all the annoying bullshit that they did with their games. And that's ignoring their current DLC-infested abomination that I admittedly don't know much about. Showdown must still be fun, so I could play that, but I would have to watch competitive matches to figure out what people are doing and see the new moves and abilities.
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Finally playing games a lot again, and my controller decided that it doesn't want to work anymore. My controller, my controller, why hast thou forsaken me?!
You ever go into the Game Freak building in Moon? One of the NPCs talks about growing up playing Pokemon. That opened my eyes: Pokemon games are now basically Pokemon fanfiction made into games. There are plenty of other problems with the series, but that one's the most obvious one, mainly because of how much it interferes with you actually playing the game.
Anyway, I'd definitely stick to emulators; a lot of the problems you mentioned can be solved by just PKHEXing them away. That, and my preferred way to roll with Nuzlockes is to get a list of level caps and drop my Pokemon down to them before each specified battle. The whole "you can't use a Pokemon if you accidentally level it" thing irks me just as much as the grinding problem that it solves.
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I never played Sun and Moon, so I haven't done that. Even before they were released, I was already entirely disinterested in the series. Then I watched Werster play one of them a little bit (or maybe it was one of the Ultras) and the amount of stupid cutscenes and interruptions was absurd. The first like, two hours, were basically a giant tutorial from what I remember. The most recent games, on the other hand, seem to also be terrible AND they have DLC as well. To me, that's a deal breaker on top of the games being unplayable garbage, and Pokemon is a dead franchise. I do want to play some hacks, though, that can still be enjoyable. Could also play Showdown, but I would have to learn the current meta.
Oh, my ID changed. I am the person that you replied to.
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Pokemon has been bad for years and has only gotten worse. I remember telling my dumber friend who bought sword that they where going to charge money for the old Pokemon and he didn't believe me until it happened. Nintendo have been going down the drain just like western game companies did in 05-11. Nip games will probably be just as bad as western games in 6 years or so if nothing changes for the better. 

Apologies for not posting Ive been playing games for 100 hours a week again Mostly the nip mod for M&B:W its good 10/10
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It has, and looking back, it was mostly stagnant even when it was still good. I guess from now on, I will be playing only hacks, and the spinoffs that I never played, like the Mystery Dungeon games. Actually, I was thinking the other day about how cool it would be if breeding different species in Pokemon created actual hybrids. Maybe someone could make something like that. I guess it would be a game all about creating monstrosities, kinda like Spore, but an RPG, I guess? Could even be based on Pokemon.

>playing games for 100 hours a week again
Wow, that's crazy. I miss doing that, but having fun isn't so easy these days. That and my hardware is pretty limited, and half of my consoles are dead, and my controller doesn't work either. And the apocalypse is happening and it's kinda hard not to think about it constantly.
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>It has, and looking back, it was mostly stagnant even when it was still good
I enjoyed gen 5 and hg/ss And I can admit the shit that I hate about modern pokemon started there. I am also pretty sure the people who enjoyed working on pokemon Left game freak after gen 5 I could be wrong though.
>Wow, that's crazy. I miss doing that, but having fun isn't so easy these days.
Its more like 80 hours a week still to much though. Ive still got things I need to read So I hope I can get back to that soon.
>And the apocalypse is happening and it's kinda hard not to think about it constantly.
I don't normally post about my spiritual shit But I kinda feel like something big is happening soon and that thing not being entirely bad. Donno what to make of it though. I'm also partially convinced everything is Set up to distract people from genuine reality.
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>I enjoyed gen 5 and hg/ss And I can admit the shit that I hate about modern pokemon started there.
Same. HG/SS aren't as easy for me to replay as the old games, there are already too many interruptions and it's so slow and I just don't have the patience for that anymore. Also, like the other games, there isn't much of a challenge most of the time, it's just hitting A until you're done, for the most part. Every game in the series has been made exclusively for people that have never played them before, and there's not a whole lot of content for people that have played all of them. The post-games used to have some of that, but they got rid of it because fuck the dedicated fans. It's a series that panders almost exclusively to casuals, and in many ways just a toy commercial.

They never even really gave us a hard mode (other than the one in B2W2, that barely even counts, and is a fucking version exclusive). In that sense, the biggest problem began when they made Gold and Silver and decided to make it even easier than Gen 1. Anyway, I still enjoyed Gen 5 a lot when I initially played it, but it also has those issues. The original Black and White also don't have that much going on in the post-game (the story was better than in every other game, so that was nice, but that doesn't increase the replay value), though at least B2W2 made up for that.

>I kinda feel like something big is happening soon and that thing not being entirely bad
Well, big things are already happening and they are not going to stop. Not without something even bigger happening and taking the entire system down.

>everything is Set up to distract people from genuine reality
It is. We live in an entirely false reality. Nothing about society is real at all, it's all a gigantic lie created to separate people to reality, giving the demons in power more control, since the population isn't capable of surviving outside of the system and don't have the will to do so because their souls got sucked out of them a long time ago. Most people have very little life left in them and are completely hypnotized, and don't care about anything other than the system itself.
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