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>be me
>offer to take my dad to the store
>offer to mow the back yard
>accomplish both of these and pick up some booze-clues
>somehow caused a fight between my parents by doing this

Anyone else feel like when they do something helpful it's somehow always counter productive?

I just wanted an excuse to buy some drinks.
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>>72 (OP) 
yes, I sometimes get asked to do some shit by my parents, I try to help best as I can and it always ends up in me failing. I am so tired of failing everything in my life
>be me
>mother asks me for help choosing new computer
>ask her for how much she wants to spend
>also ask for what she needs to do
>write it all down, it's basic stuff like microsoft office and video calls and things
>research system reqs for software etc.
>figure it would be best to get something that can connect via cable (spotty wifi at home)
>something easy to repair and replace parts for
>put together some data sheets on a few models, mostly thinkpads
>all of them under budget, organized on easy to read sheets I printed
>I even lamenated them and sorted them by price (least to greatest)
>Present my findings, offer to help shop on ebay for a quality unit
<get yelled at for wasting time
<get told they were all too ugly, and that she found something on her own
<she throws a pillow at me and yells more when I try to tell her it can't do everything she needs
<she tells me I'm a bad son for trying to get her to buy things she doesn't need
<yesterday she asked me to fix the one she chose because it wasn't holding a charge
<she yelled at me again when I told her I couldn't "fix" a battery built into a machine that won't even open
I just wanted to be nice on mother's day, but she still hates me. I don't understand what I did wrong.
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>be me
>Dad asks me to help him find a second job because he hates being at home and dealing with my mother
>tells me about some Fed Ex job a huge distance away for $20+ USD
>tells me about a temp agency he wants me to sign him up for
>ask him for a resume
>be kind of a dick about it
>boomer as dad doesnt have a cell phone, refuses to use one, refuses to learn how to use a computer or any electronic
>gets pissed off when i tell him he needs a resume
<"I've been working the same job for 20 years. I dont want to do the same thing. I've gone to temp agencies before and gotten signed up for jobs"
<been over 30 years since that happened
>mfw the temp agency wants a resume
>mfw my dad gets into an arguement with my mom
>feels when made dad cry because the future is now and the world has moved on without him

You cant even get hired at little caesers pizza if you walk in and ask for a job. It's the same everywhere "you gotta apply online"
Dad basically wants a illegal immagrant job getting $6 an hour and didnt believe me when i told him those were his options.

>Imagine needing to use a computer and making a resume. Oh the humanity!
kill her
>thinkpad for mom
Thinkpad is a kind of autistic call for a normie, but if that's how she treats you no wonder you're where you are.

Your talents and care for detail could br used better elsewhere.
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