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is this the largest /hikki/-type board?
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>>496 (OP) 
I don't know, but I like it here
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Dat feel/
This. There's at least a couple others still around, but this one is the coziest and least judgemental it seems like. Also a lower ratio of non-hikki here which probably helps
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such as?
>>496 (OP) 
There are a plethora of NEET forums around still but I don't know many other hikki forums. I just browse here as well as the defunct hikkichan.com which you can still read via web.archive.org
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most neet forums develop into bitching about women
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Women ARE in an astonishingly sorry state nowadays. You'd think trannies taking over womens' sports would make them think twice about mindlessly obeying social pressure, but apparently they're largely incapable of the whole "enlightened self-interest" thing.
Every neet and hiki forum/board gets ruined by non-whites. All they do is post anti-white bs and complain about women, because that's all that they can do, because non-whites and women don't have souls and are driven by their default, no-iq, programming.
There is a gene-targeting virus in a certain oy country that will fix all the problems in the world.
It's because failed normalfags find their way there.
Though I'll take that over simping, I suppose
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does anybody else wish there was another hikkichan
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my original plan was to make a hikkichan with the boards rules before I got into contact with sturgeon again. Ill probably make it someday maybe.
I like uboachan.
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No thanks. It glows in the dark.
alfred's playhouse
We hikkis really need to stop calling ourselves NEETs and just embrace hikki. NEET is such a low barrier of entry that normies are infesting NEET communities.
Reject NEET. Embrace hikikomori.
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Yeah pretty much. Any teenager can claim to be a NEET because they aren't currently going to school or working, which definitely isn't the same thing as hardly leaving your house for years on end, while also probably not having a bunch of friends like normalcattle NEETs do. I'm aware there's debate around these definitions and Hikki/NEET just being synonyms, but if we're honest with ourselves, there is a big distinction between not working for a couple months and not working for multiple years-decades while being stuck in your room because you suffocate in public. Frankly comparing us to NEETs diminishes what we go through and how severe our problems typically are and fetishes it, a lot of us just weren't ever destined to be functional.
Not clicking that
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