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meta thread for discussing board rules and changes. feel free to post complaints about rules and changes you want to see to them.
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hikki, Im going to clean up meta since this is just turning into edrama shit no anon really cares for other then you too, please email me
Replies: >>105
>please email me

You're the site owner right?

>>83 (OP) 
Why the fuck did you delete my thread on "why become an Hikikomori", I wanted to know more about what made thing this way or are you this much of an insecure faggot that can't handle a simple question ?
Replies: >>109
Are you not a hikki?
Replies: >>112
No I'm not and probably never will be, I just wanted to know what made hikki anons like you to chose this "lifestyle" or whatever.
Replies: >>113
>No I'm not and probably never will be
thats what I thought and its rule ten
>>83 (OP) 
>click the rules link at the bottom of the page
>404 not found
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God I fucking hate those hikkifags don't they know every board should be /b/ said the gorilla taking a chip from the can on his right side.
they deleted his my pony ass fucking shitpost THEYRE SO FUCKING FUCKING FUCK FUCK FUCK Face flushed crimson, noises you would think only a rabid orangutan would make echoing around the house as his father was making coffee down the hall. It was going to be one of those days.
Replies: >>140
>hehe i deleted your post :) hot takes are not allowed here
>is my strawman funny?
Replies: >>253
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dead already, nice job
Replies: >>176 >>177
What did you expect from a board that was made solely for BO's self gratification?
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>still same fagging 
Glad to see your here at the normal time too.
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this post needs ##Board Owner and it will be perfect.
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also saging in pinned thread lol
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thanks for reviving the board when I was taking a break.
Went to check on the board and was surprised to see it was moved here. No complaints from me, though. Also, unless I'm mistaken, we still have the same BO from back when we were in 8chan. Glad you're still around. Dunno why a bunch of retarded normalfags decided to crash the board, but don't let them get you down.
Replies: >>240
Thanks anon, I'm not the original board owner however I'm in contact with him and I am planning to keep the board the same as it was on 8chan with only the two new rules being the only changes. also the spamming was from a samefag from the cuckchan spam around e3.
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huhh.png (u)
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why was number 7 deleted ? as far as I remember he just posted Puru Puru Pururin but in 4k or flac ?
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He deleted by ip without reviewing posts I guess.
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Accidently deleted by ip when I intended to delete his tranime post by the time I realized what I had done all 16 of the posts where gone and I couldn't restore them.
compressed_pururin.webm (u)
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Also it was just 4k image, webm doesn't support lossless audio codecs.
>this scares the BO
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I don't mind shitposting, Just make a general I wont delete anything as long as you keep it to one thread.
I am sorry anon.
Replies: >>254
rule 12 still applies though
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>that Q U A L I T Y
Replies: >>259
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>Also it was just 4k image, webm doesn't support lossless audio codecs.
Didn't know that thanks
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I'm honestly impressed how low I managed to get filesize to be, god bless modern codecs.
I noticed you deleted my post about shut-ins not necessarily being suicidal. I'm not sure why you did that, but I am sure you're a huge faggot. What a shame.
Replies: >>278 >>280
I did not. I haven't deleted any post since July 10 and I wouldn't have any reason to delete your posts since they didn't break any rule.
Replies: >>280
oh you where the same anon who made the tranime post, I accidently deleted all posts by your ip.

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