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Sieg Heil!

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As many of you are aware, today marks 100 years since the "Beer Hall Putsch" of November 9, 1923. I will not go into the historical facts of the putsch as that can be easily found in hundreds of books, articles, forum posts, etc. However, I would like to take this time for us to remember those who gave their lives up for the movement as well as those who gave everything in service to their nation and race in the first and second World Wars, men of our movement who suffered under the worst persecution and slander after the war, and our ancestors who gave us life. The sixteen men who fell during the march on the Feldherrnhalle embody this sacrifice for the seizure of power and resurrection of the Reich. From their blood sprouted a miracle in the reunification of Germany and the victory of the NSDAP, rising from a handful of directionless young men to millions of dedicated Germans, over German politics. If no one had been willing to risk their life for the movement when it was a small band of patriotic dreamers, no one would have been willing to die for it later. We owe our successes to the early blood witnesses of the movement and all subsequent blood witnesses who were inspired by their sacrifice. So we must not let their memory fade and we must remember them forever. The spirits of the fallen did not vanish upon their death, but joined the eternal watch with our ancestors and stand by our side in our struggle.

The following are short biographies of these sixteen men. They 
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Ludwig Maximilian Erwin von Scheubner-Richter was born on January 9th, 1884 in Riga. Born Max Erwin Richter to a German musician and a German-Baltic mother, he took the name von Scheubner in 1912 when he married Mathilde von Scheubner, a noblewoman 19 years his senior. Scheubner-Richter studied chemistry at the Riga Polytechnic Institute from 1904-1906. After the Russian Revolution from 1905-1907, he moved to Munich where he continued his studies and graduated with a PhD in Engineering. On August 10th, 1914, he enlisted as a war volunteer and was assigned to the 7th Chevaulegers Regiment in Straubing. He was deployed to the Western front, but was soon assigned to the Russian front lines due to his fluency in the Russian language. At the end of November 1914, Scheubner-Richter traveled to Turkey and arrived in Erzurum shortly before December 19 in preparation for an operation behind Russian lines to blow up Russian oil fields and subsequently cripple their railroad system. When the Turkish army launched an offensive against the Russian fortress Kars on December 19, the operation began but ultimately failed due to the failure of Turkish troops to break the Russian lines. Scheubner-Richter set himself up in the consulate, where he had been stationed, as a consulate administrator. Taking over all consulate work, Scheubner-Richter was promoted to lieutenant by February 1916. Around this time Prince Emir Arslan Khan called at the consulate and submitted a plan for a Caucasian Repub
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Lorenz Ritter von Stransky-Griffenfeld was born on March 14th, 1899 in Müln. He was descended from a noble family whose coat of arms included the saying "Thus indeed one sees what bravery has acquired!" Stransky-Griffenfeld served with the Royal Bavarian 1st Field Artillery Regiment on the Western front and fought the last two and a half years of the war in Flanders as a first lieutenant. After the war, he served with the Freikorps and fought for the liberation of Munich while studying engineering at the Technikum in Hildburghausen. He later joined the NSDAP and worked diligently in the production of party propaganda. He founded several local groups of the NSDAP in Württemberg and Black Forest. After first being active in the Schutz- und Trutzbund, he joined the SA and was awarded the rank of platoon leader in the 1st division of the 6th company. On November 9th, 1923, Stransky-Griffenfeld was shot several times by state police during the march on the Feldherrnhalle. This dedicated National Socialist was the last of 3 SA men of the 6th company to have his name engraved on the dedication cuff of the Blutfahne and several streets in the German Reich bore his name.
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Wilhelm Wolf was born on October 19th, 1898. As a young man, Wolf worked as a waiter until he was old enough to volunteer for military service in 1916 with the 2nd Infantry Regiment. After just two months of service at the front, he was completely blinded by an unknown attack. He finally regained his sight after a year and was trained as a combat medic, but the 1918 revolution prevented his return to the front. He joined his parents' business as a merchant and served with the Freikorps Marinebrigade Ehrhardt until its disbandment in March 1920. After this, he served with Ritter von Epp in Berlin and Upper Silesia to fight against communists and Polish insurgents. Wolf later joined with the Bund Oberland and the SA at an unknown date. On November 9th, 1923, Wolf was killed by state police during the march on the Feldherrnhalle. There were several men with the name "Wilhelm Wolf" of varying levels of influence in the Reich, but it's fair to assume that a good number of streets bearing the name Wilhelm-Wolf-Straße were named after this founding martyr of the movement.
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That's all for those who gave their lives 100 years ago during the march of the NSDAP, but they weren't the first or the last to give their lives to the movement. There is much we can still learn from their sacrifice. Almost every one was a veteran of the Great War. Almost every one was involved in multiple völkisch organizations. They didn't stand around waiting for "the one," but took action to improve their community and the life of their Volk even while working and pursuing higher education. Nothing was more important to them than their own people. Use their memory to benchmark yourself and never stop improving. Sieg Heil!
Based thread

May our heroes not be forgotten and live in eternal glory forever


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The average IQ of Israelis is 94, they're ugly and mediocre.

To demoralize the public, these Middle Easterners were pushed into the spotlight and made the center of everything.

The purpose of demoralization is to make people give up on community projects, to lose faith in humanity and pursue things as individuals because they don't trust others. Demoralized populations are easily exploited.

By putting Jews in the center of every organization, people disperse from those organizations because their impression of them is that they are disreputable and mediocre.

If you had a math society and the math society advertised itself with a Jew presenting a thesis that 1+1 did not equal 2 and the society endorsed it and paraded that Jew around on media, everyone would break with that organization and lose faith in human organizations in general. 

Using a mediocre Jew as the face of an organization causes White people to abandon that organization and do it enough times and they will have no faith in the quality of people in general and not organize towards their collective interests. 

This is a way of breaking down opposition to governments, corporations, and secret cabals by causing people to become individualists that can't accomplish much of anything as individuals.
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This russian jew made an entire video coping about Jewish IQ and how nepotism don't exist among jews

What are you on about retard?
Replies: >>2321
He thinks that "White" is a jewish term because it supposedly only refers to skin color, despite everyone on Earth agreeing that White means European people. If pedants like him want us to stop using it then they should lead by example.
>The average IQ of Israelis is 94
because of sand nigga population's contribution

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I want to work on a valuable project with anyone here. I am a fascist and a futurist. 

Here are a medley of ideas for projects, though I'm open to other ideas:
>A wiki that only uses primary sources (aka "actual evidence")
>A website where people collaborate on various valuable projects
>A website where people make/edit/etc various parts of AI, parts that can be joined together to make AI that does whatever you want
>A "Shilling group" dedicated to any specific issue/topic, where information about the problem is collected, turned into memes, etc, and distributed by the members. Daily 4chan threads on the issue, resurrected news stories, and other attempts to advance the issue online.
>"ArgumentBots", and a website for them, which can be edited and perfected, which can argue for any topic in whatever way, using whatever arguments and evidence, the creator(s) intended. Also, can respond to counter-arguments. The purpose is to store in an AI the ideal argument for any specific issue or stance or anything else.
>AI that can read text and analyze it. For example, point out attempts at emotional manipulation, give counter-points, point out lies, point out phrasing, or rewrite things from a based perspective.
>AI that can replace various jobs by doing what they do
>AI that can help people understand the legal system, what's legal/illegal/etc, by reading the laws and historic application/interpretation of them
>AI that lives in its own virtual enviroment, and acts in real-time, making a real simulation
>A school that turns people into fascists, a school where the focus is on making the students valuable by making them obsessed with a (unique to the specific student) specific valuable goal/issue/etc. A school which makes them great at accomplishing their chosen goal, helps them figure out what it is and how best to make it happen.
>A website/AI-app that helps people figure out how to buy land and build cheap houses on them
>Read holocaust stories, find contradictions
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Replies: >>3001 >>3011
>>3000 (OP) 
[email protected]
>>>3000 (OP) 
> A wiki that only uses primary sources (aka "actual evidence")

Already exists https://www.metapedia.org
Replies: >>3012
that's not what metapedia is.
Go away.

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This thread for the discussion of pro-white resistance, past or present, from an onlookers perspective, especially focused on people such as Anders Behring Breivik, Brenton Tarrant and the various copycats that we've seen since March 2019. Are they doing what has to be done? Is it more harmful than helpful? Are they all false flags? Discuss!

Memes should go here: >>4

>The Breivik Archive

Previous Threads

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Its a dumb simple question, a cheap troll post. Read Seige.
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Herr Brevik showed us the way with his high score on Utoya. His strategy of targeting the heirs of norway marxism punished the left in a way we have not seen in actions fielded previously. How long until we see the first licks of flame from his incendiary tactic
The jews have successfully sterilized the internet from any spark of possible hope and belief in action.
The probability of someone answering that we are "feds" or shills for merely discussing the issue will be proof of it.
Any place where such discussion has grown have been systematically erased.
The remaining places such as 4cuck and frenshchan are useless circlejerks to demoralize, monitor and keep in check any possible existing opposition to the ZOG System.
Replies: >>2852
>The jews have successfully sterilized the internet from any spark of possible hope and belief in action.
Their constant efforts to clamp down on it tell me otherwise. And I see more anti-jew rhetoric on normalfag sites than ever before. What are you talking about?
Replies: >>2960
You have to constantly clamp down to maintain censorship, though...

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Recently it was found out that the octopus species has DNA that is alien to Earth. Meaning that it originally came from outer space.


Now this made me think. Could it be possible that the European man had originally come from outer space? And that it was the Africans that came from the apes?
Does anybody know if there any more sources out there concerning this theory?
Replies: >>2887 >>2952
>>2224 (OP) 
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>>2224 (OP) 
>Now this made me think. 
>Could it be possible that the European man had originally come from outer space? 
>And that it was the Africans that came from the apes?

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You know the drill, Blackshirts, but for those who don't, post your unpopular opinions here and they will be mocked and corrected in equal measure, for our entertainment.
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>I personally think that modernism and futurism are irreconcilable with any kind of identity politics, whatever the race.
What you describe is transhumanism, and no, the Übermensch cannot be created through that method, as it is a tripartite state, it is Supremacy of Body, of Mind and Will, and of the Spirit, to edit ones own self, or to be edited outside of the bounds of nature as in those actions man could take that we have been able to take, with however much effort, with our natural capabilities since the dawn of our race. Your idea defeats the purpose entirely, and you're wrong anyway.
 The lesser races can't use the gene editing on their own and would have a probably impossible task in doing so if done without the Aryan race as fodder for their own advancement and/or slaves with which to operate the tools to do so. The only other races that could even hope to do that is the East Asian, and the jew, neither of which care what damage they could wreak in doing so, and the technology isn't capable of half of what you described yet, they've only just begun doing things like editing hair color, eye color etc. they don't even have a complete understanding of the human genome, we still don't know the full function of the appendix aside from some seemingly ancillary immune functions etc, any real editing cannot be done or they could unleash viruses and completely unknown di
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Replies: >>2645
I understand your argument, and I mostly agree with it but
>This global society and the technology involved in this will not last much longer at any rate so you can take it into consideration if you wish
Is simply false; should the West fall to racial degeneration, the East would continue to develop scientifically and technologically. This gene editing business, whenever it is good or not, will very probably happen in the future, even if the West collapses.
Replies: >>2646 >>2647
You are overestimating man's ability to create life in his own image, our understanding of the human body is inadequate to cure even simple diseases, how could we be expected to modify a system we do not understand? When man does learn enough about biology to change genes with intent, what he sees as superior and inferior, desirable and undesirable, will be influenced by his own genetic makeup, meaning that the oriental's conception of the Übermensch may be antithetical to what the White's conception of it is. An already existent creature will need to be used as the base for the Übermensch, and building from different bases will create very different results.
>the East would continue to develop scientifically and technologically.
No, it won't China is on the verge of collapse, their fucking dam that will kill millions if it breaks is near collapse and you think Japan or Korea could keep going when all the shit they do have farmed out to china through the west is just gone? If and when America falls, so will the east, so will Europe, the world is too interconnected if one domino goes, the rest begin to follow not long thereafter.
>We are now technologically capable of gene editing and cloning
No, we aren't. Gene editing and cloning are fundamentally flawed as ideas or concepts, and the procedure for them mostly leads to failure. And don't even think about bringing up some article that claims a bunch of Chinese scientists made "breakthroughs", The CCP and media purposely lie about their technological advancements when in reality they haven't done anything. Disinformation is part of the war itself, which China is currently waging against the United States. We have neither the technology nor the ability to do such things, and knowing the drastic decline in science, such accomplishments will never reach anywhere other than science fiction.

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For /fascist/ OC posting from banners and memes to board art and flags for posters to use.
Previous Threads:
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Wow all of these are gay.
Replies: >>2533 >>2538
4 is find, though dated by half a decade
Replies: >>2536
You think this is bad? Look at No.33's shit. Straight-up belongs in a /fascist/ cringe thread. Nothing fascist like having a porn-addiction, amrite?
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soytroon fail

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Is the Biotech/Industrial complex getting under your skin anon? 
Are you tired of dying suddenly of diedsuddenly?
Well get in here for some sympathy and misinformation jabbo, our dedicated control group of horse paste chugging antivaxx plague rats is waiting for your tales of woe.
We're all in the experiment now, we're all clutching our chest in anticipation,  everyone has VAIDS-VAIDS-VAIDS-VAIDS-VAIDS!
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>11 vaccine deaths
hmm... seems the gaslighting is somewhere around three orders of magnitude from reality, thats quite a lot. 

>boomer covid skeptic e-celeb interviews beautiful people perma fukt by teh Vaxx™

>goes for first jab
somatic reaction with pain and chills
>goes back for second jab
beginning of symptoms: visible clot effect, neuropathy and non-specific accelerated aging,
>goes back for third jab
catastrophic auto immune disease now wheelchair bound and in constant pain. 

Despite the stupidity of the victim in returning to the mouse trap to nibble the cheese and never attributing getting an experimental gene therapy with obvious health damage. We can see a kind of psychosis at play in all of the characters in this sad story: victim, doctors and peers. I have heard it described as mass hypnosis and also as terror abuse but the sheer oblivion of independent reasoning at play here really punches me in the face, refuser that I am. 
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What are the ways you can contract the vaxx from other people.
Replies: >>2260 >>2367
I also want to know, I'm avoiding sex because of that.
Replies: >>2367
blood transfusion, possibly only with blood from the freshly jabbed
diluted concentration likely massively lowers chance of damages
organ/marrow transplants are to be advised against, but if in need choices might be limited
vaxxed blood is not the vaxx
the organs, the blood and the genes of the vaxxed can be damaged, but they are not programmed to produce the vaxx itself
sex with the vaxxinated is generally harmless, only offspring might be affected
being jabbed is confirmed to be a cause of miscarriage in pregnant women, problems in pregnancy for women who received an injection earlier are still unknown
if genetic damages apply those might be carried over to offspring, autoimmune problems might also be carried over to the child
anal sex is to be advised against

"vaxx shedding" is well poisoning with the additional goal to slow vectors of communication between the jabbed and the unjabbed
I've seen these types of ((( "nothing to see here" ))) posts on other boards too, in response to discussions on nanotechnology, transhumanism and shedding - apparently the one world government's army/disinfo posters want to quell discussion on these subjects with extra zeal. Maybe they're worried that the cattle/herd will smarten up too quickly and ruin their plans to exterminate the herd.

These kinds of things were being talked about being put into the swine flu scamdemic "vaccines", including the "self-spreading" feature. There are military documents talking about this (as well as "transhumanism" and how wonderful it all is and that it will make everyone healthier, etc.), but also patents.
A lot of good people had been murdered since the failure of the one world government to inject their DNA/God-contaminating poison on a mass scale, during their concocted swine flu scare, therefore allowing this attempt to go ahead and be "largely successful".

These fuckers want to "cool" the planet into a new ice age, killing off pretty much everyone and everything, while at the same time they've got greta-clones/drones burning down buildings in the name of "protecting the environment".
They don't give a shit about infecting their "buddies" because the big club is a lot smaller than those inside it first believed - a good number of "famous" people are dying too.

How do I know that "shedding" is real? It (showing up as illness in others) was mention
Message too long. View the full text

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Hello /fascist/
We would really like it if you could finish up your team page for the Infinity Cup (which is still on going and your team is expected to pass the group stage tonight).
Please give us some updated Roster pictures (as well as finishing the bench, you're lacking  5 substitutions)
Thanks in advance!
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I doubt anyone still here cares about the ongoing cup but at least I want to let you know you made it to the knockouts
Replies: >>305 >>325
Good to know, maybe next year the anon who was into this will come back, or somebody else will take it up.
Replies: >>325
You got eliminated
I don't know for sure if someone's going to pick up the team anytime soon but at least you guys won a cup so that's something
[Hide] (512.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Infinity Cup 7 is now complete! Congratulations to /eris/ who joins the ranks of champions as they defeated /japan/ 3-1 in the Final! Stay tuned for the award winners over at our /icup/ board.
Thank you to every anon who chipped in throughout the Cup, and thank you especially to all the anons who took the time to tune in. We'll see you in the next one!
[Hide] (55.1KB, 299x315) Reverse
There's been some talk over at anon.cafe/icup/ for an Infinity Cup revival and /fascist/ was among those boards mentioned.
Would you guys be interested in renewing your team's spot in the cup? No need to edit anything since your team was already legal in the previous edition, so everything can be reused.

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1. Inherent Biological Incompatibility such as antibody formation to foreign race proteins.

This is expressed from the first mating of individuals of two different races. A classical example is antibody production to Rhesus factor. It is an allergic immunological reaction to the offspring by the woman.  



2. Recombination failure in gamete formation in both males and females.

This is the result of conserved genes being located at different locations on the chromosomes between races due to natural speciation forces such as transposon activity. When recombination occurs in the mixed race offspring to produce gametes, sperm and eggs, recombination between the chromosomes results in additions and deletions that render the gametes inviable or as carriers of addition/deletion diseases. This is measured on a physical chromosome map as the distance in nucleotides between conserved genes. The further apart each parent's conserved genes are on the chromosomes of a mixed race offspring, the higher the percentage of gametes will be non-viable due to additions and deletions in humans. In other species, such as canines, conserved genes are widely spaced apart by SINE repeats, making recombination failure between populations much less likely.

Ethnicity 1 DNA Segment         -------A-B-C-D-E-------------
Ethnicity 2 DNA Segment         ---------------A-B-C-D-E-----
Recombination of Ethnicity 1-2  -------A-B-C/---A-B-C-D-E--/- (Recombination FAILURE!)
Message too long. View the full text
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Another way that the myth of race mixed viability is spread is by claiming mitochondrial DNA is evidence of ancestry, which it is not.

Mitochondria are capable of horizontal transfer and this occurs in a non-hereditary fashion between the previous mates of a female and later unrelated offspring.

Mitochondria are a transferrable genetic elements like the microbiomes of the digestive system or surface of skin.

Mitochondrial DNA is not necessarily a record of your ancestry, but can just be a record of who your mother mated with prior to your gestation.


>Cells transmit their genomes vertically to daughter cells during cell divisions. Here, we demonstrate the occurrence and extent of horizontal mitochondrial (mt)DNA acquisition between cells that are not in a parent-offspring relationship.

Replies: >>678
Phylogenetic trees based on nuclear DNA and trees based on mtDNA are discongruent because mtDNA spreads horizontally, even across different species.

The debate to discard mtDNA from phylogenic modeling is ongoing because it simply doesn't correspond to ancestry in many examples across the animal kingdom, proven horizontal transfer in mammals, but instead corresponds to geography. But it is still being used for human ancestry analysis.

>In total, we identified 126 cases in animal systems with strong evidence of discordance between the biogeographic patterns obtained from mitochondrial DNA and those observed in the nuclear genome. 


This is highly relevant. I recall another discussion, where an anon denied that there's any mechanism for horizontal gene transfer. I didn't have an answer at the time, but I remained uncertain -- if telegony isn't real, then why do we instinctively feel disgusted by women who have had too many partners, especially non-white partners? Why do we prize virginity, or at least a minimum of partners? mtDNA is the perfect explanation.
Replies: >>686
>why do we instinctively feel disgusted by women who have had too many partners, especially non-white partners?
Because being with one, or even being around one to a certain extent, means you're losing. Either fathering someone else's child, or being invaded and replaced by another tribe
Replies: >>2182
[Hide] (101.1KB, 640x363) Reverse
And the divorce rate is also almost non-existant for virgin women.

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