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Sieg Heil!

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Congratulations guys I'm back to remind you that we outlived anon cafe, we outlived frens chan. Cucks lost. We won lmao.

Clap yourselves on the back and lets get this place popping again, I've been not so faithful but I've been busy and been exploring... Everything else besides that which was taken from us (16 and n) is fucking awful and filled with low iq retards who think they are in good company.
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>>4052 (OP) 
You talk like a 4channer. Unironically, go away. You're single-handedly ruining this boards quality. Maybe you should read a book and improve yourself "lmao".
Replies: >>4340
>Unironically, go away.
touche my fellow 4 kiker
Yeah it still looks and feels like ass with js disabled.
What's wrong with vichan, or dare I say kusaba or a futaba based engine?
Replies: >>4342 >>4427
Go to the Meta board and Ask Sturgeon, only he knows the answer.
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>What's wrong with vichan
Here ya go:

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This thread for the discussion of pro-white resistance, past or present, from an onlookers perspective, especially focused on people such as Anders Behring Breivik, Brenton Tarrant and the various copycats that we've seen since March 2019. Are they doing what has to be done? Is it more harmful than helpful? Are they all false flags? Discuss!

Memes should go here: >>4

>The Breivik Archive

Previous Threads

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Why was Breivik a Freemason? Isn’t that suspicious?
Replies: >>4389
I don't think he was ever actually a freemason he used that claim to force his manifesto into the public eye and throw suspicion on freemasonry, if you have proof he was a member that isn't court transcripts then maybe it would be suspicious.
Replies: >>4390
There’s a photo of him in masonry clothing.
“ According to the Lodge records, Breivik took part in a total of four meetings between his initiation in February 2007 and his exclusion from the order (one each to receive the first, second, and third degrees, and one other meeting” 
Replies: >>4392 >>4393
Again, it's very irrelevant seeing as he also posed as a Zionist, it's to put the pressure on them. it's smart play to fool your opponents about your intentions and leave them to in-fight each other and waste their energy instead of focusing on NS.
In the article you posted they also claimed that he had spent the most minimal time he could had in the Lodge.
I don't really give a shit if he is a lizard-man or some Judeo grey alien in human skin, that's a movementarian way to fret. His actions are enough of a reason alone to celebrate as the most racially treasonous, poisonous "people" in his own nation are DEAD, that's what should really matter.
He approached koshervative right and masons, never actually joined either of them, he then tricked both by posturing as such with his manifesto and auto-released photos.
The moment all these right wing parties, koshervatives and masons came up to disavow what he did, he was able to put them in the spotlight as the false opposition they are.
Breivik is definitely GOAT, the only thing missing for him to hit the perfection is the lack of a livestream of his action.

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Using the strategy of tension, ZOG will take advantage of the situation when attacks happen against soft targets such as that of Breivik, Tarrant and etc. They are brave men but their acts do not challenge the system. This is a fact.
Now, some people act as if they instead killed a politician or a billionaire that would do a lot. I’m not sure about that. First of all, it would be incredibly hard, next to impossible to get many of them. Best you can do is a couple perhaps. And that doesn’t bring about the collapse of ZOG. There is an always a person behind, ready to take their spot. You’re saying that now that their predecessor has been killed, they would be more careful when it comes positions which their predecessor had? Or maybe the system will just clamp down on opposition, saying that XYZ people or movement is a dangerous to our democracy and whatnot. And the lemmings will clap. 
Tribe and train. Join an active club. That is the best direction for now. Of course, this by itself doesn’t bring down ZOG. And I’m not saying just wait for the collapse, but shooting some random blacks or attacking power station or even killing a politician or a billionaire doesn’t bring about the collapse of the system just like that.
So what do you say? What should be our strategy forward?
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Right, people have recommended reading upon Lenin and jihadists taking of power, but they never say how it applies to our present situation. The western world today isn’t the same as that of Lenin or of the Middle East. Siege doesn’t actually say how upon our present ZOG can be ridden of. I am not a particularly good writer, we need to somehow together write the guide or a book or something to that extent. I feel that nowadays it is just a lot of waiting for things to just magically get worse, but the jews in power know what happens, so they are careful. 

As long as people have food on the table and talmudvision, they are fine. Doesn’t matter if riots are going on in the streets of cities. So what then? Jews are not going to let it go to the point where people can’t get food on the table/circus. So how do we go get it to that point? Attacking random electric power stations doesn’t do it either.
Replies: >>4372 >>4373
People recommend that because the collapse of the Russian government is what needed to happen prior to the October revolution, it doesn't apply in specifics, it applies in general.
Siege was never more than a manual telling you how to avoid jail, and the two valid stratagems left to our movement, idiots and feds used it and threw some edgy  aesthetics at it to make it seem scary, because all of it's advice and analysis is sound, Mason lays it out simple we either go total attack, the method and means is yours to pick, as nobody who you do not absolutely trust with your life, should know what you are doing, or Total dropout to weaken the system, however little, by denying it you tax income to the fullest extent and also by being as unnoticable as you can, there are no manuals on how to bring it it down, because it is the single most powerful country to ever exist and it is doing it's level best to collapse on it's own, which is not waiting for it to magically get worse, this country is on the brink of a complete economic collapse, Social division is higher than it's been since the 1860's, we have a demented retard in the highest seat of power, and we are on the brink of a likely nuclear war involving America and all of NATO and Russia. china, etc.
>So how do we go get it to that point?
 Dude they're getting to that point on their own, the sheer waste of all the stupid 
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Replies: >>4373
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>Right, people have recommended reading upon Lenin and jihadists taking of power, but they never say how it applies to our present situation. The western world today isn’t the same as that of Lenin or of the Middle East
America and Russia are, for the most part huge countries with lots of different groups be it ethnic and political throughout their history. They are so big that civil wars inside them could be argued to be as 'mini-world wars' described, video related.
The Bolsheviks were very irrelevant and small compared to the much more numerous and moderate Mensheviks, Commies were hated just like us NS nowadays and they were used as an insult to discredit others in a nation where the common and acceptable worldview and discourse of everyday was that the Tsar and his family were divine and God-like and the Monarchical rule must be defended to all cost.
Bolsheivks hated the Mensheviks because they were 'delusional cowards, grifters and opportunists' and the Mensheviks hated them in return because they 'presented bad optics' and 'made the movement look bad' etc, you don't need to guess who eventually won in the end.
They exploited the wrath that was from the costly war of Russia versus Germany and directed it towards tradesmen which they recruited to his cause which they helped him in return by redirecting the railroad junctions which the White Army (Kornilov) train
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i hope someone wont remember me from endchan or 4/pol/ to do some image search on 4plebs
>hasbara said
Replies: >>4380
*and will do some search

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Logistically speaking, all good ideas that actually benefit humanity, are the ones that eventually take hold for the bettering of mankind.
If fascism really was so exceptional, many governments using this doctrine would still exist, the main reason for this to be the case is because most people are comfortable in the state things are, and there is no need to take that approach again.
Most changes that can harm civilization can be democratically corrected, if not, an alternative would always prop up. Let us not forget that the fascist movements that happened prior were democratically elected and spoke for the interests of the people, not for a minority or some other thingamagick.
I think we reached a point where violence and state subjugation is not necessary, and the responsibility for one's community is not only his but everyone's. By everyone gathering similar interests, things get done.
Anything else is... for a lack of better words, pointless.
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>>4326 (OP) 
liberalism is a sin
if you think the enslavement of humanity for the benefit of a jewish ruling class is good there you go.
being liberal is more of a sin than being a blasphemer, thief, adulterer or murderer
>>4326 (OP) 
>Low effort appeal to authority of contemporary status quo, the thread
>Not having having realized democracy is precisely controlled by jewish owned public opinion media and banking (ZOG), as well as overt fraud in 2024.
Your democracy today enforces jail for thought crime and for disagreeing on a specific single historical event (holohoax) but you will pretend that you are right and just when in reality your policies are all worse in every single metric than the fascism you claim to oppose as a peabrained retard that is ruled by jewish racists who want to kill you every day and enforce sickening anti white genocide apartheid on you/us.

You're a complete fucking idiot and if you have any family at all i hope they get raped to death by niggers who will then face no jail for their crimes if you are genuinely this stupid. It's exactly what you deserve and if that's what it takes for you to mentally grow up and start thinking things through like an adult then so be it.
I think you would be better off arguing that the current state of Western governments is not a true or proper democracy, which I can agree with as the result of an implementation of an actual democracy would lead to respect for all ideological differences, unlike they do now. Although to be a Fascist or National Socialist, while advocating and supporting a democratic state or for the installation of one goes against their ideological principles. Both Fascism and National Socialism completely reject democracy, see it as useless, and do nothing more than empower parasites over the aristocratic man. In Mein Kampf, Hitler talks about how one of his greatest struggles was something comparable to Oliver Cromwell when he disbanded the parliament and brought about a dictatorship because the parliamentarians were useless and idiotic, something Hitler wanted to do when he first obtained power through the election of becoming Chancellor. If democracy had any good use of values whatsoever, then I think Adolf Hitler would of at least complimented democracy just once whenever he referred to it and their conception of "liberty.".
>>4326 (OP) 
>Logistically speaking, all good ideas that actually benefit humanity, are the ones that eventually take hold for the bettering of mankind.
Yes, but when has democracy ever benefited humanity? Democracy has done more to turn men into weak-minded sheep.

>If fascism really was so exceptional, many governments using this doctrine would still exist
Modern governments don't want the exceptional; they want mediocrity and something that is easy to take control of. They want governments that work for the benefit of those whose interests are in favor of themselves or a specific group that has no ties or loyalty to the nation and its people. National Socialism and Fascism reject this; therefore, our bureaucrats and statesmen do everything in their power to curtail any influence of said ideologies.

>Most changes that can harm civilization can be democratically corrected
Most of all, the changes that are actively harming civilization have become apparent, because of democracy. The United States, France and the United Kingdom are the best examples of this.

> Let us not forget that the fascist movements that happened prior were democratically elected and spoke for the interests of the people, not for a minority or some other thingamagick.
Let's not fo
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Replies: >>4356
To add to this anon's point, The historical tendency of democracies including democratic republics to vote themselves out of existence in favor of more absolute government is particularly damning.

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Seems like they ran out of money, although the feds may very well have pressured them behind the scenes like what happened with 16.

This board is the only similar place I know, so I created this thread for refugees like me to discuss next steps.

Where do we go? And more importantly, how do we create communities that can outlive these flighty imageboards?
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Replies: >>4037 >>4312 + 3 earlier
>America joined the war because all it's leader were slaves to the Jews/bankers, who wanted Germany dead because it was a threat to their system. Even if Japan did nothing and Germany never interacted with them, the USA would still put all its might into destroying Europe.
Yeah, except japans attack provided justification to suppress the still strong and getting stronger sentiment against any involvement in the war let alone direct involvement. Sure, they aided Britain prior to information reached us about japans attack but it gave quick and easy justification for a draft and push directly into invasion which would have taken much more time if it wouldn't have failed outright that sentiment was flattened by the japanese attack, and they would have had no justification to do anything more than aid on behalf of the not yet subjugated European powers had Hitler not declared war on the US. Doubly so, since a fairly large population in the US was German and nearly the entirety was Germanic aside from some token japs and niggers and the jews.
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>>3560 (OP) 
Hello again friends it's been years thanks for still being here and based fasc janny.

Greedy niggers on frenschan acting as if them running a website is some fucking charity when they were power tripping harder than where people escaped. Imagine think the following:
>"jews wont attack us if we play legit d00d"
>("playing legit" means they ban/censor/delete your posts)
-Uhh yeah they will retard
-Free speech is a threat to them retard

What's there to not understand about that? It's simple. 
Nearly everyone worth a single fuck on 4kike fucked off and went to 8chan when 4 cucked out on gamergate and collabed with gamerjews against the goyim that's like what, 2016 now?
2016 dudes. And why is it nearly always some smelly CIAmerican christcucks running the boards? 

Frens glowed hard, all good effortposts were put in a trash board I made multiple threads including one on TREE SPIKING. And all my threads either got trashed or deleted.
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I'm glad fedschan is dead. I wish all you election tourist newfags would fuck off
There were secret boards? Holy shit? I browsed and posted on that place since it started in 2022, and I’m only learning now of the secret hidden boards.
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>>3560 (OP) 
>Saar please don't Redeem the code I'm a white Aryan like you saar please saar let me shit on the street I'm now taking Australia and Canada after I took Britain Saar next is America Saar I Love shitting on the street saar and eating cow shit and cow pee and fuckin animals and raping kids and women saar Jai shit ram Saar shitholestan major power Saar 2030!!

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Are there good Forums Or Telegram channel where i can talk to like minded people who are into National Socialist ideology ? Like for example the iron march  forum which unfortunately doesn't exist anymore
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Replies: >>4277 >>4281 + 2 earlier
I have tried thousands of times to get people to move to other platforms that offer more security, they do not listen, I tried making a Session Group(End to end Open source Encryption) from people here when under the previous BO, didn't get even one person willing to help set one up, so shut the fuck up, you can't escape the reach of information nets not here, not even on TOR, if people want to talk more personally and more fast paced, they are free to use telegram many many Fascist groups do, it has a quite sizable community of Nazi and Nazi-adjacent discussion groups as well,  where one can learn if you're not stupid enough to expose yourself or any "crimes" you may have or may intend to commit, you will have no issue whatsoever.
Replies: >>4035
> if you're not stupid enough to expose yourself or any "crimes" you may have or may intend to commit, you will have no issue whatsoever.

I understand some of your points, but the one I quoted is plainly wrong.
They will make up new "crimes" to get to you and fuck up your life - actually they've been ramping up with this type of stuff bigly in the last 5 years.
Mr Bond was happily making music a few years ago, fast forward and they made up some bullshit accusation to throw him in jail, while giving no punishment to feral niggers killing and raping european people by the hundreds and literally giving the ok-go to jewish pharma corps to inject millions with experimental drugs free of legal consequences.
The problem with social media is that they are specifically designed to keep track of users' data and activity, it's literally a tool to control you.
The usage of social media should be halted immediately if you are a nat soc minded white person, and at every occasion one should at least warn fellow whites of the dangers posed by such tools.
https://t.me/exposechristianitycensored  (Useful for >>8)
>>3435 (OP) 

> : Gathering those who carry kindling, to feed our innate Fire :
>>3435 (OP) 
> The Cradle is an online news magazine covering West Asian geopolitics from within.

> News, technical analysis, memes and thoughts.
> Politically incorrect channel.
> Undefined ideology, sympathetic to fascism and communism.

> Heritage, aesthetics, culture

> Independent Journalist & Documentarian 

Message too long. View the full text

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Get your shit together, Blackshirts

Books and Info:
>EasyPeasy Method (free yourself from porn)
>Calisthenics Archive
>Convict Conditioning (Calisthenics)
Convict Conditioning: How to Bust Free of All Weakness - Using the Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength
Convict Conditioning 2: Advanced Prison Training Tactics for Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, and Bulletproof Joints
>Sun and Steel by Yukio Mishima
gotta find a copy will edit and attach later
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"The struggle for daily bread leaves behind all those who are weak or sickly or wavering, while the male struggle for the female gives to the healthiest the right to propagate. And this struggle is a means of furthering the species' health and powers of resistance, and therefore its higher development.
If the case were different, progress would cease, and even regression would occur."
If you don't honor these sacred words, you are no real National Socialist. You are simply a Christian weaklings that doesn't like niggers and kikes
Replies: >>4079
Maybe in a more righteous society, but I don't know why you would continue to adhere to social Darwinism when you see the types of people who reproduce the most under the current system
<Niggers and spic on gibs
or the people who most often become wealthy
<Deceitful jews

The system is bent against us, and success within that system is useless and even counterproductive unless it feeds into racial survival. Throwing our White brothers to the wolves the opposite of that.
>You are simply a Christian weaklings
Not a Christian and Christianity has nothing to do with it. Your typical mealymouthed kosher conservative churchgoer loves social Darwinism. Haven't you heard that famous cope
<If you get replaced by an immigrant then you must be stupid and low status. Smart people can out-compete them by getting a better job(TM)
Replies: >>4086
If you are too weak to survive the misery of this cushy fucking society, you aren't strong enough to be of any use to anyone when it begins to crumble, wallowing in misery is a feminine trait anyway, what kind of moron are you?
You see in the quote where it says "if the case were different, progress would cease and even regression would occur"
that regression is happening now, showing that the natural order of things is upset.
I have not rejected empathy or mercy, I just choose not to have any for those who may share my physical race but endanger it's very existence spiritually and physically, if you seek to save every white even every supposedly awakened white you are not only an idiot, you are naïve in the extreme, you will get stabbed in the back by these people you wish to save because they don't care about the race they care more about their happiness than they do anything tangible they are what Nietzsche called the Last Men, get the fuck over your empathy and mercy and realize that nobody alive deserves it until they prove they deserve it not even amongst men you may call comrade.
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Can anybody here help me? I am looking for an old image about natural unpozzed female European bodyshapes. It showed a bunch of real models in black & white. I remember it was usually posted along side these two pictures back on 8chan /pol/ before it went down.

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I had a talk with a friend about NS and facism. I personally believe that NS is the solution. To be honest i started to think like that half year ago. So i dont have the full vision yet but i learn daily. Anyway his conclusion was that its too dangerous to give somebody all the power to control the country. Because what if its a bad fuehrer. There is nothing that can be done against that and how can you garantie he will be a good leader? I unfortunately couldn't give him a good answer and started to think about what he said and cant get to a conclusion why that wouldnt happen. So i wanted to ask here wat you think about that statement. Sorry for english.
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The point notwithstanding is most normalfags earnestly believe you people are the bad guys, are the most evil leaders in history, and corrupt and should be strung up like at the Nuremberg Trials by their account.
Ask /leftypol/ or the West to be your judges and their verdict on what they would have done: or the German nobles within who conspired against Hitler and other discontents. 

>but I can't help but feel this is intellectually lazy.
It is intellectually lazy, imo, because do we honestly believe people are just waiting for the right moral reason to virtue signal and not rather to powergrab? 
And if we did speak of moral reasons, imagine what it would take to accomplish the goals of the kind of regime /fascist/ would want. To deport all the unwanted races alone would be enough to fuel the greatest propaganda campaign that whoever is doing this is a tyrant and the normalfags would go along with it.
Yes. I think we are driving at the same conclusion. The problem is in many ways bottom-up. Corruption in and of itself is a serious problem but it can only come about when a people - a nation - lack proper moral conviction and/or a will to power. Looking at the situation now it is much as you say: Whites are themselves half degenerated. They do not have the proper Master Morality and will to power.
Rehabilitating that Will to Power is the most necessary and difficult of tasks for our cause. It must take place simultaneous to the creation of a new order or all the effort is for naught.
Replies: >>4257
By the way, do not take this post as a criticism of Hitler or NS. Adolf Hitler accomplished
>Rehabilitating that Will to Power
With his speeches and leadership. It is part of why he was so extraordinary.
I don't think we can take the exact same route that he did for a multitude of reasons but it is nevertheless needed.
Replies: >>4258
Don't worry, the future leader Hitler spoke of to Heinz Linge, is out there, but I suspect nobody will see him until the comfort has been broken beyond repair, we don't have too long now, shit could break apart any day.
Replies: >>4275
It is difficult to be assured of such a thing. The majority of Whites seem to be either against their own racial survival or indifferent to it. Of those who would like to see racial survival, precious few are willing to do anything to actively work toward it. It feels like things are getting worse too gradually for that desperate fighting reflex to kick in. It is an abhorrent quagmire.

[Hide] (5.5MB, 640x358, 01:53)
Hitler Speech Thread

>or related media
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[Hide] (5.9MB, 640x360, 02:10)
[Hide] (5.8MB, 576x296, 01:53)
[Hide] (4.3MB, 640x360, 01:12)
[Hide] (5.9MB, 640x360, 02:00)

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As many of you are aware, today marks 100 years since the "Beer Hall Putsch" of November 9, 1923. I will not go into the historical facts of the putsch as that can be easily found in hundreds of books, articles, forum posts, etc. However, I would like to take this time for us to remember those who gave their lives up for the movement as well as those who gave everything in service to their nation and race in the first and second World Wars, men of our movement who suffered under the worst persecution and slander after the war, and our ancestors who gave us life. The sixteen men who fell during the march on the Feldherrnhalle embody this sacrifice for the seizure of power and resurrection of the Reich. From their blood sprouted a miracle in the reunification of Germany and the victory of the NSDAP, rising from a handful of directionless young men to millions of dedicated Germans, over German politics. If no one had been willing to risk their life for the movement when it was a small band of patriotic dreamers, no one would have been willing to die for it later. We owe our successes to the early blood witnesses of the movement and all subsequent blood witnesses who were inspired by their sacrifice. So we must not let their memory fade and we must remember them forever. The spirits of the fallen did not vanish upon their death, but joined the eternal watch with our ancestors and stand by our side in our struggle.

The following are short biographies of these sixteen men. They 
Message too long. View the full text
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[Hide] (28.8KB, 287x351) Reverse
Lorenz Ritter von Stransky-Griffenfeld was born on March 14th, 1899 in Müln. He was descended from a noble family whose coat of arms included the saying "Thus indeed one sees what bravery has acquired!" Stransky-Griffenfeld served with the Royal Bavarian 1st Field Artillery Regiment on the Western front and fought the last two and a half years of the war in Flanders as a first lieutenant. After the war, he served with the Freikorps and fought for the liberation of Munich while studying engineering at the Technikum in Hildburghausen. He later joined the NSDAP and worked diligently in the production of party propaganda. He founded several local groups of the NSDAP in Württemberg and Black Forest. After first being active in the Schutz- und Trutzbund, he joined the SA and was awarded the rank of platoon leader in the 1st division of the 6th company. On November 9th, 1923, Stransky-Griffenfeld was shot several times by state police during the march on the Feldherrnhalle. This dedicated National Socialist was the last of 3 SA men of the 6th company to have his name engraved on the dedication cuff of the Blutfahne and several streets in the German Reich bore his name.
[Hide] (31.5KB, 283x359) Reverse
Wilhelm Wolf was born on October 19th, 1898. As a young man, Wolf worked as a waiter until he was old enough to volunteer for military service in 1916 with the 2nd Infantry Regiment. After just two months of service at the front, he was completely blinded by an unknown attack. He finally regained his sight after a year and was trained as a combat medic, but the 1918 revolution prevented his return to the front. He joined his parents' business as a merchant and served with the Freikorps Marinebrigade Ehrhardt until its disbandment in March 1920. After this, he served with Ritter von Epp in Berlin and Upper Silesia to fight against communists and Polish insurgents. Wolf later joined with the Bund Oberland and the SA at an unknown date. On November 9th, 1923, Wolf was killed by state police during the march on the Feldherrnhalle. There were several men with the name "Wilhelm Wolf" of varying levels of influence in the Reich, but it's fair to assume that a good number of streets bearing the name Wilhelm-Wolf-Straße were named after this founding martyr of the movement.
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[Hide] (577KB, 1621x2004) Reverse
[Hide] (59.6KB, 549x800) Reverse
[Hide] (238.4KB, 774x1200) Reverse
[Hide] (240.9KB, 1000x1314) Reverse
That's all for those who gave their lives 100 years ago during the march of the NSDAP, but they weren't the first or the last to give their lives to the movement. There is much we can still learn from their sacrifice. Almost every one was a veteran of the Great War. Almost every one was involved in multiple völkisch organizations. They didn't stand around waiting for "the one," but took action to improve their community and the life of their Volk even while working and pursuing higher education. Nothing was more important to them than their own people. Use their memory to benchmark yourself and never stop improving. Sieg Heil!
Based thread

May our heroes not be forgotten and live in eternal glory forever

Great thread

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