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What was the relationship of National Socialism to Catholicism like?
I know they had the main religion being traditional Nordic, but they also allowed Catholics in the Reich like Leon Degrelle.
The Pope declared support for Italy, but what about Germany?
There are pictures of Hitler with Pope, but other than that, could you post facts about this NatSoc-Catholic alliance?

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST There was no alliance Keep the Christnigger simping in the containment thread.

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How will Fascism or National Socialism fix relations between men and women? Is there any fixing what has happened, or is it largely a case of removing the muddlers and the natural relations will restore themselves as a matter of course?

What is essential:
>ensuring a father can support an entire family, getting women out of the work-force
>encouraging and supporting large families through incentives, loans, etc
>encouraging men and women to marry earlier 
>making divorce more difficult
>banning pornography
>domestic discipline

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Replies: >>1352 + 1 earlier
>>14 (OP) 
>How will Fascism or National Socialism fix relations between men and women?
It won't. NatSocs are the biggest white-knight, Captain Save-a-Ho simps I've ever seen. Husbands will be responsible for their wives while having zero authority over them, same as now.
NatSoc would empower men to be stronger father figures, though. NatSocs only simp for grown White women, not for children
Replies: >>1354 >>1406
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>hate the opposite sex of your tribe, goy! it's good for you, trust me!

Fuck off.
Replies: >>1355
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Reading comprehension fail.
Replies: >>1414
>Unironically uses the word simp
Fuck off cat-boy lover. Retards like you are why there are faggots and trannies in RW movements.
This meme isn't even remotely true and is a gigantic cope. Anon, you are a beta male, get over it.

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[Reposting from frenspol.]

Hello fellow frens,

Recently in another thread many frens myself included had expressed interest in forming a White advocacy and support network encompassing multiple aspects of community support, outreach, legal assistance, workshops and meetups as well as general well-being improvement initiatives. The amount of advocacy for this idea right off the bat was encouraging and with Hizzy's support I have elected to start a thread to discuss specifically the aspects of what this proposed group or network would entail and encourage ideas from the broader Frenschan community.

This group would entail a range of support and advocacy initiatives all encompassing the idea of preserving White heritage and cultural and supporting the members of our race. The group would start here on Frenschan employing an organizational structure that was both secure and trustworthy. So many frens have echoed my sentiments that too many White support groups today are untrustworthy, full of red flags, or have become E-begging whores to fund the lifestyle's of the leadership that runs them while doing little for the community that they claim to represent. This group would be founded by us in the FC community and integrity would be one of the strongest cornerstones in which its foundation would be built. Many Whites today are lost, alone, and adrift on a dark ocean with societal propaganda and feelings of hopelessness beaten down upon them daily. We need to change that a
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>Trump made a valiant attempt to fix it
Can you elaborate on this? Trump just seems like another ZOG puppet to me.
Replies: >>1377
>Trump just seems like another ZOG puppet to me.
In fact, that's the consensus around here, so this is just my personal view. I see his actions as at least slowing the decline, if not a brief reversal. Enforcing borders, scaling back imperialism, negotiating the withdrawal from Afghanistan (Biden admin fucked it up later), bringing back domestic industry, pulling out of trans-pacific partnership, paris climate accords, iran nuclear deal, the World Health Organization, and ((( international power structures ))) in general, along with banning trannies from the military, pushing back against ((( critical race theory ))) poison, and more. All these were moves in the right direction, if modest.
Really, from the way NPCs absolutely seethed over Trump, you would hardly know that he was a downright moderate politician with sane policies. He worked against the corrupt oligarchy to some extent instead of being completely beholden to it, which was enough to cause all that cacophony.
As I said, most /fascists/ see Trump as kayfabe controlled opposition, meant to provide an outlet for boomers and non-pozzed Whites while still being safe for ZOG. It's likely that Trump did strike a deal with Jews, and they allowed him to operate, although I don't think he was their puppet; I think Trump led a genuine revolt which was conta
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Replies: >>1380
Anon, even before the presidency, they (that is to say, KIKES) would send him into any pro-American boomer movement as a wrecking ball that sucked all the air out of the room while exposing dangerous dissident elements to them, multiple times.  The 9/11 Truther stuff and the Reform party, to name a couple.  His entire presidency was just this shtick all over again.  Seeing anyone with pattern recognition IQ so low on this board is going to snap my back like a twig from cringe, please fix yourself.
Replies: >>1382
I'm normally quite good at picking up patterns, maybe I haven't made a proper analysis of Trump. Based on the hysterical response from most of our institutions and power-brokers, it seemed that Trump's revolt was genuine, and not planned by Jews; however, Jews realized they could keep this within bounds and prevent MAGA from being a threat to the real power structure, which is still intact. This is my current perception.
Replies: >>1405
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>it seemed that Trump's revolt was genuine, and not planned by Jews
Here's some evidence he's been their shabbos goy for decades.

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I recall that our board long had an ecofascist/anti-tech thread, but I feel that this goes against the spirit of fascism. In truth, fascism is a modern, 20th century phenomenon dependent on modern transportation, modern law enforcement, a modern military, etc. The thought of competing with other ethnicities while undermining our own technological superiority is ludicrous. It would decrease the potential of our own race, its genetic health, and its future. If anything, non-whites should embrace Ludditism, die out, and be conquered while Whites should aim for the stars. A White society must be efficient and use advanced technology to stand up to (perhaps even destroy) all the other races, and anyone who thinks otherwise is following a path of guaranteed failure. It is because of our technology that so many middle-age and elderly Whites are still alive, that abortion can be easily and painlessly carried out on the nigger community, that borders can be blocked off (if the people in charge weren't kiked), etc. Cleansing our lands and the world at large would be possible with biotech but an impossibility with the abandonment of modern technology. The people in charge are the problem, not the tech itself.
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He just reported you, I banned you, as trying to twist NS against itself is, in my opinion, against Rule Six, No Degeneracy doing so with Hitler's flag is just insulting.
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>I find it a bit strange that you are referring to post WW2 national socialist groups when we are talking about the historical Third Reich.
Find it strange all you wish, Hitler was shown to have ethnoglobe in mind ultimately through the various table talks, and as a sort of undercurrent even in Mein Kampf because it is the natural logical conclusion of putting Nature's Law at the fore front of the mind, I reference two men probably smarter than either of us but certainly who worshipped Hitler as a man and sought what we now call Ethnoglobe.
>They all share the same foundation but the groups also have political differences and other differences that are specific to the group.
That is not how Natural Law works, It demands of every group the same things, Those who choose to ignore any part of what it demands, are on the wrong path.
 >I think there should be a dedicated thread for discussing different third position groups and the differences between them.
Make one, or look through the catalog to see if an existing thread fits your topic.
Replies: >>1211
From Table Talks Hitler gives the impression of wanting White global dominance in the long run, which was well in line with the Madison Grant/Lothropp Stoddard vein of racial thinking that heavily influenced him. That probably looks like British Empire (minus the White savior complex) instead of some fantasy that unga bunga tribespeople in Fiji will need to die to secure European safety. If you have any quotes from Hitler that actually prove he desired the latter, post them.  

Messianic rabbinical judiasm is the only ideology I'm familiar with that calls for the entire rest of the world to be enslaved or exterminated. It was not present in Hitler's mindset or even the Aryan one since the violent expansion into central and western Europe 2,000-3,000 years ago.
>The Germans were obsessed, and rightfully so, with purity for the Nordic race and you think they weren't ethnically cleansing the Slavic lands of the racial inferiors within that region?
I readily believe that they were doing it, even if it wasn't some kike propaganda version with gas chambers and so on. Nature is a struggle between races regardless of whether guns or wombs are the weapon. There were SS men who saw themselves as having to take on the task of wiping out kikes for the sake of Hitler's reputation (according to Irving at least)
Message too long. View the full text
I'll just add that the German-Slav conflict was unique in that it went back as far as either group existed, in table talks Hitler is asked about how much the slavs should be educated to which he half-jokingly responds "enough to read road signs to they don't get hit by our cars". He had a contempt for them both as a German and on a personal level. It's a stretch to extend that to the entire planet, especially when Hitler for both pragmatic and ideological reasons gave up Germany's foreign colonies when negotiating with the British and French in the late 1930's. A common theme to Hitler's public and personal statements is that he wanted to quietly build his German Reich once he dealt with the slavs, and there were even important figures like Alfred Rosenberg who was head of cultural policy that advocated for softer treatment of them.
Bump for Futurist interest

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Fascist News General /fng/
This thread is for discussion of recent happenings that may be of interest to users of this board. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, news involving fascist parties around the world, info related to government / corporate responses to White nationalist / fascist activities, and events that are likely of interest to users here, such as declining race-relations, anti-White policies and Jewish-related scheming.

This thread existed on 8, anon,cafe, and 16chan, just as before it'll be here on a trial basis. If it attracts too many outsiders, it will be deleted. If it results in garbage-tier discussion not healthy to /fascist/, it will be deleted. This is /fascist/, not a free-for-all area.

Twitter alternative: https://nitter.net/
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I suspect either one of them was actually stupid enough to brag their plan about others or one snitched out the rest for special rewards.
probably the latter. all they needed to do was plant some evidence and that marks the end of the right
Replies: >>1112
You say that, but some people, especially boomers, will fedpost on Faceberg and then wonder how they got caught.

>the end of the right
I get the sense we're going to hear the media spew this constantly. Just like how every other week for 10 years we heard about how American forces caught/killed the baddest Taliban bad guy ever and there was no way for them to recover and the war in Afghanistan was all but won.

And then one day they surrendered and left.
I wonder for how long they will be imprisoned, while they're rarely used almost every ZOG country has very harsh laws against treason. If only they had someone to advise them on OpSec.
Who Murdered my Father, Rudolf Hess? Another Voice of Freedom

> The son of Rudolf Hess, Wolf Rudiger Hess, an admirer of his godfather Adolf Hitler, and an architect and fixture of the post-war German nationalist movement, sits down with Ernst Zundel to discuss the death of his beloved father.

> He was an outspoken critic of the investigation or what some call cover-up of his father’s death. He maintained that the British Secret Intelligence Serice (most likely in collaboration with the KGB & Mossad) had murdered his father to prevent his parole- which he believed to be imminent- because the British government were afraid that his father, if allowed to speak freely, would blow the whistle about Allied atrocities during and after World War Two.

source: http://www.renegadetribune.com/who-murdered-my-father-rudolf-hess-another-voice-of-freedom/

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For /fascist/ OC posting from banners and memes to board art and flags for posters to use.
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I moved this here because it is a request about OC from a previous iteration of this board in the future, such requests go either here or in QTTDTOT,
he tried
Replies: >>1220
I Guess I was being kind of harsh
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Replies: >>1223
[Hide] (244.4KB, 1693x968) Reverse
Also, I found.

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Get your shit together, Blackshirts

Books and Info:
>EasyPeasy Method (free yourself from porn)
>Calisthenics Archive
>Convict Conditioning (Calisthenics)
Convict Conditioning: How to Bust Free of All Weakness - Using the Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength
Convict Conditioning 2: Advanced Prison Training Tactics for Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, and Bulletproof Joints
>Sun and Steel by Yukio Mishima
gotta find a copy will edit and attach later
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Just wanted to thank the mod who decided to step in and knock that fed faggot off the overboard. Though you guys are still pretty retarded for validating him for so long.
Replies: >>1096
There's only one mod, me. Yep, Ethnoglobe.
If I were a weeb I wouldn't say, anime is degenerate, but we all have things we do that would be considered degenerate some that give us joy, Hitler didn't want those taken away and neither do I, so long as you do not let the things you enjoy become a harm to you, do as you please.

Also actually read the thread nobody is arguing it's bad to say there's degenerate anime, they're arguing against a blockhead who doesn't want to see reason.
He displayed a complete lack of knowledge of National Socialism and exactly the attitude that Goebbels made a speech about he doesn't belong here.
Which fed faggot?
Replies: >>1097 >>1099
I see. Welp you're really nice so that's good. But don't go too bad! We need to prove people who are wrong that they're wrong. Even if they're passionate about being wrong. Maybe they just didn't know better, you know?
>Then why being a National Socialist. Go back to being a lolberg, if you refuse to take action seriously as we do.
You are not a National Socialist, you are an idiot coming in claiming to be, Anime is a symptom not the disease, and so long as Orlog is the owner of this board, It will not be an instant ban.
>Learn to spell.
It's my nvitae lnauagege and I wlil fcuk it up as I csohoe.
>You have nothing, but claims which are all bullshit.
Not a single one of my claims or assertions have you actually addressed at all.
>Of all the fascists and NS I've seen who are very interested in anime have been degenerates.
You have not seen any, because real NS do not tolerate inflexible idiots, you have seen larpers claiming to be something they are not very like you, in fact.
>Take pic-related as example as there exist many of them amongst our circles.
<twitter posts mean something
No, they don't and someone questioning why you're worried about them knowing why you're buying something or rather why Apollonian Germ is, proves nothing.
>Anon, you are a RW weeb. You are your own enemy as well.
No, I am not.
>"I have not seen" is a common saying to downplay the general demographics and behavior of people of group.
Message too long. View the full text
>Which fed faggot?
I'll give you three guesses.

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This thread for the discussion of pro-white resistance, past or present, from an onlookers perspective, especially focused on people such as Anders Behring Breivik, Brenton Tarrant and the various copycats that we've seen since March 2019. Are they doing what has to be done? Is it more harmful than helpful? Are they all false flags? Discuss!

Memes should go here: >>4

>The Breivik Archive

Previous Threads

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You are glowing
Replies: >>1069
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fuck off back to 4cuck
Replies: >>1073
Epic bro, let's glorify acts of terrorism!! That totally doesn't make you stand out like a raging bad faith actor trying to get this site shut down.
Replies: >>1081 >>1083
>let's glorify acts of terrorism

Yes, and I am tired to pretend we shouldn't.
You, on the other hand, can and must go back to your controlled opposition pasture on twatter, 4cuck or preddit.
You don't belong here, normalnigger deradicalized faggot.
Unless I am wrong Sturgeon is American, and runs the site in such a way that it is American law he has to follow, and he is a free speech extremist, so, I suggest you look up the Brandenburg v. Ohio decision of the United States Supreme Court, it is in fact 100% legal to talk about and even encourage direct targeted violence in PUBLIC, so long as the violence you advocate for is not immediate.

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This thread is for Non-Abrahamic Aryan Religions/religious philosophy and more broadly Aryan Philosphy.
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Natural Philosophy > folk religion

You can draw morals and values from the land without a deity, and have cultural practice which isn't religious. 
I looked for a long time for the "folk God/s" and realized there needn't be any. 

In unrelated news i just made a five meter high wicker monster, it's not an idol it's just to scare the jewish victimhood cult at the local church. 
You'll probably see it on the news in a week.
Replies: >>753
Didn't see shit.
And you didn't look hard enough or you would have realized that the gods and natural philosophy are intertwined intimately, and would have found them both within and around you.
Last edited by orlog
After long consideration, I have come to a conclusion that dharmic worldview is ultimately a poisoned apple, despite having a lot of merit and being based on some truths, or rather, half-truths. While the world does operate according to certain immanent principles, reducing oneself to a mere impersonal function is much closer to Talmudic worldview than Aryan worldview, which has always valued freedom and individuality, albeit tempered by higher wisdom and enabled through a collective effort where freedoms were always balanced with duties and where hierarchies were organic and self-emergent.
Replies: >>839
Indeed, I have a similar perception of Dharmic belief systems. My favorite is Buddhism, with its philosophical outlook and similarity to Stoicism, but... something's not quite right, and I can't fully commit to it.
Replies: >>842
Well, Buddha was an Aryan prince so he was aware of certain knowledge, even if marginally, but he either failed to interpret it properly or it got completely twisted past his death

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The average IQ of Israelis is 94, they're ugly and mediocre.

To demoralize the public, these Middle Easterners were pushed into the spotlight and made the center of everything.

The purpose of demoralization is to make people give up on community projects, to lose faith in humanity and pursue things as individuals because they don't trust others. Demoralized populations are easily exploited.

By putting Jews in the center of every organization, people disperse from those organizations because their impression of them is that they are disreputable and mediocre.

If you had a math society and the math society advertised itself with a Jew presenting a thesis that 1+1 did not equal 2 and the society endorsed it and paraded that Jew around on media, everyone would break with that organization and lose faith in human organizations in general. 

Using a mediocre Jew as the face of an organization causes White people to abandon that organization and do it enough times and they will have no faith in the quality of people in general and not organize towards their collective interests. 

This is a way of breaking down opposition to governments, corporations, and secret cabals by causing people to become individualists that can't accomplish much of anything as individuals.
[Hide] (9.7KB, 200x252) Reverse
We need to come to terms with the tactics of demoralization and remedies to them.

I think the remedy to the media and hijacked organizations promoting medocrity is to call it out and use that as a filter to select who you associate with.

If you call out mediocrity and people turn around and say, "What are you, anti-Semitic?", then you burn them out of your group covertly, you fire them, you get them fired, you sabotage them, and that way you can build up communities you can trust and have faith in.

We can turn the demoralization tactics used by malicious groups for our advantage, using them as a test to see who should be included and who should be excluded.

If you bother to show people that Einstein was a plagarist and a mediocre Jew and they still say he was foundational to physics or something, then you covertly remove them from any organizations you're a part of.

Most people, however, will totally reject the media narrative about Einstein immediately after finding out he was a plagarist and probably literally mentally retarded. There are reasons to have faith in humanity and people aren't as bad as the media would lead you to believe.

These demoralization campaigns particularly target the high IQ people which would otherwise be the center of organizations. The goal of demoralization campaigns is to get the smartest people to throw their tools on the ground and say, "I've had it with you stupid fucks, I'm moving to a cabin in the woods"; which breaks down intelligent organization of communities.

The demoralization comes in two parts, media and organizations celebrating mediocrity and training useful idiots in communities to become aggressive defenders of mediocrity. If someone is going to get aggressive to defend something they heard from a disreputable media outlet known to lie, then you should actively and covertly remove them from your group.
Message too long. View the full text
[Hide] (6.3KB, 268x188) Reverse
The purpose of promoting mediocrity is to make you lose faith in people, but all you have to recognize is that these organizations are hijacked into malicious entities and don't represent the population.

What you see on TV is not an accurate representation of your peers or what they think.
Stop using the jewish term, ((( white )))

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