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Sieg Heil!

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What is left of online fascist communities? I know we have this board among a few other (mostly) dead boards scattered throughout the alt chans. But for the most part it doesnt seem like theres any big and active online communities for people lit us. (aside from shitholes full of feds like /pol/ and stormfront) How do we build more quality WN/Fascist communities online/improve existing ones? 

Id also like to pose the question of how to get more activity on this board. It gets like 1-2 posts a day which is decent however there is much room for improvement.
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Like this?
How long can well adjusted NS's really stay on the internet for? I assume that most of the frequent posters on 16chan and anoncafe got fed up with posting on here rather than organizing in their local communities. You can only discuss for so long until you know what to do.
Replies: >>3459
What I think is missing is a website where we can discuss action, not ideology. Such a website cannot exist for long, for obvious reasons, but it is still lacking.
Replies: >>3460
>What I think is missing is a website where we can discuss action
IRC chats and P2P style solutions such as Tox (but not Tox because group chat fucking sucks on that) is more appropiate than an ib for that, also IRC can be self-hosted and such
>Seriously though, where did all the serious people go?
Some are still around, and comment from time to time, but as I said before unlike FashBO, I do not have the time or inclination to sit and respond as often as he did, as my life has been chaotic for the last year or so and has not yet seemed to abate. 
I was also one of those people who contributed greatly in the Archives as I am vehemently Nordicist/Germanicist, absolutely convinced that ethnoglobe should be our ultimate goal, and christianity must be utterly wiped from the earth and kept only as a teaching tool of what to look out for and to destroy in secret movements and undergrund cults and that perhaps only for a selection of expertly trained and fanatical soldiers to reduce the risk of exposure of it to a vulnerable populace.
We all get ghosted, when our situations are untenable we tend to turtle eschewing all but our most treasured connections, this has always been the case, the key is to make yourself one of those treasured connections, which is not easy.

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This is a non-fascist thread from an outsider.
I am sympathetic to fascism, but understand why we are at odds.
Fascists are fully justified in hating monarchists for Victor Emmanuel III and for Juan Carlos I.
Benito Mussolini writes.
>His treason strips him of his regalia and brands him for his individual shame, just like the traitors whom Dante assigns to the ninth circle of hell.
Benito Mussolini also writes.
>The Fascist doctrine has not taken De Maistre as its prophet. Monarchical absolutism is of the past, and so is ecclesiolatry. Dead and done for are feudal privileges and the division of society into closed, uncommunicating castes. Neither has the Fascist conception of authority anything in common with that of a police ridden State
Contrary to Benito Mussolini, this thread does analyze & make comparisons between absolutism & fascism. Our prophets are Jean Bodin & Thomas Hobbes & Robert Filmer. De Maistre is our weakest link & the black sheep of our bunch (his ultramontanism stands in stark contrast to our other prophets & De Maistre condemns Louis XIV & has certain Tocquevillist inclinations). Albeit De Maistre is within our ranks, he isn't our foremost representative. Absolutism is a general political idea, applied to each form of state and every time period. It doesn't account for only Monarchy or the Middle Ages and nowadays neofeudalists and traditional catholics and anarcho-capitalists above all others are denouncing absolutism as a political idea -- to the contrary of Benito Mussolini's words, so there is justification for proceeding with the comparison.
What fascism & absolutism have in common is the uplifting of the political.
As the Italian fasces are an emblem of the State & absolutism is from the politique faction (concerned with advancing the political good).
>Bodin was a “politique,” a partisan of neither the Huguenots nor the Catholic League, who had the reputation of caring more for civil peace than doctrinal truth.
'Bodin on Wars of Religion:'
>No greater proof of a stable state exists than was shown recently in the religious wars that flamed throughout all France. Although the leaders of the parties devastated everything with slaughter and fire, yet the splendor and prestige of the courts and of the greatest cities strangely enough was undiminished. Then many battles and great tumults were quieted in a short time by an edict of the best of kings, as swarms of bees may be checked by the throwing of a little dust. The prince forgot all injuries. Goodness of such a nature is innate in the race of the Valois.
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That's why I disagree with Rene Guenon -- who condemned the merging of civil politics and religion. 
I have to agree with Hobbes of all people who resolved that it was a necessity to have both Sword and Crosier united.
People might say it is an injustice for such an authority to hold and determine this, but the same could be said for any authority and even a hierarchy: they still must set ordinations and guide their flock, that I don't see it as too fundamentally different like I said earlier about how the household accounts for both stratocracy and hierarchy.
Thomas Hobbes
>The error concerning mixed government [constitutionalism] has proceeded from want of understanding of what is meant by this word body politic, and how it signifies not the concord, but the union of many men.

>The other error in this his first argument is that he says the members of every Commonwealth, as of a natural body, depend one of another. It is true they cohere together, but they depend only on the sovereign, which is the soul of the Commonwealth

Plato Republic:
>That the other citizens too must be sent to the task for which their natures were fitted, one man to one work, in order that each of them fulfilling his own function may be 'not many men, but one', and so 'the entire city may come to be not a multiplicity but a unity.'

Plato Republic:
>For factions… are the outcome of injustice, and hatreds and internecine conflicts, but justice brings oneness of mind and love.

To differentiate what Hobbes says about body-politic from Aristotle, there is no other passage from Aristotle's Politics that makes this more clear than here:

Aristotle Politics
>For the people becomes a monarch, and is many in one; and the many have the power in their hands, not as individuals, but collectively. Homer says that ‘it is not good to have a rule of many,’ but whether he means this corporate rule, or the rule of many individuals, is uncertain. At all events this sort of democracy, which is now a monarch…
Message too long. View the full text

>According to Plato, unity is the desired end of both individual and state constitution. 

>Plato’s overarching disposition towards unity asserts itself most pervasively and at every level, from the point of origin of a city to its formally articulated bureaucratic structure. What needs to be observed here is how unity — even more than the alleged goals of justice or the Good — is the ultimate teleological principle informing the interrelation of elements comprising the city’s overall constitution.

>Where the circularity of the concept of unity encompasses for Plato the origin and purpose of a state, Aristotle’s procedure in the Politics is strikingly different. To evince the overall contrast of both method and content between the two thinkers, it may be useful to consider firstly Aristotle’s metaphysical presuppositions, secondly his observations on the state in general, and finally his assessment of democracy as informed by these.

>To begin with, Aristotle’s self-proclaimed analytic and somewhat empirical method (I, i) is far less prone to the strategy of hypostatization which governs much of Plato’s thinking in the Republic. Aristotle’s method i
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I don't understand most of what you're saying, but this is a very good thread nonetheless.
We have a /monarchy/ on the webring?
From what I understand he has philosophical differences with Monarchy, and he puts in effort, which I appreciate, so I let him have his thread,

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How long can you think in circles before you realize communism is perfect for the people (in theory)?
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Blow the fucking commie out, this presents an opportunity for you to defend your beliefs, most I'll do is move the thread to the QTTDOT, after I sleep on it.
>>2799 (OP) 
How long will you deny the fact that communism is closer to fascism then any anarchism or syndicalism. How long will you deny the liberal and communist support for hitler and mussolini? 
How long will it take you that you are a ploy in a bigger game.
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>/trannypol/ bunkertroons are seething again.
>>2799 (OP) 
No, Anon. National Socialism as a worldview and driving force for whatever political system we decide to take up is best for the people. In theory, practice, and spirit. When we put the needs, health, safety, and prosperity of our own people above those of all others we give ourselves the means to thrive. When we choose to look inward and build healthy families, strong communities, and then turn outward with the might of fist, foot, and mind, we enable ourselves to claim new lands for our people to expand to. When the men who shovel the shit out of sewers can wash themselves and look an aristocrat in the eye and they still know each other as folk and work towards a common end, we create a healthy society devoid of class warfare and replace it with a united struggle. National socialism is what's best for us.
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>>2799 (OP) 
>communism is perfect for the people (in theory)


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>"Of course there are no pure races left; not even the Jews have kept their blood unmingled. Successful crossings have often promoted the energy and the beauty of a nation. Race! It is a feeling, not a reality; ninety-five percent. at least, is a feeling. Nothing will ever make me believe that biologically pure races can be shown to exist today. Amusingly enough, not one of those who have proclaimed the 'nobility' of the Teutonic race was himself a Teuton. Gobineau was a Frenchman; Houston Chamberlain, an Englishman; Woltmann, a Jew; Lapogue, another Frenchman. Chamberlain actually declared that Rome was the capital of chaos. No such doctrine will ever find wide acceptance here in Italy. Professor Blank, whom you quoted just now, is a man with more poetic imagination than science in his composition. National pride has no need of the delirium of race."
— Benito Mussolini, Talks with Mussolini
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Replies: >>3222 + 1 earlier
race/ethnicity = breed 

Daily reminder that even if you are a mutt we don't have to all be bulldogs/rottweilers.

nation = culture

culture = religion 

religion = delusion/truth

It's only true if you were the right breed in other words, hence incompatible personality types exist due to having mutated in opposing directions. Different logic styles. Otherwise scientists nor mathematicians would argue amongst themselves.  But yeah, even if your golden retriever is slightly lab or some shit it's still not a bulldog mixed with rottweiler. One's gonna be a fuckin' nigger and the other is more likely not.
Replies: >>3222
>title is an absurd self-contradictory straw man position which misses the point
Might as well stop reading there, honestly.

>Mussolini was not an intellectual
Prior to becoming dictator, he was. Almost a textbook case, even, being a well-read political journalist and a huge producer/extender of Fascism.
>but conflates it as essentially being one of those make-believe social tools used for the political wrangling of masses of people into one cause or another that benefits the ruling class
It absolutely is. Break down the Whites into all the subgroups, and all those subgroups into more subgroups. This is very easy to weaponise, in fact many neo-Nazi organisations self-destruct over it with little or no interference.
It's a ruling class, not a ruling cloud of powerful people. Their uniting factor is their ruling position, not their 'race awareness' or nepotism. They're acutely aware of their class, the benefits it affords them, and the fear of a united nation threatening their ruling position is far more potent than race. Economics are the basis of power, of thriving despite being inbred genetic failure, of being an uneducated starving mess despite being the most pure race. Look how two-faced even the l
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Replies: >>3225
Note how he does not mention niggers belonging to Europe, not even sandniggers.
>>3206 (OP) 
>National pride has no need of the delirium of race
Amazing paradox.

Nice twisting of words. Awfully kikish.

from natus, past participle of nasci "to be born" (Old Latin gnasci), from PIE root *gene- "give birth, beget."
A Norman cannot become an Anglo. A nigger cannot become either.
>It absolutely is. ...
OK, fair enough. I see how maybe I ate my words there, since race is contorted for political purposes all the time by the ruling class.
My point was Mussolini is disregarding race in general, which is foolish if you ask me, and now you are disregarding it on the basis that it's used as a political tool. To that I would say, people disregard esoterica all the time for being "Jewish" and claim it's a "dirty" tactic (read: heresy for the Aryan), even though said esoterica is older than the Jews or anything they've ever done. The only thing the Jews ever invented was inversion as a political tool, because their logic is inherently inverted because they are ugly (read: an anti-race).
Taking a concept and inverting it for political purposes does not invalidate the concept. As far as I'm concerned race is the most important thing there is and if you want to conflate race with literal hogwash like organized religion (read: inverted esoterica), I have nothing to say to you.
>The nation is a corpus ...
True. I should have said "purpose of the word 'nation'" instead of just "nation". But the point stands that society can only exist on the basis of race. Without the common interest of race I cannot fathom how any society would ever manifest. If a corrupt and decrepit elite ruling class emerges, it is the product of invade
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This thread is for Non-Abrahamic Aryan Religions/religious philosophy and more broadly Aryan Philosphy.
Previous Threads:
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>seeking initiation from some exotic e-celeb
Just don't.
>Jonestein and QAnal
I've read people who definitely were initiates but still said erronous things, sometimes plain stupid. There are way too many groups of people who pretend being qualified to provide an initiation. Even in Freemasonry, all sorts of retards started their own mini lodges and asserted being legitimate in providing the adequate environment for a true initiation. Laughable. To say nothing of the super jewed pozz center that Freemasonry is anyway.
India has been infiltrated a long time ago but there's a cultural inertia that will simply be very hard to overcome regarding pantheons and beliefs, regardless of the One True Religion the Jews try to prop. All these fuckers are shilling for 'Unity' and have lately had many companies update their logos into any variant of the Cube to reflect that. It has become their new rallying call.
They're all commercially engaged with Israel, even the supposedly opposed nations and groups... NATO, Russia, China, India, etc.
But Hinduism is garbage anyway, no matter the form. Whites were digested by this larger population, now nothing of their greatness remains outside of early Vedic works and whatever racial status caste system they put into
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Apparently Frank Morales is popular in the Hindu community for being a fake. No matter the sect, they all give him the sideeye for his teachings. It's likely the case that he's not even actually initiated himself.
Replies: >>2840
he made a video recently addressing Neo-hinduism and showed how many hindus in the 19th century and 20th century were covert Christian missionaries.

I think he may be a good resource and person, but that doesn't necessarily mean he has bad opinions unrelated to scripture. I do think he has made some errors like associating with Alex Jones, and believes he is real, or he may be peerage himself part of misdirecting people further, but the latter remains unproven so far.
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Here's a few interesting sources on revival attempts of the Proto-Indo-European Religion:
(reconstruction of the ancient aryan religion, WARNING: this page was written by a Liberal Plebbitor, most of the basic information is true  but other parts are literally made up, remain skeptical)
This https://ceisiwrserith.com/pier/index.htm , Crecganford and especially Survive The Jive have great information about the Aryan religion.
In general, I think it's best to practice Norse or Hellenic heathenry if you want a more solid tradition. I worship our sacred sky father (Dyḗus ph₂tḗr) and the Fuhrer the most.  I made an  idol inspired by an ancient yamnayan stelae of him found in one of the many great Kurgan across the steppes. There's something liberating about using the language, idols, methods and exact gods that the ancient Aryans (or 'h2ryos' as they called themselves) used! 
A massive issue I see with these 'revivalist' religions cropping up is the Post-Modern lens being used here, this Idea that you can just pray to any god regardless of heritage, that you can ignore the cultural context and lifestyles of these ancient peoples and still gain somehow
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Scientology is based

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The average IQ of Israelis is 94, they're ugly and mediocre.

To demoralize the public, these Middle Easterners were pushed into the spotlight and made the center of everything.

The purpose of demoralization is to make people give up on community projects, to lose faith in humanity and pursue things as individuals because they don't trust others. Demoralized populations are easily exploited.

By putting Jews in the center of every organization, people disperse from those organizations because their impression of them is that they are disreputable and mediocre.

If you had a math society and the math society advertised itself with a Jew presenting a thesis that 1+1 did not equal 2 and the society endorsed it and paraded that Jew around on media, everyone would break with that organization and lose faith in human organizations in general. 

Using a mediocre Jew as the face of an organization causes White people to abandon that organization and do it enough times and they will have no faith in the quality of people in general and not organize towards their collective interests. 

This is a way of breaking down opposition to governments, corporations, and secret cabals by causing people to become individualists that can't accomplish much of anything as individuals.
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This russian jew made an entire video coping about Jewish IQ and how nepotism don't exist among jews

What are you on about retard?
Replies: >>2321
He thinks that "White" is a jewish term because it supposedly only refers to skin color, despite everyone on Earth agreeing that White means European people. If pedants like him want us to stop using it then they should lead by example.
>The average IQ of Israelis is 94
because of sand nigga population's contribution

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You know the drill, Blackshirts, but for those who don't, post your unpopular opinions here and they will be mocked and corrected in equal measure, for our entertainment.
Previous Threads:
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>I personally think that modernism and futurism are irreconcilable with any kind of identity politics, whatever the race.
What you describe is transhumanism, and no, the Übermensch cannot be created through that method, as it is a tripartite state, it is Supremacy of Body, of Mind and Will, and of the Spirit, to edit ones own self, or to be edited outside of the bounds of nature as in those actions man could take that we have been able to take, with however much effort, with our natural capabilities since the dawn of our race. Your idea defeats the purpose entirely, and you're wrong anyway.
 The lesser races can't use the gene editing on their own and would have a probably impossible task in doing so if done without the Aryan race as fodder for their own advancement and/or slaves with which to operate the tools to do so. The only other races that could even hope to do that is the East Asian, and the jew, neither of which care what damage they could wreak in doing so, and the technology isn't capable of half of what you described yet, they've only just begun doing things like editing hair color, eye color etc. they don't even have a complete understanding of the human genome, we still don't know the full function of the appendix aside from some seemingly ancillary immune functions etc, any real editing cannot be done or they could unleash viruses and completely unknown di
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Replies: >>2645
I understand your argument, and I mostly agree with it but
>This global society and the technology involved in this will not last much longer at any rate so you can take it into consideration if you wish
Is simply false; should the West fall to racial degeneration, the East would continue to develop scientifically and technologically. This gene editing business, whenever it is good or not, will very probably happen in the future, even if the West collapses.
Replies: >>2646 >>2647
You are overestimating man's ability to create life in his own image, our understanding of the human body is inadequate to cure even simple diseases, how could we be expected to modify a system we do not understand? When man does learn enough about biology to change genes with intent, what he sees as superior and inferior, desirable and undesirable, will be influenced by his own genetic makeup, meaning that the oriental's conception of the Übermensch may be antithetical to what the White's conception of it is. An already existent creature will need to be used as the base for the Übermensch, and building from different bases will create very different results.
>the East would continue to develop scientifically and technologically.
No, it won't China is on the verge of collapse, their fucking dam that will kill millions if it breaks is near collapse and you think Japan or Korea could keep going when all the shit they do have farmed out to china through the west is just gone? If and when America falls, so will the east, so will Europe, the world is too interconnected if one domino goes, the rest begin to follow not long thereafter.
>We are now technologically capable of gene editing and cloning
No, we aren't. Gene editing and cloning are fundamentally flawed as ideas or concepts, and the procedure for them mostly leads to failure. And don't even think about bringing up some article that claims a bunch of Chinese scientists made "breakthroughs", The CCP and media purposely lie about their technological advancements when in reality they haven't done anything. Disinformation is part of the war itself, which China is currently waging against the United States. We have neither the technology nor the ability to do such things, and knowing the drastic decline in science, such accomplishments will never reach anywhere other than science fiction.

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Hello /fascist/
We would really like it if you could finish up your team page for the Infinity Cup (which is still on going and your team is expected to pass the group stage tonight).
Please give us some updated Roster pictures (as well as finishing the bench, you're lacking  5 substitutions)
Thanks in advance!
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I doubt anyone still here cares about the ongoing cup but at least I want to let you know you made it to the knockouts
Replies: >>305 >>325
Good to know, maybe next year the anon who was into this will come back, or somebody else will take it up.
Replies: >>325
You got eliminated
I don't know for sure if someone's going to pick up the team anytime soon but at least you guys won a cup so that's something
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Infinity Cup 7 is now complete! Congratulations to /eris/ who joins the ranks of champions as they defeated /japan/ 3-1 in the Final! Stay tuned for the award winners over at our /icup/ board.
Thank you to every anon who chipped in throughout the Cup, and thank you especially to all the anons who took the time to tune in. We'll see you in the next one!
[Hide] (55.1KB, 299x315) Reverse
There's been some talk over at anon.cafe/icup/ for an Infinity Cup revival and /fascist/ was among those boards mentioned.
Would you guys be interested in renewing your team's spot in the cup? No need to edit anything since your team was already legal in the previous edition, so everything can be reused.

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1. Inherent Biological Incompatibility such as antibody formation to foreign race proteins.

This is expressed from the first mating of individuals of two different races. A classical example is antibody production to Rhesus factor. It is an allergic immunological reaction to the offspring by the woman.  



2. Recombination failure in gamete formation in both males and females.

This is the result of conserved genes being located at different locations on the chromosomes between races due to natural speciation forces such as transposon activity. When recombination occurs in the mixed race offspring to produce gametes, sperm and eggs, recombination between the chromosomes results in additions and deletions that render the gametes inviable or as carriers of addition/deletion diseases. This is measured on a physical chromosome map as the distance in nucleotides between conserved genes. The further apart each parent's conserved genes are on the chromosomes of a mixed race offspring, the higher the percentage of gametes will be non-viable due to additions and deletions in humans. In other species, such as canines, conserved genes are widely spaced apart by SINE repeats, making recombination failure between populations much less likely.

Ethnicity 1 DNA Segment         -------A-B-C-D-E-------------
Ethnicity 2 DNA Segment         ---------------A-B-C-D-E-----
Recombination of Ethnicity 1-2  -------A-B-C/---A-B-C-D-E--/- (Recombination FAILURE!)
Message too long. View the full text
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Another way that the myth of race mixed viability is spread is by claiming mitochondrial DNA is evidence of ancestry, which it is not.

Mitochondria are capable of horizontal transfer and this occurs in a non-hereditary fashion between the previous mates of a female and later unrelated offspring.

Mitochondria are a transferrable genetic elements like the microbiomes of the digestive system or surface of skin.

Mitochondrial DNA is not necessarily a record of your ancestry, but can just be a record of who your mother mated with prior to your gestation.


>Cells transmit their genomes vertically to daughter cells during cell divisions. Here, we demonstrate the occurrence and extent of horizontal mitochondrial (mt)DNA acquisition between cells that are not in a parent-offspring relationship.

Replies: >>678
Phylogenetic trees based on nuclear DNA and trees based on mtDNA are discongruent because mtDNA spreads horizontally, even across different species.

The debate to discard mtDNA from phylogenic modeling is ongoing because it simply doesn't correspond to ancestry in many examples across the animal kingdom, proven horizontal transfer in mammals, but instead corresponds to geography. But it is still being used for human ancestry analysis.

>In total, we identified 126 cases in animal systems with strong evidence of discordance between the biogeographic patterns obtained from mitochondrial DNA and those observed in the nuclear genome. 


This is highly relevant. I recall another discussion, where an anon denied that there's any mechanism for horizontal gene transfer. I didn't have an answer at the time, but I remained uncertain -- if telegony isn't real, then why do we instinctively feel disgusted by women who have had too many partners, especially non-white partners? Why do we prize virginity, or at least a minimum of partners? mtDNA is the perfect explanation.
Replies: >>686
>why do we instinctively feel disgusted by women who have had too many partners, especially non-white partners?
Because being with one, or even being around one to a certain extent, means you're losing. Either fathering someone else's child, or being invaded and replaced by another tribe
Replies: >>2182
[Hide] (101.1KB, 640x363) Reverse
And the divorce rate is also almost non-existant for virgin women.

[Hide] (1.2MB, 1392x1076) Reverse
YWNBAW Agent tr00n

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST Unecessary Low Effort Thread, Thios is what the News thread is for.

Replies: >>1581
>>1578 (OP) 
>Gook troon is both a pedophile and a fed
Wow, what a surprise! I'm shocked I tell you, shocked!

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