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“…Many of today's problems are a result of yesterday's solutions.” - Otamin

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The zigger arc continues…
Welcome to /japan/! It took a year but the first thread finally filled up. The usual teen discussions will take place here.
STREAMS: https://cytu.be/r/kimeemaru
DIRECT LINE TO CABAL: #/japan/ on irc.sageru.org
/v/ BUNKER: https://sportschan.org/v/
ARCHIVED THREADS: https://pst.moe/paste/vauokw Last thread: >>1 https://archive.md/OgQJk
FRIENDS: https://pst.moe/paste/ocitlx

1. Take it easy!
2. Manufacture as much bait as possible. The bros need our energy in these trying times.
4. If you
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It's still winter you stupid fairy!
Replies: >>11405
Were you trying to quote >>11403?
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/japan/ is invited to the 8moe soulcalibur 6 tournament.
a tournament where boards submit references to their characters they want to fight in soulcalibur 6 -- each character is customized and created individually in soulcalibur 6's character creator.
8moe /icup/
Soon. Submit a character as soon as you may.
give me a reference to whatever contestant you want to fight.
choose a fighting style / weapon below with your contestant.
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Replies: >>11408
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virus site low effort IP scrape attempt by feds, ignored

reference my car's bumper running you over fedman
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I fucking hate dicksword niggers and their ilk with a burning fucking passion edition

>What's a 2hu
Shrinesl00t armpit licking sim series
>Where do I start?
Get EoSD with the vsynch patch If you're new to primary games. SA if you're some kind of mushihime master or something.
Or just play the fangames, only /jp/ is gonna judge you for that.

>Only for pure secondary niggers:
soku: https://mega.nz/#!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k
>Try to learn soku:

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GGs anon. I gotta wagie soon so I'm going to eat. I will be back tomorrow same time if I can. Fun games. I think you should consider BE'ing more even when not in the corner, because I felt like you were having trouble with defense? It's a bit safer than getting pushed back into the corner. HJ BE is hard to input but very useful. (You need to block, and quickly switch to pressing 2 as you double tap. You'll jump BE straight up. Good for center stage evasion.) Also remember jumping and teching out of aerial knockdown make you vulnerable. Hope that's helpful.
Replies: >>11464
Hi I'm back to get fucked thank you
Replies: >>11465
Sorry I slept in and have to leave soon. Tomorrow?
Replies: >>11467
HOST UP: >>11455
Replies: >>11468
Shutting down soon... try again tomorrow...

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Heh, smol
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The teen philosophy of "fuck da jan man" which dictates posters be free to post whatever and encourages conflict to strengthen the userbase is obviously a functional one. Lately its come under fire from teens abroad, but we've held the tide back. However, it doesn't matter how many times we blow them the fuck out when they just won't accept anything that doesn't agree with their narrative. I propose that we further refine our position in this thread to make the stance completely ironclad. I'll open with what I think is the biggest problem with jannies today:

Personal bias.
They always apply their biases to their rules and twist them to mean whatever they want them to mean. This in turn leads to extreme subjectivity and inconsistency with moderation enforcement actions. Usually it comes down to them deleting things they don't like simply because they don't like it. In other cases they will hide or delete criticism to protect themselves. It always results in either alienating the users or better yet becoming the very thing they complain about! A personality board. What's more is that they completely lack the self awareness needed to understand how out of touch they've become, resulting in further detachment from everyone. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It doesn't help that the users who've stuck around long enough go along with it like nothing is out of the ordinary. They end up completely turning into a cargo cult
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>I will never forgive them for deleting my dnd diet alignment chart.
What's that? Got any archives?
Replies: >>11209
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If you'll allow my uncultured navelgazing, the compromise is to dial moderation power back to thread OPs. 
OP wants a thread on topic X, and can kick niggers derailing the thread with off-topic X, Y, and Z or just blatant trolling. If you don't like it then don't post in that thread and you're more than welcome to start your own with blackjack and hookers. It could solve the problem of fags ruleslawyering as the OP is the arbiter and has final say of what is allowed in his thread and there is no boogyman you can invoke to stir shit.
This could let you offload the moderation work to the board as a whole rather than a few as OPs would be responsible for maintaining their thread. Janitors are then relegated to enforcing boardwide/global rules like cleaning up cheese pizza and other shit, as well as pruning wildly off-topic or cancerous threads. The content within the threads are a better reflection of what the board wants to see rather than what a few janitors want to see. An option you can give OP is the power to autosage his own thread if he believes it has no purpose anymore, or just doesn't want to keep up with it, and let it sink to the bottom. As the pace of these boards is glacial, threads can stick around for years—case in point: replying to three year old posts—the OP probably isn't around to moderate his thread anymore and this
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Replies: >>11388
ok, what's preventing someone ill intentioned from making a bunch of threads, banning and deleting anyone who tries to post in them and then going around saying shit like "dead bord nobody posts there" "you can't post there because they'll ban you for anything" and filling the catalog with effectively empty spam threads masquerading as legit?
>Janitors are then relegated to enforcing boardwide/global rules like cleaning up cheese pizza and other shit, as well as pruning wildly off-topic or cancerous threads
so you're still relegating power to a central figure AND giving more power to shitstirrers and bad actors to do their craft which would result in another tug of war between users and mods. the worst of both worlds, great idea.
dead bord nobody posts here

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Weekly stream of random schizo music I find, usually small soundcloud artists. Many genres.
Sometimes jazz, rock, and lots of electronica lately. Post requests/complaints/threats here.  
I reserve the right to play whatever I want.

Every Wednesday at 7 to 10 PM PST. One hour of soku beatings usually starts around 8PM but this varies.

Stream here: https://cytu.be/r/nightfly
Countdown and Archives: https://nightfly.xyz/radio.html

Lets find out if this will actually post now
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Hm. I realized I said I would schedule breaks in the winter and summer to give myself some time to collect music and make better playlists. Also still have not decided if I'm going to change stream day to a different day or not. Lotta shit goin on. As such, until further notice, I'll be on break til April. Go play some kart. Go play some soku. Stream will be back in a blink.
Replies: >>11366
Do what you gotta do
I'll come back to this thread April 1st.
Replies: >>11367
I'll come back on the 2nd because you're ass is gonna get pranked.
Replies: >>11381
take your time. :D

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Can we get one of these going? OC production is the lifeblood of any good board. I'll dump everything I have.
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shat out another masterpiece for my friends
Replies: >>11332
Pogg'd, I saw this on the gyate net.
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1920x1080)
the finished product
the norms hate it; the trutaku love it
everything works properly except that one water texture
really glad i got the 2 cp koth thing working that is neet
ive done my job
gained a newfound appreciation for what goes into making a map in the process
t. my blog
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quick rin
back into retirement
bittersweet memories, nothing of value was lost in these holy wars but alas they couldn't last forever.

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/japan/'s first babbyget is coming up. Why not celebrate by stealing some digits? Join the team today and receive free nice cream. You'll also get all the stolen valor you want!

To play the game of kings, all you have to do is make a post in a similar style to ones on our quilt. A new Marquee thread instead of a reply earns more prestige. Points are awarded based on the value of your GET:
1-9999 ~ 0 points (babbyget)
10000-99999 ~ 1 point (minor league GET)
100000-999999 ~ 2 points (major league GET)
1000000+ ~ 3 points (professional GET)
Sanctioned GETs are the first digit followed by only 0s, sequential integers, or pure repeating numbers. (e.g 300000, 123456, 55555 etc.) Posts that just include dubs or greater are not true GETs. (177777, 34567, 220000 etc.)

You may choose to represent our board in the subject field, or any other you like. The more players the merrier! If you catch others sagebombing to GET easily, feel free to Honk them! Bump their shit with or without a Chen to increase the difficulty of the match by alerting jannies. If you end up wasting a GET, don't feel too bad. It happens to everyone once in a while. Just come back after cooling off your hothead.

Don't forget to screenshot your GETs incase the janny decides to del!!!
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199999 GET in /v/ soon, make it happen
Replies: >>11041
[Hide] (100.2KB, 647x326)
off by one kms
Replies: >>11055
[Hide] (106.8KB, 863x404)
Replies: >>11056
he mad lole
[Hide] (232.4KB, 693x483)
makes up for /k/ being wasted

[Hide] (258.4KB, 800x578)
Post things manufactured in Japan.
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Replies: >>11335
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[Hide] (1.5MB, 3648x2736)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1271x848)
[Hide] (70.2KB, 1200x787)
[Hide] (55.2KB, 600x400)
Replies: >>11300
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My fumo says "Made in China" between its legs
Replies: >>11334
It's a knock off then?
>>10940 (OP) 
>goes to post nintendo consoles
>remembers they're not made in Japan anymore

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How will Ziggers react to Best Korea nuking Japan (again)?

North Korea missile launch prompts Hokkaido shelter alert
>Seoul/Tokyo, Apr 13 (EFE).- Pyongyang on Thursday fired an unidentified ballistic missile, according to Seoul and Tokyo, prompting Japanese authorities to alert Hokkaido residents to take shelter amid concerns that it could land on or near the island.

Inside an underground nuclear bunker in Japan that's made to withstand war with North Korea
>As North Korea shows off its nuclear missiles and tanks, some in nearby Japan are preparing for the worst. A growing number of Japanese people are building bunkers that could theoretically help protect them from nuclear warfare, Reuters reports.
>A Reuters photographer recently went inside a model bunker created by Shelter Co., an Osaka-based company that makes underground nuclear shelters for homes in Japan. The shelter is located inside the home of the company’s CEO, Seiichiro Nishimoto.
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Replies: >>11316
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Out of rice again?
Replies: >>10991
[Hide] (35.3KB, 624x316)
>Out of rice again?
I thought Xi was providing the rice in exchange for lithium and cobalt?
[Hide] (328KB, 2396x1000)
I hope Nippon lands bunkers are enough. It will be a shame if they get caught between another East vs West war. But they're a first world country with very high standards so I'm sure they'll be fine.
Samurai, Chishima Rettō are not a disputed territory - this is your land, the land of your fathers! We have been fighting our common enemy Russia for almost 2 years. Despite the fact that their forces are ten times greater than ours, we have learned to destroy them not with quantity, but with quality. And we are ready to teach you how to fight this enemy so that you can reclaim your lands. Contact us with email: john_chishima @ proton . me. We will reply you as soon as possible.
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>>10968 (OP) 
Wait no.
I planned on going to Hookerdo
What would I do when it would get nuked?

[Hide] (396.9KB, 551x491)
>Tried Japanese Mustard for the first time
>It taste like Wasabi
Fuck you Japan, I swear I'm not gonna be weeb foodie ever again. Even my hot sauce taste 10x better than this yellow Wasabi. I can't believe I fell to this meme condiment.

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