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keep minority spirit

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Welcome to /japan/! Hopefully we won't get fucked again! I'll keep this thread open for suggestions and the classic Warosu discussion that every /jp/ spinoff needs to survive.
I'll be hosting streams when I do them here: https://cytu.be/r/kimeemaru
Schedule: whenever the h*ck I want
DIRECT LINE TO CABAL: #/japan/ on irc.sageru.org
/v/ BUNKER: https://sportschan.org/v/
ARCHIVED THREADS: https://pst.moe/paste/vauokw
FRIENDS: https://pst.moe/paste/bpkuly

1. Take it easy!
2. Increase PPH to succulent levels. Failure to comply will result in less posds DDDD: 
3. Be as big of a teenbro as humanly possible.
4. (You)
To appease King Zigger follow the global rules too please.
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have you seen verniy's spic cousin?
>/hikki/ exists now
I would've thought /japan/ would be the place to talk about being a NEET though
Replies: >>6214
nvm, it's rulecucked beyond all belief, just like zzz/a/
Replies: >>6215
what did the /a/ BO even do?
Replies: >>6216
changed the board rules to ban the bros

__shameimaru_aya_and_iizunamaru_megumu_touhou_drawn_by_tama_soon32281__6def84cbd611682dadc6d286a07cbf27.jpg (u)
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E3C0T8yVIAA3XlW.jpg (u)
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I'm_cashing_in._Get_to_work_bitch.jpg (u)
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megumu.jpg (u)
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lazy ruski edition
incompetent leaf edition

>What's a 2hu
Shrinesl00t armpit licking sim series
>Where do I start?
Get EoSD with the vsynch patch If you're new to primary games. SA if you're some kind of mushihime master or something.
Or just play the fangames, only /jp/ is gonna judge you for that.

>Only for pure secondary niggers:
soku: https://mega.nz/#!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k
>Try to learn soku:
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do your best game san!
Replies: >>6224
JFyVMClii3noANQO.mp4 (u)
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at long last we have defeated the marisa menace
52644ca477d4a85a02dcf2fb6149f80f243318ff5d7f22cf806d2b07bd6ddca2.jpeg (u)
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Replies: >>6225
boumu.png (u)
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alright time to enter retirement
Replies: >>6226

dcbe9008ae64380d4b5c9ed8369ae6c6a7a17d7277b7e3984a5a571e5c441a0b.jpeg (u)
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you're gonna keep bein a joke n that's cool but rally get a getwatcher thread yuo dum retard
rally i wanna see ya get sum ral GETs but let me guess ur to chicken shit to do it
1604987800964-2_042715.png (u)
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lol whups getn dubs by acident lol
Replies: >>6207
luv me Es-Pee
luv me Jay-Pan
'ate Cow
simple as

__rumia_touhou_drawn_by_suigetsu_watermoon_910__dc4809e65b2640aa3e98e7e6b3f27318.png (u)
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1401192215259488269.mp4 (u)
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3Gm_-_ふぁぼリツする赤蛮奇_#6月6日は赤蛮奇の日_[1401537517699035139].mp4 (u)
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3Gm_-_眼光「ヘルズレイ」で、頭部を増やす前に小槌に一掃される赤蛮奇_[1401544651589312522].mp4 (u)
[Hide] (4.9MB, 960x720, 00:20)
pururin.webm (u)
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Država_-_Homer's_got_a_point_tho_[1401299036410421248].mp4 (u)
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ShiniNet_-_#6月11日は多々良小傘の日_#小傘銃砲店_[1403301544326438913].mp4 (u)
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ShiniNet_-_やっとできた・・・!_ウチの小傘ちゃんが世界創造の旅に出たようです(_゚Д゚)_#Craftopia_#東方_[1400895043401965568].mp4 (u)
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たけのこ_-_突如としてヴァンパイアハンター時代の走法をする咲夜さん_[1403518299414044676].mp4 (u)
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たれこ_-_11日の祭りじゃ_おねぇちゃんタイム_[1403233031716888580].mp4 (u)
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1402566355136647168.gif (u)
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赤束子🌻名華祭D-05_-_https_-_t.co_7wGuYzoN8k_[1403373237661102089].mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 720x720, 00:14)
赤束子🌻名華祭D-05_-_こいしちゃんす弄った_[1403382033372516356].mp4 (u)
[Hide] (3MB, 720x720, 00:21)
赤束子🌻名華祭D-05_-_さとりんモデル改造してたら3時になってしまった(_[1403054174212804610].mp4 (u)
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鍵山社長🗝_-_天狗_[1400805442800939009].mp4 (u)
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flag.png (u)
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Can we get one of these going? OC production is the lifeblood of any good board. I'll dump everything I have.
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piss.png (u)
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This is a pissing contest now.
1 del = 1 retaliation
couldn't_make_it.webm (u)
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title.jpg (u)
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Finished day 1 of my /jp/ themed vn:
There's currently about 10 minutes of content here. r8 & b8

>How did you make this?
Learned Ren'Py over the weekend.

>Is this an autobiography?
No it's a shitpost. If it hits too close to home ganbare!

Not sure if I'm going to continue this fanfiction but I figured I'd deliver what I got if I don't. It was a fun writing exercise regardless.
Replies: >>6173
486fc59638987d8e08a84a600a35db65771b7dcadf7008ebec04fa4cb8171958.png (u)
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Very nice. My only complaint is that the game only has one ending, but acts like it has more.
Replies: >>6174
It has 2 right now technically, I planned to add more for this release but adding choices in renpy is a massive pain in the ass.

1574245448580.gif (u)
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There was a picture of a husky, perhaps obese, yet muscular Japanese schoolgirl I had saved and accidentally deleted. She was eating lunch and the only specific food item I remember was a bottle of Vitaene C. She was caught off-guard and likely embarrassed and ashamed of having her picture taken while eating. The students in the background were a group of girls having a desperate or excitable conversation behind her and in the back of the class a male student playing his 3DS or DS. Would anyone happen to have this saved as I had posted on /jp/ in the Autumn of 2018 and I assume some must have saved it. It was an enjoyable and interesting picture to me for reasons I can't articulate.
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Replies: >>6112 + 1 earlier
wisdom.png (u)
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Replies: >>5937
absolute_madman.jpg (u)
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>>5929 (OP) 
I feel like I remember this image but I'm not sure if I actually do or if I have it if I do.
i do remember this image
i found it on one of those japanese blog sites and posted it to a spinoff at some point
i no longer have it
i'll try find it again because i enjoy playing detective
Replies: >>6122
__watson_amelia_and_jerry_messing_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_renpc__13bfbf10b8aacabd98a6b3118834ecfa.png (u)
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1447490626766.jpg (u)
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banner_ban.png (u)
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because I uploaded 2 banners he banned the account and locked the platform down preventing anyone else from doing the same
Replies: >>6096 >>6097 >>6098
partyisover.png (u)
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the absolute state of jannies
Replies: >>6098
just.png (u)
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>free advertising to possibly compatible anons
>you weebs fuck it up
press_h_to_honor.png (u)
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guys don't worry I'm sure he'll open it up again in a few days when he thinks we aren't looking

Th18Takane.png (u)
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No love for new kappa?
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E2VDwk0WQAQHnsO.jpeg (u)
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>2nd pic
very naisu
Replies: >>6017
90170324_p0.png (u)
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90170324_p1.png (u)
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90170324_p2.png (u)
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90170324_p3.png (u)
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90372054_p6.png (u)
[Hide] (706.8KB, 1600x900)
There are more
Replies: >>6093
89606347_p0.png (u)
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E2r3fmbVIAUjgCR.jpg (u)
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E3KhJG8VUAABh1u.png (u)
[Hide] (106.7KB, 1600x900)
E2ieVq0VkAMYnvH.jpg (u)
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E3MFKHDVUAMmNdi.jpg (u)
[Hide] (146.2KB, 1200x675)
E2kHz6bUUAoEcCh.jpg (u)
[Hide] (234.4KB, 1600x900)

boy_i_sure_wish_i_knew_nip_so_I_could_understand_these_lesbians.png (u)
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This is where the imbiber of the hehpill pretends to learn LEARNS foreign languages so he can insult jannies polylingually to better read mangos and mango accessories. While the average anon CANNOT learn a foreign language or english ffs this doesn't necessarily mean you can't either give up and rage at brazilians in dota it's a better use of your time 
More language torrents (holy crap there's like 80 of them, you could learn polish here and confuse the heck out of the poles on tg)
Ten billion FREE books on languages
Even moar books, these ones on linguistics what's the difference lol idunno
This one comes from an anon who claims to be ukranian, so it's probably the good stuff (allegedly commercial courses)
This one comes with pictures as well as yet more books
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pondering_cirno.jpg (u)
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Next chapter is on short forms of verbs, adjectives, and nouns, as can be used by seniors to their juniors and within close friend/family circles. This consists of swapping out "desu" for "da" on na-adjectives/nouns ending with "desu," and with nothing for "i" adjectives. For present tense negative, you kick away "arimasen" and replace it with "nai." "ii" is irregular, and so its negative short form is "yokunai," which is not short at all. For ru-verbs, "ru" goes away and is replaced with "nai." U-verbs, "u" goes away and is replaced with "anai." In the irregular category, "suru" and "kuru" are replaced with "shinai" and "konai," respectively. 
Within the context of "close friends, family, and seniors to juniors if they so choose" short forms can be used for at least these four contexts, namely quoted speech "I think..." and "he said...", negative requests like "please don't..." and expressing idea such as "I like doing..." or "I am good at doing..." 
Further, question sentences denote a question with a rising intonation rather than "ka," while the "da" ending of na-adjectives and noun+desu constructions tend to get dropped entirely. 
Negative short form can be ended with "dekudasai." 
To describe a preference for certain items, as well as a preference for certain activities, "gasukidesu" and "kiraidesu" can be used, while adding a "no" to the verbal short form to express the idea of doing said activity. 
To be good at doing something/bad at doing something can be denote
Message too long. View the full text
af49ab92ddf77a5d02e970b68b58bfa1610c7f200bf38c461049b5a829906e1b.png (u)
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too busy for study this morning, so nothing to say.
acf0ba9f56d6ac14fa9d70a1ce267d109f842b42d14fc7a83482a032c4b0571a.jpg (u)
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also busy today
__chen_touhou_drawn_by_chihiro_p__740dabab890bd55ed2d4e5df53672177.jpg (u)
[Hide] (250.9KB, 1000x1000)
Also too busy today. I recently started gambling wildly foolishly speculating trading in stocks recently, and so mondays, thursdays (sometimes), and fridays tend to be my very busy weekdays. So far it's going well, but all it takes is one crash to wipe you out so here I go.
cirno_dropped_the_ice_cream.jpg (u)
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I have decided to suspend my japanese learning for a time, due to a combination of burnout, growing disinterest, and lack of intelligence. Hopefully the spark will reignite soon, at which point I'll resume my standard learning methods as I do think it worked rather well. Certainly took me farther than I'd ever expected to go.

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