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keep minority spirit

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Welcome to /japan/! Hopefully we won't get fucked again! I'll keep this thread open for suggestions and the classic Warosu discussion that every /jp/ spinoff needs to survive.
I'll be hosting streams when I do them here: https://cytu.be/r/kimeemaru
Schedule: whenever the h*ck I want
DIRECT LINE TO CABAL: #/japan/ on irc.sageru.org
/v/ BUNKER: https://sportschan.org/v/
ARCHIVED THREADS: https://pst.moe/paste/vauokw
FRIENDS: https://pst.moe/paste/bpkuly

1. Take it easy!
2. Increase PPH to succulent levels. Failure to comply will result in less posds DDDD: 
3. Be as big of a teenbro as humanly possible.
4. (You)
To appease King Zigger follow the global rules too please.
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Teen decree thus sayeth: Ye' N A P was violated by villains of the Ogre Swamp cabal. Retaliate in OVERWHELMING FORCE by shitting on their board using all the proxies.
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I got perma-baned on all boards yesterday on Tvchan because this gif of a dancing baby counted as CP.
Replies: >>5084 >>5097
absolute state
Jesus that's like two decades old.
I don't know. It may have been justified.

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lazy ruski edition
incompetent leaf edition

>What's a 2hu
Shrinesl00t armpit licking sim series
>Where do I start?
Get EoSD with the vsynch patch If you're new to primary games. SA if you're some kind of mushihime master or something.
Or just play the fangames, only /jp/ is gonna judge you for that.

>Only for pure secondary niggers:
soku: https://mega.nz/#!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k
>Try to learn soku:
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Is this place for sokuniggers or for fags who cant even play games?
Replies: >>5101
Replies: >>5102
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>Yukari vore
I don't like this.
I'm going to go to sleep, then wake up and kick your ass.
Replies: >>5106
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First you have to sniff me.

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This is where the imbiber of the hehpill pretends to learn LEARNS foreign languages so he can insult jannies polylingually to better read mangos and mango accessories. While the average anon CANNOT learn a foreign language or english ffs this doesn't necessarily mean you can't either give up and rage at brazilians in dota it's a better use of your time 
More language torrents (holy crap there's like 80 of them, you could learn polish here and confuse the heck out of the poles on tg)
Ten billion FREE books on languages
Even moar books, these ones on linguistics what's the difference lol idunno
This one comes from an anon who claims to be ukranian, so it's probably the good stuff (allegedly commercial courses)
This one comes with pictures as well as yet more books
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Today's studies concluded, after finishing the reading material for chapter 4 I decided to cut to the workbook since I have an answer key for it, and then afterwards I shall cut back to the practice section for chapter 4 which I do not possess an answer key for. As always, the practice questions do a good job of ironing out all the concepts presented in the text. It also took me four chapters to discover there was a word document with all of Genki 1's vocabulary recorded in it for easy searching. That's been very helpful in finding obscure terms like "ashita," which means tomorrow. Not really too much to say, learned a few more uses for the "mo" particle, to declare you have an object can be done with "arimasu," while ownership of something with sentience (example says child, I assume something like a hamster could also apply) is done with "imasu." Little more plodding along done, either way!
Today's studies concluded; one of the questions required knowing the meaning of クテス , as in 
I didn't have the foggiest notion of what a katakanic "kutesu" was supposed to mean, nor did I find any such definition in the vocabulary. I assumed the definition is "when do you study japanese?" (if that's now what katakanic kutseu means, then I suppose it turns to "when do you (interact in some fashion with) japanese?
Rest of the studying was simple enough, just pointing out where things are in relation to other things, pretty simple with that vocabulary word document on hand to word search through and it really, really pays to have your katakana and hiragana memorized to make that a half second process.
All in all, a good study session, and also reinforced the point that the "no" particle is used to attach attributes to individual objects while "wa" and "ga" define the subject of the sentence.
Replies: >>5098
Replies: >>5105
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Terrible studying today. Was not able to find definitions for most of these terms in the genki vocab, and online searches netted nothing of particular value. 
While "kinou" stands for "yesterday" in number 2, I haven't the foggiest what "nichi" stands for (I'm pretty sure "jiyuugo" is 15.) At gunpoint I'd say the question is asking if the 15th of a certain month was yesterday or not. 
For number three, I also don't know what the devil "kiyou" stands for. I know "asagohan" is breakfast, and I know that long string of katakana for "hanbaagaa" is hamburger, while "deshita" is the past tense of "desu," ergo the sentence is probably asking "did you eat a hamburger (sometime in the past), with the "sometime in the past being "kiyou." 
For 4. there were a ton of references to child from the genki vocab itself, "kodomo" being child, "iikodomo" being, I think, "good child." "toki" should mean "when." Perhaps the question is asking "when you had your kid, and then adding fluff on afterwards saying it's a good kid?" 
Number 5 starts with a reference to high school "koukou" with a "when" attribute slapped onto it via the "no." Afterwards, "iigakuseideshitaka" is mentioned, maybe the question is asking a current high school student when they plan on entering a good college, but that sounds weird because this statement also ends with a "deshita" meaning this all took place in a past tense. 
Next section looks like it'll be far simpler at least, since that's translating sentences from 
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I still don't know what that would refer too. "kootesoo" gets me nothing. "kutesu" similarly. "kutesoo", "kootesuh," etc. Nothing my brain can poop out nets anything in the context of a sentence inquiring about some actions taken with regards to the japanese language.

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International thread. Post international things.
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i feel kind of mad now
Replies: >>5094
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hi germanbro, how are you today? I want to be friends with you.

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/japan/'s first babbyget is coming up. Why not celebrate by stealing some digits? Join the team today and receive free nice cream. You'll also get all the stolen valor you want!

To play the game of kings, all you have to do is make a post in a similar style to ones on our quilt. A new Marquee thread instead of a reply earns more prestige. Points are awarded based on the value of your GET:
1-9999 ~ 0 points (babbyget)
10000-99999 ~ 1 point (minor league GET)
100000-999999 ~ 2 points (major league GET)
1000000+ ~ 3 points (professional GET)
Sanctioned GETs are the first digit followed by only 0s, sequential integers, or pure repeating numbers. (e.g 300000, 123456, 55555 etc.) Posts that just include dubs or greater are not true GETs. (177777, 34567, 220000 etc.)

You may choose to represent our board in the subject field, or any other you like. The more players the merrier! If you catch others sagebombing to GET easily, feel free to Honk them! Bump their shit with or without a Chen to increase the difficulty of the match by alerting jannies. If you end up wasting a GET, don't feel too bad. It happens to everyone once in a while. Just come back after cooling off your hothead.

Don't forget to screenshot your GETs incase the janny decides to del!!!
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the /jp/ boy vs the cc girl
Replies: >>5066 >>5070
access denied through tor, shame, post reactions
Replies: >>5067
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dead girls thread empty
Replies: >>5068
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Keep this up and the japan quilt really will be larger than the monster get score. 
>crystal thread beleted
now what could they have possibly found wrong with that, every woman loves rance eventually or else.

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me too
Replies: >>5062
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Can we get one of these going? OC production is the lifeblood of any good board. I'll dump everything I have.
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does that mean that everyone on the shitlist should watch their backs for ebin pranks? how are you gonna get back at seagull?
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Replies: >>5050
when did that even happen
Replies: >>5051
It's happening to you right now.

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Post in this thread every time you visit /japan/ to BTFO illiterate /cow/ards
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don't mind me

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The teen philosophy of "fuck da jan man" which dictates posters be free to post whatever and encourages conflict to strengthen the userbase is obviously a functional one. Lately its come under fire from teens abroad, but we've held the tide back. However, it doesn't matter how many times we blow them the fuck out when they just won't accept anything that doesn't agree with their narrative. I propose that we further refine our position in this thread to make the stance completely ironclad. I'll open with what I think is the biggest problem with jannies today:

Personal bias.
They always apply their biases to their rules and twist them to mean whatever they want them to mean. This in turn leads to extreme subjectivity and inconsistency with moderation enforcement actions. Usually it comes down to them deleting things they don't like simply because they don't like it. In other cases they will hide or delete criticism to protect themselves. It always results in either alienating the users or better yet becoming the very thing they complain about! A personality board. What's more is that they completely lack the self awareness needed to understand how out of touch they've become, resulting in further detachment from everyone. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It doesn't help that the users who've stuck around long enough go along with it like nothing is out of the ordinary. They end up completely turning into a cargo cult
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Have you been so abused that you cannot even express your own argument in words? Are your feelings towards jannies so fearful and deeply rooted that you do not dare touch them lest you be made into an example?
I understand. I pity you, truly. Life has not allowed you to express critical thought for so long that you've become inept and unable to do so.

pic unrelated
Shared public mod account? Or perhaps a bot (email/IRC) that sends a email or /msg that contains your personal janny account? (this way the mod access could be revoked) Also, you could use https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/mkproof and/or https://git.sr.ht/~tomleb/mkproof-proxy as anti-bot/anti-abuse system.

>Self moderation or just ignoring posts you don't like is probably the best solution. It was brought up a couple times for a pipe dream imageboard concept where the poster can either filter everyone they don't like or subscribe to community created janny lists. No longer would they have to rely on some arbiter of content. That'll never happen without someone willing to code it unfortunately.
Or this.

> subscribe to community created janny lists.
Could this be also implemented as a browser extension or ublock origin block list?
Replies: >>4875
>ublock origin block list
This would be alright, but there are some issues. You wouldn't be able to ban by IP without it being publicly exposed. You could use a hash of the IP, but you would force boards to have public IDs in that case. Of course, this only means more work, so it's not impossible, just inconvenient. The other thing is illegal content. Having anyone able to delete anything pretty much covers that, but if it's only done with ublock, you're still technically hosting illegal content, and you'd need the server admin to take care of that. At that point, between the nuisance of cleaning up spam, and the need for jannies anyway, I don't see a way to do it that would actually be convenient ie, for a lazy fuck
honestly speaking, I would say jannies should be curtailed in every aspect except they'll have one power; turning on the captcha, and turning off the captcha should spam wave occur. I would also rather globals didn't exist, but gay laws on illegal pixels exist so what can you do about those and why feds are fine with them getting an eyeful of illegal pixels but nod you is its own barrel of monkies, but it does show the judicial system is breddy bad in this country either way. 
The """"BO""" of a board should not exist in the case of imageboards wherein the admin retains sole power of board creation, but on imageboards wherein users are allowed to create their own boards, then I suppose it's inevitable that said board will be run based on BO's whims, unless a cuhrayzee system is developed wherein a user is allowed to make a board but then is only allowed to do things with it like modify CSS, control captcha powers, etc. etc. everything EXCEPT being allowed to delete anything at all. Users must be allowed to decide that on their own via the "hide" button. 
The downside is that users will be afflicted by nasty things like monkey genitals from mentally ill individuals prior to hitting that hide button, but what can you do, something has to give for janny faggotry to be killed forever.
microblogging will destroy the earth

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>What's a Melty
Funny onahole cat fight series
>Where do I start?
Go here and download community edition.

>Only for pure primary niggers:
tsukihime: https://mega.nz/file/4vBAQa6a#6XSAFVgnxdmm4lXYA7qIiJgL6waVJ83M0Ev2rb3WXCY
>Try to learn melty:
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ggs i'm still pretty bad.
anyone wants a host
pray merty
there's a new melty blood coming out and none of you niggers told me
Replies: >>5033
yu didnt ask

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