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"Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself." — Otamin

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yeah im bringing it back
required viewing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZEA54VJEdE&list=PL9987A659670D60E0&index=2
New guide: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/


Old guide for those afraid of change:

>Anki and Decks Anki:
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Time to give it another go, would be nice to understand the animu without need to read the subtitles.
so in order to move to japan to study I need to pass some gay test and get 30k usd in my bank account
anyone want to spot me im good for it
Previous thread >>2635

>>9420 (OP) 
- Get Genki 1 and Genki 2 textbooks, if you are a native English speaker (if not, get the recommended book in your native language) this is important
- Start with kana (hiragana and katakana). Write them on paper, too. Remember the stroke order! it's easier to learn them and this helps with kanji, too
- Dictionary https://jisho.org/ (or http://nihongo.monash.edu/japanese.html)
- https://www.imabi.net/ and https://guidetojapanese.org/learn/grammar
- Rōmaji sucks and there are at least 2 ways of doing it
i cant

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>>9539 (OP) 

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One year ago to this day, Julay's reckoning was brought about by a single shitpost. Yes, some of them are still mad.

Matthew 5:10
Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
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looks like dook is on the menu today
it's over, game is a piece of shit
>>5583 (OP) 
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/geimu/ lads [email protected]?
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>It's already been two years

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the vote boat
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Just wait for the hyperinflation to come.
Then all the chinks and pajeets along with the shitlibs will begin starving.
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rittenhouse walked
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you are going to pay $300 for her aren't you anon?

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/japan/'s first babbyget is coming up. Why not celebrate by stealing some digits? Join the team today and receive free nice cream. You'll also get all the stolen valor you want!

To play the game of kings, all you have to do is make a post in a similar style to ones on our quilt. A new Marquee thread instead of a reply earns more prestige. Points are awarded based on the value of your GET:
1-9999 ~ 0 points (babbyget)
10000-99999 ~ 1 point (minor league GET)
100000-999999 ~ 2 points (major league GET)
1000000+ ~ 3 points (professional GET)
Sanctioned GETs are the first digit followed by only 0s, sequential integers, or pure repeating numbers. (e.g 300000, 123456, 55555 etc.) Posts that just include dubs or greater are not true GETs. (177777, 34567, 220000 etc.)

You may choose to represent our board in the subject field, or any other you like. The more players the merrier! If you catch others sagebombing to GET easily, feel free to Honk them! Bump their shit with or without a Chen to increase the difficulty of the match by alerting jannies. If you end up wasting a GET, don't feel too bad. It happens to everyone once in a while. Just come back after cooling off your hothead.

Don't forget to screenshot your GETs incase the janny decides to del!!!
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33333 GET coming up on /k/
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that board is still alive? good for them
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back into easy retirement

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No love for new kappa?
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
(6.2MB, 2362x4093)
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I like Yamawaro-san more than Nitori. Green is way better than blue, and also, it'd be much more fun to spend time with the yamawaro with their autistic wargames as opposed to autistic engineering.
Ah... Yamawaro-san is so cool...

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Sessho-seki split in two.
Find Ran and send her back.
Please ignore the mist.
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>Sessho-seki split in two
<Zun's lawyers declare war on Moriya Shrine
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>>9374 (OP) 
Wrong fox lad
this is the slowest thing you have ever done aya
tomato no-mayo

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Modern ZUN in a nutshell

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the culture has changed………….
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It means neither more or less tertiaries, but perhaps means less primaries.
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>but perhaps means less primaries.
Either that, or old primaries being replaced by new ones that will be more like pic related. I've already seen faggots acting smug about this and shitting on those that pirated the games.
>EoSD specifically does not work on most windows 10 installs without the dx8 enb converter
It does, actually.
>Hell you can't even install it from the disc normally
You can, actually.
>Some users report needing enb to run the other 1st gen windows games as well.
Works on my machine, and on all other machines. If you're using a working version of w10 then EoSD works out of the box. Maybe if you've jumped through hoops to update your OS to a nonfunctional version then you're encountering problems with that, not with EoSD. If you're deliberately breaking compatibility for the explicit sake of making your experience worse you can ruin the game with shitty patches but it'll still not work in reality cos it'll be at the wrong framerate.
Why would you ever be running EoSD with something other than wine anyway?

Posting with a password is extremely gay, of course you can't install from a fucking disc probably dripped cum into your machine
Replies: >>9378
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With these works on my machine bullshit problems there are a lot of variables. M$ may have fixed it, the hardware could be different, someone broke their os as you suggested etc. I just know from experience that it did not work on a clean install years ago, until I grabbed the enb. None of the patches that I use touch the core game files except an old title screen restoration that I made so who gives a shit if I include them or not. I'll also add in the standard raped version for secondaries. My goal is to preserve functionality and culture over raw disk images, plenty of autists already do that.
folder is ready but I need 30 gigs of storage somewhere, mega no longer offers 50 to new accounts

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A lot of mixed gender onsens including Yubara onsen require males to be fully naked in the onsen while females are given large towels to wrap around their bodies and males can't even bring their own towels in. Is there a reason for this?
Replies: >>9296
the obaasan who runs the place is a perv
Replies: >>9296
Is this an edit of that one thread from /b/?
/japan/ - Japan/General
she is cute and young i imagine, right? 
>>9035 (OP) 
i don't see a problem
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they know the men will use the towels as hair ties to pretend to be women which could cause problems

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