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“…Many of today's problems are a result of yesterday's solutions.” - Otamin

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>>9539 (OP) 

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Sessho-seki split in two.
Find Ran and send her back.
Please ignore the mist.
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>Sessho-seki split in two
<Zun's lawyers declare war on Moriya Shrine
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>>9374 (OP) 
Wrong fox lad
this is the slowest thing you have ever done aya
tomato no-mayo

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Modern ZUN in a nutshell

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the culture has changed………….
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It means neither more or less tertiaries, but perhaps means less primaries.
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>but perhaps means less primaries.
Either that, or old primaries being replaced by new ones that will be more like pic related. I've already seen faggots acting smug about this and shitting on those that pirated the games.
>EoSD specifically does not work on most windows 10 installs without the dx8 enb converter
It does, actually.
>Hell you can't even install it from the disc normally
You can, actually.
>Some users report needing enb to run the other 1st gen windows games as well.
Works on my machine, and on all other machines. If you're using a working version of w10 then EoSD works out of the box. Maybe if you've jumped through hoops to update your OS to a nonfunctional version then you're encountering problems with that, not with EoSD. If you're deliberately breaking compatibility for the explicit sake of making your experience worse you can ruin the game with shitty patches but it'll still not work in reality cos it'll be at the wrong framerate.
Why would you ever be running EoSD with something other than wine anyway?

Posting with a password is extremely gay, of course you can't install from a fucking disc probably dripped cum into your machine
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With these works on my machine bullshit problems there are a lot of variables. M$ may have fixed it, the hardware could be different, someone broke their os as you suggested etc. I just know from experience that it did not work on a clean install years ago, until I grabbed the enb. None of the patches that I use touch the core game files except an old title screen restoration that I made so who gives a shit if I include them or not. I'll also add in the standard raped version for secondaries. My goal is to preserve functionality and culture over raw disk images, plenty of autists already do that.
folder is ready but I need 30 gigs of storage somewhere, mega no longer offers 50 to new accounts

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A lot of mixed gender onsens including Yubara onsen require males to be fully naked in the onsen while females are given large towels to wrap around their bodies and males can't even bring their own towels in. Is there a reason for this?
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the obaasan who runs the place is a perv
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Is this an edit of that one thread from /b/?
/japan/ - Japan/General
she is cute and young i imagine, right? 
>>9035 (OP) 
i don't see a problem
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they know the men will use the towels as hair ties to pretend to be women which could cause problems

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low energy, just like jeb
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>>9292 (OP) 
>Still making fun of Jeb Bush 
I'm glad not everyone has forgotten about Jeb! yet.
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>>9292 (OP) 
This board is about taking it easy

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Had a bit of a chuckle from all of the deliberate panty shots within the first 5 minutes. Does it get even better bros?
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>>8629 (OP) 
i fucking hate pantyshots if there isn't any follow up. you can't just show panties like that and make it the peak sexuality it's even worse if this happens early on in a story. there needs to be built up and must get more and more intense over time if you just drop the bomb in the first episode there isn't anything to be accelerated by. fuck trannies fuck glow in the dark niggers
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yeah i kinda stopped watching after season 1

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tonight's the night
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>>9203 (OP) 
ny wasn't even at this owl dumb teen
cute suika tummy though
who cares about eggball

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This is where the imbiber of the hehpill pretends to learn LEARNS foreign languages so he can insult jannies polylingually to better read mangos and mango accessories. While the average anon CANNOT learn a foreign language or english ffs this doesn't necessarily mean you can't either give up and rage at brazilians in dota it's a better use of your time 
More language torrents (holy crap there's like 80 of them, you could learn polish here and confuse the heck out of the poles on tg)
Ten billion FREE books on languages
Even moar books, these ones on linguistics what's the difference lol idunno
This one comes from an anon who claims to be ukranian, so it's probably the good stuff (allegedly commercial courses)
This one comes with pictures as well as yet more books
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you can't learn japanese though
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I can, in fact I’ve already surpassed JOHN
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Replies: >>8498
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karhu (Finnish) = "bear".
There are like a lot of words for a bear in Finnish. Why there are so many names for a bear? Because You shouldn't say bear's real name as bear are sacred and bears were subject to a cult. At least "Karhu", "Otso", "Mesikämmen", "Nalle" and "Kontio" are recognizable for a modern Finn. When a bear was killed, there were specific rituals and a feast was held called "Karhunpeijaiset".

viha (Finnish) = "anger", "hatred".

Viha was also a disease in the kansanusko or the folk religion. (I plan on reading more about the Finnish folk religion later.) The cause of the viha disease has something to do with haltia (plural haltijat). Haltijat are a bit similar to yōkai.
If I recall correctly, the word "viha" apparently comes from Sanskrit or some related language. 

Väki (Finnish) = "people".
(Also related word "väkevä" = "bitter" or "powerful")
Väki meant (supernatural) powers and sometimes also had a meaning similar meaning to yōkai or haltija as well.

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Remi's a ladylike burger lover
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This is a masterpiece
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I just love burgers

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