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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

“…Many of today's problems are a result of yesterday's solutions.” - Otamin

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Weekly stream of random schizo music I find, usually small soundcloud artists. Many genres.
Sometimes jazz, rock, and lots of electronica lately. Post requests/complaints/threats here.  
I reserve the right to play whatever I want.

Every Wednesday at 7 to 10 PM PST. One hour of soku beatings usually starts around 8PM but this varies.

Stream here: https://cytu.be/r/nightfly
Countdown and Archives: https://nightfly.xyz/radio.html

Lets find out if this will actually post now
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>>10635 (OP) 
Radio graffiti: youmufags is gay
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>>10635 (OP) 
Live NOW. Playing Mystia Izakaya, listenan to some chiptune.
Replies: >>10682
good slideshow
As per request of some rando, trying out BBR tonight. Maybe hosting will work, maybe not. Otherwise stay tuned for the usual scheduled sokuniggings.
Replies: >>10716
REPORT: after applying patches attempting to set up a host, it has ben discovered that the game requires connecting to a long defunct lobby server. Local autists have discussed the feasibility of circumventing the lobby to connect directly to an opponent. This devolved into a shitshow of stepping through dissassembly and crashing the game. Results inconclusive. Let it be said that we now have an excuse not to play this game.
Replies: >>10719
Where did you get the patches? Kinda curious about spoofing the lobby server.
Replies: >>10720
Install in order. There is no lobby server, so multiplayer still doesn't work.
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Just posting here a reminder that there is no stream tomorrow, or next week. However, I just finished combing through the music from this year. I've put together a 24 hour playlist, which I plan to stream all through the weekend of new years. Attached is a tentative list, will likely undergo some reordering reply if you have any requests.
Replies: >>10755 >>10780
scrap this and try again but this time only add touhou music
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New Years stream will be live at 7PM PST. I'm going to try to run through new years, playing the full set twice. Drop by and enjoy some tunes!
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Happy New Years lads! The stream will be cut a little short, and I'm just going to leave it running til I wake up tomorrow. Amazingly the stream ran all day without a hitch. I hope you enjoyed the tunes and games.
Going to test the new icecast server tonight. Music-only will now be available here: https://nightflyrad.io/stream
strm and hosdings soon: https://cytu.be/r/nightfly
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Streaming radio has come back! Grab some ice cream.
Replies: >>11036

Yes we are back again. Site JS is fucked for me somehow and nug was unable to post last week. Anyway, the show returned from temporary recline, and we now have a fancy new autodj setup for anyone who missed a show or wants to catch some tunes.

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Replies: >>11080
I said I would show up to your streams, forgive me for not.
Replies: >>11080 >>11147
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Ah I forgot to post here now that my captcha isn't broken. After some minor fuck-ups the radio is now fully operational. I still need to figure out how I should display a schedule, but right now we're just alternating every hour between this week's music, last week's music, and then random shuffle of older tracks. I think there is an issue with the ogg stream on firefox which I'm still looking into fixing. (I recommend not pausing the stream, otherwise you may need to refresh a few times to catch up)

You are forgiven. Please check the radio if you'd like to listen to some music but can't make the streams.

post more anime muzacks
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Going live in about 20m. Replaying misc digital fusion playlist from last week, followed by some jp soundtrack music, among other things.
>>>/v/204256 (does this work)
Tonight, gokarts and suffering. For music we have some jungle and electronic stuff.
Just a quick update, I've added a live-override to the radio, which means that those of you with potato internet can listen to the new music live without streaming video. Unfortunately I can't get track titles to display this way, but I am still updating the listings on the site. We're going to be listening to some more bemani music tonight in about 15m. BMSS 2018-2022 can be found for here for free downloadan: https://hpx.getonpictochat.com/bmss/
virus NOT clicking
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Reminder to say that we are going to be starting an hour later tonight. which is to say, the time when everyone normally arrives anyway.
I'm doing another CyTube stream this Friday, I'd like you to come around if you've the time.
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Hi. Who? Where? Now?
Replies: >>11233
Streaming live right now with knock-off walking simulator, yume 2kki. https://cytu.be/r/nightfly
ALSO, with a little work I have ditched the old radio software and have just replaced it with a batch script. With this I can make some nicer accomodations for the radio player, chec it out: https://nightflyrad.io/

Still some bugs, you need to hit play every hour, and there is a little latency, but I think I can fix it. Oh god.
Replies: >>11195
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My browser does not want me to post but I have managed to work around it again. We had a fun and comfy wander on wednesday night. Lets do it again next time, and find more cool things.

>batch script
err, a bash script. Anyway after some tweaking it seems to be infinitely more stable than the old radio software and so shouldn't interfere anymore with streams and stuff. See picrel for a brief history of radio maintenance over the last week. For some reason MPD uses more cpu in the best case, but it never spikes the one spike there is just me doing some file transfers and it hasn't crashed once all week.

Got some more upgrades to work on like a history log and custom shuffling script. Might do some of that this weekend. Things are a lot easier to tweak now, so I'm pretty glad I ditched the old software.
Replies: >>11199
I updated the radio with some reuploads of some old playlists, and have added a handy history log so you can still find stuff even if you don't click on the link in time. Stream will be starting with another 2kki expedition in a few minutes.
Replies: >>11200
starting now
stream here: https://cytu.be/r/nightfly
gam here: https://ynoproject.net/2kki/
Replies: >>11201
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Thanks for stopping by and exploring with us. Please take a moment to remember the save files we lost along the way. Next week maybe we'll play some fightcade or random games. Feel free to post suggestions.
Fightcade night. For games I got: 
>Vampire Savior - The Lord of Vampire (970519 Japan)
>Street Fighter Alpha 3 (980904 EURO)
>Mega Man - The Power Battle (951006 USA)

And it's easy enough to auto install other games if you get the mod. I forget where it is Streams starts now-ish.
Replies: >>11208 >>11211
"Mod" is here
It's just an utility that makes fightcade autodownload roms.
Games tonight. Gonna keep going with SF3, and swap out mega man for:
>Tetris the Absolute Grand Master 2 Plus

Stream in half an hour.

Also I fixed scrollbar fuckery with the radio, and added some new tunes, as usual.
sunday midi struggle session: https://cytu.be/r/nightfly

I am editting notes to make them less bad. Join if you want to help me not experienc musescore induced psychosis.
We're back to 2kki tonight. Save included for anyone who lost theirs. Starting in 30m.


party: sleepy-psychonauts
pass: niggle
Replies: >>11224
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It was fun torture for exploring, thanks for coming along.
Back again tonight, with complementary save provided. Stream in 10m. Come explore more highly appetizing dream worlds.
no stream tonight, go play soku
Yes you probably saw my message left in the chat before that stream, I'm doing another one this Saturday at 7PM EST streaming Kung Pow and will post a link for when it begins.
Replies: >>11234
Thanks! I will be able to make it I think.

Starting in 40 minutes.
Replies: >>11249 >>11256
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Have worthy dreams tonight.
Due to unforeseen circumstances hiatus will continue one more week. Please understand. I will be adding a much overdue playlist to the radio in the meantime.

thanks for stream vincent gallo is truly a supreme gentleman.
Radio is back. In fact it's been back a week or so, but things have been somewhat chaotic. There was no stream last week, just a lot of chatting on cytube. We got a nice mix of dance music for this week, playing right now. Some new names: Ququ Hachiju, Caelum, Yiter, as well as some new tunes from Spraybox, the label headed by Nizikawa. I'm not sure what I'll stream, but I'll be on in about 45 minutes.
[Hide] (8.1MB, 480x360, 06:37)
Been meaning to do some relaxing piano streams for a while, but instead tonight we got yume2kki-noodle-along. Had fun, would do again. Here's a little clip.
Replies: >>11290
Listening to some new tunes. Playin 2kki in a few minutes.
Replies: >>11291
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I showed up too early to join.
Good news: new pc is workan gud. Bad news: had to reinstall OS and need to get obs set up. We will be back NEXT week. Please wait warmly.
Replies: >>11314
We are back this week starting with a mix of some metal and hard rock. New tunes from gunkei nakashima and other artists. Then I'm gonna play the furbait platformer some /v/ user posted. Starting in 20m.
Hm. I realized I said I would schedule breaks in the winter and summer to give myself some time to collect music and make better playlists. Also still have not decided if I'm going to change stream day to a different day or not. Lotta shit goin on. As such, until further notice, I'll be on break til April. Go play some kart. Go play some soku. Stream will be back in a blink.
Replies: >>11366
Do what you gotta do
I'll come back to this thread April 1st.
Replies: >>11367
I'll come back on the 2nd because you're ass is gonna get pranked.
Replies: >>11381
take your time. :D
Replies: >>12205
[Hide] (584.5KB, 742x747)
HELLO. Yes it's April. I probably said that today is the day but I forgot to announce it here, and I have a few last minute things to do, so TOMORROW will be strm day. And anyway, I want to bump the stream to thursday nights, unless there are objections from the regulars.
Replies: >>12206
The time has come and so have I.
Replies: >>12208
[Hide] (527.8KB, 417x500)
Stream live NOW New music in 1.5h. It's going to be some ambient/instrumental/electronic stuff.
Replies: >>12209
Forgot link. Playing nip exclusive ps2 games that I can't understand
Replies: >>12210
[Hide] (117KB, 960x1080)
Dekinai. OBS decided to 100% my CPU so games were suffering today. We will be back next week with more tunes and games. tahsnk folgs
[Hide] (687.7KB, 1920x1080)
Ah. So obs is still at 100% despite my attempt to fix - which seemed to work until I opened it up again today. It seems like it might be video driver related. I'm not going to be able to stream and soku simultaneously if it keeps this up so tonight I will put up some new music and host some games but no strm. Fugg
Replies: >>12220
[Hide] (410.2KB, 960x540)
Try to uninstall OBS with a program like BCUninstaller, and reinstall it. Update your graphic card drivers, of course. Have you tried to lower the bitrate? Maybe it's because it was so high or something, bitrate helps so much with CPU usage. And the video codec too. I don't remember what was the good one, I think it was HEVC or NVENC.
Replies: >>12227
Seems fixed now. Stream tonight. Music still TBD.
Replies: >>12228
okay i'm gonna explore comfy nip game again until someone wants some soku
Replies: >>12229
(it's live)
Replies: >>12230 >>12232
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[Hide] (436.5KB, 826x619)
[Hide] (629.1KB, 821x620)
Had a nice quiet stream and actually made progression in the geimu despite not understanding what the fuck was happening. We found Eriku, he gave us some synthetic chemical, we found some FURAMU BERI got a little fire fairy thing to burn sticks and faggots in the yousei mori and lots of other neat stuff. Stay tuned for next week where we're going to figure out how to push a rock onto another rock to raise another rock.

Someone has requested I do karaoke. I offer to do one (1) song next stream. Reply with suggestions.
Replies: >>12231
Damn, I forgot the stream was today. When are you going to do the next one?
Replies: >>12232
It's going to be thursday from now on. So a week after this post: >>12229
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