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Welcome to /japan/! Hopefully we won't get fucked again! Again! Again. It just keeps happening holy fuck. I'll keep this thread open for suggestions and the classic Warosu discussion that every spinoff needs to survive.
I'll be hosting streams when I do them here: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/70bcf7ef-8989-47a2-a096-3bf066875663/
Schedule: whenever the h*ck I want
/v/ BUNKER: https://sportschan.org/v/
ARCHIVED THREADS: https://pastebin.com/kKV8eemg

RULES: 1. Take it easy. To appease King Zigger follow the global rules too please.
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(519.6KB, 983x547)
>this board
what in the hell
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(195.5KB, 1024x768)
this is my easy place
>>1 (OP) 
weren't you lads on 8moe, what happened did the jew pussied out ?
Replies: >>18
(1.7MB, 1920x1406)
That was a temporary decision to divert enemy fire to a front board while we all fucked off to a /jp/ spinoff for a time. I'm in contact with all site owners involved to secure the existence of our posters and a future for white teenbros.
Replies: >>20
>I'm in contact with all site owners involved
what does this mean, there's more than one?
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(1.4MB, 1761x1375)
Oh hey john barnhill the pedophile, here I would thought you would at least change the LARP up and try to avatarfag as koishi.
(128.6KB, 840x980)
Well yeah, each site we were using have different owners. I was originally talking with pissu. Now 8gag and zzz. I managed to negotiate a tenuous easy peace between them. Pissu will get some crossposters (As is standard with the network of the greater /jp/verse.) ZZZ is getting the main board /japan/ where most of the games will be at. Lastly, cakegag will be retaining /bane/ and /tikilounge/ due to their scraping technology. This way our easy community will be spread out across multiple points of failure. I hope to be able to run more joint gamenights in the future, and start up the comfy strms again.
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(20.2KB, 566x597)
Be honest john which one was your favorite?
(55.1KB, 500x500)
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(17.6KB, 639x1152)
>he doesn't like blacked.gov
I mean it is a fitting place for john since both him and mark are pedophiles.
(12.4KB, 596x637)
John where is the obligatory pinned offtopic drama threads for the ni/gg/ers and pedochu to make ifunny watermark edits about how much they owned the a-logs?
(523.2KB, 800x464, 00:07)
>They are still mad
Man that shitshow will still be funny.
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(18.2KB, 763x1043)
<the-they are still mad
Down's syndrome is a form of retardation. Epic fail, Norm..
(49.5KB, 168x146)
Good luck
Try not to shit the bed again dipshit
Dude, next time you brush your teeth,grind your toothbrush around on the back of your tongue and against the back of your throat and tell me how good it
Wtf I hate pewdiepie now
Does anyone here have a problem with self hatred?

I pretty much love everything about myself expect for my personality. I fucking hate it. I'm a shitty p
N..no one told me it would be this easy
go back to kiwifarms
>>1 (OP) 
wew you live in /cow/schizo heads rent free
It means they made a bunker on 8moe after being kicked out from PLW, but since most people didn't like being with Mark they moved to kissu (another 4chan /jp/ spin-off).
Replies: >>44
I thought it always meant to be temporary as an inbetween for fucking off from /cow/ before Kimeemaru handed it to someone else outside the webring.

Making a japan back on the webring, as the core/jp/ userbase is like demoralized from another move/already like it on kissu or they already demoralized from the long radio silence was weird move unless this place is supposed to be a retard magnet for /cow/ vermin and their bots.
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(115.4KB, 675x675)
I am of the opinion that the survivors of the webring are harder targets to crash planes into. It's all so tiresome, but it doesn't have to be that way forever. Treat coming back to the webring as a signal to stop being so fucking blackpilled about everything. Time will heal this wound brought on mostly by boredom eventually. Above all else, take it easy.

(218.2KB, 561x649)
>This entire thread is just john samefagging that he totally won
Replies: >>48 >>55
I need a quick rundown on this john guy
Replies: >>53
>cakegag retains /tikilounge/
the bogdanoffs bow to him
that nose.
(56.8KB, 661x717)
John Barnhill is a pedophile
Replies: >>58
why what he do?
Replies: >>97 >>112
caused permanent asspain judging by tonight's showing
nuked a /v/ board on some site and showed a loli doujin collection on stream i assume, i haven't been around those times
literal niggers are still going after him after a few months
Replies: >>130
>nuked a /v/ board
Replies: >>133
which site? i only know he nuked julay/v/
Replies: >>137
(1.1MB, 2480x1754)
Yeah it was just nuked twice.
/tv/ and /cow/ are unhinged. This is butthurt on an astronomical level. Seems like they felt a lot more humiliated by the tengu takeover than they previously let on.

this captcha is making me feel mentally challenged
(727.9KB, 1694x1200)
goodnight /japan/
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(2.8MB, 1280x720, 00:22)
/cow/ will literally never recover from this. Everyone's first thought when it comes to julay is the entire website being sodomized by Tengu. It's over, we won.
(54.3KB, 363x207)
Explain this to me 10goon 
I thought you hated Mark AND jannies but then you go be a janny on Mark's website of all places?
Replies: >>198 >>199
all apart of the plan, he's a double agent now
(1.3MB, 1536x3848)
(160.9KB, 798x600)
First of all, Janny cat niggers del posts. However since you asked nicely I'll give you a hint about my master plan: Think about what I REALLY want for the webring. I would elaborate further but I cannot afford to give too much away at this time. As usual, the agents aligned against our cause would never let me get away with it if they knew all the details. Stay tuned.
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(336KB, 540x540)
>Trust the plan 
t. TenQ
what gayops are you running this time
Replies: >>226
got the old css back bros
Replies: >>251
Fuck i missed this.
(215KB, 563x673)
(75.3KB, 983x596)
your "old css" fucks me and everyone else over because I use tomorrow on old boards and now it looks like this, you fucking dingus
Replies: >>252 >>253 >>278
Yeah it's problematic with some of the themes (if you don't have it set to use the default theme) because jschan doesn't differentiate between boards when it comes to the selected theme. Same thing for custom CSS. Also it doesn't have a field for custom Javascript which could take care of that.
Replies: >>253
back to the drawing board
tomorrow is ass though
Replies: >>260 >>261 >>262
Incorrect assertion
tomorrow is good
better than lain
Replies: >>262
Win95 is the best theme.
Fixed it I think. Waiting for BO to wake up so he can change it.
css should be fixed, let me know if it's not
(158.7KB, 456x554)
Aya is a big girl.
(2.4MB, 1704x2000)
(281.9KB, 850x1122)
This is your friendly local reporting tengu back with yet another meaningless wall of text. As you may be aware by now, /japan/ is BACK on triple Zeech. This comes at a great shock to their enemies, who were seemingly convinced that the board owner left the internet forever. The teenbros quickly rallied to the old banner, about as fast as unknown assailants began their asshurt assault. Unfortunately for them, they were defeated by an "impossible captcha" that was triggered when they tried to slide the catalog. They figured it out eventually after their top scientists spoonfed them the code. Now they raid the board on the daily. OC production is understandably a bit slow on the uptake while both webring superpowers recover from an extended /tikilounge/ vacation. It's also worth mentioning that the teenbros have greatly increased their destructive influence by managing to jury rig a truce pill to give to Mark and Sturgeon. This has currently manifested itself as fun joint gamenights between the two rival boards. It is suspected that this was a move to consolidate power. When asked for an explanation on the matter, the board owner simply said
I believe this can only be roughly interpreted as "Trust the plan." Truly, the ass drums of war beat once more.
The current human election has reached a fever pitch in both funposting and concern over the fate of the United States. This tengu normally doesn't care for human politics; however, when it's this entertaining it's hard to ignore. What we DO know is that mainstream media has declared "Sleepy" Joe Biden the winner before all of the votes were counted. Donald "Dup" Trump alleges that there has been a massive amount of voter fraud that has taken place to steal the election. He is currently in a legal battle to get a recount. It is unknown at this time whether either side has significantly cheated to win, but this reporter wouldn't be surprised if they both did. Regardless of the outcome, this shitstorm has definitely diminished the amount of faith people have in the American electoral process.
If anyone has a POZ LOAD TIP they want to share with their friendly local reporting agency, this tengu is MORE THAN WILLING to perform sexual favors in exchange for information. INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: oviposition, diaper cabal RP, kigurumi sex, pissuboarding, and allowing you to use Hatate in any way you see fit. Find me on the FBI's most wanted list for more details.

This has been your friendly local reporting tengu, signing off.
Replies: >>314 >>316 >>360
(7.6MB, 1280x720, 02:37)
>the teenbros have greatly increased their destructive influence by managing to jury rig a truce pill to give to Mark and Sturgeon.
This whole article has already been fact-checked and debunked by Snoozechan's National Socialist Press Committee.
There is not, and there will never be any kind of "peace" or "truce" to be nigger rigged with kikes and their golems, only their dead bodies on the path that leads to the truth. Anyone who isn't with us, is against us.
Replies: >>317
As dumb and psychotic as these spammers may be, they constantly bump the board in the webring list. Right now you can't look at it without noticing zzz. /cow/ is pretty high up also, but surrounded with zzz boards. I still wish they'd find a less stupid way to advertise the site.
(434.9KB, 1280x1175)
(141.9KB, 1873x842)
>Anyone who isn't with us, is against us.
Speaking of, it looks like pissu turned coat because the admin is scared of dolphin. First he gunned /megu/ over it, now this. Where have I seen this before? Fuck that janny palace. They are going in the book right along with PLW.
Replies: >>322
drama is hella epic
Replies: >>320
fuck off janny nigger
Replies: >>325
Who else is in the book?
Replies: >>324
If you want to remove yourself from webring drama you know the place. If you want a guy who pokes conflicts with schizos you know who.

</ done>
Replies: >>325
<Offense/s against the Reich
Starting anuddah shoah. It was a dark day indeed when thousands of posters were shoved into the ovens. Their crime? Just wanting to take it easy.
Revocation of press pass via poisoning Robi with his fake news. The Weasel fools even his friends with his venomous words, like a snake in the grass.
Co-opting the Guntstream for his own ends. There is never enough e-celeb cock to suck for the Weasel, or enough pokemon for his 30%. All for the sake of his clout.

<Offense/s against the Reich
Betrayal by assaulting domestic territory. (x6) Once a great alliance was shared between the good people of Youkai Mountain and the creatures of the sea. On one fateful day, that unfortunately came to an abrupt end.

Schizo Tripfag
<Offense/s against the Reich
Attempted to force a bad deal upon the Reich with threats. In the wake of the holy Fire that cleansed julay, there is no reason to admit guilt for things that we di n du. Nor sign any agreement that takes away our rights guaranteed by the Heh Pill of Rights.

<Offense/s against the Reich
Policing innocents for "quality". Many an anon have fallen to his autistic ways, for not falling in line is tantamount to treason on his board.
Changing the rules to ban and delete 2hu threads he no longer likes. According to his corrupt and twisted logic, he alleged that VIP quality threads were not protected /jp/ heritage.

<Offense/s against the Reich
Innumerable unjustified post deletions. There are as many posts deleted as there are pages in this great book, possibly even more.
Being a literal kike. Unlike the fake 2% ashkenazi DNA you get thrown in your test results, his is the genuine article. And it's a lot more than 2%.

<Offense/s against the Reich
Threw us under the bus. In an act of utter cowardice, he gave /japan/ the big del due to being bullied into doing so by a schizo.

<Offense/s against the Reich
Attempted to eradicate /japan/ culture. By commanding us to "integrate" into his society, he deprived us of our basic human rights to shitpost in any way we see fit.
Threw us under the bus. Same shit different flavor. Sasuga Quebec.

Any janny of a rulecucked board
<Offense/s against the Reich
Being a janny nigger. Such a wrong can never truly be righted, for wherever there are posters, there is always going to be a powertripping janny nigger that seeks to control them. Eliminate as many as possible for Oathgold and Public Order bonuses.

More names shall be added as necessary. That's all for now.
Replies: >>333 >>342 >>351
(46.8KB, 400x315)
>fuck off janny nigger
At least have dinner with him first so that it sounds like a love confession or a 40D chess move faggot
>he doesn't want to tame schizos AND funpost
absolute casual how disgusting
sokujews expelled
Replies: >>328 >>329
it's sokuNIGGER
Replies: >>331
you can tell me about your panfluid ethnicity some other time
rather would not have drama on kissu
i don't want it to die from the schizo dolphin
(51.4KB, 540x540)
This is is why you will always be below me, 10goon. I consider myself a funposter and I believe my funposts do not litter the board like shit like yours.
Spamming the same image over and over can't be categorized as a funpost, you're just trying too hard to hide your butthurt.
Replies: >>335 >>336
digits cant lie
(522.4KB, 1600x1200)
What did he mean by this? Truly a mystery. Mysterious indeed.
I use the terms interchangably.
BESTPOSTING > funposting = shitposting >>>>>> power gap >>>> effortposting
Replies: >>339
(11.1KB, 480x360)
PR Manager
<Offense/s against the Reich
Torturing helpless crow tengu with internment in the water-park.
Replies: >>343
Don't worry there's a special book just for him.
Replies: >>344
(16.1KB, 512x512)
Fucking king jew your not getting your Christmas gift until i see my book.
oh no no no
Replies: >>349
It's almost like /cow/ is brainwashing anons into literal bots that can't even pass a turing test. Now they come here, hoping they can stare into Aya's eyes long enough for their souls to be cleansed. But what's that, she closed them?
The only way to make this even funnier would be to randomly switch between this captcha and captchouli.
Replies: >>419
(427.2KB, 600x800)
>my name isn't on the list
Phew, looks like I'm safe. Would love to have you back if Stazi gets off his arse.
(96.1KB, 341x350)
auuuuugh what do people on /johnbarnhill/ do?
Replies: >>355 >>356
wtf, how did you defeat the captcha /cow/? this shouldn't be possible...
Replies: >>362
Hello, the Tengu Reich is welcome to visit: https://9chan.tw/nippon/
(417.9KB, 735x1034)
Now when is the next #koistream, I haven't had john kino in almost 9 months and its depressing.
Replies: >>363
>w-we learn...
Just give up at this point, the captcha has defeated you. It has made you it's bitch. You will never recover from being unable to click white squares.
Replies: >>364
(10.7KB, 1019x125)
hey john hows it going? I
ts okay >we all make >our mistakes here on /johnbarnhill/
Replies: >>365 >>366
(145.6KB, 230x252)
auuugh see I just made a little mistake but that's okay since a-logs always get right back up and keep on a-logging.
Replies: >>366 >>368
this is c*pe on another level
Replies: >>367
(17.4KB, 763x1043)
t. coping pedophile
So which one is this actually? John, Prkike?
(50.8KB, 497x576)
Outsider here, what'd an a-log, what does a-logging mean and what's a gunt?
Replies: >>369 >>370
(188.2KB, 688x456)
>just an outsider here
(209.6KB, 800x600)
/cow/ for fucking with people
what did they mean by this, indeed

the board is shitposted by an autistic schizo namefag that wants BO to be the next lol/cow/, but it's quite comfy anyway
Replies: >>371
the amount of projection is pretty intense john, I don't namefag but (you) do, now quit samefagging. you do that a lot
Replies: >>372
(288.5KB, 1000x1000)
>I don't namefag
fuck off retard
Replies: >>373
(2MB, 966x1288)
<u-ur dolphin
Oh so it is you prkike?
Replies: >>374
<u-ur prkike
Oh so it is you dolphin?
(197.5KB, 208x208, 00:03)
>copying what I do
peak prkike
Replies: >>376
sorry I can't copy schizophrenics that come from a foxdicks forum and then call themselves oldfags
Replies: >>378
t. prkike the foxdick
your lore was better than johns but never that good
(34.8KB, 561x677)
Honestly its that oldfag larp that both (you) and niggerchu do that makes me think that (you) two are one and the same. 
Replies: >>380
>larps as oldfag
>posted cp in /r9k/ thread
are you jewish? this much projecting isn't natural
(15.1KB, 566x597)
<ur the real insert here
Honestly I am getting the feeling that prkike and pedochu butthurt torfag really are one and the same and that would make a lot of sense since he is johns number one supporter pr manager on /cow/ and the webring as a whole.
Replies: >>385
accusing your enemy of the same thing that you are is one of the most effective jewish tactics because you can go <UR THE REAL X for free
(you) posted cp and a pretended to be an oldfag, but keep redtexting maybe that'll make you a real alog
Replies: >>388
(211KB, 561x607)
Thanks for confirming that you faggots truly are one and the same.
(447.8KB, 460x635)
free entertainment from /cow/schizos
(1.3MB, 2894x4093)
Replies: >>403
(805KB, 2480x3508)
nice artist
(211KB, 200x270)
>Now they come here, hoping they can stare into Aya's eyes long enough for their souls to be cleansed. But what's that, she closed them?
It's just a sprite from a pokemon game, lad. Nothing to get so invested over.
>>1 (OP) 
tengu is gay
(1.8MB, 2560x1440)
(126.9KB, 836x285)
(26.2KB, 538x208)
(5.9KB, 634x123)
Greetings /japan/, I have reason to believe the new /tech/ board glows harder than the CIA.
Exhibit A: The rules text states:
>no loli or CP
There is no reason for this line to exist other than to equate loli with CP. Posting CP is already against the global rules and fucking obvious to anyone who uses imageboards.
Exhibit B: Greentexting mid sentence is a common /cow/ trait, now most commonly used by none other than Dolphin Schizo.
Exhibit C: In response to being questioned about the no loli rule, the board owner made this capcode post. This regurgitation of a /cow/ talking point further solidifies the theory that this board is a /cow/ colony.

The timing of all of this is awfully (((coincidental))), wouldn't you agree? I posit that the board owner is none other than Dolphin. He has been known to impersonate others in the past. I would advise you not to use the board in its current iteration. He will probably do something malicious with it once he gets a userbase.
That's makes kind of sense. Maybe not Dolphin himself but that attitude reeks of /cow/ and /tv/.
On the other hand he didn't put up any rules at all before sturg reminded him, maybe he just doesn't know what to write. Damn I should've applied for /tech/ myself.
You can delete your own posts at the bottom of the page.
Replies: >>444
Tech board owner here. The main reason why the no loli/CP rule exists is to avoid drama like this. /tech/ is for technology discussion, not loli posting. If cannot handle a simple rule, go away.
Replies: >>444
>On the other hand he didn't put up any rules at all before sturg reminded him
No, I was busy with other stuff at the time. I was planning to add the rules once I wasn't busy.
>I can't handle a basic rule
Replies: >>445 >>646
Was getting ousted this fast part of your plan?
Replies: >>448
>uses tripcodes
yep, found the Dolphin nigger
Replies: >>448
(140.5KB, 360x360)
You can prove your not dolphin all you need to do is draw a clock with the time being 9:35
>everyone is Dolphinfag

Incorrect captcha answer
Replies: >>449 >>450 >>451
hello dolphin it is i pr manager 
it is time for you to draw a clock
(3.7MB, 1438x2000)
Sperging out won't help you, Dolphin.
Replies: >>455
(2.8MB, 1280x720, 00:22)
notice how he stops posting the second i ask for a clock
Replies: >>453
>expecting an anon to draw
Replies: >>454
calling yourself anon and using a tripcode
>every /tech/ BO is Dolphinfag
Replies: >>456
are you or are you not a php pro
Replies: >>457
PHP is a bad language. Learn C and Python.
Replies: >>458 >>459
Why am I not surprised someone recommending Python has trouble with the captcha.
(202.9KB, 728x924)
ok so wait if /cow/ hates lolis so much then why is their mascot based off of one
Replies: >>461 >>469
(890.2KB, 1917x931)
It's called hypocrisy, the board is steeped in it.
we're touhou fans too but unlike koipedo we respect the source material and don't want to fuck underage girls
Replies: >>466
>video games cause violence
this is you. 
there is no evidence to suggest that loli causes pedo. there is evidence to suggest that /cow/ loli haters distribute CP on imageboards when they don't get their way.
>Greentexting mid sentence is a common /cow/ trait, now most commonly used by none other than Dolphin Schizo.
I do it all the time, and you arguably did in your very post stating this. Suck my cock faggot. /tech/ BO is gay though.
Replies: >>485
(312.9KB, 500x375)
>The main reason I decided to cause drama is to avoid drama
>By conflating loli and CP by announcing them both as banned in spite of CP already being global banned
>When I could have just a banned loli and said nothing about it
This website allows loli. If you really thought it supported pedophilia, you wouldn't have volunteered to be a BO on this website, associating with those you believe support pedophiles and drawing activity to a site that you believe supports pedophiles. It is absolutely certain you volunteered as BO in bad faith and are just here to shit the place up with drama. kindly fuck off.
Replies: >>704
Because Robi doesn't actually hate loli at all, just his retarded moderators. Not that I enjoy defending that clusterfuck of a site.
Replies: >>498
(114.6KB, 359x900)
(107.3KB, 842x552)
Exhibit Dolphin: This should be the final nail in the coffin for most people. It is a (((pure coincidence))) that Dolphin would post the same thing in the cytube and thread minutes apart. Only he would be retarded enough to oust himself through actions in his cytube again. He also cleverly dodged the php pro question. Finally, he adamantly refuses to draw a clock for the simple reason that it would oust him harder. It is a medically proven test for patients with dementia and schizophrenia. And yes, he still struggles with the captcha.

Exhibit Extra: A normal board owner who wanted to "avoid drama" wouldn't try to clear his name with a tripcode like this. This sort of shitflinging reeks of the same style he used when caught in the past. He also tried some babby's 4d chess when he thought I was monitoring his communications. This did nothing but embolden my investigation instead of the intended effect of throwing me off the trail.

I am aware one thing alone doesn't confirm everything. It is merely additional calcium to make this case stronger.

I have presented my full case so now it's time to warmly wait for the verdict.
Replies: >>486 >>489 >>493
Why does /cow/ have to ruin everything? also I haven't been paying attention much could you give me a timeline of what's been going on
Replies: >>487
>tengu came back after a vacation
>z/japan/ and 8/bane/ were (re) founded
>/cow/ caught wind after shilling started to ramp up
>they send dolphin to raid /japan/ every day
>tengu gains gvol on blacked and tells everyone to "trust the plan"
>this sends dolphin into a spastic fit
>raids intensify
>sturgeon badly wanted a /tech/ board but nobody stepped up
>someone finally volunteered a few days ago
>the volunteer happens to be dolphin
>dolphin is quickly found out through bait
>sturgeon is now in an awkward position
(You) are here.
(107.7KB, 842x552)
>7 hours behind
5 hours ahead*
So now that we know Dolcuck is the BO, get rid of him admin.
(947.2KB, 500x281)
I wish you would stop conjuring drama out of thin air
Replies: >>494 >>499 >>646
(820.7KB, 1000x1000)
I wish I was wrong.
Replies: >>496
I didn't know how  much I needed porn of this until I saw it.
It's meant to divert attention from Julay's hidden CP boards.
Dolphin is known for fucking with imageboards, dolphin is known for being a /tech/ retard, dolphin is known for being apart of the nu-/cow/ cabal, suddenly days after /japan/ which feuds with /cow/ gets a board here, (((someone))) applies for /tech/ with rules that only a /cow/ cabal retard would impose, then he starts tripfagging, something basically only dolphin does, and uses the same terms that dolphin uses in his /cow/ cabal cytube rooms.

He's done everything short of posting his off-white CRT monitor collection to signal his identity. Dolphin is known for his not-so-subtle "hints" at his identity, that or he's completely fucking retarded and terrible at hiding when he's behind shit. He's done this for the past year, his tactics are known.
>he edited out the loli/CP rule
Replies: >>504
(337.4KB, 555x377)
But apparently nobody can post there now. What a mess.
Replies: >>505 >>506
To be fair that seems to be due to Tom not including a way to unblock countries after you've blocked them in the moderator panel. But I have no clue why the BO would choose to block "unknown" countries to begin with , which leans even further into the bad actor accusations.
/tech/ will probably stay dead even if you could post there. At least for as long as dolphin is in charge of it.
Fish seems to want direct evidence that won't materialize due to the nature of gay ops.
Replies: >>507
>that won't materialize
Given the attention span of Dolphin I wouldn't be so sure of that.
i just want this stupid /cow/ drama to end already, but it looks like it won't end since /cow/ is filled with literal schizos
Replies: >>510
(49.9KB, 361x500)
Just post in the BTFO'ing /cow/ thread once a day and be done with it
Replies: >>534
Spoiler File
(592.5KB, 968x898)
Can we have less /cow/ and more of the good kind of cows?
Replies: >>537 >>538
that ass is nice, her face however... and I don't even want to begin thinking about her filthy SNATCH
(85.9KB, 706x455)
Fucking disgusting.
Replies: >>539
Spoiler File
(736.2KB, 850x979)
Well you have a point there
strming, link in stick
strm over
dolphin removed from /tech/
Replies: >>626 >>646
Finally. Wonder if there was any XSS hidden in his stupid bluetext CSS.
Replies: >>628 >>629
Are you telling me the pedophile hacked me with epic blue text?
What is XSS?
Replies: >>630 >>631
there was not, it was only styling and I had strict mode enabled as a precaution
Replies: >>632
Cross site scripting. I.e. how he got gahoole's IP, if I remember correctly he embedded an image or something like this from his own server.
Also half of my VPN's IP pool seems to be banned now. Fuck you Dolphin, or whomever.
Replies: >>632
Xtreme Security Sex
Ah alright. I'd hope that would be disabled, which it seems it is based on >>629
Replies: >>634
Yes, jschan seems to do a good job here, I can't even add a image as a data url to my custom css because of that. That's a good sign. There must be some kind of CSRF vulnerability though when dolphin can just set up that site with the spam script/captcha somewhere. I can't find a token in a hidden field but maybe it's in the header and I overlooked it because of all the cloudflare stuff.
Replies: >>643
(594.9KB, 1200x1206)
(1.9MB, 02:21)
>dolphin comes to japan to try to prove he's not dolphin
shame I always miss the good crap.
Tom here, there cant be a CSRF token in the page because it is a static page shared between many users. The same is for lynxchan, vichan, etc. 
zadmin should have referrer check enabled, if that really is a CSRF form and it will prevent it. If there is still a problem, make a detailed report on jschan repo and I will address it :^)

Regardless, it would be possible for dolphin to setup a site like that to extract captcha images from zzzchan, and show a form that submits to his OWN server, then relays the posting over TOR using the captcha answer, where they cannot be IP banned.
Replies: >>648
(25KB, 364x336)
>Dolphin outs himself by spamming his own board on the same IP he BOs with.
Wew laddy.
How embarrassing.
(12.4KB, 1003x144)
dolphin confirms, not any csrf and works pretty much how I said in >>643
Replies: >>652 >>660
(1.1MB, 1000x1766)
>I have to block all images because loli is illegal in my shithole country
The dolphin fears the loli!
Replies: >>660
The pedophile is larping. For the uninitiated his first debut was on anon.cafe's /r9k/ where he linked a literal child porn onion address. His anti-loli larp is the unoriginal brain child of hangingflesh's autistic crusade against 2D porn, to which he went so far as to allow literal CP to stay up on /v/ out of sheer spite for the fact loli was allowed.

These people are actually fucking schizophrenic.
Replies: >>661 >>663 >>666
>The pedophile is larping. For the uninitiated his first debut was on anon.cafe's /r9k/ where he linked a literal child porn onion address. His anti-loli larp is the unoriginal brain child of hangingflesh's autistic crusade against 2D porn, to which he went so far as to allow literal CP to stay up on /v/ out of sheer spite for the fact loli was allowed.
(151.1KB, 1262x489)
Replies: >>704
This reminds me of something.  Back before Hotwheels stepped down from being 8chan's admin, the global mods would be also be the type to avoid doing their jobs when it came to CP ads on certain boards out of spite.  How possible is it to know whether some of these faggots are the same as the global mods from back then that left the site after /hebe/ was shut down?
Replies: >>668
>>666 (checked)
I doubt they are ex-roller boys, for the simple fact that they act like complete newfags.
Replies: >>669
What DID happen to those former global mods?  Where did they go?  They did sorta publicly announce they were leaving over that, so it stands to reason there's a breadcrumb trail somewhere.
Replies: >>672
Most are still around but I don't think they post on webring boards. I'm guessing they went to 4 or the alt tranny fed. A couple of them I personally know are still on rizon. Another one faked his death.
Replies: >>673
>A couple of them I personally know are still on rizon. Another one faked his death.
Replies: >>674
copypaste is dudley, JEWS is some kike, linear was the old autistic codefag, and guy9000 was a cuck. I guess Mark and Claud also count because I think? all or most of the top 25 board owners got global.
(20.4KB, 752x618)
What the fuck?
Replies: >>692
Seems like it's just a test instance/place for people to report jschan bugs. Doesn't really look like it's intended to be a proper imageboard. Still makes a Tom a bit of a shady cunt though.
Hey TENGU. I impersonated you on another site twice and no one seemed to notice. So now I have to ask: How do I know you're the real Tengu and not an impersonator like me? I hardly even tried.

I just want to say again, I and everyone else called it. Dolphin BTFO.

>Niggerpill is hanging flesh
Replies: >>722 >>724 >>726
Outside of the streams unless you're implying those are deep faked you don't. I don't have a problem with people impersonating me because it confuses /cow/ into chasing after Warosu ghosts. I wasn't the first reporting tengu and I don't think I'll be the last. This tradition goes all the way back to the formation of /bun/.
(54.1KB, 387x704)
>Proving identities on an anonymous image board
is like batman
no one is batman
batman is just batman
if you're batman, then you're batman
(977.4KB, 1000x1000)
they're back...
(153.1KB, 462x489)
>>1 (OP) 
>I'll be hosting streams when I do them here: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/70bcf7ef-8989-47a2-a096-3bf066875663/
gay and markpilled
Replies: >>911
Replies: >>918
stream over that game was ass
(29.9KB, 320x355)
Was the tengu a regular /tech/ie before?
Replies: >>932
john and markpilled
Yes he was. Got a thinkpad with a meme distro and everything.
okay now this is epic
(1.4MB, 1072x1500)
20 PPH
Thanks for the PPH spammers.
Bit of a shame you can't slide catalog fast enough due to the captcha.
I can't tell if it's /cow/ or /jp/ anymore lmao
(27.3KB, 920x297)
(535.5KB, 1024x520)
Replies: >>1157
(28.7KB, 917x289)
(315.1KB, 533x762)
Replies: >>1157
I didn't know /ota/ teens would get butthurt this much holy...
Today is a mess
Replies: >>1170
Was the captcha disabled or has it been bypassed somehow?
Replies: >>1159
The 4teens have intelligence unlike /cow/tards, something I never expected...
(1.6MB, 2100x2166)
bless this mess
(1.3MB, 1413x1060)
3 pph
Make a fake news?
Replies: >>1236
If you make a fake news in Aya's womb, what comes out?
Replies: >>1274 >>1292
unconfirmed liquid (needs fact checking)
Replies: >>1278
snopes debunked this
(96.3KB, 917x270)
/japan/ cannot be stopped!
(169.7KB, 800x1200)
more reporters
(835KB, 1000x1400)
(689.9KB, 1920x1080)
(476.4KB, 1893x872)
(75.7KB, 500x500)
(81.5KB, 755x552)
This is your friendly local reporting tengu back now that the dust has settled. This weekend, the /jp/verse has been engulfed in a series of proxy skirmishes that shook it to its core. It all started when Trevor some evil hacker held GNFOS for ransom again. As usual, his demands for shitcoins were met with bullying and no monetary gain. In retaliation, he unleashed his personal teenbro army on longtime rival /ota/. This marks a notable escalation of the Jay Cold War. The /ota/bros stood no chance under the Rena spam and blogposting. Anally ravaged by the assault they were only memed on further by /japan/ teens. This could not have come at at worse time as they were still recovering from Tshirt's blog moments ago. Due to getting really, really mad, they ended up allegedly deploying a fleet of the fabled N.E.E.T. Squadron. /japan/ ended up being the focus of their righteous fury because the GN was still down at this point. At first, it looked like they were only visiting to engage in some lovely friendly banter. Evidently, this ended up being only the calm before the storm. 2hu themed soyjak posting quickly flooded the catalog. When the unpaid pilots soon ran out of them, they followed up with a sneed carpet bombing. A lethal combination if you ask me. /japan/ese defenders were completely caught off guard. As they scrambled to defend, the sneedposting only intensified. They eventually countered by raiding themselves to preserve the front page's VIP quality aesthetic. Unfortunately for everyone, sturgeon woke up and deleted most of the spam in a vile act of censorship. This tengu considers this battle to be a decisive moral loss, due to janny interference. When bitched at to justify his mass del, he responded with
This appears to be the best apology that we're going to get. He went on to promise not to intervene in /jp/ affairs in the future. After everyone went to bed, T quietly put his site back up and it looks like all forces have retreated to their home barracks. This tengu believes there to be a silver-pill lining to this bloody battle. /japan/ has now been officially recognized as a /jp/ spinoff in the eyes of the /jp/ United Council. This protected status has been one of the core goals of their monarchy for at least 2 weeks. As this is a developing story, more updates MAY follow.
If anyone has a POZ LOAD TIP or HOT TAKE they want to share with their friendly local reporting agency, this tengu is MORE THAN WILLING to perform sexual favors in exchange for information. INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: coprophilia, crystal cafe RP, kigurumi bdsm, /nen/ exhibitionist sex, and allowing you to use Hatate in any way you see fit. Find me in the Florida offender registry for more details.

This has been your friendly local reporting tengu, signing off.
Replies: >>1317
(1.4MB, 320x240)
I don't even know what the fuck a /jp/ is...
Replies: >>1318
Perhaps a board about jordan peterson.

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