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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

keep minority spirit

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>3 month old cum sitting on the last page
This thread now belongs to Marisa and her cumshrooms.
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My cumrags have been lying there for 6 months without sprouting. Should I be concerned?
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put some more love in your cum next time
mushroom_gril.jpg (u)
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If you are waiting for fungi that can sprout fruiting bodies to colonize the substrate by chance you may end up waiting a long time. Try ordering some mycelium online and inoculate the rags that way. You can also try dipping the cumrags in a mixture of water and fertilizer in case the cum isn't enough for them to live off of.

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Went broke and homeless. I think he got better lately but I'm not sure.
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>very talented artists become homeless
>utter hacks that draw box shaped, bizarrely proportioned "humans" for google likely get luxurious commissions (at the very least, they don't end up homeless)
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>broke and homeless
you're joking right? because he is blind, too
he would be dead by now
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Partially. He had to spend a bunch of money for surgery to not go completely blind.
Life is never fair, especially when you're living in a world controlled by psychopaths.

__hakurei_reimu_and_shameimaru_aya_touhou_drawn_by_toraneko_2__cfbc4bbb07b012110e19491396dd17f2.jpg (u)
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chaos is the answer

>What's a 2hu
Shrinesl00t armpit licking sim series
>Where do I start?
Get EoSD with the vsynch patch If you're new to primary games. SA if you're some kind of mushihime master or something.
Or just play the fangames, only /jp/ is gonna judge you for that.

>Only for pure secondary niggers:
soku: https://mega.nz/#!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k
>Try to learn soku:
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Fuck it, I'll make it here: >>3730
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fuck it, fixed mistake, here: >>3733
tenshi_and_hinanawi_tenshi_-_c041eacf9cba83015cbbb2fb52c979dc.jpg (u)
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I hate myself zoomerbros
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so this is the legendary trevor the king of teens?
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I don't see any elipsis……..
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Spoiler File (u)
(113.5KB, 1280x720)
>>3362 (OP) 
That's not tshit.
its ok, I love you enough for both of us <3

__kochiya_sanae_touhou_drawn_by_cyczen__3d53381bee38ee807d8399667d993291.png (u)
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I'm gonna fucking sigh!!!!!!!!!!
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>>3517 (OP) 
Sanae should sigh on my dick tbh
I just sighed as I was visiting this thread
>>3517 (OP) 
>I'm gonna fucking sigh!!!!!!!!!!
Won't someone please just think of the Children?

__hakurei_reimu_kirisame_marisa_izayoi_sakuya_kochiya_sanae_konpaku_youmu_and_3_more_touhou_drawn_by_hichiko__88d4cfdc7804da3ff81e19386674b1cd.png (u)
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/japan/ meetup
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passed out on the floor
>>3326 (OP) 
I didn’t realize so many females used /Japan/.
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the cc girls are here
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>>3326 (OP) 
Dream_sign_-_Gensoukyou_911.jpg (u)
(1.9KB, 29x46)
me on the right about to test my new spell card

1443665411126.jpg (u)
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pls respong I allegedly shilled lots today
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>>3304 (OP) 
Ah, you are motherfucker?
>>3304 (OP) 
where did you shill
Replies: >>3313
everywhere apparently
reporting in
Wow what a nigger.

spart_card_bg4.png (u)
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/japan/ is invited budy
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__izayoi_sakuya_touhou_drawn_by_fish_boy__sample-a93e29c7c62761b0923752a4147033a1.jpg (u)
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>>3101 (OP) 
I'll show up but all I'm going to do is talk about touhou so you better be ready for that.
sports are for norms
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t. norm
Replies: >>3281
norm_macdonald.jpg (u)
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How'd ya know?
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wow such a famous guy is taking it easy

__cirno_and_adam_sandler_touhou_and_2_more_drawn_by_umisaki__2ba260b6544dd8d62681295f82bf6f12.png (u)
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youvecomealongwaybaka.png (u)
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>no wings
fuck I wasn't going to keep working on this but that is necessary.

>arms are weird
You asked for fat cirno you get fat cirno.
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youvecomealongwaybaka.png (u)
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Replies: >>3277
59b8af3eeed955195f39e22723bcef6405dd78a29ab27add989da6f444a2658a.gif (u)
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>actually fixed everything I mentioned
I'll raise your score to a 8/10. half point detracted for skimping on the bg, half for claiming to have made her fat when it's barely noticeable and 1 for being too close and cutting half her head, still fukken saved.
womber cirno

TOUHOUGensoWanderer_20170322150349_1.jpg (u)
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reimus proportions don't make sense
Replies: >>3229
>>3089 (OP) 
This game has so much fucking content
Replies: >>3232
magical ribbons make the head swell in size
I picked it up without realizing that it has a lot of dlc too…
I just want the full fucking game when I buy one for once……
Replies: >>3234
use illegal downloading

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