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keep minority spirit

__hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn_by_hanadi_detazo__9c08b8b3a4349140b093f638eda38e3c.jpg (u)
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Remember the 90s?
I was born in 2005
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And here I thought I was the youngest here.
based 90s kid

8939f510da9837bb873c80ff73c0f8be21e59713412b68330c15597833482095.jpg (u)
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/japan/ more like /deadboard/ :--DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD XDD
162448008103.png (u)
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__toyosatomimi_no_miko_touhou_drawn_by_makuwauri__98cc432bace80baec98caf6d9702670c.jpg (u)
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If the board is dead, then how are we here?

nipshotacon.jpg (u)
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What can be done about japanese qt's preying on helpless shotas?
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>>6248 (OP) 
Nice... Lucky lil bastard.
nice.jpeg (u)
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a186957ef97c6cc0c2cee097e0111d569f6cffa883def26957187ba03f3a2cbd.gif (u)
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>Nooo son you can't just speedrun your v-card! AAbuse!!! help! police!?? 
>I-I-Im reporting you for using your dick son
>will presumably torment this kid for rest of his life for starting early.
Single mothers am I right guys.
If the dad was present you know he'd fucking high five the kid. It's just not the same thing for men than it is for wahmen.

you-forgot-your-hat.png (u)
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lazy ruski edition
incompetent leaf edition

>What's a 2hu
Shrinesl00t armpit licking sim series
>Where do I start?
Get EoSD with the vsynch patch If you're new to primary games. SA if you're some kind of mushihime master or something.
Or just play the fangames, only /jp/ is gonna judge you for that.

>Only for pure secondary niggers:
soku: https://mega.nz/#!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k
>Try to learn soku:
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strongest.png (u)
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GG. Excellent tonko pressure. Consider being more cautious in the air with it, but I could tell you tightened it up a bit at the end there. Youmu has a lot of sneaky mix ups to remember. Keep an eye on my deck to see if I've got a DP in there.
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柴又穴.yatsume.mkv (u)
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Test failed utterly, please advise
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Advise on what?
that's not even a real ipv4 address

1574245448580.gif (u)
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There was a picture of a husky, perhaps obese, yet muscular Japanese schoolgirl I had saved and accidentally deleted. She was eating lunch and the only specific food item I remember was a bottle of Vitaene C. She was caught off-guard and likely embarrassed and ashamed of having her picture taken while eating. The students in the background were a group of girls having a desperate or excitable conversation behind her and in the back of the class a male student playing his 3DS or DS. Would anyone happen to have this saved as I had posted on /jp/ in the Autumn of 2018 and I assume some must have saved it. It was an enjoyable and interesting picture to me for reasons I can't articulate.
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absolute_madman.jpg (u)
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>>5929 (OP) 
I feel like I remember this image but I'm not sure if I actually do or if I have it if I do.
i do remember this image
i found it on one of those japanese blog sites and posted it to a spinoff at some point
i no longer have it
i'll try find it again because i enjoy playing detective
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__watson_amelia_and_jerry_messing_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_renpc__13bfbf10b8aacabd98a6b3118834ecfa.png (u)
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Thank you sir.

ota_left_gn_right.png (u)
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alright which is better
ota or gn
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oatmin doesn't bully me like trevvor does
taoism teaches that immortality can only be attained through the absence of feces
therefore pee is superior
__houjuu_nue_and_kasodani_kyouko_touhou_drawn_by_namauni__922c6fe95148fa013382ceedba53aab3.jpg (u)
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the gn is better because oat is fat
__houjuu_nue_murasa_minamitsu_and_kasodani_kyouko_touhou_drawn_by_roke_taikodon__d4f317d454654e8e8eac3661be86b21e.jpg (u)
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dcbe9008ae64380d4b5c9ed8369ae6c6a7a17d7277b7e3984a5a571e5c441a0b.jpeg (u)
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you're gonna keep bein a joke n that's cool but rally get a getwatcher thread yuo dum retard
rally i wanna see ya get sum ral GETs but let me guess ur to chicken shit to do it
1604987800964-2_042715.png (u)
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lol whups getn dubs by acident lol
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luv me Es-Pee
luv me Jay-Pan
'ate Cow
simple as

1447490626766.jpg (u)
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banner_ban.png (u)
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because I uploaded 2 banners he banned the account and locked the platform down preventing anyone else from doing the same
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partyisover.png (u)
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the absolute state of jannies
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just.png (u)
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>free advertising to possibly compatible anons
>you weebs fuck it up
press_h_to_honor.png (u)
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guys don't worry I'm sure he'll open it up again in a few days when he thinks we aren't looking

698ae81de935dac1804d53a57cf9635ea77be80ff074b4b6432e621a411e6421.png (u)
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No step on snek
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post folder pl0x
mediafire com/folder/4b8usxrsidmf2/gadsden
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tranny_snek.jpeg (u)
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>Do you need to download more than a few files at a time? No problem! Upgrade to a MediaFire Premium account to gain access to features like Bulk-Download.
It's a sad day for lazy anons. Are there any linux tools that can do that? Gallery-dl doesn't work.
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sneks: https://files.catbox.moe/4hv0t4.7z
Replies: >>6056
fuck me, did not realize that
here: https://files.catbox.moe/s7wpbp.7z
thx bby
Replies: >>6057
thanks fren, I used this program to get rid of dupes: https://github.com/saolaolsson/pixiple

__remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_kurowa_curowa__641ee0436510dbc20a88e009fd88f63d.jpg (u)
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maybe the board would be less dead if I didn't save all my best threads for ota
I'll have to start going off board too. Like japan, appreciate tengu to death for exposing the cow irc faggots. Actual first introduction to the japan was here, so a lot of lurking will be in the future. the b here was fun, but now it's presently overridden by mouth breathers so it's time to migrate again.
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Tengu is just a /cow/ard at heart. But yeah I see what you mean. This whole site has taken a turn for the worse, actually.
Replies: >>6013
Ok, Mark.

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