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keep minority spirit

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The teen philosophy of "fuck da jan man" which dictates posters be free to post whatever and encourages conflict to strengthen the userbase is obviously a functional one. Lately its come under fire from teens abroad, but we've held the tide back. However, it doesn't matter how many times we blow them the fuck out when they just won't accept anything that doesn't agree with their narrative. I propose that we further refine our position in this thread to make the stance completely ironclad. I'll open with what I think is the biggest problem with jannies today:

Personal bias.
They always apply their biases to their rules and twist them to mean whatever they want them to mean. This in turn leads to extreme subjectivity and inconsistency with moderation enforcement actions. Usually it comes down to them deleting things they don't like simply because they don't like it. In other cases they will hide or delete criticism to protect themselves. It always results in either alienating the users or better yet becoming the very thing they complain about! A personality board. What's more is that they completely lack the self awareness needed to understand how out of touch they've become, resulting in further detachment from everyone. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It doesn't help that the users who've stuck around long enough go along with it like nothing is out of the ordinary. They end up completely turning into a cargo cult
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Have you been so abused that you cannot even express your own argument in words? Are your feelings towards jannies so fearful and deeply rooted that you do not dare touch them lest you be made into an example?
I understand. I pity you, truly. Life has not allowed you to express critical thought for so long that you've become inept and unable to do so.

pic unrelated
Shared public mod account? Or perhaps a bot (email/IRC) that sends a email or /msg that contains your personal janny account? (this way the mod access could be revoked) Also, you could use https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/mkproof and/or https://git.sr.ht/~tomleb/mkproof-proxy as anti-bot/anti-abuse system.

>Self moderation or just ignoring posts you don't like is probably the best solution. It was brought up a couple times for a pipe dream imageboard concept where the poster can either filter everyone they don't like or subscribe to community created janny lists. No longer would they have to rely on some arbiter of content. That'll never happen without someone willing to code it unfortunately.
Or this.

> subscribe to community created janny lists.
Could this be also implemented as a browser extension or ublock origin block list?
Replies: >>4875
>ublock origin block list
This would be alright, but there are some issues. You wouldn't be able to ban by IP without it being publicly exposed. You could use a hash of the IP, but you would force boards to have public IDs in that case. Of course, this only means more work, so it's not impossible, just inconvenient. The other thing is illegal content. Having anyone able to delete anything pretty much covers that, but if it's only done with ublock, you're still technically hosting illegal content, and you'd need the server admin to take care of that. At that point, between the nuisance of cleaning up spam, and the need for jannies anyway, I don't see a way to do it that would actually be convenient ie, for a lazy fuck
honestly speaking, I would say jannies should be curtailed in every aspect except they'll have one power; turning on the captcha, and turning off the captcha should spam wave occur. I would also rather globals didn't exist, but gay laws on illegal pixels exist so what can you do about those and why feds are fine with them getting an eyeful of illegal pixels but nod you is its own barrel of monkies, but it does show the judicial system is breddy bad in this country either way. 
The """"BO""" of a board should not exist in the case of imageboards wherein the admin retains sole power of board creation, but on imageboards wherein users are allowed to create their own boards, then I suppose it's inevitable that said board will be run based on BO's whims, unless a cuhrayzee system is developed wherein a user is allowed to make a board but then is only allowed to do things with it like modify CSS, control captcha powers, etc. etc. everything EXCEPT being allowed to delete anything at all. Users must be allowed to decide that on their own via the "hide" button. 
The downside is that users will be afflicted by nasty things like monkey genitals from mentally ill individuals prior to hitting that hide button, but what can you do, something has to give for janny faggotry to be killed forever.
microblogging will destroy the earth

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>What's a Melty
Funny onahole cat fight series
>Where do I start?
Go here and download community edition.

>Only for pure primary niggers:
tsukihime: https://mega.nz/file/4vBAQa6a#6XSAFVgnxdmm4lXYA7qIiJgL6waVJ83M0Ev2rb3WXCY
>Try to learn melty:
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ggs i'm still pretty bad.
anyone wants a host
pray merty
there's a new melty blood coming out and none of you niggers told me
Replies: >>5033
yu didnt ask

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>What the heck is a Gikopoi?
Gikopoi is an MMO with all the filler taken out and just the best part left - town idling. You play as a variation of a "Giko", which is a Japanese cat emoticon that stems from 2ch in the olden days. There are various rooms and each one has varying slots for streaming audio and video. There are also plenty of interesting secrets that you will learn just by watching oldfags play.
>Why should I play it?
Flash is dying soon, and this long standing game may die along with it. It's also apparently a Japanese board tradition to play on New Years Eve/Day.


Make sure to check out some of the guides on the right side of the page for helpful info. "#list" in the chat will list room populations and "#rula" will allow you to teleport to most rooms. 

(Note for the new - you can choose not to input a name and you will beget the monikor "Anonymous". It can be difficult to differentiate who is saying what when two or more players have the same name, and this is more likely to happen with Anonymous players. You don't have to register or anything, so you can freely change your name to whatever you want)
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happy new years /japan/
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too lazy to make new bread
shilling this if anyone is interested. html5 giko made by some non-nip. it killed the original giko's foreigner server and even has a decently population jap serb.
Replies: >>4886
wasn't there also an executable in some blog site? I'm searching for that now that users are scrambled

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when it's the right time to post the flan but you forgot to post the flan
Replies: >>1608
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was about to post this
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>>3906 (OP) 
The games get harder and harder to read visually. Soon, background, background effects, bullets, enemies, PC and PC bullets will all blend together and we will play 2hu for a kaleidoscopic experience.
Replies: >>3936 >>4825
>Implying that that's a problem.
it seems to me to be less of a problem in UM, but we will have to see

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Replies: >>4354
>>4353 (OP) 
c r o w p u s s y
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>mixing tengu with thot

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Hello, I'm Peter Barakan, and today on Begin Japanology we will be showing you the ancient japanese art of gay sex.
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>sweden cucks jealous of grorious japanese 
>read it in his voice

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bird thread
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Replies: >>4760
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>>784 (OP) 
Replies: >>4762
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I always hated this video because it's not actually properly synched to the beat

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So /monster/ started playing this browser game again about running your own nation. Last time /monster/ played it, they managed to rank 1st for most average WA endorsements worldwide and hold that position for several months. 

We're crashing the party! Already got our own nation set up lads. Can't wait to run it into the ground because these political things are usually biased towards leftist policies. Ironically, I'm also terrible at grand strategy games. I could use your help and advice to take our fledgling nation to new heights.

/japan/ nation: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=tengu_reich
/monster/ thread: https://smuglo.li/monster/res/86275.html
/2hu/ thread: https://prolikewoah.com/2hu/res/2455.html
NS region: https://www.nationstates.net/region=ammitica PW: Druelladidnothingwrong
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gud work spurdo sparde sped now endorse everyone else you can
Replies: >>4650
Replies: >>4651
if you upvote everyone we can't take over budy
u got manipulated
Replies: >>4652 >>4653
but if he doesn't upbote everyone it brings down our wa endorsement average and we can't dab on the normalfags
Replies: >>4653
today the tengoo reich tomorrow the werld

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fuck da jan man
Replies: >>4636
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pissmin deletes me to hide the truth
he disallows proxies to prevent it from getting out (unless you pay for the pissu pass)
but i know the secret
he's a gommie :DDDD 8===D==
>>4629 (OP) 

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