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“…Many of today's problems are a result of yesterday's solutions.” - Otamin

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I don't think there's a usable /d/ or if there is I dunno about it so I'll ask here
Is there a way to describe or find things where the girl gets sort of 'snatched' by a tentacle or similar? Pic related is the gif, I'm particular looking for that sort of 'consensual' thing but either way.
Now, it's implied a lot in tentacle doujins, like these panels in NTS4, but it's very rarely actually shown in my experience. There's either still shots that get cut between or the character is obscured and the whole shot is glossed over.
I know there are a lot of battle sequences in shite anime, especially retro, where a girl gets grabbed by a tentacle but obviously those don't have the same kind of leaning into it besides that they're all 3 frame ultra long shots where you can't see shit and it's neither sexual nor well done.
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>>10396 (OP) 
think ur looking for consentacles or soft vore
don't believe there is a specific tag for what you want but it does exist
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>>10396 (OP) 
There is one on PLW
Replies: >>10409 >>10410
>on PLW
post onyo
>think ur looking for consentacles
I mean yeah but is there a  name for what I'm trying to describe
like the actual act of yanking/dragging/pulling
its deader than here

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What is she typing?
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>>790 (OP) 
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"What the frick did you just frick say about me, you little witch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Gensokyo Water Spirits, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Scarlet Manor, and I have over 300 confirmed boops.

I am trained in youkawaii warfare and I’m the top kappa in the entire Gensokyo Loli Forces. You are nothing to me but just another baka. I will wipe you the frick out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before in this land, mark my fricking words.

You think you can get away with saying that poop to me over Yukari's GapNet? Think again, baka. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the Youkai Mountain and your magic aura is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, hag. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your boop virginity. You’re fricking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can boop you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands.

Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed snuggle struggle, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Gensokyo Magic Loli Force and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable witch butt off the face of the continent, you little poopy head. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fricking tongue.

But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, y
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sneed desu
The big boys get away with a lot more and then can hire lawyers to bollux up the whole thing for years, until the IRS throws in the towel and negotiates a settlement.  A friend of mine spent his entire career at the Justice Department, litigating one case involving a major aircraft manufacturer.  He racked up a lot of frequent flyer miles going from Washington to Washington.

Should we be outraged by any of this? Perhaps in part.  Perhaps not so much.  So long as there are taxes, there will be people willing to cheat on them.  Even back in the days of Monarchs, there were Dukes and Earls who were willing to cheat their own King on tax payments, even if it meant literally losing their heads.  Ideas like tax simplification seem like one "answer" - everyone pays 15% of their income!   The problem is, clever lawyers re-define what "income" is, and thus defeat the scheme.

Cutting taxes sounds appealing, but results in huge deficits, if spending is not cut as well (and both parties have been guilty of this!).   If deficits persist, we end up with inflation, as the currency is devalued. This in turn, acts as a tax on everyone, but particularly the poor, who spend every dollar they have on survival needs (food, clothing, shelter).  Sadly, this seems to be the way the USA is going, having learned nothing from the stagflation era of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

I am not sure what the answer really is, other than it is an ongoing battle since the dawn of time, and everybody t
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1. The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have
been a disaster for the human race. They have greatly
increased the life-expectancy of those of us who live in
“advanced” countries, but they have destabilized society,
have made life unfulfilling, have subjected human beings
to indignities, have led to widespread psychological suffe-
ring (in the Third World to physical suffering as well) and
have inflicted severe damage on the natural world. The
continued development of technology will worsen the si-
tuation. It will certainly subject human being to greater in-
dignities and inflict greater damage on the natural world,
it will probably lead to greater social disruption and psy-
chological suffering, and it may lead to increased physical
suffering even in “advanced” countries.
2. The industrial-technological system may survive or it
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good triple
nice webm of the janitor's closet you have there
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By webm I mean mp4.

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There was a picture of a husky, perhaps obese, yet muscular Japanese schoolgirl I had saved and accidentally deleted. She was eating lunch and the only specific food item I remember was a bottle of Vitaene C. She was caught off-guard and likely embarrassed and ashamed of having her picture taken while eating. The students in the background were a group of girls having a desperate or excitable conversation behind her and in the back of the class a male student playing his 3DS or DS. Would anyone happen to have this saved as I had posted on /jp/ in the Autumn of 2018 and I assume some must have saved it. It was an enjoyable and interesting picture to me for reasons I can't articulate.
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>>5929 (OP) 
Here you go, anon~
wow, that matches op's description. Impressive.
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Replies: >>10228
time to put it on the lost media wiki
I thought op was just having some fever dream as a japanese transfer student.
You know when you see pictures of people from 100 years ago, and you think how they've lived a whole life you haven't seen which you can only imagine? I can't help but think that for the Vitaene C bottle. It's had a whole live being used. It's see so many days of high school life on it's journey. It's probably been used up by now and is in a land fill. Imagine finding it. What would you do with it?

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the vote boat
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you are going to pay $300 for her aren't you anon?
Демонтаж стен Москва
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voted for pp

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Replies: >>10221
Iowa can win my PP

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>broke and homeless
you're joking right? because he is blind, too
he would be dead by now
Replies: >>3780
Partially. He had to spend a bunch of money for surgery to not go completely blind.
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Life is never fair, especially when you're living in a world controlled by psychopaths.
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>very talented
He just traced though lol

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>>3089 (OP) 
This game has so much fucking content
Replies: >>3232
magical ribbons make the head swell in size
I picked it up without realizing that it has a lot of dlc too…
I just want the full fucking game when I buy one for once……
Replies: >>3234
use illegal downloading
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>>3089 (OP) 

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TOURNAMENT STARTS AT AUG 27TH, 8PM UTC https://time.is/UTC https://prolikewoah.com/t/20220827T20

BRACKETS LINK: https://challonge.com/xth8bx55
SIGN UP FOR THE TOURNEY HERE: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/bfd1q34SSM
STREAM LINK (when the tourney starts): https://cytu.be/r/touhourney

For those that do not want to register manually, post the name that you are signing up with here. It will be added to the brackets.

Hisoutensoku is an expansion to Touhou 10.5 SWR and is a multiplayer fighting game made by Tasofro with ZUN's approval. It's easy to learn, hard to master battle system makes for fun and fast paced matches with counterhits often launching girls across the screen. Very fast when played right. As a P2P game, game hosts must forward ports in order to play it or use specific workarounds.

Full installation: https://mega.nz/file/JaZ1WCrZ#S5KOFmp7vvV6I31hmJh157q9Nw0Z0fDMYb01WBQ4h_Y

This repack contains pre-configured soku alongside quality-of-life mods like automatically enabling rollback (sokuroll), autopunch, netplay lobby and being able to change contents of your deck in the character selection menu during netplay. Simply extract and play. More info here >>5125

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sorry, for the late gg's I didn't expect the post to be on this thread and not the other one until I checked today.
gg's IIIIIII, I finally figured out how to not get murdered by that remote control doll card.
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ggs gen. i STILL can't block charge melees. i swear, if i could, you wouldn't even get single rounds.
Replies: >>10114
the power of MASH compels me.
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Ah shit I missed it. Completely forgot.

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<3 it's for you
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The numbers confirm. Can't wait for gf.
Replies: >>3860
Did gf arrive yet? Asking for a friend.
Replies: >>3861
Not yet. We've got ten minutes yet, my fren.
Replies: >>4316
Did it arrive yet?
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#9999 getto!
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naisu desu ne
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kill -9 999

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