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"Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself." — Otamin

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low energy, just like jeb
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>>9292 (OP) 
>Still making fun of Jeb Bush 
I'm glad not everyone has forgotten about Jeb! yet.
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>>9292 (OP) 
This board is about taking it easy

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Had a bit of a chuckle from all of the deliberate panty shots within the first 5 minutes. Does it get even better bros?
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>>8629 (OP) 
i fucking hate pantyshots if there isn't any follow up. you can't just show panties like that and make it the peak sexuality it's even worse if this happens early on in a story. there needs to be built up and must get more and more intense over time if you just drop the bomb in the first episode there isn't anything to be accelerated by. fuck trannies fuck glow in the dark niggers
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yeah i kinda stopped watching after season 1

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Can we get one of these going? OC production is the lifeblood of any good board. I'll dump everything I have.
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imagine groping her feathery tats
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I had chicken breasts for dinner today.
that webm is literlaly me????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one
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the observer or the figment of his imagination

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tonight's the night
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>>9203 (OP) 
ny wasn't even at this owl dumb teen
cute suika tummy though
who cares about eggball

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This is where the imbiber of the hehpill pretends to learn LEARNS foreign languages so he can insult jannies polylingually to better read mangos and mango accessories. While the average anon CANNOT learn a foreign language or english ffs this doesn't necessarily mean you can't either give up and rage at brazilians in dota it's a better use of your time 
More language torrents (holy crap there's like 80 of them, you could learn polish here and confuse the heck out of the poles on tg)
Ten billion FREE books on languages
Even moar books, these ones on linguistics what's the difference lol idunno
This one comes from an anon who claims to be ukranian, so it's probably the good stuff (allegedly commercial courses)
This one comes with pictures as well as yet more books
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you can't learn japanese though
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I can, in fact I’ve already surpassed JOHN
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karhu (Finnish) = "bear".
There are like a lot of words for a bear in Finnish. Why there are so many names for a bear? Because You shouldn't say bear's real name as bear are sacred and bears were subject to a cult. At least "Karhu", "Otso", "Mesikämmen", "Nalle" and "Kontio" are recognizable for a modern Finn. When a bear was killed, there were specific rituals and a feast was held called "Karhunpeijaiset".

viha (Finnish) = "anger", "hatred".

Viha was also a disease in the kansanusko or the folk religion. (I plan on reading more about the Finnish folk religion later.) The cause of the viha disease has something to do with haltia (plural haltijat). Haltijat are a bit similar to yōkai.
If I recall correctly, the word "viha" apparently comes from Sanskrit or some related language. 

Väki (Finnish) = "people".
(Also related word "väkevä" = "bitter" or "powerful")
Väki meant (supernatural) powers and sometimes also had a meaning similar meaning to yōkai or haltija as well.

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#9999 getto!
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naisu desu ne
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Remi's a ladylike burger lover
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This is a masterpiece
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I just love burgers

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it's all gone to shit……………………………………………………..
Do you want to build a snowman?
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what's the fucking point………………….

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>What the heck is a Gikopoi?
Gikopoi is an MMO with all the filler taken out and just the best part left - town idling. You play as a variation of a "Giko", which is a Japanese cat emoticon that stems from 2ch in the olden days. There are various rooms and each one has varying slots for streaming audio and video. There are also plenty of interesting secrets that you will learn just by watching oldfags play.
>Why should I play it?
Flash is dying soon, and this long standing game may die along with it. It's also apparently a Japanese board tradition to play on New Years Eve/Day.


Make sure to check out some of the guides on the right side of the page for helpful info. "#list" in the chat will list room populations and "#rula" will allow you to teleport to most rooms. 

(Note for the new - you can choose not to input a name and you will beget the monikor "Anonymous". It can be difficult to differentiate who is saying what when two or more players have the same name, and this is more likely to happen with Anonymous players. You don't have to register or anything, so you can freely change your name to whatever you want)
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is that 2kikes instance
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apparently he only bought gikopoi.com and is unrelated to .net
I didn't know that people streamed on here. Is there any info on how that works?
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Oh, nevermind, I see there are slots that open up.
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Kurisumasu is almost here /japan/! Are you looking forward to getting anything this year? Have you earned enough good boy points to pay for it?
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wake up your parents
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Christmas is now over...
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It's not over until I ate all the cookies and the tree is thrown out. Still 3 boxes to go.
it's not over until I get everything I asked for

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