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"Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself." — Otamin

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The zigger arc continues…
Welcome to /japan/! It took a year but the first thread finally filled up. The usual teen discussions will take place here.
STREAMS: https://cytu.be/r/kimeemaru
DIRECT LINE TO CABAL: #/japan/ on irc.sageru.org
/v/ BUNKER: https://sportschan.org/v/
ARCHIVED THREADS: https://pst.moe/paste/vauokw Last thread: >>1 https://archive.md/OgQJk
FRIENDS: https://pst.moe/paste/bpkuly

1. Take it easy!
2. Manufacture as much bait as possible. The bros need our energy in these trying times.
4. If you had to highlight this rule to read it you must post a man of large stature.
5. Pass the PCR test or else your posts may be vaccinated. To appease King Zigger follow the global rules too please.
Last edited by kimeemaru
Replies: >>8778 >>8805
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>>8776 (OP) 
second for john
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fuck the adl
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Rule 4 seems a bit too subjective.
Replies: >>8783
red rule 4 so have this to fit the new fightan thred i gess
Replies: >>8784
Welcome to modern webring moderation. The kime of the past who allowed free speech is gone, welcome the new kime who censored himself in order to maintain his janny position
is that who king was based off of in tekken
Replies: >>8785
nah Only You's original version was released 2 years after Tekken 1
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>rule 3
fuck you i will honk and you won't stop me
wanna hotglue that nendo
Replies: >>8791
same but it's too expensive
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10 year anniversary of /bane/ strm in a few hours
happy /bane/mas lads
Replies: >>8800
>>8776 (OP) 
congrats man DX
Spoiler File
(577.2KB, 208x368, 00:06)
my number came up
my life is probably in the line from decision here and I live with my parent btw.

My parent and a doctor from hospital are coercing me to take the nasal swab because I have cough for 7 month which haven't fully heal. Few days ago, I just took NAC prescription medicine and that seems to heal my cough, at least I feel like I'm in 70% of my recovery from this cough after the NAC medication. I already had blood test given to the doctor. I have no fever, just a speculation for covid right now.

I knew there's a risk of meningitis infections from nasal swab alone. The only reasonable option I have right now is the saliva test but they are still coercing to get nasal swab. How do I resist this pressure. 
Please help!
Replies: >>8931 >>8937
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Alright I'm going to tell you the most annoying solution for any normalnigger who gives you shit. This is a dark secret passed down for generations, it's not to be mentioned lightly. What you have to do is whenever they ask you to do anything like that, tell them simply, 
"The more you ask me the less likely I'm going to do it. I'll do it if you stop asking."
Now you may be thinking, "But teen, don't we want to avoid taking ze vaccine?" Of course niggy, but this is the best way to get them off your back. If a large amount of time passes they will certainly get impatient ask you again. That's when you can fuck them with your trump card. 
"I told you not to ask me again. I'm not going to do it until you stop asking."
This will infuriate the normalfag. Repeat until they get sick of it and stop asking you entirely. While this trick works on everything, I recommend you to use it sparingly and only in dire situations to preserve its effectiveness for future generations.
Replies: >>8999
>But teen, don't we want to avoid taking ze vaccine
wait, you guys aren't vaccinated?
Replies: >>9000
/2hu/ is the pro vax board
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Saddening to see /japan/ in such a sorry state. Around a bakers' half-dozen posts on a good day and they're all weak shitposts from John or the resident /cow/ard. Based oldteens all left for pissu, hopefully the board will get some real activity when John gets a few years in prison and >we can all move on to a better board-owner. 
Which likely won't happen because the select few autists currently inhabiting the board will still be fixated on the J-geimu sphere discussing Touhou streams and what Eden said to who and how they reacted with no real happenings going on. At least there was some fun in the sokunigger tournament, but since then the board has been overshadowed by 2hu bullshit, which has clearly driven away the anons who post the real Japanese Culture discussions.
Replies: >>9002
henri wouldn't post this
pissu and /japan/ are both death we are all waiting for you over at /2dint/
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Replies: >>9021
merry christmas parsee
mom got me ringfit adventure
Replies: >>9040
That's just her telling you that your fat and need to lose weight.
Replies: >>9042
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Replies: >>9052
f john
Replies: >>9053
I'm starting to think you're just a genuine faggot and get off to that image.
Replies: >>9054
You'd like that, wouldn't you. I only do this since John deleted the image every time it's posted. I'd stop if he never deleted it but he decided to be a power tripping janny instead so......get owned
Replies: >>9058 >>9059 >>9060
I haven't seen a single one of these picture deleted, do you have any proof?
Replies: >>9065
How long has it been since the /v/ shitstorm, /cattle/? Just let it go
You seem to have the wrong John then. If we have a john around here, he bahleets nothing at all on this board, excepy maybe stuff that would break federal law.
Replies: >>9065
ngl, it's a pretty fun image to work with.
Replies: >>9062
I like the 2nd one more, it looks more natural. The first doesn't seem to fit right, it might be better after a bit of adjustment.
To do the scales right you'd need a pic of john with an expression of defeat.
Who is this guy? Why do I see his picture spammed everywhere? Why do they call him John, when he's clearly named Corey? What happened to his hand? He only has 4 fingers. Is he gay? If not, then why do I get a half-chub?
Replies: >>9067
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It keeps getting deleted because he has refused to draw a clock for over a month, see
The text is left alone because even though it's spam it doesn't look as obvious without the image. I don't like deleting anything so I'm working on a solution. Could use ideas on how to get away from the oppressive fish.
[Hide] (175.1KB, 509x387)
>Could use ideas on how to get away from the oppressive fish.
Host your own site.
That's kimeemaru, also known as koisheep. He's the owner of this board. His government first name is almost assuredly John, as confirmed by his friend the PR manager. John is hated by the board /cow/ for posting loli hentai on a stream one time.
Replies: >>9069 >>9070 >>9071
But didn't /cow/ do exactly that in the guntstream?
Why would his friend dox him?
>posting loli hentai on a stream one time

I remember an old cap of an SA post of some goon talking about OD'ing on irony pills and all he could think about was cocks. He was very distressed and said it took a lot of willpower not to shout about cocks and balls during the course of the day. /cow/ is a relic of this era, I think. Nothing is "cool" or "fun," except spite. Forcing bitter smiles and jeering laughs to hide their misery, because they cannot express anything but disdain or they won't be "hip." I remember watching the guntstream back when stream.me was a thing. It was the killstream, but with goofy gifs playing over it. No commentary, no shit talking, no nothing. Just dozens of people hate-watching, occasionally chatting to say they hated it. Absolutely pathetic. Troll-shielding, I've heard it called, but the term may be too generous, do they even try?
why they hate loli?
Replies: >>9072
Because they prefer 3DPD children
Replies: >>9077
Fucked up if true.
Happy New Year, John!
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>/geimu/ is playing boss rush 2hu
Replies: >>9088 >>9089 >>9090
[Hide] (359.8KB, 900x900)
>eden is so lonely, desperate and angry his maddy mad posts are useless he tries looking for friends on the place he hates the most
Replies: >>9089
uh w-wew
Holy based
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wud u?
Replies: >>9097
nah tripcodes are gay bruh
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some fake frog almost scammed me today…
[Hide] (350.8KB, 510x680)
Quit stealing GETs from /v/, Seagull won't stop crying in Discord and his mother keeps beating him!
[Hide] (87.9KB, 400x400)
the last attempt was in july
What's the cabal's opinion on Eden, the lady BO of /geimu/? She seems to be quoted very often around these parts.
Replies: >>9134
Hi eden
they're not my friends
Replies: >>9139
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Don't worry, no charge for them
[Hide] (145.9KB, 1149x1196)
Which 2hoo was behind this massive conspiracy to oust the handsomest and hippest boxer?
Replies: >>9175 >>9176
[Hide] (81.1KB, 277x300)
It was Cirno she's the only one with the brains to pull this off.
[Hide] (379.5KB, 800x600)
Replies: >>9178
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thank you truckers
Replies: >>9178
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[Hide] (21.6KB, 684x351)
what does /japan/ think about chanspeak?
Replies: >>9181
wew pissming
you think he's acting out because of the honking truckers near him
Replies: >>9185
>go to response is elimination of anonymity tools
A very sane and measured response indeed, I do indeed believe the honkings are causing xer to lose xis composure.
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Replies: >>9190
based false flagger
[Hide] (4.4KB, 502x120)
Replies: >>9225
[Hide] (23.3KB, 480x270)
the serial honkers are getting towed and fined
i tried to warn you but now you pay the price
Replies: >>9221
[Hide] (14.5MB, 1920x1080, 00:50)
[Hide] (9.7MB, 1280x720, 01:42)
That's right, Johnnyboy.
Replies: >>9227
pls do not accidentally summon johnny uranus here
thank you
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Hey Tengu
I made you a quick banner
Do you rike it?
Replies: >>9244
[Hide] (22.9MB, 1280x720, 03:34)
it's alright
Replies: >>9248
Good for adding or nah?
Replies: >>9249
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[Hide] (232.3KB, 1024x631)
ruh roh
Replies: >>9257
huge if true
Replies: >>9258
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1344x3352)
it reminds me a lot of the time /monster/ might've caused those eruptions in hawaii to happen
>monster are such attentionwhoring crossposting normalfags that they try to third party unrelated events even on wrong-language sites
getting tired of these kids tbh
Replies: >>9263 >>9267
this is the teen board tho green man
Replies: >>9268
where did /monster/ touch you
Replies: >>9268
>teens not bitching online about people a year their junior being childish
They're whoring on /librejp/, which heretofar has mostly avoided attention from the english language forced drama boards
Also everywhere else, but monster whores everywhere else like tv whores everywhere else like pol whores everywhere else, that's to be expected
Replies: >>9270 >>9271
uh, you know what I mean anyway
you still haven't told me where /monster/ touched you
Replies: >>9277
[Hide] (939.9KB, 320x180)
i go there for cat videos
Replies: >>9272
[Hide] (4.4MB, 480x480, 00:34)
me 2 budy
Replies: >>9273 >>9276
[Hide] (732KB, 480x480, 00:09)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 640x1136, 00:29)
[Hide] (165.6KB, 640x360, 00:06)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720, 00:11)
>where /monster/ touched you
It was on librejp
Replies: >>9278 >>9279
what did they do to your peepee while you were there
we have the alliance
I hate this board because the /cow/ spergs. I just want to take it easy and funpost.
I just want a good /jp/ alternative.
Replies: >>9291 >>9308
Just ignore them
what happened to /2hu/?
Replies: >>9305
someone spammed it with gay shit
Replies: >>9307
[Hide] (420.8KB, 679x889)
>sage schizo
I hate that fucking nigger so much
we're all on the secret board
Replies: >>9311
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Stupid motherfucker
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When was the last time you 1CC'd a Touhou game?
>When was the last time you played a Touhou game?
I almost 1cc EOSD on normal, but remilia kicked my ass
Replies: >>9341
[Hide] (75.7KB, 698x658)
>he got his ass kicked  by the easiest boss
Replies: >>9343
I beat PoFV again recently cos I was playing TSS
Otherwise LoLK in 2015 or whenever it was that it came out
EoSD is considerably the hardest touhou game and remilia is by far the hardest boss because of actually having fairly random patterns
Resources bloat or relative lack thereof doesn't really come into it considering you basically never need to bomb outside of scoring
Moriya Shrine has been hit with a DMCA
Replies: >>9350 >>9396
yeah i know it made me w
it was for a shittier version of a game we had for years ;;

zun is a hack
Replies: >>9400
[Hide] (327.9KB, 1046x592)
All the versions of 2hu on steam are shittier versions. they don't have the patches and translations pirated versions have that allow them to work properly as hardware and OSs get more advanced. ZUN wanted to clamp down on piracy like other Jap devs, but did a worse job at making sure that the steam versions were functioning (much less even able to run on modern systems). Also;
>Recommended Specs for TH9
>Additional Note: Controller recommended
In addition to becoming more greedy, ZUN's become more retarded.
Is /cattle/ still crying about this board?
Replies: >>9407 >>9412
if they are they haven't been doing it here for a couple months
They mostly just switched to shitposting on /v/ and pretending seagull is tengu. I still see johnposting from time to time so they're definitely still butthurt.
Replies: >>9413
Replies: >>9415
I am the one johnposting, I do it because john is cool
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today is Hitler bday
Replies: >>9417 >>9418
[Hide] (376.3KB, 505x799)
Replies: >>9419
[Hide] (477.1KB, 2832x3725)
Happy birthday big guy
Let's celebrate with some leafs!
[Hide] (1.7MB, 794x1123)
I checked out ota once. Why was it so full of retarded niggers?
Replies: >>9430
they never stopped going to 4chan in 2014
also are you trying to get them to raid us again lmao
Replies: >>9431
No, I was just curious.
Replies: >>9432
[Hide] (1002.1KB, 2039x2894)
I was promised this shitty post 2 months ago………………….

They aren't even the worst on the sphere. Post love live to save our catalog kudasai.
Replies: >>9433
I thought for a sec >>>/v/132148 was a jaypee post and assumed the tengoo had been forcefully removed and some unholy rulecuck had been placed in his stead, God forbid.
[Hide] (868.5KB, 2304x1296)
[Hide] (625.3KB, 1273x1906)
Spoiler File
(151KB, 730x707)
post a shot of her butt
Replies: >>9454
if i try that she'll flip
Replies: >>9459
that's flippin baste
[Hide] (39.2KB, 694x669)
owned those teens
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1913x1243)
((( Someone ))) made some stuff up about us again.
[Hide] (201.5KB, 600x600)
I'm gonna do it
dont you dare
[Hide] (46.9KB, 600x600)
Replies: >>9519 >>9522 >>9523
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1500x1000)
You were warned you little shit
Replies: >>9520
[Hide] (76.3KB, 1048x1200)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1280x720, 00:11)
Replies: >>9522 >>9523
expect the invoice in the mail
So apparently someone trademarked yukkuri. Is that true?
Replies: >>9548
>he submitted his trademark application of the term ゆっくり茶番劇 (Yukkuri random chatting: a format of yukkuri video
no, this is a nothingburger

>ZUN has addressed the situation, saying that he'll look into the legality of it https://twitter.com/korindo/status/1525762964426756096
[Hide] (57.9KB, 480x826)
ZUN is a fucking hack
do we want the hima audience their site is down
Wut translation of the nihon shoki would u recommend?
Replies: >>9566
Replies: >>9567
ty anon
we outlived what hima and now nen
but at what cost?
I can't believe you killed nen.
do we want the nen audience
Replies: >>9656
its really similar to the ota audience
>/2hu/ gets made
>all the touhou discussion moves there
>/japan/ has no discussion of anything not even japanese shit
john lost
Replies: >>9675
He's Co-Owner of /2hu/ though
Replies: >>9680
>implying /cattle/ cares about the facts
I don't have the webm of Weasel and the gunts now but it's just that
why did you have to crash nen john
you could have killed ota instead
Replies: >>9689
nen was run by a woman
Replies: >>9695
Thank John for saving the nenfriends...
Replies: >>9707
Isn't nen on Pissu now?
Replies: >>9708 >>9710
only some of them went there per the owner's wishes but since pissu is the laughing stock of the sphere most just went back to ota
I pray that one day the nenfriends will see that they've been lead astray by nenmin. Only through faith in John can they be saved...
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