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Testing other themes. Comment in Meta thread on feel and looks.

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Deadly anomalies, dangerous mutants, shitposters and glowies... None of them will stop jannies on its mindnumbing march towards sweeping the board! 

The rules:
2.Don't spam
3.Spoiler porn and gore
4.Try to remain on topic
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Welcome to the /k/anteen! This thread is a catch-all for general discussion that doesn't really belong anywhere else or might be off-topic.
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New York got so bad that Remington has announced they'll be moving the HQ to Georgia.
Replies: >>903
Is there a specific new law that prompted them to move, or did they finally realize the obvious?
Replies: >>904
The recent btfo'ing of dup has a lot of businesses worried about their own standing because literally everyone in New York lies about land assessments.
>/k/anteen is dead.
Replies: >>924
It does not seem to be significantly less active than the rest of the board.

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Because things at cafe/k/ were getting too autistic and schizophrenic.

Current Happenings:
>Soledar has fallen
>Western countries panicking and sending mass amounts of money/armor to Ukraine 
>Most of this equipment is useless in the Donbass but could be used to strike towards Melitopol
>Allegedly surrendered Ukrainian conscripts have a lot of frostbite and/or tuberculosis
>Norway, Canada, and the Baltics rushing to supply Ukraine with winter gear
>Russians attempting to encircle the Northern Bakhmut route
>Spreading out to Pidhorodne and Klishchiivka
>Ukraine will either have to counterattack soon (now, at great losses) or abandon Bakhmut soon
>Ukrainians continue to hold the train stations on the outskirts of Soledar- Western maps claim this means Russia owns none of Soledar
>tl;dr- Bakhmut/Soledar aren't important towns, but Ukraine has turned the two towns in the bottom of a valley in perfect range of artillery into important towns with their turning them into a meatgrinder
>Russia restructured their military
>Official line is that Gerasimov was above Surovikin in rank and thus was always in charge of the war
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I really like the fact that video files don't randomly take ten minutes to load for no fuckin reason here. I've been avoiding webms and mo4s entirely on the cafe for the past year because even short sub-minute videos would take ten minutes to fully load for me.
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>vatniggers have now taken over this /k/
well it was nice while it lasted
can't really blame locusts/russians for destroying everything they come across, it's just their nature.
Replies: >>921 >>922
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Sleepychan People's Republic is now a part of Russian Federation, deal with it.
Oh shut the fuck up you dramatic retard that wasn't the case on the cafe and that isn't the case here. Sorry the reality of the situation indicates your favored specific breed of ugly slav is losing to your disfavored specific breed of ugly slav.
Fuck I was hoping the cuck/pol/ retards would all have left with the birdnigger delet.

You can post videos in this thread.
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Sadly the little pig didn't die.
Replies: >>913 >>915 >>919
Piggy not only lived, the guy whose house he wrongly broke into died (attorneys have even stated it was illegal entry), and the piggy got a hero's welcome, donations from the community for his medical expenses, and zero charges brought against him. Despicable. I hate antifa but their stance on cops is 100% correct, everyone with a badge should be sodomized with white hot rebar.
Would have it worked out better for him if the blasted the cop with a scattergat?
Replies: >>917
Probably, trailer guy got a few shots into him before badgenigger could return fire, I imagine buckshot probably would've shredded him badly enough that he wouldn't have been able to even lift his arm at all.
This just goes to show you should always finish the job before the bastard gets back up. You fuck around, you get killed.

Turns out the CIA nigger on cafe couldn't take the heat. Figures since he's a dumb CIA nigger. I'll be making a proper sticky soon outlining the plan going forward. In the meantime feel free to treat this the same as pre alphabet cafe/k/ and please keep the current drama contained here.
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fr i find better shit on discord
Replies: >>892
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Sorry but you deserve to be shamed.
I am not happy about the bird nuking the board before I could archive the Fantasy weapon, asian and african sickles, and the /x/ threads.
Replies: >>897 >>899
Unless you're completely new and unaware of who he is you should've known better than to put that off. The dude's a notorious piece of shit, the fact he gave you any kind of heads up is a miracle.
The niggersickles found refuge here:

As did the chronicle of fantastical tales from innawoods:

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Well if we're going to be here for a few days I figure that a milsurp thread might be fun.

Pic related is an 1888 manufactured Mauser 71/84, Germany's 1st magazine fed rifle. Fires an 11mm Mauser Black powder cartridge. Additional pics show the pretty neato operation of the action and loading ramp. It has a magazine cutoff standard to this era of rifles that prevents rounds from the magazine being chambered turning it into a single shot rifle so as to prevent that retard Hans from wasting all his ammo in one go.

I've had this for a few months now but haven't shot it yet since nobody makes ammo for it, brass costs at a minimum $3 per, I can't find any large rifle primers and I don't have a bullet mold yet
Just got the bayonet for it about a couple weeks ago off ebay, it appears to have been a private purchase but I don't actually know much about military bayonets of the era, I just wanted to pokey thing on the end. The scabbard has worn away but there's enough to rebuild one with enough willpower I think.

Show me your cool stuff anons, I miss 8/k/ dearly and having yet another move, even if temporary brought about by federal dickery bums me out.
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You can still live that, I hope. 
All repro kit for a 1876 MFG Springfield, with haversack and canteen, 50 round Mills Belt and coatbag. You too can catch dysentery from uncleanable canteens and malaria from open tents just like your great great grandfather!
Replies: >>865 >>866
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So, Fellow anons, I got my hands on a real detailed book about German G98s by Dieter Storz. The English translation cost 300$. Highly recommend it, and I will be picking up his edition on 1888s
>uncleanable canteens
Replies: >>872
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Its 1898, youve been handed this and told to go sit in a mud ditch somewhere in missouri, youll get your water from the local stream that the cooks just dumped some animal remains into. Chemical cleaning doesnt exist and the only way to really clean something with an opening that small is to dunk it in boiling water. Half the camp doesnt believe bacteria is real so youre told to stop wasting matches, firewood, and water dunking canteens like an idiot.
Replies: >>881
Damn, at that point literal swamp water might be more sanitary.

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A thread for all forms of naval warfare.
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How retarded are the Kraut MEKO Legalized Contractor Scam offerings compared to American Laughing Chinese Strategists?
I recall reading a few years ago that the navy was experimenting with giant lasers on ships, anyone kept up with that?
Replies: >>844
They're still trudging along with that.
They have a 'small' (CRAM-grade) laser that they expect to enter wide-scale service with the entire fleet within the next 3 years, possibly sooner.
The larger (CIWS-grade) laser they still expect by 2030.
The problems they've been having actually hasn't been the laser (they already can do that in megawatt ranges), but the targeting programming and mounting hardware to produce reliable accuracy with a beam the size of a #2 pencil.
I've seen fags postulate that China numba wan wouldn't be able to Taiwan because they'd have to use civilian cargo ships to supply their forces, which would then lead to every Chink-flagged or owned merchant vessel being interned worldwide thus nuking the bugconomy.
Would this hold true if the US were unable to enforce its hegemony the rules-based international order?
Replies: >>871
Probably not, but it would still be more difficult than "lol chink jump to da island" since the Chinese have made pretty much everyone that shares sea access with them into an enemy. Their economy is also still very heavily reliant on the US and other western powers, not to mention they get a lot of their materials from imports so they would be in a world of shit regardless of the US getting directly involved.
You never know if it would kick off internal power struggles either, China has a very long history of coups when shit gets even a little rough for the top dogs. Even with all the sabre rattling and bluster the USA and China are both in very precarious positions both internally and internationally.
>but Russia would help them
No guarantee of that by any means, trade partnerships tend to fall apart when one member demands anything from another member that has been bogged down in an unexpectedly tremendous clusterfuck on the other end of Eurasia.

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Since cafe/k/ has gone to shit I will be moving my business here for the time being.
Non-/k/-related discussion goes here.
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>lish extreme shitnso
god dammit
I will completely maintain that the USA is a miracle when it comes to the founding fathers, and the constitution. In the name of public safety, in other countries generally only the state, its agents, and criminals own the tools necessary to carry out violence as they are determined to legislate out private ownership.
Replies: >>841
Spoiler File
(2.9MB, 640x350, 00:28)
Vicious and chaotic artillery action reported throughout Taiwan and West Taiwan, widespread use of what appear to be cluster munitions, possible use of phosphorus munitions and chemical agents.
Replies: >>815
chink genocide best day of my life
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The constitution is a mere piece of paper, any 'rights' it gives you can be revoked at will. So it's important the workers in the US unite to preserve their access to arms.
Do not be fooled by the American myth of liberalism (that is, 'freedom and liberty', whether conservative, progressive or libertarian). The freedom of the working class is nothing without the power to provide it.

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This is the thread where you can go and complain about anything board management wise.
Streloks, sturgeon has generously allowed us to host this as a bunker, and as such I will be mainly running the show unless he or other global vols show up.
I don't plan on being available through email or anything. 
Banner applications are accepted here as soon as I figure out the correct size.
>video not related
Also, could someone fill me in on the situation with the cafe? I've been unable to access it or this site for some time.
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I mean, you had a retard making a news board on 8moe and ended up being deleted because he was that much of a retard and tried to raid Smug and someone was even asking /sp/ for a place (which again, not a really good idea).
Replies: >>834
Hate to defend the shithead here but he did warn everyone he might do an early nuke and you should've been well aware he meant it considering his history.
Hopefully he just fucks off forever after this, he did say he was "not bitter just tired".
Replies: >>836
I don't think that guy was even a strelok, the way he acted and the inane dumb clickb8 he was posting just pointed to him being a blacked vulture trying to swoop in and grab users for his yogapig tier board.
Replies: >>835
Wouldn't surprise me either way.
>not bitter just tired
All he had to do was nothing, instead he decided to expend extra effort to be a retard.
>Hopefully he just fucks off forever after this
Doubt, his type craves drama, he'll be back for more/to make more.

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ITT we post resources, infographics, etc for preparing for the incoming poop sex event.

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here is k specific
Replies: >>678
Aren't you the faggot that had a mental breakdown on frenschan after someone criticized your infographics?
Replies: >>735
yeah thats me
fuck that sniveling little faggot to hell
I am never going back to that shithole website
and fuck you too faggot ass
is that molly guide legit or is it another "crystals" tier ebin prank
Replies: >>793
Not sure about soap but gasoline does dissolve wax and paraffin without drama. The only prank here, if any, is instructing you to mix first then fill bottle.  Simpler to put dry shavings in first and let them dissolve in the bottle.

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