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Ashot you cheapskate,  get that from the commandant!

Is BO still a faggot? See  >>193 

The rules:
2.Don't spam
3.Spoiler porn and gore
4.Try to remain on topic
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Since cafe/k/ has gone to shit I will be moving my business here for the time being.
Non-/k/-related discussion goes here.
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>Hawaii getting toasted
>Ecuadorian presidential cadidate gets offed by (boogeyman goes here)
what else is happening?
Reminder that conservative parties have never successfully halted judeo-bolsheviks and it has always fallen to further right political elements to solve the subversive problem through violence.
Replies: >>687
someone give me the news, tired of reading that putler is literally going to kill himself every week.
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You aren't wrong.  The most they can accomplish is to do what the monarchists in the German civil service between the wars did:  judicious and discretionary use of the law and the system as weapons to slow the spread of the cancer, which gave time for groups with more resolute leadership to coalesce.  

Note, however, that in the US the jew-dicial system has been under ((( their ))) complete control for ninety years, if not longer.  And they make their priorities very, very obvious.  They no longer bother to hide what they're trying to do.
>Harden your heart
I'm beyond bloodthirsty at this point, I have no love for anyone outside of my ingroup whatsoever.

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What are the coolest uniforms and camo designs you've come across?

If you were to revive one uniform or scheme for your ethno nation which would you pick and why?
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Does it have a flap on the back for taking a shit at night before getting a glass of water and going back to bed?
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Desert camo is lit
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I was going to call you a faggot until I remembered it was my own post.
Nice paint job

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Because things at cafe/k/ were getting too autistic and schizophrenic.

Current Happenings:
>Soledar has fallen
>Western countries panicking and sending mass amounts of money/armor to Ukraine 
>Most of this equipment is useless in the Donbass but could be used to strike towards Melitopol
>Allegedly surrendered Ukrainian conscripts have a lot of frostbite and/or tuberculosis
>Norway, Canada, and the Baltics rushing to supply Ukraine with winter gear
>Russians attempting to encircle the Northern Bakhmut route
>Spreading out to Pidhorodne and Klishchiivka
>Ukraine will either have to counterattack soon (now, at great losses) or abandon Bakhmut soon
>Ukrainians continue to hold the train stations on the outskirts of Soledar- Western maps claim this means Russia owns none of Soledar
>tl;dr- Bakhmut/Soledar aren't important towns, but Ukraine has turned the two towns in the bottom of a valley in perfect range of artillery into important towns with their turning them into a meatgrinder
>Russia restructured their military
>Official line is that Gerasimov was above Surovikin in rank and thus was always in charge of the war
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how do you think this gay war will end if it ever does?
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>>322 (OP) 
Coming up on year three of the "special military operation" that was supposed to be over in two days, the Russians are overdosing on copium and the world is pointing and laughing.  Though the mass graves in places like Bucha aren't as funny.
Replies: >>671
not at all how the war is going but still made me lol
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putler literally bombing new york
prigozhin didn't fly so good
and everyone was saying how nice putin was for letting him live after spergout. i'm amazed he lasted this long.

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ITT we post resources, infographics, etc for preparing for the incoming poop sex event.

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>>146 (OP) 
secret cache of infographic redpills
Replies: >>677 >>678
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here is k specific
Replies: >>678
Aren't you the faggot that had a mental breakdown on frenschan after someone criticized your infographics?

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A fun-abled friend of mine said "clip" when he meant "magazine" yesterday.
How do I live down the shame of having been associated with one such as he?
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>>254 (OP) 
It's your fault for not stepping in and correcting the record so your friend can learn from his mistakes and not make an ass of himself in the future.
Also this >>255

You could also buy him an SKS as a gift along with several actual clips and see if he gets a hint.
>>254 (OP) 
Throw metal AR magazines at him while screaming PLAYBOY PLAYBOY HUSTLER PENTHOUSE and he will learn his lesson and maybe even stop looking at porn. Or get hard every time he reloads a magazine.
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>>254 (OP) 
No tanks
>>254 (OP) 
Send him to the brig
Replies: >>674
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With no supper; water only

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This is the thread where you can go and complain about anything board management wise.
Streloks, sturgeon has generously allowed us to host this as a bunker, and as such I will be mainly running the show unless he or other global vols show up.
I don't plan on being available through email or anything. 
Banner applications are accepted here as soon as I figure out the correct size.
>video not related
Also, could someone fill me in on the situation with the cafe? I've been unable to access it or this site for some time.
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Achtúng spione.  Vorsicht bei sesprächen! Hinter den feindmachten, der Bundesnachrichtendiens!

Some retard has been banned for fedposting. 10 days.
All they did was post a thread subject called "bomb airplanes", video with identical audio, and saying "I love bikes on my airplane".
>Multiple edit posts in a short time.
<Sorry for the edits. Issues with getting the verification to work with styling. Don't put the styling in the plaintext like bold or italics.


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You're an overly uptight faggot, way to be the opposite extreme from the shithead ls at the cafe. Fuck all of you, goodbye.
Replies: >>641 >>669
Well, if you want to you can make your own board. I'll drop by and say hi and wish you the best.
Or if you really want this one I can hand this one off to you (after I open this to everyone else to be fair). Either one is fine, I don't care.
Replies: >>642
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As a heads up I'm not >>639 (I'm >>635 ) and don't really feel a need to get up-in-arms, but it sounds like we're at an impasse so I wish you the best but I don't think this board is for me then.

Mate I spent 4 years trying to make the webring bigger and better, I've decided to move on to greener pastures since discussions among namefags in unnamed places are comparable to anonymous conversations these days. /k/ was just one of my few attachments I still had to imageboards, but I feel like even /k/ has become unfun so there's just no point any more. In a sense I guess you could call this my final farewell from a hope/fever dream I was still clinging to in this cruel world. It's hard to admit I wasted my time on imageboards, but sometimes accepting reality is the hard part.
Replies: >>669
Hash: SHA512

>>642 & >>640 
I make no excuses for the tardiness moving across the pacific and getting hospitalized fucking SUCKS but isn't relevant and apologize for my actions. I had to do some thinking and realized that I was thinking too much like an old faggot yelling at clouds. I should be trying to make the webring a better place instead of dragging everyone else down.
If streloks want to take over the BO position in time feel free to apply below so we don't get a repeat of a glowkun, maybe some sort of trial period until the majority of the board approves or some shit.


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Благодарим Тебя за то, что раскрыл слугам Твоим козни врагов наших! 
Озари сиянием Твоим души тех, кто отдал жизнь во исполнение воли Твоей! 
В бой, защитники Монолита! В бой! 
Отомстим за павших братьев наших, да будет благословенно вечное их единение с Монолитом! 
Смерть… лютая смерть тем, кто отвергает Его священную силу!
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Wish I could help. The only double stack .45acp pistols I can think of off the top of my head are the HK USP 45 which is retarded expensive and the Glocks which are not aesthetic.

.45acp is a weird cartridge for double stack. Most manufacturers seem to avoid it because it's so wide. Most of the time if there is a demand for a more-powerful-than-9mm, straight walled cartridge  for a given double stack pistol they'll engineer for solutions like .40S&W or 10mm
Replies: >>606
Damn I figured the lack of selection had something to do with the fat grips. I do want to get a 10mm at some point but there's slim pickings there too from what I've seen and the ammo is retarded expensive.
CZ 97 BD.
>not retard expensive
M&P45 2.0
What are the dogshit brands I should stay away from at all costs?
Replies: >>666
Anything century or tarrus. CZ polymer pistols after they sold out that branch to colt.

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[Hide] (310.7KB, 1075x720)
[Hide] (319.7KB, 1075x720)
[Hide] (391.7KB, 1073x720)
Well if we're going to be here for a few days I figure that a milsurp thread might be fun.

Pic related is an 1888 manufactured Mauser 71/84, Germany's 1st magazine fed rifle. Fires an 11mm Mauser Black powder cartridge. Additional pics show the pretty neato operation of the action and loading ramp. It has a magazine cutoff standard to this era of rifles that prevents rounds from the magazine being chambered turning it into a single shot rifle so as to prevent that retard Hans from wasting all his ammo in one go.

I've had this for a few months now but haven't shot it yet since nobody makes ammo for it, brass costs at a minimum $3 per, I can't find any large rifle primers and I don't have a bullet mold yet
Just got the bayonet for it about a couple weeks ago off ebay, it appears to have been a private purchase but I don't actually know much about military bayonets of the era, I just wanted to pokey thing on the end. The scabbard has worn away but there's enough to rebuild one with enough willpower I think.

Show me your cool stuff anons, I miss 8/k/ dearly and having yet another move, even if temporary brought about by federal dickery bums me out.
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I have a chink SKS with a fold out bayonet. Seems sturdy despite being chinkshit, should I set up a homemade punching bag or something to scream at autistically while spearing it?
Spoiler File
(75.3KB, 741x560)
Replies: >>543
I had enough to buy a crate when I was 19 just from saving up from pizza joint work and various oddjobs. Instead I bought one for $60 and then spent the rest on a laptop that was already obsolete less than a year later. One of my biggest regrets, I could've made something like a $12 - $15k return if the amount that boomerniggers charge nowadays for even the shittiest nuggets is anything to go by.
Replies: >>645
[Hide] (1.5MB, 750x422)
I miss the juvenile romance of that era of walking into a forest and being able to overcome anything with a $60-$300 rifle and backpack of camping gear.
Replies: >>653
[Hide] (1021.2KB, 500x700)
Until a bear mauls you.

[Hide] (57.7KB, 900x620)
What is /k/'s preferred caliber for general use? If I had to have one rifle cartridge it would probably be 7.62x39 or .308 depending on the day. Pistols are tougher for me, but I think .40 takes the cake over 9mm for the extra stopping power. What about you lads? Any opinions on grains? I actually forgot shotshells until now, but I favor 16 gauge most of the time.
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Replies: >>650 + 2 earlier
There is very little difference between a regular soldier's helmet at a construction hard hat, honestly. Helmets are meant to protect from shrapnel/hard shit falling out of the sky and accidental injury. In combat they aren't gonna do much beyond the Kevlar lining maybe bringing a deadly injury down to a life-threatening injury.
[Hide] (2.9MB, 480x360, 00:55)
[Hide] (6.7MB, 1280x720, 01:02)
>helmets taking rifle rounds
I think they can at range. There's more than a couple instances of the Taliban hitting some burger in the head with a 8mm mauser round and said burger surviving at extremely long ranges.
I believe the majority Russians helmets are rated by GNOST and usually can take 3-5 hits of 7.62x25 at 5 meters.  Some Russian company named ATLAS had a video showing a helmet of theirs taking 7N6M at 5 meters that I can't find.
>Videos related
<faggy warning video on RU hit
Fucking bongs ruin everything.
>>244 (OP) 
Damn I think I remember the Mickey Mouse(?) cartoon pic rel is from
Fuck. I accidentally deleted the two post I was going to merge. My apologizes. TFW no merge function
Whatever will stop the bad guy but without making me go deaf.

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