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Welcome to the /k/ bunker
This post will be your guide.
Currently rules are up for discussion on the meta thread >>193 
(Note: I seem to be the lone vol, so I'll try to figure out CSS and stuff if I can, this image board is quite different from the cafe function wise it seems).

Notice: I will be lenient on the rules for 2 weeks since they are different from the Cafe's starting from the date of this post.

The rules:
1. Respect all global rules
2. Threads with basic questions belong in the QTDDTOT thread
3. Spoiler porn and gore
4. BO and vols retain the right to ban someone for being an obvious fedposter/cuckchanner/ 
5. Do not spam a topic
6. Do not post links to non-webring image boards

Message too long. View the full text

Turns out the CIA nigger on cafe couldn't take the heat. Figures since he's a dumb CIA nigger. I'll be making a proper sticky soon outlining the plan going forward. In the meantime feel free to treat this the same as pre alphabet cafe/k/ and please keep the current drama contained here.
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negative, it looks like the fedfag nuked the site because people found out he was a fed
Replies: >>192 >>195 >>200
Christ, why is it so hard to just have a decent /k/?
Proofs? Not that it'd be surprising.
It couldn't have been the JSDF angry at anon wanting to discuss the recent collision of one of their subs with a cargo ship in the naval thread, right?
Replies: >>196
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Hah, I saw that post in the naval thread. That was quite the blunder.
>a retard was asking for VPN advice from the glownigger right before the site was nuked

16baf71a6c1d20ad5aeab2759c35dd0d0d8be886f78270ee8c90c793e38455f9.jpg (u)
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69171e1241fdec86be135fe9ea46b1c9b0f09288ec5c1123723a43ce2c3a881e.jpg (u)
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Well if we're going to be here for a few days I figure that a milsurp thread might be fun.

Pic related is an 1888 manufactured Mauser 71/84, Germany's 1st magazine fed rifle. Fires an 11mm Mauser Black powder cartridge. Additional pics show the pretty neato operation of the action and loading ramp. It has a magazine cutoff standard to this era of rifles that prevents rounds from the magazine being chambered turning it into a single shot rifle so as to prevent that retard Hans from wasting all his ammo in one go.

I've had this for a few months now but haven't shot it yet since nobody makes ammo for it, brass costs at a minimum $3 per, I can't find any large rifle primers and I don't have a bullet mold yet
Just got the bayonet for it about a couple weeks ago off ebay, it appears to have been a private purchase but I don't actually know much about military bayonets of the era, I just wanted to pokey thing on the end. The scabbard has worn away but there's enough to rebuild one with enough willpower I think.

Show me your cool stuff anons, I miss 8/k/ dearly and having yet another move, even if temporary brought about by federal dickery bums me out.

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This is the thread where you can go and complain about anything board management wise.
Streloks, sturgeon has generously allowed us to host this as a bunker, and as such I will be mainly running the show unless he or other global vols show up.
I don't plan on being available through email or anything. 
Banner applications are accepted here as soon as I figure out the correct size.
>video not related
Also, could someone fill me in on the situation with the cafe? I've been unable to access it or this site for some time.
Replies: >>197
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>>193 (OP) 
banners from anon.cafe
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966da9de87ac12da56189d6389ec6418-imagepng.png (u)
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Since sturgeon has generously allowed this board to be moderated and to serve as a bunker for the cafe's bunker, I'll update the rules in a bit and take of the general day to day operations.

Edited because I have the IQ of an actual retard and did not read properly...
Last edited by shturm
Replies: >>184
>>182 (OP) 
MJ#HK6CG 666 /}qYG;xVV
Replies: >>185
Test no 2
[[email protected]&%J]

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Hey can you faggots settle on a /k/ already that isn't dead and fragmented? It's not like even fedkun will be as big of a honeypot as cuckchannel is.
Replies: >>179
>>178 (OP) 
Board's been hidden since the start of the year and it's planned to get locked tomorrow.
Replies: >>180
So it's supposed to be dead? I don't get it.

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What are the coolest uniforms and camo designs you've come across?

If you were to revive one uniform or scheme for your ethno nation which would you pick and why?
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Replies: >>176 + 2 earlier
Believe it or not, I always liked ABU

Also this
Replies: >>148
ABU.jpeg (u)
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*forgot image
Wehrmacht_46.jpg (u)
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182623.jpg (u)
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Bundeswehr_Leibermuster_sixth_scale_shop_preview.png (u)
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Aesthetically something from the SS, erbsenmuster isn't that effective where I live but the camo is intimidating to some degree like a reptile you shouldn't touch.  Tiger Stripe is cool too.

As for function ATACS, flecktarn, or strichtarn are good and cheap except ATACS.
>>37 (OP) 
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pic rel, nuff said

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Are there any modern hunting rifles that have a non-detachable magazine and can only feed from loading one round in at a time and are at all common? Asking to get an idea of how universal detachable box magazines are on such guns now.
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Unless he intends to feed it.

>>145 here. Was thinking of buying this https://www.budsgunshop.com/product_info.php/products_id/4997/smith_&_wesson_m&p_15_sport_ii_223_rem556_nato_16 . Thoughts?
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We don't support that kind of thing here, officer.
Replies: >>164
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Now I know why /k/ is such a shithole.
Trowel a better choice than folding shovel for a bugout bag? The weight and space of my folding shovel is kind of a hindrance.

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ITT we post resources, infographics, etc for preparing for the incoming poop sex event.

>PoleShift http://www.ps-survival.com/
>Murdercube https://the-eye.eu/public/murdercube.com/
Replies: >>174
>>146 (OP) 

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Welcome to zzzchan/k/! I will be using this sticky to outline my plans for this board and list the rules.

My intentions for /k/ overall:
It's not a secret that I've been interested in having /k/ on zzzchan since it's inception. However I had zero interest in any attempt to split the board. I am only creating the board here now due to the total implosion over on cafe and the apparent lack of a BO to take the CIA nigger's place. It is also my understanding that cafe's admin has a backup and will be looking at restoring it in the near future. Regarding this, I still have no desire to split /k/. If someone agreeable steps up to be BO over on cafe after the restoration of the catalog and anons want to stay there, I will defer to cafe and decommission this board. 

How is moderation going to be handled?
Given the shitshow that was the /tech/ launch, I will serve as BO for the time being. I have had one applicant for the board, 50cal, and I will have him serve as a moderator for a time before deciding to give him the board fully. 50cal Bailed And was likely the glownigger An important point about zzzchan and moderation's access to raw IPs: Only I can see raw IPs. All other moderators including globals can only see hashed IPs.

The Rules:
1. Global rules apply
2. Literature requests should go in the proper thread
3. Threads with basic questions not conductive to discussion should go
in the QTDDTOT
4. No avatarfagging/shilling
5. No fedposting
Last edited by sturgeon
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Replies: >>128
Further watching:
Yes you should make it anon because I'm much too lazy to do it myself.
Pretty sure the board owner of anoncafe (and probably the admin team in general) are glowniggers, which is why most people post here
>noooo i can't live without muh precious cuckime
Why are you even here then? The only thing even you're even allowed to post freely on cuckchannel /k/ anymore is /ak/ threads because of /a/ tranny mods and jannies who care about nothing else and delete shit arbitrarily.

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