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Board is now up. Post banner in Meta thread.

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Welcome to the /k/ bunker
This post will be your guide.
Currently rules are up for discussion on the meta thread >>193 

The rules:
1. Respect all global rules
2. Spoiler porn and gore
3. BO and vols retain the right to ban someone for being an obvious jackass
4. Do not spam a topic
5. Do not post links to non-webring image boards

Finally, a note on politics:
>War is simply the continuation of political intercourse with the addition of other means. We deliberately use the phrase 'with the addition of other means' because we also want to make it clear that war in itself does not suspend political intercourse or change it into something entirely different. In essentials that intercourse continues, irrespective of the means it employs. The main lines along which military events progress, and to which they are restricted, are political lines that continue throughout the war into the subsequent peace.
>War is an urgent affair, one of which is necessity to the state, as it determines the life or death of nations.
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What is /k/'s preferred caliber for general use? If I had to have one rifle cartridge it would probably be 7.62x39 or .308 depending on the day. Pistols are tougher for me, but I think .40 takes the cake over 9mm for the extra stopping power. What about you lads? Any opinions on grains? I actually forgot shotshells until now, but I favor 16 gauge most of the time.
If your wallet can take it, 10mm>.40 S&W. It's versatile as fuck.  Light loads give you the same attributes as a .40, hotter stuff gets you up into .357 territory.
Replies: >>247
The wallet is the problem there. Considering our cruel joke of an economy, I can barely afford my taxes, let alone ammunition.

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This is my first time making a thread like this so please bare with me:
A general thread dedicated to The discussion of plant cultivation for whatever purpose, in my case for food, and yes I am the Melon guy and seeing as I'm starting this thread I'll give you guys a little update. Nig is basically dead, he fell over 2 days after I took away the supports, the cutting of Ger is doing relatively well, but I didn't want to make you guys all gloomy I have a seed germinating. (see pics related) Out of all my Previous attempts this one came out the best, you guys made it better.

Links for your own planting endeavors:
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Don't know if this is offtopic but my neighbor has a mango tree and a shit-ton of mangos that fall under my property. What could I do with them? I can't use all of them and nobody in neighborhood wants them. I was thinking of turning it into wine but I don't know how it is going to taste like. I hate to see it go to waste.
Replies: >>168 >>169
always a good choice, shouldn't taste to bad.
In addition to that you could also can them, as it always nice to have some.
Just a heads up to anyone getting into brewing.
Pectin concentration is one of the components that cause yeast to produce methanol.
You'll need to fractionalize it if you ever plan to concentrating.
>>131 (OP) 
I would strongly recommend you Anons invest in an independent irrigation system if you haven't already. If possible, dig a well, and if not set out some rainwater barrels. Anything is better than city water that can be shut off by fedniggers.

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This is the thread where you can go and complain about anything board management wise.
Streloks, sturgeon has generously allowed us to host this as a bunker, and as such I will be mainly running the show unless he or other global vols show up.
I don't plan on being available through email or anything. 
Banner applications are accepted here as soon as I figure out the correct size.
>video not related
Also, could someone fill me in on the situation with the cafe? I've been unable to access it or this site for some time.
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Have you mentioned this board over at cafe/k/?
Replies: >>227 >>234
Let the sleeping dogs lie.
A post who posted what appears to have been spam/onion links has been banned.
You all have been on the sticky for forever. It just got moved above the "read more" line with the change in rules/ownership.

The cafe is currently down for some reason, it'll probably be back soon.
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I think he said you have to email sturgeon to index the board.
Replies: >>217
BO can do that himself whenever I just ask that he lets me know.
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>others moved to 16chan/k/
it's been dead as fuck

is still accessible through the onion url? can't check for myself at the moment
Replies: >>221
It is

Turns out the CIA nigger on cafe couldn't take the heat. Figures since he's a dumb CIA nigger. I'll be making a proper sticky soon outlining the plan going forward. In the meantime feel free to treat this the same as pre alphabet cafe/k/ and please keep the current drama contained here.
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negative, it looks like the fedfag nuked the site because people found out he was a fed
Replies: >>192 >>195 >>200
Christ, why is it so hard to just have a decent /k/?
Proofs? Not that it'd be surprising.
It couldn't have been the JSDF angry at anon wanting to discuss the recent collision of one of their subs with a cargo ship in the naval thread, right?
Replies: >>196
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Hah, I saw that post in the naval thread. That was quite the blunder.
>a retard was asking for VPN advice from the glownigger right before the site was nuked

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Well if we're going to be here for a few days I figure that a milsurp thread might be fun.

Pic related is an 1888 manufactured Mauser 71/84, Germany's 1st magazine fed rifle. Fires an 11mm Mauser Black powder cartridge. Additional pics show the pretty neato operation of the action and loading ramp. It has a magazine cutoff standard to this era of rifles that prevents rounds from the magazine being chambered turning it into a single shot rifle so as to prevent that retard Hans from wasting all his ammo in one go.

I've had this for a few months now but haven't shot it yet since nobody makes ammo for it, brass costs at a minimum $3 per, I can't find any large rifle primers and I don't have a bullet mold yet
Just got the bayonet for it about a couple weeks ago off ebay, it appears to have been a private purchase but I don't actually know much about military bayonets of the era, I just wanted to pokey thing on the end. The scabbard has worn away but there's enough to rebuild one with enough willpower I think.

Show me your cool stuff anons, I miss 8/k/ dearly and having yet another move, even if temporary brought about by federal dickery bums me out.

Since sturgeon has generously allowed this board to be moderated and to serve as a bunker for the cafe's bunker, I'll update the rules in a bit and take of the general day to day operations.

Edited because I have the IQ of an actual retard and did not read properly...
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>>182 (OP) 
MJ#HK6CG 666 /}qYG;xVV
Replies: >>185
Test no 2
[[email protected]&%J]

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Hey can you faggots settle on a /k/ already that isn't dead and fragmented? It's not like even fedkun will be as big of a honeypot as cuckchannel is.
Replies: >>179
>>178 (OP) 
Board's been hidden since the start of the year and it's planned to get locked tomorrow.
Replies: >>180
So it's supposed to be dead? I don't get it.

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What are the coolest uniforms and camo designs you've come across?

If you were to revive one uniform or scheme for your ethno nation which would you pick and why?
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Believe it or not, I always liked ABU

Also this
Replies: >>148
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*forgot image
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Aesthetically something from the SS, erbsenmuster isn't that effective where I live but the camo is intimidating to some degree like a reptile you shouldn't touch.  Tiger Stripe is cool too.

As for function ATACS, flecktarn, or strichtarn are good and cheap except ATACS.
>>37 (OP) 
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pic rel, nuff said

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