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Prep work is done.

Board is now up. Post banner in Meta thread.

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meta thread >>193 

The rules:
2.Don't spam
3.Spoiler porn and gore
4.Try to remain on topic

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What is /k/'s preferred caliber for general use? If I had to have one rifle cartridge it would probably be 7.62x39 or .308 depending on the day. Pistols are tougher for me, but I think .40 takes the cake over 9mm for the extra stopping power. What about you lads? Any opinions on grains? I actually forgot shotshells until now, but I favor 16 gauge most of the time.
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Oh ok, looks neat I might go for it if I can find one at a store or a gun show, I don't like ordering firearms online. If it makes you feel any better I rarely remember the model numbers for guns unless I actually own them or really want them.
Not if i'm doing things right, but bass pros offers a mastercard that ive been using on all ammo and firearm accessory purchases lately. They gave me a $4000 limit which is plenty for what I purchase and bonus is you get money back into your account for certain things they want you to buy (bought some longsleeve button ups for winter on sale). Works great because I in driving distance and can always grab cheap range ammo when I need it and pay it off later.
Replies: >>302
I mean if it works and you're not getting ripped off then you're probably doing it right. The nearest Bass Pro to me is almost 2 hours away, Cabela's is even further. If gas wasn't anywhere from $3.50 to $4+ a gallon I wouldn't mind that trip every couple of weeks.
God help me if my local gun stores start closing down, I'll be relying on gun shows at that point.
Replies: >>306
The cheapest prices at gun shows near me have been comparable to the ones i've seen in the Bass Pro's chain. The problem is like you said relying on smaller vendors like the smaller gun stores and ammo sellers at gun shows is their shelves empty really quick. The other problem is how to efficiently burning through your ammo in training, or whatever other personalized use of it.
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Where are you that gun shows aren't fucking insulting?  The last one I went to, Russian steelcase 7.62x39 was a dollar a pop, with signs hung at the tables "ABOUT TO BE BANNED, THANK YOU OBAMA, GET IT NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN," charmingly scribbled on cardboard with a sharpie and barely readable by a smirking Boomer in a MAGA cap, though I will say the little hammer and sickle in the "O" in "OBAMA" was a classy touch.

Powder was $50+ a pound, primers were $100+/brick, .22 LR was 25+ cents/round when Mini-Mags had been available at every Wal-Mart for $7.79/100 for months.  More people were selling, barbecue sauce, cheapass Frost Cutlery fantasy knives, cheap Chinese tasers (ZAP ZAP ZAP), yellowed, mildewed pulp western novels by the milk crate full, 8-track tapes of Boomer music, quilts, old clothes, old tools, beef jerky and Beanie Babies, than firearms or anything related--and half the "gun stuff" dealers were selling airsoft web gear, airsoft "replica" optics and BUIS, for more than the real thing.

I told the attendant I wanted my money back. I didn't pay five bucks to park then eight more for a ticket at the door to walk around a fucking rummage sale with a handful of guns and ammo sprinkled here and there. This was after Trump had taken office, by the way.  I haven't been to a gun show since.  I doubt they've improved.  I will never go to another gun show.  Fuck those people and their fucking garage sale
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ITT we post resources, infographics, etc for preparing for the incoming poop sex event.

Replies: >>174 >>308
>>146 (OP) 
How is this useful ?
Replies: >>303
Found the glownigger
>>146 (OP) 

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This is the thread where you can go and complain about anything board management wise.
Streloks, sturgeon has generously allowed us to host this as a bunker, and as such I will be mainly running the show unless he or other global vols show up.
I don't plan on being available through email or anything. 
Banner applications are accepted here as soon as I figure out the correct size.
>video not related
Also, could someone fill me in on the situation with the cafe? I've been unable to access it or this site for some time.
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Matrix is inherently no worse than an IRC client. It is arguably worse than imageboards because the barrier to entry to start a matrix server is lower than that of an imageboard. Understand linux and web development and how to install outdated applications through custom means because not even lynxchan can get out of using legacy applications to run vs signing up for an account, possibly paying for a server, and punching in a couple console commands for the software to do the rest of the installation for you. The barrier to entry to START an imageboard vs a chat server is why chat servers are inherently more popular and thus "worse than IBs." Identity-related concerns are justifiable if you believe in absolute anonymity since Matrix requires a username/email and thus an identity, but considering there are both IDs and country flags floating around and most anons use consistent guest logins on IRC clients and cytube servers anyways, anons are hypocrites in the first place. I won't try to justify dicksword and its datamining. People are lazy though and Dicksword is a muster point that isn't going anywhere right now.

If the community comes from a mindset and enforces that mindset, the platform they ultimately use doesn't matter. I mean, do you sit around while everything rots and the boat sinks and complain about it the entire way down, or do you try to cut off a couple functional blo
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>considering there are both IDs and country flags floating around
All that indicates is that a post is by a complete retard and/or attention whore if it's not through the hidden service (or a once-off cos it's some random proxy), as it always has.
>most anons use consistent guest logins on IRC clients and cytube servers anyways
Most anons don't use IRC these days (cos the hosts got all gayed up, mostly) and the ones that do aren't anons if they're using repeatedly using the same identity. I mean, in the same sense that a tripfag isn't an anon, and just as gay.
>Matrix is inherently no worse than an IRC client
Pretty sure this is wrong anyway but invite only circlejerks are compromised by nature regardless of the substrate.
>I can put my fingers in my ears and scream while hoping for the best under a cult of personality leader who butted his head where it doesn't belong
Isn't this what you're doing? You're the presumed leader, but you're clearly just as retarded as any alternative.
>I can accept reality and find the best compromise before /k/ gets snuffed
If /k/ goes down for no reason yet again there'll be another /k/, as always
Replies: >>300 >>307
I don't agree that dicksword is a good idea but I understand why he wants to move there. I'm not gonna delude myself into thinking I can stop him or that making things so insufferable that fucking discord seems preferable is a good way to "gatekeep" either.
>Pretty sure this is wrong anyway but invite only circlejerks are compromised by nature regardless of the substrate.
Considering the Matrix server is publicly viewable without an account, that would imply imageboards are also invite-only circlejerks since nobody "finds" them these days unless invited.
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Strictly speaking I should've banned you for posting a pedocord link. However I was busy (and in the intrest of discussion) I will let it stay. Personally, I refuse to use Discord. But for me, where there is liberty there is my home.

I again apologize for the continued absence, COVID retardation has not helped and this is the most busy time of year for my profession. Have a video of Russians taking out a 19Sh6 Ukrainian radar.

You can post videos in this thread.
Can't upload vids, shit's broken.
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Another test
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What are the coolest uniforms and camo designs you've come across?

If you were to revive one uniform or scheme for your ethno nation which would you pick and why?
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pic rel, nuff said
[Hide] (215.2KB, 1920x1080)
This camo scheme is aesthetically pleasing..
There's something about Desert Storm camo the US used that I really like.
That last one looks like a hooded onesie from the thumbnail lol.
Replies: >>279
That last one looks like a hooded onesie from the thumbnail lol.
because it is, it's a one piece jumpsuit with a hood
Replies: >>285
Does it have a flap on the back for taking a shit at night before getting a glass of water and going back to bed?

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Благодарим Тебя за то, что раскрыл слугам Твоим козни врагов наших! 
Озари сиянием Твоим души тех, кто отдал жизнь во исполнение воли Твоей! 
В бой, защитники Монолита! В бой! 
Отомстим за павших братьев наших, да будет благословенно вечное их единение с Монолитом! 
Смерть… лютая смерть тем, кто отвергает Его священную силу!

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A fun-abled friend of mine said "clip" when he meant "magazine" yesterday.
How do I live down the shame of having been associated with one such as he?
Replies: >>255
>>254 (OP) 
>Not ironically calling them clipazines to piss everyone off

Spoiler File
(4.4MB, 4032x3024)
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Spoiler File
(36.6KB, 1280x720)
This is my first time making a thread like this so please bare with me:
A general thread dedicated to The discussion of plant cultivation for whatever purpose, in my case for food, and yes I am the Melon guy and seeing as I'm starting this thread I'll give you guys a little update. Nig is basically dead, he fell over 2 days after I took away the supports, the cutting of Ger is doing relatively well, but I didn't want to make you guys all gloomy I have a seed germinating. (see pics related) Out of all my Previous attempts this one came out the best, you guys made it better.

Links for your own planting endeavors:
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Replies: >>243 + 2 earlier
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Don't know if this is offtopic but my neighbor has a mango tree and a shit-ton of mangos that fall under my property. What could I do with them? I can't use all of them and nobody in neighborhood wants them. I was thinking of turning it into wine but I don't know how it is going to taste like. I hate to see it go to waste.
Replies: >>168 >>169
always a good choice, shouldn't taste to bad.
In addition to that you could also can them, as it always nice to have some.
Just a heads up to anyone getting into brewing.
Pectin concentration is one of the components that cause yeast to produce methanol.
You'll need to fractionalize it if you ever plan to concentrating.
>>131 (OP) 
I would strongly recommend you Anons invest in an independent irrigation system if you haven't already. If possible, dig a well, and if not set out some rainwater barrels. Anything is better than city water that can be shut off by fedniggers.

The cafe is currently down for some reason, it'll probably be back soon.
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I think he said you have to email sturgeon to index the board.
Replies: >>217
BO can do that himself whenever I just ask that he lets me know.
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>others moved to 16chan/k/
it's been dead as fuck

is still accessible through the onion url? can't check for myself at the moment
Replies: >>221
It is

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