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Have you lifted today? No? Go find something heavy. Pick it up. Now put it back down. Good. Do that a dozen more times.

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Your one-stop place for everything related to health, fitness, GAINZ, and everything in between.

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This thread will also serve as the meta thread. Yell at me all you want.
For personal inquiries, I can be contacted at
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Currently not taking on any mods/vols/janis, but maybe later if this board gets big SWOL
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Honestly, I don't know. All I can say in my experience with small boards is that activity begets activity. But even so, given how dead most boards like this are doomed to be, even 4chan/fit/ is still a better option for the average anon despite all the shit clogging up that catalog.

I don't know if this is an issue you can solve, it's a much bigger issue that affects all of these imageboards in general.
Expose the amount of bots and glowniggers who cooperate with the tranny jannies on 4cuck, other than that there isn't much you can do.
I just haven't been using this board because things are going smoothly so far. Most of the activity on 4cuck /fit/ is worthless garbage anyways
Replies: >>1713
Man I really want this board to be more active because the alternative are shit, just like >>1706 said 4cuck /fit/ is garbage and from what this is the only /fit/ alternative.
I think the only option is to advertise to outside sources maybe like forums, other imageboards discord.
Replies: >>1757
I will crush you with my dumbbells if you ever do that, anon.
Do you want this board to be like /b/?
Replies: >>1758
/b/ isn't shit because of the users. /b/ is shit because the mods are retarded.

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Dump infographs, workout plans, diet lists, recipes, etc. here.
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What does, "Rest of your required caloric from fat" mean from the Keto.jpg?
Replies: >>1489 >>1559
Not entirely sure, however I can no longer recommend Keto simply because of the difficulty in maintaining it both physically and mentally and the toll it takes on the rest of the body. you are much better off with something like Leangains which uses a high protein intake (but not ONLY protein) and intermittent fasting to get results. it is much easier to stay with for long periods of time (going at about half a year now, albeit with more cheat days than I am proud to admit) and gets results. the trick is patience.
Consume the rest of your required calories as fat
Hitler was a skinnyfat autist who developed motor neurone diseases in his 40s. Just because you like his politics doesn’t mean you need to emulate every single aspect of his daily life
>3 years later
Suck my cock
Replies: >>1847
If Hitler had done GOMAD we would've been rid of the jewish menace today

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Post old /fit/ banners or make some new ones.
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I come bearing gifts
Replies: >>1597
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I kept this one from the old 2hu VN anon on /b/.
Replies: >>1812 >>1822
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I hate having to look at her disgusting pits.
Replies: >>1822

Don't be a little bitch

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If you have a simple one-liner question, ask it here.
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Again, I would highly recommend against using machines or any kind of focused ab work. Replace the lat pulldowns with pullups/chinups with different arm spacing (narrow vs wide grip, usually different sets of handles) to hit different parts of your biceps/triceps. Seated cable row should be replaced with the seal row (lay chest down on the bench and lift the bar from the floor) however this can be a bit awkward to do correctly and I personally don't do it, bench press and deadlifts usually hit the back muscles pretty well.
Get rid of the ab wheel and crunches, squats and deadlifts are already doing your abs for you.
Cardio is not really necessary, maybe a quick jog beforehand (less than 10 minutes).
If you have an injury it's best to let that part of your body rest for a week or so while still working on the others, don't try to exercise through the pain or you'll break something. I've had that same neck pain as well, chiropractor would probably help with that but I'm still skeptical on if it actually does anything.
If you think you can go above 40 then go for it. Go for the weights/reps that you know you can hit. Still a pretty low weight but you are a beginner.
Also what does your diet look like? Should be a lot of protein daily (at least your bodyweight in grams) and some carbs before/after workout to help with energy and recovery (apples and pears are best).
Bravo anon, you're gonna make it.
Replies: >>1910
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Trust me, no machines were used in the making of this marble temple I call my body.
>Get rid of the ab wheel and crunches, squats and deadlifts are already doing your abs for you.
I'll have to disagree with you there. Speaking strictly from anecdotal experience, my gut remained the same for about 6 months. It wasn't until I rolled in the wheel and crunches that I started noticing any changes in the abdominal muscles.
I usually use jump rope or push the weight sled to warm up before stretching. I never exercise before completing those two elements, learned the hard way.
Diet consists mostly of chicken (breasts, drumsticks or wings) with a side of either rice or pasta, giant mixed salad bowl every 3-4 days and meat dumplings every so often. For breakfast I'll eat either müsli, eggs, cold cuts or protein-rich cream cheese spread on whole wheat bread. After workout I mix a protein shake with milk.

Thanks, we're all gonna make it, brah.
Sometimes after doing my workout I'll feel like doing more sets later in the day, is there a reason I shouldn't?
Replies: >>1928
Be open to experimenting with your workouts to see how if it works for you. Generally I'd say if you have more in the tank within the same day you could've taken your sets closer to failure or maybe you're still making newbie gains, still remember that recovery is the key to utilizing your hard workouts and maybe just saving that energy for the next workout might be best. If that's a consistent feel for you and you really wanna do multiple workouts in a day, do some research on splitting workouts between morning and evening, I've done that to keep up with really girthy programs while on extremely tight work schedules but it wasn't all that sustainable long-term.
Replies: >>1930
Thanks, I'm definitely in newbie territory so I just might have to aim to reach failure more consistently instead.

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This is Grizzly, your overlord. I am aware that this board has been dead for quite some time, and that is my fault. I have been very busy with life's endless stream of bullshit and as a result have fallen behind in not just my lifting, but every other meaningful thing I've wanted to do with my life as well. Now that I'm working back into a manageable schedule, I'd like to use this thread for a little experiment.
This thread (and hopefully the ones that come after it) will be a daily journal for anons to chronologue their fitness journeys. After each workout, post what you did, how long you did it, what you did it with, and anything else that happened that pertains to fitness. There is already a similar thread like this one >>32 focused on running, but I would like to expand the workout journal idea to all forms involved, including lifting, cardio, dieting, and anything else that may be of interest to fellow /fit/izens. Yes, it is blogposting and I will not attempt to disguise it as anything else. But it's a good way for anons to share advice with each other on maximizing gainz and bringing up the PPH for the board as a whole.
So with all that being said, tell us about your workout today. You DID lift today, right?
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Upper day. Lats, chest, shoulder and core are all radiating with DOMS heat already. The residing soreness in the quads compounded that euphoric feeling in the middle of T-bar rows, good to know my quads are getting the bias I was looking for.

Bench press 195 AMRAP 12 reps then 9 reps, 185 - 11 reps then 9 reps. Definitely holding back on my heavy bench strength last time, gonna start gunning for a 225 set of 5 reps soon as I can. Underhand grip T-bar rows 135(plus whatever barbell weight) 4x15-12, I haven't tried these before, the strength curve is cool as hell for power so I'll keep them up but they didn't have the lat isolation I was hoping for, but really only one arm DB rows have ever properly thrashed my lats so all the more reason to finish off with them. Worked each side separately 2 sets per arm,115lbs 15 reps per set. Time to increase protein intake above 1g/lb of bw and get more magnesium in, haven't seen any weight change but I'm looking a lot less flat all the time.
Replies: >>1925
well i did it, worked out for 7 days straight, although only two of them were actually at the gym while the rest were with my home dumbbells.
overall i feel pretty good, not sure if it's something i can keep up though. would probably help if i had heaver weights, a bench, and a proper bar at home. just get really annoyed driving to the gym every other day sitting in traffic and the heat, but i should probably stop bitching and just do it.
Replies: >>1926
how long have you been lifting for? you seem like a big guy
Replies: >>1926
Sticking to the FUCKIN' PROGRAM, goddamnit. I definitely know how much it sucks to have to commute to your gym, homegym is definitely a huge plus if you think you can spare the room and cash to go that way, no worries or excuses you can make to not get after it. plus in general, public gyms suck and in most there's still unspoken rules or unacceptable things that you shouldn't do and unfortunately, taking your workouts seriously is one of those things that tend to get you a lot of looks or frowned upon.
>but i should probably stop bitching and just do it.
This is what I'd advise against, making exercise a chore is the worst thing you can do for building the habit/discipline imo. Finding the movements you enjoy most and think about wanting to do even outside of the gym is what you wanna do, make your workouts something you can't wait to do and you'll never miss a day and lifting weights will become almost like a high.
I kinda forget, it's been a couple years at least, 3-4 years I think. I was RDL'ing, bench pressing and squatting innabackyard on a rusty old Gold's Gym multipurpose bench with a rusty no name barbell for about 6 months totally unaware the coof was a thing until I finally tried to buy better equipment, that sucked. My build is 6' even,185lbs with bodyfat probably in the 20s. Wishing I understo
Message too long. View the full text
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Wrapped up in some other business I missed a day, but got right back into it with a lighter in weight lower workout to keep fatigue a bit managed for the next lower day's Squat 4x5.

Started with Jefferson split squats at 255lbs 3 sets of 5 for each leg, RDL style never letting tension off the bar or the muscle, unilateral work kept the weight a bit lower but got my legs fired the fuck up and the serratus too which I've been needing for physique purposes, these and the next exercise have tended to progress and carry over between my conventional deadlifts in the past for me while improving strength in more compromised positions. Zercher deadlifts, straight off the ground 225lbs 5x1, played it a bit safe on these. From the ground these kinda grab a bit of the benefits of a Jefferson Curl without the teeheehee bendy stuff, I like them best as an extended ROM deadlift since it's basically as much range as you can possibly get with a deadlift without blocks and other equipment. Finished off with 3 sets of calf raises to failure 135lbs and some banded leg extensions as a cherry finisher. The elevated heel boots are definitely having the impact on my quads I wanted also.

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Do it for her YOURSELF Edition

Why aren't you running, anon?
I, for one, aren't because I'm a lazy piece of shit and my motivation runs out extremely quickly after the initial sporadic bursts I get from now and then. One thing I noticed is that this lack of motivation comes, at least in part, from the lack of company and the inability to discuss the activity or compare your results with anyone else. 
So I thought of making this thread to encourage anons to pick up running and actually keep at it in hopes that the sense of community with will keep everyone engaged enough not to drop out after the first week day.

I'm absolutely not an expert but, if you're interested in joining and are an absolute beginner I would wholeheartedly recommend the C25K program (pic related #2), I tried it and while progress is slow, it's very easy to follow and you see the first results near immediately, even if you've never done jackshit in your life. IMPORTANT: don't run if you're a tub of lard, you'll just fuck up your joints! Lose some weight first, chubby!

So, from tomorrow morning onwards, I'm going to start my running routine again and I will post updates after every session so we can get the ball rolling and hopefully we can get more people involved and bring more activity to the board! Everyone's welcome!

ITT post:
>updates about your activity
>informative videos and images
>tips, tricks and suggestions of all sorts
>shoes and clothing reccs
Message too long. View the full text
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>weight loss is pretty much permanent and I've actually maintained a decent amount of muscle
God bless you, anon.
op plz give update
>start couch 2 5k because i haven't done any cardio since the coof hit
>going ok, running 3 days a week around noon and lifting at night
>start feeling pain on the outer side of my knee at the mile mark today, 30 seconds later it shoot all the way to my hip on the outside of my leg and I have to limp out.

I guess that's what I get for not stretching/warming up enough. Ice packs are helping and I'm taking it easy but what the hell happened? Have any anons dealt with something like this?
Replies: >>1892 >>1919
probably trying to do way too much, you need to slowly work your way back into it. start with smaller distances at a lower speed then work up from there.
Might have something to do with your shoes, too.

[Hide] (170.5KB, 1550x1150)
general food thread, I suppose
question: Is milk, cheese, butter completely comped due to the hormones they pump the cows full of? Or do the benefits of these foods outweigh that poison?
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Did you take anything like ivermectin when you had the wuflu?

>without insurance or the company's copay system it'd be costing me like $3000 a month for two shots that last four weeks lmao dog bles usa
I mean it's either TND or healthcare which are the two carrots they've got going on every 4 years, yeah? And healthcare can always come later.
Isn't like one of your redeeming features that your constitution encourages you to shoot the government if it becomes gay like that? When are you gonna get on it?
Replies: >>1889
[Hide] (585KB, 750x739)
>Did you take anything like ivermectin when you had the wuflu?
no, the wuflu really wasn't that bad. just one night where i was really hot and coughing a lot then I was fine after that, just a really bad cold. the first time i got it my boomer uncle overnighted me and my mom some horse pills from india but we ended up not needing them. the medical publications i saw about links between chink cough and UC were done on vaxxed people anyway so it wouldn't matter at all.
>I mean it's either TND or healthcare which are the two carrots they've got going on every 4 years, yeah? And healthcare can always come later.
it was really bizarre, even with insurance the copay for each order still would've come out to like $350, but if you go to the manufacturer's website and make an account they give you some funny account numbers that make each copay only $5. i don't fukn get how that works but im not complaining.
>Isn't like one of your redeeming features that your constitution encourages you to shoot the government if it becomes gay like that? When are you gonna get on it?
when they say i can't grill anymore, then heads will roll
what's your favorite breakfast /fit/? need to get the fuck off of cereals
Replies: >>1917 >>1918
black coffee with an aspartame packet and maybe a bit of fat free milk
i skip breakfast and just have a big lunch and dinner
Cup of coffee with chocolate + lot of cream + eggs/sandwich and/or pastry.

is there anyone training with varicocele? 
I got diagnosed with grade 1 bilateral varicocele and I stopped the gym for 4 months... 4 fucking months bro. it pisses the shit outta me, doctors tell me I can't lift heavy because of it especially compound exercises (going to the gym without touching a bar doesn't make sense to me), I'm pissed. I initially noticed a lump on the top of the right testicle now it disappeared and I don't feel any pain, I'm 19 years old and I feel like I'm wasting the time that was supposed to make me look big in my early 20s, I hate saying that I feel depressed but I haven't felt down like this before. Anyone with varicocele experience, I need your guidance, i don't know if going back to the gym will be a risk or not
You may want to look into low-weight/dumbbell exercises, like the strongman thread >>870.
Any updates OP?
Replies: >>1891
He posted this thread on frenschan and someone recommended he get surgery, last update he gave it seemed to have work.

[Hide] (599.6KB, 1000x1413)
Post your goals, short term, mid term and long range. Ideally, include deadlines for accountability. 
Personally, my goal is primarily to increase training volume. I'm aiming to complete at least 1 week at 10 hours of training by the end of June. I want to hit 36 hours by the end of the year. I managed somewhere between 25 and 30 hours a week for about 2 months at my best more than 5 years ago so it's doable, though ambitious.
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Thats my nigger, crush these weights tomorrow. You got this.
My goal right now is to lose ~2 inches off my waist. It's a pretty simple goal, but later I want to build muscle and get stronger. Baby steps.
God speed anon.
I am slowly working towards completing the 100 push up challenge, and making some good progress. How are you anons doing?
Starting to get into the habit of hitting the gym every day and paying close attention to what I eat. Finishing off the last of my alcohol/sodas and will abstain except for the occasional glass of good whiskey and/or Chivas in honor of Hunter Thompson

[Hide] (55.4KB, 518x518)
greetings and salutations, /fit/izens

i'm thin as fuck 55kg (120 lbs) and i'm manlet 177cm (5'8). i have a few dumbbells at home. how do i start building muscle and getting fit? i'm so fucking weak and i just can't stand it. my hands are very thin and it's starting to make me look like a fag. i need to know that if push goes to shove i'll be able to defend myself. seriously help. i think i need:

>exercise plan
>diet plan (im neet so no 20 euro salads)
>people to watch/read
>whatever else i don't know

24 replies and 9 files omitted. View the full thread
im fucking proud of u anon
we're all gonna do it bros
Replies: >>947
>are you looking like the Michelin tire man yet
>35kg isn't too much of an indicator for me.
yeah it's not a lot. i can actually do more but i was advised to stick to 35kg until i can do 50 to 70 presses without shitting myself. slow and easy wins the race anon
thanks man. i really appreciate your posts they've helped a ton. i just came back from gym i go back jogging. 6km how are you doing?
>How's your progress for for someone who doesn't do bench presses? 35kg isn't too much of an indicator for me.

I went to the gym for about two months and a half straight weighing just about as much as him and gained about 10 kg and could bench around 30 kg at my peak, so I figure his progress is about average for what you'd expect from most.

>Are you looking like the Michelin tire man yet?
No way, that's like 1+ year of constant exercise at least, he's not even ottermode yet. He probably just looks like a healthy not skeleton-yn not noodly armed person, who can flex a good looking chunk of meat on his gun.
[Hide] (995.9KB, 375x500)
So how you doing OP? any updates? 
I'm in a somewhat same boat as I'm roughly 130lbs and 6'1. I've been working out and eating what I can for around 4 years now, I got "decent" looking muscle here and there but overall I still look like a hungry skeleton. I've struggled with weight gain my whole life and I'm starting to think this most be related to some weird ass disease or who knows. 
As for my diet: I'm poor af and everything is fucking expensive here, at best I can afford for meat or chicken once a week sometimes less, I drink a milkshake with a banana and oats on the regular but to no avail
Still lifting OP?

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