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Your one-stop place for everything related to health, fitness, GAINZ, and everything in between.

1. Obey the global rules.
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This thread will also serve as the meta thread. Yell at me all you want.
For personal inquiries, I can be contacted at
[email protected]

Currently not taking on any mods/vols/janis, but maybe later if this board gets big SWOL
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rating them how, on their physique/physical appearance? don't really see how it's fitness related but since we're a small board I'll allow it. just keep it on topic.
Replies: >>253
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Not him but I assume he meant in terms of informational and/or entertaining values
(275.8KB, 316x520)
>Title Text
what did he mean by this?
(1.4KB, 273x52)
I wonder why some (((anons))) would be upset at others for choosing not to flog their own python.
Upset? one guy pointed out that it's not so bad to which a few others sperged out.

(154.3KB, 1736x1439)
(659.9KB, 2544x1850)
(870.7KB, 1126x1001)
(104.6KB, 1288x2340)
(795.9KB, 1288x2358)
Dump infographs, workout plans, diet lists, recipes, etc. here.
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Why not just shave your arse? You won't always be taking perfect shits unless you have a perfect diet (which is worthless because circumstance will, at some point, force you to deviate) and never ever get food poisoning or gastro so you may as well learn to make the best of a bad poo.
However my advice is:
>spread your cheeks as you shit so you don't smear shit across them
>don't sit too long especially if you did the above otherwise you'll hurt your butthole
>legs up for more efficient pooping
>get a stool if you have a porcelain throne and want to do the above especially if you're a fat cunt
>sink the battleship to avoid AIDS

Sorry, but not everybody is a Gensokyan aristocrat like you. Some of us live in dry climates or can't afford a bidet, let alone a shower directly next to every toilet we ever poop in.
Replies: >>373
>Pacific pussy played off his mistake by blaming me for it
Oh trust me, I would fucking love either if I had access to them within the range of my shitter station.
And I'm definitely looking into solutions for ass shaving, but until then that's some very good advice, Anon. Thanks.
Replies: >>375
(93.1KB, 1366x768)
>And I'm definitely looking into solutions for ass shaving, but until then that's some very good advice,
Dude no, I tried that after he told me and it's not really good, here's what changed
>loud not smelly farts sound higher pitched and less muffled
>silent smelly farts come out easier and smell worse though that might just be my imagination
>shit still getting stuck in the hair that remained
0/10 wouldn't recommend, just wash your ass you filthy, filthy animal.
I've been eating a lot of fucking blueberries and now I stopped because I haven't had a full shit in a couple of days how do I fix this?

(112.6KB, 640x416)
Post old /fit/ banners or make some new ones.
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(133.7KB, 600x200)
(91.8KB, 576x768)
I want to make pic related into a banner. My idea was to give him an animated dream bubble which cycles through a few images and then at the end the board uri and the site's logo, though I'm indecisive about the pics. I was gonna put Arnie, Piana, Grizzly and such but then I realised that seemed kinda gay. Suggestions?
Replies: >>46
>I was gonna put Arnie, Piana, Grizzly and such but then I realised that seemed kinda gay
Replies: >>49
You don't think dreaming about buff men is at least "kinda" gay?
Replies: >>60 >>97
(131.8KB, 407x419)
Nah, bro. It's not gay unless it's a wet dream or a romantic one, and even then it's only gay if you forget to say "No homo." as soon as you wake up.

(124KB, 420x280)
(635.1KB, 1288x3200)
(636.7KB, 1288x2501)
(99KB, 500x1220)
Do it for her YOURSELF Edition

Why aren't you running, anon?
I, for one, aren't because I'm a lazy piece of shit and my motivation runs out extremely quickly after the initial sporadic bursts I get from now and then. One thing I noticed is that this lack of motivation comes, at least in part, from the lack of company and the inability to discuss the activity or compare your results with anyone else. 
So I thought of making this thread to encourage anons to pick up running and actually keep at it in hopes that the sense of community with will keep everyone engaged enough not to drop out after the first week day.

I'm absolutely not an expert but, if you're interested in joining and are an absolute beginner I would wholeheartedly recommend the C25K program (pic related #2), I tried it and while progress is slow, it's very easy to follow and you see the first results near immediately, even if you've never done jackshit in your life. IMPORTANT: don't run if you're a tub of lard, you'll just fuck up your joints! Lose some weight first, chubby!

So, from tomorrow morning onwards, I'm going to start my running routine again and I will post updates after every session so we can get the ball rolling and hopefully we can get more people involved and bring more activity to the board! Everyone's welcome!

ITT post:
>updates about your activity
>informative videos and images
>tips, tricks and suggestions of all sorts
>shoes and clothing reccs
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(130.4KB, 500x713)
>1 km
>What's up with that anon? Is the girth holding you back?
It's not helping my times obviously. But I think the recovery issue is just me having a lot on my plate. I'm training a lot trying to recover lost ground and running is only my second or third priority. 
>What the hell are you eating?
Nothing crazy. Probably about 2500 calories a day. I am eating a lot of carbs, but I am certainly not putting on fat, I look slightly more athletic (by my standards). I'm not really trying to lose weight at the moment, just improve my conditioning. I'm kind of a mutant when it comes to putting on muscle, it comes ridiculously fast. If I had gotten into lifting earlier in my life and been consistent I'd probably be a freak by now, but I had some kind of mental block about weightlifting.
Replies: >>392
My toe still is bruised so I took a day rest. I think I need to develop a stretching regime and something to condition my upper body. I always seem to be deadset on one thing at a time and that's pretty bad. I did powerlifting for a while with nothing aerobic or stretching, then Olympic lifting which is more combined but no other forms of exercise, and now this aerobic thing but no muscle training.
(66.7KB, 1280x720)
w6 - d2; took an extra day of rest yesterday, my legs were feeling like lead. Not sure if having leg day every workout is making this any easier, but my legs are indeed fucking weak so I'll have to bear it. Again, I was going at a steady pace for the first half, it was after around the 16 minute mark I really started to slog and I was fucking exhausted at the end.
>4,28 Km
>7:44 min/Km
>only 140 m gained in 1 minute
For once I'm in slight agreement with slavic-motivator kun: I too was expecting a bit more, especially considering I trained for the same amount of time on week 4 >>260 and barely gained half a Km since. But hey, new personal best for distance. I think my bad sleeping habits are fucking my shit up. Sweating profusely thinking about d3 and very concerned about weeks 7, 8 and 9.
>4 miles 
>Try it, bitch.
I want to renegotiate my statement, I'll catch up maybe next month when I manage a 5K and start training speed instead of endurance.
>Still 310
Hey man 10 lbs in a month ain't bad. Surely next month you'll be be under 300.
>All that fat
B-but I'm bulking.
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(456.2KB, 850x1256)
5.2 miles. Don't know the time because my phone was dead, so I'm guessing when I say it was about 55 minutes or so. I was going to go for 10k but my shirt was chaffing against my nipples and they started bleeding. I had to shave my chesthair in order to put some bandaids on them. Is there anything you can do to stop this? I'm not hot enough yet to go shirtless, so I was going to order a compression shirt. In the meantime, I was told vaseline will work. Also, 312.4lbs.
Replies: >>396
(743.9KB, 1080x1596)
I didn't realize that this was a sample. Here's the fullsize.

(50.5KB, 621x699)
If you have a simple one-liner question, ask it here.
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Replies: >>382 + 3 earlier
not really, there is an upper limit to how much you can have in your system, and having too much (yes, it is possible) does cause actual medical issues (hair loss being one of them among other things). being horny all the time fucking sucks anyways, you just feel like a zombie. blue balling is also a bad idea anyways, never understood the appeal
>>41 (OP) 
Has anyone tips to prevent male pattern baldness? I've got a very clear receding line, but I'm still on an age to prevent the situation to worsen.
how bad are energy drinks for you? I typically try to limit myself to one every week/two weeks but i'm worried about building up a long-term dependency on them and potential health issues that could come from them
Replies: >>391
awful, though one or two a month shouldn't be a problem
(16.1KB, 174x231)
>last Sunday
>have lower back DOMS for some reason
>do deadlifts anyway
>stop when back begins to actually hurt
>now my back has been sore for nearly a week
This IS DOMS, right? It didn't feel like I'd done anything catastrophic and it still just feels like DOMS.  I've been resting it since then, of course.

(25.7KB, 313x352)
Discuss things that aren't workouts or exercise per se, but help you to improve your performance as well as maintain /fit/ness and motivation. For example:
>wim hof method
>abstinence in general
>study and inspirational reading
Things to not discuss:
<roids, drugs and other gay shit
Personally I stopped using warm water in my showers, all my showers have been 100% cold for the last 3 months. I've had a huge uptick in energy levels since I started doing this, and I also feel more solid, like my body has become more dense. The reason I decided to do this is related to an observation I made a few years ago. I was visiting family and had my cat with me, and even though it was the beginning of winter, he had to stay in a shed outside because of their dog. Now, he was normally 7.5 pounds, but after a few weeks in that shed, he was 14 pounds. The reason I weighed him was because he was noticeably bigger, and suddenly had muscle definition, it blew my mind that he just about doubled his weight. Interestingly, he went right back to his old weight after he started living inside aga
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your question is incorrect.
Replies: >>369
How much onion one can eat until it becomes toxic?
Eat and do what to cum more? I remember doing nofap for 2 weeks and surprised at the amount of semen I squirted. I was practically peeing semen out. It felt mighty good and I would like to do that again, but I can't wait that long. I saw some trannies cumming crazy amount due to edging but I don't know if it's fake or not.
>wim hof
Thanks anon, I think I just double my strength just by getting high on oxygen. God damn it's amazing.

(483KB, 750x522)
Post about conditioning, technique, theory, training methods and frequency, sport fighting, self defence, fighters, and martial arts cinema.
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(901.8KB, 480x368, 00:21)
I rather like this little routine, I think I'll add it on to my daily program. I'd like to start improving my leg skills.
(7.3KB, 194x259)
Started training yet?
Replies: >>384
(2.1KB, 141x150)
I've found my warmup/stretching routine, though I may have overstated my ability to recall the moves. I'm having trouble with anything past the second Heian kata. I'll have to start researching the forms and try to fill in the gaps. I can remember some segments of other more advanced kata, Jion for example. I know its unique start and remember the lead up to a jump at one point. There's also an outside chance that I have a book somewhere in my house that outlines various kata, so I may go looking for that too. I'll be doing the stretches in the meantime to gain flexibility while I try to build my knowledge base anew.
Replies: >>388
>first webm

IIdII'd pay good money for someone to shoop a hacky sack into it.
Replies: >>388
(1.5MB, 192x144, 01:24)
While I don't think anyone should learn a form from scratch by video, there's nothing wrong with using video to relearn or jog your memory.
Funnily enough my Kyokushin instructor encouraged us to play hacky sack as a way to improve our kicks and footwork, and I've heard of Taekwondo instructors doing the same.

(286.6KB, 853x480)
Sup, /fit/izens, how about we join the Infinity Cup to get our board a little more exposure?
ok, "anon", I'm interested. (you) make the kits, (you) make the roster and (you) make the formation and then 
can partecipate.
You're a bit late, but if you want to go for next year then go ahead. Unless you want to handle everything by yourself though (you don't), I suggest you find other anons willing to help you out.
Replies: >>296
We don't really need anything, though, most stuff is already set up from last year's.
(64.2KB, 256x299)
I've never understood this thing. Is it an online Fifa tournament? Or does somebody just set up bots on Fifa and they duke it out and people bet on who will win? Or is it something else entirely?
Replies: >>337
>Or does somebody just set up bots on Fifa and they duke it out and people bet on who will win?
Something like that but on Winning Eleven/PES. Boards involved give names to make a team, strats, formations, assign skills, make custom sets and models and then the AI dukes it out. I don't think there's any betting, it's just for fun.

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