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Have you lifted today? No? Go find something heavy. Pick it up. Now put it back down. Good. Do that a dozen more times.

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Your one-stop place for everything related to health, fitness, GAINZ, and everything in between.

1. Obey the global rules.
2. Keep all threads related to the board. Off-topic threads or threads that use fitness as a false pretense will be locked and/or deleted.
3. This is a SFW board. All lewd or semi-lewd images/videos must be spoilered. Do not dump porn.
4. Do not flood/spam/derail threads. Intentionally derailing or flooding threads with low-effort/troll/spam posts will result in post deletion. (10-12-20)
5. Do not make posts that explicilty advertise other boards inside or outside the webring. (6-20-21)

This thread will also serve as the meta thread. Yell at me all you want.
For personal inquiries, I can be contacted at
[email protected]

Currently not taking on any mods/vols/janis, but maybe later if this board gets big SWOL
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Honestly, I don't know. All I can say in my experience with small boards is that activity begets activity. But even so, given how dead most boards like this are doomed to be, even 4chan/fit/ is still a better option for the average anon despite all the shit clogging up that catalog.

I don't know if this is an issue you can solve, it's a much bigger issue that affects all of these imageboards in general.
Expose the amount of bots and glowniggers who cooperate with the tranny jannies on 4cuck, other than that there isn't much you can do.
I just haven't been using this board because things are going smoothly so far. Most of the activity on 4cuck /fit/ is worthless garbage anyways
Replies: >>1713
Man I really want this board to be more active because the alternative are shit, just like >>1706 said 4cuck /fit/ is garbage and from what this is the only /fit/ alternative.
I think the only option is to advertise to outside sources maybe like forums, other imageboards discord.
Replies: >>1757
I will crush you with my dumbbells if you ever do that, anon.
Do you want this board to be like /b/?
Replies: >>1758
/b/ isn't shit because of the users. /b/ is shit because the mods are retarded.

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Dump infographs, workout plans, diet lists, recipes, etc. here.
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Well you can't just talk about shaving your asshole without showing the result, now can you?

What does, "Rest of your required caloric from fat" mean from the Keto.jpg?
Replies: >>1489 >>1559
Not entirely sure, however I can no longer recommend Keto simply because of the difficulty in maintaining it both physically and mentally and the toll it takes on the rest of the body. you are much better off with something like Leangains which uses a high protein intake (but not ONLY protein) and intermittent fasting to get results. it is much easier to stay with for long periods of time (going at about half a year now, albeit with more cheat days than I am proud to admit) and gets results. the trick is patience.
Consume the rest of your required calories as fat
Hitler was a skinnyfat autist who developed motor neurone diseases in his 40s. Just because you like his politics doesn’t mean you need to emulate every single aspect of his daily life
>3 years later
Suck my cock

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Post old /fit/ banners or make some new ones.
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Replies: >>1015
I'm trying, get fags from other boards to come here and talk about their gainz. but don't make threads for it, that's haram
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i'd make it look better but Pinta fucking sucks
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I come bearing gifts
Replies: >>1597
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If you have a simple one-liner question, ask it here.
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For cardio what happens if you run one day and bike the following day. Is it bad to do both at the same week? Will running slow my bike cadence down or visa versa. Should I just stick to one or should I not time myself when doing cardio? I heard by others that running will slow my bike speed down. Someone told me I should swim instead because running will make you not ride as fast. No I am competing or anything. I just don't know if I should be conserned or not.
Replies: >>1782 >>1783
**No I am not competing or anything
Replies: >>1783
it ultimately doesn't matter, cardio builds endurance. taking a rest day in between may help as well along with a large protein intake.
is it a bad idea to do a big jump in deadlift weights?
Replies: >>1788
Approach your sought lift with negatives if you are going to make a big jump.

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This is Grizzly, your overlord. I am aware that this board has been dead for quite some time, and that is my fault. I have been very busy with life's endless stream of bullshit and as a result have fallen behind in not just my lifting, but every other meaningful thing I've wanted to do with my life as well. Now that I'm working back into a manageable schedule, I'd like to use this thread for a little experiment.
This thread (and hopefully the ones that come after it) will be a daily journal for anons to chronologue their fitness journeys. After each workout, post what you did, how long you did it, what you did it with, and anything else that happened that pertains to fitness. There is already a similar thread like this one >>32 focused on running, but I would like to expand the workout journal idea to all forms involved, including lifting, cardio, dieting, and anything else that may be of interest to fellow /fit/izens. Yes, it is blogposting and I will not attempt to disguise it as anything else. But it's a good way for anons to share advice with each other on maximizing gainz and bringing up the PPH for the board as a whole.
So with all that being said, tell us about your workout today. You DID lift today, right?
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did more squats, bench press, power cleans, and pullups. the pullup bars on the rack are too tall for me to reach so i have to jump up to get them, i'm not "short" but i hate how they remind me i'm not a 6"5" gigachad
Spoiler File
(43.1KB, 493x624)
I've warmed up and conditioned my body with enough squat reps and daily lifting that I can now start HIIT.
Fat juicy bubble butt here I cum.
I just got a gym sub again, this is the third time, hopefully I don't quit after a few months this time. The owner mogged the shit out of me, I felt like a bitch.
Replies: >>1786
good, make sure you go every other day. don't be one of those womyn that brags about having a planet shitness membership but never uses it.
went yesterday, did too much weight initially on the power cleans and couldn't get it onto my shoulders. also need to focus on keeping my back straight so it does't snap like a twig.

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Having just finished finished a book on the old 5 pound dumbbell system, and beginning to read some of the old literature such as Strength, and How to Obtain It and Muscle Control, I am inspired to create a thread on the old timers. These guys were amazing and made their achievements without steroids or modern supplements.
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Buy 2nd-hand ones
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I'm taking the Zasspill lads, wish me luck.
Replies: >>1743
Wtf bros, this shit actually works, I actually became stronger.  I just did 4 clean dead hang chin ups. At the beginning of the year, I tried getting into bodyweight stuff but all I could do was 1 shitty kipped chin up, and I didn't want to do negatives because they were really rough on my joints and tendons, so I didn't pursue it any further. 
I'll continue tugging on my chain, but I might start throwing in some chin ups into my workouts as well, now that I can actually do them.
Replies: >>1744
Good to hear you found something that works for you, keep on lifting

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Sup, /fit/izens, how about we join the Infinity Cup to get our board a little more exposure?
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Not yet, but I am getting there
Anyone have other player ideas? I'm still open to suggestions.
Replies: >>1728
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Apparently you fags got mentioned over at the /icup/ board, so as long as you can come up with a team you can compete. Is there a team?
>anyone has other player ideas?
What's the roster so far?
Replies: >>1729
Assuming it's still happening, yes, we would like to participate.
Replies: >>1730
It is happening but no date has been confirmed yet.
Any plans on updating anything about the team?

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For me mostly hard rock, heavy metal and power metal. I gets me going so good.
My go to bands are Manowar, Motörhead, Blue Öyster Cult, Powerwolf and Sabaton to name a few.
Powerwolf specially I recommend. Seriously, try doing your routine with the Blessed and Possessed playing.
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Somebody That I Used To Know
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Mission Impossible
[Hide] (11.4MB, 500x500, 04:54)
Iced Earth is great for this, shame they broke up because of Schaeffer's Capitol shenanigans.
[Hide] (327KB, 1280x720)
Sonic Frontiers- Undefeatable
Sonic Frontiers- Find Your Flame
Sonic Frontiers- Break Through it all
and some Phonk music
Sabaton time

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Post your /fit/ related videos.
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Replies: >>1722
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Figured it out and forgot to post. The trick is to kick forwards to keep your body straight and your feet away from where the rope is going.
>nigger music
[Hide] (396KB, 720x1280, 00:03)
Run with a weighted backpack
>>1201 (OP) 
Lift and move it.

[Hide] (25.7KB, 313x352)
Discuss things that aren't workouts or exercise per se, but help you to improve your performance as well as maintain /fit/ness and motivation. For example:
>wim hof method
>abstinence in general
>study and inspirational reading
Things to not discuss:
<roids, drugs and other gay shit
Personally I stopped using warm water in my showers, all my showers have been 100% cold for the last 3 months. I've had a huge uptick in energy levels since I started doing this, and I also feel more solid, like my body has become more dense. The reason I decided to do this is related to an observation I made a few years ago. I was visiting family and had my cat with me, and even though it was the beginning of winter, he had to stay in a shed outside because of their dog. Now, he was normally 7.5 pounds, but after a few weeks in that shed, he was 14 pounds. The reason I weighed him was because he was noticeably bigger, and suddenly had muscle definition, it blew my mind that he just about doubled his weight. Interestingly, he went right back to his old weight after he started living inside aga
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Replies: >>1582 + 4 earlier
As good guys die out, the world only gets shittier and shittier with more of faggots like you reproducing and sucking up the fresh O2. Niggers, spics, and kikes like you only serve to make the world a shittier place with obessessive crying about muh colonialization, retards who need gobernment fundings and assistance to help you from becoming outcasts or homeless faggots off the streets, and favorites of big corps who treat you like slaves while sucking you off as if you're anything special.

There are no we wuzzers this is just you being a typical shitskin crying bout white people as always. Not even imageboards are safe from you faggots.

>What do you guys use to kill food cravings? 
The best way to do that is to occupy your mind on something that makes you forget about eating shitty foods. Doing your usually hobbies or setting your mind on something that makes you forget about eating crap is something I've been doing these past years.
>There are literal videos of animals jacking off or licking themselves for sexual pleasure. How is nature unnatural?
Animals also genocide, cannibalize themselves, and rape their own kin for fun. Just because creatures of nature does it doesn't mean it's natural nor does it mean it should be done. Animals are essence of nature just like humans and can make poor decisions within their lives and do things that are unnatural as well. Your logic is retarded, because this is something (((scientists))) claim when they're the same people who are willing to take things out of context and claim that merely homosexuality exist among animals, because they took a dominant lion raping its victim as an indication of homosexuality being of tolerance. Masturbation has no benefits whatsoever, even Israel the country that profits off of porn industry knows this, which is they banned it and use it as weapon.
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>>265 (OP) 
Check them
No drugs please
Replies: >>1721
That means you'll see some new features and from access to additional channels where you can forward movement visibility, without having to put to rights sense of some elaborate, manual migration process. https://googlec5.com

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