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Hello and welcome to zzzchan! I will be using this thread to explain how this site is set up and answer the initial wave of questions. Thread creation on /meta/ will be locked initially, I will explain how this will be handled going forward below.

Now, to answer some initial questions:

>Who the fuck are you? Who are the other mods?
I am sturgeon, I was a mod back on fat/v/ and later z/v/. fat/v/ was my first role as a moderator in any capacity. I'm happy to say that Pasta and seagull have also stuck around and will be managing /v/. r9k's BO will also be back.

>Nice namefagging
I intend to only use my name & role tag when posting something relevant to my role or the site. 

>Why have you set this up?
Because zchan was doing fairly well before the admin pulled the plug without warning. I'd been considering making my own IB since fat died but once zchan went down I decided I had to make the effort. 

>Will you abandon this after x amount of time?
I've gone through the effort of setting all this up after losing 2 previous boards. I'm doing this because I want it to, and I plan to keep this place running as long as I can. 
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If thread wasn't made by you, good on you fish. Almost seems like you are visiting /b/ besides reports.
Fuck off niGGer what are you even doing here. This is /cow/ turf.
Replies: >>3150
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32c328bdd28a2c8336895135a4340d230a397b11bffd9596ce35573142eee6e8.gif (u)
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>You must be a ni/gg/er if you rightfully shit in /cow/cucks
Nice assumption faggot. Did you pull it out of your sore ass aswell?
>this is /cow/ turf
Maybe try unfucking your dead board instead of making so-called claims.
<impossible captcha
fucking eternal lulz
That reminds me, we're coming up on the anniversary of the site. Is it time for us to die yet?
Replies: >>3204
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not yet

bugs.png (u)
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Use this thread to report any issues you find while using the site. We currently have 2 known issues: 

1. Real-time post updates are not working. I still need to work out how to get websockets to go through the proxy properly. you will see the error switch back to timed refresh after a few seconds, so auto update is still semi-working.
2. Geoip flags are all inheriting the proxy server's location. I've already solved this issue with post IDs so I have a rough idea of what I need to do to fix this, but it is not high priority.

I also fully expect shenanigans immediately after launch, so if anything happens I will be working to fix it as fast as I can. Your help here is appreciated.
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84fa96c7d16482eb42bb28e1221aa7f827cac0a7b10981066f3a95f6a15db137.jpg (u)
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>bans onion
>try to appeal
>internal server error
dare I say, based?
>not using librewolf
hit f12 and see if theres any errors in the console.
GIF thumbnails apparently can't handle deltas with transparency correctly. Compare these two for an example:
Replies: >>3161
it's a feature
a141053a39d38eb6a2f1643db9653c2230fa90aad159f4ec7cd96573efd5a845.jpg (u)
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Are you ever planning on fixing this?

NeverEndingExodus.webm (u)
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This thread is for handling boards from other sites that wish to migrate here/have been orphaned if public thread creation is locked on /meta/. If public thread creation is open you are free to make a dedicated thread here, otherwise I will make one for you.

The rules for migration are : 
- All Migrating/orphaned boards will be considered outside of the application cycle and should contact me at the same email address listed below.
- I will require proof that you are/were the BO/mod on another imageboard, or that the moderation team for the board in question has fallen apart.
- You must agree to follow all global rules for this site.
- You must agree to actively moderate the new board.
- If accepted, you must notify anons on the old board if it still exists. I do not mind If zzzchan is used as a bunker until a migration can be coordinated/ anons are comfortable making the switch. The new board will be unlisted in this type of scenario and will not be announced util ready.

Feel free to ping me at [email protected] in case of a happening. I'll come right here.
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PLW seems to be down again.
Replies: >>2765
>prokikewoah goes down
>no semblance of bump in activity minus /hgg/ appearing
wow it's almost like, it's almost like all the people that browse there already browse here and there's a 100% overlap of users and it makes no sense to have two sites. almost!
Replies: >>2766 >>2995
>PLW goes down
>zzzchan still fine
>zzzchan goes down
>PLW still fine
One day you'll understand the point of decentralization.
Why cant user allowed to post image without uploading image. For instance, just fetch the image from the server itself should save a lot of effort rather than uploading an image file.
>wow, dumb faggot doesn't understand the point of not having 1 site that can be taken down for good
just go back to cuckchan for that ebin PPH

janny_paradise.jpg (u)
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I will leave the rest of the post intact, please ignore the special stipulations.

Hello and welcome to the fist round of BO applications for zzzchan. I will outline the application process below, along with some special stipulations for this first round.

To apply for a board, you must submit your answers to the following questions: 

1. What will the focus of your board be?
2. What will the rules be?
3. How would you handle the following hypothetical scenarios:
    A. A user who is only breaking the rules of your board has a substantial post history that is perfectly fine up until the single instance you are reviewing. What do you do?
    B. A spammer posts CP. What do you do?
    C. A spammer has slid your catalog and all unpinned threads are gone. What do you do?
4. What time range(s) would you normally be able to keep an eye on the board?
5. If your board becomes active enough, do you agree to look for one or more vol(s) to help you? Do you know anyone already?
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>Eden is the BO of zzz/tg/
Jesus fuck, I'd forgotten about that.  I could always identify the smarmy posting style but I didn't actually realize it was him.

You have brain damage.
7e9916a0f5d377e35a9dbf4ab60148c38fc0290f580144af1f2d9c018332caf9.gif (u)
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/jam/ - Japan, Anime, Manga
>1. What will the focus of your board be?
Anime-themed funposting board.
>2. What will the rules be?
1. Threads must pertain to the board title.
2. No duplicate threads.
3. Spoiler /d/ images.
>C. A spammer has slid your catalog and all unpinned threads are gone. What do you do?
Tell Tom to fix the flood protection.
>6. Why do you want to be a moderator for this board?
Because nobody else is making this board.
Replies: >>3113 >>3138
there's already /japan/ and /a/ DOA
Replies: >>3119
japan.png (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 2042x1081)
The reason /a/ is DOA is because it's just /animu/ with trivially modified rules and people already have /animu/ for that. I don't even know what shit /japan/ is supposed to be but it's not an anime/manga board.
Replies: >>3138

>I don't even know what shit /japan/ is supposed to be but it's not an anime/manga board.
it is as soon as you want it to be

Aubrey_(Enemy).gif (u)
[Hide] (251.6KB, 322x430)
Post board ideas that could have been possible rather than still born shits like /vhs/, /a/, /hikki/, /fa/, and /tg/. 

Also, when will the rest of the aforementiond boards be deleted?
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This barely happened a year ago so I’m going to explain while under duress of calling you a massive newfag idiot and being done with it.

>/tech/ created, BO soon after goes rulecuck mode and causes some dissidence, some people suspect him of being dolphin, a massive /cow/ sperg because the BO made a rule of no loli or something
>Sturg rips ownership of /tech/ and gives it to someone else 
>One or two autists, frustrated with how PLW’s /animu/ allows vtuber threads, raise hell on /b/ and /meta/ about how they want their own /a/ on zzzchan without vtubers
>sturg, the coward he is, acquiesces and makes an /a/
>initial BO is a massive rulecuck, even bigger than the current one, and soon after is bullied out and nukes /a/ threads in a massive purge
>sturg brings /a/ back under a new BO, kicking out the old one and putting in place the current BO of another dead useless board, /vhs/
Going back in time a bit, should have done this in order
>Someone asks sturg to make a /tg/, he agrees
>new /tg/ is just like the one on smuglo.li in design but is advertised as without the rulecuck moderation  IRC faggotry
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Replies: >>3211
2443cbcf773e13f6c95643112274bcd4ba3bc7efbb49441504e6b6536672dda2.jpg (u)
[Hide] (106.5KB, 1920x1080)
hark, you have fallen for my scheme. by pretending to be retarded you have thought it'd be safe to peddle whatever bullshit propaganda you found convenient to fuel your narrative and trick me! however you aren't a smart as you think. now let's review what you said
>>/tech/ created, BO soon after goes rulecuck mode and causes some dissidence, some people suspect him of being dolphin, a massive /cow/ sperg because the BO made a rule of no loli or something
that is indeed true what you forgot to say is that the suspicions were found to be true as he himself admitted being dolphin and was caught spamming under the same IP
>Sturg rips ownership of /tech/ and gives it to someone else 
indeed, but is that meddling? that was the only course of action, no one on this site or anywhere on the board disagreed at the time and no one would do it today
>>One or two autists, frustrated with how PLW’s /animu/ allows vtuber threads, raise hell on /b/ and /meta/ about how they want their own /a/ on zzzchan without vtubers
>sturg, the coward he is, acquiesces and makes an /a/
I don't see how you'd call this "meddling" with anything at all
>sturg brings /a/ back under a new BO, kicking out the old one and putting in place the current BO of another dead useless board, /vhs/
and? how are either of these issues? how is that tampering with anything or meddling with boards? in fact, what do either of these stories have to do with my original question which was "why should the admin meddle with how bos run and moderate their boards?" it's almost as if...
>Someone asks sturg to make a /tg/, he agrees
>new /tg/ is just like the one on smuglo.li in design but is advertised as without the rulecuck moderation  IRC faggotry
>/tg/ slows down to a crawl and sturg mercy kills it himself
and at last, ladies and gentlemen, he shows his true colors. this is what you were really butthurt about the whole time and this is EXACTLY what I wanted to bait you into saying. what I'm going to state next is going to shock no one but you and it is an absolute, certain fact: no one on the webring or outside or on this pane of existence but you cared about /tg/ eden. I'll say it again NO ONE BUT YOU GAVE TWO SHITS ABOUT IT THEN, NO ONE GIVES TWO SHITS NOW, AND NO ONE WILL GIVE TWO SHITS IN THE NEAR OR DISTANT FUTURE. no one used your /tg/ and barely anyone uses /gaymoo/ because you are a spiteful, unlikable idiot.
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>3212 >>3214
I don't really see why the whole /tg/ thing was a big deal. As just a regular ol' user of sleepy, I thought it would be nice because it might help get more users to this site, which was even younger at the time. Maybe because I don't use smug/tg/ and any shilling with possible lies in it went over my head, but I can't really remember anything except people talking about Eden. Fuck the annoying auto grammar janny, I can understand tbh but is afaik or iirc really that bad? but that's probably all if the mods aren't as bad as what I've heard smug's flagship board /a/'s moderation is like.
Replies: >>3213
gondola_no_name.webm (u)
[Hide] (14.4MB, 1528x1080, 02:24)
>I don't really see why the whole /tg/ thing was a big deal.
that's the thing: it wasn't. the board was up for 6 months and didn't even get more than 150 posts, more than half of which were in the meta thread. no one used it and no one cared for it, it was made out of pure blistering butthurt eden, the fag who made it, had for smug and as you said it was indeed shilled with a hint of maliciousness and not much transparency. when it got deleted it went out with a whimper and no one has missed it since. no one but eden of course.
>Fuck the annoying auto grammar janny, I can understand tbh but is afaik or iirc really that bad? 
the auto janny is annoying yes, but the thing is it's not and wasn't ever enabled on /tg/, yet the fact zzz/tg/ didn't have one was one of the "selling points" eden kept peddling.
Replies: >>3214
f733e9422f194ee243288d26240c6c11eb53755e1ade8659294577a5f119c1fa.jpg (u)
[Hide] (63.9KB, 792x600)
>those two examples don't count because....well because I say so nigga!
Nice argument, but ripping away ownership, even if it's from webring-wide bogeymen, still counts as admin meddling. 
Also, seagull is doing well enough a job already of proving his /v/ doesn't work without me trying to persuade anyone. I'm not as omnipresent a bogeyman as you make me out to be. 

One smuglo.li coin has been deposited into your account, keep up the good work defending it online

For too long the webring has been influenced by the whims of /tech/ wizards and xenophobia rather than by those who wish to have fun with like-minded individuals. The purpose of imageboards has always been a gathering point for discussion and creation of OC, and yet increasingly we see the webring eroding away as boards find themselves unable to retain users as bad actors continue to abuse the naturally reclusive nature of anon to force those who hold out into tighter-knit communities that continuously eat away at their own userbase in the hopes of maintaining the illusion of an organized state of affairs that simply no longer exists, and shutting up any dissent to this status quo. 8chan is dead. 4chan is controlled by the enemy. The anonymous alternatives outside of the webring are generally cancer, and the deep web and peer-to-peer websites will always be too niche. The old gods of lulz have lead to a warlord-like state that is not conducive to generating discussion, while the bastions of culture and historical precedence we have held up as the new gods of the webring have failed to provide us with a means of retention as they cannibalize their own and grow increasingly corrupt. We talk of fallbacks and archives, and yet in the midst of a new season of anime  boards like /animu/ and /a/ are at all-time lows during the cusp of a new season, with core members of the old 8chan stronghold being chased away from even engaging in the webring over technicalities and us-vs-them mentalities. Some even go so far as to violate the essence of the webring at the mere mention of outsiders appearing, while others actively stab their counterparts in the back to hold onto these few users that still hold out for a brighter future. 

What do we have to show for our preservation of the old guard? Absolutely nothing. A dying userbase across a scattering of websites where even those who considered themselves defenders of this status quo are unable to come to grips with the reality that they are a dying breed, or who try to stand stoicly in the face of death when they could so easily roll out of the way of the death blow because they lack the courage to face the future head-on. When others notice these things and address the elephant in the room, they are smacked down by their peers like crabs in a bucket, or the /tech/ wizards who lord over their serfs look upon them with disdain and cackle about how they can always start their own imageboard whilst smacking down any attempts by the serfs to rise above their masters with ridicule and scorn, as was seen first-hand by many after the fall of Julay last year when several attempts at a better tomorrow were snuffed out, entirely ignored after pledging technical support, or mocked by the "elite" in charge of the most popular webring websites.

I'm not here to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt, but I won't play around with formalities and putting on appearances to suck up to the current "heads of state" as they be either. If I thought this was a problem that could be fixed by money I'd be more than willing to throw four figures worth (USD) at the problem, but the only solutions money can buy require time and investments, as well as a willingness on the part of either the acting front-runners of the webring (something they would never agree to given the radically different approach I propose) or third parties that would naturally not be trusted. The fact of the matter is, when an organization of any kind is faced with a looming, imminent death, they have three choices:
1) Surrender.
2) Die like dogs.
3) Adapt.

I propose that it is high time that the webring as we know it adapt if it wishes to see a future that isn't a slow, bleak, death march that can never be recovered from since we are well into this critical juncture. One must adapt, yet we are constantly in fear of adaptation as it brings the unknown, an uncertainty that what we know and love may just disappear. I propose an alternate interpretation based on my personal interactions within and outside the webring as a wandering imageboard nomad:
Your childhood is dead. Everything you know and love has already dissipated into archival obscurity.
Rejoice, for you now have the option to become your own man not tied and bound to the whims of anyone. As the Greek philosophers of the past had reasoned, you have actualized and are not bound by the whims of those who wish to control you. Do not fall for the chaotic memes of many bad actors in this newfound enlightenment. There are those who seek you harm, there are those who seek to control you, and no rules the likes of which many have tried to espouse after becoming drunk off this realization.

I propose a new imageboard, or rather a new paradigm shift. I propose an adaptation that seeks to keep the spirit of anonymity and preserve anon's right to post loli cunny and say nigger without being beholden by the strict xenophobia of the webring or drowning in an ocean of cancerous piss the likes of 4chan. A board that is driven by tbe ideals of an old, forgotten time but that is willing to put the webring's policies where their json file is by being radically different. Rules, but no rulers. I propose a new charter to guide a new imageboard based on the following principles as old as human civilization itself:
1) A clean slate that is not subject to the hearsay, prejudices, and superstitions that stifle the modern webring. An entirely new imageboard that respects the old as a dead civilization while carving out a new existence that recruits by word-of-mouth from 'any and all' websites without prejudice, be they 4chan, Meguca, the webring, the alt-webring, standalone websites, or even social media. Let anons stand on the content of their character and their ability to follow the website's charter and ideals, not on their history. A leviathan that grows both naturally from within and artificially from bad actors who are scoffed and laughed at as everyone else has already pissed on that street corner. A platform that is much like the Ellis Island of America. Civic pride in one's culture without xenophobia, if you will.
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Replies: >>3162
golly gee
That was a lot of empty blather to say "lower your standards and add bureaucracy".
0a1bddef439cb9563c830e269fc900a7cfd8d2a99320280c170f1453dc860983.jpg (u)
[Hide] (77.9KB, 643x820)
>>3143 (OP) 
Sips_in_Baka.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 400x480, 00:09)
Projects off for now.


I haven't had to solve it in months and the mechanism is not 100% clear until you've actually solved it once since "solid/filled icon" can refer to seeing the entire image as a grid rather than just the symbols.
> 1) A clean slate ...  that recruits by word-of-mouth from 'any and all' websites without prejudice. ... Let anons stand on the content of their character and their ability to follow the website's charter and ideals, not on their history. ... A platform that is much like the Ellis Island of America. Civic pride in one's culture without xenophobia, if you will.
> 3) A platform where all boards on it are subject to the same global charter on user treatment and moderation transparency that set an even playing field, but that allows autonomy so long as this global charter, which shall be a 'living document', is abided by.

As much as I agree with the earlier sentiment of your post, I don't understand why you would model a community off a failed state. Whatever the original merits of the American constitution and its principles were, and I do appreciate them, they are long dead now. I don't think that view is controversial around here, I doubt you'd even strongly disagree. Why pursue this old naive idealism? We have an opportunity to explore new frontiers.

> 2) A platform in which advertising from outside and from within is mutual, protected, and guaranteed in at least one thread present on every board.
Encouraging interboard advertising is good. Requiring it seems like overreach though, and a potential threat to niche groups. Unless you mean by mutual that this would be opt in. 

> 4) A platform in which a board owner council consisting of equals may have veto power to accepting new boards, but also the power to veto another's veto.
> 5) A platform in which no board owner's coveted position is sacred, and for which this veto power may never be used to stifle or snuff out competition.
> 9) A platform that discourages bunkers and dead boards. All boards will be required to show they are being meaningfully used (even if just by two or three people) in order to justify their existence. Quotas, but in a meaningful and involved way that understands nuance.

This needs more elaboration. This would likely impose a limit on the size of the council, (say 50+) past which no decision can be made without it likely being countered by 
someone. How does one enter this council anyway? If you just give anyone a board and membership of the council, it will just be 8chan. You'd need to add a probation period for new board owners before they are full members of the council. Then, those who don't meet quota requirements are booted.

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Birdposting.png (u)
[Hide] (19.6KB, 1195x843)
I brought this issue up in the /v/ gamergate thread and was told to repost it here.  For reference, I'm >>>/v/26109.

To summarize, I wanted to know why minor shitposting was deleted in the gamergate thread even though other threads (like the first FPS general) had much more and much worse periods of shitposting/calling OP a faggot at the start.

The reply I got from Seagull (presumably; no capcode) was >>>/v/26199, which claimed that deleting bitching about the threads was not preferential treatment because these threads are allowed under the rules - even if the rules literally refer to them as "special" threads, and no other threads get scrubbed like that.  Yes, I'm aware that the rules put ""special"" in quotations, which somewhat diminishes the strength of the word, but the fact remains that they are exceptions to rules like "effortless threads will be met with ridicule."

Seagull said to take the issue up with the BO, so here we are.  I'm sure that the reply will be "stay mad faggot these threads are BASED and always allowed!" but I'm just going through the proper channels.

And before anyone tells me that this shouldn't come as a surprise, it's not the presence of gamergate threads that I'm specifically taking issue with (although I do maintain they are worthless and attract all kinds of non-vidya attention whores).  My point is that if
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58da0bd45818506a1ed3b4a4273280ff55b23e9f36b3a7573aa70e2522b60d67.jpg (u)
[Hide] (47.8KB, 524x480)
holy shit kill yourself already you stupid fuck
Replies: >>3197
>smug bans you for forgetting a comma
I'm more upset at the fact that my entire post will get filtered for including an "iirc" or "afaik" whenever I venture there because I'll forget it does that.
Which board? I just posted on /v/ with tor. It's either been undone already or I got a lucky exit node.
Replies: >>3199
The latter you fucking fucking fuck fuck shit fuck
Replies: >>3200
Was it seagull or was it that nigger bill again? Post a screen cap and report it. Although last time I think it got to the point where the ban expired since it was a 24h one. I guess it just depends on how much trouble tor IPs are making.

eec72dbc9979fd07d54dbb7045e027dc82c014552677488edea3487258de237b.png (u)
[Hide] (192.2KB, 697x768)
Please Sturgeon,
Please on behalf of all /b/ards on snoozechan
Permaban that motherfucker!
And for Pete's sake make sure he doesn't return
Same goes for the herdcoons

And keep the captcha back on permanently on /b/
2 replies and 1 image omitted. View the full thread
Replies: >>3176 + 1 earlier
Hi toganigger
I bet you defend /leftypol/ aswell, despite them been actively working to destroy 8chan from within before it got shoah'd by kikeflare.
001bf4febf1e400a2c25015958c5c532c765c01b2c27054ffa19021c3a2d5aa7.png (u)
[Hide] (2.3MB, 2480x3507)
>holy shit! this random board where anyone is allowed to post anything as long as it isn't CP has posts on it that I don't personally agree with! DELETE IT PLEASE MOD-SAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't like the spic any more than you do but I wouldn't want his posts deleted lest a slippery slope into an ironic /b/-rulecuckery spree begins.
Replies: >>3194
>>3152 (OP) 
Just delete /b/ from existence, it's the shittiest type of board that only brings retards, actual trannies and actual pedos.
Who even thought that it will ve a good idea?
e46c6e5b792fa69ee0651d512287cd927761107692dc42fd2dc22002ea610aa9.png (u)
[Hide] (127.1KB, 500x433)
>having basic standards so it doesn't become kikechan's /b/?
>this is rulecuckery!
99% of the problems would be solved if faggots like him were booted of the spot.
The cuckchan lingo spouting faggot has neither lived to experience zchan or fatpeople.

Screenshot_20210718-152748.png (u)
[Hide] (11.9KB, 240x251)
How the fuck was it spamming?
Also I can't appeal to it because of an "internal server error"
Also thanks for deleting strategy thread. You can make it again.

1436313834166-4.png (u)
[Hide] (178.6KB, 291x322)
Random people from 4chan, kohl, and wherever people linked this site to are now shitting the board.
You may want to do something before it gets out of hand.
4 replies and 2 images omitted. View the full thread
>>3095 (OP) 
Been happening for a while now. Cuckchanner(s?) get mad and complain that jannies are tyrants and corrupt or something. When it comes to /v/, I don't see the issue when so many communities have been infiltrated by normalfaggots and destroyed from within. The issue was addressed at some point before all these fags flooded here and the mod in question got told to let up a little. Whether or not it was warranted, I can't say. All I know is that I've never had my posts deleted and I don't try to walk on eggshells when I post either. Don't be surprised if your posts mentions anything that implies you used or went to cuckchan and you get shit on though. Although maybe we don't need more than one person to tell someone to fuck off in those instances, which is what basically always happens. Only if the OP gets uppity after getting told to fuck off so that they can see that they're the odd one out and not the other way around. Then if they continue to shit up the thread, they should be ignored and reported.
How many mods do you think there are? You should be global reporting it when you see it if you care so much. That's what I do and someone usually gets around to it pretty soon either way. It probably makes no difference for the purposes of getting someone kicked off, but I'm pretty sure most, if not a
Message too long. View the full text
<i-its literally nothing
<s-stop noticing t-things!
>t. crossposting scum
Go back you fucking rapefugee
>>3095 (OP) 
Just delete the board already it will be fun.
Deal with the herdniggers already. They're a cancer that will kill /b/ and the rest of the webring if not dealt with.
Replies: >>3149
nah nigga, let's just make another rehashed existing board with a BO who samefags hundreds of posts like in /hikki/ and /a/ and /vhs/ and /fit/

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