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Hello and welcome to zzzchan! I will be using this thread to explain how this site is set up and answer the initial wave of questions. Thread creation on /meta/ will be locked initially, I will explain how this will be handled going forward below.

Now, to answer some initial questions:

>Who the fuck are you? Who are the other mods?
I am sturgeon, I was a mod back on fat/v/ and later z/v/. fat/v/ was my first role as a moderator in any capacity. I'm happy to say that Pasta and seagull have also stuck around and will be managing /v/. r9k's BO will also be back.

>Nice namefagging
I intend to only use my name & role tag when posting something relevant to my role or the site. 

>Why have you set this up?
Because zchan was doing fairly well before the admin pulled the plug without warning. I'd been considering making my own IB since fat died but once zchan went down I decided I had to make the effort. 

>Will you abandon this after x amount of time?
I've gone through the effort of setting all this up after losing 2 previous boards. I'm doing this because I want it to, and I plan to keep this place running as long as I can. 
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FYI admin, for .onion, if you have jschan updated and it uses the proper separate server block in nginx with 'TOR' hardcoded in the country code header, BOs can choose "tor onion" as a blocked country in settings. No need to ban
Replies: >>770 >>772
this assumes the onion is on the same machine as jschan. this is not the case for zzzchan. onion requests go through the same waf/cache setup as cloudflare does.
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walked right into that one
>>770 is correct, i'll post a chart today giving an outline
I don't think it's happened yet but I'd like to remind admin's/gvols not to accidentally wipe every tor posters entire post history.

(231.4KB, 1080x1080)
Use this thread to report any issues you find while using the site. We currently have 2 known issues: 

1. Real-time post updates are not working. I still need to work out how to get websockets to go through the proxy properly. you will see the error switch back to timed refresh after a few seconds, so auto update is still semi-working.
2. Geoip flags are all inheriting the proxy server's location. I've already solved this issue with post IDs so I have a rough idea of what I need to do to fix this, but it is not high priority.

I also fully expect shenanigans immediately after launch, so if anything happens I will be working to fix it as fast as I can. Your help here is appreciated.
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kys my man
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Look who it is again, ID 5a9884. I'm fed up with your shit faggot. The other day when you called me a newfag, yeah, haven't forgotten about that yet. Fuck you I've been on here for months and probably get on here more than you anyways. Don't you know that you make yourself look like a newfag when you call others newfag? Just because you learned how to hack your name and change it to "5a9884" does not give you the right to disrespect anyone at any time.
>>2 (OP) 
The strip filename function is fucked yo. Something it works, sometimes it doesn't. Nothing happens when it comes to Japanese characters for example.
Replies: >>799
open an issue in jschan repo, link at bottom of page

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I will leave the rest of the post intact, please ignore the special stipulations.

Hello and welcome to the fist round of BO applications for zzzchan. I will outline the application process below, along with some special stipulations for this first round.

To apply for a board, you must submit your answers to the following questions: 

1. What will the focus of your board be?
2. What will the rules be?
3. How would you handle the following hypothetical scenarios:
    A. A user who is only breaking the rules of your board has a substantial post history that is perfectly fine up until the single instance you are reviewing. What do you do?
    B. A spammer posts CP. What do you do?
    C. A spammer has slid your catalog and all unpinned threads are gone. What do you do?
4. What time range(s) would you normally be able to keep an eye on the board?
5. If your board becomes active enough, do you agree to look for one or more vol(s) to help you? Do you know anyone already?
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>>137 (OP) 
Hey, manbat here. Can I get mod privileges on /co/?
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check these fucking trips bro
Replies: >>778
Good Digits on a slow board is like winning a lottery with only one participant.
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spoke like one who participated in such a lottery and lost lol
ok bb i sent you an email

(5.1MB, 853x480, 01:42)
This thread is for handling boards from other sites that wish to migrate here/have been orphaned if public thread creation is locked on /meta/. If public thread creation is open you are free to make a dedicated thread here, otherwise I will make one for you.

The rules for migration are : 
- All Migrating/orphaned boards will be considered outside of the application cycle and should contact me at the same email address listed below.
- I will require proof that you are/were the BO/mod on another imageboard, or that the moderation team for the board in question has fallen apart.
- You must agree to follow all global rules for this site.
- You must agree to actively moderate the new board.
- If accepted, you must notify anons on the old board if it still exists. I do not mind If zzzchan is used as a bunker until a migration can be coordinated/ anons are comfortable making the switch. The new board will be unlisted in this type of scenario and will not be announced util ready.

Feel free to ping me at [email protected] in case of a happening. I'll come right here.
Anyone know where /jenny/ went?
(66.9KB, 500x357)
In case this shit goes tits up while I'm asleep, drop a line on the vbunker cytube, will ya?
I really like this place, I don't want to lose you anons again.
Replies: >>657
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I have both your cytube channels bookmarked, fret not.

(555.6KB, 1200x652)
hey nigger why are your captchas so hard
Replies: >>743
(27.2KB, 311x168)
>>742 (OP) 
they require an above room temp iq to solve. Have an example. As you can see the warped captcha still correlates to a grid pattern. All you need to do is select the solid icons on he grid. I've honestly come to prefer this method as it's way faster than traditional text captchas once you get used to it.
Replies: >>745 >>746
>way faster than traditional text captchas once you get used to it
Yeah, it's really sweet.  Solving captchas by constantly switching from the mouse to the keyboard was such a pain, and this is both more distinct (which means harder for bots/pajeets to solve) and doesn't require two input devices.
ok yup youre right i was just being retarded i get it now

(29.6KB, 803x640)
Seeing as how this is the second time I've managed to break things when updating the site, I feel it's best to set up some external ways to announce when things are going wrong.

Currently, i'm looking to have :
1. A twitter account, though I'd rather use anything else. please let me know if you know a better alternative.
2. Some sort of online calendar for announcing updates.

 jschan is technically beta software so things may just break at times despite my best efforts. The tentative plan going forward is to update on Tuesday morning every other week or so. If the site breaks within that window, I'm scrambling to fix it.

I'd like to apologize for not being as transparent as possible, and thank all of you for putting up with my fuckups as this is my first time as a sysadmin. Feel free to address any concerns you have below.
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They must truly have a special place in Dolphin's heart.
Cool, the proxies only accept ipv6 anyways. I'd be surprised if anyone managed to ddos this place.
>>563 (OP) 
>1. A twitter account, though I'd rather use anything else. please let me know if you know a better alternative.
You can try the fediverse. It's decentralized FOSS social media and supports RSS. The major downside is having to find an instance that doesn't fediblock "the nazis" or some arbitrary topic.
pl.smuglo.li runs a pleroma instance for example, but you can choose a few others like friendi.ca.

>One-to-one private messaging on supported protocols.

>Optionally "expire" old content after a certain period of time.

>Download your personal data. It all belongs to you.
Replies: >>617 >>738
I've been referred to free speech extremists, I'll make an account there.
>the major downside is having to find an instance that doesn't fediblock
oh come on anon, we all know people who get cancelled on fedi always end up with more of a reach than when they started. just look at alex gleason.

(676.8KB, 1274x1191)
Do you want to webring with Antares? Am aware of a few anons in /v/'s meta thread disapproving of the webring/julay drama. 

We mainly offer /misc/ which is an 'any topic' board without a predefined culture. The current topics on there are nature, literature, copyright law, current events, and web services. We're also have anons looking for more discussions on science and mathematics.

The board is generally the same anons that ran (and play on) the Xonotic servers in the AFPS threads starting 2016.

Endpoint: http://antares.oss/webring.json
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Tor is ok but slow and impractical for lazy anons. I guess lazy anons wouldn't care about the security implications of bare http though.
The open source quake thing?
Replies: >>699
Yeah, the free and open source quake thing.
don't see it in the webring though the webring there appears fully functional
(81.1KB, 1175x481)
Fuck happened here?
Replies: >>728
Their certificate is expired.

Am I blind or is there not one?
Replies: >>637
>>620 (OP) 
I meant the watchlist. For some reason the subject field got wiped.

(5.8MB, 640x640, 00:24)
As you all know, we've been on cloudflare's "I'm under attack mode" for the last several days due to a spammer. This has gotten annoying for everyone and I am ready to pull the trigger on implementing recaptcha until a better solution can be implemented, which Tom is currently working on. This is not something I enjoy doing. Using any google service is an absolute last resort and I would be switching to whatever Tom cooks up asap. That said:

If enough of you are fine with how things are now and don't mind skipping recaptcha I won't add it

So I want to hear from you. Do I add recaptcha and we deal with it for a few days or do we just wait for something better?
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neat, i will look into this. getting the second proxy takes priority now that we have good captchas
Testing captcha
Replies: >>522
(20.4KB, 378x184)
>Select the boxes that correspond to each solid/filled icon in the grid. The image is shuffled and distorted, so use your brain.
Instructions unclear, stuck my dick in a toaster.
>>397 (OP) 
Why are they torturing the poor fishie
Replies: >>554
The strong have the right to do whatever the hell they want. It's a right granted to them by nature.

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