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I've migrated and fixed a bunch of shit along the way, but if anything is broken please use this thread to report it. I've locked the previous thread to focus new issues here.

Two known issues:
- Favicon didn't fly so good
- Need to set up a new tor socks5 proxy for webring

Both of these will be fixed shortly.
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IDs are broken. They seem to reset all the time.
I'm having a problem with the captcha where it continuously refreshes, very quickly, due to the cookie not being set properly. The refresh timer is being set to a negative value. I've enabled cookies and everything so I'm not sure why this is happening, all I can see is that calculated refresh time is a large negative number, which explains why it refreshes without any delay. Testing now by modifying the function in the dev console, hopefully this sends.
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Good, it worked. I can finally post again.

Unfortunately I don't have any reproduction steps. I'm using ungoogled chromium on artix linux. This happened once before and seems to have been caused by a system update. idk what has changed, probably package manager speds screwed something up. I'll try to look into it more but for some reason I can't see my cookies through the dev console. Which is weird, because otherwise, my settings are definitely being stored and are persisting. Not sure if there's some special way that the captcha cookie is being created, but I can't see it at all, and it appears to be incorrect when it is read.

My solution is inconvenient but works for now. just set captchaController.startRefreshTimer = function(){} to disable the refresh immediately after opening the thread dialog If you could add a "disable auto refresh" checkbox to the captcha that would make it easier for me and anyone else who has this bug.
Fix the fucking captcha so I can report the cp on /v/.
Replies: >>4542
>fix the captcha 
you are literally posting here you know how to solve it

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I will leave the rest of the post intact, please ignore the special stipulations.

Hello and welcome to the fist round of BO applications for zzzchan. I will outline the application process below, along with some special stipulations for this first round.

To apply for a board, you must submit your answers to the following questions: 

1. What will the focus of your board be?
2. What will the rules be?
3. How would you handle the following hypothetical scenarios:
    A. A user who is only breaking the rules of your board has a substantial post history that is perfectly fine up until the single instance you are reviewing. What do you do?
    B. A spammer posts CP. What do you do?
    C. A spammer has slid your catalog and all unpinned threads are gone. What do you do?
4. What time range(s) would you normally be able to keep an eye on the board?
5. If your board becomes active enough, do you agree to look for one or more vol(s) to help you? Do you know anyone already?
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I need some form of contact with potential BOs, there's a bit of back and forth after the application.

Actually the /news/ guy did email me but then stopped responding before I could set him up on the board so that was that.

If >>3915 still wants /his/, he can have it he just needs to email me.
Replies: >>4430
Speaking of BO applications, Tengu has called it quits with /pol/ >>>/japan/10814
Requesting a /liberty/ board. /fascist/ has their own board but /liberty/ is still being left out in the cold.

>What will the focus of your board be?
Austro-libertarian discussion on politics and economics.
>What will the rules be?
Global rules apply. Keep discussion on-topic, purely economics and politics. Posts should be high-quality, shit is deleted. No namefagging.
>How would you handle the following hypothetical scenarios: 
>A user who is only breaking the rules of your board has a substantial post history that is perfectly fine up until the single instance you are reviewing. What do you do? 
Delete it, move on.
>A spammer posts CP. What do you do?
Delete, permaban, and report to FBI.
>A spammer has slid your catalog and all unpinned threads are gone. What do you do?
Delete posts, permaban spammer. Attempt to recreate lost threads. Ask site admin for assistance in preventing this from happening again and for backups of lost threads.
>What time range(s) would you normally be able to keep an eye on the board?
Mornings and evenings on weekdays, all-day weekends. I need to sleep at night.
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Who is the current owner of /k/? Is it only be kept as a bunker for now? cafe/k/ has become unusable from all the schizoposting and I'd like to use the one here, but from what I can tell it seems to only be in use as a bunker.
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> I will never be hosting anything akin to /abdl/

Is this still the case? The new /abdl/ BO that the blacked.gov admins gave the board too has essentially made it entirely 3dpd porn related with most of the things that made Julay /abdl/ fun non-existent. At this point I'm trying to find any IBs in the webring willing to accept an /abdl/ board.

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This thread is for handling boards from other sites that wish to migrate here/have been orphaned if public thread creation is locked on /meta/. If public thread creation is open you are free to make a dedicated thread here, otherwise I will make one for you.

The rules for migration are : 
- All Migrating/orphaned boards will be considered outside of the application cycle and should contact me at the same email address listed below.
- I will require proof that you are/were the BO/mod on another imageboard, or that the moderation team for the board in question has fallen apart.
- You must agree to follow all global rules for this site.
- You must agree to actively moderate the new board.
- If accepted, you must notify anons on the old board if it still exists. I do not mind If zzzchan is used as a bunker until a migration can be coordinated/ anons are comfortable making the switch. The new board will be unlisted in this type of scenario and will not be announced util ready.

Feel free to ping me at sturgeonf[email protected] in case of a happening. I'll come right here.
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I agree
t. someone who makes fun of ni/gg/ers but still crossposts on 8chan because it's the only webring site that isn't a ghost town 90% of the day
Whatever happened to >>>/av/?
Replies: >>4342
They went to Markchan
Replies: >>4343
*went back
Yeah, I saw that there were two different Codexx posters, moron, which is why I said to email him, as both used the same address which was real would very quickly become apparent as soon as the poster I was talking to, did so.

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Hello and welcome to zzzchan! I will be using this thread to explain how this site is set up and answer the initial wave of questions. Thread creation on /meta/ will be locked initially, I will explain how this will be handled going forward below.

Now, to answer some initial questions:

>Who the fuck are you? Who are the other mods?
I am sturgeon, I was a mod back on fat/v/ and later z/v/. fat/v/ was my first role as a moderator in any capacity. I'm happy to say that Pasta and seagull have also stuck around and will be managing /v/. r9k's BO will also be back.

>Nice namefagging
I intend to only use my name & role tag when posting something relevant to my role or the site. 

>Why have you set this up?
Because zchan was doing fairly well before the admin pulled the plug without warning. I'd been considering making my own IB since fat died but once zchan went down I decided I had to make the effort. 

>Will you abandon this after x amount of time?
I've gone through the effort of setting all this up after losing 2 previous boards. I'm doing this because I want it to, and I plan to keep this place running as long as I can. 
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add ruffle to the site so that we can play swf files.
PLEASE do something about rapeman on /v/, he deletes that break no rules only because he doesn't like them, then leave ambiguous or nonsensical ban reasons. He's been doing this shit for months and nobody is stopping him.
Is Rapeman ever coming back?
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Petition to add 
>le good
to the word filter. This would make /b/ at least 40% more bearable while kicking to the curb the subhumans that have been flocking to this site in the past year.
Replies: >>4541
>This would make /b/ at least 40% more bearable
how exactly are you calculating this?

[Hide] (1.5MB, 320x240)
In the past half-year or so it's obvious that a lot of anons have moved elsewhere from this site, or left the webring/markchan as a whole. The few posters that do remain are schizos, D&C shills, or niggers that do nothing but spam loli on /b/ all day. Is there anything we can do to attract new users while maintaining quality of discussion? Where would we find them? How do we get them to stay?
shit is fucked
it's over
Maybe it has something to do with the moderation being fucking garbage? They dont even care anymore. Why should i post here when my posts gets lost in a sea of shit? I dont mind the low pph. What i do mind is garbage threads,posts not being deleted (within the rules)
Cuckchanners arent even getting banned anymore. I feel like im pretty much the only one left posting anything of "quality".
All the mods had do to was the bare minimum. This imageboard is on life support. I get it. You want to be a faggot okey. Then i quit posting.

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guys the fish needs out financial support, i can donate about $3.50

[Hide] (19.6KB, 1195x843)
I brought this issue up in the /v/ gamergate thread and was told to repost it here.  For reference, I'm >>>/v/26109.

To summarize, I wanted to know why minor shitposting was deleted in the gamergate thread even though other threads (like the first FPS general) had much more and much worse periods of shitposting/calling OP a faggot at the start.

The reply I got from Seagull (presumably; no capcode) was >>>/v/26199, which claimed that deleting bitching about the threads was not preferential treatment because these threads are allowed under the rules - even if the rules literally refer to them as "special" threads, and no other threads get scrubbed like that.  Yes, I'm aware that the rules put ""special"" in quotations, which somewhat diminishes the strength of the word, but the fact remains that they are exceptions to rules like "effortless threads will be met with ridicule."

Seagull said to take the issue up with the BO, so here we are.  I'm sure that the reply will be "stay mad faggot these threads are BASED and always allowed!" but I'm just going through the proper channels.

And before anyone tells me that this shouldn't come as a surprise, it's not the presence of gamergate threads that I'm specifically taking issue with (although I do maintain they are worthless and attract all kinds of non-vidya attention whores).  My point is that if
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Spoiler File
(2.3MB, 800x450, 00:28)
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you absolute gorilla troglodyte this isn't cp, this was posted on cuckchan a fucking decade ago and mods there never gave a shit. tell your mod to stop being a powertripping niggerfaggot.
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why was the mobians.ai thread deleted? how is it spam?
Cuckchanners have shit up and derailed every active thread on /v/ and reports are just dismissed. Bring back Rapeman. I regret ever complaining about him.
Replies: >>4535
It's so unbelievably tiring seeing every single thread turn into a 20-30 post slap fight over literally fucking nothing.
Replies: >>4536
i don't know about you, but I personally enjoy seeing a website I like bleed users. if the mods have become complacent, maybe they shouldn't have taken the "job" in the first place, lol

oh well, not my problem, my board is kept clean thanks to my tireless efforts so if /v/ is having an issue on the same site, it sounds like a 'them' problem..../v/tards will be /v/tards.

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Do you consider zzz your home? Why do you stay here and not another place on the webring?
How many other boards on the webring do you regularly visit?
If you use tor, why come here at all instead of a tor only imageboard?
Do you think there are "better" chans for specific boards?
In terms of users/admin, what would you say is the differences between zzz, and say anoncafe?
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Replies: >>4524 + 3 earlier
Shills and feds use this kind of threads to find new sites.
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>heartily chuckled
>faux pas
1/10, eden
>>4098 (OP) 
I'd love to leave, especially seeing as to how tor does not work here, but retarded niggersheep won't go somewhere else.
Replies: >>4527
tor works the fish is just dumb and you have to add /index.html to the end, like so: http://crghlabr45r5pqkgnbgehywk5nxutdks5iss7tabyux5psikqqjirryd.onion/index.html
tor does work though, I refuse to post anywhere that doesn't allow tor and I exclusively to post here so you're full of shit

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Just curious:
How does this website make money to pay for server fees, etc? I can't see any "donate" page or anything
I run it at cost, It's not very expensive. If anyone wants to donate follow the jschan repo link in the footer and toss something Tom's way instead. He's done good work.

If we started needing about 3x the bandwidth the site uses now or more then I'd have to shell out for that, so you might see a monero address go up for zzz if that happened.
Dont actually give money to tom though
Replies: >>4523

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Would it be hard to increase the thread limit? I've seen imageboards with, like, 200 pages or something
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Inactive threads are bad because......?
Replies: >>4506
Dead prehistoric threads at the bottom of the catalog that prevent people from making new threads are good because...?
Replies: >>4507 >>4522
>Dead prehistoric threads at the bottom of the catalog (...) are good because...?
They may contain interesting or useful information. And someone may revive them.
>that prevent people from making new threads
What?? Nothing prevents you from making new threads, and thus sliding old ones. So, a good solution would be to allow much more threads, so that each thread has enough time before being sled for people to archive it or revive it if it is interesting/useful enough.
Though another good solution would be to have automatic archives, like there are several ones for cuckchan.
Replies: >>4511
>They may contain interesting or useful information
Nobody's going to re-read shitty old threads like that as if they're some treasure trove of valuable information, and it would be much more interesting to read and participate in a new thread than an old one where the discussion has already run it's course.

You can't make a new thread because it'll be deemed a duplicate. Posting in a 2 month old thread will get significantly less discussion than a new thread, it doesn't benefit anyone.
Replies: >>4522
>that prevent people from making new threads 
they don't
>Nobody's going to re-read shitty old threads like that as if they're some treasure trove of valuable information
>You can't make a new thread because it'll be deemed a duplicate
remove duplication restrictions
>Posting in a 2 month old thread will get significantly less discussion than a new thread
It is irrelevant.

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