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Prep work is done.

Merry Christmas!
Check for weekly movie nights >>6

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2. Some shitposting is allowed but try to stay mostly on-topic.
3. Spoil NSFW content.
4. No name or avatarfagging.

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Check for weekly movie nights.
Every Friday at 5pm PDT - 7pm CDT - 8pm EDT

At: https://cytu.be/r/OverlookTheater
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Who won the wheel last night? I am sorry if I did and lost my spot. I had a pretty bad health problem appear half way into Charlie Brown and passed out, so I wasn't able to watch anything. I couldn't even hold the responsibility of watching what I picked.
Replies: >>1330
I hope you're doing okay now. I was wondering why you went so quiet.

SpaceDio, Tailwhip, and benisranger got picked. Films chosen were Meet Me in St. Louis, Tenchi the Movie 2: Daughter of Darkness, and Initial D Third Stage.
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/vhs/ Movie Night - Christmas on Fire
Meet Me In St. Louis - Tenchi 2: Daughter of Darkness - Initial D Third Stage
Friday December 2nd
5pm PST - 7pm CST - 8pm EST
Pre-Show: Decoys 2004 (3:30pm PST/5:30pm CST/6:30pm EST)
Replies: >>1335
>Decoys (95 Minutes)
>Meet Me In Saint Louis (113 Minutes)
>Tenchi 2 (65 Minutes)
>Initial 3 (104 Minutes)
>Minimum Time (6.28 Hours)
I'm probably not going to attend tonight. A 1944 musical, failed Canadian horror film, and two anime sequels aren't very appealing.
Replies: >>1336
I'd say you'll be missing out.
Also, is it me, or has cockfile severely shortened its filesize limit to just 100MB? I can't access tmp.ninja, either. At least they're all watchable on youtube in some form

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We have movie nights, we have bad movie nights, but we don't have TV nights. Therefore I'm going to do a little pilot hue program here to see if there's enough interest.
WHAT: Watch TV shows with fellow anons
WHERE: https://cytu.be/r/ZZZTV
WHEN: Wednesday nights at 7:00 EST. Check last pic if you're confused.
WHY: It helps to pad out the long week between the biweekly gamenights and weekend movie nights.
For week 1, we'll have the following:
>Cubicle denizen Dilbert toils away at Path-E-Tech which makes undefined products. The focus is on his survival amongst a moronic boss, hostile co-workers and his malevolent pet, Dogbert.
Miami Vice
>Esplendent with authentic 1980s music, fashion, and vibe, "Miami Vice" follows two undercover detectives and their extended team through the mean streets of Miami, Florida.
>Ten survival "experts" attempt to survive alone. The winner receives $500,000.
Hope to see you there!
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thanksgiving is fake burger holiday because some fag shot too many turkey not to be confused with turkiye
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Happy Thanksgiving anons
>Gurren Lagann S01E09: Who Is This Bro?
>Chernobyl S01E04: The Happiness Of All Mankind
>Miami Vice S03E04: Walk-Alone
>Sweet Genius S01E06: Global Genius
what was that cowboy song playing in the preshow with all the drums?

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Movies, TV shows, Cartoon/Animes, Documentaries. Everything goes.
I just watched Blade Runner 2049 yesterday. It was pretty fucking good.
I've also been watching Ken Burns The Vietnam War and will start to watch Initial D later.
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Replies: >>1163 >>1315 + 4 earlier
Watched Match of Titans, and despite the name "Movie 4" being very offputting, I enjoyed it. It recycles a lot of the fight footage from Deathstalker 1 and Barbarian Queen but it's a lot more entertaining than 3 was. Lots of fights and a plot that knows it's not trying to be anything special. Plenty of tits. Also features a lesbian barbarian and her personal traveling harem that forces a servant girl to be her sex slave, so don't give me that "yuri is pure" bullshit.
>>126 (OP) 
Watched Fatal Attraction and am now watching Basic Instinct. I hate the degeneracy in these movies but im fucking addicted to them. I dont know why.
Replies: >>1197
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>Sunset Boulevard
I watched this only because it's deemed a classic and David Lynch has praised it. I actually didn't mind it. It's very typical Hollywood and the romance is cucked, but I still sat through the whole thing. Not sure if I'd wholeheartedly recommend it, but if you have any inclination to check it out, I'd say go for it.

I checked this one out for spanish listening comprehension. I tend to stay away from spanish-speaking movies because they tend to be telenovelas, but I thought with Luis Buñuel being the director, it wouldn't be so bad. I was wrong. It was a slog to get through.

I decided to give Ingmar Bergman one last chance to redeem himself after watching his documentary Fårö Document. It was not bad until the end when he proceeds to tell you to vote for some socialist party in order to help all the people you just met in the movie. What a fucking preach that had no sense being there. Well, this one was pure feminist trash almost the whole way through. Two spoilers to give you a sense of how bad it was:
1. One of the female characters tells you how she cheated on her fiance. She goes to great lengths to explain how she was with a friend and they both fucked a young boy while another one watched. She ended up pregnant and had an abortion.
2. The other female character decides to have a kid to spite her actor friends who say she isn't "motherly". She can't stand the kid and runs away, abandoning him and her husband.
I could stand a movie where the women are strong characters and maybe rebelling against a system (like Silence of the Lambs) - but to a point. This seemed like woe-is-me whining from women who literally brought bad situations upon themselves and made it seem like it was a result of the times. I feel like The Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries weren't so bad, and sure, Persona was trying to do something different with the character piece and the cinematography. But I don't watch cinema to listen to a mouthpiece for the socialist-feminist brigade.

I watched Whiplash a while ago on a recommendation and I couldn't stand the kid. Otherwise, it didn't leave a lasting impression except that Simmons was good at yelling.

Message too long. View the full text
The Germans are based on the Dirlewanger Brigade so I wouldn't be keen to call it made-up bullshit like other WW2 movies from the allies' perspective. While it's not completely clean from propaganda (the climax and what the SS officer says is only what comes to mind, the former making sense since it's Dirlewanger), it hammers in the anti-war theme which is what the movie is about. It's a unique film and deserves the title of horror movie for its cinematography, lighting, and sound as well, and because of those it's also one of the most beautiful movies made to me.
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>>126 (OP) 
I checked out Blue Collar (1978) this weekend. The movie is directed and co-written by Paul Schrader, who prior to this movie, was best known for writing the Taxi Driver screenplay.

The movie tells the tale of three auto-workers who, each facing personal financial struggles, decide to rob their union's safe. However, the robbery leaves them with little cash and the new-found knowledge that their union is severely corrupt.

I'm very happy I came across this movie because it was great. The cinematography captures the dark and dingy lifestyles of down-on-their-luck men. The film is dramatic without being melodramatic (I couldn't help but imagine how they'd shoot this film today). The dialogue feels natural between characters with great acting on all fronts from Richard Pryor, Harvey Keitel, and Yaphet Kotto. And the plot really speaks volumes. Two of the main characters are black (the other white) and there certainly is commentary on being black in the America, but the focus is really on working-class people, regardless of race. Even more so, you could say the film is really about the power dynamics upheld by shady bureaucrats who know how to manipulate the working man to do his bidding through the motto "divide and conquer". It's a movie that has as much meaning today as it did in the 70s.

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(You) are cordially invited to
A specially curated selection of video game movies will be played for your amusement. Some of them good, most of them bad, a handful so-bad-it's-good.
WHERE: https://cytu.be/r/vidyamovies/
WHEN: November 26 & November 27, 2022
Times are approximate and may be rounded up/down for convenience. Please arrive 10 minutes before the actual listed showtime. Each movie is followed by a 10 minute intermission.

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No, you can't pick more than one.
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Replies: >>1186
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You could ask me again tomorrow and I'd probably name a completely different movie. But just for the aesthetics alone, this one is and will remain top 10.
Replies: >>1185
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bad image
Very based.
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Fight Club is still my favorite for the period of time I watched it in my life and the message of the whole thing, politics and juvenile associations attached to it aside.

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how to write interesting plot for movies
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>>1217 and how is this interesting.
Replies: >>1219
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It's hot which is as good as interesting.
Nowadays most movies have ugly women, so you could stand out by putting hot babes.
Everyone wins.
Replies: >>1220
>>1219 thats not even a plot...
Replies: >>1221
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Basically write any plot, stick it with hot babes and you're set for an interesting story.
Replies: >>1223
.... fine. Advice taken.

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What are your favorite animated films? A lot of my favorite movies of all time are animated. Let's have a thread to discuss and post some of them.
>Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure
One of Richard Williams's (May he rest in peace) best work. A fun musical with great songs and great animation. My favorite song being No Girl's Toy. Such a shame it didn't do well in the box office.
>Heavy Metal
Anthology of stories involving a glowing green orb. The animation isn't amazing but it has that cool as fuck Heavy Metal Magazine feel to it. It's pretty great and has an great soundtrack. One of my favorite songs, Veteran Of The Psychic Wars features in this film. It has hot chicks too. There's a sequel but I haven't watched it and have heard it isn't as good.
>The Transformers: The Movie
What can I say? I grew up with Transformers and despite all of the film's flaws, It's one of my favorite action films ever made. It's just pure good fun. It has also one if not the best score in any film ever. The Touch, Dare. Instruments of Destruction and The Transformers theme are my go to at the gym.
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Kim Possible suffers from Kim Possible being the least interesting character in her own show. Even periphery characters like Bonnie have deeper characterization than the lead.  Kim Possible was a show carried by the strength of its villains.
Replies: >>661
I had also wanted to mention Samurai Jack, but I hadn't watched it much as a kid.  Revisiting it as an adult has been a pleasant surprise even if the action is somewhat neutered due to it being a kids show.

Quite a valid problem.  I'll have to see how I feel about it after I go back to it once I finish Samurai Jack.
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Replies: >>1222
[Hide] (10.9MB, 500x500, 04:43)
Heavy Metal is a great film for both its art and music. Veteran sounds like it was made entirely for the movie, and it's one of my top 10 albums.
With that being said, Heavy Metal 2000 is truly garbage. Shitty recycled plot, boring characters, and an ear-splitting soundtrack because metal by that time had become nu-metal, screaming, and growling, only made worse by being used in all the wrong places at the wrong times. For fuck's sake, the name of the fucking villain is Tyler. At least Julie was pretty hot but that's all we got out of it, that and the PC game which I need to finish playing.
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I watched the first episode and was quite impressed. I can't speak for the rest but very depressing.

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What are some old and classic movies that are worth watching ?
Few weeks ago I watched Fahrenheit 451the orignal one, I heard that the remake or whatever was shit just like every media and it was a great watch, it gave books for me a new meaning there importance in our life, and the details that make the world much more believeble are great for example :
There was scene where the police was looking into files of criminals, and saw that files didn't have any words on them they were just pictures of the criminals or how when Montag sits in his bed reading only comics at the begining of the movie.
These little details are great to discover.
This is a movie that any fan of films should totally watch and enjoyed every minute of it.
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Replies: >>80
I'm trying to get into Hammer films. Too bad all the blu-ray versions seem to be screwed up in some way. Considering tracking down VHS'.
>>10 (OP) 
i really enjoyed all quiet in the western front (1930), also there was this old movie about a girl that becomes obsessed with this writer that is very old (it's not misery) that gets jealous of even the protag's brother and ends up kiling him and even the baby they have, can't remember how it was called.
I just finished the book, and yeah you're right there are many thinks that the movie left out and it changed alot of things, at first I liked the movie but now it looks like a botched adaptation of a great movie. I kinda want to watch the new one too see how much they fucked it up too
Replies: >>114
[Hide] (15MB, 1920x1080, 02:15)
You know fuck this, I just watched the trailer of the new movie and it looked like fucking trash holy shit who will think this a good idea, it took a load of shit into the book god damn.
Watch "The Sound of Music"; it has Nazis.

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yes i know but plz read
Ignoring the Marvel obsession and fanbase, are they really bad movies on their own? I've seen most of them (except Black Widow, Shang-Chi, and Eternals because I've mostly stopped caring) and there are only really two of them that I would consider "not good", those being Thor: The Dark World and Captain Marvel. However a lot of them do suffer from being very cookie-cutter: you get the same brand of humor, same cinematography, same general plotlines/story arcs, and that "le quirky sorandom lul" brand of humor that I have come to despise. But at the same time I still find them to be fun in a "turn off your brain" way and taking it for what they are. They're not trying to be deep, they're not trying to ask meaningful questions, just a lot of world building and seeing all these characters interact with each other just like in the comic books, and I think that's why I've enjoyed it so much, that you have this massive intertwined story that's never been done on film before.
Have you seen any of them? Did you like them? What pisses you off most about the whole series?
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Replies: >>865
[Hide] (832KB, 1109x801)
These movies are like sugary cereal. Unless you're a kid, a cup once in a while can be alright but eating it everyday will make you puke in agony.
As anon said, they're just really boring. They have the depth of 80s cartoons but are uninteresting to look at.
If I want background noise or turn my brain off, I'll just put on Seinfeld or some show from the 60s.
>>859 (OP) 
>Are they really bad movies on their own?
Depends on the movie.
Replies: >>1164
could you list some examples?
>plz read
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MCU finished at Avenger: Endgame (2019)

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