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Welcome to /x/, fellow humans.
We'll be discussing the current and future state of the board and other board related issues in this thread.

Feel free to ask questions or talk about issues you have experienced here.
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Why don't you enforce your own rules BO? Are you the futa poster? Why are your butthurt about Bigfoot?
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Yes, I the BO, am a huge cock slurping faggot and I love the taste of semen down my throat and the feeling of hot cum in my eyes.
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Today BO was not a faggot.
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I just checked the logs lol, BO was a turbofaggot indeed, the post was removed by a global topkek.
>it's not gay if you say no homo

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This thread will be the dedicated dump for all and any contributions when it comes to OC for the board..
Please do feel free to help out with a contribution.
We are specifically looking for:

> Banners
> Original Content
> Board related spooks (creatures, mascots, tans)
> Additions to the Dump Thread
> benis 

Banners especially are very much welcome.
Thanks for helping.
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Btw I didn't make it
Make her alluring and mysterious.
You give me cute Flatwoods Monster 
I'll make it the board mascot, no joke
Replies: >>480
what about a cute hopkinsville goblin girl
`benis haha`

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Someone spent a lot of time 7 years ago preparing a massive dump of /x/ material, and it was pinned to 4 /x/ for some time, but, being as 4cucks are 4cucks, they unpinned it and that hard work was lost.
We tracked it down and have gone through the links to verify validity and also add new links, in a more organized manner.  There will also be a quick guide for how you can find your own trailheads and rabbit holes. I'll mark each section so use ctrl+f
If you want to add to the list you can email me at: [email protected] and I'll edit the list to add your suggestion.
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Use ad blockers and no scripts when accessing these sites

http://magibon.com/ (need flashplayer to work)
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                                            Places and Landmarks
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                             Phenomena, Anomalies, and Strange Events

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                             Cryptids, Folklore and Urban Legends

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Sounds Of Space

The Peanut Vendor

Mind Control Made Easy or How to Become a Cult Member

No Through Road

Crooked Rot
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Post scary videos that make you shit bricks.
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Okay, THAT shit got to me.

I don't even LIKE cats and I'm angry.
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>>59 (OP) 
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Hello god here, ask me anything.
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My belief is that there is a God and that he is a loving God.
However I dont believe a single denomination created by man as a men strive for power and using religion is too easy a way to amass power.
Just have a special relationship with the god you know is there. If you love him and live your life the way you think your heavenly father would have you live it. I think you'll be fjne.
Why did you cuck and impregnate a Jewish family?
Give me some documents on the reincarnation of gods and everything related to it.
Replies: >>335
The false idol problem is a problem of human dogma. The animal inside a man is driven by the urge to win. It's why NPC-mentality-people would rather deny a truth than risk being wrong. He doesn't want to be right, he wants to "win".

Every deity in every pantheon is an aspect of God, just as much as humans and angels are aspects of God. They can guide you to God just as much as Jesus can.  The risk in that is if you end up choosing a deity that does not want that..

The best church, is a temple, congregation, and preacher of one: yourself. The holy books are meant to show experiences and establish baselines, but are far different from the commandments. Prayer and meditation are the simplest and most straightforward paths to Connection with God.

Institutional churches are human workings, and their preachings are the word of god as interpreted by man. It's just faillable as man themselves.

Gods don't need to reincarnate because they've figured out how to exist in literally every single timeline at once. Ad infinitum. Humans don't directly see them because they don't know how to look.
>Why did you make gays?
That wasn't God, that was the jews

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Hello guys I'm trying to learn magick, can you provide me with some good material for beginner?
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As someone who doesn't really believe in the supernatural - how is magic (or at least one of its varieties) actually supposed to work? Does it merely increase the probability of things going the way you want them to go, or does it physically shove the atoms and whatnot into the desired direction?
Replies: >>551
There isn't a systematized explanation for "magic" as one thing, many have claimed to be magical for many reasons.
Here are the broad categories where people trying to practice magic typically fall under:
>Magic is derived from a being outside the grasp of corporal reality, in short, religion. Alien but known beings that transcend what we understand to be possible intercede directly (with intent). When you are lucid dreaming, and you begin to fly, what motive, quantum-compliant force is allowing that act? In the same way that you can 'ignore' limitations in a dream, these beings are said to be able to do so with reality. Some forms of supernatural belief fall under this when you wouldn't expect them to; long before Crowley, the nigromancy many of his beliefs are derived from were first practiced by, and developed by, the 11th and 12th century Catholic church. Notably, the magic is always attributed DIRECTLY to the entities summoned/bargained with, all you have is your own knowledge of corporeal reality, and favors over them. Humans may transcend humanity and collect some of these powers, but this is dependent on their conversion into being an inhuman being that meets the prior criteria, not something they can do "naturally," and it's never that they have power over some science fact, but that they can simply ignore fact entirely in exerting their will within whatever domains they've g
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Replies: >>555
So... If i wanted i could make dragons real?
Replies: >>556
Yes, if you believed in one of those three broad categories of magic, and your belief was correct (or naturally powerful). Respectively, here are some examples, pulled from my ass:
>You run a Komodo dragon farm and pray to Njord to grant you a true dragon through their sacrifice and keeping.
>You think really hard and dragons are real. The only reason dragons aren't real yet is because you aren't thinking hard enough yet.
>There is a dimension in which dragons are already real. By performing a great deal of shenanigans, you can go there. You think the method to hop dimensions has something to do with colliding waveforms and laylines.
I don't do magic, so I have no basis to tell you which of the above is right, or any real practice that would grant you dragons, but I can say that these three general views barely coexist with each-other and it's probably only one of the three that's real.
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>>330 (OP) 
1. Give victim a coin
2. Turn your back to them, telling them to place it in a random hand and hold that hand up to their head
3. Give it a silent count of 5 and then tell them to put it down with the other hand
4. Whichever hand is lighter (from the blood draining away) is the one holding the coin
5. This does not work on dark negroes

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So what became of her anyway? She's been up and about for years now, but her last video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=MXOAi-H3hho) is from last February, and her usual webcam (http://www.opentopia.com/webcam/15505) also seems to have been offline for a while now.

Was she just a batshit schizo that finally got institutionalized? Some retarded LARPer that finally got tired of her show? Or did Police Officer "P" finally got the better of her?
Replies: >>586
>>585 (OP) 
I've never heard of this but apparently there are links to where she's been active lately in the comments of the webcam page. I don't know if they're real or not.

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Ok, so we all know skinwalkers in the woods, ghosts in abandoned hotels/houses/apartment complex and alien probing you're mum's anus greentext stories, most of which are fictional. How about you tell some shit that you actually experienced in your daily life which was bazooper creepy?
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>shitty greentext time
>Mom when she was younger
>Every so often shadow people could seen 
>They would walk across the window
>One night one shadow stood in front of my mom all night
>Went to sleep knowing that shadowman is still there
He just wants you to buy his game, anon.
None that I can think of, but a few nights ago I awoke at 3:00 AM to the sounds of my door being knocked. My door as in the door to my room. I live alone and I keep that particular door locked out of habit. I didn't hear any more knocking once I was fully awake but I never opened it until hours later. 

This was most likely a somewhat lucid dream consisting of door knocks that woke me up abruptly, and I confused it for real life. Still kind of creepy.
I have a window by my bed, Every month or two, I wake up to a perfectly bright day outside.
>The clock says 2 or 3
>I think that's PM and not AM, and I shoot out of bed, panicked
>Realize my alarms haven't gone off
>By the time I move to the window, the light outside vanishes, and it's night again.
So far this has happened to me three times, and I don't know what could be causing it. When it happened a few nights ago, I managed to get a good look at the window, and it was more like a spotlight than true daylight. My window doesn't point at a highway and there's some distance to the next neighbor.
Nothing else too strange happening so far. I heard a bizarre humming sound when my area had a total power outage recently (late at night, so no one cared) but I wasn't able to get a look at what was making it and all bets are off when the power goes down.
This one is far-fetched even by the standards of /x/, but here goes:

When I still was in elementary school (4th grade, to be exact), our class went on a school trip to a nearby youth hostel. Now, the school trip in itself really was nothing special, and the strange event I want to bring up only occurred on the very last afternoon we spent at the hostels, when everyone was more or less sitting on packed bags and ready to take the bus back home come the next morning.

Now the youth hostel itself was neatly nestled against some densely wooded hills, with nothing more than a grassy playground with soccer goals, monkey bars, and the likes between it and the trees. And considering it would be my last chance, the little smartass that was me decided I'd be going to explore these woods for a little bit. So it simply marched off. And a first, the thicket wasn't all that impressive - it was just your usual, middle-European deciduous forest in early autumn. Full of trees, yellowing leaves, and dead branches on the ground.

The actual anomaly was the burned smell I suddenly noticed at some point deeper in the woods. I genuinely had (and have) no idea what caused it - there was no smoke anywhere, and while my country does get the occasional forest fire, the temperatures on that were far too mild to cause one. Being a stupid kid, I promptly deduced that I was nearing some kind of hobo's fireplace or whatnot, and ran my scared ass back to the hostel. Didn't talk about it with anyone, 
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I’ve been busy in the time since the death of 8chan, slowly becoming more interested in /x/ stuff. The biggest revelation that was new was everything related to space. I’ve been itching to talk to you fucks about it. 

This thread is for 
ALL THE FAKE NASA SHIT (from moon landing to ISS being fake to space itself being fake)

I’ll start posting some shit I have once I’m on my main computer.
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Replies: >>24 >>583 + 1 earlier
ice wall just makes no goddamn sense, hollow earth makes no goddamn sense and relishes in it
if I had to put my money on an obscenely improbable earth model relying on most of human knowledge being a multi-million-participant conspiracy, hollow earth is definitely my jam
I've been trying to work out a mechanism for universal gravitation that applies exclusively outwards and my only guess so far would be something like an electric repulsion from the exact center of the heaven-sphere, however it doesn't explain why outward acceleration decreases slightly the higher closer you get to the heaven-sphere, among other things

>>12 (OP) 
I mean practically yeah but it just seems convenient that flat earth starts up right when they began publicly chucking star wars satellites into space
Replies: >>25
I mean all sound impractical but to me. Icewall is kinda cool and in a way would make more sense for the reason you said. But then gravity would still be wonky. Hollow earth is pretty metal. Imagine all of this shit waiting to be explored, what could even be over there and in there?
what does anyone gain out of saying the earth is round/flat? why would they bother to lie about it?
Replies: >>56
Lying to claim that the earth is flat is incredibly convenient to a discredited and unpopular version of Christian/Jewish cosmology that at the very least Christian theologians haven't supported since around the 6th century AD. It also appeals to a gullible and convenient demographic which can be used to hawk wares, events, and gather views, as well as subvert into buying other, more profitable conspiracy theories like homeopathy. It's also very convenient to a great many people who want to see the West decay into an anti-science hellhole.
In other words, it's basically yet another attempt to turn conspiracy theories from an agent of curiosity and legitimate suspicion into profit and political advantage, but at least it's fun to talk about!
>>12 (OP) 
>Flat earth
This is obe of the most retarded memes to exist. It doesn't make any goddamn sence, how does polar nights work then? How does satelite TV or modern internet work? 
It is clear that only northern hemisphere believes in it, because well I've never seen sun in a 90° angle like ever. Earth is technically flatter on the poles, but whatever. It's just dumb rednecks and dumber teenagers who believe in it.

(487.6KB, 1580x2238)
(904.5KB, 1580x3068)
Seeing as the thread over at /b/ is basically dead I thought it would be best to do it again here. Let's make an iceberg same rule apply as to the previous thread, pick a layer and a subject and I'll put it in if not I'll put it some where random. Also as a side I made an iceberg out of the list an anon made in the previous thread (pic related)
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Nah. I just couldn't think of the right tier for most of them.
I actually have an iceberg chart, not sure where it came from, or if posting it would ruin everything. It's pretty well packed, but not proofread very well, and there are more memes the deeper you go. I don't think it's very recent, either. If anons want to make their own, maybe I should save it for later.
Could you elaborate on Schizophrenic Third Eye and Canada being an alt-time line USA?

I know the rest of the bunch except the Australia thing, and that just sounds like the usual /pol/shit about the Aryan masterrace secretly having built the pyramids and Atlantis.
(3.4MB, 1580x2238)
Here you go anon. Just as a heads up for if you guys are stuck on where to put any of your more out there entries just ask me to add a new layer and an image for the layer would be appreciated.
(3.4MB, 1580x2238)
Added a couple of entries

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