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Welcome to /x/, fellow humans.
We'll be discussing the current and future state of the board and other board related issues in this thread.

Feel free to ask questions or talk about issues you have experienced here.
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Why don't you enforce your own rules BO? Are you the futa poster? Why are your butthurt about Bigfoot?
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Yes, I the BO, am a huge cock slurping faggot and I love the taste of semen down my throat and the feeling of hot cum in my eyes.
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Today BO was not a faggot.
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I just checked the logs lol, BO was a turbofaggot indeed, the post was removed by a global topkek.
>it's not gay if you say no homo

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This thread will be the dedicated dump for all and any contributions when it comes to OC for the board..
Please do feel free to help out with a contribution.
We are specifically looking for:

> Banners
> Original Content
> Board related spooks (creatures, mascots, tans)
> Additions to the Dump Thread
> benis 

Banners especially are very much welcome.
Thanks for helping.
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Btw I didn't make it
Make her alluring and mysterious.
You give me cute Flatwoods Monster 
I'll make it the board mascot, no joke
Replies: >>480
what about a cute hopkinsville goblin girl
`benis haha`

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Someone spent a lot of time 7 years ago preparing a massive dump of /x/ material, and it was pinned to 4 /x/ for some time, but, being as 4cucks are 4cucks, they unpinned it and that hard work was lost.
We tracked it down and have gone through the links to verify validity and also add new links, in a more organized manner.  There will also be a quick guide for how you can find your own trailheads and rabbit holes. I'll mark each section so use ctrl+f
If you want to add to the list you can email me at: [email protected] and I'll edit the list to add your suggestion.
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Use ad blockers and no scripts when accessing these sites

http://magibon.com/ (need flashplayer to work)
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                                            Places and Landmarks
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                             Phenomena, Anomalies, and Strange Events

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                             Cryptids, Folklore and Urban Legends

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Sounds Of Space

The Peanut Vendor

Mind Control Made Easy or How to Become a Cult Member

No Through Road

Crooked Rot
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Post scary videos that make you shit bricks.
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i mean that's what the original stories are yes
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Might have just been a 4chan webm, I'm sure the dudes just high as fuck but the glowing eyes is real trippy.

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I'll start.

>Busby's Stoop Chair
Stoop chairs are iconic, tall wooden chairs you still see across the United Kingdom. This particular chair, however, belonged to one Thomas Busby, an infamous killer from North Yorkshire who was pried out of his chair during his arrest and executed in a vicious manner. His chair was appropriated by a nearby inn, who turned it into something of a gimmick attraction, though the owners always avoided it themselves. That turned out to be the correct call, as the chair got quite the grisly reputation later down the line. While rumors stayed hushed for the first few hundred or so years, mostly a relic of a past felon, people began to notice an odd trend starting from the 1900s: people who sat in the chair, put plainly, wound up dead.

First it was some canucks, then it was a string of accidents and misfortune so peculiar it motivated the owners at the time to finally offload it (with a donation) to the Thirsk Museum, where it was hung up in the air, so as to prevent any further victims. Yet the story doesn't end there; to make matters worse, the chair linked to all these untimely deaths was finally examined by a professional... who determined it to be fraudulent. It was indeed very, very old, dated in the 1840s, but it was much too new to have ever been Busby's, too new by nearly 140 years.

If it wasn't Busby's chair, how had it wound up in this position, replacing the (historically verified) original- was 
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They are in fact real chairs, yeah. The worst ones tend to get strung up or locked down to prevent further injuries/curses/etc from people getting dared to sit on them, but the more mild ones (like the Witch's Chair or the Baird Chair from MO) are still accessible.
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The Museo de Valladolid in the Spanish city of the same name houses a piece of furniture known as La sillon del diablo, or "The Devil's Armchair".

As the legend goes, the chair originally belonged to Andres de Proaza, a man of either Portuguese or Jewish origins who studied medicine at the University of Valladolid in 1550. He notably took part in the first-ever course on human anatomy held in Spain, taught by the renowned physician Alfonso Rodriguez de Guevera, who had acquired his own knowledge on the subject in Italy.

This is significant in as much as that anatomy was a truly new discipline, yet de Proaza astonished his peers by having a seemingly inherent understanding of it. More astonishing were the constant rumors of nightly screams coming from the basement of de Proaza's house. When a young boy went missing, his terrified neighbors finally alerted local authorities.

Needless to say, they found the boy down there - cut open, alongside numerous dissected cats and dogs. During his hearing, de Proaza admitted he had killed all of them, but this was just the beginning: He also admitted he had made a pact with the devil himself, using an armchair he bought from a Navarrese necromancer as a means of communication. It was by sitting on it that he had gained all of his seemingly supernatural knowledge about anatomy. However, the chair was picky - if anyone other than a well-qualified physician was to sit in it, de Proaza warned, said person woul
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Replies: >>662 >>667
One of the fascinating things about cursed chairs is the sheer death tally some of them rack up. Most "cursed objects" have one or two people die in an untimely manner weeks or months later, cursed chairs tend to claim people within days or even while they are sitting in the very chair itself. I can see an argument that it's due to proximity & duration (you spend more time on a haunted chair than touching, say, a haunted door), or that it's due to something more symbolic, but I do think it is notable and worth considering.
Replies: >>667
Symbolically speaking, I think the underlying theme is wrongfully taking the position of someone else. Can be as general as "not a proper physician" for >>661 , or more specifically about sitting in the favorite chair of someone/something else.

If anything, it's slightly disappointing that impending death seems to be the only form of curse tied to chairs. A haunted chair that gave you diarrhea if you dare sit on it would be much more amusing.
Replies: >>673
I have found mention of the Devil's Chair in Jefferson, Texas, giving people spontaneous diarrhea, but I can't find anything more about it. I suspect that the emphasis on death is in part because death is easier to correlate to the chairs, or more dramatic and noticeable, than other effects. People generally don't watch out for chairs when they think "cursed object," another reason the number of rumors and stories around them is intriguing.

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It's not really /x/ without a Bigfoot thread. Did you know the Ketchum study is done and freely accessible? The general consensus is that biblical giants (descendants of the nephilim) were/are bigfoots, that's why they are all over the planet. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but apparently the study indicates that Bigfoot DNA is the result of hybridisation of ancient middle eastern human females and "unknown" males.
Earlier attempts to study Bigfoot DNA always came back as "human" and were dismissed as contaminated, but it turns out that we should expect a "human" result after all.  
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But would you fuck a sasquatch?
Replies: >>669
Because I would.
Depends on how they look (and more importantly smell) like. Although I could imagine getting a hug from one might not even be physically unpleasant if the fur is soft enough.

>tfw no ara Sasquatch that mistakes you for frail runt and instinctively mothers you
Replies: >>670
I've had some very surreal and sometimes disturbing dream/sleep paralysis incidents involving "physical" contact, specifically a "hug" with a Bigfoot, but I have refrained from posting any of my dream experiences because it's so easy to dismiss as "just a dream bro". 
Also see the screencap "Eurasian Bigfoot" in >>147
I'd fuck a lg sasquatch.

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 c u in heck 
Replies: >>668
>>666 (OP) 
Based trips, Satan.

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Post your ayylmaos and related content.
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>ayy lamo's are shitposting and having mad giggles of all the fools that are falling for their tricks
two of those are actually possibly already decoded
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>Mysterious rumblings from inside of Mars detected by NASA lander

>The researchers believe the seismic events may be caused by a sudden release of energy from the planet's interior, but the nature of that release remains unknown and puzzling.
>Intriguingly, the new rumblings are believed to have originated in a location on Mars called Cerberus Fossae, where two other previous candidate events are believed to have originated.
>Although these rumblings have sometimes been called "Marsquakes" the planet is not believed to have a similarly active tectonic system like Earth's that causes earthquakes.
Replies: >>663
Subterranean ayys nutting HARD.

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Ok, so we all know skinwalkers in the woods, ghosts in abandoned hotels/houses/apartment complex and alien probing you're mum's anus greentext stories, most of which are fictional. How about you tell some shit that you actually experienced in your daily life which was bazooper creepy?
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Doesn't the UK have a long tradition of supernatural black dogs? Black Shuck, and so forth?
Replies: >>644
We do, both dogs and cats, though I think the cats are more recent.
The Beast of Bodmin Moor was supposed to be a large black cat and last year there were also sightings of a "big cat" in and around Cheshire.
Replies: >>645
Weren't "black cats" just explained away as actual large cats that escaped from zoos and private owners?
Meanwhile, dogs might as well be a psychopomp considering for how long they have accompanied humanity.
Replies: >>648
>Weren't "black cats" just explained away as actual large cats that escaped from zoos and private owners?
They were, one of the recent sightings in Cheshire claimed that while the creature kind of looked feline, it didn't move like one.
I've seen wildlife trusts over the years say that they're indigenous wildcats, though at the rate they're actually seen by the public they may as well be fucking Bigfoot.
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i don't know what you'd call this, probably me being a dumb kid and seeing shit and actually believing I saw shit. i think it was a morning before school and my mom was making breakfast, and for some reason i was in her bed because it was cold or something, no idea. anyways, i was tucked in with blankets and just kind of dozing off, when i saw something which i can only describe as a robot about my dad's height (pic related, even though this was before Gaylo 4) run through the wall, the bed, and then through me. and then it was over. I didn't feel different, just sort of thought to myself "that was weird" and that's it. I'm sure I knew at the time as well as now that it was just my semi-lucid brain seeing things, but it was still a bit strange

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In many ghost stories, you either have ghosts that can actively respond to their surroundings much like a living person would, or ghosts that regularly show up and seem entirely oblivious of anyone or anything else while they repeat a specific action (such as say, the last few moments before their demise).

Long story short, do you think these two both qualify as "ghosts" or are they fundamentally different entities? I remember reading something in some old 2000s forum which effectively speculates those ghosts who only repeat one action aren't 'proper' ghosts in that their soul already passed on and what we see is just some sort of psychic echo that was imprinted on the locale they haunt due to their usually traumatic death.
Meanwhile, those ghosts who could still react to various stimuli were 'still there' as proper ghosts. Curiously, old people suffering from dementia and Alzheimers supposedly are especially prone to turning into ones because their minds are too eroded to note they have died; leading to angry reactions when perfect strangers invade "their" home.
Replies: >>652
>>643 (OP) 
>I remember reading something in some old 2000s forum which effectively speculates those ghosts who only repeat one action aren't 'proper' ghosts in that their soul already passed on 
>and what we see is just some sort of psychic echo that was imprinted on the locale they haunt due to their usually traumatic death
In the folklore of Central Europe, after death the soul goes to Heavem or Hell. If they go to Hell, their body and/or spirit/mind(hence why the German word for spirit and mind is the same: Geist) might turn into an undead as a warning to the living not to sin. While these undead walk the earth, regardless if they are corporeal or uncorporeal, they still can feel their souls burning and suffering in Hell which is the reason most undead wail, screech and howl and show erratic behavior.

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