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This thread will be the dedicated dump for all and any contributions when it comes to OC for the board..
Please do feel free to help out with a contribution.
We are specifically looking for:

> Banners
> Original Content
> Board related spooks (creatures, mascots, tans)
> Additions to the Dump Thread
> benis 

Banners especially are very much welcome.
Thanks for helping.
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(136.9KB, 412x1127)
Replies: >>257
(151.5KB, 128x128)
Good stuff, thank you.
Too cute, lacking mystery.
Replies: >>306
(557.8KB, 1305x900)
I think she should have a little spirit following her around, a la Youmu
Replies: >>309
Too cute, lacks mystery, be unique instead of conforming to an artstyle.

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Welcome to /x/, fellow humans.
We'll be discussing the current and future state of the board and other board related issues in this thread.

Feel free to ask questions or talk about issues you have experienced here.
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Futa faggotry reported for the second time.
(98.3KB, 470x647)
Why don't you enforce your own rules BO? Are you the futa poster? Why are your butthurt about Bigfoot?
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(262.6KB, 960x1200)
Yes, I the BO, am a huge cock slurping faggot and I love the taste of semen down my throat and the feeling of hot cum in my eyes.
(50.8KB, 300x415)
Today BO was not a faggot.
Replies: >>228
I just checked the logs lol, BO was a turbofaggot indeed, the post was removed by a global topkek.

(199.1KB, 800x991)
Someone spent a lot of time 7 years ago preparing a massive dump of /x/ material, and it was pinned to 4 /x/ for some time, but, being as 4cucks are 4cucks, they unpinned it and that hard work was lost.
We tracked it down and have gone through the links to verify validity and also add new links, in a more organized manner.  There will also be a quick guide for how you can find your own trailheads and rabbit holes. I'll mark each section so use ctrl+f
If you want to add to the list you can email me at: [email protected] and I'll edit the list to add your suggestion.
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Use ad blockers and no scripts when accessing these sites

http://magibon.com/ (need flashplayer to work)
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                                            Places and Landmarks
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                             Phenomena, Anomalies, and Strange Events

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                             Cryptids, Folklore and Urban Legends

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Sounds Of Space

The Peanut Vendor

Mind Control Made Easy or How to Become a Cult Member

No Through Road

Crooked Rot
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Since the board is slow, I guess a dream thread might be appropriate, as many people suppose that we enter a wholly different realm in our sleep.

I'll start with a short one.
>in 2nd story bedroom
>look out window
>see black cat walking in street front of house
>morphs into a human figure
>still black, like a shadow
>black figure makes a mad dash towards my front door
>just about shit myself in fear
>get over it in a second
>grab buck knife
>run to the top of the stairs outside my bedroom
>all lights off, pure darkness at bottom of staircase
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Replies: >>356 >>358
>>355 (OP) 
I'm fascinated by dreams. Why do we have them? Any theories? I've had sleep paralysis before and felt as if there was a presence near me during it. Any explications about sleep paralysis? I understand the part where your body thinks it's asleep while you're awake and that's why you can't move, but what about the shadow figures a ton of people report?
Replies: >>358
>>355 (OP) 
Dreams as a whole are an extremely easy and vastly underrated gateway to /x/ stuff.

>Why do we have them?
Dreams are the link between conscious and subconscious, they absolutely have a prophetic aspect, but most people don't realize just how prophetic they really are. If you can identify what creatures, things, and events happen in your dreams, they can correspond to how your day in the waking world will unfold.

Dream diaries are nice for remembering dreams, but having a dictionary helps immensely.

If you know how to remember and "view" your old dreams, you can even change the dream you had last night to influence how your day will go today.

>Sleep paralysis
Many say it can be used as a gateway to astral projection, and that kind of thing is a "depending on the person" type of deal. I had a sleep paralysis episode that I thought I was still awake, got out of my bed, and then it turns out I was in a lucid dream which looked like a teal-blue victorian-era hallway that was filled with darkness.

>Shadow figures
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I keep having this dream every couple of months.

>It's night
>I'm in my living room
>try to turn a light on
>none of the switches work
>or if they do, the light is very dim, flickering, and goes out in 10 seconds
>always feel a sense of urgency to turn the lights on
>always feel watched

Is there any deeper meaning than me being apparently afraid of the dark?

(402.3KB, 1840x1840)
Ok, so we all know skinwalkers in the woods, ghosts in abandoned hotels/houses/apartment complex and alien probing you're mum's anus greentext stories, most of which are fictional. How about you tell some shit that you actually experienced in your daily life which was bazooper creepy?
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>>321 (OP) 
This is the only paranormal experience I've had outside of creepy sleep paralysis and shadow men.

This happened on the night of the 31st of December going into the new year of 2017. Now, I don't know if you remember but near the end of 2016, there was a lot of discussion over whether we live in a computer simulation. I've never been a full believer but the logic of "if it is possible, then odds are that we are in one" made sense to me as the time as I was not religious. This is important to note as on the night of December 31st 2016 I felt something that I can only compare as a computer reboot. I'll go into details as to what exactly I experienced:

I got home from my New Year's party early at around 10PM (didn't stay long because I didn't really feel like it that year.) I did some 8chan browsing for a bit and then went to bed. Now, I don't know when I woke up, but it was still as dark as it was when I went to bed. Initially, I woke up and was completely lucid, not feeling tired at all and fully aware of my surroundings, however I could not move an inch (I don't remember if I was able to blink or not). Nothing happened for a while, I just thought it was strange I couldn't move, but I've had sleep paralysis in the past so at the moment I just assumed that's what was happening. After a few minutes, I heard a "shut down" sound, not shut down from your computer but more like the sound of a m
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Replies: >>357

Going through the second image in >>210
"a humming noise will start out quiet, and get louder and louder, and a bright white light fills the room, and then it slowly turns blood red as the hum reaches its peak pitch, like a skull splitting tinnitus"
"says he usually blacks out after that, but not always"

Well damn. Looks like I might have gotten a visit from ayys.
Replies: >>359
Best to follow the advice in that repost. Pick your favorite god and find something iron to keep on you.
Replies: >>363
A bear snake.
The Holy Father in Heaven is my protector. I've only had this happen once thought, unless I forgot about it if it happened again.

(309.7KB, 640x611)
Hello guys I'm trying to learn magick, can you provide me with some good material for beginner?
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Replies: >>352 + 1 earlier
let me guess OP you want to learn magick to grow taller?
Replies: >>353
>>330 (OP) 
Here is an archive of a dump of literature related to what you're looking for.

sob yes
Replies: >>360
(157.4KB, 440x440)
Replies: >>362
Please don't laugh.

(52.8KB, 1235x358)
So what's the deal with The Great Reset?
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There's a grand conjection as Jupiter and Saturn come within 0.1 degrees of one another, so the New Age esoterics are positively flipping their shit.
I expect a nothingburger.
Replies: >>346
Not nessecarily a nothingburger. In my experience, cosmic changes are there and they are real, but it's typically a lot more subtle than NewAgefags expect. Even though the arrival of Corona was sighted as a "dramatic change" but it wasn't as evident in the moment.

I've read stories about people who enjoy lucid dreaming, ending up having an intense spiritual experience on dec. 21 2012. They met various deities from various pantheons, up to and including the divine source, AKA God.

Jupiter is a planet of heroism, authority, and fortune. Saturn is planet of restrictions, time, and pain. Most personal readings I've seen about these planets in conjunction advise against doing lawless things.

It's also historically significant for having grand shifts of power and politics.
Replies: >>347
(401.3KB, 1967x1202)
>read article
>its all about US politics
ah yes of course, I forgot the whole universe revolves around the fucking amerimuts
Replies: >>351
You seem to think normalfags aren't subhuman scum who don't know shit about anything. I'm surprised at you. It's not 1% or .1% or .001% of Humans who are retarded, who cannot self-govern, who cannot make decisions. Most Humans are chattel. They crave subjugation. They work for their lords and their masters and if denied them they'll seek new ones. Slavery is a Human construct decried and dismantled by superior men who saw the good in themselves and their neighbors and thought the world must be the same. The true man, the real person knows that slavery is death but most Humans aren't real men. In them there is no art, no beauty, no understanding. They are tools craving hands to wield them and nothing more. If this is what the "Elites" know to be true, then they know it well and are right in the knowing. The problem isn't what happens to the cows, the problem is what happens to we: the aurochs left in these placid fields. It's not the "Elites" through which evil is done but their obedient servants: The Normalfags.
Replies: >>351
>ah yes of course, I forgot the whole universe revolves around the fucking amerimuts
The universe of global television loves to make it that way. But really, if things were as bad as conspirafags make it out to be, then 1984 would've happened in WWII.

And I bet you're just one of those soyboy faggots trying to act like he's "trolling" by acting like a "tough-guy-incel", yet you're secretly subscribe to every single thing you preach against.

(397.9KB, 1536x1152)
(214.1KB, 1209x756)
So what are Black-eyed children anyway? Ghosts? Vampires? Aliens? Interdimensionals?

The vampire theory seems to hold some connection in as much as vampires, too, traditionally are said not to be able of entering your house/sanctuary without prior invitation, bult ultimately they could be any sort of shapeshifters.
And I trust taking them in and supplying them with headpats won't do the trick, either.
Replies: >>348
>>342 (OP) 
They're the free beer van joke but IRL.

(66.4KB, 900x900)
(6.9KB, 250x250)
(85.4KB, 640x479)
What did get you intrested into paranormal? What's your favourite Horror ARG/ARE?
Feel free to talk about your favourite Arg/movies. I fucked up the last one, that I didn't add pics
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Replies: >>318 + 3 earlier
no, sounds interesting whats about?  
and is it still avalible to watch? i tried searching the image on google but no luck.
>>81 (OP) 
my family, especially my mom, was always interested in the paranormal. my mom will always watches these paranormal reality shows, ghost films like the haunting remake from the 90s.
Replies: >>331
Blair Witch 2 has been given two fan cuts that improve it greatly, one I can't find and the other is on Bitchute and doesn't load for me.
Torment was an ARG/crypto game that was launched way back in 2007, I know that much.
There was nothing inherently special to it - you had a website where each page was a puzzle with a specific answer. Entering the right answer led you to the next page/puzzle, etc. Entering a wrong one would either lead you back to the main page or, worse, to a "red herring" - which looked like another puzzle, but had no proper answer.

The actual natures of the puzzles varied, but I faintly recall one was a classical instance of cryptography/codebreaking, another was based on a picture crawling with insects with some vague comments on their shells, and a third required intimate knowledge of Shakespeare.

It was pretty popular on 4chan's /x/ back in the day and also had groups trying to solve it in various forums (fairly sure there was at least one dedicated website or at least online forum). Then one of the players went apeshit and hacked the email account of the creator Grngecko. The latter thoroughly flipped his shit and took the entire thing offline.

He later started a second, similar project called "Tormentum" in 2010, but that one fizzled out, too.

I actually found an old thread 
As well as a YT vid, even if that's in Spanish.
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Replies: >>333
Is there any remains? I mean that if there isn't a site that hosts or has the game for download or whatever? Because this sounds intresting.
Replies: >>337
Another thread from the forum I linked mentions some sites still can be called up via the Wayback Machine, but most are missing the images.
I don't think Torment has never been rehosted anywhere. It's pretty much gone.

(152.9KB, 809x1080)
Hello god here, ask me anything.
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Can you help deal with the false idol problem? Also which church denomination isn't a gigantic pile of heresy and corruption?
Replies: >>52 >>335
My belief is that there is a God and that he is a loving God.
However I dont believe a single denomination created by man as a men strive for power and using religion is too easy a way to amass power.
Just have a special relationship with the god you know is there. If you love him and live your life the way you think your heavenly father would have you live it. I think you'll be fjne.
Why did you cuck and impregnate a Jewish family?
Give me some documents on the reincarnation of gods and everything related to it.
Replies: >>335
The false idol problem is a problem of human dogma. The animal inside a man is driven by the urge to win. It's why NPC-mentality-people would rather deny a truth than risk being wrong. He doesn't want to be right, he wants to "win".

Every deity in every pantheon is an aspect of God, just as much as humans and angels are aspects of God. They can guide you to God just as much as Jesus can.  The risk in that is if you end up choosing a deity that does not want that..

The best church, is a temple, congregation, and preacher of one: yourself. The holy books are meant to show experiences and establish baselines, but are far different from the commandments. Prayer and meditation are the simplest and most straightforward paths to Connection with God.

Institutional churches are human workings, and their preachings are the word of god as interpreted by man. It's just faillable as man themselves.

Gods don't need to reincarnate because they've figured out how to exist in literally every single timeline at once. Ad infinitum. Humans don't directly see them because they don't know how to look.

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