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This thread will be the dedicated dump for all and any contributions when it comes to OC for the board..
Please do feel free to help out with a contribution.
We are specifically looking for:

> Banners
> Original Content
> Board related spooks (creatures, mascots, tans)
> Additions to the Dump Thread
> benis 

Banners especially are very much welcome.
Thanks for helping.
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itwastimeforpercytoleavehehashadenoughofyourshit.png (u)
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Replies: >>797 >>799
Replies: >>798
only if they are permalolis
>he doesn't want flat milf
Jesus grandpa die already, stop preventing progress just because you're afraid of new things.
Replies: >>800
I like lolis and all, but milfs are supposed to have tits, next thing you are going to say that shortstacks are supposed to be flat and have no butt?

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Welcome to /x/, fellow humans.
We'll be discussing the current and future state of the board and other board related issues in this thread.

Feel free to ask questions or talk about issues you have experienced here.
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Why don't you enforce your own rules BO? Are you the futa poster? Why are your butthurt about Bigfoot?
Replies: >>167
a10e1409b25ebf17444ceee8446be91eff6110337fab11aba8a88c53ff39d9a1.jpg (u)
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Yes, I the BO, am a huge cock slurping faggot and I love the taste of semen down my throat and the feeling of hot cum in my eyes.
Replies: >>549
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Today BO was not a faggot.
Replies: >>228
I just checked the logs lol, BO was a turbofaggot indeed, the post was removed by a global topkek.
>it's not gay if you say no homo

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Someone spent a lot of time 7 years ago preparing a massive dump of /x/ material, and it was pinned to 4 /x/ for some time, but, being as 4cucks are 4cucks, they unpinned it and that hard work was lost.
We tracked it down and have gone through the links to verify validity and also add new links, in a more organized manner.  There will also be a quick guide for how you can find your own trailheads and rabbit holes. I'll mark each section so use ctrl+f
If you want to add to the list you can email me at: [email protected] and I'll edit the list to add your suggestion.
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Use ad blockers and no scripts when accessing these sites

http://magibon.com/ (need flashplayer to work)
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                                            Places and Landmarks
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                             Phenomena, Anomalies, and Strange Events

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                             Cryptids, Folklore and Urban Legends

Message too long. View the full text

Sounds Of Space

The Peanut Vendor

Mind Control Made Easy or How to Become a Cult Member

No Through Road

Crooked Rot
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You_Are_Michael_Rosen's_Lunch.mp4 (u)
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Post scary videos that make you shit bricks.
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tiktok_ghost?_curtin_noaudio.webm (u)
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Replies: >>831
Stick from upstairs window. The fucking video is even positioned to focus on that curtain. Goddamn you niggers need better shit.
Replies: >>832
5.webm (u)
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This is the lamest imageboard I've ever used.
Replies: >>834
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This place sucks so much I forgot I already posted in this thread.

proto-2B.jpg (u)
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We always hear about ghosts staying behind to mess with the living world due to some sort of unfinished business such as by passing on information, fighting daemons, harassing trespassers or straight up cursing people. In that case, why aren't there more combat ghosts? More often than not, when somebody dies fighting for something they are really concerned with succeeding in that pursuit. It stands to reason that some of the more passionate individuals would be less than willing to simply fade away and like their civilian kin would work to assist their living comrades such as by reconnaissance, psychological warfare or assassination.
Do you think that battlefields are as chaotic on the spectral plane as they are on the mundane? For every squad of meatsacks trying to make ghosts there is a platoon of existing conducting intelligence operations against the enemy and counter-intelligence operations against the enemy's team of ghosts,

chair.gif (u)
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I'll start.

>Busby's Stoop Chair
Stoop chairs are iconic, tall wooden chairs you still see across the United Kingdom. This particular chair, however, belonged to one Thomas Busby, an infamous killer from North Yorkshire who was pried out of his chair during his arrest and executed in a vicious manner. His chair was appropriated by a nearby inn, who turned it into something of a gimmick attraction, though the owners always avoided it themselves. That turned out to be the correct call, as the chair got quite the grisly reputation later down the line. While rumors stayed hushed for the first few hundred or so years, mostly a relic of a past felon, people began to notice an odd trend starting from the 1900s: people who sat in the chair, put plainly, wound up dead.

First it was some canucks, then it was a string of accidents and misfortune so peculiar it motivated the owners at the time to finally offload it (with a donation) to the Thirsk Museum, where it was hung up in the air, so as to prevent any further victims. Yet the story doesn't end there; to make matters worse, the chair linked to all these untimely deaths was finally examined by a professional... who determined it to be fraudulent. It was indeed very, very old, dated in the 1840s, but it was much too new to have ever been Busby's, too new by nearly 140 years.

If it wasn't Busby's chair, how had it wound up in this position, replacing the (historically verified) original- was 
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Belcourt-Castle-ballroom.jpg (u)
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Belcourt of Newport, also known as "Belcourt Castle" is a 50.000 square foot summer cottage of some sixty rooms. Only intended to be occupied for some six to eight weeks each year, it was built for banker, publisher, and politician Oliver Belmon; with construction taking place from 1891 to 1894.

Often counted as one of the most haunted houses in America, one of the attractions in Belcourt consists of a magnificent ballroom containing a number of haunted chairs. Visitors to Belcourt have repeatedly claimed to have suffered from strange effects when in their proximity. These range from a prickly feeling on one's skin when getting close to them, to the chairs moving away on their own when someone tries to sit on them, to those who actually sat down on them being thrown off by an unseen force.

These chairs also are in good company - the same ballroom they're in supposedly also holds a suit of medieval armor that can be heard screaming every once in a while. Legend has said screams come from the armor's original owner, who was killed when the tip of a spear pierced through the holes in his visor.
Replies: >>812
I hadn't heard of these haunted chairs before, good shit anon.
The haunted armor raises a good point, too, more people died in plate armor than in or on just about any other permanent object. 
There's only a few weapons claimed to be legitimately haunted, but many homes, chairs, graveyards, etc, so why are there so few reported haunted sets of armor?

I think it comes down to usage and purpose, myself. People don't wear old, broken armor, they just collect it, so you're not likely to trigger any odd happenings or curses, while chairs are built to be used at some point. 
Chairs are also literal "resting places," much like homes and graveyards are "resting places," so if purpose matters in haunting, that might matter too. The descriptions of these chairs make it sound like they're currently in use by attendees of a past ball. I'd be pissed too, if someone came and sat in my lap out of nowhere.
I think it would be interesting to compare the rate of strange incidents reported in museums containing different types and quantities of objects. 
Museums are notoriously "haunted," but under-report questionable events due to fear of critique or stigmatization by the scientific and anthropological organizations they rely on. Data collection on events doesn't ascribe a cause to them, however, which is why I think it would be valuable here- if it turned out that museums containing lots of human-owned objects or weapons 
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A relatively common specimen is the so-called "Devil's Chair". So common, in fact, that there are multiple of them all over the US. But as always with the United States, the one found in Florida is something else.

Located between the unincorporated community of Cassadaga (which in itself is noted for its abnormally high number of self-described psychics and occasionally touted as the 'Psychic Capital of the World'), the Devil's Chair of this place does not generally bring instant death to those that would sit on it. Instead, placing a can of beer upon the chair and returning upon the next morning will see the can emptied. Which in itself is only spooky if one is scared of psychic hobos. But as the legend goes, the can happens to become empty despite of not having been opened.

The Devil himself is also said to appear to those who would sit on the chair, but he's probably just mad you didn't bring him a cold one.
Replies: >>816
Devil's_Chair,_Cassadaga.jpg (u)
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Forgot image.
So the reason this thing is supposed to be a counterfeit is because the lathework looks like it was done with a pole lathe rather than a modern one. My guess is that because pole lathes are reciprocating, there are many marks from all the starting and stopping. However, it seems like it would be possible to turn timber without leaving these marks such as by sanding more zealously, or perhaps by doing all the rough work with a lathe then using a hand-operated "spit" and an extremely sharp set of tools to so all the fine work.
The question is: Was there really anybody dedicated enough to go through that effort just to eliminate a few scratches on the final product? The answer is: Yes. Autism predates vaccines. But could a couple of scammers have managed to get their hands on such an expensive piece of furniture and just had it sitting in their home?

1612379277918.jpg (u)
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post them.
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Replies: >>818 + 2 earlier
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download_(1).jfif (u)
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download.jfif (u)
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>>564 (OP) 
Threads like these are always kinda shite because it's so hard to actually get scared by a still image

kek are those watermelons?
Replies: >>819 >>820
00a0a_ispRB8x0Yq5_600x450.jpg (u)
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is that /x/ chan kek
>tattoo blacked eyes
Apparently it makes you go totally blind after a while, so, sucks for that Paisano.
Replies: >>824
If you look like him, going blind might save you from a lifetime of regrets.
Outside the regret over going blind, obviously.
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1622389946409.jpg (u)
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rrrrrrrr.jpg (u)
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Something that struck me was was a vid of a "ghost interview" where the (of course highly accredited) ghost hunter used some kind of electronic tool to communicate with the spirit.
He asked the ghost a series of Yes-No questions, with "Yes" being marked by a spike on the tool's sensor, while "No" was the absence thereof.
As a further bit of info, the supposed ghost was that of a previous tenant of the building, who had died about two decades earlier.

Long story short, one of the questions by the ghost hunter was "Are you dead?", which provoked no response. The immediate follow-up  was "Are we dead?", which caused the instrument to light up like a Christmas tree.

Leaving aside the possibility that the vid was pure bogus like 99% of the alleged ghost hunter vids, I think the multiverse theory is fairly plausible. The interesting question would be whether or not multiple universes and/or realities could overlap to the point that entities from one universe could partially manifest in another universe; if only in areas where the respective 'border' was thin enough.
I highly doubt they come from different universes. I think ghost are just trapped souls who were punished or cursed to not arrive on heaven.
Replies: >>823
eb1106d527263202704ca71c24fe5f8c62b6ba139387e41e7f3e7191012632cf.jpg (u)
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>I think ghost are just trapped souls who were punished or cursed to not arrive on heaven.
You mean, they live in a limbo-ish reality? That's what I think. I mean, if they really exist they are more like trapped souls in our reality than living all together in other universe. They live in our world, but they don't behave as us, take for example some japanese classic legends. They are entities who live in a specific area and only appear before/after something trigger them to show up.

policenauts.gif (u)
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Have you guys heard of the dead internet theory? It has basically been going around on several other chans that basically since the time when almost all main websites and search engines are down to a few, that these mega corporations made AI. Large proportions of the supposedly human-produced content on the internet are actually generated by artificial intelligence networks in conjunction with paid secret media influencers in order to manufacture consumers for an increasing range of newly-normalised cultural products.
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>>784 (OP) 
That's a quite disturbing theory. I don't use social media much or whatsoever and on youtube I go around rather small youtube "personalities". 
But it doesn't feel like something off. But the problem is that it must be produced by heavily sterilesed AI, we did see what happens if you leave AI out in the open. 
But yeah, many of the "social websites" might gave these shits.
Yeah many E-celebs are attention whores and obbsessed with money. even regular celebs at that so it does make sense to pay them on youtube there are ads like this where "BIG" celebs say that this product or whatever is good including regular ads in videos and instagram too.
>>784 (OP) 
I have seen neural-net bots trying to post on IBs. I am not impressed and I doubt they fooled anyone.
>>784 (OP) 
There are some decent chat bots out there that are free. Set a few hundred to like x and dislike y product and you get your dead internet
>>784 (OP) 
I'm not totally agree with this theory, but there a few points I'm in. There are some points that can be explained simpler than that speculative and crazy ideas written in there. It's not so much that we live in an alternative universe where all the shit we interact with was artificially made, but was done by a lot of people new to the Internet. That's the key point. Years ago, surfing on the net was something only nerds or freaks did, but nowadays you're the freak if you don't use it. The Internet is full of normies, people without culture, that use the net as they always have used anything in their lives, as a toy. A toy is something that is given to you, you didn't buy it with your own money (so you won't appreciate it); a toy is something you use when you want and if you don't like it, just criticize it! It's free. 
This is why that oldfag of your link wrote what he wrote. 
Also, all the media, big corps and influential people came here too. It's more the way all these people treat the Internet than a "They Live"-ish thing going on.

Let me comment some things "IlluminatiPirate" from agoraroad said and "cannot be explained":

>I used to be in perpetual contact with a solid number of people across multiple sites. Across the years each and every one of them vanished without a trace. None of them were into /pol/ stuff or anything even remotely questionable or controversial. Yet, they all simply vanished in a puff of smoke, no matter the site, no matter the communication platform. There was no "goodbye" or explanation.

False cause fallacy. Using the same website or either the same account on the site during a lot of time (and I'm talking about a lot of years) It's extremely rare. People change. Their mentality too and so their taste on something. What you like nowadays may not in 5 or 10 years. Or even in a a few months! Or maybe you've had some bad experiences with users of those sites that made you to not come back. It could also be another and totally different scenario: you like what is talked in that site but you've recently found a new/modern-looked site with even more topics you like (so you leave). 

Not saying goodbye or writing a farewell letter doesn't neither justify this. That's more linked with your own values. People are a grab-bag and you won't never know someone thoroughly. It could also be that that person in particular died in an accident, or not, It could also be that he just had to move to another state/country and doesn't have Internet and also his tastes changed by the new people he met there.

> I've seen the same threads, the same pics and the same replies reposted over and over across the years to the point of me seeing it as unremarkable. Simply put thread A would be posted in say 2015 and would get its share of replies or pics, on say /co/ or /a/. Then that very same thread, with the same text, pics, and replies would appear in 2016 and beyond. This often happens in the same year multiple times as well. Of course /pol/ is getting shilled and botposted to death, but why recycle a completely innocent /a/ thread? Who is doing this and why? Stuff like this won't be noticed by your average poster perhaps, but I and other oldfags will inevitably notice it.

Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>822
I know that at the beginning of my post I said "(...) there a few points I'm in". Well, We do know that Big Tech have used (and is continue doing it) techniques to steal your most private info to sell it to 3rd parties for money. That's what Google, FB, Twitter, Spotify and many other companies do through using cookies, malicious ads or their own services. Not only with adtech companies, but with the police, intelligent departments or governments. 

You will know what people may desire by just spying them. To control them and doing to buy your products.
This is not /x/ related anymore but, take a look about this if you want:

Message too long. View the full text

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good_suggestion_m8.jpg (u)
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Seeing as the thread over at /b/ is basically dead I thought it would be best to do it again here. Let's make an iceberg same rule apply as to the previous thread, pick a layer and a subject and I'll put it in if not I'll put it some where random. Also as a side I made an iceberg out of the list an anon made in the previous thread (pic related)
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da8463f00efa322297686e2664f4924ca0c67d59598089883718ceb4eb257e27.png (u)
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1580x2238)
Added a couple of entries
1622983267640.png (u)
[Hide] (3.6MB, 1350x2412)
c00m.jpg (u)
[Hide] (20.9KB, 400x400)
Ozark water people (tier 2)
Jesus was an ancient alien (tier 2)
CIA heart attack ray gun (tier 3)
Zoarastrian death pits (tier 3)
Skinwalkers (tier 3)
The world ended in 2012 (tier 4)
Antarctic nazis (tier 4)
Russia won the cold war (tier 4)
Moon nazis (tier 5)
Mountains are giant tree stumps (tier 6)
The universe was created, and ends, today (tier 8)
Replies: >>813 >>814
>Zoarastrian death pits
Do you mean dakhmas or was there some occult sinister practice taken up with some practitioners?
berg.png (u)
[Hide] (3.5MB, 1580x2238)
Here you go. Glad to see this thread is still going

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