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Welcome to /bmn/.

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(6.8MB, 1280x720, 02:31)
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(6.8MB, 1280x720, 02:31)
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Welcome to September 16th's Bad Movie Night. This week's experiment will consist entirely of wildcards.

Stream Information
Date: September 16th
Show Start Time: 8PM CDT (Central Daylight Time (US)) / 01:00 UTC '
Pre-Show start time: 7:30PM CDT (Saturday) / 00:30 UTC (Sunday)'

BMN Cytube 
https://cytu.be/r/BMNight (Chat and stream)
http://infinity.watch (Click the clown icon in User Movie Streams)
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I do declare, the glory pull shall be a night of uncountable triumph.

I nominate:
>Dracula 3000
>America 3000
die hard dracula and maradonia
I nominate rolling vengeance
[Hide] (632.6KB, 654x476)
I nominate Di'Ablo and Mexican Dracula
As requested: Duel To The Death

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Welcome to the board dedicated to Bad Movie Night, a weekly stream dedicated to showcasing its namesake. Streams are traditionally held every Saturday. 
Below, you will find the rules for this board. This thread will also serve as notice board, should anything worth noting (good or bad) come up.

Board Rules
0: Follow the Global Rules of ZZZChan | https://zzzchan.xyz/rules.html
1. Any feedback in regards to the stream or the board should go into the meta / feedback thread. Any other meta threads will be removed.
2. Images that are Not Safe For Work are allowed, but must be spoilered. This is a courtesy for anons who watch the stream and want to shitpost at work. If the movie has tits, nothing I can do. :^)
3. Threads for bad film discussions are one per film. If the thread reaches the post limit, a new one can then be created.
4. If you make a post discussing a movie that's generally seen as good, you forfeit your right to call the Bully Hunters. >>>/vhs/ would be better suited for it.
5. Spamming in the movie night threads for unrelated purposes is not allowed.      6. Respect and dig giant robots.

Stream information
The link for the stream will be in the OP of each night's thread(s). For those who need the schedule, please see the attached image, which details the show and pre-show start times. Feel free to use each week's thread for general shitposting/reactions to the movies and other shit on stream.
There is light commentary from the host running the stream, and they may interrupt the stream or fuck something up. This is not a professional show, so laugh with and against the host whenever you deem appropriate. 
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A repository thread for selected tracks from BMN movie osts. Links are fine, but files are preferred. Posts about movies not shown on BMN will be removed.

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[Hide] (14MB, 1280x720, 01:31)
[Hide] (518.3KB, 708x538)
The mercenaries theme from Hearts and Armor
[Hide] (6.5MB, 1280x720, 05:18)
Battletruck final fight theme
[Hide] (5.8MB, 100x56, 06:59)
The Killer's Theme from Mardi Gras Massacre. It's EVIL!
[Hide] (8.9MB, 682x982)
Some of these are sweet. Thanks.
[Hide] (9.5MB, 1280x720, 02:05)
Intro music video to "High Voltage"

[Hide] (1.3MB, 3000x2184)
Pre-show is best part of BMN. Share your pre-show worthy videos
Replies: >>425
>>423 (OP) 
[Hide] (510.3KB, 00:02)
Please make sure to be picking up your carrier pigeons
[Hide] (604.9KB, 640x360, 00:12)

[Hide] (1.1MB, 640x361, 00:15)
that was the best bmn in a long time

[Hide] (216.8KB, 490x360)
If you have a film you think would be perfect for the show, please feel free to reply in this thread with a title, poster, cover, or anything that I can use to get more information on the film. IMDB or TMDB links would be appreciated.

Just note two caveats:
1. Westerns (as in the film genre, not western film industry) will likely be ignored, unless "Western" is only the setting.
This became a private rule of mine after many bad westerns that were screened just turned out to be incredibly boring. 
2. Being added to my list does not guarantee a screening.
I mainly source my movies from physical sources (thrift stores, pawn shops, garage sales, etc.), so the likelihood of getting your film immediately is low, if I can even find it. If you find a magnet for it however, that may change your odds for the better.

These are just advisements, and not set in stone.
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the idea is to pick movies that won't be a completely miserable experience for everyone involved
Replies: >>507
That's part of the fun, you'll be laughing at how bad they are.
Replies: >>508
except we get a lot of movies that look exciting but end up being completely boring and insufferable, like that new orleans vampire movie with the thots
[Hide] (181.6KB, 718x1024)
Spoiler File
(1.7MB, 319x186)

[Hide] (268.1KB, 1064x1500)
Chicago, 2055. Charles Hatton has made a fortune by founding 'Time safari', which offers rich 'big game hunters' short time travels to kill off dinosaurs just before their natural death. When scientist Travis Ryer notices the weather and wildlife are not behaving as usual, he consults Dr. Sonia Rand, the contractually invisible inventor of the supercomputer which controls time. They soon face 'time waves', each worsebut each attempt gets harder in their distorted present!

[Hide] (1.4MB, 1144x2549)
Good day everyone!

It's been seven years of BMN, and what a year it has been. This may have been the most brutal year of movies yet, for I think more movies were shredded in year 7 than any prior year. It's been a year of hell, and that's true for more than just the movies. 
The coof fucking sucked and the last half of '22 is something I hope I will be able to reconcile with myself eventually. Please pardon the vague personal note, but I do feel the following is important.

Every year, I've thanked you all for watching, and I've meant it every time I've said it. However, being at the brink makes you evermore thankful for what you have. 
So, once again, thank you all for watching this past year and  some of you since the beginning. You all watching and occasionally enjoying the movies each week are what make this truly enjoyable to work on; and for this last year, were a reason to pull myself from the deep murk. Truly, thank you all.

For this year's BMN celebration, we have a mixed blessing. It was a small year for Glory Pile additions, but what we do have makes for a prime setlist. Tonight's movies are:

My Samurai
Mutant Hunt

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Replies: >>511
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You are a good man BMN, and I thank you for the terrible kino you showcase each week.
Stay strong friend.
>>509 (OP) 
Regardless of how painful some of these movies are to watch, BMN is one of the few things I look forward to each week.  Been here since late 2016 and often wonder what happened to some of the early crew but i'm sure they're doing fine.  Keep up the good work, it's appreciated.

Yours in masochistic movie viewing,
Cheers dude
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Mutant Hunt?
More like Bug Chaser!
Replies: >>514
remember kids, dating fujoshis can be fun. but if she asks you to choose something to watch from her movie folder. make sure thumbnails are on

anyways, happy anniversary BMN. cheers for the many bad movies to come

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All feedback in regards to the stream and board go here. All suggestions and comments are welcome in this thread; any additional threads will be purged to keep the board clean. Please drop content suggestions in the proper suggestion thread.
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what qualifies a movie as "bad" and therefore worthy to be played here?
Replies: >>413
I have two questions to ask:
Does c0debreak have a P.O. box set up yet? (I can send the Pizza Man dvd along with some other goodies if he does)
Secondly, can you suggest a series for /bmn/? (i.e. A bad tv show or something)
Replies: >>413
Whatever the fuck I want

Outside a miniseries I doubt that's the case.
Replies: >>495
Only movies allowed, man.
Do you have the Thankskilling "oh fuck" bumper?

[Hide] (734KB, 1296x487)
[Hide] (34.3KB, 800x450)
[Hide] (187KB, 409x408)
[Hide] (371.1KB, 680x986)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 3162x2424)
Post BMN OC and screenshots here.
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Replies: >>467
[Hide] (286.2KB, 720x404)
[Hide] (292KB, 720x404)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1920x1040)
[Hide] (609.3KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (313KB, 720x404)
>>6 (OP) 
Female GHOSTBUSTERS is so cringe
[Hide] (172.1KB, 640x480)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x690)
[Hide] (738.9KB, 1280x690)
[Hide] (250.4KB, 643x480)
[Hide] (298.4KB, 643x480)
[Hide] (249.4KB, 720x404)
[Hide] (439.5KB, 720x404)
[Hide] (269.1KB, 636x348)
[Hide] (147.7KB, 720x300)
[Hide] (255.5KB, 720x404)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1044x569)

[Hide] (194.7KB, 520x552)
>no bmn this week
what am i supposed to do then, watch a GOOD movie?
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Replies: >>280 >>456 >>477
>>274 (OP) 
what Dolph movie was this from again
Replies: >>478
[Hide] (8.8MB, 875x900)
>>274 (OP) 
Watch... ANIME
Replies: >>458
Spoiler File
(87KB, 1200x675)
No thanks, don't want to turn into pic related.
[Hide] (937.4KB, 600x231)
>>274 (OP) 
What is good anyways?
backjack I think?

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