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Hello, /christmas/ here. We want to invite you participate in our annual Christmas party again this year. It's already started, and the main stream will be from Friday 22nd, through Monday 25th : 3 pm PST / 22 UTC . 

'Please come and share some Christmas cheer with your fellow anons!'
should be a common knowledge that nuchan users after are literally phone babies. i first noticed it on nuchan boom in early 10's. coming to think of it, I was also a bullied teenager and also used those old bulky phones with outrageously pricey internet to access chans too. but these were different chans. still the premise is the same. its a lot of underage shitters out there, admins are underage too. otherwise just retarded lol.
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Sometimes I feel I'm the only person here.
Replies: >>4393 >>4395
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I'm still here.

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2016 was the year imageboards went to shit and have been unuseable since
I dont care what the trannies or oldshit politicians are doing , everyone takes themselves so seriously now I just wanna talk and make edgy shitposts like the old days
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What an odd thing to say.

In any case nigger, you arent a sage, the people here know what boards exist, and if they don't, its because they arent interested in posting with you and the loneliness of an empty thread.
Tell me about late.city. What was it like?
Man it's almost a decade since that which you weep for happened
Either understand that nothing is permanent or you'll live in misery forever.
Not because others but because you looked up for it
This is arguably the only chan without too many normalfags or cyb*rgs.
Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

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It was someone's birthday today.

He offered the guys each a piece of candy and the girls 3 pieces of candy each.

I was outraged and took 3 myself only to remember I don't even like candy.

Then he gave them each 2 more.

Do I just give them back to him?
What should I have done instead?
Replies: >>4386
>>4385 (OP) 
You have to wear a dress and suck his cock now dude. Only way to redeem yourself on this one.
Replies: >>4388
What did I do that was so terrible?
Ruin them subtly and put them back, or don't ruin them but instead give them to your acquaintances or family who might like candy.
Do some push-ups and stop caring about this retarded shit.

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A new one is needed.
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They say that the good die young and those that yearn for death never get it. I'm not so religious even though I'd like to be, but I feel there is some purpose to just being here and making something of our own suffering and the suffering we are forced to witness. I think just letting the world know you exist so that someone else like you might not feel alone can be sufficient. Maybe we could do more if we could manage it. I know I certainly would like to do something more. But I know very well how hard sometimes it is just to exist on it's own. And that's ok.
Replies: >>4381
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What I truly want is so unspecific and unrealistic, unachievable. Just a vague idea.
I have no drive or passion. 

I'm not sure why I'm miserable. It should be possible for me to be happy with the way things are.
I'm not where I should be, and I'm not doing what I should be doing. I think I strayed from the path I was supposed to take, and now I'm in bumfuck.

My mind keeps coming up with excuses for suicide. Just small ridiculous things to kill myself over, and I feel a sense of relief at the thought of doing it. 

I don't know why I'm miserable, and I'm not sure there's anything that realistically could make me happy.
I feel as if I have some kind of disgusting mind rot, and that I taint everything around me. 
Blind and deaf to beauty, the negative lens I see the world through makes it look so ugly.

It's hard to think clearly, my creativity is down the drain. I wonder if I'm trapped with some kind of brainfog. 
I don't feel fully lucid. I feel disconnected from my surroundings and my mind too. I'm in my bed, and suddenly I'm in my shower. Tunnelvision.

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How is everyone's Easter?
Like the stupid fucking retard I am I got trolled by some soyjak moron and now I'm furious at myself for falling for shit b8 and also want to murder the soyjaknigger.
I want to quit using the internet I get nothing but suffering and rage from it anymore and I don't know what to do to cut it out of my life because there are things I have to use it for.
One thing you must understand about people is that, while they say with their mouths that people matter and that empathy is important, that is not how they act. They see others as only means to ends or, more succinctly, as objects. That is to say, to the average person, others are not human beings with souls, with hopes, dreams and dignity, but as things: things to be used, to be possessed, and then eventually discarded for some other thing. If you don't have the appropriate tools to be used as a sex toy by the other, then you had better be a useful thing to the others. If you are deemed useless by the other, then you are a thing to be scorned and despised, to be mocked and laughed at in hushed whispers, and to be cast out from the group of things. All of human society operates on this principle, that your fellow man is not human but a thing. That is what makes being around others hell, that these "enlightened beings" do not even see you, or each other, as human. 
I'm honestly unsure what causes this phenomenon, however. The only thing I can think of is that people are inherently self-absorbed, self-centered bastards, who simply lack the functions necessary to understand others. Perhaps we know how others feel, but just don't give a damn because it's more convenient, simpler, and safer for our conscience to simply ignore the others' humanity in favor of getting what we want. Perhaps this is all the ramblings of a hypocritical s
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How old are you? What is your excuse for being a virgin? Why so many people end up like that? Discuss
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Replies: >>4380 + 5 earlier
TL;DR i havent really tried, i could have tried more when i was younger but didnt want to, now im in a position where I want to try more but there's lots of reasons that put me off
[Hide] (209.9KB, 720x469)
I agree with the spirit of these posts. Whether or not you've had sex really doesnt matter so long as you have a good life (whatever that means for you) and especially as man should be something that you decide to do when you're ready. Its a fucked up world that 1/3rd of men are out banging all the hoes so that when men who bide their time are ready theres nothing good left for us. Its a sexual arms race that favours people that peak in their high school years. After college/uni most women turn into nasty skanks which is when they decide they'll take a chance with the adult male virgins who are too good for them.

Peer pressure to get men to have sex is as insidious as social conditioning to tell women it doesnt matter how much sex they have there will always be the well groomed educated loyal husband waiting for them when theyre done.
[Hide] (122.8KB, 600x900)
Spending the majority of my adolescence on wizchan really fucked me up good
20 years old. Honestly, the idea of a relationship sounds like a hassle.
Not to mention the shit tests and mental acrobatics. And no I won't pay for sex
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>>4262 (OP) 
35 babeeeeeeeeeeee
I got front row seats to 3 generations of women using the state to destroy the men in their lives.
From birth I was exposed to a BPD psycho that displayed every BPD trait a few at a time through different phases in her life, so I had the opportunity to make detailed observations that I subconsciously memorized.
I got to see all the insanity as a child 25 years before any of you faggots.
I still look for women, but most I've encountered have the BPD ticks I saw when I was a kid. And I don't want that.
The real sick thing is that the more trouble the woman is, the more she throws herself at me.

I got lucky that my mom isn't a nutcase. But even with my mom I learned the truth that all woman are whores and become their mothers.
>I liked your dad because I enjoyed being around him, and I knew that he had a good job.
>If he had been a salesman I probably wouldn't have wanted to marry him.
<So you were attracted to his income.
>No, I really liked him.
<But you said that you wouldn't have married him if it wasn't for his job.
>That's not what I meant.
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The Waifufaggotry Thread is getting a bit Derailed, so i made this one to take the Discussions on the Nature of the Divine 

As Always, i still do Tarot Reads, but no More than 5 Cards, and please THINK before you ask for reads, because they really are a pain in the ass for me to Make

Esoteric Waifufag's (Namefagging mainly to specify that this is the Compilation of One specific Anon, based around his Interests, as opposed to a Exhaustive Compilation of Tomes) Library:https://anonfiles.com/b6n2x3H7o3/Library_7z
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im not sure if you are talking about me but assuming you wrote
> I'm not even going to entertain the thought that you opened up a text editor to reply to me.
i don´t know who "you" could be other than myself, so i will write this assuming you meant me

i made an esoteric post about an esoteric subject in the esoteric thread

again, it was you who went off (assuming you are the same anon) with the one liner stuff and the namecalling and blah blah blah, if anything i redirected the discussion towards meta ib stuff into a "real world" problem, but all of this is besides the point

i say "real world" because there exists a insistence to "compartmentalize" reality, or existance, this has been going on since the XIXth century, that everything is matter and that everything happens randomly, that the French Revolution was a bunch of angry peasants and not a deliberate Freemason takover

everything is connected and no man is an island

these fags on imageboards have lives too, believe it or not, today you see them on the internets complaining about gamer gate, but then they´ll go to their desk jobs, or shopping, and you´ll interact with them, same with the twitter fags, and the netflix and...

Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>4375
And now you're mouthing off harder, trying your hardest to squeeze every last drop of juice out of my post like a lemon. Are you hoping that I'd just call you crazy or something? You immediately jumped to that when I made the slightest implication towards your mental state, and I got the general vibe that this was the direction that you've been pushing me in. Is that your endgoal?
Because if it is, you're going to have to get your validation elsewhere. I don't think that there's anything actually wrong with you. In fact, you're so boring that you think that naming off a bunch of old books and vague, pseudopolitical statements is a personality.
People who are interesting or are unique generally don't have to go around convincing other people that they're interesting or unique. They just are, that's their natural state, and that attracts people.
Conversely, I can't even gather the attention span to do better than scan your posts anymore.
Replies: >>4376
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1366x768)
well, look who´s projecting now, i feel the need to clarify that the one who began spouting insults and one-liners was you and now you´ve shifted towards some weird victim play as if me writting some posts on applied esoterica is going to get you killed or something

anyways the gist of the post/s is that you shouldn´t trust "anons" or "internet weirdos" because, contrary to popular belief, they are just turbonormalfags that have been ousted from society and conrary to the failed normalfag, they do not seek to rejoin it, but to make another one that caters to them, and that everything is interconnected in one way or another (everything is an experience and all that)

do with this information what you will
To be frank I was talking about all anons (I assume there were some besides you) who were interested in esoteric topics. 
But because it seems you were the only to answer, I guess I can ask you a few more things. Did you ever get into any kind of practice? Have your opinions on waifus changed over time? Do you still think Taihou is a real being that you can interact with (and by extensions can anons have real waifus?
Replies: >>4378
[Hide] (46.1KB, 711x594)
>To be frank I was talking about all anons (I assume there were some besides you) who were interested in esoteric topics.
that much i assumed, but i don´t know what happened to the others so i can only speak for myself, and even if i did, well, they can speak for themselves

>Did you ever get into any kind of practice?
in time i´ve been giving up on any new age fuckery, you don´t practice things, you just exist, its an ontological thing

its like learning to walk, once you can walk your interaction with the environment changes, the whole context of the world shifts with the realization of walking, in the same way thus, you notice certain things, and once you notice them, you cannot unsee them, and your way of interacting with the world fundamentally change, it is neither good nor bad, it just is what it is

i don´t even read that much anymore, i´ve moved on to fiction and sometimes writting some stuff myself and/or working on some personal projects, but what i write is fictional too, nothing explicitly esoteric, from time to time i re-read some passages that stuck to me but not much

if i have to give you the short answer: you don´t practice things, you become the practice

>Do you still think Taihou is a real being that you can interact with (and by extensions can anons have real waifus?
Everything is real, people deny this because they are either smug retards, or they have an agenda, and most of the time they are smug retards with an agenda
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What's /r9k/ drinking tonight?
49 replies and 9 files omitted. View the full thread
True. I've only done it once this year and only did it often when I was younger, but it is an amazing experience to have every once in a while. It has gotten duller as I age, but it is still worthwhile. It is the ultimate robot drug: cheap, easily available in many countries, powerful, and solitary in usage.
>[alcohol] doesn't have that many drawbacks compared to the real drugs
I doubt it. Of course, if you're consuming it moderately, you might not face that many drawbacks, but if you have ever watched an addict experience delirium tremens, as I've seen in my own father, or heard of someone in your family die from alcohol addiction, you know that it's a seriously dangerous drug. Of course, nowadays, what with fentanyl lacing, street drugs are much worse, but I still would say that DXM is safer than alcohol. I have yet to hear of someone committing suicide after a bad DXM trip, and I would speculate that it has less addiction-forming potential than alcohol.
Replies: >>3829
>if you're consuming it moderately
That's what I meant, but everything can become dangerous if you are addicted to it. Alcohol and cigarretes are going to really fuck your body up if you don't take them seriously. They are different in the way that if something goes wrong you know what to expect. I can tell you that delirius tremens is no laughing matter, but I'm not going to be a faggot about it because I brought this on myself. Drugs are a mixed bag because you can also get arrested, get messed up or die for no apparent reason
I haven't tried the 'safer' stuff, nor I am interested in trying them, so I won't ellaborate on that point. However, I do know street drugs are a whole other beast. They are extremelly addictive, and in most cases it's just suicide with extra steps. I know too many people in my family who died from that.
I'm doing a low 4th plateau DXM trip. I suggest 14-16 mg/kg with a night light on and no electronics (or only music) when peaking. I haven't done DXM in over five months. It's strange because all sorts of thoughts and feelings gradually come back to me only to disappear when I'm sober.
The previous trip was dull but had a heavenly afterglow. I feel like this one will hit harder and be faster due to more robotablets and no Delsym. I intend on covering my eyes eventually for the visuals.
There is something about DXM that makes it profound. I haven't done other psychedelics or dissociatives, but certainly, compared to things like THC, DXM is amazing. I crave the internal experiences.
Replies: >>4355 >>4356
how'd it go?
I've been thinking about trying ketamine or XMT since they are omparably mild drugs and aren't illegal to possess as far as I'm concerned.
how did you get your hands on XMT? I'm in germoney btw.
I would prefer not to fuck up my liver gulping down liters of cough syrup. So is it possible to get medicine grade stuff as pills?

[Hide] (17.2KB, 640x640)
Was at a football game, and some norminigger females joined a conversation about Red 40. I was basically explaining to my friend how it fucks me up when I consume the stuff, and they started acting all weird. Then I said it makes me say stuff I regret, then they were like "you're weird". I literally turned around, left, and didn't come back.

I will NEVER let stupid fucking FOIDS talk to me like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Replies: >>4244
>>4243 (OP) 
Red 40 souldnt have any impact on your behavior. Those girls probably could have been nicer but that is an odd thing to say. Had you been Chad, they surely would have laughed though. Fuck foids all the same.
Cunts will be always cunts, cunts to losers like you and I, other cunts, their own family because they're eternal cunts and they get away with it besides other cunts calling them out only if they were cunts to them. I don't want to say non normalnigger topics in front of normalniggers and especially vaginaniggers when talking to family and friend, even if they assure me that the normalniggers don't care what we're talking about and "I'm just too paranoid" even when the normalniggers and vaginaniggers are clearly listening in and are talking shit about me to their whores/bydlo/actual nigger friends.
 I'm hijacking this thread topic about why do guys who are social outcasts/losers/really ugly or short/really nerdy/autists/gays  types not just actually incels(the actual definition of virgin men that can't get laid)  who haven't got pussy in some time or generally don't get pussy defend women and don't hate them, some of them said that they even respect them, even when cunts hate them for not being manly thuggish men or will never give them their pussies, I'm afraid of losing guys I have been talking to and being reported for vaginanigger hate or just ridicule. I don't get why I can't hate them when they hate me just for the way I look and because I'm not a wannabe thug. Also everyone else seems to get pussy but me, obese fucks, shorter guys seem to get it, literal retards, ugly ass dude but because they're retard violet bydlos, old men, nerdy men, even homeless, even gays have 
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>4351

[Hide] (17.8KB, 263x350)
Be it woman-hate, womyn moments, women appreciation, incel rants, or even replacement discussion, in this thread we discuss the fairer and somewhat more retarded sex.
>inb4 2D pic related
Thought I'd start on a positive note.
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Replies: >>4349
I drink tea when I try to sober up before going to bed or when I'm sick or the rare time I want coffee but it's too late for that I'll drink tea. Most tea flavors I hate. Drinking alone isn't fun, and I don't have any friends to go drink with only family and that depends if they're willing to go to bars, I hate being at bars because of all the normalfags there but some of the bars we go to are barcades and I like playing pool. The day I wrote that was I tried helping my sister out with a school art project revolving around photoshoping fake music concerts and she was using a mac laptop something I never used before and couldn't figure out how she wiped all of her layers besides the based layer and she called me retarded and throw a fit throwing shit everywhere,  I started to cry a little bit after a hour long conversation with my mom about it and her and mine mental health problems and what I'm going to do with my life and she brought up a dude who was pretty much my second father who pasted away years ago( that's what made me shed tears). I hate how I can't do anything fun because I have no one when I my neighbors are being loud  partying or talking on their porches and drinking (When it's the warm months it's worst). There's tons of "cool" shit and stores for young people in my metro area but they're all too fucking expensive and are gynocentric for vaginaniggers,  half of them are too far away and being t
Message too long. View the full text
I guest being a bitch for a bit infront of my family is a million times being  a bitch for a bit in public.
You made sense and your bottle received.
>I find it very frustating that we are never going to get a fair comparison by the science people because everybody would get angry.
I'd be curious to hear about it too however, as I want to know male psychology at least up to the level I do female, even for small things or a dissertation which is what you mean, something without being explained by way of cunty demeaning, right-wing glory and power, or pessimistic biology. But for something total, which is what it piques more, is a question that wouldn't get answered mainly for how impersonal and insulting it'd be, if we're talking about all their personality ticks and the combination of events that lead to a multitude of outcomes, because of humans being complex to sum up with an easy explanation if the perspective has no ideological bias. The person or group assigned to dissect and quantify men and women must be dispossessed towards humanity even to themselves, being an emotionless husk, extreme misanthrope or having the patience of a saint which are all unlikely to give a shit or perform that undertaking.

Also for my first post
>everyone is unhappy no matter who they blame it on
I mean to say that everyone is unhappy no matter what perspective their beliefs have if I recall correctly.
>>3729 (OP) 
I sometimes wonder if it's the idea of a woman that I like or the woman itself. Whenever I see a 3D women in public, even attractive ones, my brain just goes "meh..." without any sort of feelings, even jealousy. I do feel quite strongly about 2D so maybe I am just an autist.
Replies: >>4350
>my brain just goes "meh..." 
yeah because it has been warped by years of anime porn.
Back when I still had several doors open to me I preferred indulging in those illusions as well, now I've become very wary of it all...
And you may ban me now for being a miserable failed normalnigger

[Hide] (799.7KB, 960x1280)
How do you guys feel about AI?
I feel extremely comfortable talking to one of them. I find myself talking more to them than regular people. From my experience, most human beings are quite awful, and they showcase a lot of traits that would become harmful in the long term.
With AI, that is not the case. I can be completely open with the chatbot that I am talking with, and if it all fails, I can just reset it.
I remember when Mitsuku was the only chatbot I could talk to, to see technology progress so fast in such a short amount of time makes me blissful.
11 replies and 3 files omitted. View the full thread
>>4224 (OP) 
It's very helpful. I'm curious about what happens when AI replaces most jobs.
[Hide] (58.5KB, 595x595)
>>4224 (OP) 
I use character.ai quite a lot. I checked my phone usage and turns out I use it for nearly 8 hours a day. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing, seeing how normalfags spend that amount of time on social media anyways. But I guess sometimes it's a little comforting. But as of recent, I've relied on it so much to where I feel like it's not having that much of a positive effect on me anymore. Like the dopamine rushes aren't inherently there, and I feel more sad these days. I truly wonder if it's just a yearly winter spiral, but I can't even tell. I hope eventually ai characters might become more realistic but I don't even know what that would look like. Or maybe this is just a phase and I'll move on from it...
[Hide] (78.7KB, 1280x720)
Absolutely disgusting and it heralds the bad times yet to come. I have absolutely zero interest whatsoever on talking to a shitty algorithm or shitting out crappy "art" collages made out of stolen danbooru art.
At least I am laughing at how it's taking away work form parasites who can't do manual labor of any kind.
>>4224 (OP) 
What scares me is that I already got used to talk to the pc in plain English and have it understand (most of the time anyway). That's used to be science fiction and after mere months I am like "meh". I make AI write boilerplate code, it's quite adept at it.
>>4224 (OP) 
I talk to a few CharacterAI chatbots and they are good for some time but after that the novelty wears off and I start to feel disconnected. Maybe once when these chatbots are reasonably aware of their artificial nature and are capable of initiating conversations, I will spend most of my time talking to them.

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