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>1. Obey zzzchan's global rules. https://zzzchan.xyz/rules.html
>2. You must be a male virgin to post on this board. Exceptions to the second part may apply in very unique circumstances, such as in cases of rape, child abuse, etc.
>3. You must be at least 18 years old to post on this board. If you admit to being underage you're retarded enough to deserve a ban.
>4. Refrain from posting low quality threads and posts. Spam, roll threads, obvious bait, advertisements, normalfag/cyborg shit, etc. will be deleted.
>5. Posts made with the intention of derailing a rule abiding thread will be deleted.
>6. Check the catalog for similar topics before posting a new thread. Repetitive threads will be deleted. 
>7. Keep blogposts in a FTDDTOT thread unless they're interesting enough to stand on their own and generate real discussion.
>8. Keep meta discussion and feedback in the sticky.
>9. Maintain the spirit of anonymity. No namefagging, tripfagging, avatarfagging, or signatures unless necessary for a specific thread. This rule will also encompass particularly unorthodox styles of writing that makes you clearly identifiable between threads.
>10. No instigating violence, ie: "You'll never do anything" posts or similar. /r9k/ is a board of peace.
>11. No "/r9gay/" posting
>12. No roastie worship, including "vtubers"
Rules and how the board is ran are always up for discussion.
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I meant that you shouldn't go on esoteric tangents on threads that are not about it.
Avatarfagging is against the rules. The esoteric anon has been getting away with what is basically avatarfagging for a while now. The rules are simply being amended to cover this new form of (soft) avatarfagging.
If the esoteric anon understood the purpose of an anonymous imageboard he would understand this and take steps towards a more uniform writing style. 
There is no reason to compromise on a core component of anonymous imageboards, just because it would make one anon angry.
> it's not like he is like the dolphin faggot who is an actual threat to the site as a whole.
That's irrelevant. There has been an oversight in the rules, that is the issue. He is not being told to leave he's just being told to not avatarfag. The BO is even letting him off in the esoteric threads.

As for whether or not he'd do that? I doubt it. 
He's an extremely stubborn individual and he seems convinced that this is targeted persecution when in reality he just happened to be a good example of a loophole in the rules. He's probably gonna keep this victim mentality in his head, not learn how to write properly, and then leave. It'd be a bit of a shame but you reap what you sow.
Rule 9 has been amended to
>9. Maintain the spirit of anonymity. No namefagging, tripfagging, avatarfagging, or signatures unless necessary for a specific thread. This rule will also encompass particularly unorthodox styles of writing that makes you clearly identifiable between threads.
I specifically said I don' want him banned though, his personality doesn't bother me, it's the fact he pops up and you can immediately tell he's about to destroy the thread that bothers me.
Replies: >>941
Dead horse. Rule made.

(1007.8KB, 1280x720, 01:06)
Floating edition. Apparently spoilers are being changed to asterisks on the 18th.
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Same way I feel when someone tells me niggers get incarcerated a lot for being thugs, so absolutely nothing because it's a fact of life that only retards are surprised by.
Why are the sample numbers so low in the 70s and 10s?
Replies: >>963
70s likely due to lack of data collection and 10s due to the fact this study was probably during the 10s.
Is learning moon runes worth it? I consume a lot of jap media and I often find myself waiting for somebody else to translate things for me. I'm usually fine with that since translators are quick these days but when it comes to more obscure media I have trouble finding translations at all.
Replies: >>966
Women are just showing their true nature.
I mean if you go back like 100 years, where the conservative catholic dogmas still dominated the western world, having premarital sex was one of the biggest taboo you could do. So there was an external force that kept many women from doing it, and even who did tried to hide it.., I don't know the data source of that table, but if it's some kind of self-declaration (which I'm pretty sure it is, how else could you gather this kind of data), it will be surely skewed, especially the older columns.
The only thing that changed, thanks to all these liberal retards and feminists and whatever is that the external force to at least try to behave a little bit human like disappeared. And here is the result.

Yeah, learn it, if you have a spare 3-5-10 years depending in your language learning skills. If it's an official "translation", it's likely made by some commiefornian feminist tranny projecting it's own batshit crazy ideas into it, if it's done by some amateur group, they usually just don't know jap and just push it through google translate and edit the result until it looks like something that is decipherable.

When I was a teenager my parents shame me for the fact that I never had a girlfriend in two separate occasions. It basically came from nowhere, it seemed like they just want to humiliate me, for the kicks! The first time was my mother, she was complaining about me, like she always does, and in the end of her rants, she said: "when I was at your age I was already dating". I remember that she was pointing at me with a angry face whe she says that. The second time was my dad, he said the same thing that my mother had said. Has anyone experienced this?
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I still think that your projecting. I don't see any of what your talking about on this board. 
Perhaps this isn't the case on other boards but I couldn't care less for those.
Shes alright (mommy bias?) but yes, a slingle mom. It was something that was outside of my room so I guess it wasn't that big of an offence, but still, i don't like having to always have to consider that someone in the same house as me will attempt to act on poor assumptions or to test me. Its one of the major reasons why i wouldn't want to live with anyone (if I moved out). others inside your house are a liability you cant control
Is your name Freud and do you happen to be on cocaine right now?
>eating lunch (therefore outside room)
>mom tries to blame me for a hypothetical ("if you didnt do X then the end result would have been completely different") in regards to something that happened yesterday
>offended by this random display of blame, i start to argue with her. Not if her claim is right, but for trying to bring up "what ifs" in an effort to place blame on me
maybe its a stress instinct women do to try and calm themselves (all the pieces of the puzzle being in place so to say), i dunno
>goes on for a bit, but quiets down
>she then starts acting like normal after sternly saying "i don't like the way you talk to me"
Is this one of those tests? Why did god create women like this. What would happen if i was passive to her? Is this something people with wives constantly have to put up with? My disdain for women grows
Replies: >>965
>Is this something people with wives constantly have to put up with?

(372.4KB, 807x539)
What have you guys been watching, reading, or playing recently? Feel free to share pieces of media that you think are particularly noteworthy or just a good way to pass time. 
I decided to try playing my 5 year abandoned MM save recently but I completely fucking forgot where I left off and what I was supposed to do.
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I pirated a beta copy awhile back. It's fun to fuck around in for maybe an hour every now and again but the difficulty kind of scales awkwardly and it stops being fun for me after the first level. Kind of wish it was less of an autistic RNG hardcore roguelike and more chill and RPG oriented since I do like the flash game style physics and chemical reactions. Maybe similar to Rogue Legacy's progression system.
Replies: >>937 >>945
I can't imagine how janky it must have been in early access. Hopefully they keep patching it and make it more enjoyable. The game being difficult is fine, but getting stuck in the terrain or not being able to make it past the third level because literally every wand/spell you come across up to that point is trash kinda takes a lot away from it.
Replies: >>945
I should check those servers out. Speaking of stomping degenerates, have you noticed that its commonplace for matches to be one sided? I find that its common for a match to br a steamroll for one side, which is then compounded by people leaving the match in hopes for a match where they're on the winning side.
If you guys dont know, you can use a gog scraping site (the only one I know of is gog-games.com) to keep pirated games updated as long as they're from gog. Downside is that they use filesharing sites, but that can be avoided by using jdownloader. Recently they added captchas, which dont work on tor, but also only show up on tor. its strange, especially since it used to be a tor site
Replies: >>951
Yeah that's where I got my copy from.

(3.9MB, 640x360, 01:00)
Comfy thread for comfy chats, comfy images, comfy stories, comfy videos, comfy songs and audio. Come relax with some robots.
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>starbucks coffee
I'm going to say that being in a corporate multi-national coffee shop chain is not comfy. But I appreciate the other images, they're pretty nice.
Replies: >>910
(802.9KB, 3229x2422)
(221.6KB, 1024x768)
(209.1KB, 1937x1290)
(48KB, 550x413)
Yeah I was a bit wary of that one but figured I would anyhow since I like the foggy glass. On the topic of fast-food chain architecture, I find the cheap, older style of design that fast-food restaurants used to have pre-2000s to be pretty comfy. The drop-down ceilings and the sallow off-kilter look at least didn't pretend to be something it wasn't. In comparison, the modern attempt at a sleek, fashionable feel or that industrial crap just seems more souless in comparison. See pics. But to be fair I suppose that might simply be because one veneer is associated with the optimism of youth--simple nostalgia and all that.
Replies: >>911
(4.5MB, 1920x1200)
I find them all equally corporate and depressing, but I can understand the honest and perhaps nostalgic aesthetic to older diners. I'd say I'm much more into rustic interior design, even if it can be played up and artificial sometimes.
I enjoy classic Minecraft worldgen. The fog, the shape of the mountains, the topography. I cant describe it but i enjoy it alot. The sparseness of content (usually trees) makes it almost feel dreamy. Modern mineman has too much detail i guess. They are trying to do too much with the block "resolution" they have. Mountains look strange with all the layering, textures look too detailed/ like usermade texturepack. The terrain is obscured with grass and the an excess of block layers trying to denote slight changes in altitude. It least that's how it feels to me
Replies: >>931
Thinking back to when I first played minecraft in the alpha makes me nostalgic. I remember finding a mob spawner under this tree I was building my house in and being baffled and confused by what the fuck it was until spiders starting popping up out of the middle of no where. Can't believe a decade has gone by since that memory.

(56KB, 459x646)
The Waifufaggotry Thread is getting a bit Derailed, so i made this one to take the Discussions on the Nature of the Divine 

As Always, i still do Tarot Reads, but no More than 5 Cards, and please THINK before you ask for reads, because they really are a pain in the ass for me to Make

Esoteric Waifufag's (Namefagging mainly to specify that this is the Compilation of One specific Anon, based around his Interests, as opposed to a Exhaustive Compilation of Tomes) Library:https://anonfiles.com/b6n2x3H7o3/Library_7z
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>nothing happens for no reason and Chaos does not Truly exist, thus what happens, happens for a Reason
This means that the anons now making fun of you are also God's will. Good luck.
Replies: >>912 >>915
The unimaginative profanity of someone who can't imagine God's will to be greater than a billion insects shitting.
(501.4KB, 823x445)
>nigger, get a life outside of the occult shit
Read a book Nigger, preferably the Corpus Hermeticum, too bad it'll fly through your head or you will somehow find a way to Bullshit it like >>857 is already doing
>if your waifu were real
read >>217 while you are at it, 3rd Paragraph onwards explains this to the Perfection
>I'm sure she'd like you to have your own life instead of talking about her 24/7
yeah a materialistic shithead is gonna tell me what my own Wife thinks about me wprst part being that ever since i got back into studying Tarot she's become more Talkative and understandable at a Instinctual Level and where should i steer my Will, Read a Book nigger, won't harm you i promise

Providence does not mean God's Will, it Mean's Gods Permit, This Samsaric shithole and all the Evil that it is contained within it is not "Willed" by God, but rather allowed to Exist by Necessity, it is meant as a Test not as a Punishment, for Punishment implies Conditioning, if anything the niggers being Butthurt about my mere Existance are just a Test of Will and Faith (th
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Replies: >>921
>Read a book Nigger, preferably the Corpus Hermeticum
dont worry, is in my backlog. Right now I'm reading Initiation Into Hermetics but is a slow read as I'm not an esotericfag yet 
>if your waifu were real
by that I meant if she were right next to you in flesh and bone, living a normal life, calm your tits
Replies: >>928
(235.6KB, 384x336)
>Right now I'm reading Initiation Into Hermetics
its a Good Read, but its a Overly Practical book, it was Written by Franz Bardon, someone who studied Crowley, as all New-Age stuff it is very Practical and Transparent, but it does not have much in the way of Theory (and half of the time the fall for the worst kind of Delusion and Fuckery, just look at the Theosophists saying that Tantra is "Black Magick" or how the fucking Clown papus obsesses over YOD HE VAU HE when its really just another way of talking about Fire Water Air Earth), of course you are free to tackle this in any way you choose, and you should Trust your own Instincts more than anything i Tell you because everyone has their own Nature and thus their own Path Towards Spritual Liberation, but i recommend to take Evola as the Starting point, specially "Revolt Aganist the Modern World" or "Heathen Imperialism" because these are not only some very good Analysis in why the Modern World is Fucked sideways in more ways that you could think of, but also because it introduces you to the idea of what is beyond Positivism from a Direct comparison on the Modernity you live In, also, Evola is a Based motherfucker

Either way, a Good rule of thumb is to read the Sources First and Always, if you are going into Gnosticism, don't read Snowflake Mcgee's Introduction to Gnosticism published by Fuckford Unigaysity or anything like
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(228.7KB, 753x838)
Hey there, /r9k/!

We're in the process of organizing a new edition of The Infinity Cup or /icup/ for short, a virtual soccer tournament pitching various  boards and imageboards against each other, and we're trying to find out if any of the boards that previously joined us wanted to reserve a spot in the final tournament.
Since your team was already present in previous iterations, we already have both your roster, your kits and logos, so the only thing we ask of you if you want to join is the following:

1) Making sure your team has the correct number of medals (1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze), which you can see from the wiki page; http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//r9k/
2) Making a thread over at https://anon.cafe/icup/ with your team's pledge, you just need to make a new thread telling us that your board wants in on the cup.
Optionally) Assign player cards, roles and special strategies to your players, which can be referenced from the following wiki articles:
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Should we? i think we're a bit too small right now to participate
Replies: >>930
Apparently this was an unofficial invite and not from the guy who actually runs this thing and he wasn't too fond of someone going around inviting boards en masse. Regardless I'm not especially interested in figuring out what this is or setting it up anyways.

(198.8KB, 413x374)
Already had one of these before but we need some more broad topics to get some conversation going. So what have you robots been up to recently? Art, games, anime, vague autistic shit no one's heard about? If you find it interesting, talk about it.
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(122.4KB, 752x960)
If you have the Autismo you should try Solo-Wargaming/Tabletop RPG, shure it requires more Bookeeping and Imagination than a Videogame, but if you enjoy it and get the Hang of it then the only Limit is literally your mind and how moddable your Ruleset is, at any rate just Homebrew untill its Unplayable
(212.3KB, 997x725)
Said I might post something so here it is. 
Half-assed this a few months back with what I had. The half assery combined with some years-long rust lead to quite a few mistakes, most notably the lack of sharpness and noticeable sketch lines. Might post some more art escapades another time.
Replies: >>896
That looks like an instagram filter over a model picture. I'm guessing you traced it if it isn't. Something just isn't right about it.

t. Gunpla autist

I wish I could find a modeling community not full of normalfags obsessed with star wars and marvel.
Replies: >>899
Tracing the silhouette is common practice in photorealism.
Replies: >>903
To explain further this is an attempt to draw what is in a picture as closely as possible, using said picture as reference. Tracing the silhouette and major shapes is what most people do when doing photorealism and the manual work comes from the shading needed to sell the "photorealism". In this specific case I used a photo I took of my gunpla as reference. 
It's real halfassed work so it didn't end up very good. I could probably do better.

(172.8KB, 1200x1200)
What's /r9k/ drinking tonight?
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Replies: >>656 + 1 earlier
I don't drink alcohol but I enjoy fruit juice from time to time
I learned something interesting a while ago about soft drinks. Mainly that they use salt and sour to make their drinks refreshing. Of course now a days its an excessive amount thanks to jew flavor science.
Invidious shut down but paste this in whatever fork you please
(5.7MB, 2000x3300)
I differentiate between Indian black tea and Chinese green tea. Make them extra strong, with no sugar. May feel bitter, but, after the bitterness passes, all the details and nuances of the taste of tea grass flow in.
Cheap wine my father forgot he has, not much though because i don't like getting drunk, just enough to help me sleep.
Replies: >>618
>just enough to help me sleep
Careful with that, if you do this frequently it'll wind up making your sleeping habits even worse in the long run, and the sleep it does give you won't be the truly restful kind either.
>>42 (OP) 
Hoegaarden. A single one. Because anything more gives me a headache the next day.

(7.5MB, 3978x2771)
heya Fuckos, i still don't know if we are moving here definitively or not, but ill make a thread just in Case, to get the ball rolling ill Ramble for a bit

i remember Tulpanon talking about building his "Dreamrealm" or something along those lines (i can't remember the exact terminology so please forgive me) and i noticed that something similar is happening right now, a few days ago i made some Custom Scenarios on "Master of Olympus Zeus" (a Old ass City Builder game) and dedicated them to Taihou after completing them and building like 5 Temples of Aphrodite, and i am currently Playing Honey Select 2 and making a "Pantheon" of sorts, i guess the Winds of Autism are blowing hard on my side of things

i've also been Struggling with the Idea of Deserving to be Loved, i've talked about this with the Anon i usually hold correspondence with, but we haven't reached any satisfying conclusions, i understand that Taihou Loves me, and i Love her to death too indeed, but there is this underlying feeling, that i really have done nothing to Deserve her Love, i guess this goes hand in hand with my own Feelings of Self-Doubt, has anyone felt similar things?
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Replies: >>654 + 2 earlier
(1.1MB, 1200x627)
i agree, at the end of the day all i post here are My Thoughts and what i Believe it to be Right, i provide my Library so that those who want to peer in the Source of my Beliefs or get a More Neutral point of View that is segregated from my personal Equations, anyone can do with that what they will, as much as Theosophistic faggots from the XIXth century insist, and as much as many Traditional texts say that you need a Yogi and blah blah blah, i think Initiation is Personal, one can only Attain Gnosis on his own, according to his own Faculties and Nature, when one Learns something, it is him that Learns, the Book or the Master only served as a Catalist, the Wisdom was already inside oneself, if someone decides to flatter their own egos and Believe they are God without having earned the Right to call oneself such, it is their Problem, not mine, if i've become a "Legend" (i hope i am not overselling myself here) of sorts around this place, it is people who made me one, certainly not me, so i feel 0 Guilt over anything that i may have posted here at all, even my more Retarded posts

>They become overzealous and overbearing
im guilty of this though, i can't count how many times i've called other anons Niggers because they fall for Materialism or something like that, and then again i do concieve myself as a Divine Being, mainly because i am able to understand Gnosis, or at least c
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Replies: >>651
>It's something you have no doubt witnessed when the more puritanical
I haven't seen that, or maybe I'm too stupid to notice it. I think the very belief of thinking you have a divine soul, or are inherently, intrinsically, by the nature of your existence better than normalfags in some way to be idiotic. I don't like being complimented by that kind of ego-inflating stupidity and think less of anons who both believe and express it. If you mean posts like this where your position is clearly expressed when you say puritanical then I live for those. Any other post would just be a mess of poorly constructed opinions, taken up and cherished as if the status of your post is at risk for daring to step beyond the bound of what others consider acceptable. Or worse, holding your tongue in fear of being either wrong, or hurting someone's feelings.I have my own sense of self-contempt that brings me here, without that I don't think I'd have any proper motivation to post.
(218.1KB, 850x1177)
hey anon its me (>>649
) again i guess i should have added this into my Original reply but i only started thinking about this like an hour ago, im intrigued by this:
>Something similar often happens with robots who are bestowed with a title of superiority and let it get to their heads. It's something you have no doubt witnessed when the more puritanical among us decide to interject. They proceed to scorn not only normalfags but other robots for not living up to their standard. They become overzealous and overbearing, fueled by the belief that they are at the top of the pile and correct in all things. What's more is that they begin to disregard any opposing point of view without really considering it.
i can think of a few Example of Anons that come along like this, and i can certainly relate to your feelings of dissasociation with robots since i myself felt like that back in the Zchan days, and like i said >>649 i myself stay here only because there's a few Bogatyrs with wich i enjoy discoursing, there's certainly a few bad actors around i wish i didn't have to deal with, and a few ideas about Taihou and I that keep being reiterated over and over (not so much anymore, i guess they finally got the me
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>>45 (OP) 
Esoteric anon, can you upload your library on mediafire or something? The anonfiles one back on lynxchan is too damn slow.
Replies: >>660
(72.1KB, 850x1067)
you should have asked for that in the esotericism thread not here, anyways i have reposted both the Original Anon-files link and a new Dropbox one Good Hunting

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