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“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Teenbros don't have that problem.” - Otamin

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Welcome to /pol/, the RADdest place on the internet for political discussions, educational projects, and Minecraft event planning. This thread will remain open for all your meta needs. Should it grow too large it may get a spinny wheel or spinoff threads to contain any extra spillage.

Due to government mandated "guidelines" there is a rule:
1. Keep it tangentially political. If this board turns out to be a carbon copy of /b/ the big fish will probably delete it. Global homo rules still apply yada yada. Explanations for precedent setting moderator actions will be given in the logs. That's pretty much everything as far as I know.

Fight the info war easy!
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Boorus are the future of meme warfare and white nationalism

Replies: >>4048 >>4055
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Those niggers are kikes and should be gassed.
Replies: >>4053
Hey, sometimes you gotta stomach it.
After all the more manpower the better, even if it means having to call a truce with shartyfags.
tbf they did get a dox on that goonclown nonce and uncovered a bigger rabbit hole along too
You win some you lose some
Replies: >>4054
I miss old days when only Soyjaks variants were Impjak, Norweigan Fail and Finger Boys
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Spoiler File
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Post your /pol/itical WEBMs in here. MP4s and other video containers may apply as well. Pardon the demoralizating video. I don't have much at hand, but the thread must be made.
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Lukashenko wondered why most of the corrupt officials are Jews.

At a meeting with the leadership of the Council of Ministers, Lukashenko spoke about the corruption scandal in which former Minister of Agriculture ((( Igor Brylo ))) was involved.
Replies: >>4061 >>4063
Hardly a noble dictator, but i rather liked how he ruled his people before he became a complete Putin's bitch and ordered his goons to beat citizens on the streets, but in his defense that's partially fault of EU diplomats who left him not much of a choice.
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I don't like north Korea or communism but some the claims on North Korea are really holohoax bizarre.
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>"Looks like the termites are eating the support beam of my home surely, its nothing. I'm not against termites"
He's not wondering, he knows. He's literally an authoritarian quasi soviet dictator and he's piss scared of jews

That should tell you everything about the state of the world. Lukashenko is a dictator and he has a secret police apparatus that arrests dissidents and hes still PISS SCARED of shlomo even when shlomo is scamming him and his nation directly from a position of power. As you can see even the dictator of some little shithole his nation has some filthy (super rare) jews in it that are game ruining and griefing every day and this fag does NOTHING. Again. That should tell you everything about the state of the world.

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Can't have a /pol/ without a Merchant Thread.
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Who is this nigger

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Does the society of micro bacteria in my digestive system have political parties?
Replies: >>4057
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>>3983 (OP) 
Yes they are all Nazis

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Okay /pol/, I want to create my own natsoc workers party but how do I do it alone at first and gain popularity? I've been thinking about handing out leaflets and putting up posters around the surrounding areas but how do I get a deputy Führer, and other men/women into positions like propaganda and security services? I intend to get into power and overthrow the current democratic system in order to become dictator but how would I go about doing such a thing peacefully and by voting? I also don't want to get V& for hatespeech or some other kike thoughtcrime so how could I avoid that? What do I need in order to start a party, a manifesto? or can I just claim right now that I am the leader of the natsoc workers party without any backlash? I am new to politics and being a politician but I really just want to turn the shithole of a society that I live in into a prosperous military nation of soldiers with national socialism as the only political choice. I plan to start the party as soon as I figure out what needs to be done, I also want to start an SS brigade of foreign volunteers, the good foreigners that will be the only ones allowed to stay in the country. 

Main concern is letting glowniggers into the party and them fucking it up for me somehow like a falseflag attack or  a mass shooting, I don't want any violence or glowniggatry in the natsoc party so how do I vet people? I hope some of you fags step up and join in on the natsoc fun times before something bad happens. I a
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>its too late
ITS NEVER TOO LATE, well unless we turn into weimar world where child prostitutes roam the streets and we have to spend billions on a loaf of bread. Right now with the cost of living crisis is the best time to become natsoc, its exactly what happened in germany during the 20s and predictably the freikorps of this generation will win, can you even make a paramilitary organization nowadays without getting shoa'd? If you can then i'll make one if you cant then ill just make a security company then act like one. anyways i'll be making a true NSDAP successor soon if i cant get a decent job somewhere, this dystopia we live in is turning me insane and there is no escape from it. the only way i see going forward is to try and do things peacefully and if that doesnt work only then do we resort to violence. 

But how do i create an armed resistance to the jewish menace with no prior experience in doing guerilla warfare? All we need to do is kill the ZOGbots then we can take over or get the ZOGbots on our side to coup de at. also one big problem i have with the violence approach is how do we get guns and ammo? I know you can make your own guns quite easy if you have the skills but no one ever talks about making the ammo for them. I was thinking about making homemade mac10s/stens which ever is easier and more effective i think the mac10s would be easily concealable whil
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Replies: >>2396

unfortunately not, but take the example of islam, they do guerrilla warfare without much technology
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Raise cats, conquer the world
He doesn't know about the ADL yet...

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Smuggler thread 

I really appreciate this meme.
I appreciate the kid who gave us this beautiful expression of the human nature.
I appreciate all the friends who are currently enjoying it.
I don't appreciate talmud followers
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this looks nice.

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What are the political implications of some literal-who social publishing a fucking map without a legend?

1. It aint on Tineye.
2. It is intriguing: The green spots are colder spots now, the brownstains are desertification.

However. That is not why I am here. Whats missing is sun weather data in the future. Whats that big orange fucker up to? Short of supernovasing, it could cough and supposedly 93 million miles away, it could vaporise us.

Furthermore, this fuckin place is broken. Alien spaceniggers gave us a shit sun, an earth that aint ready fuckin quaking all the time, a fuckin deathtrap and psychic weapon moon, mosquitos and parasites, kikes, niggers, chinks. And we're supposed to be appreciative when they arrive with band-aids or shit they stole from here.
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Anonymous ID:hAOEaaLZ Fri 05 Apr 2024 11:07:35 No.464020410 

What do you bros think about this thread? It's a guy larping as a Rothschild, but he managed to predict everything about our current state with a damn near 99 percent accuracy back in 2011.
>Predicts the fall of all countries without a central bank
>Leaving Iran for last, says that the "biblical prophecy" and fallout from this conflict will set the stage for the actual "new world order"
>predicts the dilution of bloodlines under the banner of cultural diversity, whilst they keep their own bloodline pure
>says a currency collapse and famine is on the way

Links extracted:


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Expiry: 2024.06.11

Graff, Garrett M. - Raven Rock - The Story of the U.S. Government's Secret Plan To Save Itself [Underground] While The Rest of Us Die (2017).epub.zip

Sauder PhD, Richard - Underground Bases and Tunnels - What is the Government Trying to Hide (1995).pdf.rar

Thomas, Chan - The Adam and Eve Story - The History of Cataclysms (1993) (pdf24.org OCR).pdf.7z

Video, Depth: 
Gobekli Tepe and the Prophecy of Pillar 43 | Apocalypse and the Vulture Stone by The Why Files. 2023.11.02 (58m14s)

CIA Classified Book about the Pole Shift, Mass Extinctions and The True Adam & Eve Story by The Why Files. 2023.01.12 (27m08s)

COSMIC DISASTER | CIA: Classified by Suspicious0bservers. 2019.08.19 (1h17m25s)

TOP SECRET U.S. Government Tunnels | Cities Of The Underworld (S4, E2) | Full Episode. 2023.07.26 (42m16s)

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How do you live knowing it's all going to shit and you are unable to change any of it? How are you able to continue, knowing the truth, but being labeled a madman? Is there no way to escape this perverted game?
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Replies: >>4026 + 6 earlier
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Well look at this, another acceleration hotshot posting on comped-net cuckflare via a botnet-approved browser/OS/hardware.
[Hide] (652.8KB, 924x1047)
This is a job for super Greta!
Restart the occupy movement, we know it really spooked the hell out of ((( them ))). Learn from the mistakes of the past and shut down any kikes, niggers, or faggots that come in to try and fuck the movement up with social justice nonsense.
I vote harder every 4 years.
[Hide] (279.2KB, 1280x2650)
>>764 (OP) 
I wish Ron Paul had won the presidency back then, so much of this laughable clown world madness could have been avoided but the FED and war mongers got their way sadly.
>How do you live knowing it's all going to shit and you are unable to change any of it?
Just worry about the little things I can change like upvooting in small local elections that barely anyone participates in as well as making sure to watch my diet and hit the gym at least three times a week so when I turn into an old hag I'm not riddled with expensive health complications. Also saving up so I can own a home in New Hampshire or Idaho some day, the two lest pozzed states in the union.

Lastly buying a box or two of 12 gauge slugs or bird shot whenever I pass a shop that sells them doesn't hurt.

>Ride the Tiger
Don't mind if I do anon.

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Get woke, go broke.
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Replies: >>3718 + 3 earlier
>>3571 (OP) 
unfortunately this has nothing to do with going woke and everything to do with the Fed raising rates
pretty much every problem we face in America in today traces back to the Fed
is fake news. they still don't have meta-cognitive processors. The hiring was just to get people injected with poison and then drop them so Biden's Paycheck Protection Plan loans are forgiven and MS doesn't have to pay for their now disabled ((( injected ))) employees' disabilities.
this has nothing to do with going woke and everything to do with the fed raising rates. Microsoft is nowhere near broke.
capitalism jewish doe

[Hide] (130KB, 930x500)
No Major Jewish Business has been allowed to fail sense bailout bucks jew money printing FUCK NIGGERS
usa = commie jew nation with their bailout bucks
Jews rig elections uses nigger with endless handouts to destroy white societies.  
jews can't collect income tax on an anonymous currency that they can't spy on people transactions.  then steal ure money and give endless handouts to nigger pets to destroy white civilizations
monero replaces bitcoin and us petrol dollar
Monero is replacing Bitcoin Jews can't collect income tax on XMR fuck niggers
No Major Jewish Business has been allowed to fail sense bailout bucks jew money printing FUCK NIGGERS
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Replies: >>3956
>>3918 (OP) 
Crypto is fake and gay.  Go shill your pyramid scheme somewhere else.
Replies: >>3957 >>4021
>in the future (now actually there are already options) we'll have Smart contract capable blockchains giving private services to make your money untraceable
Adding privacy to bitcoin was always going to be easier than adding popularity to monero.

>the billionaires and politicians told me crypto is bad
You'll get it one day.
Replies: >>3959
No.  Really.  Real currencies are baked by something tangible, like gold, or petroleum, or represent a slice of the issuing nation's economic productivity.  Crypto is based on absolutely nothing.  There's no "there" there.

Let me lay it out for you.  Crypto was created as a thought experiment in decentralized economics, then immediately seized upon by people who thought--incorrectly--that it would allow them to buy fentanyl and CP anonymously and untracebly over the Internet.  Crypto is based on massively complex mathematical calculations that can be used for cryptography, you see. That's the "crypto" part of the name. When you set up to "mine," you are doing crypto calculations that, once completed, you can barter and trade with other "crypto" enthusiasts, sometimes for real-world money, which is the only point at which it intersects with anything whatsoever that's real.

Mining gold creates wealth and enriches not only the mine owner but the society in which he lives.  Extracting petroleum creates wealth and is good not only for the oil man but his nation.  Growing food creates wealth and also increases the supply of a commodity in constant demand, making the farmer's country better.  Generating crypto hashes, by contrast, creates abso-fucking-lutely nothing.  Crypto miners plug the machine in and press the button and it sucks up electricity, making it more expensive for everyone, and--if they have gu
Message too long. View the full text
[Hide] (120.2KB, 682x722)
unironically it's not...as long as fiat "paper" exists, there will be cryptocurrencies. .. Until gold backed money aka real money comes back, shitcoins will be around.

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