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Prep work is done.

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This board desperately needs a CSS thread. Why the fuck have none of the retarded board owners given themselves custom spoilers? Why the hell do no boards have custom load bars? I had both of these on fatchan because a nice fellow made them for me when I requested it to Tom but Tom had better shit to do. As far as I can tell that's the only board on JSchan to have ever had custom spoilers or loadbars. What's your fucking excuse? Bunch of shitbird elitist faggots on this site can't even figure out custom spoilers. You're fucking plebs. Either kill yourselves or get in this thread and figure out how to do it for your boards on this site.
Also general CSS but I really wanted to stress that fuck you idiots you're slow and stupid.
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What exactly is the problem with js besides 'bloat'? Or is that the only remittance? When does the bloat become a problem? If you ask me, the bigger consequence are those shitty new websites which require you to scroll a million times to get to the bottom of their embarrassingly cookie-cutter web pages.
Replies: >>1983 >>2002
web 3.0 bad
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Are you serious?
It's literal malware. Niggers inject arbitrary code onto your machine which you execute. You're literally running every fucking executable on the internet what the fuck nigger.

It's also a terrible language that can't be made to not be a horrible mess so even if what you were being served was open source (good luck parsing that shit yourself though it's endless copypasta of a million libraries poorly implementing the same thing) it'd be trivial for a hostile actor to obfuscate the fact that what they're serving you is malware, because there are a hundred thousand bugs and unintended consequences in javascript's implementation.
Replies: >>2289
Not defending js, but isn't saying it is malware a bit far? The language itself isn't, but it is prone to vulnerabilities like you said.
>You can also put !important after the value to override any other styles.
Did not know this, thanks anon

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This is a uBlock Origin filter list that removes shit like BLM banners from sites. PRs or patches (just post here) are welcome, it's pretty barebones right now.
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Icebergs sound jewish.
>>691 (OP) 
I don't get this meme. What was the function supposed to do, and how did it get ruined by context free grammar?
Replies: >>2248
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>>691 (OP) 
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This. I want to know who the enemies are.
making an adhoc formal language by using a regex function instead of just using a  formal language  to begin with

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Android has been ported to a RISC-V board

January 21, 2021
Google’s Android operating system currently supports a handful of instruction set architecture (ISA) families, including ARM and x86. The vast majority of smartphones, tablets, TVs, and smartwatches that run Android today feature ARM-based chipset designs, as Intel has long since abandoned its handset CPUs while support for MIPS was dropped with NDK revision 17. While Google does not officially provide support for compiling Android on hardware based on the open RISC-V ISA, several development teams are working to run AOSP on RISC-V hardware. One such effort is led by T-Head, the business entity of Alibaba specializing in semiconductors, which today announced that they’ve successfully ported Android 10 onto its in-house RISC-V hardware.

A few months ago, PLCT Lab successfully booted Android to a command-line interface on a 64-bit RISC-V core emulated in QEMU. The team launched a project on GitHub they’re calling “AOSP for RISC-V” and are still in the early stages of cross-compiling AOSP and booting to a GUI. Meanwhile, T-Head, which designed the ICE SoC with its in-house, RISC-V-based XuanTie C910 cores, has managed to boot Android 10 with working graphics and touch.

The ICE chip from T-Head with 3 XuanTie C910 (RISC-V 64) CPU cores.

It runs quite slowly, as you can see in the video embedded below, but this is to be expected given the status of this port and the hardware it’s running on. In the video, a couple of stock AOSP applications are launched, including the clock app, the contacts app, and the mail app. More complex applications such as games aren’t shown off on this prototype as these apps would likely need to be recompiled to target RISC-V.


This Android 10 port is based on the android10-release branch in AOSP, and the source code developed by T-Head can be found on the company’s GitHub page.
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There are some around on crowdsourcing sites. It costs a lot though.
No, it's not. It's proprietary.
There is a stripped down version called AOSP that is FLOSS, but with each new Android version Google releases a new component that apps rely on and only exist's in Google's proprietary version of Android which OEMs base themselves off of.
Replies: >>1425 >>2237
Don't forget the firmware blobs (especially for the modem) and vendor patched kernel.
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Basically google's android and android's android, got it.

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There is a criminal organization in Brazil using NSO Group's Pegasus to infect devices for hack for hire, to incite terrorism, blackmail people, produce illegal pornography and assist in assassinations. They also have other advanced malware, like UEFI implants and even persistent implants for Kindle and Raspberry Pi. Plus face/voice recognition on every camera and microphone they can get into, in public or private places.

Brazil won't do anything to stop them. Only the FBI, CIA and NSA can stop them.

There is also the possibility that they were engaged on the hack of Bezos' smartphone.

If you know of any security researcher who wants to reverse engineer the exploits they are using, I am more than willing to help them.

If you want a story about how they operate, I am willing to work with you to expose them.
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Not OP but there's already dead journalists in Turkey I heard and probably related to the same backdoor that got leaked (intentional or accidental).
>>1357 (OP) 
Pegasus from public sources is said to be known to work on mobile devices and it's likely that they target popular devices since the disparity makes it a headache for backdoor writers.
The thing to avoid is borders, where they can check your phone which they can then use the timing to image your phone and/or install a modified TWRP recovery partition to exfiltrate everything and/or have it install a backdoor next boot. The process should take less than 20 minutes.
This is in my theory but this checks out with the information out there and should be true (a hacker's theory).
And in theory, again, your phone should feel like it is booting up from factory reset like pic related which means it has been compromised. I would advice you to stop using that phone and reformat the partitions but assume they already have most of your files. Using personal FOSS cloud is better if you're a journalist, and avoid SSL_strip when accessing your own cloud/servers.
Replies: >>2039
JSchan doesn't actually give IPs, just IP hashes.
I would assume the harder it is for a phone to root, the harder it would be for them to do anything with it. I had a Galaxy S4 that was fairly easy to install TWRP on and root (it could've taken a much shorter time but it was my first time doing it), now I have an LG V20 that took two full days to root and required using both Windows-based community tools and a custom-made Linux distro to flash a different firmware version. I can't even remember the last time I saw someone else using an LG phone so I should be good anyways implying I'm ever going to leave the country or even the state anytime soon
Replies: >>2040 >>2048
>implying they have hands on official rooter
Vendor's repair department have their "recovery"(ring 0/jtag access) tools. Some phone hacking services have already figured it out and are selling them.
>octopus box
>miracle box
Replies: >>2048
Journalists should either use those secure HTCs or Sony.
>LG V20
There is an official TWRP image so it might be included, the hard part is usually only unlocking the provider lock but LG isn't that great.
There's also a possibility of shortening unlock wait times by using hydratool server.
At that point, the best measure would be putting tamer resistant tape, and unironically destroying your microUSB port if you have removable batteries, or using a tampered charging-only microUSB board. Maybe a sound alarm when it detects data transmission might work too or a phone case with sound alarm, but there's no stopping them from just confiscating it.

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hi... i guess this is considered computing? taking animation from my favorite animator toniko pantoja (credits to him pls let me know if it is not okay to post i ll remove)

his walk cycle is so balanced and i always made walk cycle that is kinda 'sliding' or 'limping' unconciously and somehow fixing it alot of time doesnt help

i suppose this is cause i dont know how to fix it too so i wonder how do you make it balanced and good? like what do you need to consider to make the good animation? things like center of weight or baseline , where are those and how do we mark them properly?

i look to make straight ahead animation that are always correct so i guess preparations before hand is everything?

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Replies: >>1396 + 2 earlier
Please reuse threads as much as possible.
Moving to >>1386 (OP) 
Replies: >>1405
im using it am i
Replies: >>1406
You tell me, Anon. Does it help?
Also, quite a good demonstration of all 12 principles by a professional.

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Title gives my conclusion from empirical events I witnessed and inside info. PSP runs on the same circuit, but isn't the backdoor per se, which has been around for much longer.

The same way AMD was able to change the crypto algorithms for the Zen chip they licensed to China, they can change how the CPU behaves at any system, even those already deployed. This can also be used to sabotage any program or computation, making BadBIOS vastly nastier than Stuxnet.

American military made a grave mistake to partner with the morons of the Brazilian military, who are letting knowledge of this spread like a fire (and misusing it for petty profit and inside jobs to justify a police state). Israel, UK and France also have access, but are much more professional.
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Title gives my conclusion from empirical events I witnessed and inside info. PSP runs on the same circuit, but isn't the backdoor per se, which has been around for much longer.

The same way AMD was able to change the crypto algorithms for the Zen chip they licensed to China, they can change how the CPU behaves at any system, even those already deployed. This can also be used to sabotage any program or computation, making BadBIOS vastly nastier than Stuxnet.

American military made a grave mistake to partner with the morons of the Brazilian military, who are letting knowledge of this spread like a fire (and misusing it for petty profit and inside jobs to justify a police state). Israel, UK and France also have access, but are much more professional.
Replies: >>1538
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>dude trust me
Duplicate thread.
You can bump, but don't make duplicates.
Moved to >>1509 (OP) 
/x/ the /tech/ thread.
>>1509 (OP) 
>what is network monitoring and DPI?

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I think it's worth having a thread about ARM linux as it's on the verge of becoming viable in phones and mobile devices. Discussion around whether or not this hardware is or will ever be worth actually buying is important. I understand that a lot of the PINE64 hardware is explicitly not consumer ready, but I've seen some videos of the recently officially launched Librem5 that shipped the product with a fucked screen protector that wasn't applied properly, and that's a fucking $800+ device. I'll try to get around to making a webm of it.
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The ARM ecosystem is traditionally cucked. Each ARM soc does things differently, because they are designed usually for specific applications and boards. There is no BIOS or UEFI, vendors typically provide you with a non-mainline patched u-boot blob and binary kernel and that's it. Many chips don't have sata and pci-e, have particular memory timing requirements (so no "common" ram sticks for you) and other shits to cheap out as most as possible.
I was looking for the ultimate blobless libre SBC and it's either too expensive or not completely free.
On the software side. If you are lucky enough to have most functions works on mainline kernel, Gentoo solves most problems.
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All my computers are ARM now.  This is my main one, a cubietruck with A20 SoC, 2 GB RAM, SATA, VGA, 1000M Ethernet.  It doesn't need any special firmware blobs for basic operation.  I don't use the OpenGL stuff at all, and I boot it with /dev/fb0 at 640x480.  I don't use Xorg, unless I have to, but I don't like to.  I mean I really, really, really don't like GUI shit at all!
What else... it's Ubuntu but I use busybox for init instead of systemd.  I use Ubuntu (actually Armbian), because it already has all the necessary drivers, including the NAND flash.  I have Linux installed to the sata HDD, and also a separate install on the microSD as a backup, and also on the NAND flash as a third backup.  It was a bit of trouble to get the NAND formatter properly, and eMMC are probably easier to work with.  Also newer kernels don't have driver for this NAND flash, so I'm stuck on this old kernel.  But I don't care really.  I don't run any network services at all on here, and don't run any javascript browsers locally.  It's still a mainline kernel though, and so is the u-boot.  I chose this board carefully to avoid blobs and fulfill my needs.  I doubt it would suffice for most people.  I'm not most people.  I don't like modern computers at all, and in fact I'd rather be back in the 80's on an 8-bit micro.  So there you go.
Replies: >>1413 >>1426
Cubietruck was the only A20 with 2GB ram. But it was hard to find and is expensive. I ended up on Olinuxino a20 lime2. 1GB ram is one of the main performance bottleneck other than the slow CPU.
Wayland works much better with mainline lima.
How much did you pay for a Cubietruck? An i.mx6 Wandboard looks better for the same price.
Replies: >>1429
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100 euros, pretty much.  That was back in 2018 though, when you could still find them easily.  Now most of their distributors are out of stock.  Well I guess there's NewIT in the UK, but they don't sell just the board by itself, they want to sell you also an ugly metal case, battery, and SSD, none of which I have any use for.
Anyway I don't want to spend money i.mx6 or any SoC with processor that does speculative execution.  That mostly leaves only Cortex-A7 and A53 (plus older ARM stuff and microcontrollers), but there's enough choice of SoCs built on those to do what I want.  I have this A20 board, and an Olimex A64 board with 2 GB RAM also that I reserved for running subversive garbage like Firefox.  That way the nasty shit stays contained in a controlled environment and doesn't affect my main computer.  I don't like or trust VMs also.  Since the hardware is cheap (100 bucks or less for a board), I can simply buy as many as I need.  But right now I only got these two, and also a tablet (with A64 SoC and 1 GB RAM) that was gifted to me.  I haven't used it because it's Android...  I'll probably convert it to Linux eventually, but will need to open it up to access the UART.
All of this leaves the question: who bought up all the damn cubietrucks? Clearly nobody wants them, except for freaks like me who prefer a slower, simpler system.

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I2P can import/export reseed files. Yggdrasil pretty much requires that you manually specify peers to connect to (for the first hop, anyway). ZeroNet will work with pretty much any tracker you throw at it. What does Tor have if the indexing servers and dirauths go down?
how is that tree flying
If the last attack on V3 onions has shown anything, it's that nothing aside from this exists and everything will disappear if something permanent happens to the main infrastructure of Tor.
Tor's design is defected.

Only several authorities servers' down causes the whole network's down!

Ricochet Refresh is what you want.
It's fork of Ricochet (now abandoned) which was an alternative to TorChat.

About Ricochet Refresh

Ricochet was launched in 2014 as a different approach to instant messaging that doesn’t trust anyone in protecting your privacy.

Ricochet Refresh uses the original Ricochet open-source software but has improved on it substantially, such as upgrading its security and making it compatible with Tor Onion Services v3 instead of the older v2.

We believe software like Ricochet is important to protect freedom of expression for whistleblowers, activists, and journalists worldwide.

>instant messaging
>for whistleblowers
Choose one. The sheer amount of metadata instant chat generates is enough to fuck you over.

While soycial marxist (((big tech))) is busy mass censoring all political outside left wing incl normies for disagreeing and lose 52 billion: https://www. thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/big-tech-clowns-wipe-51-2-billion-combined-market-since-banning-free-speech-president-trump/

Toe cheese eating Stallman on his blog is completely silent and calls for arrest and praises arrest of anyone who won't denounce left wing tech censorship and mistreatment, while calling for "preserving democracy"(which means preserving something DEAD as long as it's left-wing trannytarian skewed).

What a fucking jew lol I wish FSF was genuine but it's just literally another leftypol tier freetard kike club to scam goyim at this point. Reminder to not donate to such frauds.
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Replies: >>882
>>880 (OP) 
What the fuck are you even talking about?
[Hide] (262.4KB, 675x900)
[Hide] (4.1MB, 1280x720, 00:28)
Stallman is half-right for his ideas on technology and the idea of free software. Anything beyond that though and he's a fucking retard, if you actually read through his blog he's a complete autist that's no different from the other lefties. ganoo+linoox is never going anywhere with him as their leader.
Replies: >>1294
While you were right about your points but then again who has contributed in FOSS certainly it isn't you unless you can show your work?
>What do You think of Richard Stallman?
"It's a crazy brainwashed Marxist, atheist and all, LOL.

Atheists do not understand the world is perfectly just." ~Terry Davis.
Looks like someone needs to go touch some grass.

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