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Was uncle ted ultimately right? Is humanity fundamentally at odds with modern technology?
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Replies: >>11447 + 6 earlier
It is not about the intention. It is about using things for the benefit of yourself. When I say could have been a good thing, I mean controlling technology for yourself. Destroying technology remove the possibility all together.
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Before the masses got on Internet, they just spread propaganda through TV, movies, music, radio, and of course schools. So even without smartphones, they'd still be spreading propaganda to the masses the old way.
The main reason smartphones and other modern tech are bad is because (as others pointed out) they're used as control and surveillance mechanisms. The 80's computers were too simple and limited to support that type of subversion. And also, they were generally designed to be programmed by the user, without any limitations from nanny "we know better, it's for your own good" operating system and hardware.
Replies: >>11446
>without any limitations from nanny "we know better, it's for your own good" operating system and hardware.
My own view is far, far more cynical than that today Anon. The Globohomo's Surveillance State division absolutely intends to provide conclusive data to their Police State division to kick your door in for wrongthink and drag you into the Ministry of Love's torture chambers before offing you.

Back in the the 80's? Maybe there was some of that Nanny State shit. Today it's Satanic AF b/c ((( reasons ))).
>>8663 (OP) 
yes, no doubt

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>be Thomas Buchler
>gay jew record producer
>become Orthodox jew (but remain a massive faggot)
>try learning Torah chant
>through tapes to save time and probably shekels
>oy vey rewinding tapes is too slow
>my time is valuable
>I could be writing computer software and making money instead
>licenses DECtalk
>uses it to make TropeTrainer
>the definitive software for learning torah chant
>software that sings the word of god
>it's really fucking good
>loads of jews buy it
>along the way he preserves loads of obscure jewish chant traditions
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If every christian was like Terry Davis, then I think it'd be a pretty alright religion.
You don't understand, terry is biologically jewish.
He was supposed to be our new messiah!!
Replies: >>11178 >>11182
>actual prophecies
what can you prove it predicted without resorting to Revelations-tier interpretations?
Replies: >>11182
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Blasphemers against King Terry get the rope

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Any ideas on how to shield internet discourse from highly proficient, Turing-Test-passing chatbots sicced on given economical, political and cultural goals set by an unchecked and unbalanced third party?
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See? They'll just sink their houses. They're already thinking ahead.
>I've never been able to take depopulation conspiracies seriously, even when TPtB openly spout "muh overpopulation, muh degrowth" propaganda, given the actual results of the policies they push worldwide.
Well to begin with, I don't think the globalist kikes care what you (or anyone) think, as long as you don't try to stop them. Also, it's only the White population they're trying to genocide, primarily because White males are literally the only major roadblock standing in their way to complete world domination. Get ride of White males, problem solved.

All that would be left for them then would be the Chinese, and I'm pretty sure the kikes feel they would quickly have them in the bag with jewgold, once Whitey was out of the picture. The browns and muds are of little significance in the global scale of things of course.
I don't think you understand the level of contempt the elites have for the unwashed masses. Throughout history, the idea of getting rid of the "rabble" has always been prevalent among the aristocrats, but was always deterred by simple realities such as "Who will grow our food" or "Who will fight our wars". Once automation takes over, those arguments will no longer hold weight and whomever is in power at that time will be able to genocide the undesirables without the pesky repercussions those actions would have today.
Replies: >>11016
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Some lame ass bots were all like herp derp and then this jew shows up with demands.

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ITT we discuss how technology will assist in our survival during various SHTF scenarios
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>>3597 (OP) 
Hidden abin in the woods with 3 months of canned and pickled food. I'm not a fighter.
>>3597 (OP) 
Does fully-armed & armored robowaifus count, OP?
Replies: >>7546
How are you planning to charge it?
Replies: >>10979
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>>3597 (OP) 
>boil acorns to get tannic acid out then eat with dandelion tea
>distill pee and run it through preheated soil to not die of dehydration
<so I need a still and hot pot that can run post nuclear winter..... fire go brrrrrr?

Just save enough autistics with acorns and dandelion tea and it will work itself out.
With acorns and dandelions. >>3675
>booze has no value 

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Post suggestions to keep the board excellent.
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Bumping this, though I think I might be too fucking lazy
Replies: >>10365 >>10367
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>too fucking lazy
It's not that hard. As long as you can come up with a list of names for players and whether they should defend or not you'd almost have a proper team to compete. The real problem is getting the ball rolling heh and generating interest here on the board.
Kits shouldn't be too hard to create either consider what we're dealing with. Plaster a white T-shirt with GIMP peppers and you'd be sitting on a free as in libre football kit.
Replies: >>10367
Forgot this completely. /tech/ is going to participate.
Is there a deadline on submitting required materials?
Help with designs welcome. To avoid conflicts, post here to apply/reserve part of work and your own deadline.
Replies: >>10372
Glad to know there's some interest here, /tech/'s been missing from the cup since 2016 and would be a very welcome addition to the current roster.
>is there a deadline on submitting a team?
The guy who organized everything last year is MIA and there's not enough consensus on the /icup/ board on anon.cafe to set a deadline for team submissions.
Hence, you're welcome to work on the team at your own pace. I'd recommend deciding on all the team players first to at least have some foundation to work on, then figuring effective strategies in-game for instance, though this would require installing the game (PES '17) note that the tournament is played by CPUs and not by Anon, so the best strategy is to figure out what works best for the computer and what doesn't.

In any case /tech/ is free to create a thread on https://anon.cafe/icup/ to ideafag and organize their team. There's in fact one thread already dedicated to /tech/ sitting at the bottom of the catalog, specifically 8chan.moe/t/, though that board never finished their team nor has shown any recent interest in participating.
No, some are probably just drug dealers/users

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Thoughts on a new standard for cross-site tripcodes for open-source imageboard software.

The current implementation of tripcodes (as used by futaba channel -> 4chan, tinyboard/vichan boards, and many others including this site) uses an ancient method involving a very strange DES system that has many collisions and has a password limit of 8 characters, with an output of 9.25 characters encoded in pseudo-base64 for a total of 10 displayed characters with the last character space having only 16 of 64 possible values. It's still used to this day for its software support including the ability to generate vanity tripcodes for use with cross-site verification, but it is quickly showing its age and the entire thing does not seem very well thought out.

I have a proposition for a new cross-site or "insecure" tripcode standard. By "insecure" i am referring to the fact that it is not salted and therefore would be able to work across websites which is actually a desirable feature; "secure" tripcodes which are salted and only work on a per-site basis. This is not to say my methodology is not secure: mathematically, my "insecure" tripcode would be far more secure than, say, 4chan's "secure" tripcodes.

My proposition is to use SHA-384 and instead of encoding the digest into hexadecimal (which would be longer) you would instead encode it into base64 to make it shorter. This has many advantages:
-Base64 is very similar to the character space of existing tripcodes. The only difference in character space would be the removal of the "." character and the addition of the "+" character.
-Would contain the entire english alphabet unlike hexadecimal, same as old tripcodes.
-Pretty secure, low chance of collisions, I don't see why there would have to be a password length limit either.
-SHA is pretty fast and therefore the generation of vanity tripcodes should be possible, while still being considerably secure.

The use of SHA-384 is due to the fact that you would be able to encode the digest into base64 without the need for padding. The total tripcode length would be 64 characters long after the "!" but fear not, because I propose that using CSS and/or HTML, you would hide the last 75% of the tripcode (but not actually truncate in a destructive way) and only display the first 16 characters for appearance reasons. Vanity tripcodes would still be rather attractive as it would be easier to attain an attractive-looking first 16 characters, however, the entire 64 character tripcode could be displayed to anons by either hovering over the tripcode or clicking on the tripcode. Someone wishing to impersonate you would still be inclined to "crack" this entire 64 character string, which would be quite a feat. As far as hiding most of the tripcode and hovering or clicking to display the entire thing, I do not believe that this would require javascript to implement for any reason.

These should be able to work across any imageboard, textboard, or any kind of website that implements it. You would be able to cross-site verify with ease. The developer of whatever imageboard software would need to run the password through sha384 and encode the binary output as base64. It would need support from the open source IB developers (lynxchan and jschan, possibly others) who are not exactly good company. It would also not need, but very much benefit from, the same kinds of tools that are used to generate vanity onion addresses and current tripcodes. A tool that could generate vanity tripcodes for this new standard being made would be a significant help to its implementation.
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>cross site tripcodes
what the fuck wiggery am i reading
of course a webshitter would choose to rely on this bullshit when they could literally just PGP the message (inb4 pgp bad yeah i know it is its you retarded wiggoids who made this a thing)
Replies: >>10595 >>10597
Authentication != Signing
Replies: >>10620
Take your meds
Thanks for the enjoyable cryptography thread, when everyone pools together to discuss things in good faith, best practices and solutions can be found. Really great discussion.
Signing does provide authentication. Just post a public key in the first message signed, then sign subsequent messages (cross-site). The server can even detect this and add the fingerprint as tripcode.

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Discuss radio-related stuff here. 

Bitch about telecom being cunts to Hams. laugh at VE7KFM's (and the rest of 14.313mhz's) continuous antics. Talk about how despite "radio's death" in the 90s-00s that radio as a technology being used even more during then and now. Bitch about how many chinkshit appliances that leak RF into the airwaves and the FCC doesn't/can't do shit. Have an existential crisis realizing that Wifi is pretty-much just radio.

I've been trying to make my own go-bag as a means of either listening/communicating on vacation trips, or in case of SHTF. Still trying to figure out my use cases and decide what I need and don't. It's so fucking hard trying to find a mobile rig that actually can listen to a wide set of frequencies and transmit only on what it needs to. Too many mobile rigs are just X amount of bands, and that's it, no FM broadcast, no AM no EMS or Airline.
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Replies: >>10223
>>10196 (OP) 
mah nigga I have walked by his house, saw the antenna with my own eyes. Never met him.
If you're looking for lore, it goes deep. These are good starting points:
>no mention of WebSDR.
You can listen for free at home at http://websdr.org

If you are getting your first ham radio, I recommend getting a Wouxun UV6D or a Baofeng UV-82, They are basically the same but the Baofeng comes with slightly better antenna IIRC. They cost like 20 € ~ 50 € and they are the best cheap handheld radios. Of course, you want to eventually get something like icom IC 7300 or Yaesu FT-710 , if you have the money.

>If you just wanna strictly-listen, then you're best off getting a scanner.
This, or some kind of SDR Rx-only receiver (like DX PATROL).
Okay. it's been really fucking annoying trying to pick a mobile rig for a manpack-style go bag.

My dream broadcast setup, I want the following:
-an ideally-mobile rig I can just open up, screw the antenna on, and transmit just like that, powered from battery.
-I can transmit either via handheld PTT mic, or headset.
-If I want to, I can hook this rig up to external power, and switch transmit power to a higher setting.
-I can listen from UHF, all the way down to the low frequency bands (15Mhz and below), and I can listen to FM station broadcasts (108mhz downwards)
-I can transmit voice UHF or VHF.
-Use case is for vacation, PotA, DXpeditions, and SHTF just in case.

Naturally, this had me lean to the Yaesu FT-817nd or 818nd... The problem is. Those are not only discontinued models, they're discontinued because of component shortages, and I don't know if Yaesu will ever bring them back. To make matters worse, most of the US stock for 81(7/8)nd series has been exhausted completely due to the sheer demand.

Furthermore, it seems like that all strictly-VHF/UHF mobile rigs, no matter the manufacturer, will NEVER let you listen to the FM-radio broadcast spectrum (108mhz and below), despite the fact that most handhelds WILL let you listen to that. The exception, is the IC-705. It is the only one that actually gives me the level of spectrum-listen that I want, but it has way more features/gimmicks than I want/need, and is way too fucking expensive. 

I briefly-considered getting a hackRF w. Portapack, but getting to transmit voice on that is gonna be more trouble than it's worth, especially since 1. it's got a quarter of the power of my HTs and 2. it's more of a wireless/security tool than it is a ham radio transceiver. Looking into actual military manpacks, it's clear that they're FAR beyond the price range a consumer can afford, and they are absolutely beyond my price range just by sheer virtue of never dipping into less than quad digits in cost.
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Turns out, that with the raspberry pi SBCs you can actually transmit FM signals.


The page even has a setup for a microphone and voice-transmit, but you'd need some extra hardware first.

-- an amp for the frequencies you'd broadcast on
-- bandpass filters (at least one, maybe two, one before the amp, and one before the antenna).
-- The antenna which is appropriate for the freqs you'd transmit on.

So far, doesn't quite look like you could make a pi run the level of shit a HackRF does. And it doesn't look like you're gonna be able to even get as far as a baofeng or other chinkshit HT goes without an amp. But at the same time it looks pretty fun. The link below isn't specifically ham, and is more for SIGINT and RF hacking, but can be a nice inspiration for those looking for a quick-install-SDR distro for pis.


If you really want to, you could even get a microphone, an arduino, some parts, play around with it, and then make a PTT mic for the pi as well.
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Replies: >>10414
piTX is pretty cool. Here is a video of a guy using it on the HF bands as a WSPR propagation node, and for the small amount of TX power it has it's pretty impressive

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Seemed like it would be a good idea for users both old and new.

[Materials to avoid]
Codecademy and other flashy looking sites (KhanAcademy might be okay)
"fishy" Youtube videos such as those from FreeCodeCamp
"Learn X in 24 hours/three days!"
Anything that deviates too far from a specification (Very obvious if you're reading a spec. in parallel with a primary learning resource)
Most blogs, especially anything on Hacker News that isn't being written by someone obviously trustworthy and/or qualified

You should use a metasearch engine. Not only are they better for your privacy, but I've observed better results than single engines like DDG or Yandex.
Bookmark 3-4 reliable instances at the top of your browser and rotate between them or use an add-on such as LibRedirect.

Hacker News has lots of developers and skilled people posting on it. If there's a particular project/idea you're interested in its worth looking it up with their search engine.
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Check out compiler explorer. https://godbolt.org It's one of the most useful tools for examining asm.
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There's a similar project that has more advanced features called Snap! by UC Berkeley. The one advantage though is that it can run offline on any OS (it's a local webapp), while Scratch's offline "app" still doesn't support Linux.
Read either Assembly Language Step-by-Step: Programming with Linux by Jeff Duntemann or Programming from the Ground Up Book (https://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/pgubook).
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Photons are trans particles. The are really waves that identify as particles. 

Think about it: It's called the photo-electric effect not the photo-magnetic effect, but people still use the speed of radio waves in all these equations. Radio waves are magnetic induction and are subject to gravity so they have a slower speed the infinity. In the case of photons, they actually have infinity speed as predicted by classical mechanics. Light and Magnetism are not the same thing, but if you ask a Quantist person they insist that they are.

The Aether Theory, that space acts like a volume of liquid and allows for disturbances like photons and EMF to travel though it, is much more succinct. I've spent most of my life wonder where all the photons come from in an atom. It turns out that there are no photons, just taps on skin of drum when an Electron change it's band or is ionised. It's all so simple now.
Replies: >>10268
no such thing because theyre not waves or particles they just overlaps because both are incomplete models and no one has come up with a real unified atomic model, anyone thats done retard level highschool chemistry knows these models are only used for practical reasons not theoretical neither are even considered as anything close to reality

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I think it's worth having a thread about ARM linux as it's on the verge of becoming viable in phones and mobile devices. Discussion around whether or not this hardware is or will ever be worth actually buying is important. I understand that a lot of the PINE64 hardware is explicitly not consumer ready, but I've seen some videos of the recently officially launched Librem5 that shipped the product with a fucked screen protector that wasn't applied properly, and that's a fucking $800+ device. I'll try to get around to making a webm of it.
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>I really like the idea of having an E-ink tablet that isn't sold by Google or Amazon for reading manga
I have a Kobo (Libra 2, specifically) e-Reader and it fits this description (not sure what you mean by "doing some light weight work" though).
It's not open source, but it doesn't lock you into a jewish ecosystem (unlike Kindle), and it's very easy to hack and customize, and it's much more affordable that what I predict something PineNote would be. Probably also applies to most or all Kobo e-Readers in general.
Though if by E-ink tablet you mean an actual tablet with Android or something similar, for doing various tasks other than reading, then I don't know.
<PICTURE UNRELATED (also my opinion about the picture: the person who made it is probably a homo, lol)>
Yeah, guy who made that image is definitely a queer. If you have to point that kind of stuff out to bystanders, then it wasn't a big problem in the first place.
>this isn't realistic 
>this isn't realistic 
>this isn't realistic 
>this isn't "artistically necessary"
If you're going to complain about bullshit at least keep it consistent, this is just disappointing.
Replies: >>10190
>Satoko should not have hips wide enough for a gap. She's fucking 10, not 18.
Why are normalniggers obsessed with the age of fictional characters?
[Hide] (59.9KB, 600x676)
[Hide] (659.7KB, 2976x2976)
I like the art, but funny.

Reality is realistic, and it fucking sucks.

[Hide] (6.6KB, 256x256)
GoSeek has been unusable since Nougat. It's s real shame there isn't a functional client for Android.
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Replies: >>4592 + 4 earlier
Don't feel bad for yourself.
use seeker anon, it's on play store, izzydroid and aurora store
>>1606 (OP) 
a pathetic existance of a zoom zoom
Why? There is lno reason not to own a computer. Buy a Thinkpad, those are like 200-300$. Go on craigslist, ebay, kikebook marketplace and you will find loads of cheap laptops and desktops. Go to goodwill or you local thrift store and look there. Don't tell you don't even have 200$ to spare? Fuck off right now and buy a computer.
Replies: >>9480
In places like india and africa there is no 2nd hand pc/laptop market they basically jumped straight to smartphones.

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