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Discuss alternative Internet protocols and potentially generate a rated list for the sticky.
Censorship is coming, fast. Many users are getting banned on (((mainstream sites))), Cuckflare, hosts and isps are closing in on every wrongthinkers. Find the best alt net to contribute and develop bunkers/comms.
Mesh and alt infrastructures welcome.
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Replies: >>4635
is dead
Replies: >>3874 >>4561
Zeronet can also leak your IP address
Replies: >>4561
>a software akin to limewire where it's independent of some random server
Two different ballparks but the sentiment still is the same. The feds are attacking any place that is truly independent. 
<cp might be on ur computer due to it being p2p AND they leaked your IP!
<better not click anything goy!

Maybe disable images and video I guess. No file sharing, just text. Problem solved. No moar cheese pizzas on your hard drive that you could have encrypted anyway.
>>769 (OP) 
Personal experience. Add ons and 3rd party extensions are needed to make Freenet  a bit more secure. By default, Freenet is trackable by State level authorities and constantly monitored. 

This might help you more tech savvy fuckers. I'm just a random dork.

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GoSeek has been unusable since Nougat. It's s real shame there isn't a functional client for Android.
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>>1606 (OP) 
You can install Debian or friends with linux deploy, or install Gentoo with just any terminal with chroot (if you have root access). Then install/compile a cli soulseek client (museek+ has a tui).
>>1606 (OP) 
Just use other alternatives like torrent clients.
Don't feel bad for yourself.
use seeker anon, it's on play store, izzydroid and aurora store
>>1606 (OP) 
a pathetic existance of a zoom zoom

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Close the board. The topic of "Technology & Computing" has ended. There's no point in going on anymore.

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Nice bait. Also, install MIT/GNU Scheme:
Then work through SICP and don't forget the lectures:
If SICP is too hard, start with Simply Scheme:

Little Schemer, The Seasoned Schemer and The Reasoned Schemer are all great books.
Replies: >>4491
Why do people even write SICP in other languages? Apart from Forth and maybe Smalltalk (no personal experience with it), I can't think of another language that does lispy abstractions at all, never mind one that does it well.
Replies: >>4477
I've written LISP-y programs in C for bragging rights, that was basically it.
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<here, read and install a bunch of shit unrelated to your question
Thanks, I guess.
Replies: >>4494
ALSO install Gentoo. There is no way you aren't aware that JavaScript (JS) is the scripting language that is used in webdev, and that the web browser runs the JS code

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Is it more hype than help? Overly complex or not complex enough? True internet 2.0 or already obsolete?
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nobody i know uses it, i have it disabled by default and all the networks i've used all still use IPv4, it's not going to come into effect for a while but you'll probably want to learn it before the end of the decade. it's needlessly complicated and instead of 4 numbers we now have to throw in hexadecimal and colons everywhere. it's going to be a pain in the dick.
Replies: >>4028
IPv6 is a foot-in-the-door for less privacy. While all the desktop OSs may have the privacy extensions, it's less likely all the dumbsumer IoT devices will, but they are all Trojan horses anyway, so bad actors will already have access to your network if you use them.

>ipv6 could have been just a longer ipv4 address
That would have been nice. When now hearing the word features, I cringe and hope whatever they are don't cause too much damage.
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You are more likely to see it at the ISP level and above. A lot of them have already switched and use translation. There is not any advantage to end users implementing it. It is very unlikely end users would exhaust usable network IPs, unless evil technology like IoT dust and other wasteful things need vast numbers of addresses. But why would anyone want those things unless they are retarded?
So give me some examples of how an end user could be fingerprinted and tracked using this. Does Tor mitigate things or does IPv6 introduce some extra risks and fuckery?
Replies: >>4048
Try testing with some ipv6 test sites with your friend's computer and with Tor, eg: https://ipv6-test.com, Tor should protect you if all of your connections are going though it.

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OpenRC Embraces The CoC

The OpenRC maintainer https://github.com/williamh, together with the user https://github.com/vapier (nicknamed vapier) discuss how to be handle their incoming megaqueer reports with the new pull request which is titled add CoC based on the Contributor Covenant project #453

The community manifests their disagreement, but the repository owners completely ignore it.

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Replies: >>4019 + 1 earlier
OpenBSD that is, how long can Theo stay based?
Replies: >>4016
Not too long there's already a tranny in the project. It won't be long before more come and they start subverting it.
Replies: >>4018
>won't be long before more come
What are they, maggots? Sometimes I think maggots lead to axewounds instead of the other way around.
can artix do passthorugh? or a am i stuck with systemD maybe i should stick with GPU-P on windows instead since its easier

>>3979 (OP) 
First the disgusting plague started in microsoft i was blissfully unaware that time since my system was working
They came for the redhat/fedora and I did not care because I was using windows 7 that time (good old times)
Then they came for debian/ubuntu and I did not worry too much because I already switched to manjaro
Then they cucked the archlinux userbase and I did not panic because I was already testing BSD on my laptop VM
Then they finally came for alternate inits like OpenRC and there was no SANE alternatives left that i can use

If this shit continues i will fight back one day i will make my very own ADHD tech company which strictly forbids furry degeneracy
meanwhile microsoft is busy pushing win11 and glorifying expensive wintel chips welp time to install linux on my legion 5

>inb4 i will stick to windows cracked server enterprise 2019
nope its even worse here M$ actively pushes this stuff at the kernel level hell i even saw one of their D&I advertisement propaganda on my lock screen
i thought i was one step ahead by using VMs boy i sure am dead wrong cuz microsoft knows all my interests even though i do my searches in incognito on my other vm
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>both NetBSD and DragonFly BSD
* it seems that only Dfly has it.

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cat tor-browser_en-US/Browser/.local/share/recently-used.xbel
strings tor-browser_en-US/Browser/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/*https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/how-to-permanently-get-rid-of-this-horrible-gvfs-metadata-beast-4175530495/#post5978968
>To get the tools, one can recompile distro's gvfs package and then, from the build directory, subdirectory metadata/.libs copy the files meta-get , meta-get-tree , meta-ls and meta-set to say /usr/bin/gvfs-meta-get etc
The simple usage instruction can be gotten in the usual way, through the "-h" option.
>Now to see what ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata actually is used for, you can run:
gvfs-meta-get -r -f ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/user /
gvfs-meta-get -r -f ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/root />And after analyzing the output on my Slackware 14.2 system I discovered that the ONLY extended attribute stored in this whole sorry mess was numerous "download-uri" put there by Mozilla browsers for everything they've ever done. As some perverted kind of permanent, indelible download history.
>One can compile and ru
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based anon.
can't believe I never heard of this dogshit till now
You can't overestimate the incompetence of Tor Browser developers, and/or GNOME developers
Replies: >>3869
You mean malicious.
Same here. I use dwm, so that might be the reason. But what is recently-used.xbel for?
Replies: >>3954
something you use a search engine for

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Have you've ever tried to test pit an prototype or other lesser known OS.
And download one that sounds great. 
I don't know use a WM or something.
Tell in this thread what was your experience with it and what do you think of it and the pluses and minuses
You van also use other sites for more OS.
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Mice are aids unless you're playing vidya or video/image editing. There are 4 modifiers and maybe 50 keys minimum on an average keyboard. Shortcut space is effectively free even when you take into account the de facto standard of shift for capital letters, super for WMs, and ctrl+meta for important OS things like switching ttys
Good effort and nothing wrong with it, but it should be apparent to anyone wanting to create a new general purpose OS that a monolithic kernel design is probably not the best path to take anymore. Ideally it should use a microkernel with very stable API, small code size, and well scrutinized. There will be a need to support legacy applications, as they are, without an expectation to significantly modify their code base. Running applications this way is less efficient than applications designed to run natively, but it is also inefficient (at a macro level) and unrealistic, to port all legacy applications to a new system design.

A new GP OS needs to function more like a type 1 hypervisor,  Qubes OS is like this, but it uses systemd Linux for the administrative domain and seems to put much emphasis on information compartmentalization, probably more than most users need. For a GP OS, using something similar to Plan9, with FS namespaces/union control and P9 protocol to facilitate data access between applications.
Replies: >>3889
Sounds like something like this could be done by running Xen on DragonflyBSD. What do you think of something like that?
Replies: >>3890
correction: What about running NVMM on DragonflyBSD
Replies: >>3891
They are pretty much similar. But this gp os already exists, browsers.

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ITT we discuss how technology will assist in our survival during various SHTF scenarios
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I still don't think that's gonna work because sstv just sends a very good approximation of an image, not a bit by bit copy.
Replies: >>3825
I forgot to add, I'm talking about radio transmission only here, not using the internet at all.
Digital modes of transmission that use error correction will get the job done for radio, internet, whatever.  I was thinking transmission of image files using something normally used to transmit text.  If you transmitted a text "header" before, I don't see sending images over text as violating the no messages in codes or ciphers rule but hams who don't understand might.
Replies: >>3835
Easypal is the only software I know of that will do that, but it's windows only and no longer maintained.

>he saw the problem decades in advance.
Truly, a man like no other.
Aren't portions of all C compilers, aside from tcc, lost to time and you can only bootstrap them beginning from certain pre-compiled versions of themselves? When talking about other languages, a lot of them started with C as the ground base so you'd need to check that as well. This shit is making my head hurt.
Replies: >>3875
Intel ME taught me to distrust my fucking CPU. Even hand-written assembly compilers won't cut it.

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Lately I've been interested in looking for a final solution to the imageboard problem, deplatforming and relying on centralized authorities for hosting. P2P through TOR seems like the most logical path forward. But the software would also need to be accessible, easily installed and understood by just about anyone, and easily secure/private by default.

Retroshare seemed like a decent choice, but unfortunately its forum function is significantly lacking in features. I haven't investigate too much into zeronet either but from what I recall that was a very bloated piece of software and I'm looking for something that's light and simple. Then there's BitChan (>>507) which fits most of the bill but contrasted with Retroshare is not simple to setup.

I know there is essentially nothing else out there so this thread isn't necessarily asking to be spoonfed some unknown piece of software that went under the radar of anons. But I think the concept of P2P imageboards should be further explored even though the failure of zeronet soured a lot of peoples perspective on the concept. Imageboards are so simple by nature I feel this shouldn't be as difficult as it is. Retroshare comes close but as I understand it you can't really moderate the forums that you create. Plus the media integration is basically non-existent, though media is a lesser concern. But having everything routed through tor and being able to mail, message, and ha
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Here's an idea that's probably been tried before. 
>posts have no identifiers other than the hash 
>users can be "moderators" and broadcast lists of hashes that break a certain rule (e.g. CP mod that flags the posts that are CP, spam moderator that flags spam, random faggot that flags posts he doesn't like)
>users can choose to ignore, save the hash list from moderators and just mark the posts, save the hashes and don't download those posts, or save the hashes and download those posts but without the images, on a per moderator basis
Replies: >>3822
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Anything I should know about FChannel and its developers, doesn't look too bad tbh.
Judging just by the logo, it's made by cuckchanners and will be promoted there.
[Hide] (26.4KB, 00:01)
Here are some of my ramblings on a somewhat different concept:
>to post, you need to solve a Proof of Work(PoW) problem
>the result you get is some string satisfying some requirement, which can be checked easily
>that string is used as your used ID for your post(s)
>want to change ID? You gotta spend some minutes mining a new PoW
>now all your posts can be banned/ignored by ID!

Troubles, to list just a few:
>any posted ID can be used by any malicious user to post CP and whatnot
>in fact, every posted ID at once because why not?
<hard to counter, even through such a change would probably be obvious to human eyes
<how about this: PoW is in fact an open/private key pair, and if there is a post with your open key in the thread already, you gotta also add some proof you have the secret key too
<that'd block identity theft at least
<(while we're at it, do note how i2p already uses key pairs to send each other data so that it cannot be decrypted by anyone but the holder of the secret key)
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