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What are the possible ramifications of Github becoming woke and becoming pozzed? In light of this debacle. It is possible that Github could possibly look into changing it's Company Policy and thus code of conduct

>GitHub regrets firing Jewish employee who called Trump-incited mob “Nazis”
>GitHub Inc. yesterday apologized for firing a Jewish employee who had urged colleagues to "stay safe" and avoid "Nazis" on the day a mob incited by President Trump stormed the US Capitol. GitHub said it "reversed the decision" and indicated it is trying to hire the employee back.
>"Stay safe homies, Nazis are about," the employee, whose identity hasn't been revealed publicly, wrote in an internal Slack chat room on January 6. He was fired two days later, after one "coworker was quick to criticize the employee for using divisive rhetoric"
>"I did not know that, as a Jew, it would be so polarizing to say this word," the former employee wrote in a Slack group for Jewish employees shortly "before his corporate accounts got deactivated. The former employee 
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Replies: >>938
>>937 (OP) 
>GitHub is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and has 2 office locations across 2 countries.
>fires a jew over "NAZIS"
You do not argue with SJW cultists and do bold moves like these with them on their home ground; reverse-subvert the leadership and only THEN do these things.
>Github becoming woke
What rock have you been living under? Also this is your obligatory "stop using shithub" post.
The problem is that Codeberg ends in "berg"
Replies: >>7602
The problem is that Codeberg has been pozzed for some time now, especially since the new ToS were added:

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ITT we discuss how technology will assist in our survival during various SHTF scenarios
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Replies: >>7073 >>7543 + 1 earlier
Easypal is the only software I know of that will do that, but it's windows only and no longer maintained.
>>3597 (OP) 
Hidden abin in the woods with 3 months of canned and pickled food. I'm not a fighter.
>>3597 (OP) 
Does fully-armed & armored robowaifus count, OP?
Replies: >>7546
How are you planning to charge it?

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I was looking through the video editing thread on /v/ and figured it would be appropriate to have something similar here now that /tech/ exists. Except I think it would be ideal if the focus was on free software solutions, and also encompassing a broader spectrum of content rather than just videos.

In this thread give tips and ask questions about image editing, video editing, encoding, and anything else you think might be relevant for creating content.

Recommended Software
Video Editors
Recording & Streaming
>OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)
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Thanks, man. I was looking for a animated gif conversion process
How does libaom 3.5.0 perform under realtime constraints on a post-2017 CPU?
Does it deliver somewhat acceptable quality for livestreaming at a reasonable bitrate?
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>>7256 forgot my image feel free to put this on the offtopic thread sorry if this is the wrong place
FINALLY after all these days (85 uptime) i fucking did it it actually didnt crash the core isolation setting really paid off i finished my session holy shit i feel really good wrestling my adhd all the tasks are done PHEW now where was i? 60 days wihtout any gaming feels really draining due to my ram all filled up but this upgrade should solve the problem
dunno if this counts as OC but did i do good? how do i convert this thing into a sticker for my legion? any settings i should change on my printer or the image viewer?
im gonna put this jak at the back of my laptop (im gonna make a thread on 4chan /g/ after the ram upgrade tomorrow) mwahaha just for the kicks since its all botspam there i wanna liven up that place once in a while
also take this free wallpaper if there are any winfags here why is windows so rude? right after i enabled my wifi this thing just updooted after i restart my system even though i told it to wait a few more days (this happened on next startup dont worry)
Replies: >>7266
Use a search engine, first result "diy print sticker"
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how the fuck did 123movies detect developer tools? in the end i stopped using that ad filled shithole before VM potentially crashed
(the infected link itself i could not decode scripts) hxxps://www1.123moviesfree.icu/movie/g-i-joe-the-rise-of-cobra/watching.html
(original sauce of watermarked file) hxxps://www.fzmovies.net/movie-G.I.%20Joe:%20The%20Rise%20of%20Cobra--hmp4.htm

why the heck does audio stuttering happen on shotcut? whenever i play for a few seconds in winPE and how do i zoom in the seekbar itself for precise editing? (man i love opensource so far i did not get errors despite missing MS files though my vcpus did reach 100 during export)
initally i was just looking for youtube video for the [you and what army scene] but all i got was a low quality TV rip im surprised nobody memified this gem of a clip yet (i also included the nanite injection scene and the laser prison scene incase you need those as well)
so here it is my first edited video did i do good? also i found a way to hide the winPE taskbar just by fiddling the registry though i do need to kill explorer.exe first (hmm making a batch script to auto apply registry shoudnt be too hard since a lot of games use fake full screen and its still annoyingly there)

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cat tor-browser_en-US/Browser/.local/share/recently-used.xbel
strings tor-browser_en-US/Browser/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/*https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/how-to-permanently-get-rid-of-this-horrible-gvfs-metadata-beast-4175530495/#post5978968
>To get the tools, one can recompile distro's gvfs package and then, from the build directory, subdirectory metadata/.libs copy the files meta-get , meta-get-tree , meta-ls and meta-set to say /usr/bin/gvfs-meta-get etc
The simple usage instruction can be gotten in the usual way, through the "-h" option.
>Now to see what ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata actually is used for, you can run:
gvfs-meta-get -r -f ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/user /
gvfs-meta-get -r -f ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/root />And after analyzing the output on my Slackware 14.2 system I discovered that the ONLY extended attribute stored in this whole sorry mess was numerous "download-uri" put there by Mozilla browsers for everything they've ever done. As some perverted kind of permanent, indelible download history.
>One can compile and ru
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Replies: >>7115 + 1 earlier
You can't overestimate the incompetence of Tor Browser developers, and/or GNOME developers
Replies: >>3869
You mean malicious.
Same here. I use dwm, so that might be the reason. But what is recently-used.xbel for?
Replies: >>3954
something you use a search engine for
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>>2767 (OP) 
On TailsOS its in the .local/share/gvfs-metadataNot in .tor-browser dir>>2792
>WTF is this $hit?
I assume this doesn't have to do with Tor but with GNOMe
Really Hate that TailsOS chose GNOME DE.
I have disabled GNOME Animations in DCONF with an autorun script on tails.
Any other ((( GNOME ))) bullshit I could disable in dconf or etc?

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After using the same handful of wallpaper images for the last three and a half years, I have come to the realization that I should get some new wallpapers.

Post your favourite wallpapers and wallpaper sources.  Pics related are a few of what I've been using; screenshots from a dead game called Blacklight: Retribution.  I never played it myself but it had some neat visuals.
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Found some old shit. Just make sure you use nearest interpolation (and probably integer scaling, unless you have a really high resolution)
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[Hide] (2.4MB, 4000x3000)
Replies: >>6953
[Hide] (2.6MB, 5120x3840)
third one maeka me wanna snorta da druk
I usually get my wallpapers at https://konachan.com/

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Ptychographic X-ray laminography: No trade secret or hardware trojan can hide

Every cell transmitter, phone and computer must be inspected. Silicon Trojans must perish.

Freedom for all is encroached when a few cyber terrorists can freely CONSPIRE to use microwave weapons and silicon trojans. While you are distracted with THEORY, they spread the PRACTICE: surveillance, theft, sabotage and murder.

Havana Syndrome is the result of hacked cell transmitters being used as a microwave weapon. Civilians are victimized daily, children included.

“Havana Syndrome: Are You Next? Electromagnetic Terrorism and Cognitive Warfare” at "hxxps://areyounext.help".

The future of privacy/security is clothing made of metallized fabric to block microwave imaging (enables theft of inner speech by observing minuscule throat/face muscle movements) and block directed energy attacks.

#BadBIOS #Havana Syndrome #Conspiracy Practice #Freedom #Faraday Cage #Firmware Vulnerability #Electromagnetic Surveillance

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[Hide] (572.1KB, 1715x1057)
[Hide] (450.7KB, 1614x1055)
Replies: >>6580
Give me the tl;dr
Replies: >>6736
Tl;DR of the first two, is that EMF weapons design seems to be hazardous to the health of those designing it for one reason or another, and the government is keeping it top secret. Cold war fears and all that jazz too.

The third is concerning the "Moscow Signal", which goes from 2.5 to 4 gigahertz at 5 milliwatts per square centimeter. What the paper is so concerned about, is the possible medical effects of microwave radiation above 10 milliwatts. Project PANDORA was the US's experiment of recreating the Moscow Signal and determining it's medical effects on monkeys so they can gauge it's effects on humans. 

From the paper, the study concluded that the frequency caused neural issues with the monkey while the monkey "worked". However, there is a LOT of missing data in what is merely two pages of an extensive report. What "work," was this monkey doing? What could potentially hamper the results of this test? What was the monkey's state of health before the test?

The fourth is a paper on how soviet standards are far different than american standards when it comes to microwave radiation, not too much to tell, since back then, there wasn't many sources of radio or magnetic radiation through electronics.

So what does this mean for the modern day?

Well, the thing is this.

A microwave oven runs at 2.45Ghz. which is technically 5mhz below the 2.5ghz of the bottom of the Moscow Signal.
Wlan and other Wifi technologies run at anywhere from 2.5ghz to 6ghz, which is both in and beyond the range of the Moscow Signal.
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>>5750 (OP) 
boy would i like to see that camera get BLACKED
Re: video surveillance


Or make Bookmarks, and export KMZ file



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This is a project I've been working on for some time and I would like to see it get used. It's using libvirt and sqlite, and it's written in C. You will be assigned a port range to use (NAT). cloud-init and all of that nigger shit, is not being used here, only a small shell script and a daemon written in python.
irc.fsirc.net #vmbot
irc.rizon.net #vmbot
>11:12 <VMBot> VM IP: (external: [redacted]), password is "npsmxurrdphieemkgmkfcceoiuxtfm", admin/SSH port is 2094, port range is 2094:2124
Commands are !vm template and !vm deploy [template]
Register your nick through services, that's it.
>are the templates backdoored
No, I have created the devuan one through debootstrap, installed what was needed, and added in the first run script, before packaging it up. Alpine was done by manually installing it and configuring it.
>source code
Licensed under GPLv2, code should be of OK quality.
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Replies: >>6793 >>6795 + 1 earlier
>Also, why does the libcutil makefile use cat and cp for installing instead of install(1)
It's old code, I will fix that.
>Your libcutil also lacks a license (meaning it's proprietary software).
Yeah, missed that too since I was in a hurry to package it up.
>>6771 (OP) 
Replies: >>6804
>>6771 (OP) 
Is the bot still up? It isn't working on rizon.
Replies: >>6804 >>6824
No, I had some issues with libvirtd where it was hanging at random, and it's probably related to it being an older version. I will, though, try and get it back up under a new channel at a later date.
Replies: >>6824
Bot is back up at #freespeech @ rizon. Nickname must be registered, of course.

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Close the board. The topic of "Technology & Computing" has ended. There's no point in going on anymore.

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>You need to have nodejs
Where does it say nodejs?
>It's not so comfy
Tiling wm, find files in vim https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3554719/find-a-file-via-recursive-directory-search-in-vim , bash alias/function. Have you ever looked beyond nudev gui toddler screech about vim/emacs? No, you simply have never tried.
>plugins and config
As I said, vim out of the box is fully usable. You don't need plugins and ide features.
>carpal tunnel
Going around files shouldn't be that hard. vimtutor
>Why should one waste time with configuring software at all?
Why should one waste time programming? Everyone should just learn to use what others wrote. Better yet, they should own nothing and be happy about it. A smith takes care of his workplace and make it the most efficient for him. It is the respect of his work and the passion driving him to do smarted, bett
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The best piece of software is written using ed because you don't need to pretend being a hacker with colorful symbols visible or do anything aside from single task
Replies: >>6702
>links to blank page (i know it loads for your faggot good guy IP faggot thats besides the point)
>its ogre!
>accuses people of pretending to be a hacker
>while pretending to be a hacker
>it had a built in function to draw shit
thats basically just a library you stupid fucking boomer.

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what in the cock sucking nigger shit are people thinking with build systems?
every fucking project i build either works by pure luck, or breaks because some package is the wrong version and the softwareniggers are too fucking dumb to grasp the simplest fucking concept like specifying dependencies correctly. to top it off there's always some new fucking stupid feature added to every fucking build system every week. even portage. every fucking time i have to read up on these new features to figure out what in the fuck these morons were trying to do. YOURE NOT SPECIAL STOP REQUIRING SPECIAL FEATURES YOUR PROJECT IS LITERALLY CRUD AND THERE ARE 10,000 OTHER PROGRAMS THAT ARE THE SAME AS YOURS
1 reply omitted. View the full thread
Because the first good build system (Meson) was only made recently and hasn't picked up as many users as it should. Most programmers don't know programming itself and are too dumb to know better or they're in a state of learned helplessness and still think build systems are like mail clients which have never been done right. Also, nobody is taught how to write build definitions correctly and few can figure it out by themselves.
Maven seems OK for Java
>Download pdf related.
>"Excel is a build system in disguise. Consider the following simple spreadsheet. ..."
WTF is M$ smoking??
Replies: >>6676 >>6677
In their model, anything that maintains a key value store with respect to being up to date is a build system.
It makes sense. The tables are build instructions rather than values, which are then processed to make the final result. 
I guess the distinction is that a function either just returns you a result or needs to be called, whereas the build instructions generate automated results.

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When you build a new PC or want to try a new distro (or any type of technology, really), what are some common things you do in order to get a feel for how it works?  I feel this topic is meaty enough to be worth its own thread, and I'd prefer for it not to be buried in the QTDDTOTT.

I've just finished building a PC to use as a Linux workstation, so now I can begin the time-honored tradition of distro hopping and bitching about how no single one has everything I want before ultimately settling on [distro you hate].  There is a decent volume of information about different distros out there, but most "reviews" are simply a feature list, a copy-paste from the distro's website, or a video of an installation.  They aren't very helpful for anyone who isn't a complete troglodyte, and I like to think I'm not that stupid.

I have a handful of things I want to do that will help simulate routine tasks, but so far they're all pretty basic:
>compile and run a simple C program
>install a new package with the package manager
>install a new programming language/SDK
>configure a chron job to clean up a folder every day
>ssh into a remote server and make changes to a file on it
>create a local git repo and push changes to a remote one
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Install Arch or Gentoo. Debian or Devuan are also acceptable choices.
Replies: >>6565 >>6567

But what did GNU/Linux mean by this?
language: bash
fortune -o
"All in all, this whole period of winter 1919-20 was a single struggle
 to strengthen confidence in the victorious might of the young movement
 and raise it to that fanaticism of faith which can move mountains."
         [Adolf Hitler, "Mein Kampf" Vol. 1 Chapter 12]

language: bash
fortune -ao -m goy

Message too long. View the full text
I couldn't find a gangster edition of any of those. Did I not look hard enough?
Replies: >>6568 >>6570
>not running Tomato Garden XP
You can set custom boot logo (Plymouth) on Linux, too.
Three words: Hannah Montana Linux.

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