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Pastebin went full retard and is locking and deleting files that trigger any of their retarded broken filters for "offensive" words, so if you have something of value better copy it elsewhere (like your H/SDD) just to be safe.
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Welcome to years ago.
>better copy it elsewhere (like your H/SDD) just to be safe
You should do that anyway. That said, I have some shit that triggered their filters, but there's no locking or deleting going on. Got a source for that shit?

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Finally, we have /tech/ back. I uploaded these right before Zchan kicked the bucket, let's see what the anons around here can make.
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Nicely done.
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This banner would be more fitting if the 8ch logo was replaced with the zzzchan logo
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Shit attempt, acceptable?
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We talk all the time about our preferred operating systems, programs, and window managers, but how do you think software affects people beyond productivity? Can an operating system push people towards creativity or make them lazy? Can chat protocols or different kinds of message boards shape how people think and act? Does using a window manager or the raw virtual console benefit you as a person more than suffering through Gnome Shell? Or are all our software choices just personal tastes that don't affect anything?
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>you have problem with X program? well then use Y other program that's also filled with problems
I'll ask again, how can you expect to ever make software good this way?
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>>265 (OP) 
By prioritizing bigger problems first like Gimp's developers are finally doing. I'll take all of Gimp 2.99's refactoring, better support for color space (the biggest issue holding professionals back from using Gimp, not muh squares), and other improvements over a dinky square tool anyday.
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Firstly a geometric shape tool is much more fundamental and important to much more people than some color spaces, secondly "professionals" aren't going to give a shit about Gimp for a long long time when they can just pay $40 to get Affinity Photo which does everything 50 times better, thirdly it would take a day or two to add a geometric shape tool to the program, and fourthly Krita, the program you're suggesting as an alternative is the apex example of completely fucked up priorities.
Tried this? https://www.pinta-project.com/
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>when you e-beg but accidentally make your web service look worthless

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>try to search something on an invidious fork
>as per usual, it doesn't work
>end up needing to search on invidio.us and open every link to see which fork is working today
Is this because of Jewgle's mischief or host incompetence?
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I just search for videos from a search engine and copypaste the link to genyt. Literally faster than putting up with youtube loading 16 years on every page load and playing 70 ads.
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The way I use youtube without javascript is I have a dozen or so channels bookmarked and check their rss feed to see if there's anything new I want to watch. Might do this every week or so.

Copy the links one by one into a text file and run youtube-dl -a . If I want the video's description for a link in there or more information I just have to use --write-description on that video's URL.

For search I do what >>401 does. All that youtube is for me is a video file hosting service. No ads, no thumbnails and no suggested content. No dealing with youtube front-ends either.
>>390 (OP) 
same here. I have to refresh the page a dozen times before anything will load.
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>>390 (OP) 
I just use mpv https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49koBNWIuy4 (you need to have mpv + youtube-dl + ffmpeg + rtmpdump installed for this to work)

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What's the simplest way to work with Linux sound? If I install Gentoo or something, presuming I have X and a WM up and running but no sound, what's the simplest way to get desktop-quality audio?
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If anyone uses mpd + alsa, make sure to resample to 32bit with libsamplerate. Audible difference.
Since this thread exists, I'll repost >>>/v/23570

Save this to ~/.asoundrc
possible language: rust, relevance: 10
pcm.!default {
        type asym

        playback.pcm "plug:Output"
        capture.pcm "plug:Input"

pcm.Output {
        type dmix

        ipc_key 1024
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>>91 (OP) 
Whatever you do, audio is shit on Linux. If you have one of these generic on board sound chips it probaby won't be much of a problem, not matter which route you go. But try using some expensive firewire audio interface and you'll have to fight dropouts and shit.
Most consumer sound cards have mixing functionality already included so you could theoretically use bare alsa. However if you have a soundchip that can't mix you could only ever have one application at a time play audio unless you install something like pulseaudio that brings its own software mixing.
Never had any luck with Jack. It does achieve lower latencies but I never could get it to run without timing issues/jitter/dropouts. I'd rather use windows for that stuff, I can't imagine it being very fun running six gorillion VST plugins through wine.
Schismtracker and Renoise work fine though and of course limitations can sometimes lead to creativity.
Replies: >>408
>However if you have a soundchip that can't mix
>What is dmix (literally post above)
>NOTE: For ALSA 1.0.9rc2 and higher you don't need to setup dmix for analogue output. Dmix is enabled by default for soundcards which don't support hardware mixing. You still need to set it up for digital outputs.
You don't know what you are talking about, go back.
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>>91 (OP) 
>alsa + pulseaudio but run both of them through JACK
>you could use apulse to get rid of pulseaudio but for whatever reason in practice, it doesn't work as cleanly
>for an alsa + JACK only build, slam this into your .asoundrc
pcm.rawjack {
    type jack
    playback_ports {
        0 system:playback_1
        1 system:playback_2
    capture_ports {
        0 system:capture_1
        1 system:capture_2
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Discuss methods to remove >systemd.
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Why 2.1.35? 2.1.15 can be emerged without systemd and rust.
Replies: >>264
2.1.15 has an issue with audio playing that isn't rectified until I think 2.1.16. And systemd and rust is required after 2.1.16. And also a ton of gay ass extensions require more recent versions. But anything above 2.1.16 would be good for me because that audio bug is atrocious. I use void, for a while I've been running Arch in a VM just to use Anki, occasionally seeing if I can figure out how to compile a recent version without much knowledge.
What's your distro? I made a dependency tree for Anki and the offenders are, as you've guessed, QT5 packages. Namely, qt5-base and qt5-webengine. But that's because they've been compiled to work with your distro's init, i.e. they depend on systemdicked dbus, util-linux and p11-kit. Unless they snuck something in their Rust code as well, any non-systemD distro that ships their own qt5 meta package with necessary flags (or you compile your own if you're on Gentoo) should support Anki. If compiling is not your thing, there is, for example, Artix.
You could prepare a separate installation of whatever distribution of GNU/Linux you prefer in a virtual machine dedicated to this purpose specifically which will have systemd so you can run anki in that machine, if you do not want systemd to touch your actual machine.
install gentoo

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