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Discussion about "AI"s, deep learning, llms and others.
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Replies: >>11519
>>11482 (OP) 
You won't find more conversation about these topics on the webring than /robowaifu/, OP.

No, it absolutely is cucked by the kikes Anon, just as you suspect. And yes you'd need to train your own model to avoid the Globohomo doublethink and newspeak. The issue is the hardware requirements for training are formidable. We've been thinking about ways to distribute the training loads across Anon's computers, similar to Folding@home's approaches.
Replies: >>11522
>thinking about ways to distribute
You can do it with https://www.deepspeed.ai/getting-started/#resource-configuration-multi-node already.
Replies: >>11523
Thanks for the advice, Anon.
AIs think in completely different ways than humans.
Replies: >>11549
tell us more
is this ai in the room with us now

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Discuss alternative Internet protocols and potentially generate a rated list for the sticky.
Censorship is coming, fast. Many users are getting banned on (((mainstream sites))), Cuckflare, hosts and isps are closing in on every wrongthinkers. Find the best alt net to contribute and develop bunkers/comms.
Mesh and alt infrastructures welcome.
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>Use the SOCKS
I hate modern programmers.
Replies: >>8355
The SOCKS protocol originates from the early 90s anon.
Replies: >>11115
I believe one of the main things is that you get to choose what sorts of things you're hosting on your machine, instead of randomly being given a collection of data that could contain cp or something. I personally quite liked IPFS, and I wish there was an easy way to discover sites and stuff with it. Back in the day there was that IPFS imageboard (smugboard, I think) that existed as a test of sorts. It would be really neat to see projects like that continue.
Wow... So this has been going on longer than I realized
The book is broken into three parts:

    An introduction (or re-introduction) to hypermedia, with a particular focus on HTML and HTTP. We will finish this review of core hypermedia concepts by creating a simple “Web 1.0”-style application, Contact.app, for managing contacts.
    Next we will look at how we can use htmx, a hypermedia-oriented JavaScript library created by the authors of this book, to improve Contact.app. By using htmx, we will be able to achieve a level of interactivity in our application that many developers would expect to require a large, sophisticated front end library, such as React. Thanks to htmx, we will be able to do this using hypermedia as our system architecture.
    Finally, we will look at a completely different hypermedia system, Hyperview. Hyperview is a mobile hypermedia system, related to, but distinct from the web and created by one of the authors of this book — Adam Stepinski. It supports mobile specific features by providing not only a mobile specific hypermedia, but also a mobile hypermedia client. These novel components, combined with any HTTP server, make it possible to build mobile Hypermedia-Driven Applications.


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Nobody wants to make the thread edition

See also /agdg/ at >>>/v/ for videogames.

What are you working on?
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Another captcha idea: generate nonsense words that, when spoken out, sound like real words. Objective is to type out the real word.
For example: widiohblahtphoom -> video platform

Just had that idea, haven't even begun to try making it at all. I don't know if there's any good way to make that conversion or how easy it would be to break or solve legitimately. It would probably also filter out people who can't speak English well which may be good or bad.
It's extremely slow. Atomics have locks, just inside the hardware. Now imagine the lock contention. All the threads compete for the same resource, so scaling is O(1): the operation performs the same no matter how many threads you throw at it.
Replies: >>11449
>just inside the hardware.
The point of the exercise is that contention is limited to a single clock cycle (ie, billionths of a second), since Fetch-n-X operations are such.
Replies: >>11450
If there is contention, i.e. more than one thread access the same atomic, only one goes through. The others will fail the operation and it takes additional cycles for retries. For a large number of threads, it will lead to a cascade of retries.
How about something like this: https://www.osti.gov/biblio/1531271 ?
Replies: >>11451
Can't read them yet, working, but thanks anon.

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Was uncle ted ultimately right? Is humanity fundamentally at odds with modern technology?
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Replies: >>11447 + 6 earlier
It is not about the intention. It is about using things for the benefit of yourself. When I say could have been a good thing, I mean controlling technology for yourself. Destroying technology remove the possibility all together.
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Before the masses got on Internet, they just spread propaganda through TV, movies, music, radio, and of course schools. So even without smartphones, they'd still be spreading propaganda to the masses the old way.
The main reason smartphones and other modern tech are bad is because (as others pointed out) they're used as control and surveillance mechanisms. The 80's computers were too simple and limited to support that type of subversion. And also, they were generally designed to be programmed by the user, without any limitations from nanny "we know better, it's for your own good" operating system and hardware.
Replies: >>11446
>without any limitations from nanny "we know better, it's for your own good" operating system and hardware.
My own view is far, far more cynical than that today Anon. The Globohomo's Surveillance State division absolutely intends to provide conclusive data to their Police State division to kick your door in for wrongthink and drag you into the Ministry of Love's torture chambers before offing you.

Back in the the 80's? Maybe there was some of that Nanny State shit. Today it's Satanic AF b/c ((( reasons ))).
>>8663 (OP) 
yes, no doubt

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According to this: https://madaidans-insecurities.github.io/security-privacy-advice.html Linux is bad from security perspective, author advises you to use WIndows 10 in S mode, macOS or ChromeOS for more securit. Is it true or he is biased?
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Replies: >>11440 + 6 earlier
a backdoor in linux is a cve
a backdoor in windows is a feature
Replies: >>11413
>a backdoor in linux is a cve
>a backdoor in windows is a feature
This. Would glowniggers someone just do that? Go on the cve database Internet and just withold 0days lie?
>So is FreeBSD good? 
No, but it's usable (like OpenBSD). For example, the FreeBSD's RNG was broken in -current (development tip version) for 4 months before someone noticed it: https://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-current/2015-February/054580.html 
>"... This means most/all keys generated may be predictable and must be regenerated.  This includes, but not limited to, ssh keys and keys generated by OpenSSL."

That kind of thing just wouldn't happen in OpenBSD. OpenBSD is very usable as desktop if you don't mind the performance which is actually okay for normal but non-intensive use. See, >>5388 for details.

But if you want a *BSD with good performance (and ZFS) install FreeBSD. ZFS is the only reason to use FreeBSD in my honest opinion.
(NetBSD also has ZFS but idk if they have added support for using it as root fs /  . DragonFlyBSD has Hammer2 file system which is very nice also)
DragonFlyBSD and HardenedBSD are also usable but they have fewer developers and users (but HardenedBSD fork is very close to FreeBSD and, because of this, some call it "patch set" instead of fork). NetBSD is
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>>1694 (OP) 
every product you listed is toddler nocoder dogshit including linux
Stop replying to this over two years old bait thread.

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What is even a good email provider to use anymore?
>inb4 selfhost your email
most info taken from: https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/email.html
probably incomplete quick list, but you could read the dippity dopper article for more information

<gmail, yahoo, etc.
>big corpo trash
>sells data to 3rd party advertisers
>Shady metadata policy (retained for an indefinite amount of time)
>URLs in onion hidden service site point to the clearnet (information is from 2019, cannot reconfirm as the hidden service never loads as of the time writing this)
>Account creation verification blocks some email domains from being used to verify the account (Riseup and possibly cock.li domains for example)
>Doesn't allow usage of your own PGP keys and forces their private keys generated on their servers instead through a JS web interface, many backdoors
>Requires to use their stupid bridge thing for mail clients, possible backdoor
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LARP Deeper's views on blacked.moe
UPDATE 25 October 2022: so, the block bypass is now needed to read or see images at all (at least over the onion) - meaning you can't simply link stuff freely from there. At least you can now solve the bypass without enabling JS or using a separate program; it lasts a week per solution. Of course, the clearnet domain shouldn't be used, as it is Cloudflared. Captcha required per post - what a joke; but at least it's easy to solve. Still allows posting without JS and has high quality discussions - though the boards other than /v/ are inactive. 
High tier due to the new changes.His views on zzzchan
This is really similar to 8chan now, even with similar activity levels. Does not require bullshit to post, I was even able to avoid enabling JS and cookies. Use the onion domain since the regular address is still behind Cloudflare. Overall I think the 8chan administration is better, so I'm giving this o
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forgot sauce
I haven't bothered to read his site but if this is the level that he has then he just lost me.
I think the problem comes from the fact that unlike other privacy autists, he openly believes that the real solution to the botnet has to be a major societal change (which he claims has to be done through a full-scale revolution and not through voting, protests, or petitions) rather than everyone switching to FOSS and decentralized networks, which probably ticks off some people who just want a private email, browser, and OS, and not care so much about politics. The fact that he also recommends RiseUp (an activist email provider that is intended for a certain ideology) as a viable email provider speaks volume.

I honestly don't know what to say about his views, but he seems to be willing to talk about things that other people aren't. I mean, he correctly predicted that COVID-19 was a scam that will lead to move power and control long before everyone else did.


But other times, I don't know what he is thinking. A recent-ish article he made seems to describe the ideal society he would want to live in, but I can't tell if it's satire or not. He talks about eating dead bodies as being more ethical than the current meat industry.

Message too long. View the full text
he's totally retarded, he thinks that 8chan and 8kun were "top tier" at any point in time

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>be Thomas Buchler
>gay jew record producer
>become Orthodox jew (but remain a massive faggot)
>try learning Torah chant
>through tapes to save time and probably shekels
>oy vey rewinding tapes is too slow
>my time is valuable
>I could be writing computer software and making money instead
>licenses DECtalk
>uses it to make TropeTrainer
>the definitive software for learning torah chant
>software that sings the word of god
>it's really fucking good
>loads of jews buy it
>along the way he preserves loads of obscure jewish chant traditions
Message too long. View the full text
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If every christian was like Terry Davis, then I think it'd be a pretty alright religion.
You don't understand, terry is biologically jewish.
He was supposed to be our new messiah!!
Replies: >>11178 >>11182
>actual prophecies
what can you prove it predicted without resorting to Revelations-tier interpretations?
Replies: >>11182
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Blasphemers against King Terry get the rope

[Hide] (16.1KB, 300x292)
Any ideas on how to shield internet discourse from highly proficient, Turing-Test-passing chatbots sicced on given economical, political and cultural goals set by an unchecked and unbalanced third party?
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See? They'll just sink their houses. They're already thinking ahead.
>I've never been able to take depopulation conspiracies seriously, even when TPtB openly spout "muh overpopulation, muh degrowth" propaganda, given the actual results of the policies they push worldwide.
Well to begin with, I don't think the globalist kikes care what you (or anyone) think, as long as you don't try to stop them. Also, it's only the White population they're trying to genocide, primarily because White males are literally the only major roadblock standing in their way to complete world domination. Get ride of White males, problem solved.

All that would be left for them then would be the Chinese, and I'm pretty sure the kikes feel they would quickly have them in the bag with jewgold, once Whitey was out of the picture. The browns and muds are of little significance in the global scale of things of course.
I don't think you understand the level of contempt the elites have for the unwashed masses. Throughout history, the idea of getting rid of the "rabble" has always been prevalent among the aristocrats, but was always deterred by simple realities such as "Who will grow our food" or "Who will fight our wars". Once automation takes over, those arguments will no longer hold weight and whomever is in power at that time will be able to genocide the undesirables without the pesky repercussions those actions would have today.
Replies: >>11016
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[Hide] (34.9KB, 803x467)
Some lame ass bots were all like herp derp and then this jew shows up with demands.

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ITT we discuss how technology will assist in our survival during various SHTF scenarios
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>>3597 (OP) 
Hidden abin in the woods with 3 months of canned and pickled food. I'm not a fighter.
>>3597 (OP) 
Does fully-armed & armored robowaifus count, OP?
Replies: >>7546
How are you planning to charge it?
Replies: >>10979
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>>3597 (OP) 
>boil acorns to get tannic acid out then eat with dandelion tea
>distill pee and run it through preheated soil to not die of dehydration
<so I need a still and hot pot that can run post nuclear winter..... fire go brrrrrr?

Just save enough autistics with acorns and dandelion tea and it will work itself out.
With acorns and dandelions. >>3675
>booze has no value 

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Post suggestions to keep the board excellent.
Last edited by Hidden User
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Bumping this, though I think I might be too fucking lazy
Replies: >>10365 >>10367
[Hide] (397.1KB, 863x667)
>too fucking lazy
It's not that hard. As long as you can come up with a list of names for players and whether they should defend or not you'd almost have a proper team to compete. The real problem is getting the ball rolling heh and generating interest here on the board.
Kits shouldn't be too hard to create either consider what we're dealing with. Plaster a white T-shirt with GIMP peppers and you'd be sitting on a free as in libre football kit.
Replies: >>10367
Forgot this completely. /tech/ is going to participate.
Is there a deadline on submitting required materials?
Help with designs welcome. To avoid conflicts, post here to apply/reserve part of work and your own deadline.
Replies: >>10372
Glad to know there's some interest here, /tech/'s been missing from the cup since 2016 and would be a very welcome addition to the current roster.
>is there a deadline on submitting a team?
The guy who organized everything last year is MIA and there's not enough consensus on the /icup/ board on anon.cafe to set a deadline for team submissions.
Hence, you're welcome to work on the team at your own pace. I'd recommend deciding on all the team players first to at least have some foundation to work on, then figuring effective strategies in-game for instance, though this would require installing the game (PES '17) note that the tournament is played by CPUs and not by Anon, so the best strategy is to figure out what works best for the computer and what doesn't.

In any case /tech/ is free to create a thread on https://anon.cafe/icup/ to ideafag and organize their team. There's in fact one thread already dedicated to /tech/ sitting at the bottom of the catalog, specifically 8chan.moe/t/, though that board never finished their team nor has shown any recent interest in participating.
No, some are probably just drug dealers/users

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