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Welcome >>>/bmn/ ! Bad movies every saturday.

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How do I join?

- a link to your website
- a 240x60 banner of your website

then add the others also in the webring

I'll start:
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what is HTML and CSS ?  why you can learn HTML at https://www.tutorialspoint.com/html/index.htm and https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/HTML ? why there are tutorials on using CSS to style HTML pages at https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/CSS ? why do you need to get a text editor, like Notepad++ ? what is https://neocities.org ?
Replies: >>1693
why are you putting me down
I wanted to make a site to join the webring and now I dont even want to try
Replies: >>1696
Open W3Schools and start an HTML/CSS course you lazy fucking nigger, it's a lot of fun and extremely fulfilling especially when you've never written code on a computer before. You could be making a gorgeous website RIGHT NOW but instead you're shitposting on /tech/, go do the thing and come back to us with questions faggot.
webring_likho.png (u)
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Website for my writing hobby.

Might have done the banner quick. Hope it looks good.

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BLR_2015-01-16_00-19-23-45.jpg (u)
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BLR_2015-01-16_19-12-50-11.jpg (u)
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After using the same handful of wallpaper images for the last three and a half years, I have come to the realization that I should get some new wallpapers.

Post your favourite wallpapers and wallpaper sources.  Pics related are a few of what I've been using; screenshots from a dead game called Blacklight: Retribution.  I never played it myself but it had some neat visuals.
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aek-16.png (u)
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aek-32.png (u)
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*Downscale image (I like results with 250 height)
*then make pic  1 and 2 palette in gimp
*change color mode to indexed with positioned dithering and chose a desired palette
*Upscale it to your desktop resolution.

You can probably easily automate it with imagemagic but I'm too lazy for that.
>If I remember the story correctly, some anon de ,jpg'ed google doodle and it became 'official' art of zzzchan.
Yeah that is the whole story, though I'm not too confident about whether it was actually a jewgle doodle or just some random art. It's been well over a year and my memory is hazy. Worth noting it wasn't de-jpg'd through any kind of automated wizardry, but rather completely redone from scratch, pixel by pixel, hence why it isn't a perfect 1:1 rendition of the original.
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spec-ops-loading.jpg (u)
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stupid_sexy_sahara.jpg (u)
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summer_daydream_by_the7punisher_ddalmts.png (u)
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SzsQnsM.jpg (u)
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Take care of yourself, anon.
Replies: >>3288
0ec731c1152c4466a09a7931074c3e4354f8be49dec4b04b07cf0cbdd7f74fae.gif (u)
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0f466e058e05dec94f07f466eb75a569ae8129b1011f70e4c164aaa88c3eb91b.jpg (u)
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4d2a29ad65c4d16679b10101ee0d259b9bd7d6318a7ea5c3a5fb676a1b0d59de.png (u)
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7690ebd06cae2aa0d7d1177b21a13ef5a76c44c03bef99df9f411c03a9a86df2.jpg (u)
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2914655077.jpg (u)
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And don't forget to bully the tranny
wallhaven-28gq1g_1920x1080.png (u)
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HBtUxP2I.png (u)
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>I’ve been working as a mobile developer for 12 years. I’m a straight white male who knows what I am doing in my occupation. But lately I’m struggling to find another place to work.
>I applied for a job at DuckDuckGo, and got told to go fuck myself right away. So I reapplied as a black lesbian 5 years of experience who can’t program or spell. They are moving me to the 2nd round of interviews.
>What do we do in an industry that fucks straight white men over so relentlessly? >Do I just become a NEET? Feeling down and super blackpilled atm. Fuck this gay clown world where nothing makes any sense.
Source: https://varishangout.com/index.php?threads/duckduckgo-ignore-highly-qualified-white-man-interested-in-black-queen.509/
Replies: >>3359 >>3369
>>3357 (OP) 
I am transvaccinated. I am valid and you need to respect my pronouns or get cancelled.
There seems to be few options, either work in smaller business, ideally remotely to offset living cost; or beat them in their game, choose all races and gender on your jewedin profile and dress like a clown in the interview.
>>3357 (OP) 
this belong in news thread
Lol, that name:
cuckcuckgo is a tentacle belonging to the nose tribe.

new_mascot.png (u)
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marshall_mcluhan_on_the_anti-christ.jpeg (u)
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We talk all the time about our preferred operating systems, programs, and window managers, but how do you think software affects people beyond productivity? Can an operating system push people towards creativity or make them lazy? Can chat protocols or different kinds of message boards shape how people think and act? Does using a window manager or the raw virtual console benefit you as a person more than suffering through Gnome Shell? Or are all our software choices just personal tastes that don't affect anything?
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1435804069272.jpg (u)
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>>265 (OP) 
By prioritizing bigger problems first like Gimp's developers are finally doing. I'll take all of Gimp 2.99's refactoring, better support for color space (the biggest issue holding professionals back from using Gimp, not muh squares), and other improvements over a dinky square tool anyday.
Replies: >>371
d3cd98025258b86bb7d2f0efea40319a373eb5e721bb1f890b89c19700e744d3.png (u)
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Firstly a geometric shape tool is much more fundamental and important to much more people than some color spaces, secondly "professionals" aren't going to give a shit about Gimp for a long long time when they can just pay $40 to get Affinity Photo which does everything 50 times better, thirdly it would take a day or two to add a geometric shape tool to the program, and fourthly Krita, the program you're suggesting as an alternative is the apex example of completely fucked up priorities.
Tried this? https://www.pinta-project.com/
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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>when you e-beg but accidentally make your web service look worthless
>>265 (OP) 
>can something a person experiences affect them
Yes, absolutely. Like all things, if you get used to using computers to do things, you will get used to thinking in certain ways. This is particularly obvious when you talk about something like communication and expression of ideas, just look at twitterniggers making 140-char "hot takes" with 0 content vs imageboards where you have all the time in the world to make and edit a longpost.
This also pops up in programming languages. I have no idea what the hell a monad is other than some academic shit Haskellfags love and I can't imagine how it could make my code neater, but since people port them to other languages there's clearly some kind of benefit to it. I don't know, I think in terms of procedures and macros and state because those are the ways I've been using to tell a computer what to do for so long.

win11_webshit.png (u)
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win11_webshit_2.png (u)
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Excuse me for the low quality thread, but
Yes, I stole these screenshots from Twitter. News this fucking retarded does not deserve a good thread.
The absolute fucking state of Microsoft.
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Man can't wait for all the normalfags to abandon their old computers for new ones that support windows 11. Will the price of hardware drop even more due to this? Will I get to have an old laptop as cheap as a used phone?
Replies: >>3347 >>3348
There are tons of them on ebay already?
Not as useful as it used to be considering that all computers made in the last 10 years are fucking garbage.
1543805969234.png (u)
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>Still sticking with spyware.
Where do you think you are?
Install Ubuntu Mate

linux_audio.png (u)
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What's the simplest way to work with Linux sound? If I install Gentoo or something, presuming I have X and a WM up and running but no sound, what's the simplest way to get desktop-quality audio?
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Ea9YZDbU4AIDq0c.jpg (u)
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I've pretty much settled on starting JACK from my x11 session.
Then as a default device I use snd-aloop (alsa loopback).
I believe my solution is the most simple, stable and versatile (not elegant or ideal).

Everything that doesn't explicitly use JACK falls back to the alsa loopback which I can connect with alsa_in / alsa_out.
Plug in a second sound card? Just use alsa_in / alsa_out.
fuck alsa-plugins, fuck pulseaudio (bluetooth audio is for niggers and their lawn-sprinkler 808 subwoofer "beatz"), fuck pipewire (might be good actually I just don't care for another API).
If the software only works with pulseaudio then I uninstall it and correctly identify the author/organization as a "complete fucking faggot".
need to mixon a per client basis? just use the program's internal gain setting or ask your doctor for some ritalin then you'll stop playing four different streams at once.

The vast majority of complexity comes from modern desktop environments, gnome/kde, freedesktop, redhat, canon, etc.
Linux is a bitch. Fuck linux. I love linux. Not really.
Linux is neck and neck with wangblows in terms of audio, it really isn't clear that either is superior.
voicemeter and asio4all is basically the equiavlent of running jack with an alsa-bridge.
Message too long. View the full text
This, advanced Linux is not actually hard unless you're gay or niggerbrained. Newfag distros are niggerlicious and will only create problems for you in the long run.
me.webm (u)
[Hide] (725.8KB, 480x360, 00:15)
>install Pipewire
>instantly dislike how it sounds
>sounds...less sharp somehow?
>look back at my previous ALSA setup
>I hadn't installed a resampler
>not even the speexrate resampler
>it was the linear interpolation fallback
>Void Linux had that in a separate subpackage from alsa-plugins (of course)
However bad Pipewire's resampler is, can't be as bad as linear interpolation. This does make me wonder, though: is Pipewire just running everything through a resampler for some reason?
Replies: >>3282
Just record the playback of something and compare the files.
The simplest way to work with Linux sound is to install an operating system that follows a concise design where programs within this operating system are made to play well with each other like a BSD.

0b32ec8811863844e5f48d1a4d4656d949988c09d5824b6176941d2f7ac89197.png (u)
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.jpg (u)
[Hide] (40.6KB, 480x480)
>invest in an expensive mechanical keyboard because if I'm typing on it all day anyway then it might as well be the best I can get
>find a keyboard with "speed silver" switches because supposed to be quiet and I hate pressing the keys very deep down
>turns out the fucking brick is thicker than your mom and I have to bend my hands up in an awkward way
>keys activate at like 20% the way down, which means you have literally no physical feedback whatsoever for when it activates
>need to press the keys almost a whole centimeter before it's at the bottom
>loud as fuck "clack" sound if the key hits the bottom
>the fucking keys are laid in a niggerlicious concave curve where I need to lift my fingers higher to press the key above the current one
I've literally never touched a keyboard that felt worse to use, this thing cost like $200 or something. I could have gotten one for cheaper but this was the only one of it's type that didn't have disco lights all over it. Speaking of which, it's almost impossible to find a mechanical keyboard that doesn't bleed rainbow lights out of it's ass, some of them even advertise themselves as having "blinding lights".

Are mechanical keyboards the biggest meme in computers? I've used a flat chiclet keyboard (
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Testers for some of the worst switches that you can get, and then picked the worst one of those.
Replies: >>3261
With a few more dollars I can get myself a nice silent mouse and keyboard combo, wireless via dongle or bluetooth. Take care of your wallet anon.
Replies: >>3262 >>3277
You could get a piece of shit. One that wouldn't last very long.

Replies: >>3263
My cheap ass dongle wireless mouse works perfectly fine even after I hit it with a hammer, never lag once. Don't know about Bluetooth but I have only had bad experience with that. Not a problem though because they usually have both options now. Next time I would like to buy a rechargeable one so I don't have to waste money buying battery every 3 months.
>being this poor

freenet.png (u)
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gnunet.png (u)
[Hide] (69.4KB, 686x600)
i2p.png (u)
[Hide] (22.4KB, 640x133)
tor.png (u)
[Hide] (15.8KB, 305x185)
Discuss alternative Internet protocols and potentially generate a rated list for the sticky.
Censorship is coming, fast. Many users are getting banned on (((mainstream sites))), Cuckflare, hosts and isps are closing in on every wrongthinkers. Find the best alt net to contribute and develop bunkers/comms.
Mesh and alt infrastructures welcome.
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goy_vey.jpg (u)
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oy vey how dare you GOY. Ban this vicious anti semite at once fa ruining our ponzi.
How the hell does this law make sense
Replies: >>2313
Because it's the UK.
Realistically nobody would use this crap. Just more ways to look like a clown.

what_a_goddamn_mess.png (u)
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cat tor-browser_en-US/Browser/.local/share/recently-used.xbel
strings tor-browser_en-US/Browser/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/*https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/how-to-permanently-get-rid-of-this-horrible-gvfs-metadata-beast-4175530495/#post5978968
>To get the tools, one can recompile distro's gvfs package and then, from the build directory, subdirectory metadata/.libs copy the files meta-get , meta-get-tree , meta-ls and meta-set to say /usr/bin/gvfs-meta-get etc
The simple usage instruction can be gotten in the usual way, through the "-h" option.
>Now to see what ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata actually is used for, you can run:
gvfs-meta-get -r -f ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/user /
gvfs-meta-get -r -f ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/root />And after analyzing the output on my Slackware 14.2 system I discovered that the ONLY extended attribute stored in this whole sorry mess was numerous "download-uri" put there by Mozilla browsers for everything they've ever done. As some perverted kind of permanent, indelible download history.
>One can compile and ru
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>2792
Just more evidence Mozilla is cucked.
It's open source just fix it yourself.
1024px-Gnome-logo.svg.png (u)
[Hide] (268.7KB, 1024x1024)
>>2767 (OP) 
I've always had an intuition gnome gvfs was doing some deep shit so I never use gnome or pull such dependency.
The solution is to just avoid gnome lol.

The problem now would be the assistive technologies (at-spi) which seems to spawn up in the processes every time you open firefox and its forks (except based pale moon mind you).
Assistive technologies acts like narrator or some shit but it can be abused since it has access to everything the program has such as the contents of the entire window and input management (assistive is for blind or impaired people).
It was coincidentally another gnome/gtk project and I wouldn't be surprised that it's some deep shit again.

You can already guess what it does by just looking at its configuration (which cannot be configured somehow? hmm)
possible language: html, relevance: 52
Check it yourself bruh: /usr/share/defaults/at-spi2/accessibility.conf 
<policy context="default">
    <!-- Allow root to connect -->
    <allow user="root"/>
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>3171
I dont have the gvfs-metadata in my system for some reason.

But recently-used.xbel does exist.
How the fuck do I get rid of it?

based anon.
can't believe I never heard of this dogshit till now

45e99aef2cca795fa3531a8af49e97644cdbee928bc7bf7743c4234657945881.png (u)
[Hide] (25KB, 256x256)
Lately I've been interested in looking for a final solution to the imageboard problem, deplatforming and relying on centralized authorities for hosting. P2P through TOR seems like the most logical path forward. But the software would also need to be accessible, easily installed and understood by just about anyone, and easily secure/private by default.

Retroshare seemed like a decent choice, but unfortunately its forum function is significantly lacking in features. I haven't investigate too much into zeronet either but from what I recall that was a very bloated piece of software and I'm looking for something that's light and simple. Then there's BitChan (>>507) which fits most of the bill but contrasted with Retroshare is not simple to setup.

I know there is essentially nothing else out there so this thread isn't necessarily asking to be spoonfed some unknown piece of software that went under the radar of anons. But I think the concept of P2P imageboards should be further explored even though the failure of zeronet soured a lot of peoples perspective on the concept. Imageboards are so simple by nature I feel this shouldn't be as difficult as it is. Retroshare comes close but as I understand it you can't really moderate the forums that you create. Plus the media integration is basically non-existent, though media is a lesser concern. But having everything routed through tor and being able to mail, message, and ha
Message too long. View the full text
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Been busy, replying late.
>bad to assume feds need some kind of post directly linking to a person to jail them
Sadly true. I imagine their machine learning behavioral system can predict who is going to post what on the forum before it happens. But they are not ready to apply it generally yet, otherwise I'd have been jailed. In this case if the anonymity provided by this plan is good enough, they will not be able to discern where the post came from (or even when/how). But yeah, poor opsec and too much normalfag activities lead to easy correlation for govs to know it's you. No amount of software can offset stupidity. This system can at least provide a level of confidence that peers cannot know where the message come from. It would be similar to a letter in a bottle. The reader can guess by the words in the message and the time he finds it, but the search range would be too big to correspond to a small group of people. Of course across similar messages multiple times allow the reader to guess with confidence who the sender may be. I don't see any way out of it though. At least I hope the system makes good enough bottles.  Dummy message is also an option.
>just make sure the tree of commits is chronologically accurate
Good idea.
>split the network based on areas of jurisdiction
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>3158
>I imagine their machine learning behavioral system can predict who is going to post what on the forum before it happens.
No, I didn't mean anything fantastical. Just that convincing the court of public opinion and forging some shit is enough when you're nobody. Having your node be inaccessible from the host country also makes it less likely to fall under scrutiny, see being a nobody.
>It only looks like that. But what recent events taught me all governments are in (((it)))
Does that disprove anything I said? It's very dangerous to assume feds, or globohomo, or whatever are some sort of omnipotent, all-powerful entity that somehow unite every world leader. That's just blackpilling yourself or driving your own project into an inescapable corner. If you don't believe my comment about red tape, try looking for any time a country attempted an extradition from another hostile country. Or how long and hard you have to fuck with a company for it to actually bother trying to go after you in an international court. Claiming that we are living under an incredibly competent, hyper vigilant global regime with Minority Report-tier AI predictions on /tech/ of all places is just odd. Kernels are leaky shit, OSes are unusable dogshit, Google can't stop AI from confusing niggers with gorillas but ||you||, anon, are being watc
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>3161
This is not fantastical. Human behaviors are largely personality (thought pattern) and environment determined. Even simple statistics can correlate what personalities are more likely to do something given a situation. Check out how machine learning works, it is just repeat application of statistics. It is the same as asking what is the probability that this pixel array is a cat, instead, they ask what is the probability that this person is of personality x given the behavior they exhibit and under what situation. Then ask again, what is the probability this person of personality x will do y. Psychologists have been doing it for ages without computers. More data allows for more fine grained "personality" and more accurate predictions. Not magic at all. Anyone can rig something up to do this simple correlation, with enough data and computers.
Most technologies came from military and government projects, see computers, radio communication, internet. Machine learning caught on just a few years back, what could they have been doing with it? They also have all the government ids and data leaks.
>somehow unite every world leader
At least they managed to get all major countries to nuke their economy and trigger riots for a seasonal flu. Even if this is not true, assuming a higher threat 
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>3164
>Even simple statistics can correlate what personalities are more likely to do something given a situation
> It is the same as asking what is the probability that this pixel array is a cat, instead, they ask what is the probability that this person is of personality x given the behavior they exhibit and under what situation
You are reducing the idea of ML and AI way too much. No, it really isn't the same. Recognizing cats, if by cats we mean a carefully curated array of breeds, is something modern tech can indeed do. When pushed further, however, you run into problems that get written about in terms of an "AI winter". Not to mention that "recognizing what a person will do next" has so many variables and context attached to it that it's insurmountably hard. Yes, I recognize that military tech will always be ahead of what we non-glows are going to see. But that doesn't mean this gap crosses over into the realm of science fiction.
>Blackpill is a perception. Just because it looks bad doesn't mean it isn't true
If you imagine a great threat and try to make a system meant to counteract it, with very little resources in comparison, you will burn yourself out. Incremental design is the only thing that actually works. Yes, it does lead to problems down the line but so does literally every model of designing some
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>3165
>reducing too much
"recognizing what a person do next" of courses takes too much computational power. This is the only thing stopping them to mass apply this to everyone. But properly scoped problems are still solvable. Identifying a cat is possible and has been done, but identifying a specific race of cat is too difficult. Predicting any behavior is too hard, but trimming down the choices to three or four and it is tractable. Problems such as probability of posting on this forum, posting about a certain topic, etc are definitely possible. They just need to cleverly shove numerous variables into categories or scores (n-axis personality) to summarize the big data they've got. Think about how jewgle get to suggest users with specific search results out of all possible results, and they are asking "are these results (that I want to show him) close enough to what he wants?" Same deal and may be even more complex.
>burn out
I don't intend to do that. The plan is that it is not possible to tell where a message come from, and I am not making a new overlay network. That alone defeat most of the trouble. Rather, implementing a country boundary requires more work. The best thing is the information is just not there, the receiver cannot infer anything from metadata when these is none.
Why does everything ha
Message too long. View the full text

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