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Lately I've been interested in looking for a final solution to the imageboard problem, deplatforming and relying on centralized authorities for hosting. P2P through TOR seems like the most logical path forward. But the software would also need to be accessible, easily installed and understood by just about anyone, and easily secure/private by default.

Retroshare seemed like a decent choice, but unfortunately its forum function is significantly lacking in features. I haven't investigate too much into zeronet either but from what I recall that was a very bloated piece of software and I'm looking for something that's light and simple. Then there's BitChan (>>507) which fits most of the bill but contrasted with Retroshare is not simple to setup.

I know there is essentially nothing else out there so this thread isn't necessarily asking to be spoonfed some unknown piece of software that went under the radar of anons. But I think the concept of P2P imageboards should be further explored even though the failure of zeronet soured a lot of peoples perspective on the concept. Imageboards are so simple by nature I feel this shouldn't be as difficult as it is. Retroshare comes close but as I understand it you can't really moderate the forums that you create. Plus the media integration is basically non-existent, though media is a lesser concern. But having everything routed through tor and being able to mail, message, and ha
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Get niggered
>>845 (OP) 
Internet is a decentralyzed medium, its not that decentralization leads to things getting any better. A good example of this is bit coin, which is now under the monopoly of Chinese cryptofarms. 
The rot is even deeper, decentraliztion/federalization movement, even if it were successful in the first place and people leave the centralized parties en masse, will only result in the cycle being repeated once again. 
What we need to do is go to the root of the issue and pluck it from there.
Replies: >>2534
What about building an IB system riding on top of the Tribler system?

What would that be, anon?

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After using the same handful of wallpaper images for the last three and a half years, I have come to the realization that I should get some new wallpapers.

Post your favourite wallpapers and wallpaper sources.  Pics related are a few of what I've been using; screenshots from a dead game called Blacklight: Retribution.  I never played it myself but it had some neat visuals.
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more like ballpaper!

User has been warned for this post: not funny, didn't laugh
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I nostalgia'd
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Discuss alternative Internet protocols and potentially generate a rated list for the sticky.
Censorship is coming, fast. Many users are getting banned on (((mainstream sites))), Cuckflare, hosts and isps are closing in on every wrongthinkers. Find the best alt net to contribute and develop bunkers/comms.
Mesh and alt infrastructures welcome.
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I second this, they have an official repo up atm 


This is still very very experimental though.. :-/
>oyyy vey you can't just run a node for free
>remember the six million sybil attacks
>you have to buy this coin that's mostly in the hands of the devs
>it's not a pyramid scheme stupid goy
>even though 5% of every block reward goes straight to their "foundation"
If they weren't running a con they would have used ETH or any DeFi shitcoin, not rolled their own. Is there anything like i2p, but a clean redesign? I'm looking for a similar garlic routed network with UDP support that doesn't get updated at the speed of molasses.
Replies: >>2228
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oy vey how dare you GOY. Ban this vicious anti semite at once fa ruining our ponzi.
How the hell does this law make sense
Replies: >>2313
Because it's the UK.

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This board desperately needs a CSS thread. Why the fuck have none of the retarded board owners given themselves custom spoilers? Why the hell do no boards have custom load bars? I had both of these on fatchan because a nice fellow made them for me when I requested it to Tom but Tom had better shit to do. As far as I can tell that's the only board on JSchan to have ever had custom spoilers or loadbars. What's your fucking excuse? Bunch of shitbird elitist faggots on this site can't even figure out custom spoilers. You're fucking plebs. Either kill yourselves or get in this thread and figure out how to do it for your boards on this site.
Also general CSS but I really wanted to stress that fuck you idiots you're slow and stupid.
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What exactly is the problem with js besides 'bloat'? Or is that the only remittance? When does the bloat become a problem? If you ask me, the bigger consequence are those shitty new websites which require you to scroll a million times to get to the bottom of their embarrassingly cookie-cutter web pages.
Replies: >>1983 >>2002
web 3.0 bad
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Are you serious?
It's literal malware. Niggers inject arbitrary code onto your machine which you execute. You're literally running every fucking executable on the internet what the fuck nigger.

It's also a terrible language that can't be made to not be a horrible mess so even if what you were being served was open source (good luck parsing that shit yourself though it's endless copypasta of a million libraries poorly implementing the same thing) it'd be trivial for a hostile actor to obfuscate the fact that what they're serving you is malware, because there are a hundred thousand bugs and unintended consequences in javascript's implementation.
Replies: >>2289
Not defending js, but isn't saying it is malware a bit far? The language itself isn't, but it is prone to vulnerabilities like you said.
>You can also put !important after the value to override any other styles.
Did not know this, thanks anon

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This is a uBlock Origin filter list that removes shit like BLM banners from sites. PRs or patches (just post here) are welcome, it's pretty barebones right now.
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Icebergs sound jewish.
>>691 (OP) 
I don't get this meme. What was the function supposed to do, and how did it get ruined by context free grammar?
Replies: >>2248
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SMuvz2K.jpg (u)
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>>691 (OP) 
c7c21419688b6608c54798b8b58f8f3e6ed9fb1589734f8ee8904aa9f98b05a6.jpg (u)
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This. I want to know who the enemies are.
making an adhoc formal language by using a regex function instead of just using a  formal language  to begin with

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GoSeek has been unusable since Nougat. It's s real shame there isn't a functional client for Android.
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2003 was 18 years ago lmaooo
>>1606 (OP) 
I just use youtube-dl to download all my musics from youtube/bandcamp.
>>1606 (OP) 
You can install Debian or friends with linux deploy, or install Gentoo with just any terminal with chroot (if you have root access). Then install/compile a cli soulseek client (museek+ has a tui).
>>1606 (OP) 
Just use other alternatives like torrent clients.
Don't feel bad for yourself.

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Android has been ported to a RISC-V board

January 21, 2021
Google’s Android operating system currently supports a handful of instruction set architecture (ISA) families, including ARM and x86. The vast majority of smartphones, tablets, TVs, and smartwatches that run Android today feature ARM-based chipset designs, as Intel has long since abandoned its handset CPUs while support for MIPS was dropped with NDK revision 17. While Google does not officially provide support for compiling Android on hardware based on the open RISC-V ISA, several development teams are working to run AOSP on RISC-V hardware. One such effort is led by T-Head, the business entity of Alibaba specializing in semiconductors, which today announced that they’ve successfully ported Android 10 onto its in-house RISC-V hardware.

A few months ago, PLCT Lab successfully booted Android to a command-line interface on a 64-bit RISC-V core emulated in QEMU. The team launched a project on GitHub they’re calling “AOSP for RISC-V” and are still in the early stages of cross-compiling AOSP and booting to a GUI. Meanwhile, T-Head, which designed the ICE SoC with its in-house, RISC-V-based XuanTie C910 cores, has managed to boot Android 10 with working graphics and touch.

The ICE chip from T-Head with 3 XuanTie C910 (RISC-V 64) CPU cores.

It runs quite slowly, as you can see in the video embedded below, but this is to be expected given the status of this port and the hardware it’s running on. In the video, a couple of stock AOSP applications are launched, including the clock app, the contacts app, and the mail app. More complex applications such as games aren’t shown off on this prototype as these apps would likely need to be recompiled to target RISC-V.


This Android 10 port is based on the android10-release branch in AOSP, and the source code developed by T-Head can be found on the company’s GitHub page.
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There are some around on crowdsourcing sites. It costs a lot though.
No, it's not. It's proprietary.
There is a stripped down version called AOSP that is FLOSS, but with each new Android version Google releases a new component that apps rely on and only exist's in Google's proprietary version of Android which OEMs base themselves off of.
Replies: >>1425 >>2237
Don't forget the firmware blobs (especially for the modem) and vendor patched kernel.
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Basically google's android and android's android, got it.

1612078927995.png (u)
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What happened to the creator of mpv exactly? Why did he get kicked out from his own project? What lead up to the mpv creator getting kicked out?

I posted this thread on Lainchan earlier, but I didn't get to see any replies and then when I went to check back on it, it got deleted most likely because it was offtopic despite it relating to FOSS. There is no ban message.
Please do not del this thread, janny.
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Replies: >>2236 + 6 earlier
>anti-traditional garbage
Being traditional would mean everything is proprietary but everything is cracked as well and the cracking itself is proprietary as well because the release groups don't want other groups to steal their shit. Damn I miss those times, a whole lot more fun than frettard bullshit. The whole GPL thing just turn people into faggots who think things like licenses and legality are actually relevant. Almost as gay as the RPG Maker community that at some point realized they can monetize their games and in turn stopped ripping SNES assets.
Replies: >>1632
being traditional would mean everything is exchanged freely as was the case during the early days of computing
Replies: >>1633
Bring traditional means the source is distributed with the software, which is distributed with the hardware with a manual detailed enough to modify all aspect of it. And modifications were normal instead of illegal. This was the case before proprietary software became the norm.
Replies: >>1635
PDP-series computers had detailed manuals of their microcode and how to write your own.
>>1115 (OP) 
This cuckold is back.

Internet.jpg (u)
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Discuss /tech/-related news.
What will happen if section 230 is nuked?
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Replies: >>2316 + 2 earlier
>Lots of sites got deplatformed by jewflare and hosts already even with section 230 intact. This may scratch FAGMART just a bit, for their formidable army of lawyers. It will take more than that for the government to end the power of them. By then, the government will do the censoring.
I'm sorry, but they are private companies. They can do what the fuck they want.
Replies: >>2076
Where do you think cuckflare gets all the money for servers and bandwidth from???  They're a government front, just like google.  But they're separate from the government so they dont' have to answer to anyone by law.
Well, this held out for a whole week. Just today I upgraded Python to 3.9.5_p2, and behold, pointless breakage due to 1.1.0 features: https://github.com/python/cpython/commit/9ad46f9ec1ca757050ed4095925cdf5f4e8ef9fc
Note the @SECLEVEL, which seems to be a typical OpenSSL pitfall feature whose only useful purpose is breaking compatibility if https://github.com/openssl/openssl/issues/5760 and https://www.openssl.org/docs/man1.1.1/man3/SSL_CTX_get_security_level.html are anything to go by. Level 2 allows TLS 1.0 while level 3 requires at least 3072-bit RSA, what the actual fuck are these settings? Who in their right mind would ever use level 5? Patch is below if you want it. I'm pretty sure @SECLEVEL=2 doesn't actually have an effect for this cipher list in the first place but I replaced it with !LOW:!MEDIUM just in case. Shit like this reminds me why I'm using LibreSSL.
possible language: c++, relevance: 6
--- a/Modules/_ssl.c
+++ b/Modules/_ssl.c
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more like SHNEWS!!

Warning: Low quality shitposting will be met with DELetion. Otherwise, shitposting is allowed but try not to derail threads.
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>>412 (OP) 
I've only read few little parts long time ago but isn't that the one where they could even swat your ass for using smokey bear or uncle sam on a meme? modifying the image and publishing it is punishable (or even as simple as copying the iconic pose)? If I remember correctly.
So, in the end, USA is just going to be China?
I wouldn't be surprised the __ picked the most effective (china) politics in the end.
Politics around the world were just a game among their blood line, a race to find the best way to control the masses and that race finally ended in 2019. Wonder why some blood line are scattered around the world doing their own thing, being handlers of different nations, it's a game.

Also, it's already a promise, now that the newer processors have some kind of drm-like system that would tag stuff you made with your unque cpu identification (assuming in a proprietary OS).
I guess they just don't want civilians using memes or making any propaganda by any means (meanwhile small guy agent in foreign division can just relentlessly publish psychological warfare materials and destroy your webring/ib with AI-generated content that violates US laws and causes all your servers to be seized by law until the whole world becomes assimilated by the one world ideology, living in a reality worse than dystopian fiction).

Of course, these are all just LARP, and you should beleive. Online anonymou
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Post suggestions to keep the board excellent.
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um sempai u know u gotta mention that u listed on big famous tor onion thingeh!!!!!


it make site bette an mor kawaii!
Replies: >>2102 >>2113
congrats on this 
Replies: >>2113
Now I know where the spammer came from.
Replies: >>2120
where then?
Replies: >>2122
I guess he meant some random Tor autist rather than really knowing him.

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