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Discuss methods to remove >systemd.
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It isn't even the final form, wait til you get systemd-wine, systemd-windows and finally systemd-os, rebranding any software to systemd.

So, this is the power of systemd? now we have botnet that infected user that use systemd to mine crypto? It's a fucking clown world all over again in their init system. Lel.
Replies: >>5959
>SSH dictionary attacks
literally just retards using "1234" as their password
>now we have botnet that infected user that use systemd to mine crypto
it installs a service, it could do the same with any other init
it definitely boots sysv by default and not systemd
nothing installed seems to depend on systemd to run either
Teach me how to convert systemd scripts or whatever that thing is that I see in many RPi tutorials.

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It's like /agdg/ except without videogames. Well there wasn't any videogames to begin with, but now there may be other software.

See also /agdg/ at >>>/v/ for videogames.

What are you working on?
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I looked around since I don't have time to test out 3-4 build systems right now. Here is what I found about Meson, it is easy to see why it is good from what you and >>5671 said, so I look for the bads instead.
>cross-compiling support is(was?) weaker than cmake, especially when building dependencies that uses cmake
>little flexibility, rigid project layout expectation, you need to format your project just like what meson expects
I also found the good stuff such as better syntax and speed.
Never used it, I can't say how rigid meson is to project structure. But being confined by a build tool sounds like little gain for a lot of restriction. How do you deal with this or are you completely on board with meson's project layout (it is not a problem for you)?
Replies: >>5691
Meson doesn't specify a project layout beyond requiring a dedicated build directory which can have any name.
Cross compiling under Meson is badly documented and buggy. I've also run into a limitation: it won't let you depend on a library on the host and the build machines simultaneously.

Another thing about Meson is that it's not as portable as Autotools or CMake. You can't port your program to 9front or UnixWare 7 with it, and it doesn't support tcc, cparser, or other such obscure systems and compilers. Meson's integration requires adding code to Meson itself to support all of those systems and compilers, whereas Autotools and CMake leave that up to you, so if you put the effort into it, you can probably port your programs to LynxOS and pcc and the like. Well, if you put effort into it, you can add that support to Meson.

I'm this guy btw >>5153. I'm trying to port my stuff to every single system and compiler Meson supports, right now I'm unable to port to any more only because I don't have access to them. I can't get an AIX or HP-UX machine and I can't get nvidia's C compiler. I also need a more modern computer to virtualize GNU/Hurd.
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nim language
Replies: >>5995
Procrastinating fixing another project that uses Make and only builds on Linux... and AIX. At least the source code says it builds on AIX, I doubt it does. It also mentions Ultrix but I'm sure it doesn't.
Oh and it doesn't actually build on Linux either, if simply running "make" doesn't work and they want you to specify a bunch of configuration options then it's broken.
>C with my pet peeve fixed and all the other issues kept in, episode #192874912

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Please write a Violentmonkey script to hide threads. I wrote such script for prolikewoah, but I can't be assed to do the same for this shit. ttps://prolikewoah.com/geimu/res/26529.html#37226
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Group 1 can be further split into subgroups for each OS since IIRC the TBB devs gave up on trying to hide the underlying OS from JS (they even disabled the Windows user agent override for a time until people requested it to be restored).
Replies: >>5829
I didn't want to make too many groups. Besides, all three can produce an OS fingerprint using the CSS query technique.
So, you probably need to disable css as well then.

Or just not touch the page in any way, but grab info you need from it and display it on a separate page.

Anyway, not running default javascript calms me down for other reasons, like not having to worry about miners. Privacy is fucked anyway.
Replies: >>5922
At this point, not enabling css is itself a group of users. In any cases, if the site you are browsing makes you worry about sophisticated tracking like this, you have bigger issues.
lol no

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Discuss /tech/-related news.
What will happen if section 230 is nuked?
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Perhaps. The problem with reverse engineering drive rs is leaked source taint developers. But now they open source part of the driver, if the license allows and is compatible with nouveau, the devs can repurpose the source and integrate them.
There won't be 3 Ada compilers (FSF GNAT, GNAT-GPL/GNAT Community and GNAT Pro) anymore. There will be just FSF's GNAT (that's part of GCC) and GNAT Pro. Correct me if I'm wrong.
<Adacore releases libraries under Apache 2.0 license.
>Two years ago we thought about modernizing the ecosystem. A cleaner and more familiar ecosystem with two variants: A GNAT provided and supported by AdaCore for commercial/industrial projects, GNAT Pro, and a GNAT provided by the community for open source projects with familiar licensing and without pure GPL run-times, GNAT FSF. This results in a decision by AdaCore to stop further releases of GNAT Community and have the community handle its successor.
<Alire package manager for Ada
Atom is kill
>we’ve decided to retire Atom in order to further our commitment to bringing fast and reliable software development to the cloud via Microsoft Visual Studio Code and GitHub Codespaces.

I think this is a good thing. If you know someone who's still using Atom, tell them to switch to VSCodium or Emacs/Neovim.
Replies: >>5784
Why would anyone use Electron and Chrome to make an IDE.... VScode is just so bloated I don't understand how people use it.
>Hertzbleed is a new family of side-channel attacks: frequency side channels.
>Hertzbleed takes advantage of our experiments showing that, under certain circumstances, the dynamic frequency scaling of modern x86 processors depends on the data being processed.
>To our knowledge, Intel and AMD do not plan to deploy any microcode patches to mitigate Hertzbleed.
>Why did ((( Intel ))) ask for a long embargo, considering they are not deploying patches?  - Ask ((( Intel ))).

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I am currently using Colemak CAWS. It is the best currently available keyboard layout for ANSI/ISO column staggered keyboards. If you're a split/ortholinear chad then DHm is enough.
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Replies: >>1570 >>5861
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at last I truly see
>my fingers move less
No they don't, you still move you fingers laterally, moving your arm more doesn't matter
>>1525 (OP) 
Just use QWERTY its the standard.
I have a .txt document with a few 104-key layouts I'm reminding myself to try someday.

Dvorak, normally.

  kyu." zlmdpv
  rieao hnstcw
  x*?,/ jqfgb

Why doesn't someone reprogram their keyboard with the above, and let us know how it compares to dvorak, or I guess colemak, etc?

I will too. Someday.
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>>1525 (OP) 
Will all this autism about WPM, I'm surprised nobody here has mentioned Plover, Opensteno and other stenography content. That stuff is designed to keep up with real-time speaking in terms of WPM speed. Speaking speed is 220 WPM, some steno typers have even gone up to 300 and above. It's really different though, most of if it is simultaneous keypressing with software interpreting the presses as words, so N-key rollover is important. 

Honestly, if you're willing to play with alternative key layouts for faster typing, I think it would be more efficient to learn stenography. But stick to the open-source stuff, professional-tier steno gear is anywhere from hundreds to thousands in costs.

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I'd previously assumed that Electron-esque garbage like Snap and Flatpak were just a fad confined to lazy commercial software, but along with a slow general decline in community packager activity, I've recently noticed more and more dev projects like GIMP and Handbrake abandoning official Linux builds for distro-native package formats. Reading a bit about it, the underlying tools and standards for packaging appear to be in general decay, and I was surprised to see some distros like Ubuntu and Fedora making noises about completely abandoning their package managers at some (usually vague) point in the future!

Throughout the span of modern Linux distros, before the need to resort to manually installing every single version of a piece of software, as an alternative to waiting for the distro's repo to update from (sometimes painfully outdated) stable versions, there were pretty much always builds of whatever available from either the developers themselves or some helpful person's PPA. Without that, Linux will become much less convenient to use at best, far more bloated and broken at worst.

It has been suggested by some, such as this article:
that the main problem which allowed such moronic software to gain momentum (aside from security flimflam exaggerating its sandbox capabilities) was Linux's not
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install gentoo
Why there hasn't been a package manager that used BitTorrent? Integrity of files would be automatically checked by the protocol and it would be extremely easy to contribute to the project (just use a bit of your bandwidth to distribute the packages that you have downloaded).
Replies: >>5743
It would need regular http(s) as a fallback, since you don't want a package to be unavailable because nobody is seeding. Distros like Debian already have mirrors across the world so the theoretical usefulness is also somewhat limited.
Replies: >>5771 >>5778
This fallback already exists because of webseed/webtorrent and most clients implement it. The reason it's not needed as much is because a lot of universities offer to host mirror packages of Linux distros for free. However, if you do go this route, plugins or patches for something like libtorrent would be needed to get rid of the dogshit SHA-1 hashing.and implement the BEP for signing files with RSA.
The distro is free to seed the torrent. All those mirrors are free to seed the torrents too. In fact, anyone can become a mirror by simply firing up a torrent client. 

You have used torrents before haven't you?

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 Discuss alternative OSes that are not Linux, Windows or Mac OSX. 
Also post your criticism of UNIX, Windows and Fag OSX design ITT.
If you want to discuss GNU/Linux distros, there is already a thread for it: >>>/tech/530
The package manager thread can be also useful: >>>/tech/4739

Some hastily written notes...
* everyone thinks UNIX (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc4ROCJYbm0) is still the state-of-art. Ignorants praise Windows, not knowing it's originally a dumbed down clone of VMS that has some patches ported from OS/2 (https://www.itprotoday.com/compute-engines/windows-nt-and-vms-rest-story). Some say that Windows is also still mainly a single-user system that emulates a multi-user system. I think we are living Higurashi tier time loop when it comes to operating systems...
 (and CPUs: X86 is relic from the times of Vaxen. ARM, PowerPC/Power ISA, MIPS, RISC-V are more modern and better. Even modern X86 CPUs converts CISC to RISC in the microcode!)
* Plan9 (9front? Also, see plan9port and 9base), BeOS (Haiku) and TempleOS were the last innovative operating systems that I know of. Even the OSDev people imitate UNIX.
* It's awful that a misbehaving device driver can take down the whole system. Microkernels (e.g. MINIX, GNU Hurd, seL4) or muh """hybrid kernels""" (e.g. DragonFly BSD, Haiku, ReactOS I don't know if modern Windows has a hybrid kernel.) should be the norm. MINIX is incidentally perhaps the most used OS because ((( Intel ME ))) uses it as a basis for the CIAware that runs on our fucken CPUs!
* Nearly all criticism of UNIX is historic stuff: The UNIX-HATERS Handbook (https://web.mit.edu/~simsong/www/ugh.pdf a joke), Multicians (https://www.multicians.org/) and LispM (http://fare.tunes.org/LispM.html) users...
* Worse is better or do the right thing? https://www.dreamsongs.com/RiseOfWorseIsBetter.html & https://www.dreamsongs.com/WorseIsBetter.html
* Some modern UNIX-related innovations: 9p, DTrace, Solaris Zones & FreeBSD Jails, Nix & Guix...

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There are a few problems I have experienced, but I can live with them or fix them.
>default partition scheme leaves little space for compiling ports and installing programs
>no palemoon, but that's caused by furniggers freaking out
>slow, about 50% slower than linux in my experience
I run it. 
I primarily pirate, read, watch anime, and program.

Easily the best C library in terms of API design, the binary size is poor but the performance is good, the malloc is original and one of the best. The kernel is pretty slow. FDE is easy to use and works well unlike every other OS except FreeBSD. Some programs are """"portable"""" but they don't work well outside their main platform(s) like aria2c, firefox, and mpv-that means they don't work well on OpenBSD. Its hardening features tend to make C undefined behavior crash which is nice for finding bugs in programs, also the task scheduler is randomized which exposes race conditions in multithreaded software. It's the only OS with sane defaults. Many tasks trigger global kernel locks which you notice because the entire OS freezes for a few milliseconds, funnily not an issue on non-mp kernels. Every original OpenBSD program is extremely pleasant to use and works extremely well, unfortunately lots of important system components like the X server aren't original (although their forks are still better than the originals). The documentation is the best of any Unix.
There is a similar project, called Dusk OS: https://git.sr.ht/~vdupras/duskos
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lol imagine being such a wigger that you have your own idea of what a privacy LARPer is while being a privacy LARPer
wigger privacy LARPer:
>CLI crap
>firefox plugins (noscript, umatrix, ublock, tree style tabs [lmao enjoy your lag])
>some fucktarded setups with DNS, X.509, e-mail, IRC
>afraid to type in his console because it might execute commands from the internet or wipe his disk
hapa chad privacy enjoyer
>has own OS
>has own game that doesnt report your hardware registers over the internet [lol no lag unlike wigger games]
>uses a console induced from a programming language instead of bash horseshit
>has web replacement
>kills penguins and nobody cant do naythan
> Website: https://freedos.org/
> Learn C programming in FreeDOS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpKoh-AabTM&list=PLzuACU-W7Omo3VEnMKuM0IPupdOHFDzL3&index=1
> How to create a packge?: http://wiki.freedos.org/wiki/index.php/Package

To test FreeDOS, simply use QEMU/VirtualBox to create a DOS VM. Give it 500MB-4GB of HDD space and some amount of RAM (like 64MB or more). If possible, use the VM settings to reduce the CPU % to 40% because some buggy programs might consume 100% of CPU. Boot the LiveCD, and type SETUP.BAT (use TAB-completion). Install FreeDOS and reboot without removing the CD. After the reboot, you can use FDIMPLES to install packages from the CD (Pro Tip: the bonus CD contains more packages. the CD gets auto-detected). You can also use FDNPKG to fetch packages from Internet (FreeDOS has TCP/IP networking). Use HELP and APROPOS
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Post about /tech/nological cancer that you've dealt with in the past.
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Replies: >>5642 + 3 earlier
Scroll down to the "continue" buttons, free accounts are only for contributing to existing projects, anything more and you need to pay or contribute to the sr.ht source.
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user like >>5503
hardened linux
terminal emulators
C (and java, because it's based on it)
LICENSE in open source projects
Replies: >>5637
>using cancer
What is not cancer? Nearly everything is based on C. Posting here takes thousands lines of C.
What is the alternative?
Replies: >>5638
Don't reply to bait, dumbass.
>>5492 (OP) 
Computers, those are cancer. I had to deal with computers. Still have to do that today and still hate it. There is no good software, it is all terrible, and I have used all of it so I know that from experience.

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Post suggestions to keep the board excellent.
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Solution for the ads spammer.
I need ideas for a name for permission isolation later on.
Replies: >>5630
Hey, BO! You should perhaps set up a /tech/ bunker at fatchan?
Replies: >>5630
>Link related https://fatchan.org/tech/thread/2.html#24
Replies: >>5630
I will consider it. Any reason fatchan specifically and why do we need a bunker?
I relief my maid of board watching duties, as boards configs are working now.She should tend to me and me alone.
Replies: >>5635
> Any reason fatchan specifically
It has the same software and it doesn't have many other boards.

>and why do we need a bunker?
I thought just in case.

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I've been thinking about writing a blog. Nothing fancy. No private lives. No pictures. No product-shilling. Just writing words.

I tried Blogger and Wordpress and I had a bad experience with them, considering that the ToS became more restrictive over the years.
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Replies: >>5622 + 2 earlier
this. there is also https://txti.es/ but NeoCities are probably better for you usecase.
Replies: >>5610
[Hide] (145.4KB, 671x661)
Trash, just use Neocities.
org-mode can export to HTML and there are cheapo webhosts that cost less than 5$/mo.
If you what you are writing is not controversial, github static page with a fake account.
>https://herman-the-merman.itch.io/pandabutts i dont trust anything made by creatorfags)
>merckgroup.com hackathon (the same evil corporation who invented the covid rainbow pills)
SUS! SUS! he looks like a furry judging by the writing style and the pixel art might wanna steer clear of this one

>>5598 (OP) 
>but anon what will i use for selfhosting? (THIS im gonna make my own blog next to the goyimTV channel so i can put my schizo rants there)
maybe dokuwiki? or custom made wiki/blogger software with custom simple theme or just plain HTML? (EWW wordpress and mediawiki supports the LGBT agenda AVOID)
>can you just selfhost this a VM like you do with the gaymes? how is this any different
unfortunately that's not gonna work for online based server software you see the VMs dont magically remove lgbtware backdoor inside and i want the site to be publicly open so users can make their own pages (like disroot but for cyberspace pirates)
also i swear if one day i were to update my system and the rainbows pop up on wangblows or edge im gonna do a quick format before this STD spreads to my uefi no questions asked 
two more weeks left (((  pri DEMON th  ))) is approaching (the vaxsexuals are gonna trample our streets and invite our kids in flipland)

TLDR if any website encourages free speech (in many such cases leftist) RUN for your life its always a false sense of (((  privacy  ))) 9/10 times
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