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I've had taken a break form programming since mid 2020. Lost overall interest and such. But now it's quite hard to get back at it and get any motivation, especially having learnt how shitty the job market for programmers really is. 

So my question, is it even worth getting back at this? I liked it as a hobby but I don't want to be a code monkey in the future. Would I be better off becoming a teacher or studying medicine?

Please let me know.
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You can still code as a hobby on your own time.
Related question, how do you find the energy and motivation to work on your project with a 9-5 code monkey job? I am just too tired to do anything, but I want to work on my shit.
Replies: >>5541
Drugs or working out
Replies: >>5547
My body is weird, I gets mini heart attacks with just a small cup of coffee. I probably will die if I take drugs. How can you work out when you are tired as fuck?
Replies: >>5548
Just force yourself and the energy will come. It sounds like bullshit but that's how your body works.

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What's the simplest way to work with Linux sound? If I install Gentoo or something, presuming I have X and a WM up and running but no sound, what's the simplest way to get desktop-quality audio?
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Yes, I did.
Replies: >>4167
What program? All of mine works.
Replies: >>4172
https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/pulseeffects-legacy/ and pavucontrol.
Replies: >>4178
Of course those won't work. apulse only works with basic audio output while pretending to be pulse. Both software you listed interacts with an actual pulse audio server.
Do you really need per program volume control? If not, alsamixer. Otherwise you can give this a try: https://alsa-devel.alsa-project.narkive.com/jH4DT3mN/patch-per-application-volume-control-plugin-for-alsa
Use the fifo plugin and set up ffmpeg filter chain, outputs to raw hw. You should nice it realtime.
Surely, it's locked to 48000 despite having an option to set it to 0 (auto for hi quality dacs) and 44100 minimum clock (sample rate). What it does is it upscales anything from 44100 to 48000 even the 44100 I suspect is basically 44100->48000->44100 and as we know it's not a clean conversion especially with a natively low quality resampler method and worse, I suspect it does it twice to cheat out 44100 or maybe even an 88200 output may actually be 88200->48000->88200 (double dirty).

When I hardset it to 44100 I get very distorted sound from my music player, and it doesn't even play well with other plugins like pitch/tempo and cause severe distortion maybe because it becomes 32bit float idk.

I tried using their native "pipewire custom/house resampler" in the terminal and confirmed it is suboptimal.
I can convert music using sox and other resamplers out there and it's quite fast, pipewire's house resampler has issues when I set clock to 44100 even with a sweep tone, there are severe distortion or noises when viewed in spectogram/sound viewer.
Either there's a problem with their maths or 44100 is illegal or problematic (44100->48000->44100 double dirty resampling) with their customized resampler.
What was the point of customizing a resampler, it has worse latency and higher cpu time than existing and perfectly fine resamplers we have already and also about 200% slower than sox-vhq. Wou
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BitChan has been updated to v0.10.0 and is looking for people to try it out. It's a decentralized imageboard that runs on top of BitMessage. You can create and completely control your own public or private board, globally moderate as an owner, add admins who can also globally moderate, moderate your own instance locally as a user, upload literally anything with size limits theoretically up to 100gb. Uploads can be sent purely over BitMessage or you can choose to use a hosting service. Uploads that use hosting are subjected to heavy duty protection: every file is zipped, encrypted/password protected, the zip's header is removed and random chunks of the file are removed before being uploaded. The removed parts are hidden in the PGP encrypted message that's sent over BitMessage. Once the upload is received the zip is put back together again, decrypted, unzipped and displayed in the thread. 100% of BitChan traffic happens over tor. Private boards prevent posting from all but explicitly added IDs. The permitted ID list can be edited by the owner at any point to include new IDs or restrict old ones. On public boards any ID can post until it is banned, but because of how BitMessage works, you can always just make another ID. Communications on every board are PGP encrypted. This means that even if someone somehow guessed the board name on BitMessage (basically impossible for reasons I won't go into here), they would be unable to read anything without also having the BitChan PGP symme
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Your crap site isn't working again
Replies: >>3829
lol it's working fine
Replies: >>3832
Oh, then it's just a total lack of interest. That explains why nobody posts there. I thought it was a glitch. My bad.
BitChan Version 1.1.0 Release


Tor Address: http://bitchanr4b64govofzjthtu6qc4ytrbuwbgynapkjileajpycioikxad.onion
I2P Address: http://bitchan.i2p
I2P b32 Address: http://waycuw2c27ruakfblkf5tcegwmt3ot445dlfoypil6bzmm4yxg7a.b32.i2p

- Fix remote file exploit bug
- Fix locks not being respected by the frontend
- Fix update of board/thread timestamp when post/thread is deleted
- Fix adding to mod log when deleting post/thread from recent/search pages
- Fix being able to post to nonexistent thread
- Fix database lock issues when processing many posts
- Fix deleting post with password
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If you shoot me up on this after the next exodus, I'll consider it.

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I was looking through the video editing thread on /v/ and figured it would be appropriate to have something similar here now that /tech/ exists. Except I think it would be ideal if the focus was on free software solutions, and also encompassing a broader spectrum of content rather than just videos.

In this thread give tips and ask questions about image editing, video editing, encoding, and anything else you think might be relevant for creating content.

Recommended Software
Video Editors
Recording & Streaming
>OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)
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For each frame reduces color depth, make less frame, you can batch process with imagemagick. Combine with ffmpeg.
Replies: >>5472
>how do you apply arkangel lowpoly styled censorship on a video?
What the fuck is that even? Show an example.
>how do you match tiktok/instagram text with combined round edges per line and colored border
Again, what the fuck are you talking about? Do you want subtitles in the form of black boxes with rounded edges having white text inside?
>or can i do this with adobe apps?
Just use Shotcut on your computer, it doesn't seem like you're doing anything that crazy and Shotcut handles most common video editing tasks.

>how the heck do you downsize a big 1mb animated gif file to 180kb?
There are multiple tricks you can do in GIMP:
<Filters -> Animation -> Optimize (Difference)
This effectively stores pixels that are common between frames only once. Use this for "static-ish" GIFs.
<Image -> Mode -> Indexed if it's already Indexed choose RGB then choose Indexed again
This reduces the bit depth of your GIF by reducing the number of colors. For "Maximum number of colors" use any of the following values: 256, 128, 64, 32, 16, 8. Experiment with the "Color dithering" options.
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Replies: >>5472
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>>5425 alright i think i figured it out myself (google did help a bit) no command lines/terminal needed
managed to get it to 500kb with the edits merge'd this should be more than enough (i only noticed this post after i finished the .xcf lol)

>how did you optimize the size
it was auto shrinked by GIMP when i exported it but however i DID click on the filter -/ animation -/ optimize as gif button the second time (no real difference on the first and second :P)

>shrink to 240p and remove frames
nah this resolution should be good enough it only has 8 frames no need to trim anything

ok i just re-exported it for the third time since i havent posted it yet and it worked (i set the index to 16 and now its at 128kb thanks anon)
heres the final result incase you want to see it (picrel i am not that great using this program) welp time to turn on the Y-fone hopefully i still have load left mwahaha
i created this on the pinktop with WinPE i have to admit the anydesk is pretty gud and the weak celeron processed it quickly without lag (kek this was previously used for photoshop before the screen broke)

>how do you apply this kind of censorship give examples https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5JVycfW3bc
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Replies: >>5485
>now its at 128kb thanks anon
Anytime anon.
>the translucent polygons move slow but change shape rapidly
That looks too complex, I'm not sure you can do that in Shotcut... What you can do is a simple blur, a simple pixelate, or the "spot remover" effect:
https://forum.shotcut.org/t/censoring-areas/11434/7 (scroll up to see the other 2 effects).
There's also an old tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1Tyjs-BdIg
>yep this is just what i needed
Shotcut has a rich text tool you can use. You'll get a nice rotated black box with text in it, but no rounded corners... Your other option would be to simply create the text box in GIMP and import it into Shotcut where it can be rotated and positioned.
>not sure is CPU only will cause lag since im gonna need crack for vm
I don't understand what you're trying to say here. Shotcut is free, just download it on your computer and you're good to go. Also I think it uses CPU by default when rendering so even toasters can run it.
Replies: >>5488
>>5485 thanks for the help i appreciate it
i was talking about the bandicrack also i might need multiple video editing apps just to get the job done hopefully my storage does not fill up (i only asked this in advance ill come back here after screen recording the video with OBS)

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After using the same handful of wallpaper images for the last three and a half years, I have come to the realization that I should get some new wallpapers.

Post your favourite wallpapers and wallpaper sources.  Pics related are a few of what I've been using; screenshots from a dead game called Blacklight: Retribution.  I never played it myself but it had some neat visuals.
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I'm not clicking that shit.
This is my current wp.
I've had it for a while.
It's kind of easy on the eye, like a night-mode option.
I hate cities though. I'd prefer to have a wp of the beach/ocean, but that's too hard on the eyes.
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[Hide] (21.4KB, 640x400)
Found some old shit. Just make sure you use nearest interpolation (and probably integer scaling, unless you have a really high resolution)
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Pastebin went full retard and is locking and deleting files that trigger any of their retarded broken filters for "offensive" words, so if you have something of value better copy it elsewhere (like your H/SDD) just to be safe.
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Replies: >>4967
>better copy it elsewhere (like your H/SDD) just to be safe
You should do that anyway. That said, I have some shit that triggered their filters, but there's no locking or deleting going on. Got a source for that shit?
Use a better pastebin service:
> sprunge.us
> ix.io
> 0x0.st 
> pst.moe
You could also use catbox.moe, uguu.se or anonfiles.com. Or https://gitgud.io or https://gitlab.com/explore or https://codeberg.org/

>>566 (OP) 
>so if you have something of value better copy it elsewhere (like your H/SDD) just to be safe.
This also works.
Replies: >>4984
This thread is over a year old, nigger.
gud suggested sites doe

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Discuss the pros and cons of the network, dev news, tips, hacks and other useful information.
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>You should be using both either way since they both have different use cases anyways
Replies: >>4851 >>4994
>They're both designed to protect the data being shared rather than whose participating in the network itself
No. Tor is designed to anonymize the user. If only data protection is the function, TLS would do the job. The problem of Tor is it is not hiding the fact that the user is using Tor. That means out of all Tor users, anyone siting in between doesn't know from which user the packet came from. That provides anonymity.
>Not to mention not everyone using Tor actually participates in the network
Only Tor relays participate in middle of the route. https://support.torproject.org/it/alternate-designs/make-every-user-a-relay/
Replies: >>4994
Tor is designed for clearnet access.
i2p is only for Eepsites.
Replies: >>4982
[Hide] (499KB, 578x715)
> if every government just decided to shut down every Tor nodes they could find
Tor is more centralized than that. There are only 9 directory authorities you need to take down to stop Tor working.

i2p also supports udp and ipv6 so it can route non-web protocols like bittorrent much better.
i2p has a built in torrent client and filesharing client, and the network structure is better designed to handle sharing those large files since everyone participating is a node.  The Tor network gets overwhelmed if many people are downloading large files, especially through the clearnet due to the smaller number of Tor exit nodes (not to mention you'll probably just be a leech).  Also, many Tor clients allegedly end up ignoring to proxy settings since they use udp.
Tor is a lot faster though and can be used to browse the clearnet, which i2p can't do out of the box.
>No. Tor is designed to anonymize the user. If only data protection is the function, TLS would do the job.
I did clarify that later, though my first statement was pretty unclear
<With both no one can know what's being sent and who it's being sent too (Excluding [exit]* nodes).

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>be Thomas Buchler
>gay jew record producer
>become Orthodox jew (but remain a massive faggot)
>try learning Torah chant
>through tapes to save time and probably shekels
>oy vey rewinding tapes is too slow
>my time is valuable
>I could be writing computer software and making money instead
>licenses DECtalk
>uses it to make TropeTrainer
>the definitive software for learning torah chant
>software that sings the word of god
>it's really fucking good
>loads of jews buy it
>along the way he preserves loads of obscure jewish chant traditions
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It's always funny to see the Jewish nature in action, they have to fuck everyone over including themselves. You can't even talk to God with this 32-bit Kikaloid.
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Believe it or not, the "gay nigger intersex HIV positive jew" thing wasn't hyperbole or an insult.
Replies: >>4955
Read >the circumcision of a spiritual journey

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Do you like shiny lasers that blind people?
Because I like shiny lasers that blind people.
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Replies: >>4414 + 1 earlier
I wish there was a way to shine those at aircraft without giving away your position.
Replies: >>4470
>>4208 (OP) 
Strategically placed mirrors?
bumo just gonna leave this here greetings from shandemic forums all we need left is a drone to take down other drones 
https://shamdemic.exposed/viewtopic.php?p=428#p428 https://www.bitchute.com/video/U6e4FXy8jn6U/
will ordinary toy green/red lasers work or do i need one of those burning purple hobby lasers? its gonna be a matter of time before the globohomo invades my country
Replies: >>4857

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>For a few hours today all v3 onion addresses on the Tor network were down. This appears to be a new kind of attack which affects the entire network and involves overloading the consensus authority nodes.
>You will currently not be able to access any v3 onion addresses, what is happening is unknown, but it is potentially a huge attack on the entire network. Earlier today I made a post outlining consequences I would be putting into place to deter markets from funding DDoS attacks against each other, as the potential to scale and completely kill every node on the network is a very real potential outcome. Now everything is down and I have no idea if this has sped up the process of this occurring or if it is even an attack at all, all I know is, this is big.
>Reddit post by u/hugbunt3r This attack began after Dread forum owner, HugBunter made a post stating the consequences for market owners who continue to attack rival markets.
>The recent/current attacks on multiple markets have been troubling after we’ve all had a good break for some time and things started to heal and become stronger.
>We’ve now had large scale attacks hitting the likes of WHM, DarkMarket and apparently some other services, although I cannot really confirm any others.
>I’d like to outline the main issues with this here. Firstly, /u/Paris and /u/mr_white ‘s work on /d/EndGame has been amazing and has allowed us to all have some really good filtering processes to limit malicious traffic from hitting the application layer and dropping their connections for v3’s where possible. Along with our collective knowledge of the attacks since February 2019, we have some very solid configurations that allow us to scale enough to stay ahead of the attacks and continue scaling alongside it. This is the absolute best protection we as service operators can currently provide and it works, but at many costs.
>We’re not really any closer to seeing a Tor PoW implementation that will seriously improve the situation, but the position we’re in with our own developments is a hell of a lot better than when this all started. There are things I haven’t disclosed publicly because of the potential for abuse, but a lot more worrying things have come from these attacks, costs that aren’t of the monetary kind. The seriousness of the attacks’ will probably become clear at some point. Consequences for Markets
>Consequences for Markets I am aware of at least 2 markets that have paid for attacks against other markets within the last few weeks. I also know of one wishing to pay for retaliation attacks.
>This behavior from market admins is absolutely unacceptable and it will not be tolerated. You have [b]no idea[/b] of the ramifications this has, it is way beyond just taking your competitor offline, inadvertadly, but you are causing a problem that is a great deal worse without even knowing it, if market admins wish me to disclose these other issues to them, they can contact me directly and you will soon rethink your poor business strategy.
>– From here, there will be extreme consequences for any Market admin found to be funding attacks against any other service, market or not. You know who you are and I won’t publicly out you here for it, for the time being.
>Any Ads/other promotional material will be indefinitely disabled You may have your Subdread banned You will be delisted from Recon You will be delisted from DDF Most importantly, your own service will be attacked. This is where it ends, I’m not sitting through another storm of attacks.
<—–BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE—– iQIzBAEBCgAdFiEEYTOs4fS4fFHb8/6l6GEFEPmm6SIFAl/5pNwACgkQ6GEFEPmm 6SIJWA/+M0KfiK5D4T9D3ELwqtAHRBjU8cPqP1yxMYmoZrnZPKO81SuP+fH59xMj XtQn01rIPmRwuLntitf4zGo05LvPWBu8eDErLw4va9yqZtcBVKpP7Jaj+pr8vuRx XgqBA+bdcYpESHs1dzl10HVmeDe2dT7QuuJk63sohw9xf+31wgp9TI2wr8VM48Sv enbO9UUf+dHOajHqmbvNbUOIcf6EPcIUgCA/iedm5WhUfKDOt1AHK4xLYJA7Mmbz 7Y+vCBbPitx0kGMth/xWUsvKWhHeTsv/eSAlsbxmMaVQ4S7zJqJKvHAjxpxT1ZDG lNZqGAH5E4geylibg/mfntJmo4bIg62jQTCT3/kd9Q4ZNWp84Y6FXq55kTTIzrZt ii5Q5wdSIAtUG+mk7gKsPSO2vgvh7TIh8Y6LYg89xvCV1kS9SHC6d2bTiRDqJH7F qo/+qf3ml4jgYqSv4rJIZ7NqmJVGRqQpMMwHxp8zUZyW0ArmE78nTf9I3rRRvaJN OiPnCXDi1i/gK3TrwHOrek4VXhqT+VRBAbUWUPCu1i0IHsfJv3UKgDYLRP2S8x6q A9ed97mTwqNnIKxrXOozvvfE5CJj/N+6Mfu5Q9+3mFNI9FRQtTmoWSpzxrZZdozx nbexW83LKN/b6/zu+KRE/uaabDLg8kvdE/iRiYYAR6gzHlDlHPk= =wZW1 —–END PGP SIGNATURE—–
>An explanation of the attack from Paris, the co-admin of Dread.
Message too long. View the full text
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Tor died when the original silkroad did. It's just government run bullshit.
Are there visit-worthy websites on any of these?
Replies: >>1769 >>4636
Do your own research on dark.fail
Do not talk about /site/

The reason Alt 'nets keep going dead or glownigger is because of open chatter. Remember the Rulez. We need them now more than ever.
>just use v3 goy
truly visionary

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