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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here:

I've migrated and fixed a bunch of shit along the way, but if anything is broken please use this thread to report it. I've locked the previous thread to focus new issues here.

Two known issues:
- Favicon didn't fly so good
- Need to set up a new tor socks5 proxy for webring

Both of these will be fixed shortly.
I will leave the rest of the post intact, please ignore the special stipulations.

Hello and welcome to the fist round of BO applications for zzzchan. I will outline the application process below, along with some special stipulations for this first round.

To apply for a board, you must submit your answers to the following questions: 

1. What will the focus of your board be?
2. What will the rules be?
3. How would you handle the following hypothetical scenarios:
    A. A user who is only breaking the rules of your board has a substantial post history that is perfectly fine up until the single instance you are reviewing. What do you do?
    B. A spammer posts CP. What do you do?
    C. A spammer has slid your catalog and all unpinned threads are gone. What do you do?
4. What time range(s) would you normally be able to keep an eye on the board?
5. If your board becomes active enough, do you agree to look for one or more vol(s) to help you? Do you know anyone already?
6. Why do you want to be a moderator for this board?

- I will be taking applications for up to three boards, two of which are reserved. 
- The 2 reserved boards are /b/ and /tech/, the third can be anything else, though I'd prefer to hold off on porn boards.
- Applicants for /b/ do not need to provide answers to questions 1&2 or hypotheticals A&C. /b/ will be global rules only.
- /b/ & /tech/ will only be added if I get a good application for them. A lack of applications for either will not open another slot for a different board.

- I am not looking to add /pol/ at this time. If this ever changes I will announce it.
- I am also not going to accept boards dedicated to more extreme fetishes. Nothing akin to /abdl/.
- I am not looking to poach certain boards that exist elsewhere on the webring. For example: as much as I'd love to have /k/ here I do not wish to split what's left of 8/k/ between here and
- If I like you application but do not add your board in a given round, I will let you know and may even reserve a slot in the next round. Obsolete rule
- If your application falls a bit short I may prompt you to fill in the gaps. 
- I reserve the right to not accept boards based purely on their focus. This does not mean I will deny boards I have no interest in, such as /r9k/. I think variety is important for imageboards.

- All Migrating/orphaned boards will be considered outside of the application cycle and should contact me at the same email address listed below.
- I will require proof that you are/were the BO/mod on another imageboard, or that the moderation team for the board in question has fallen apart.
- You must agree to follow all global rules for this site.
- You must agree to actively moderate the new board.
- If accepted, you must notify anons on the old board if it still exists. I do not mind If zzzchan is used as a bunker until a migration can be coordinated/ anons are comfortable making the switch. The new board will be unlisted in this type of scenario and will not be announced until ready.

Other than all that, I am now accepting applications at  [email protected]  , I look forward to your applications!
This thread is for handling boards from other sites that wish to migrate here/have been orphaned if public thread creation is locked on /meta/. If public thread creation is open you are free to make a dedicated thread here, otherwise I will make one for you.

The rules for migration are : 
- All Migrating/orphaned boards will be considered outside of the application cycle and should contact me at the same email address listed below.
- I will require proof that you are/were the BO/mod of the original board, or that the moderation team for the board in question has fallen apart.
- You must agree to follow all global rules for this site.
- You must agree to actively moderate the new board.
- If accepted, you must notify anons on the old board if it still exists. I do not mind If zzzchan is used as a bunker, the new board will be unlisted in this type of scenario and will not be announced until ready.

Feel free to ping me at [email protected] in case of a happening. I'll come right here.
Hello and welcome to zzzchan! I will be using this thread to explain how this site is set up and answer the initial wave of questions. Thread creation on /meta/ will be locked initially, I will explain how this will be handled going forward below.

Now, to answer some initial questions:

>Who the fuck are you? Who are the other mods?
I am sturgeon, I was a mod back on fat/v/ and later z/v/. fat/v/ was my first role as a moderator in any capacity. I'm happy to say that Pasta and seagull have also stuck around and will be managing /v/. r9k's BO will also be back.

>Nice namefagging
I intend to only use my name & role tag when posting something relevant to my role or the site. 

>Why have you set this up?
Because zchan was doing fairly well before the admin pulled the plug without warning. I'd been considering making my own IB since fat died but once zchan went down I decided I had to make the effort. 

>Will you abandon this after x amount of time?
I've gone through the effort of setting all this up after losing 2 previous boards. I'm doing this because I want it to, and I plan to keep this place running as long as I can. 

>why zzzchan?
It's new, but familiar. Also Pasta worked very hard on the new logo, be sure to say nice things about it to him directly.

>How is this any more secure than the last jschan iterations?
This site is being run on 2 dedicated servers, one running the application and the other functioning as a proxy. All traffic to and from the app server is being routed through the proxy server. The app server is also set to drop any connection that is not from said proxy, so even if you knew the app server's ip you'd have no way of proving that it's running this site. the app server is also forcing ipv6, which should keep it safe from crawlers like Shodan and the like while also making it harder to ddos. This is a much simpler setup than what I initially outlined on /geimu/ but it covers all of the important functionality. I can also still decouple the db into it's own server if I want to, and I can add extra proxy/app servers if needed (though spare proxies will go farther).

  tl;dr : the only real attack surface is the proxy server, the app server simply goes invisible if there is no proxy,  and I can spool up more proxies/have a hot spare if anything happens to the current one. 

>Is all of this working perfectly?
Not quite, there are 2 bugs right now:

1. Real-time post updates are not working. I still need to work out how to get websockets to go through the proxy properly. you will see the error switch back to timed refresh after a few seconds, so auto update is still semi-working.
2. Geoip flags are all inheriting the proxy server's location. I've already solved this issue with post IDs so I have a rough idea of what I need to do to fix this, but it is not high priority.
I also fully expect shenanigans immediately after launch, so if anything happens I will be working to fix it as fast as I can.

>Are you going to add new boards? How are you going to handle adding boards?
I do not plan on adding new boards for at least a couple weeks, until things stabilize. I plan on having an application process for prospective BOs. I have not fully written this process out but here's a rough outline:
1. I will announce that I am accepting applications for new boards. All applicants will be directed to a specific email address where they will submit their answers to a few questions, such as:
  A. What would the focus of your board be?
  B. What would the rules be?
  C. How would you handle xyz hypothetical scenario? 
  D. There may be more questions, I still need to decide.
2. I would review and pick a handful (likely 3) of the best applications and talk a bit with the applicants directly to get them ready to launch their boards. Launches would likely be staggered by a day or two.
3. I would announce the new board prior to launch and give the new BO a dedicated thread on /meta/ to talk to you all directly. This is so the BO can answer questions/recruit vols.
4. The new board goes live and I will help the new BO manage it for x amount of time. Boards that get over a certain amount of activity will be encouraged to have at least 1 vol.

I reserve the right to deny any board for any reason, but I do not plan on turning boards away simply due lack of interest on my part. I think variety is important. The real purpose of this entire process is to prevent first come/first served situations like back on 8chan and to not have a list full of dead boards. It's experimental, so if something about this process isn't working I'm open to discussing it. If you would like to apply for the first batch of new boards then I encourage you to make a quick draft but hold on to it until I make an announcement. 

>How are you going to handle updating/fixing the site and downtime?
If the issue is not critical I will wait until slow hours to work on fixing anything. For anything that might cause noticeable downtime I will make an announcement at least a few hours ahead. Keep an eye on the news and /meta/. If it's urgent, I will make an announcement but it will be very short notice. I should look into making some kind of external display for them.

Feel free to ask any other questions/make suggestions in this thread, I will create another thread for identifying any bugs that may not have been caught in the testing period. This is my first time as an admin and I'd like to not fuck this up, so I'm counting on all of you to point out when something isn't working be it software or policy.
(Maybe this rather belongs on Jschan's issue tracker, but I'm not creating a M$Hub account just to post this)
Can you fix the thread/post hiding? The threads/posts that should be hidden momentarily appear for like a second when you load a page.
And this is bad because there's a reason why people hide things... it's because they don't want to look at them, even if for a second.
Please make an even worse captcha, thanks.
Their webring isn't set up correctly, and I suspect it's on purpose.
Why do you delete threads for "spam" just because you dont like them? If you ask why you deleted them you just delete that thread and write "schizo" or something else like "spam" again in the logs. This isnt just a one time thing either. Its happened several times.
Enable .zip or .7z or .rar or .tar.gz uploads (or all of the above). This is the third time now that I've wanted to share something but couldn't, and I can't be bothered to use a third party website.
Are you going to deal with the herdnigger spam on /b/ or will you let it become a mess beyond saving like you've done for the past months?

I've put in several global reports on their obvious and recognizable spam, and you dipshits haven't done anything about it besides leaving it up.
I brought this issue up in the /v/ gamergate thread and was told to repost it here.  For reference, I'm >>>/v/26109.

To summarize, I wanted to know why minor shitposting was deleted in the gamergate thread even though other threads (like the first FPS general) had much more and much worse periods of shitposting/calling OP a faggot at the start.

The reply I got from Seagull (presumably; no capcode) was >>>/v/26199, which claimed that deleting bitching about the threads was not preferential treatment because these threads are allowed under the rules - even if the rules literally refer to them as "special" threads, and no other threads get scrubbed like that.  Yes, I'm aware that the rules put ""special"" in quotations, which somewhat diminishes the strength of the word, but the fact remains that they are exceptions to rules like "effortless threads will be met with ridicule."

Seagull said to take the issue up with the BO, so here we are.  I'm sure that the reply will be "stay mad faggot these threads are BASED and always allowed!" but I'm just going through the proper channels.

And before anyone tells me that this shouldn't come as a surprise, it's not the presence of gamergate threads that I'm specifically taking issue with (although I do maintain they are worthless and attract all kinds of non-vidya attention whores).  My point is that if the gamergate threads are allowed to exist, they should exist on their own merits.  If people want to spam dubs and shit them up - because there seems to be a tiny handful of people who actually post in them, many of whom are social media addicts and post elsewhere - then why shouldn't they?  The board doesn't have a major problem with people doing that in other threads, so I don't see what the problem is.  It's like a cultural immune response to a foreign object.
spoiler test
Do you consider zzz your home? Why do you stay here and not another place on the webring?
How many other boards on the webring do you regularly visit?
If you use tor, why come here at all instead of a tor only imageboard?
Do you think there are "better" chans for specific boards?
In terms of users/admin, what would you say is the differences between zzz, and say anoncafe?
Would it be hard to increase the thread limit? I've seen imageboards with, like, 200 pages or something
Behold the new front page mascot and cute tank dork of the Zzzigger alliance that always should have been.
Is especially popular among the /b/ and /k/ crowd. So it's settled then.
....No I was serious, it's not fair that halfchan has Sachiko and 8Moe has the Jewcy Mark Mann.
The long awaited server migration is finally ready, I will outline the details here.

What's happening?
I am moving zzzchan to a new application server. This new server is better, cheaper, and has a 100% working jschan installation ready to go.

What has to be done?
I will have to take the site down for a bit in order to rsync files and a mongo backup into the new server. These will slot right in once the transfer is done. From there all I need to do is edit the site's DNS. I don't expect this process to take more than hour if everything goes well. The .onion service will be dormant through the whole process and switched over after the clearnet site is confirmed working on the new server. 

When is this happening?
Current date is this tuesday evening but I've been sick since saturday. Watch the global announcements for any delays.

What if something goes wrong?
The current, soon to be old appserver will be at the ready to switch back to. Again global announcements will be used to announce if I have to switch back. I only see potential issues with updating DNS but thats only because its the only untested part of the process

What's changing with the switch?
A multitude of broken features will become functional, including:
- Live posting, even over TOR
- Tegaki 
- All the other frontend scripts that have not been working.

The site's nginx configs have also been reworked completely for the new server, as has the backup process. We will be even more nuke resistant than before!
they banned the pedo board that was said to be the problem
Add an I2P address pls.

I2P doesn't have some of the vulnerabilities of Tor (see Dread DDoS) and has better, more reliable performance for hidden services. Oh and it supports torrenting. In fact it's integrated to default I2P client, so unlike on Tor, fun is allowed. Finally, unlike Tor, it does not rely on centralized directory authorities. The network is truly decentralized. It makes for a different set of pros and cons. If nothing else, it's good for hedging your bets with Tor, but generally, I2P is just better for hidden service use. That's what it was designed for. Meanwhile Tor is first and foremost a proxy system to clearnet.
For website hosting, you can use i2pd which is a more performant C++ implementation without the bells and whistles.

Some chans that already have I2P support:

As you can see, you have an option to have a domain name registered on some volunteer servers (they act more like address books to which people subscribe), but if you don't trust them, you don't have to.
hi update jschan please
fank u
How difficult would it be to set up a streaming platform to run alongside this site? 8ch has one but a lot of people don't like that site for various reasons. They use OSP and it seems to work most of the time, and seems to be fairly easy to set up. Between BMN and the increasing number of streamers on /v/ there seems to be a good amount of people that would use it. Is the current server strong enough to handle the load?
Why doesn't it have a lokinet instance? It's faster, more secure and decentralized.
The bug reporting thread is getting slow to load.  Discuss issues with the new version here.
some stupid fucking script kiddie was hitting the login endpoint a few hundred times per second from the onion

stop being a skid faggot.
Make sure to never let the fat kike Mark back on the webring.
Listen fuckface "Sturgeon", jschan is already on motherfcuking 0.5.3 and you're still running 0.3.2? What the fuck is wrong with you? You can't even run this (outdated) version properly, there is a "Thread Watcher" on the version that you're running, where is it? What the fuck are you doing? Faggot.
>We are updated and I figured out what was wrong with pdf and txt files. Those are working now.
did you really update or just changed footer?
check pic rel, one is 0.3.2 settings and other is yours, which still looks like 0.7.1 or whatever old version you had running.
also thread watcher doesn't show up anywhere, check you probably rushed the update.
maybe you need to update from version to version.
You haven't updated jschan since 0.1.7 here's what you're missing out


Minor bugfix to post moving.


Small board list optimisation, no longer try to fetch webring site names if webring not enabled.
Make webring blacklisting also apply to endpoints after being fetched, in case the URL is different (alt domain, onions, etc).
Webring.json and site names cache is now removed when webring is disabled.
More reasonable webring timeout for fetching each site.
Webring bugfixes.


Ban durations are now editable. Staff can set a new ban duration (starting from the current date, not the original ban issue date).
Minor bugfixes.


From now on, versioning = major.minor.patch. significant changes = major, feature updates = minor, bugfixes/small stuff = patch.
Update instructions about nginx changes when upgrading.
Add an endpoint for getting the csrf token separately from html pages. See API docs for more details.
Add post "marking" so moved/deleted posts info is sent over websocket. Frontend will handle them. Deleted threads and moved OPs will now also disconnect the socket and remove the post form.
Block bypasses are now locked to where they were created (anonymizer or clearnet) to prevent some forms of 'smuggling'. This will be improved further in upcoming releases.
Code highlighting now supports all highlight.js languages when explicitly specified. The whitelist now only applies to auto-detection, as originally intended.
Quotes for post references in modlog now have the proper quote class, and will show when hovered like any other quote.


API docs improvements, now includes csrf token, posting, post actions (and mod variants), and more. It should be enough documentation for somebody to write a mobile app integration.

globalafk (my fork):

On android with termux, tapping the notification will open the post (in mod view) and the notification has new shortcut buttons to quickly delete, delete+ban or delete+global ban.


Add thread watcher/watchlist, so users can save list of threads to a little window and see unread count
There are now API docs available at

Improved installation nginx script. Confirms overwriting and doesnt break when run more than once
Some visual tweaks (file "(u)" being on newline, "x" -> "×")


Fix "improved" global settings changes not regenerating custom pages properly
Postmenu dropdown for filters/moderate added to catalog tiles
Notifications are no longer sent for posts when clicking "view full text"
Make handling files with no/incorrect extension better
Image count from OP is included in catalog tiles file count


Much improved nginx configuration for installation, script does most of the work
Fixed settings form asking to save password -.-
Multiple files & post flags now shown in catalog view
Faster, more efficient global settings changes
Add option for board owner to prevent OP deleting threads that are too old or have too many replies

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