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Use this thread to report any issues you find while using the site. We currently have 2 known issues: 

1. Real-time post updates are not working. I still need to work out how to get websockets to go through the proxy properly. you will see the error switch back to timed refresh after a few seconds, so auto update is still semi-working.
2. Geoip flags are all inheriting the proxy server's location. I've already solved this issue with post IDs so I have a rough idea of what I need to do to fix this, but it is not high priority.

I also fully expect shenanigans immediately after launch, so if anything happens I will be working to fix it as fast as I can. Your help here is appreciated.
Hello and welcome to zzzchan! I will be using this thread to explain how this site is set up and answer the initial wave of questions. Thread creation on /meta/ will be locked initially, I will explain how this will be handled going forward below.

Now, to answer some initial questions:

>Who the fuck are you? Who are the other mods?
I am sturgeon, I was a mod back on fat/v/ and later z/v/. fat/v/ was my first role as a moderator in any capacity. I'm happy to say that Pasta and seagull have also stuck around and will be managing /v/. r9k's BO will also be back.

>Nice namefagging
I intend to only use my name & role tag when posting something relevant to my role or the site. 

>Why have you set this up?
Because zchan was doing fairly well before the admin pulled the plug without warning. I'd been considering making my own IB since fat died but once zchan went down I decided I had to make the effort. 

>Will you abandon this after x amount of time?
I've gone through the effort of setting all this up after losing 2 previous boards. I'm doing this because I want it to, and I plan to keep this place running as long as I can. 

>why zzzchan?
It's new, but familiar. Also Pasta worked very hard on the new logo, be sure to say nice things about it to him directly.

>How is this any more secure than the last jschan iterations?
This site is being run on 2 dedicated servers, one running the application and the other functioning as a proxy. All traffic to and from the app server is being routed through the proxy server. The app server is also set to drop any connection that is not from said proxy, so even if you knew the app server's ip you'd have no way of proving that it's running this site. the app server is also forcing ipv6, which should keep it safe from crawlers like Shodan and the like while also making it harder to ddos. This is a much simpler setup than what I initially outlined on /geimu/ but it covers all of the important functionality. I can also still decouple the db into it's own server if I want to, and I can add extra proxy/app servers if needed (though spare proxies will go farther).

  tl;dr : the only real attack surface is the proxy server, the app server simply goes invisible if there is no proxy,  and I can spool up more proxies/have a hot spare if anything happens to the current one. 

>Is all of this working perfectly?
Not quite, there are 2 bugs right now:

1. Real-time post updates are not working. I still need to work out how to get websockets to go through the proxy properly. you will see the error switch back to timed refresh after a few seconds, so auto update is still semi-working.
2. Geoip flags are all inheriting the proxy server's location. I've already solved this issue with post IDs so I have a rough idea of what I need to do to fix this, but it is not high priority.
I also fully expect shenanigans immediately after launch, so if anything happens I will be working to fix it as fast as I can.

>Are you going to add new boards? How are you going to handle adding boards?
I do not plan on adding new boards for at least a couple weeks, until things stabilize. I plan on having an application process for prospective BOs. I have not fully written this process out but here's a rough outline:
1. I will announce that I am accepting applications for new boards. All applicants will be directed to a specific email address where they will submit their answers to a few questions, such as:
  A. What would the focus of your board be?
  B. What would the rules be?
  C. How would you handle xyz hypothetical scenario? 
  D. There may be more questions, I still need to decide.
2. I would review and pick a handful (likely 3) of the best applications and talk a bit with the applicants directly to get them ready to launch their boards. Launches would likely be staggered by a day or two.
3. I would announce the new board prior to launch and give the new BO a dedicated thread on /meta/ to talk to you all directly. This is so the BO can answer questions/recruit vols.
4. The new board goes live and I will help the new BO manage it for x amount of time. Boards that get over a certain amount of activity will be encouraged to have at least 1 vol.

I reserve the right to deny any board for any reason, but I do not plan on turning boards away simply due lack of interest on my part. I think variety is important. The real purpose of this entire process is to prevent first come/first served situations like back on 8chan and to not have a list full of dead boards. It's experimental, so if something about this process isn't working I'm open to discussing it. If you would like to apply for the first batch of new boards then I encourage you to make a quick draft but hold on to it until I make an announcement. 

>How are you going to handle updating/fixing the site and downtime?
If the issue is not critical I will wait until slow hours to work on fixing anything. For anything that might cause noticeable downtime I will make an announcement at least a few hours ahead. Keep an eye on the news and /meta/. If it's urgent, I will make an announcement but it will be very short notice. I should look into making some kind of external display for them.

Feel free to ask any other questions/make suggestions in this thread, I will create another thread for identifying any bugs that may not have been caught in the testing period. This is my first time as an admin and I'd like to not fuck this up, so I'm counting on all of you to point out when something isn't working be it software or policy.
This thread is for handling boards from other sites that wish to migrate here/have been orphaned if public thread creation is locked on /meta/. If public thread creation is open you are free to make a dedicated thread here, otherwise I will make one for you.

The rules for migration are : 
- All Migrating/orphaned boards will be considered outside of the application cycle and should contact me at the same email address listed below.
- I will require proof that you are/were the BO/mod on another imageboard, or that the moderation team for the board in question has fallen apart.
- You must agree to follow all global rules for this site.
- You must agree to actively moderate the new board.
- If accepted, you must notify anons on the old board if it still exists. I do not mind If zzzchan is used as a bunker until a migration can be coordinated/ anons are comfortable making the switch. The new board will be unlisted in this type of scenario and will not be announced util ready.

Feel free to ping me at [email protected] in case of a happening. I'll come right here.
I will leave the rest of the post intact, please ignore the special stipulations.

Hello and welcome to the fist round of BO applications for zzzchan. I will outline the application process below, along with some special stipulations for this first round.

To apply for a board, you must submit your answers to the following questions: 

1. What will the focus of your board be?
2. What will the rules be?
3. How would you handle the following hypothetical scenarios:
    A. A user who is only breaking the rules of your board has a substantial post history that is perfectly fine up until the single instance you are reviewing. What do you do?
    B. A spammer posts CP. What do you do?
    C. A spammer has slid your catalog and all unpinned threads are gone. What do you do?
4. What time range(s) would you normally be able to keep an eye on the board?
5. If your board becomes active enough, do you agree to look for one or more vol(s) to help you? Do you know anyone already?
6. Why do you want to be a moderator for this board?

- I will be taking applications for up to three boards, two of which are reserved. 
- The 2 reserved boards are /b/ and /tech/, the third can be anything else, though I'd prefer to hold off on porn boards.
- Applicants for /b/ do not need to provide answers to questions 1&2 or hypotheticals A&C. /b/ will be global rules only.
- /b/ & /tech/ will only be added if I get a good application for them. A lack of applications for either will not open another slot for a different board.

- I am not looking to add /pol/ at this time. If this ever changes I will announce it.
- I am also not going to accept boards dedicated to more extreme fetishes. Nothing akin to /abdl/.
- I am not looking to poach certain boards that exist elsewhere on the webring. For example: as much as I'd love to have /k/ here I do not wish to split what's left of 8/k/ between here and
- If I like you application but do not add your board in a given round, I will let you know and may even reserve a slot in the next round. Obsolete rule
- If your application falls a bit short I may prompt you to fill in the gaps. 
- I reserve the right to not accept boards based purely on their focus. This does not mean I will deny boards I have no interest in, such as /r9k/. I think variety is important for imageboards.

- All Migrating/orphaned boards will be considered outside of the application cycle and should contact me at the same email address listed below.
- I will require proof that you are/were the BO/mod on another imageboard, or that the moderation team for the board in question has fallen apart.
- You must agree to follow all global rules for this site.
- You must agree to actively moderate the new board.
- If accepted, you must notify anons on the old board if it still exists. I do not mind If zzzchan is used as a bunker until a migration can be coordinated/ anons are comfortable making the switch. The new board will be unlisted in this type of scenario and will not be announced until ready.

Other than all that, I am now accepting applications at  [email protected]  , I look forward to your applications!
hoihoi might just mass murder the cuckchanners and survive the exodus
Hey guys, /icup/ here with a question on how we're going to handle the next iteration of the Infinity Cup ( )
We're trying to poll whether certain boards are interested in playing in the cup, or if there's some specific team that you'd like to see play. If you want to, please answer or add your own answer to the poll in
I brought this issue up in the /v/ gamergate thread and was told to repost it here.  For reference, I'm >>>/v/26109.

To summarize, I wanted to know why minor shitposting was deleted in the gamergate thread even though other threads (like the first FPS general) had much more and much worse periods of shitposting/calling OP a faggot at the start.

The reply I got from Seagull (presumably; no capcode) was >>>/v/26199, which claimed that deleting bitching about the threads was not preferential treatment because these threads are allowed under the rules - even if the rules literally refer to them as "special" threads, and no other threads get scrubbed like that.  Yes, I'm aware that the rules put ""special"" in quotations, which somewhat diminishes the strength of the word, but the fact remains that they are exceptions to rules like "effortless threads will be met with ridicule."

Seagull said to take the issue up with the BO, so here we are.  I'm sure that the reply will be "stay mad faggot these threads are BASED and always allowed!" but I'm just going through the proper channels.

And before anyone tells me that this shouldn't come as a surprise, it's not the presence of gamergate threads that I'm specifically taking issue with (although I do maintain they are worthless and attract all kinds of non-vidya attention whores).  My point is that if the gamergate threads are allowed to exist, they should exist on their own merits.  If people want to spam dubs and shit them up - because there seems to be a tiny handful of people who actually post in them, many of whom are social media addicts and post elsewhere - then why shouldn't they?  The board doesn't have a major problem with people doing that in other threads, so I don't see what the problem is.  It's like a cultural immune response to a foreign object.
Recently this trailer was posted to After it was posted cakekike came out admitting that he is going to be in this documentary as well. Right now the trailer is sitting at 1.2 million views after 4 days of being released. Based on the trailer it almost exclusively is featuring content from 8chan/8kun and seems much more focused on imageboards than Qnigger bullshit itself. In all likelihood the documentary will namedrop the webring or sites within the webring. It is very possible that it could gain enough traction to trigger an influx of cancer. Time to clench your assholes while you still can and brace for impact. Also there's some hilarious embarrassing clips of Ron in here give it a watch, what a fucking autist this hapa is.
2/21 update 
Configs are evidently not perfect yet, I'm digging to see what exactly happened and will try to make the failover actually work as intended.

Apologies for the downtime everyone, I will outline what exactly happened (at least as much as I can) here along with my plans to prevent it from ever happening again.

1. The proxy host fucking died
This is why there was downtime at all, but n0t why that downtime was such an issue. As much as having an eastern European host that doesn't care benefits a site like, at the end of the day its still run by the guys ##it's not cockbox##. The following points will outline why I could not mitigate this and how I plan to in the future.

2. I only had one proxy
I kept putting off setting up a second proxy. There's no other explanation, I kept putting it off and eventually forgot. This paired with the not-so-reliable nature of the single proxies host was enough to fuck the site. I will be setting up a second, cheap proxy that will function more as a fall back with it's own subdomain. Balancing an array like previously is a huge pain, and often broke. I've reviewed a few different hosts that will probably not cuck out like the last ones did, and a $5 vps with them will be perfectly serviceable. 

And for the dumbest, most bullyable mistake:
3: I didn't backup my fucking proxy configs
All of the nginx config files used for the proxies have changed substantially each time I have had to make server changes, and I didn't back shit up when I set up the current one. This left me unable to rapidly set up a dirt cheap vps to work as a stop-gap in the meantime regardless of their TOS. ##We'd be off it before they could handle any reports anyway## 

So in short a combination of laziness and dumb mistakes on my part are the reason the site went down at all. Host reliability should not have been a factor. 
Shot version of the plan going forward:
1. get 1-2 more proxies on international hosts
2. set them up as subdomains, potentially keep one turned on standby and not accessible except for emergencies. Maybe even a dedicated phantom proxy.
2a. I will probably test running the onion thru one of these unlisted proxies. I will announce this but keep an eye out.
3. I've already backed up my shit and will be automating the backup of relevant files across all servers.

This is the dedicated bully thread now. I earned it.
Stop ignoring this.

If you're gonna be against calling 8moe shit because you're against board wars or whatever, at least you could delete boards literally made to promote drama and infighting like zzz/tg/. 
Proof of zzz/tg/ BO being a sperg:
Literally has the same writing style and arguments as

We've literally given him all the time and space to say whatever he could want about smugloli and prove that the meidos were influencing /tg/, but he hasn't said anything but FUD like some sort of shill.
What happen ?
You're browsing the imageboards in the morning and find a discussion, so you take a sip of your federally approved Gaming Water while pinching your mustache and write a quick reply. You hit the reply button, feeling content about partaking in some kind of social interaction which the current design of society so deprives you of, and BAM. Fucking DENIED, you're send into a concentration camp and put into shackles, and told to complete a fucking captcha and inject the ID cookie back into your wrist before you're allowed to continue living normally again.

Does the bypass captcha serve any practical purpose? We seem to have been fine without it all this time. Smug has never used it to my knowledge and they haven't had any problems even though supposedly there's a lot of people who hate them and thus would target the website, and it's boards are among the top boards so you'd imagine it would be a target for bots. Even if it curbs the occasional bot advertisement (which it never did in 8chan), is it really worth making everyone's lives more annoying just for that?
spoiler test
I'm creating this thread since the same once from >>>/v/ got deleted 2 months ago on the same day and I wanted to suggest an edit to /v/ rules.

Ban and delete GooberGate threads from zzz/v/. They are useless circlejerk threads and mark/v/ already has those threads anyways, so it wouldn't hurt. It might improve the quality of /v/.

>dead >>>/a/ spinoff created, it's full of /vhs/BO samefagging
> is probably dead
>this site is 7 months old from the 8th of feburary
As you all know, we've been on cloudflare's "I'm under attack mode" for the last several days due to a spammer. This has gotten annoying for everyone and I am ready to pull the trigger on implementing recaptcha until a better solution can be implemented, which Tom is currently working on. This is not something I enjoy doing. Using any google service is an absolute last resort and I would be switching to whatever Tom cooks up asap. That said:

If enough of you are fine with how things are now and don't mind skipping recaptcha I won't add it

So I want to hear from you. Do I add recaptcha and we deal with it for a few days or do we just wait for something better?

Please evict the biznnel pedoniggers that have been recently shitting up this site. After all there are global rules against their pedoshit. I'm not sure why they aren't being enforced.

I think it's time to get rid of those D&C (((Discord))) goons once and for all. Recently, the (((herdniggers))) have been shitting up various sites even harder including /monster/, Nanochan, and zzz/b/. To make those subhumans fuck off forever, I propose for Sturgeon to recruit more global vols and change global rule #2 to be more vague so suspected (((herdspeak))) that is detected can be deleted alongside borderline images. An example of the global rule #2 change proposal is
>Don't post pedo shit (obviously, retard)
Just be careful on who is being recruited as a gvol. A good start would be to send recruitment email offers to whoever owns a board before /a/ was created on zzzchan, asking a few questions like what timezone and active times. Sturg can choose whoever to email at his own discretion.
>inb4 fears of getting called a big rulecuck and bleeding anons
(((They))) already whine about zzzchan rulecucks not allowing any nude 3DPD children anyways. Losing (((herdniggers))) won't be a big deal anyways. Nothing of value will be lost. If the mods keep allowing (((herdniggers))) to stir up shit, then this site will meet a horrible end.

In short, global mods have to stop being pussies and evict the (((herdniggers))) from this site permanently, or zzzchan will get shoah'd by the (((herdniggers))).

Post all your suggestions in this thread.

My first and biggest suggestion is to add thread watcher.

Though pic related could be just shitposting, let's be honest here, something like this will likely be happening soon anyway. I doubt the webring is in any immediate danger because of it's obscurity and decentralized nature, but the menace of mass cuckchan rapefugee influx is a very real threat if it does go down. Everyone is advised to hold down to their butts, duck and cover and be prepared.
It's time for plw to die and zzzchan will be its successor. With the lack of moderation and the abundance of shit stirrers, a lot of users are pissed and looking for an alternative. Fish, you need to create a /animu/ board here and regulate it better than the plw one. Then we will start with the smaller boards and eventually plw will die on its own and lolretard finally kills himself. Perfect plan
>I have watched vtubers since the very beginning. I watch vtubers with anywhere from millions to less than a hundred subs.
Okay. I'll try my best not to judge.
>Of course they are separate from a stream. It makes no sense to release a song as a stream. Vtubing is not married to streaming as its only possible format.
There's streaming and there's making videos. Production and presentation is what matters for the content - for videos and streams AND it is their channel that makes that possible. If you try to claim broadly that "vtubing" is also about their albums, songs, drawings, etc etc you are selling their story instead of looking at their channel with a sober head.
In short, production and presentation matters and almost no one does this.
>Vtubers do karaoke and drawing streams all the time.
Yes, and yet there's still no consideration towards the presentation.
>Some vtubers are primarily singers and/or put out single and album releases. Inuyama Tamaki was releasing music before she even become a vtuber and Nanahira has long been a famous doujin singer. Tamaki is also a published mangaka with an anime adaptation, Pochimaru is the illustrator for Okaa-san Online, and Shigure Ui is the character designer of Subaru (hololive). There are more examples like this.
Okay, so that tell me what, they're good at different things? Okay, I can understand that. But can they make good content with these things? A good song is an ASSET, ASSET that you use for something. Anime OP's are just OPs without the animation itself. I can find a good songwriter somewhere and I can find a good drawer and I can enjoy their works, but "vtubers" want to make videos or stream, that's them. They don't use their songs or drawings towards EVEN BETTER content or EVEN BETTER presentation, they're just there, there is no evolution, merely production. Not to detract from their efforts or anything, but they make potential assets and just present them.
>Again, gaming and talk streamers are standard fare for vtubers. She is not doing anything out of the ordinary. I don't know how you can't comprehend this.
Please don't give viewers stage 4 cancer
>Where are you even getting all of this shit from? You barely know anything about vtubers. You're just throwing accusations at the wall hoping that some of them stick. There are hololive and nijisanji members who have literally talked about the practise they've been doing for live events.
Even more projecting. I've mentioned "practice" that Coco fucked off to in a previous post, even. What matters and saves "vtubers" is CONTENT and we don't even know if live shows will make good content for youtube even (since that's where their content is). If a live show turns out to be a lot of fanservice and NOT something that's suited as a video, then they're evolving away from good content, simple as that.
And no, there is a specific, CERTAIN definition for "good content" instead of subjectivism. If you try to go "CONTENT QUALITY IS SUBJECTIVE" then holy shit this is a waste of time.
>Again, I have been watching vtubers since the beginning and have watched a very wide range of them. You don't get to tell me that I'm projecting when you only have some passing knowledge of Coco and Melody.
Quite frankly, I've been disappoited with the medium and do not spend my time watching them. I have enough knowledge to speak of most popular ones, but you're not a sacred elder of ye olde vee tubers lore if you're watched them ALL, just someone very experienced in the format. None of your "lore" gives you any ability to dismiss anything with a "lurk more PFFT" without looking like a fucking idiot.
>Why would a streamer not want to maintain a good chat? For what reason would anyone go out of their way to produce a bad environment?
It's not a bad environment if you simply talk to people. Your understanding of "good chat" involves limiting what people can and cannot say to you and while, I'll agree that talking about certain things invites trouble and it's worth not talking at times or even deleting to protect the stream, you do NOT have someone that can respond properly as a rule, they're just there and spout things if their limited policy lets them.  That's not talking, that's queries and replies. And that kind of thing is the rule.
>You are grasping at straws like a lunatic.
And you still refuse to listen. Your medium's trash.
>Streams are not debate contests where you go to "challenge" the streamer over something. This isn't Destiny. You are complaining that vtubers are bad because they don't adhere to some alien culture that you're arbitrarily expecting them to follow.
"Challenge" isn't an alien standard or culture, that was an example that highlighted what's generally allowed for veetubers and what isn't. You cannot talk to them, they're there but they'll give you non-answers if you try. It's what happens if you try to offend the least amount of people possible, you just don't talk. Even with USUAL streamers, some tend to actually talk with the chat.
>You make these banal observations and twist them into something supposedly malicious. Of course most vtubers are trying to make money and make themselves better known, just like most people on youtube and twitch. This is not malicious just because you want to pretend that it is. 
It's not by itself, but the successful ones will pander heavily to common denominator and obscure ones do not tend to make anything out of the ordinary. What I've described is the RULE, not EXCEPTIONS to it and if you're not lying about having watched a lot of them, you probably know what the exceptions are.
>And stop pretending like you actually watch vtubers.
Watching vtubers isn't a profession. It never really was.
>Their 2D and 3D models are upgraded and they get new outfits, intros and BGM.
Okay, new assets. Do you have an improved formula to use them? How do you plan to make new videos that sufficiently use these new assets? There's opportunities for better structure, but often enough everyone sticks to the same format. There's progress in assets - often enough, since people DO get commissioned for them, but not progress in USE of assets.
And again, I repeat, this is the RULE, some do indeed manage to figure shit out, but vast majority just doesn't do it.
>It's not my label, it's the truth.
Delusion isn't truth, just delusion.
>You have no reasons. There is nothing wrong with drawing. You are just looking for any excuse you can to attack vtubers, no matter how absurd.
This is what you are telling yourself. I do not HATE them so much as I strive to ACTIVELY AND IRRATIONALLY ATTACK them, pulling out all the stops. There are just plenty of reasons not to associate with them.
As for excuses, you've found plenty. I've mentioned vidya and drawings as vain because they do not fill a niche in entertainment, it's just something that's enjoyable for content creator. They're supposed to entertain, focus on that.
>There are over 13,000 vtubers ranging from hololive to literally whos with two viewers. Again, grasping at straws.
Fine, most POPULAR are average. Some are similar. THIS is truth.
>The only people I've ever seen who are confused on the matter are idiots on reddit.
You came from there, no?
>You are lying again. Why do you do this?
I haven't lied - you did not argue with my position of "format is inherently trash, but can contain good things" and chose to deflect with things without detailed explanations instead. Glad you're finally replying.
>Something is not pandering just because you don't like it, and you're moving the goalposts.
If it is pandering, it doesn't matter whether I like it or not. It's not moving the goalposts either - monetization is a different thing, but same at heart - you get viewers so your video can get money from monetization. At heart, the principle is the same - make a popular video for youtube money. You just pander in a different way.
>That's not how hololive or nijisanji work.
We can only speculate because there's no internal notes. I know homolivers have their discord groups with editors that work for chump change and Coco may have bee-tee-eff-ohh'd a few of them, but there's no details of the talk with the Top Brass.
>There was no bait. Why are you lying?
Because you were being intentionally stupid or seeming that way. And I haven't lied.
>It's a fact. Superchats are not begging.
When business mostly depends on them they are.
>What happened to me repeating just one opinion?
You started repeating multple.
>Something is not pandering just because you don't like it, and vtubers don't receive money until someone watches them and decides to give them money. Performers must build a reputation to get people to come see them.
Which is why medium's faulty piece of garbage in the first place. No intrinsic incentive to improve past a certain mark of "acceptable level" that's a struggle to reach. Once you have the reputation, you can take it easy and results are mostly the same.
>Why are you lying, 
I haven't lied once and I suggest you drop the habit of meaningless one-liner accusations. "YOU lie, YOU lie!" It will do you no good if you just throw around one-liners without thought. It's not a conversation anymore. Explain your accusation, because so far, you've only been spouting statements without any reasoning to back them up.
>and where are you bringing up this imaginary cult from?
Your cult is mindless worship of some vee-tuber somewhere. Who really knows which one and what it is?
>So you are a retard?
Ad hominem confirmed, are we back to calling one another faggots?
I'm making a new thread because this is important.

Allow new threads to be made earlier in /v/. Popular threads get bumplocked and then get stuck in the middle of the catalog for many weeks, wasting a big chunk of potential discussion because people don't see new posts and thus won't reply. And don't give me this "just go down the catalog" shit, if you think about it for 7 and a half seconds, you'll realize that there's no way for people to know when someone posts something on that thread without either specifically checking that thread over and over and over just in case someone posted or by memorizing every thread's post number. Nobody wants to do that shit, thread bumping was invented for a reason.

>but muh catalog will fill with repeated threads
So fucking what. You're basically using problems with the IB software and moderation inconvenience and ancient months old threads as reasons to reduce board activity. Nobody cares if one of the 3 month old friday night threads gets deleted in favor of a new thread about cyberpunk that everyone wants to shit on.

This is, in my opinion, one of the foremost mistakes that imageboards make. I recall in 8chan the activity in /agdg/ always plummeted as soon as the thread got bumplocked, what exactly is the benefit of this? Assume there's no problems with the catalog filling up or whatever, why would you argue in favor of this? You fucking wouldn't.
So some fag reported us to the proxy hosts, and I was politely told to fuck off within 24 hours about ~8 hours ago. All of the existing proxies are on the chopping block and there's really no appeal I can make.

But I'm not quitting

I already have a proxy on a host in a certain part of eastern europe that has far worse customers than zzzchan, they will not give a shit no matter what we do here. It's also a much better server, and should hold up fine on it's own for a long time without the need for an array. Smaller satellite proxies may come into play later but for now I won't be dealing with load balancing issues. I had hoped to float by with the array on normal hosts for a bit longer since it would have been cheaper but at this point paying a tiny bit more isn't the issue.

Eta on the new proxy is within the next 2 hours, might be later but i have until tomorrow afternoon. Its not hard to set up. If the site breaks in that time frame I'm in the middle of switching over. The onion will be deactivated while redirecting and will come back after the switch

On the plus side, zzzchan is now even harder to kill thanks to this
The app server remained obfuscated through all this and can still be hosted wherever I like. With the proxy soon to be on a no-fucks-given host there is effectively nobody to report the site to. We cannot be deplatformed, reported, or ddos'd, and all spam has to be done manually while requiring a triple digit IQ. Manual spam is really the only attack vector I have to worry about now and Pasta & Seagull have been fantastic in helping deal with that. 

Prolikewoah's HTTPS certificate has expired again.
And why didn't anyone make it again? Where can I talk about my spec-evo related needs?
Am I blind or is there not one?

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