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I've migrated and fixed a bunch of shit along the way, but if anything is broken please use this thread to report it. I've locked the previous thread to focus new issues here.

Two known issues:
- Favicon didn't fly so good
- Need to set up a new tor socks5 proxy for webring

Both of these will be fixed shortly.
Replies: >>4382 >>4413 >>4420
Also regarding tegaki: You may have to refresh the page after granting canvas access to really get it working. This is the case on tor/firefox at least but once that's done it should just work.
>>4378 (OP) 
webring doesn't fucking work
mp3 uploads aren't fixed (god knows what other filetypes are broken too)
Replies: >>4385 >>4393
One of the guys from /digi/ mentions that FLAC files are also broken, even before the migration
Replies: >>4393
after trying to post images, it gives a "something broke" error and refuses to process the post
captcha locks up afterwards giving you a white square if you try to make a post
curiously, posts without images appear to go through
also spoiler markup is reverted, meaning double * is now italics and  double | are now spoiler tags
these are italics
these are spoiler tags
Images don't seem to load, and I am unable to download any files off of here. The cursor in tegaki mode seems to bleed onto the screen, but it randomly disappeared.
craptcha test
oh shit nigger it works
Replies: >>4395
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>install webring script and make sure it fucking works this time
>make post formatting syntax match vichan instead of being discord shit
>make audio uploads not fucking break due to missing thumbnails
>disable local time and relative time by default because it's web 3.0 cancer and will only empower the "original 8chan thread" nigger
>unbreak tegaki I guess
Replies: >>4394 >>4441
Custom fonts for boards like >>>/digi/ are borked
>disable local time and relative time by default 
Don't do it! It makes it easier to find the original thread if someone posts a screenshot.
Replies: >>4396
Fucking finally.
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t. "original 8chan thread" nigger
Replies: >>4397
Nice cuckchan filename, fucktarded crosposter
Replies: >>4398
It physically pains me to see posters this retarded. Please commit suicide and don't survive.
Replies: >>4399
>asking anon to get anything right
good luck
>newfag doesnt know about 4chan's image hash
Alright fess up, who linked this place on cuckchan? Anyone??!
Replies: >>4406
The overboard only works for /b/, /v/ and /digi/. If you filter out those boards it shows you posts from /test/.
Replies: >>4404
Scratch that, only /v/ and /digi/ show up correctly.
>retardfag doesn't understand that's not a hash, that's a timestamp
>retardfag doesn't understand that most imageboard software uses the unix timestamp format, including imageboards that are currently in the webring at this very moment
>retardfag doesn't understand that imageboards that uses hashes are actually outliers
If you're going to call someone a newfag don't be a newfag also please kill yourself you probably started using imageboards 6 months ago and have reddit and blacked open in your other tabs.
Replies: >>4406
Forgot to quote >>4400
Also you're a nigger. And your mother took hundreds of cocks. Get off imageboards.
It mostly looks good, but having two quote marks (the " character) as bold is not going to work.  It'll accidentally escape every time a post contains two over-emphasized quotations within a single paragraph and then whoever posted it will yell "damn you!" to the skies.

I was going to talk about the ""gameplay" in Game X but calling it gameplay is even more laughable than implying the game has a "story".

You see what I mean?

I seriously do not fucking know why Sturgeon is so averse to using triple apostrophes as bold.  It literally worked with the default version of zchan/zzzchan years ago.  Just put the triple-apostrophe check before the double-apostrophe check in the markdown logic and you should avoid any problems.
>try to report my post and delete it by mistake
Replies: >>4410 >>4422
>using a password
tripfags out
Replies: >>4412
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New threads sometimes get put at the very bottom of the catalog? The MUGEN thread was made briefly after migration and was sitting at the top like it was supposed to. I then found the thread at the bottom of the catalog after some shit stirring post got deleted.
You're always posting with a password
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>>4378 (OP) 
>- Favicon didn't fly so good
Same mistake as last time, you only replaced favicon.ico when you need to replace all of them or at least the 16x16 and 32x32
Replies: >>4416
Replies: >>4417
So why is favicon.ico correct but not the others then?
Are the thumbnails supposed to be lower quality after the update?
>>4378 (OP) 
>Need to set up a new tor socks5 proxy for webring
Any word on that?
Replies: >>4422
Bold has been a complete pain in the ass to set and triple apostrophes was conflicting with italics' double apostrophes. Your example seems to be extremely fringe, I'm leaving it as double quotes.

Go look at the webring page, it's been working.
Replies: >>4437 >>4443
Bug report: There is no I2P version of zzzchan in the year 2023.
The tor onion automatically redirects to https:// which doesn't work if you put the onion URL without http:// in the tor browser address bar. Figure out some way to automatically redirect https:// to http:// for the onion.
[Hide] (101.1KB, 500x500)
>disable local time and relative time by default because it's web 3.0 cancer and will only empower the "original 8chan thread" nigger
That issue was fixed with an unexpected update.
[Hide] (35.7KB, 892x314)
Not really a bug, but global rule 5 on the global rules page is incomplete.
Replies: >>4479
>triple apostrophes was conflicting with italics' double apostrophes
Why did it work before then?
Whenever I hide a thread in the catalog, unless I immediately refresh the page after hiding it, it won't persist and will reappear if I refresh the catalog some time later. Ungoogled Chromium on ganoo+linoox.
Is any one else getting bad request errors for a post for 'word filtering'? No matter what I try to post I can't get past this error, and I am definitely positive that I am not using any of the words on a word-block list.
Replies: >>4452
I think it's an error related to the ten thousand range bans in effect at the moment, because specific IP bans are too difficult for the modes
Having any thread open spikes GPU usage for no reason, even when the glowing webring button is blocked.
>With the catalog open laptop GPU temperature hovers around 50C
>Opening a thread spikes this to 60C+
This is after I cleaned the inside and replaced the thermal paste. Let me know if you need more info.
Replies: >>4463
[Hide] (70.7KB, 400x400)
Is it the little animated live post dot that's causing you issues or have you blocked that as well?
The onion https can't be reached unless you manually delete the s. I have https everywhere and it's extremely annoying I have to do this every time.
Replies: >>4467
Look at the address bar when you're on the homepage. It ends with /index.html. That exact url needs to be your bookmark. Trying to go to the url in the Welcome message is the cause, It forces https when redirecting to the url with /index.html appended. This has been known for a year or two and there hasn't been an attempt to fix the redirect or even simply change the Welcome message.
Replies: >>4483
this is still a (small) problem.
Make sure to make backups. Lainchan got hit by s0yjak raid today.
What's up with the maintenance? Upgrading to 1.1.2?
.onion is down.
Replies: >>4525
Is it intentional that smuglo isn't listed in the webring here? Because you guys are still listed on theirs.
Replies: >>4513 >>4514
They're a bunch of pedos. WDYT?
[Hide] (811.7KB, 250x250)
jschan's webring list is all kinds of fucked
only one site is blacklisted, and it's neither smug or tvch, but neither show on the webring page despite them being both manually followed and in the known nodes list. go bug tom about it.
[Hide] (8.8KB, 320x320)
why are the dates now appearing as day/month/year instead of the superior and vastly easier to understand month/day/year
Replies: >>4518 >>4519
because they make sense, fuck you
Replies: >>4519
>"AMERICA FUCK YEAH" banner message
>around the same time the website switched to non-American dates
(anyway, I'm not even American, and I agree month/day/year is superior)
>Tor working 
IDs are broken. They seem to reset all the time.
I'm having a problem with the captcha where it continuously refreshes, very quickly, due to the cookie not being set properly. The refresh timer is being set to a negative value. I've enabled cookies and everything so I'm not sure why this is happening, all I can see is that calculated refresh time is a large negative number, which explains why it refreshes without any delay. Testing now by modifying the function in the dev console, hopefully this sends.
Replies: >>4534
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Good, it worked. I can finally post again.

Unfortunately I don't have any reproduction steps. I'm using ungoogled chromium on artix linux. This happened once before and seems to have been caused by a system update. idk what has changed, probably package manager speds screwed something up. I'll try to look into it more but for some reason I can't see my cookies through the dev console. Which is weird, because otherwise, my settings are definitely being stored and are persisting. Not sure if there's some special way that the captcha cookie is being created, but I can't see it at all, and it appears to be incorrect when it is read.

My solution is inconvenient but works for now. just set captchaController.startRefreshTimer = function(){} to disable the refresh immediately after opening the thread dialog If you could add a "disable auto refresh" checkbox to the captcha that would make it easier for me and anyone else who has this bug.
Fix the fucking captcha so I can report the cp on /v/.
Replies: >>4542
>fix the captcha 
you are literally posting here you know how to solve it
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