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The bug reporting thread is getting slow to load.  Discuss issues with the new version here.
Replies: >>4048
Questions for Sturgeon:
- What differences will us users actually notice about the new version?
- How did the updating process go?
- Do you expect to be able to update more easily and smoothly from now on?
- Has the markup finally been un-fucked?
Replies: >>3976 >>3983 >>3985
Actually, never mind the first question.  I was just lazy.

It mostly seems like bugfixes and new CSS stuff.  Neat.
Everything new:

ESLint has been added as a dev dependency. This does "linting" to enforce code style and find and fix some mistakes.
Updated CONTRIBUTING.md information

Post editing bugfix.

Portrait mode support for tegaki, improves the experience particularly on mobile devices.
Small refactor of filtering.
Modlog pruning now only deletes log entries older than the specified date when new modlogs are added, as originally intended.
Add a few extra things to server logs when debugLogs is true.
Minor bugfixes.

Add "adaptive" theme that switches between "clear" and "tomorrow" based on the device system theme, using prefers-color-scheme media query.
Minor bugfixes.

Bugfix when setting empty board tags, and other multiline settings.

Hotfix webring.

+/- button to expand a thread and see the omitted posts from index pages.
Option for global filter bans to be not appealable.

Bans+Appeal form will now appear in the modal popup when js enabled, instead of a dodgy workaround which often caused posting bugs and broke over Tor.
Bans can now be "upgraded" retroactively to expand single IP bans to qrange/hrange bans.
Ban table now shows columns for "Type" (IP/Bypass/Pruned) and "Range" (Single/Narrow/Wide).
Global setting to show some popular threads from listed boards on the homepage, with adjustible limit (0=disabled) and threshold. (courtesy ptchan.org)
Big refactor of backend, the awfully named and disorganised "helpers" is now the more appropriately named and better organised "lib".
Some form and input handling code made more robust based on test feedback.
More tests.

Add testing framework. Allows to test individual code, simulated requests and check for regressions after changes. Will be made more comprehensive over time.
Make "Manage" navbar link go to the current page in modview, instead of defaulting to reports page.
Fix some obscure bugs with incorrect post ordering/pages not rebuilding after making a post, or submitting post actions.
Many bugfixes.

Fix regression in remarkup of posts during moving, deleting, cyclic threads, etc due to permissions.
Small internal change to how dicerolls are processed.

Small change to expanding spoilered files.
Bugfix outdated bans template mixin.

Add tegaki.js (oekaki). Has board toggle and settings option for default canvas size.

Fix not properly skipping dnsbl with block bypass when configured to do so, give the better frame popup, and skip if already solved board captcha, etc.
Fix sessions list page showing expiry dates far in the past
Minor bugfix to flag saving.

Hashed IPs now use an irc-style "cloaking".
Ranges are now combined in the IP instead of being only available in the JSON and not shown in management pages.
IPs will end with .IP, bypasses will end in .BP and pruned ips will end in .PRUNED
Users can now list/delete their active login sessions.
New permission system. No more "levels" shit.
Boards no longer have "moderators" but "staff".
New "staff" page in board management, to add/remove/edit staff.
The global "accounts" and board "staff" pages allow editing individual permissions.
There is now more fine permission/access control system for global and board-level stuff.
Users with permission to edit accounts can edit accounts on a global level and grant them permissions.
Users with permission to edit board staff can do the same on a per-board level.
Better continuity between pages like "news", "accounts", "custompages", "staff" and the associated editieng page. The manage/globalmaange navbar stays in place with the appropriate section highlighted.
More linking between moderation interfaces e.g. globals board list will now show direct link to view the owners account.
Made some board and page titles more consistent.
Custom flag selection is now saved like name and post password.

Minor bugfix, saving board settings with empty custom CSS was incorrectly returning an error if there were global filters for css.

Minor bugfix to filenames of expanded images being incorrectly truncated in some circumstances, when "image loading bars" is enabled.
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this was a downgrade
change it back NOW
1) Nothing. I fixed nothing.
2) Took several months.
3) With me in charge? Are you kidding?
4) Don't get ahead of yourself.
It seems I can't upload some of my webms on sleepy that work on 8moe and smug.
I know for a fact that webbums containing plain AV1+Opus have worked here before, so what went wrong?
he updated but the javascript is still broken because he's fucking retarded
Replies: >>3988 >>4034
and you can see it actually working fine in places like:

your admin is just too fucking stoopid
Replies: >>3989
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>your admin is just too fucking stupid
>he came on a website he doesn't even use to call literally who stupid
>saging on a deadboard in a thread that's on the first page anyway
leemau the iron knee is so thick you can scoop it up with a spoon
Replies: >>3991
>this place dead and shit and you dont use it
>hurr durr lmaooo why are you bothering to report issues
>>3812 samefag back at it again
I see the spammers come to demoralize and distract every time somebody reports obviously broken stuff.
this seems to be the case. for example, the thread watcher doesn't exist.
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How recent is the spoiler file change?  I feel like it happened in the last day or two but I never reload my cache.

Also, fish, pls gib status report and follow up to topics mentioned in >>4039, specifically the formatting and script functionality.

plus plus
""double quote""
double apostrophe
Replies: >>4046 >>4047
Ignore my question about the spoiler; I hadn't looked at the /v/ banner thread.  My other inquiries still stand, however.
Status update: not getting fixed, don't kid yourself.
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>>3974 (OP) 
I am unsure what the fuck I'm doing wrong but I cannot solve the captcha anymore. I'm trying to report CP spam and this stupid thing is preventing me from doing so.
Using the grid system within the API, I tried to answer 0 1 3 6 7 8 15 but the server keeps telling me it's somehow wrong???
Replies: >>4049
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get filtered, faggot
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