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Do you consider zzz your home? Why do you stay here and not another place on the webring?
How many other boards on the webring do you regularly visit?
If you use tor, why come here at all instead of a tor only imageboard?
Do you think there are "better" chans for specific boards?
In terms of users/admin, what would you say is the differences between zzz, and say anoncafe?
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>>4098 (OP) 
>In terms of users/admin, what would you say is the differences between zzz, and say anoncafe?
On ZZZ you can discuss cluster munitions but the **mer word is considered heretical and the mods are schizos, on anon.cafe the globals are schizos following the imageboard convention on cluster munitions and on Markchan the mods and globals are Mark.
Replies: >>4107 >>4111
Not engaging in your datamining thread, shill.
Replies: >>4133
>Do you consider zzz your home?
I would if everyone was here, but we're all fractured in our own little circlejerks instead. As it stands it's the best bunker waiting for 8chan's replacement, and I feel like many feel the same way.
Replies: >>4107
>>4098 (OP) 
i come here and the nano app and some programming chat app as im trying to make A.I.
So mostly on here for k?
>8moe has mark
Yea I get it. Also not a fan of the whole "anyone can make any board" type chans anymore. Keeps them messy. Especially if they have recent images on the home page.

I was reading through this thread >>>/b/106289 and came to the conclusion that one site wouldn’t be viable longterm. I think the webring is a great idea, and consider it the future for imageboards. The double edge being they are all suspicious of each other. Good for giving anons options and keeping admins in line. Bad for how easy it is for actual shills to keep anons divided and paranoid.
It’s interesting to see who "trusts" who by viewing which sites are included on their webring.

I think it would be a good idea if there were a site set up that links every imageboard as one big webring board list. Not necessarily displaying  content, but each board’s info and pph. Would keep things impartial, but could easily be abused by spam.
What do you think?
Replies: >>4110
>The double edge being they are all suspicious of each other. Good for giving anons options and keeping admins in line. Bad for how easy it is for actual shills to keep anons divided and paranoid.
That's literally all it does, if it was bad on 8chan, on the webring the paranoia, the psyops, the shilling, the forced meta and the fud have increased tenfold. I have yet to see a single improvement gained from the webring.
Replies: >>4110 >>4111
Replying to
>why here
It has the best /v/.  Niggers and subhumans try to stir things up every so often, but the majority of what I interact with is sincere and much higher quality than I've see on kikechan.
>other webring boards
You mean sites?  I use prolikewoah for /animu/, but that's mostly one or two threads related to topics I like.  Smug is a server host for /tg/ and otherwise worthless.  Anon.cafe is cool (and I have a small bunker board there which I maintain) for a couple more niche boards like /retro/.
>better sites for specific boards
>differences between users/admins
There's something about napchan, particularly /v/, that seems to attract a lot of severely autistic people - most famously Eden, the /geimu/ BO who got so butthurt about people not wanting to post on his board and suck his dick that he's spent the better part of the last two years spamming and derailing threads on nap/v/, even after he got caught doing it.  Then there are the totally coincidental waves of garbage that wash up whenever there's a problem with /b/ or some cuckchanner gets his low-effort garbage thread deleted.
Other sites seem like they attract less of this, particularly anon.cafe, but I don't have much reason to explore them; I'm content with the small amount of browsing I do and I've been trying to spend less mindless time on the internet recently.
The anon.cafe admins have consistently been the most transparent and responsive.  Sturgeon is helpful when he does talk to us, but he vanishes for months at a time and still hasn't figured out how to upgrade the site to the most recent version of JS reliably.  It likely has something to do with his proxy server configuration, which helps to obfuscate the central server and database, but which must also likely make rolling out updates more prone to failure.

>the **mer word is considered heretical
Coomer?  Yes, acting like a cuckchanner is bad.

>I have yet to see a single improvement gained from the webring
<I have yet to see a single improvement gained from these giant walls around our towns - they haven't been invaded once!
The sites exist and haven't been taken down by alphabet agencies or bad actors, and if one of them does go down then there are nearby sites that people can easily in the meantime.  That's the point.
Replies: >>4112
Thank you for answering these with some background info.
I agree that anoncafe admins are transparent, but the site seems to be lacking any identity or direction. It being for "relaxed imageboards," but what does that mean exactly? Their cuckqueen board goes against this in my opinion. I see it more as a shelter site than anything else. 
I think this site is the most well made (even if not up to date), has a nice mix of genuine/troll posts, and a reliable admin (who likely isn't "vanishing," but stays mostly anonymous, and that's a good thing).

I read in one of the meta threads that sturg was open to having porn dedicated boards, but I think it would bring the place down a level. Why would you want to have shit all the other porn ridden chans out there have? Can't you find that stuff literally anywhere else? They always rise to the top of pph lists + the homepage, and even just one makes the site look like a spot for sharing porn rather than discussion.

Does this site have a plan for boards for the future? To keep some sort of identity? Or is it more go with the flow?
Replies: >>4118
I crosspost here, tvch, and 8chan. Occassionally anon.cafe as well. I can tell the vast majority of posters crosspost as well. On 8chan its pretty obvious there are fewer crossposters but here its evident that at least 90% post on multiple webring sites
Replies: >>4118
fuck off
>anon.cafelacking identity, direction
I don't consider that to be a bad thing, since it means that anyone who wants to post there is less likely to be shooed away or feel unwanted; the obvious contrast is /a/ and the non-/tg/ boards on smug, which all have the looming threat of /a/'s invisible, inconsistent moderation.  Anon.cafe has definitely seen its best use as a shelter board, but I think for smaller communities that have less pressing discussion topics, it can work.  Obviously I'd like it if there were more people to talk to about certain things, but that's a general webring problem.

>vanishing vs staying anonymous
It's true that he doesn't trot his nametag around like an attention whore, but he doesn't communicate as often as he should.  There have been several cases in the bug reporting thread where people had to ask for weeks or months to get an answer about a simple thing, only for the fix to be very easy.  The markup was broken for over a year because of a small regex typo, and if he had simply copy-pasted the contents then it could have been fixed earlier.  Now the markup is functional, but the suggestion to use ++ to indicate bold has caused problems when people want to discuss the C plus plus programming language (I can't even type it correctly here because it'd cause part of my sentence to be bolded).  This should also be an easy fix, but instead we just get radio silence.  It's very frustrating, because I do think he genuinely wants the site to be good but just doesn't talk to us enough.

>porn dedicated boards
I'm against that too.  I can browse boorus if I want to find that stuff, and every single porn board succumbs to one of three fates: becoming desolate, becoming infiltrated by faggots (NTR, interracial, /d/egeneracy, etc.), or worshipping attention whores.
>plan for future identity
I don't think so, but personally I'm not too worried.  There have been only a few boards Sturgeon has been reluctant or slow to create when people ask for them, like /pol/, but everything that isn't /v/ is noticeably slower.  We used to have a /tg/ (which was apparently run by Eden if you can believe it) but it was stillborn, and our /a/, /pol/, and /tech/ boards are very slow.  /tech/ is semi-usable but the board is a glorified QTDDTOTT vehicle with a handful of other large threads related to pointless distro wars and the usual Linux autism.

If a site has too much focus on appealing to a broad user base or attracting many different user bases, then you wind up with something like acidchan/kikechan/8moe/whatever the fuck, which had a huge pedophile infestation for most of its lifetime (the CP on a hard drive is just free speech, guys!).  They apparently recently "cleaned up" that, but they've still got boards for diaper porn, interracial porn, zoophile porn, and a few other truly subhuman fetishes.

On the other hand, you've got places like The Gunt Retort/alogs/whatever /tv/ is calling themselves these days, which are more like lightning rods for particular brands of autism and obsessive behaviour.  They would pose a threat if their users were capable of doing anything beyond typing "dup kino btfo chud seethe lmao" and so on; you can always tell when one of them blows in because he's incapable of typing like a normal human being.  There's something deeply disturbed about them, and they've been in a feedback loop for the last couple years since julay went down.  Hopefully they all get burnt out and find more productive things to do.

>multiple webring sites
That's not what that word means.
Replies: >>4120
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1900x1176)
>less likely to be shooed away or feel unwanted
That's a good point, and leads me to believe that that's the point of the "cafe." Everyone sitting at their own table, not entirely caring what the other groups are up to. Whether or not that was the admins intention, I think it's the most positive way to view it. Thanks for making that click for me.

>doesn't communicate as often as he should
Going through the bug reporting thread, and I see what you mean. The silence on 'easy' fixes is frustrating. If it's his fulltime job, any excuses would be lame. But I doubt this is the only thing occupying his time. He mentioned total cost of running it was about $500/year, and would be open to monero donations ( >>143 ). Which he should display somewhere here. If it's not being shown due to how that would be perceived, I understand, but it's not like he needs to have an ad for it on the front page. This is a free service being provided on his dime after all. I hope he displays it and get's a fair amount back for the time and effort. Maybe it encourages him to invest more.

>There have been only a few boards Sturgeon has been reluctant or slow to create when people ask for them
That's definitely the smarter way to do it. I agree with what you concluded about a site's userbase.

This leads me back into my initial questioning, and the thread I CROSSPOSTED to in my reply.

The webring is fascinating, and I've been thinking about the state imageboards are in currently and their future. With about a million and a half alt-chans out there, only a few are "selected," or maybe grandfathered in. But either way an even smaller amount have any sort of "idea" in mind. Erischan has Discordianism, which keeps it alive. Alogsspace has cow, which keeps it alive. Sportschan has.. you get the idea. The rest are basically a few boards that the admins hold dear to them, videogames, or anime. This place has the most potential for a "great idea." And I don't mean having a running theme, or being a one board pony show. But having something that sets it apart/above the rest while still retaining it's soul (core userbase).

The admin here is competent, and has (so far) been trustworthy in many peoples eyes. That is hard to come by in these places. Even if the site isn't up to date, anons still come here. Tech issues can be fixed at some point, the former cannot.

Regarding how we would get others to visit here, I think it's retarded to "target youths." Most simply have no interest in imageboards, and if they do they've already been corrupted by 4chan. On the other hand, there are plenty of "mature" people who'd like to stay anonymous with their controversial discussion. Yea 4chan might be the first place they look, but if they payed any attention would ultimately be dissuaded from staying. Now, I'm not proposing we all start super-serious formal-post all the time here. But some serious discussion boards? Is that really against "the culture"?

Most here want imageboards to survive, but don't want to interact with someone unfamiliar to them. Most here want others to talk to and share with, but shun and scoff at those without the same experiences as them. The established boards are the worst with this. It's expected that you already know their entire history, every character that's popped up, and the current meta. Now spanning across multiple websites. The place where a lot of that history was made is now defunct. Anyone who clarifies or asks clarification are dismissed. Which leads those willing to help, to not even bother. And those curious in the first place, to get their info from some amateur youtube doc. Is this what we all want? I know it's not funny to explain a joke, but c'mon at the least we should have a place you can ask stupid questions that don't deserve their own.. wait a minute.
I'm getting off topic.

I don't know what Sturgeon is planning to do with this site. I know he doesn't want to try and attract just any anon here. So he must have some "idea" of what he would like it to be. Or maybe he doesn't, and the boards are made simply by perceived demand, or a shelter that he wouldn't mind hosting. I think this place can be better than that. The question being what does that look like? The concern being who would that upset? The status quoers (those embedded in "the culture" (one that's "dying")), or the newfags who might not ever "get it" and stick around. One is definitely safer than the other, but how long would it last? I think two years running deserves recognition. I also think it's time to ask "what now?"

I'm not proposing a change in moderation or anything like that, boards here are fine the way they are. My only suggestion would be that new boards be NEW. Different in the name, attitude, and goals of any other board on the webring. Depending on the "mature" BO who runs it, that could look like anything.
Replies: >>4121 >>4146
[Hide] (3MB, 716x400, 00:47)
>Most here want imageboards to survive, but don't want to interact with someone unfamiliar to them. Most here want others to talk to and share with, but shun and scoff at those without the same experiences as them. The established boards are the worst with this. It's expected that you already know their entire history, every character that's popped up, and the current meta. Now spanning across multiple websites.
This is to encourage lurking and filter out retards. Faggots intelligent enough to piece things together, thick skinned enough to ignore insults, inquisitive enough to keep searching, and determined enough to put the time in before asking retarded questions survive. NIggers and other subhumans click away. I would imagine you understand this already. Besides, sometimes an anon will effortpost and/or spoonfeed. Questions do not always go unanswered. There is a mix of gatekeeping and guidance.

To answer some of the questions in the OP, I am a 16chan refugee. I have been lurking anon.cafe for the last couple years, but my posting there hasn't increased. I like to browse this site as it is the best replacement I have found, but I don't post much as I am still reading the room. I was never a regular visitor of /v/ but I enjoy reading the posts on zzz/v/. I've been too tired and depressed to play much videogames and would probably get shit on for playing normie/steam games if I were to post about what I play.

Also, I cast my vote against any porn. I have been addicted to cooming for far too long. I really appreciate when I can spend significant time on a site that doesn't trigger the urge. It would certainly lower the quality of the site and encourage visitors who will spam other boards with bbc and trannys. No thank you.
Replies: >>4133 >>4136 >>4146
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>This is to encourage lurking and filter out retards.
I understand. You make good points as well.
What I meant to get at is that everyone has their own idea of anonymous culture, and anyone "new" who shares interest in posting anonymously faces the fact that they probably wont fit in, and need to "put in the time" before they should be comfortable interacting. But that criteria is different for everyone and every topic, per board..
>I don't post much as I am still reading the room.
You thinking this is wise exemplifies what I meant. You are anonymous, why should you care if another calls you a nigger or something? If you've got something to add, it's your obligation to post. It's understandable you don't want to shit up a thread, but you and the board also lost an opportunity to interact. You're hesitation comes from a want to fit in, or not have your idea made fun of. We've all been there.

I want to encourage you and others to post what they think is genuinely fun/funny, or interesting. If someone tells you to fuck off, determine if it really matters. If you're posting disingenuously, it better be funny or smart, or else you're a nigger to me and it gets ignored. Obviously each board is different, and having those who properly read the room is preferable to those posting off the top of their head. It's nice to have a mix of both though.

Thank you, and anyone else who answered my questions genuinely.

This guy >>4101 was quick to call me a shill, and was probably agreed with by many when they first came to the thread. I wonder if it were the first post that anyone else would reply. Maybe I should have put more effort into the OP to come across as a "real anon," or maybe he saw it as a funny thing to say to questions like this. I don't blame him either way, and would invite him and the others back to discuss. Even if they don't answer the initial questions.

Speaking of coming across as a real anon, I'd like to share some thoughts on threads that start off with an ironic self awareness. It makes me cringe. Seeing genuine intention masked behind layers of "I'm curious but I know you all don't take things seriously!" makes me want to give them a noogie. The funniest replies to threads, I notice, are when they completely turn the OP's idea on it's head, or show a mirror to how ridiculous it is. When the OP is already obfuscating his idea, or anticipating every snarky remark, it makes the thread less fun to make fun of, and otherwise be a part of. Unless the OP is a joke itself, then it turns into who can be funnier in the replies. /b/ is an exception, I am talking about boards with a focus. My opinion is that threads should try to be genuine firstly, because, like my friend here says, "There is a mix of gatekeeping and guidance."

I think that's all I have to say for now. Consider your data: mined.
Replies: >>4136 >>4146
What the fuck is this? /Spoonfeed the glownigger general/?
>>4121 (me)

Kill yourself faggot nigger.
>low effort bait
>attack the messenger instead of the message
who are the niggers in this thread? my mistake for replying to one of them
>most chans have a few pillars with some remoras
Yeah.  It's an interesting/sad dichotomy, because as much as we'd all like to believe we're above the same types of behaviour as the unwashed masses, we still want people to actually talk to.  8chan's ignominious death left a lot of niche boards too splintered to continue, like /toy/ or /kemono/.  The best case for these communities is to form general threads on larger boards like /tg/ or /animu/, which is a decent solution but far from perfect.  Far less visible, in any case.

>Regarding how we would get others to visit here, I think it's retarded to "target youths."
I think the premise of targeting groups as though we were an organization with a recruitment campaign is an incorrect way to approach the issue.  When the internet was younger, image boards didn't become popular by advertising themselves - people just heard about them because of the hijinks they got up to, like crashing that Second Life news interview or closing the pool in Habbo Hotel.  That spirit of innocent, shitposting fun has been mostly extinguished on the wider internet, and information doesn't travel the same way it used to.

>srs bsns boards
The formality with which users behave depends on the subject matter.  There are a lot of people on /v/ who just wanna play games, and their discussion or analysis of various titles reflects that.  To play a game, you simply plug and play (not counting older or newer games with lots of bugs, config issues, etc.) so to discuss it, you just put down what you think and move on after getting a few replies.  There are obviously exceptions to this, where people will write long-winded posts about particular games or mechanics, but they are exceptions.  /v/'s eternal inability to resist bait doesn't help either, since threads can easily be derailed by dedicated shitstirrers especially if the mods don't do their jobs, which they haven't been for more than a week now.

But if you look at /tg/, a lot of the posts are more mature and thoughtful, and even their shitposts still have a lot of effort and craft in them.  I believe that is due to tabletop games requiring some investment on the part of the GM and players, which attracts people who are naturally more inclined to put work into anything they do.

>new blood without newfags
The eternal dilemma.  You may be exaggerating the degree to which new people are hated, though; someone asked who ROB was in the /v/ QTDDTOTT and he got a few explanations without being flamed for 1) not knowing, and 2) daring to ask about the identity of an e-celeb.  Provided that the hypothetical new blood don't act like faggots ("cope seethe chud lmao cringe dilate") who just blew in from Twitter or cuckchan, I don't think anyone really cares.  We'd probably be happy to have a greater variety of people to talk to.

The corollary to all this is that a sudden rise in popularity damages a site's culture and userbase, as famously happened 15 years ago in 2007 when the anonymous hacker known as 4chan was featured on MSM and the site was overrun with underageb& faggots.  Paradoxically, I actually think there's less risk of that happening now: most subhuman phoneposters and social media wireheads are addicted to the instant, continuous flow of dopamine they get from uploading a pepe gif to a bluecheck tweet.  You simply can't do that on a website like this, partially because there is no such thing as a bluecheck and partially because the slower posting rate means the cycle of narcissism that supports social media takes too long to occur.  This is part of the reason cuckchan continues to be popular despite being indistinguishable from social media and bots in many ways: it has just enough anonymity to fool its users into thinking they're "not like those faggots on twitter" despite acting the exact same way with different words.

>how to get new users who aren't faggots and who actually stick around
Productive board pursuits, as ever, are the best way.  If you build it, they will come.  We don't need to be like cuckchan, which has boards that can produce MS Paint soyjak templates for every nobody who gets famous for 15 minutes but can't hold a conversation about the board's topic.  Instead we should strive to make our own (metaphorical) brand of good stuff, which will naturally attract people who can recognize the superior quality and integrity necessary to produce such works.
The sleepy station project is probably the best thing zzz/v/ has collectively done, and it seems to have gained enough steam to continue despite Eden and crab bucket faggots attempting to detail it.  This is also why I'm dedicated to finishing the Libbie VN, and why I have some more distant plans for a game with zzz-tan/zoey.  Just having insightful conversations isn't enough: we need to produce some kind of beauty that will outlast any individual thread.

>I've been lurking for two years
I think you're good to make some posts, dude.
Fucking Christ, I didn't need that today.  Poor bird.

>My opinion is that threads should try to be genuine firstly, because, like my friend here says, "There is a mix of gatekeeping and guidance."
Earnestness is hard to come by these days.  Social media and the commodification of simple human experiences like talking about things and enjoying media has made everyone calcified into ironic detachment.  The alternative - to create, to expose oneself, to genuinely believe something and be vulnerable - is absolutely unthinkable for most people.  It's a sad state of affairs.
Replies: >>4161
>a short pamphlet (not magazine) with 3 authors for each issue that isnt spread anywhere nor is read by most zzzchan users let alone outside users is "the best thing zzzchan has done"
I chuckled heartily at that faux pas. Seems eden and the crab bucketeers were successful if the goal was to gaslight you all to distract yourselves with something so meaningless as that with the only motiviation to do so being to oppose a perceived boogeyman. If zzzchan died tomorrow, who would remember it? What would the legacy be? A few red anon pictures color swapped into yellow anons? The one deviantart guy who is the sole artist of anything concerning zzz-tan? The magazzzine that nobody reads or spreads around?
Replies: >>4178
>>4098 (OP) 
It would be faster to say what boards I refuse to use:
anything from patch
Replies: >>4163 >>4164
Forgot indiachan, whoops
>responding to data mining thread
Replies: >>4165
maybe i use all or none of those websites, who knows
Replies: >>4166
Shills and feds use this kind of threads to find new sites.
[Hide] (24.4KB, 1020x361)
>heartily chuckled
>faux pas
1/10, eden
>>4098 (OP) 
I'd love to leave, especially seeing as to how tor does not work here, but retarded niggersheep won't go somewhere else.
Replies: >>4527
tor works the fish is just dumb and you have to add /index.html to the end, like so: http://crghlabr45r5pqkgnbgehywk5nxutdks5iss7tabyux5psikqqjirryd.onion/index.html
tor does work though, I refuse to post anywhere that doesn't allow tor and I exclusively to post here so you're full of shit
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