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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

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Hello and welcome to zzzchan! I will be using this thread to explain how this site is set up and answer the initial wave of questions. Thread creation on /meta/ will be locked initially, I will explain how this will be handled going forward below.

Now, to answer some initial questions:

>Who the fuck are you? Who are the other mods?
I am sturgeon, I was a mod back on fat/v/ and later z/v/. fat/v/ was my first role as a moderator in any capacity. I'm happy to say that Pasta and seagull have also stuck around and will be managing /v/. r9k's BO will also be back.

>Nice namefagging
I intend to only use my name & role tag when posting something relevant to my role or the site. 

>Why have you set this up?
Because zchan was doing fairly well before the admin pulled the plug without warning. I'd been considering making my own IB since fat died but once zchan went down I decided I had to make the effort. 

>Will you abandon this after x amount of time?
I've gone through the effort of setting all this up after losing 2 previous boards. I'm doing this because I want it to, and I plan to keep this place running as long as I can. 

>why zzzchan?
It's new, but familiar. Also Pasta worked very hard on the new logo, be sure to say nice things about it to him directly.

>How is this any more secure than the last jschan iterations?
This site is being run on 2 dedicated servers, one running the application and the other functioning as a proxy. All traffic to and from the app server is being routed through the proxy server. The app server is also set to drop any connection that is not from said proxy, so even if you knew the app server's ip you'd have no way of proving that it's running this site. the app server is also forcing ipv6, which should keep it safe from crawlers like Shodan and the like while also making it harder to ddos. This is a much simpler setup than what I initially outlined on /geimu/ but it covers all of the important functionality. I can also still decouple the db into it's own server if I want to, and I can add extra proxy/app servers if needed (though spare proxies will go farther).

  tl;dr : the only real attack surface is the proxy server, the app server simply goes invisible if there is no proxy,  and I can spool up more proxies/have a hot spare if anything happens to the current one. 

>Is all of this working perfectly?
Not quite, there are 2 bugs right now:

1. Real-time post updates are not working. I still need to work out how to get websockets to go through the proxy properly. you will see the error switch back to timed refresh after a few seconds, so auto update is still semi-working.
2. Geoip flags are all inheriting the proxy server's location. I've already solved this issue with post IDs so I have a rough idea of what I need to do to fix this, but it is not high priority.
I also fully expect shenanigans immediately after launch, so if anything happens I will be working to fix it as fast as I can.

>Are you going to add new boards? How are you going to handle adding boards?
I do not plan on adding new boards for at least a couple weeks, until things stabilize. I plan on having an application process for prospective BOs. I have not fully written this process out but here's a rough outline:
1. I will announce that I am accepting applications for new boards. All applicants will be directed to a specific email address where they will submit their answers to a few questions, such as:
  A. What would the focus of your board be?
  B. What would the rules be?
  C. How would you handle xyz hypothetical scenario? 
  D. There may be more questions, I still need to decide.
2. I would review and pick a handful (likely 3) of the best applications and talk a bit with the applicants directly to get them ready to launch their boards. Launches would likely be staggered by a day or two.
3. I would announce the new board prior to launch and give the new BO a dedicated thread on /meta/ to talk to you all directly. This is so the BO can answer questions/recruit vols.
4. The new board goes live and I will help the new BO manage it for x amount of time. Boards that get over a certain amount of activity will be encouraged to have at least 1 vol.

I reserve the right to deny any board for any reason, but I do not plan on turning boards away simply due lack of interest on my part. I think variety is important. The real purpose of this entire process is to prevent first come/first served situations like back on 8chan and to not have a list full of dead boards. It's experimental, so if something about this process isn't working I'm open to discussing it. If you would like to apply for the first batch of new boards then I encourage you to make a quick draft but hold on to it until I make an announcement. 

>How are you going to handle updating/fixing the site and downtime?
If the issue is not critical I will wait until slow hours to work on fixing anything. For anything that might cause noticeable downtime I will make an announcement at least a few hours ahead. Keep an eye on the news and /meta/. If it's urgent, I will make an announcement but it will be very short notice. I should look into making some kind of external display for them.

Feel free to ask any other questions/make suggestions in this thread, I will create another thread for identifying any bugs that may not have been caught in the testing period. This is my first time as an admin and I'd like to not fuck this up, so I'm counting on all of you to point out when something isn't working be it software or policy.
Last edited by sturgeon
also adding todo: figure out why node wont update my icons. the favicon is still fat despite that file no longer existing.
[Hide] (132.6KB, 818x1000)
Hello I would like to own a hentai board with a focus on wholesome content. My nickname is cal.
Replies: >>7 >>18
Make a draft of what your rules would be. When I finish the application form you can add your answers to the rest of the questions and apply. Like I said I'm not going to add any boards until things stabilize.
Replies: >>8
as i said, a focus on wholesome hentai content, that's all there is to it. Anything that is not wholesome/neutral is not allowed.
Replies: >>15
>>1 (OP) 
Dead on arrival 2 months topu
Congratulations.  I hope you don't have a cuck host.
>>1 (OP) 
>Pasta worked very hard on the new logo
>logo isn't displayed on the front page
Replies: >>12 >>16
I'm still wrestling with node.js as I go. the favicon hasn't switched over despite having replaced every instance of that file. gulp isn't helping either.
Replies: >>14
[Hide] (519.8KB, 611x700)
Let's hope this time the site lasts more than a few months.
Can you post the logo? I want to make a banner out of it.
Replies: >>16
You're probably going to come up with exactly what you consider wholesome or neutral first. I mean, I know a rather nice doujin featuring lite-BDSM and petplay that I'd call wholesome because the girl is consenting to it if it can personally better her (she has a habit of masturbating at school). Would something like that be allowed or be banned?
[Hide] (733B, 80x33)
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[Hide] (274KB, 960x271)
Yeah I can't believe this, I'm fuming in anger!
Here lad.
Replies: >>37 >>57
[Hide] (51.2KB, 668x668)
Any chances of a /b/ board?
Are you going to stay in webring?
How will you take care of dolphin spam, CP spam and DDoS attacks?
.onion when?

This guy shilled his main board at 8chan.moe everywhere and got a bad rep. Best not to encourage if you want to maintain low profile.
Replies: >>21 >>44 >>79
[Hide] (54.9KB, 799x795)
do you guys support cunny posting? I'd really like to get a /libre/ board
Replies: >>32 >>49
[Hide] (160.4KB, 587x400)
>>1 (OP) 
>.onion when?
When Tom adds .onion support I presume.
Replies: >>368
Is this cloudjew shit temporary? It's really fucking with my browser setup and I'm getting infinite captcha looped.
Replies: >>32
[Hide] (239.8KB, 500x729)
>>1 (OP) 
Please never ever enable captcha, we all know how obnoxious it is. Some sites like julay and 8chan even force fail you 2 times, so you basically have to do 3 fucking captchas just to make a post. The user base will flood in like flies to shit if you continue to disable captcha.
Replies: >>31 >>32
[Hide] (1.9MB, 200x200)
This is mostly a request to Tom, I don't know if the feature exists already and you can enable it on your end, but is it possible to have an option the user can enable to auto play gifs? I don't know how bad it would be on the server load but I've missed that feature since it got cut in 8chan way back when and I don't have a custom js for jschan to auto play gifs.
Here's hoping this lasts 2 years.
[Hide] (719.5KB, 910x481)
[Hide] (6.7MB, 640x368, 02:02)
I admit, I was hesitant about this website existing, but it seems like you've done your homework and are making a good effort to have everything be stable and resolute.  I hope this marks a strong step forward for image boards - in fact, it's auspicious for it to happen almost a year to the day after 8chan's first death throes, isn't it?

I look forward to posting with you, gentlemen.  I can't believe how much I missed JSChan's QoL features and BOs/admins who weren't constantly sticking their heads up their asses.

I do have some questions:
- Are there any boards you plan to ban outright?  When/if board creation is opened, I think there would be little benefit to having something like /pol/ or /b/ or /r9k/.
- Are your servers hosted in an area where people could scare your host into deplatforming you due to hosting degenerate hardcore CP such as pic 2?
- Most importantly, do you have a backup plan or a way for people to regroup if the board is destroyed?  Even something like a Twitter account or a text document with instructions at the top of each page would be helpful.
Replies: >>28 >>30 >>32 >>33
[Hide] (885.6KB, 897x944)
God, I would love if zyclon chan got a /pol/. I would finally have a place to talk about stuff that's gong on, and then we could just ship everyone who brings up off topic political stuff there.
Replies: >>29 >>30 >>40
A /pol/ would be nice but it might draw kikes to the board to shut it down. Then again, boards have gotten shut down without even having /pol/s, so who knows. I'll leave it to the owner's discretion to decide whether it's worth the trouble.
[Hide] (71KB, 811x608)
Welcome home, anon!
You know, we truly considered to use that name, but we came to the conclusion that it was too long, so we stuck with zzzchan.
>having a maid like that and still needing to jack off
Replies: >>70
loli is allowed even if i'm not into it. Just remember to spoil it here and on /v/. I will let new boards decide if they want to allow it or not.

I set the pph trigger for captcha really low for /meta/, I'll try raising it. Cuckflare stays for now but I am looking at other solutions. if you still have issues post them in the bug thread.

>Are there any boards you plan to ban outright?  When/if board creation is opened, I think there would be little benefit to having something like /pol/ or /b/ or /r9k/.

I'm not planning on allowing public board creation, see the outline for the application process. This lets me pick how much heat new boards are going to bring but mostly it filters out prospective BO's who wouldn't put in even that much effort. I need BOs to give at least half a shit. /r9k/ BO from zchan is here and setting up though, I see no issue with that board. I might make a special slot for /b/ in the first round as well.

> Are your servers hosted in an area where people could scare your host into deplatforming you due to hosting degenerate hardcore CP such as pic 2?
Any reasonable host is not going to drop you if actual cp spam is gone in short order. It's a known problem especially for smaller sites. As for the hosts themselves, while I wont name them they have refused to do jack shit until ordered by a court for much higher profile clients in the past. They also have no policy written on loli itself, and in the event we got dropped for it it would actually be pretty damning for them. I think it'll be fine but I am looking into being able to pivot if needed. Like I said before the only real target is the proxy server and that's much easier to replace/have a spare.

> Most importantly, do you have a backup plan or a way for people to regroup if the board is destroyed?  Even something like a Twitter account or a text document with instructions at the top of each page would be helpful.
Backups are on the way, I have an older one but I want to get some things ironed out before claiming I've got an image I can deploy easily. A bunker wouldn't be a bad idea, though it'd be on a very cheap server. And more documentation is on the way, I got excited and wanted to launch without it.

I really don't want to use fucking twitter but if no better options exist I'll just fucking make one.
Replies: >>34 >>40 >>46
>I think there would be little benefit to having something like /pol/ or /b/ or /r9k/.
/b/ was one of the more active boards on Zchan though, and the only active English /b/ on the webring.  An imageboard needs an everything goes general shitposting zone.
You could just direct people to /shelter/ in case of emergencies.  That's what it's for.
>>1 (OP) 
Are you going to enable board creation?
Replies: >>36
[Hide] (271.7KB, 480x368, 00:06)
I have an entire section in the op outlining how this is going to be handled.
Replies: >>38
The animated versions are really cool. I'm surprised you didn't turn them into banners since yhe beginning.
Replies: >>68
Give me the TLDR.
Replies: >>39 >>40
There will be an application process and I haven't worked out all the details yet.
[Hide] (76.8KB, 906x768)
You are one of the dumbest, blackest obongo niggers I've ever seen.

> I would finally have a place to talk about stuff that's gong on
Literally go to mlpol.
And I swear to God, if this software still expects me to use discuck spoilers, I'm gonna be mad.

>I'm not planning on allowing public board creation, see the outline for the application process.
Yes, I read all that.  What I asked was not "will you prevent people from making low-effort board?"  I asked if you would be prohibiting any boards regardless of how much potential effort the BO would make.
Replies: >>41 >>42
>asterisks become markup italics
Please tell me there's some way to fix this so I don't need to use retarded pipes.
I'm willing to give almost any board with a good application a shot, even if it doesn't interest me. My goal is to encourage variety. As far as what I'll turn down, I don't have a set list but I can tell you boards dedicated to more extreme fetishes/furshit are not getting approved.
Replies: >>43
I should add that we already have /r9k/ despite me having zero interest in /r9k/ personally. I'm not sure what robot is doing but his board is currently unlisted.
>Are you going to stay in webring? How will you take care of dolphin spam, CP spam and DDoS attacks?
Yeah that's a legitimate concern. Maybe it would be better to stay away from the webring.
>Any chances of a /b/ board?
Some kind of offtopic board would be great yeah
Replies: >>46
>loli is allowed even if i'm not into it
He wasn't asking about loli, he was asking about the 3D /hebe/ shit. Presumably that won't be allowed.

I doubt staying off the webring would hide us from such attacks, if zzzch is known around the webring boards then it will be known to dolphinfag and his kind.
Replies: >>47 >>48 >>49 >>50
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1916x1370)
>He wasn't asking about loli, he was asking about the 3D /hebe/ shit.
I'd say he was talking about either/or, discussion of pedophilia in general, or possibly just the term "cunny" since it's known to upset certain indivduals.
True. I just shake off the feeling Julay only encouraged the webring a year ago so they could entertain themselves spreading dramashit.
Read the global rules and return to 8chnl.

>I doubt staying off the webring would hide us from such attacks, if zzzch is known around the webring boards then it will be known to dolphinfag and his kind.
He's already spamming /v/ with gibberish text.
Replies: >>51
Cartoons are fine, but no /hebe/ shit.  The second it crosses into 3dpd it's not allowed that doesnt mean 3dcg is banned just no actual kids
Replies: >>53
[Hide] (74.2KB, 640x640)
Anons at cakechan are skeptic about ".xyz" domain because of spacechan trannies associating it with honeypots. Also, muh cuckflare.

Jesus, already? 
Things were calm at webring since PLW doxxing episode. Funny how Mark's website never gets spammed.
Replies: >>52 >>56
[Hide] (2.2MB, 418x315)
>Calm since PLW doxxing episode
So they were calm for like a week?
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1000x7011)
Does that mean this image is verboten?
Replies: >>54
That image is at the line, no more than that please.
Replies: >>55
Okay, all's good.  Fuck SuperiorDragon, the faggot cunt.
>Anons at cakechan are skeptic about ".xyz" domain because of spacechan trannies associating it with honeypots. 
That's the dumb I've ever heard.
>Also, muh cuckflare.
Doesn't really matter as long as the site doesn't get deplatformed. I'm glad he uses it from the start. Better than what the zchan admin did who didn't use any protection, realized he needed some after a month when the site got ddos'd to death, even was ashamed he used cf and then finally sperged out completely.
You just need that shit nowadays, there's no way around it. All idealism will do no good when the site can't stay online.
[Hide] (77.2KB, 300x100)
[Hide] (77.2KB, 300x100)
Here's the banner I promised, at two different speeds.
Good job at dealing with the spammer, by the way.
Replies: >>58
I like these a lot, gonna add them to here and /v/
benis :-D
Do try to ditch Cuckflare as soon as possible, it's bad for user trust.
Replies: >>63 >>64 >>66
I know they're liable to cuck out but they have cut out ~90% of the spam today. I am looking into alternatives.
Replies: >>67 >>71
>it's bad for user trust.
That's a weird and oddly arrogant way to phrase it.  The problem with Cloudflare is that they have stated they will deplatform anyone the leftist mob targets - it's a general problem with the service, not a problem with your users not trusting you.
Replies: >>65
They mostly deplatform sites that gain massive amounts of media attention, like 8chan and I think anglin. It's fairly unlikely they'll make a move on a small site,
[Hide] (179.7KB, 700x1400)
This. If you get rid of cockflare I'll offer my services here.
Is Vanwa not viable? All the wannabe 8chans seem to use it.
Replies: >>118
[Hide] (469.3KB, 984x923)
>I'm surprised you didn't turn them into banners since yhe beginning.
They're not really meant to be, if you shrink them the pixels look like ass since at their current res they are at 1:1 pixel size ratio so you either double them or keep em like that, The full version is supposed to be on the home page.
It's not nice to fuck your maid every time you want to jack off.
Better cuckflare than nothing, but I hope you can find an alternative eventually or relax the settings on cuckflare.
[Hide] (249.6KB, 1200x1022)
Any word on the progression of hidden service support in JSchan? The sooner that's completed, the sooner Cuckflare becomes a non-issue.
Replies: >>75
Apparently Tom is posting in the bug thread, could try asking him there.
Replies: >>78
Just threw him the question. Thanks for telling me!
I'm forced to use blacked.moe, otherwise I'd bounce in no time nigger.
This place should strive to be self sufficient, as in having boards covering all basic topics.
Replies: >>81 >>82 >>84 >>86
Nah.  Spreading one site too far is asking for trouble in the long run, since people tend to congregate in large places where there are already other people posting.
Replies: >>84
That goes against the spirit of the webring. The site should cover things that aren't covered elsewhere and that the Admin of the site is personally invested or interested it. Webring sites need to be selective about the boards they accept, that's something we all learned a good while ago.
I am planning on adding more staple boards. /b/ specifically is getting a special slot in the first application round. I'm not looking to poach certain boards however. For example, I'd love to have /k/ but I do not want to compete with anon.cafe/k/ since it's already a slow board. BOs on other sites who contact me wanting to migrate their board here will also be considered outside of the application cycle. I will also never solicit them to migrate here, they will have to contact me if that's what they want.
Replies: >>85 >>86
I think there isn't a proper tech board on the webring, so that should probably be another consideration.
Replies: >>86
/b/ and /tech/ seem like a good idea. It's what old zchan had too after all. And it had /r9k/ but I think they are already somewhere else, so who cares.
Kind of agree. But with something like /b/ it doesn't need many boards to do that, at least not in the beginning when there are not many users.
There all kinds of webring members, some have many boards, some don't.
Replies: >>90
Spam in progress. What the fuck is his problem?
Did spamming end because you guys deployed countermeasures or is it because he decided to stop spamming? If the latter then what will you guys do to prevent this from happening in the future?
Replies: >>89 >>90
[Hide] (14.1KB, 480x480)
Probably cloudflare's mitigation + PPH/TPH triggers at work, then jannies were deployed and the shit was cleaned.
Replies: >>90
/r9k/ is already here, robot is just treating this site as a bunker until we've survived for x amount of time and has it unlisted. Cant say I blame him. I'll add a special slot for /tech/ too.

That is exactly what happened, cloudflare eats ~90% of the spam and we clean the rest.
[Hide] (515.4KB, 512x512)
So glad to see this place get back online, /geimu/ was getting unbearable in the last couple of weeks.
Reminder that my bunker cytube still exists and I welcome everyone to use it in case shit hits the fan (until it gets spammed too, then you'll have to wait it out as well)

Add these pedophiles to the autoban list like how RIP zchan admin did. They were the ones that were responsible for the spam that landed the final blow on his mental health and kill the site.
If you open up /b/ they'll come here so you'll need to come up with a plan to take care of their feces.
Replies: >>95 >>96 >>97 >>99 >>125
Reference - https://archive.vn/DoPoa
>muh pedo
>his mental health 
Ids fucked yo
As if not having a /b/ would keep them away. Chantopia fags seem to be on a advertising spree the last few days, seen them on a few sites.
Replies: >>104
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1075x1518)
Mostly this, though certain boards do attract certain types - one must be keen to hold them at bay.

With that said, can you make a /pol/ here and put me as the BO of it? /dup/ is a lost cause and 8chan.moe's sad /pol/ is pathetic, not to mention anchored to the shitsite that is Acidchan.
Is server space a concern? Should we be cautious about file dumps and sizes? On other sites I know it's mostly porn boards that fill up threads with a lot of big files but /r9k/ does have the occasional gondola/music/wallpaper threads.
Replies: >>107 >>111
I'm... not an admin here, but I am in a unique position to be able to confidently say "lol no" to that question.

There are terabytes of space available. More can be made available at little-to-no cost.
Since I have no idea what the board staff would have to say about this, being an irl friend and not much else, I'll allow them to confirm, deny, or ignore this statement as they see fit.
Replies: >>108 >>109
You write like you have a fucking vagina but thanks for the tip.
can we fuck?
Replies: >>110
You got money?
Replies: >>212
The app server has Multiple TB in Raid0. We will be fine forever.
Replies: >>212
Here's an idea to not make this place dogshit like zchan was: don't randomly delete posts without explanation.
Replies: >>122 >>124
Unironically worse than crimeflare. The only people using a WAF service funded by fed collaborators and owned by a professional botnet spammer is a fucking fed collaborator. Just get rid of cloudflare so we don't have to worry about getting MITM'd by the FBI and it's all good.
Replies: >>120
Bad idea. You saw what happened last time, at some point zchan was ddos'ed and had to use cf to stay online. There's already someone running a spambot on the site, basically since the day it went online. Someone seems to severely dislike the idea of fat/zchan. And even more people dislike the remnants of 8chan. And then even more people dislike 8/v/ in particular.
I'm actually glad the admin doesn't fall prey to misinterpreted idealism and script kiddie romanticism and instead does the only sensible thing nowadays and uses ddos protection. It's a necessary evil, not using it would be suicide. That has been proven again and again. And Vanwa is just the same thing made by someone else but surely much more expensive because they are smaller.
The MITM principle is a problem, I agree, but it's probably less of a problem on an imageboard where you are making public posts to begin with. In the end it's this or no board at all. Sometimes I start to wonder whether the people who are so vocal against ddos protection, not you in particular but in general, are agents of Chantopia or something like that who are pissed they cannot simply use a booter on the site.
Replies: >>132 >>212
Also the Crimeflare guy seems like a total SJW. All he does is complain about muh cybercrime. It's nice to use anything he possibly finds against the cucked cf ceo but other than that I cannot really take it seriously. It seems mostly like being butthurt about not being able to take down muh evil sites.
Replies: >>132
[Hide] (888.7KB, 756x715)
>delete posts without explanation.
Anon I think you are confused. What you just described tends to happen in markchan, not zchan
Replies: >>131
Jschan has very easy to use moderation tools that make commenting on every single moderation action very simple. I can't speak for everyone but whenever I think a moderation action need explanation I make a comment about it for the logs. You can always go through the logs for each of the boards to get a better understanding of moderator decisions. I think you might be conflating the actions of the previous zchan admin with this new site though. The old zchan admin was a bit of a nutter deleting entire boards for no real reason.
>They were the ones that were responsible for the spam that landed the final blow on his mental health and kill the site.
>SPAM was responsible for site's destruction instead of POOR MENTAL HEALTH
How the fuck do you breathe?
It happened to me more than once on zchan. Posts got deleted. No explanation, no idea why. The only thing different about Mark is that he would have also banned me with some schizo explanation.
Replies: >>136
Using cuckflare means they can collect info on exactly who posted what whenever they feel like. They can also start injecting shit whenever. I would rather see it gone and only used in case of attacks.
Replies: >>133 >>134
I think sturg would rather trade liberty for security, unfortunately.
Replies: >>139
Well I guess there are 3 goals to be found here: Privacy, anonymity and availability. Choose two.
Replies: >>139
Put proper lynxchan formatting already. Even fucking BB code tags are better than this discord trash. There will not be a "BUT OLDER POST FORMATTING WILL GET FUCKED UP" justification for NOT doing it if you do it early enough, so don't delay it.

Replies: >>139
Perhaps you were replying to thread derailment and your post was deleted during the cleanup
Replies: >>139
please read the news:
Replies: >>140 >>142
Don't be surprised when people start to get on your case for using Vanwatech now.
Not all critics are constructive critics.
Replies: >>141 >>212
I'm sure I'll get complaints either way but it is just a trial run.
Better than cuckflare for sure, but don't they cost money? Will donations be necessary to sustain the site?
Replies: >>143 >>212
The current setup costs ~$500/year but this is partly due to the proxy server being enormous overkill. I will likely be moving it to a cheaper server once I have a better idea of what I'll need. The only form of donation I'd ever accept would be a tip jar for monero.
Replies: >>144 >>145
Jesus fucking christ bro
I'd donate. Also the link to the rules on the news page is broken.
Why do you use this shitty layout? What sort of person thinks being an imageboard hipster is a good idea?
Replies: >>191 >>203
What are you talking about, nig?
Replies: >>207
Found a dead board based on jschan.
Replies: >>202
[Hide] (5.3KB, 980x151)
dead indeed
Replies: >>204
[Hide] (571.6KB, 1250x720)
>shitty layout
> imageboard hipster
Replies: >>457
[Hide] (80.7KB, 864x802)
[Hide] (24.8KB, 606x601)
well if anything I got two new pics for my cats folder out of it
Replies at the bottom of the posts.
Replies: >>208 >>213
You haven't been to Fatchan or Zchan then, it's how JSchan handles it and I'm fairly sure this format has been around for longer than that.
Replies: >>210
Yeah, the meguca software and the 4chanx addon do it as well.
If you think about it, it's more logical as the replies are below the post, not above.
Jschan doesn't have the function to inline replies and quotes but if it did that'd make it a lot less confusing too.
I didn't hear a yes.

until the mongols attack

It's pretty obvious that the cuckflare whiners have never had to run a website before.  They may cuck out but they're a lot better than [nothing].

"how dare you be [not vulnerable]" *waves stick*

lol no
but also LOL NO
Replies at the bottom are superior for vertical monitor configurations and 4:3 monitors. When they're pushed to the right of the post number on limited horizontal screen real estate they can glitch out in lynxchan. There's no reason not to push them to the left of the screen with the free space at the bottom of a post. It's not "hipster" layout, it's just a different and objectively better layout.
Replies: >>214
Good point. I guess some anons just see something they aren't used to and automatically put it into the hipster category rather than thinking about whether it's useful or not.
Changing the spoilers to what people are used to is a reasonable measure but I really hope no one will think it's a good idea to move the reply links.
Replies: >>216 >>219
>Changing the spoilers to what people are used to 
Speaking of which, has he gotten around to doing that?
Replies: >>217
>Changing the spoilers to what people are used to is a reasonable measure
not really. people unable to adapt should not be pandered to, they are the lowest common denominator ie niggers. instead they should be bullied for their incompetence until they learn. individuals that are ultimately incapable of adapting are stupid people and having a way to identify them through their failure to adapt is useful to those who are not as stupid.
Replies: >>220 >>221 >>222
[Hide] (226.5KB, 400x400)
this pretty much
This. All change is good change. Discord is the future, guys, so I say its a good thing we force people to get used to discord text formatting. I think we should also implement an upvoting system - anyone who isn’t able to fit in after thats implemented shouldn’t be pandered to since, as we all know, all change is good change.
Replies: >>223 >>224
Adapt to a three-foot long dragon dildo in your throat.
Replies: >>224
How about Telegram?
>discord started this
lol stop using discord
Replies: >>225
He mad lol
>nigger spam
>enable javashit to continue
>retry craptcha again
Deja vu I've just been in this place before.
Replies: >>347
It completely stopped the spam so I say it's worth it
Replies: >>348
I just hope it's temporary...
>Please reload the page with Javascript on
>Just checking for 5 (15) seconds :)
>Twenty captchas
Yeah I'm not using the site if this shit keeps up.
[Hide] (57.3KB, 600x600)
>type url
>hello please wait 5 seconds
>oops look like it's broken, reload 
>hello please wait 5 seconds again
>now do this captcha as well
>oops fail to load again, reload site
>try to make a post
>please do a captcha please
>send you indecipherable mess
>nigger dick spamming
>do nothing for an hour
Genius at work. Site will be dead in 2 weeks.
Replies: >>352 >>363
>>1 (OP) 
Why is it that I have to do a captcha to delete my own post? Isn't that a bit retarded?
Have you really been getting reconnecting errors just from the usual Cloudflare browser checks?  I've never had that happen.

And the per-post captchas seem to be readable again, which is nice.  I haven't followed exactly how they fluctuate between being readable and illegible, but hopefully they can stay like this once a solution to the spam is found.
Replies: >>364
Wasn't the site supposed to have switched to vanwatech today? What happened to that?
I got an epic idea, dynamic captcha difficulty that scales with the PPH of a board.
>>1 (OP) 
Rename /v/ to /nigger/ because you are the blackest gorilla niggers there were, are and ever will be. 
>no tor
What a fucking cunt.
Replies: >>371
[Hide] (110.8KB, 1024x916)
>nooo my spam attempts have failed catastrophically! You... you niggers!
Replies: >>372
Nice straw man retard. In case you dont know, cloutflare despites tor so you're harming the userbase that uses it. I'm using my bare ip and got in pretty quick, but unable to do so through tor without cuckflare constantly failing and making me do retarded captcha and failing anyway. It was stupid of you to rely on cloutflare. You repeat the exact same mistakes as the other two previous board. Make me wonder who is really behind it?
Replies: >>375 >>377 >>379
which two previous boards used cloudflare?
get rid of this faggoty ddos protection shit for the love of god
The problem might be Javascript again. I am trying just now to post via tor with javascript to test it and the cf captcha worked exactly like on the clearnet, it was loading the pictures slower but other than that everything was normal, no extra rounds of solving captchas, no increased difficulty or any bullshit like that. Those ecchi captchas seem to work a lot better than the google captcha cf used to use.
[Hide] (14.7KB, 380x237)
>"cuckflare is checking your browser"
>solve a captcha
>"cuckflare is checking your browser"
>solve a captcha
>"cuckflare is checking your browser"
>solve a captcha
[Hide] (69.9KB, 1056x720)
>you're harming the userbase that uses it
So like two people and 100 spam bots.
Replies: >>380
So you want me to either bareback or pay for a vpn for le security? Nice brain you got there retard.
Replies: >>381
No one wants tor to not work well. I almost strictly browse imageboards through tor and this is shit for me as well, but I'd much rather not use or minimally use zchan temporarily if it means it the site can exist. Eventually tom will come out with hidden service support for jschan and it will be a non-issue. And before that this site is allegedly going to attempt a switch to vanwa soon(?). I'm not sure what else you want to hear anon. Everyone is doing their best with the tools they have at their disposal.

These are growing pains that will be solved in time, take it easy.
Replies: >>383 >>385
[Hide] (8.9KB, 336x254)
there is already a version with it, but its called "testing" so musnt be 100% ready
>telling a TORpedo to exercise common sense
I commend your optimism.
Replies: >>388
[Hide] (443.4KB, 203x199)
if i have to click on one more autobus i'm gonna lose it
Spoiler File
(287.3KB, 800x935)
Why is porn spoilered?
vpnigger shouldn't be allowed to bark.
>we're going to use google recaptcha
You are beyond retarded. Do not sabotage zchan like the last nigger.
this, fucking stop it, people will really leave over this
What are you quoting?
Replies: >>393
Replies: >>394
[Hide] (944.5KB, 1366x768)
This is correct. as far as my understanding of their botnet goes, the moment you add any of their "services", you add the website to their list, along with all their trackers and worms. Google will automatically, even without your input, turn your site into a datamining operation.
Do not use this, I know you wanna get off cuckflare and stop spam, but Google is the devil's deal, do not sell your soul.
Replies: >>396 >>405
What the fuck, that's even worse than Cuckflare! Sturgeon, if you're reading this please cancel any plans to implement it.

Does this last even once reCaptcha's removed?
dedicated thread for recaptcha
Last edited by sturgeon
Replies: >>411
Replies: >>443
Wait, I been gone these past few days, what did I miss?
Replies: >>444
[Hide] (5.9KB, 394x512)
You missed
>gay niggers
>more gay niggers
>lots of gay niggers
>about 1k posts of gay niggers
>then came the motorbuses
>then came the trucks
>then came the planes
>suddenly no more gay niggers
>"oh here's >>>/b/ btw"
If you're referring to that specific post, the retard posted a link while logged into his mod account so it was prompting anyone clicking on it to log in to see the page. Now please, take a moment to check these numbers.
Replies: >>449
[Hide] (46.4KB, 292x290)
Just wanted to let you know https://zchan.pro/ redirects to this site. Good luck with the board, it looks good.
-Zchan admin
Replies: >>454 >>455
[Hide] (74.4KB, 1080x1128)
You betrayed us Mr. Bennetts, how could you do this to us?
>https://zchan.pro/ redirects to this site
Too little, too late.
Replies: >>476
Now upload the database for r9k
Replies: >>476
>>203 I didn't stutter, dipshit.
[Hide] (47.5KB, 347x59)
>the starry Z has been replaced by fat-kun
Boo.  I liked the night/nap aesthetic better than some doodle.
Replies: >>468
yeah i did a git pull/checkout without setting that to be ignored, I will fix it. Markdown works now thoughI broke origin ip passthrough.
Replies: >>469
Replies: >>470
test 2
Replies: >>471
another test
Didn't know how to handle things at the time. I know better now but too late indeed. Be grateful for the months you enjoyed Zchan though.
I could do this but it wouldn't be of much use since you would have to import the whole jschan database and it would destroy all the other boards already here on the site.
Replies: >>477 >>482 >>528
>Be grateful for the months you enjoyed Zchan though.
Go fuck yourself retard.
>I could do this but it wouldn't be of much use since you would have to import the whole jschan database and it would destroy all the other boards already here on the site.
Do it anyways. Codexx is working on a scraping tool that will eventually work on jschan.
>you would have to import the whole jschan database
I can't imagine that this is the case. I don't know the exact structure of the database but it's mongodb so I guess every board is just a collection or something like that. Ultimately, a JSON/BSON node. Someone can write a script to copy just that, or use a DB client to manually copy it. At most, the board that is to be restored has to be wiped, but with a script that checks for conflicting post IDs it should even be possible to merge the old board with the new one.
Ban this tranny normal nigger, do your job tard.
Replies: >>501
Porn is supposed to be spoilered on /v/, if that's what you mean.
>Why should porn be censored?
You're not very smart.
>You have porn thread on /v/ right now 
The "hot vidya girls" thread, though very shallow, features predominantly non-porn images and spoilered porn images.
Replies: >>503
What rules did he break?
You can mark your board as sfw
>>1 (OP) 
When will the site allow mkv file?
Replies: >>505
I can look into adding more filetypes. If support has to be added by tom I'll submit a request. There will be a large newspost later today with plans going forward.
Replies: >>510
How do we fight and drive away normalfag? Let's imagine that this site stays up for at least 5 years, what the fuck are we going to do in the meantime to hide and piss normalshit off of our site? Personally I think you should drop that censorship shit on porn and encourage people to post erotic lolis.
Replies: >>507 >>513
>How do we fight and drive away normalfag? 
Just don't change.
Replies: >>509
Like how the admins don't care about obvious normalshit shit stirring? You need to learn something from smug.
if your version of ffprobe can idenfity it, and ffmpeg can thumbnail it, add the mime type to helpers/files/mimetypes.js and it will work. whether it will play in browsers i cant say, but the server would handle it at least.
>drop that censorship shit on porn 
You're really bad at this. Stick to posting "he mad."
Replies: >>514
Did I poke you the wrong hole rulecuck?
Replies: >>516
Bitch all you want, anything NSFW will remain spoilered
Replies: >>519 >>520
>hurr durr no porn its bad for your mentality 
<proceed to allow normalnigger to bark and do nothing
Replies: >>521
The derailment in that thread has been taken care of. It would've been taken care of sooner if you reported it instead of bitching about porn.
Replies: >>531
>be grateful
Fuck off. All you did was fuck everyone over with that bullshit you pulled. If you had never made zchan at all everyone would be in a much better place right now. /r9k/ would've built up a better catalog on lynxchan and sturgeon would have made his imageboard sooner and the people that are lost during board nukings would have still been here. Don't act like any of what you did was a good thing for anyone.
Shouldn't the animated logo gif be in the front page?
Also the favicon is still fatchan.
>hurr durr you must report tards or else we won't do our job.
Absolutely incompetent, this retard had been going for weeks and you did fucking nothing liars.
Replies: >>537
Please fill me in on what happened with the zchan admin.
Replies: >>536
Update the FAQ with the correct markup, for god's sake. It's completely wrong right now and people constantly fuck it up because of the recent changes.
I would ask why you don't know about such recent news, but oh well. Basically the same thing as fatchan only more sudden and after much less pressure. A little spam and downtime from attacks and after 2 months or less of the site being up, the admin, with little to no warning, pulled the plug on zchan. This left it's users once again stranded, bleeding posters, and having wasted a shit-ton of time that could have been spent rebuilding on a place like this.

Why the nigger thinks anybody should be grateful for that bullshit is beyond me. I'll say it again, everyone would've been better off without zchan having ever existed. 
The only good thing to come out of zchan is that we now know what not to do when we get our boards nuked. That being; don't rapidly place trust in IB creators and always have a plan B/bunker ready. Should have been common sense but at least now it's been hammered in well enough.
Replies: >>544
>hurr durr you must report tards or else we won't do our job.
Yes. If you want effective moderation it's going to depend on effective and thorough reports. If you have the time to complain about something in the meta thread you had the time to make a report, and reports are going to be noticed much faster.
Replies: >>546
Okay. I was expecting something bigger that I wasn't paying attention to, but I guess that makes sense.
How about you do your job? You have at least 2 mods on /v/ yet somehow the retard was able to bark for days. Does any of you browse /v/ at all?
Why did you delete the porn thread on /b/? Its /b/ my man, what are you doing?
Replies: >>549
[Hide] (484.1KB, 1280x720)
>Why did you delete the porn thread on /b/?
I am retarded. I had both /v/ and /b/ open and in that moment thought I was moderating /v/. Sorry fam, ban removed.
Replies: >>551
You banned me?
Replies: >>552
Clearly not
[Hide] (96.9KB, 500x646)
This is a pretty retarded question, but how does global reporting work? I made a post in a different thread with the intent that its images would be spoilered, but they were posted unspoilered, regardless. Another anon suggested I global report the post and ask that the images be spoilered, but in all my years of using imageboards, I admit I've never actually had to report anything before lol.
Replies: >>561
If you set a post password (one is set automatically with javascript enabled) and the board allows it, you can spoiler the post at any time after posting.
Otherwise, refer to the "Local vs. Global reports" section of https://zzzchan.xyz/faq.html#moderation
What was with the downtime?
Replies: >>573
Apparently the proxy sever zzchan used couldn't into ipv6 or something to that effect.
Replies: >>575 >>576
testing test
one more
Any ETA on vanwatech?
Replies: >>607 >>608 >>644
any ETA on webring?
Replies: >>608
hard to say, I need to figure out how to get nginx on the appserver to whitelist traffic from multiple ip ranges. The proxy is configured and ready to go once I figure that out, so hopefully soon.
I should be able to add the proxies to the webring settings, I'm going to ask tom exactly how that's supposed to work.
Replies: >>609 >>644
I dont remember exacltly how I had it for fatchan, but it would be something like this:
allow   proxy.1.ip.address;
allow   proxy.2.ip.address;
deny    all; #dont allow other ips to access the backend, but I recommend you do this earlier, in the server firewall.
set_real_ip_from proxy.2.ip.address;
set_real_ip_from proxy.2.ip.address;
real_ip_header X-Forwarded-For; #the header the proxies send the real IPs of end usersFor the webring, I used torproxy (tor+privoxy in a local docker container), or you can use any socks proxy if you set one up.
Replies: >>616 >>619
[Hide] (12.6KB, 255x240)
[Hide] (74.4KB, 1080x1128)
>With the new captcha I can get back to setting up the vanwa proxy. It's mostly configured I just need to test it, hoping to launch it by monday.
>2 weeks ago
Do your fucking job.
Replies: >>619
Is this for the proxy setting of webring.json? As far as the proxies themselves I'm planning to have the existing ones pull double duty.

I have the server set up and ready, what I'm stuck on is getting the appserver to whitelist it alongside the other proxies. once that's working we're good to go.

 I am planning to do all this tuesday morning. There should be very little risk of anything breaking this time around.
Webring is up and I've emailed other admins to add zzzchan. now for the nginx fuckery.
Replies: >>635
quots aren't working for some reason, use triple apostrophes like this
double should still be italic
I'll update the faq now
>>1 (OP) 
A FISH! He could've chosen anything and he chose a fish! A fucking FISH.
Replies: >>641
Actually it was pasta who chose the usernames
Replies: >>642
I kinda like being a fish
I don't really have a concise thread to link to since Acid's just been posting randomly in the ni/GG/er thread on blacked.moe, but apparently the russian government threatened to ban vanwatech from access to the country or some shit unless 8moe deleted their loli boards. Vanwa is based in america but didn't want their clients to lose the ability to serve Russian IP's their content so complied and made 8moe delete /delicious/ and other boards.

Just something to keep in mind and pay attention to. Cloudflare is obviously cucked in many ways as well, but it seems like a bad actor has found a chink in the CDN's armor through its need to serve the Russian audience and their autistic fixation on banning loli while the country itself is a bastion for literal CP.

Hey uh... Timothy, where's the onion brother? Save us.
Replies: >>645 >>646
Thread with discussions about it.
Replies: >>646
[Hide] (327.8KB, 552x592)
So what? Isn't zzzchan going to have both cloudflare ANd vanwa? Why should we care?
Replies: >>647 >>648
> Isn't zzzchan going to have both cloudflare ANd vanwa?
The whole point of the captcha trouble was that we moved fro Cloudflare to Vanwa.
I'm still working out how to add vanwa, but the real goal of of having both is to be able to rapidly switch in case either/both cuck out.  Cf and vanwa are also only one line of defense, and they only directly shield the proxy servers. I can spin up a cheap vps on any host that doesn't give a shit in minutes given a worst case scenario.
Replies: >>650
Oh, I had misunderstood.  Thanks for clarifying.
8moe just got shoahed except for Tor.  Incoming exodus.
Replies: >>652
I tried to tell Acid that he needed to ditch the "8chan" brand back when he started out, but fucker wouldn't listen to reason.
I'm getting extremely slow speed and connection errors on MoeTor.  Looks like for all Acid's shilling of redchannit and tor in emergencies, rechannit is down and the hidden service has never been tested under heavy load.  Tor worked fine on the site the other day.
>on the webring
is prolikewoah down for anybody else?
Replies: >>680 >>681
It's down for me as well, don't know what happened.
Replies: >>681
nvm, seems to be back on
[Hide] (675.1KB, 1000x1000)
[Hide] (128.3KB, 667x1000)
[Hide] (242.7KB, 800x1132)
new threads popping up left and right and anons bicker about nothing
fan fucking tastic
Replies: >>686
Replies: >>687
I just found that spaghetti nigger is back with a new board,how many anon's never found out like me that the board is back?
Replies: >>690 >>691
You must have some very specific browsing habits to not have heard a single thing about this place by now.
It's sturgeon's board though, all hail the fish.
Replies: >>692
[Hide] (578.2KB, 1408x786)
hail him and his 7000 proxies.
What are all the filetypes that can be posted and why isn't there a list of them in the faq or when you try and make a thread or post? Asking because I was trying to post a webp in a thread and it wouldn't go through. Also let us post .torrent and .swf files please.
Replies: >>720 >>721
[Hide] (20.9KB, 600x576)
there seems to be some cuckchan-tier posts over on /v/. at first it looked like just one underdone thread but now I count at least three of them. have they found their way here somehow?
Replies: >>708 >>710
Got any examples?
I do my best to get rid of any blatantly cuckchan posts, but sometimes they're in a grey zone rules-wise and can't be deleted.
would have to check the gitgud page, or ask tom, I don't think that's listed anywhere else
You can definitely post .sid files (commodore c64 music files) but the idiot faggot retard site owner won't let me because he's a FAGGOT RETARD IDIOT
[Hide] (888.8KB, 2368x4224)
What the fuck is happening in the fighting game general over at /v/?
I don't want to ask there lest I invoke the wrath of a thousand hurt butts. I check the logs every so often to see what you poor fucks have to deal with on a daily basis and constantly see dismissed reports from that thread. Is it just a couple of assholes arguing with each other over their musclebound waifus or something entirely different? 
I don't have the patience to read through all that autism.
Replies: >>756
[Hide] (484.1KB, 1280x720)
>What the fuck is happening in the fighting game general?
Well, fighting
Replies: >>757 >>771
[Hide] (487.2KB, 944x720)
I really like the loading bars.  How come I never get that fancy new chess captcha?
Replies: >>764 >>768
>How come I never get that fancy new chess captcha?
What do you mean? Are you seeing a different captcha or just not having to complete captcha at all?
[Hide] (568.3KB, 900x1200)
You only get captcha when
>the board has captcha enabled
>you try to report a post or delete a post of your own
It seems all boards have it disabled for the time being so if you want to try it you can report or try to delete your own posts.
FYI admin, for .onion, if you have jschan updated and it uses the proper separate server block in nginx with 'TOR' hardcoded in the country code header, BOs can choose "tor onion" as a blocked country in settings. No need to ban
Replies: >>770 >>772
this assumes the onion is on the same machine as jschan. this is not the case for zzzchan. onion requests go through the same waf/cache setup as cloudflare does.
Replies: >>772
[Hide] (254.2KB, 555x555)
walked right into that one
>>770 is correct, i'll post a chart today giving an outline
I don't think it's happened yet but I'd like to remind admin's/gvols not to accidentally wipe every tor posters entire post history.
Replies: >>802 >>803 >>813
Any plans to support or enable the uploading of shockwave flash files?
[Hide] (21.9KB, 662x478)
This,don't cook pasta and end up banning drawfags.
Replies: >>803
[Hide] (63.5KB, 272x396)
Don't worry, we never ban from IP
Last edited by seagull
Replies: >>804 >>813
You can't even click on the right post, faggolini.
Replies: >>806
I opened this thread by clicking at that anon's post, that's why
Replies: >>808
fucking retard lol
Replies: >>809
[Hide] (168.5KB, 884x902)
Imagine setting up a Tor address and blacklisting
Replies: >>814
It has to do with how the onion is routed through the proxy servers, as everything is routed through them and a header has to be set for origin ip.
Last edited by sturgeon
Some windows havea fat man an other a Z now,did you changed them or it's a bug?
Replies: >>835
There are a few files i missed, need to make properly sized icons to replace them. No guarantee that this will fix it though.
[Hide] (3KB, 731x53)
What constitutes a "shill thread?"
Replies: >>837 >>838 >>839
It is a thread literally bringing to attention a (((steam))) sale. While I personally have shifted towards buying games on sale these days since I'm bothered by the security risks of pirating games and running potentially maliciously modified executable files, I understand the anti-buyfag sentiments of /v/.
Replies: >>838
make no sense, first of all it's not against the rules, second there was another one before too and the bumplock was lifted by the BO himself
Replies: >>839 >>840
[Hide] (130.5KB, 1365x873)
>Literally a thread about steam sales
<What constitutes a "shill thread?"
>second there was another one before too and the bumplock was lifted by the BO himself
I don't see any bumplock lifting action from the BO's logs
Replies: >>841
Something not being against the rules doesn't really mean anything, especially when the threads aren't being deleted. I don't disagree that "salefag" threads should arguably have a place on the board, but it's very muddy waters. Worth a discussion but I don't care enough to argue in either direction. I think you'd need to make a case for why it fits into the /v/ ethos rather than just crying about muh rules or some stupid meaningless shit.
Replies: >>841
that's just this month's logs retard
what's the point of having rules at all if you aren't gonna stick to them?
Replies: >>842 >>843
>what's the point of having rules at all if you aren't gonna stick to them?
Rules aren't always going to cover everything. In the case of a thread that doesn't necessarily break the rules but goes against the board ethos bump locking seems appropriate. It's not like bump locking really does much of anything on a board this slow anyways.
Of course retard, logs aren't archived for any longer. If you have to look even further than 1 month ago to bitch about something then you're retarded.
Where is the ban status page on zzzchan?
Replies: >>1111
there isn't one yet apparently, you can only see your ban if you get banned and try to post
Replies: >>1112 >>1113
b-bbbbbbut muh transparency!!
Replies: >>1114
Ban statuses for other anons aren't really that useful to see. The board logs show most of everything you need for moderation to be transparent.
>>1 (OP) 

Did zzzchan change jschan's default markup for this shit? Fatchan seems to use the other gay version.
Replies: >>1155 >>1156
No. zzzchan just has an outdated version of JSchan master. Fatchan is basically a testing ground for Tom at this point (JSchan on the latest dev branch commit).
>didn't highlight the single biggest feature of this update in the news posts
Overboard now has catalog view my niggers
Replies: >>1291
Overboard catalog is cool, but >>1 (OP)  sturgeon might wanna set this for performance reasons: https://gitgud.io/fatchan/jschan/-/blob/master/configs/main.js.example#L107
Unless its intentionally set to a high value hehehe. It seems pretty fast to load anyway so might not be an issue.
Next JSchan update when? Latest commit was 16 hours ago and it was a new-dev merge.
add my funnee maymay
Sturgeon when will you remove cuckflare from clearnet zzzchan?
>>1 (OP) 
Can the admin see everyone IP ?
Replies: >>1542
Yes. Only the admin can see unhashed IPs.
Global vols, board owners, and board vols can only see hashed IPs.
Use the tor hidden service if you want to avoid using your real IP or even VPN/exit node.
Replies: >>1543
I really should invest in a VPN but just getting one in my country is a pain in the ass.
Replies: >>1552
add this CSS to /v/ you fucking nigger, it's win95 theme but with the holiday soul.
possible language: css, relevance: 366
:root {
    --icon-color: invert(17%) sepia(89%) saturate(7057%) hue-rotate(2deg) brightness(93%) contrast(120%);
    --darken: #ffffff10;
    --board-title: #c5c8c6;
    --hr: #282a2e;
    --dice-color: darkorange;
    --title-color: #d70000;
    --greentext-color: green;
    --pinktext-color: #E0727F;
    --alt-label-color: darkblue;
    --alt-font-color: white;
    --background-top: #0294a5;
    --background-rest: #0294a5;
    --navbar-color: #c0c0c0;
    --post-color: #c0c0c0;
    --post-outline-color: #c0c0c0;
    --label-color: transparent;
    --box-border-color: transparent;
    --highlighted-post-color: #c0c0c0;
    --highlighted-post-outline-color: #c0c0c0;
    --font-color: black;
    --post-link-color: blue;
    --link-color: #fffff50;
    --link-hover: #555;
    --input-borders: #111;
    --input-color: black;
    --input-background: white;
    --name-color: #ddd;
    --capcode-color: #f00;
    --subject-color: #ddd;
.navbar {
    top: unset!important;
    bottom: -3px;
.navbar a:first-of-type::before {
    content: '';
    position: absolute;
    background: url(/file/win95home.png);
    background-size: contain;
    height: 1.75em;
    width: 1.75em;
    left: 7px;
.navbar a:first-of-type {
    padding-left: 30px;
.navbar a {
    color: #000;
.nav-item {
    line-height: 3em;
    float: left;
    padding-left: 10px;
    padding-right: 10px;
    text-align: center;
    text-decoration: none;
.close, .filelabel, .nav-item, input[type=submit] {
    color: #000;
    background: 0 0;
    border: 2px outset #d3d3d3;
element.style {
    line-height: 1.5em;
.stickynav {
    top: 5px;
    bottom: unset;
#float .post-container, #livetext, #postform, #threadstats, .board-banner, .catalog-tile, .filelabel, .modal, .navbar, .op, .pages, .post-container:not(.op), .stickynav, .toggle-summary, table {
    border: 2px outset #d3d3d3!important;
.post-info {
    margin: -6px -6px 0;
    padding: 3px 5px 3px 3px;
#dragHandle, .post-info, th:not(.alt) {
    font-weight: 700;
    color: #ACFA58;
    background: #FA5858!important;
.post-name, .post-tripcode {
    color: #ACFA58;
body {
	background: url(https://zzzchan.xyz/file/9c1bd58d426a421ab80dd7cd21185366bd023128150b1bd2ea049054868075f1.png) bottom 0px right 20px fixed no-repeat, linear-gradient(var(--background-top) 3em,var(--background-rest) 230px);
.board-banner, .op {
    background: var(--post-color)!important;
.post-container.op {
    background: 0 0;
    border-color: transparent;
    width: 100%
.anchor:target+.post-container .post-info, .anchor:target+table tbody tr th, .post-container.highlighted .post-info, .post-container.hoverhighlighted .post-info {
    background: #00008b!important;
    color: #fff!important;
:root {
    --attachment-img: url(/file/attachment.png);
    --spoiler-img: url(https://zzzchan.xyz/file/caea0c0853c7890bb66872c5acc25d2f167cbb72c1948b85843a6209a4f9c37a.png);
    --audio-img: url(/file/audio.png);
    --thumbnail-size: 250px;
    --captcha-w: 150px;
    --captcha-h: 150px;
    --bypass-height: 330px;
Replies: >>1554
> it's win95 theme but with the holiday soul.
it's just the win95 one but with orange at the top instead of grey, it really changes near nothing apply yourself
Replies: >>1555
T-thanks I'll try harder next time
Is there a way to stop the IP hops and samefags coming from Tor negroes?
Replies: >>2007
Allowing torpedos to shit up threads is sacred, it's better to ban innocent anons so they don't have to see it than stopping tor users from doing it.
Replies: >>2030
Sorry for having to repost this, but I fear the thread may get auto pruned as I have a feeling that early 404 is enabled for this board. I should've posted it here instead in the first place.

Since the recent happenings and also the Tor network undergoing a heavy attack taking all v3 onions down temporarily, are there plans for setting up an i2p site for zzzchan?
Other networks could be used too and it's a good idea to have as much fallback networks as possible, whatever is mentioned in >>>/tech/769
LokiNet is something worth considering, but I don't know it well enough.

About i2p support for JSchan, it has been tested and it works flawlessly. See https://fatchan.org/t/thread/1.html#593
Replies: >>2011
Sites should definitely be looking to be available on as many mixnets as possible. I2P and Loki should definitely be worked towards.
For example this retard not being able to spam with the IP hops is an example.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 450x374)
I wonder what board Global Staff would like to have, though probably none because they probably already have private /global/ for secret shitposting, and Triple-Z might be full already. I'd ask some board to make for teh lulz (to see how BO interface operates, honest dictatorial), but that's /b/. Even for something more-less serious, I don't think I have good idea for the right board, for the right site.
Either way, is it possible to if not to de-list, then to hide board's threads from the overboard?
>>1 (OP) 
(You) might want to hire more gvols or at least get some more /b/ vols to clean up the pedo shit being posted whenever the jannies are all sleeping.
[Hide] (1017.2KB, 665x663)
Is a mod gonna clean up /b/ of CP some time? Been up for a while now. How about you get that cocksure /a/ BO to take care of it? Anyone would help, really. For it to be up so long begs people like Esther to get the place shut down.
Replies: >>2060
why are you so scared of child porn? calm down whiny kind.
How do we get more users. /v/ only have like 50 and half of them are faggots. That really limits discussion.
Replies: >>2112
advertise on 4chan, twitter and reddit like mark
Replies: >>2113 >>2114
this but unironically, 3/4ths of the population here has a large stick up their ass that they can pull out and swing around with at newfags
Replies: >>2114
You don't need to advertise on cuckchan. There are plenty of low quantity high effort forums and communities on the internet that you can "advertise" to without compromising the entire webring to the unbridled cancer that is cuckchan posters. You have the entire fediverse to start, matrix servers, small imageboards that aren't apart of the webring yet but should be encouraged to join, there's many ways to go about shilling in a productive manner.

If someone asks how to get more activity and your first reaction is "advertise on cuckchan" then it leads me to believe that's where you fucking idiots came from. Kill yourselves.
Replies: >>2115
>wanting users from forums, completely foreign from imageboard culture and used to sucking moderator cock
>as opposed to fishing for cuckchan lurkers that may be tired of constant shitflinging


Replies: >>2116 >>2124
Correct. I'd rather have literal complete normalfags that have absolutely zero fucking clue how imageboards or imageboard culture works than cuckniggers like you whose communication begins and ends at repeating the same tired phrases like "this but unironically" and "based" over and over again.

If normalniggers are good at one thing it's conforming, and I'd rather interact with people willing to conform to the culture than cuckchan faggots who think that everywhere they migrate to should tolerate their inane shit-posting as they spam soyjaks and meme phrases day in and day out. You are the exact kind of poster that is worse than 100 reddit niggers or 100 Qniggers. You are the kind of retard that justifies avoiding cuckchan at all costs, if the fact that the site being a complete honeypot that doesn't even function without niggerscript, a VPN, or TOR wasn't enough of a deterrent for PPH addicts.

Not only are literal full blown redditors less cancerous than you cuckchan subhumans, but you can actually fucking use the site without exposing your bare IP or having to solve a fucking jewgle captcha like a good goyim every time you want to fucking communicate with people. Reported and filtered faggot, kill yourself.
Replies: >>2123
[Hide] (3.6MB, 449x250)
Just like teach newfags lamo.
When a 4chan user comes here, they usually expect to behave like they did in 4chan thinking they're in some 4chan offshoot, and then get angry when people tell them to fuck off for it. Most people who get fed up with 4chan tend to go to other platforms like discord anyway. Normalfags from mainstream platforms like twitter are similar or worse, they can't even comprehend the idea of every latest reddit meme not being welcome, but unlike 4chan users they're used to their shit being welcome ANYWHERE. People from smaller communities are easier to integrate because they're already used to being separate from the mainstream and in a slower community, and if it's not an imageboard then they're also entering a different kind of platform which inherently makes people at least a little wary about what kind of place they're going before they post.

Ideally people should lurk around and read stuff for several days before they post at all, but a newfag isn't going to know that and nobody is going to tell them that. And that's one of the problems with integrating newfags: there's all kinds of things they "should" know but there's no way of learning it without being told to fuck off many times. It's a very badly optimized process for attracting new users.

At least some part of the problem is with this place itself. It's one thing to reject shitty wojack edits, but it's different to reject everything that you ever saw someone post in twitter. It has become too much of a no fun allowed situation because people are constantly jumping at shadows looking for boogiemen. That guy is 4chan, that guy is tr/a/nny, that guy is /cow/, that guy is a fed, you need a months long educational course on the proper conduct at this place and all the images you're not supposed to post if you don't want to step on a landmine that triggers some nigger. And I don't mean zzzchan specifically, I'm talking about the whole webring. It would be acceptable if it created a community with high quality conduct and content, but it doesn't really do that. It's only greater when you compare it to places like 4chan where anything goes.
Replies: >>2121
A normalfag/cuckchanner’s attention span and crippling ADHD would prevent them from staying on a webring site for long - even smug/a/ is too slow for their liking. They might shitpost once or twice but will soon leave. The nigger problem are crossposters who used to post on 8chan primarily but now post both here and on 4chan as a way of coping with the low PPH. These are the types you see posting cuckchan memes.
>Correct. I'd rather have literal complete normalfags that have absolutely zero fucking clue how imageboards or imageboard culture works than cuckniggers like you whose communication begins and ends at repeating the same tired phrases like "this but unironically" and "based" over and over again.
Are you just assuming that only ADHD no-attention-spans can browse cuckchan?

>If normalniggers are good at one thing it's conforming, and I'd rather interact with people willing to conform to the culture than cuckchan faggots who think that everywhere they migrate to should tolerate their inane shit-posting as they spam soyjaks and meme phrases day in and day out. 
One cursory look on a youtube comment section of a 1m+ views video and a popular subreddit reveals that normalniggers are as much of a disease today as they were yesterday. I'd rather have cuckchanners that are willing to lurk some more with an added risk of wojack and sneedposting (that you can comfortably hide) than redditors that think they're in good company.


<P-PPH addict!
if you want 0 PPH save the webpage on your computer and leave some traffic for the rest of us

>the rest
I don't even post there m8, chill the fuck out and take it easy maybe?
Replies: >>2125
[Hide] (3.2KB, 713x64)
Calm down seagull. You don't need to ban everyone just because they said some cuckchan lingo.
[Hide] (2.2MB, 360x294, 00:44)
>Are you just assuming that only ADHD no-attention-spans can browse cuckchan?
It doesn't matter whether or not retards like yourself make up every single poster on all of cuckchan, you makeup the overwhelming majority of it and therefore "advertising" there will attract mostly terrible posters. Kill yourself reddit spacing faggot.
[Hide] (739.9KB, 791x566)
[Hide] (120.2KB, 1000x1000)
What is this highschool drama bullshit are you retards serious? What just because you couldn't sit at the cool kids table because you're an outcast loser piece of shit now you want to police your cobbled together cool kids table here in shitsville and finally be the ones to tell people who don't talk good to fuck off? Yeah maybe that'll learn em hey idiot ever consider that you still got your shit pushed around for being a faggot after you failed to conform to the cool kids way but okay yeah now it'll work if you do it to others? Yeah good job. You are stupid. You are a stupid person begging for conformity when it never worked for you and if it did you wouldn't be here, loser. You're a failed social blemish, but you know how to mold others into bright examples of what a community needs. No you're a failed attempt at fitting in and you're taking it out on strangers with a twisted assertion that it makes sense. Honestly kill yourself that's what you should be doing right now is killing yourself but you aren't so fine whatever just take your gay ass little girl drama social bullshit and choke on it

never forget you're here because you suck and no one likes you so stop trying to pretend like you have any worth with your fraud clique conformity nonsense you stupid teenager bitch
Replies: >>2127 >>2128
[Hide] (168.2KB, 400x480)
>writing all this autism out because he got banned for posting soyjaks
Replies: >>2129 >>2236
this but semi-ironically
I can hear the tears hitting their keyboards to type all this autism.
What happened?
is there any site/imageboard that will allow me to pull posts from different imageboards?  i hate having to go to multiple sites, especially for the same board
Replies: >>2238 >>2552
I wish. There should really be something like this since it reinforces the idea of decentralization while still being together. My hardware also isn't exactly state-of-the-art, so every tab counts.
Replies: >>2239
who made webring?  surely they can do just a more advance version of that.
Replies: >>2240 >>2242 >>2552
Robi and some smugfags
Replies: >>2241 >>2552
is there a git anywhere?
Replies: >>2244 >>2552
The reason the webring works is because it's a consistent system, everyone is using the same format for their webring data. Loading shit from every imageboard is a completely different ordeal because every imageboard has different ways of storing their shit.
>no metadrama since 3 days ago
probably i dunno but i should sorry for failing you
Do the Trigger Reset Lock Mode and Trigger Reset Captcha Mode options  reset the ones that trigger at certain TPH/PPH?
Replies: >>2287
This sites FAQ isn't updated properly
>Trigger Reset Captcha Mode: If a trigger threshold was reached, reset the captcha mode to this at the end of the hour.
>Trigger Reset Lock Mode: If a trigger threshold was reached, reset the lock mode to this at the end of the hour.
So if a given trigger is met, an hour later it will "reset" to the status you tell it to. So if you have a board lock trigger, you can tell it to "reset" to only lock thread creation, or completely unlock the board. If you have a captcha trigger, you can "reset" to no captcha after an hour or only captcha on thread creation.
I think someone attempted to do that with the webring but it failed/had issues.

I believe this is the official git for LynxChan webring extension: https://gitlab.com/alogware/LynxChanAddon-Webring (I don't know where the JSchan version is maintained)
Why is captcha on?
Is posting dox against global rules?
hey where is 8chan on the webring here? Don't try to seclude yourself from that place, it will only end badly for you given how few people here browser already.
Replies: >>2640 >>2641 >>2642
[Hide] (403.2KB, 878x900)
[Hide] (118.6KB, 1115x863)
Die Jew lover.
It was removed on the basis of Mark potentially willingly exposing the webring to millions of HBO viewers in exchange for $100.
>it will only end badly for you given how few people here browser already.
I can guarantee you that not a single soul discovered or started to use this site because it was added to 8moe's webring. Their boards list is terribly designed and segregates the webring boards in a way that makes them basically impossible to see, you'd have to scroll through pages of dead 8moe boards to see zzzchan. Unlike jschan or other lynxchan instances where the webring boards are very apparent or even mixed in with boards on the site itself.

So 8moe as their webring listings are currently configured benefits from being on peoples webrings without actually effectively promoting the sites themselves. And I believe zzzchan is even still on 8moes webring list if I'm not mistaken, which I'm not sure why since if it's been removed from this sites listing sturgeon should have requested it be removed from 8moe itself too.
Replies: >>2646 >>2652
[Hide] (111.5KB, 1282x657)
>I can guarantee you that not a single soul discovered or started to use this site because it was added to 8moe's webring
>their boards list is terribly designed and segregates the webring boards in a way that makes them basically impossible to see, you'd have to scroll through pages of dead 8moe boards to see zzzchan
That's because they don't have to.
They literally link to it in their most popular thread and even give detailed instructions as the thread progresses on how to solve your gay captcha to every newfag that comes asking YOU FUCKING MORON.
There's CP on /v/ that needs removing asap
Replies: >>2686
It aired and he was one for all of 30 seconds. His reply was cherry picked to make him and the rest of the anons seem as bad as possible. The end, I was right about it not mattering you can tell me I was correct at any time.
>Bad request

>• Custom CSS strict mode is enabled and does not allow the following: "@", "url("
Why are you now blocking me from having a custom spoiler on my board when earlier I was able to set this exact same css without issue?
Replies: >>2682
For clarification, I'm fairly certain JSchan only allows on site linking with the "url(" function

CSS for reference
language: css
:root {
    --spoiler-img: url(/file/0d675415294a5b7aca69c6737910ed7eb17990669f4f859b92cb20d66e7836fc.jpg);
Replies: >>2700
[Hide] (816.2KB, 800x1200)
Can you turn the chess captcha back on, on /b/.?
Its getting filled with cuckchannel cancer and biznelniggers.

For the love of God, please don't fuck this up.
Replies: >>2686 >>2692
Always global report possible rule 2 stuff. That's the fastest way to get it in front of staff.

I'll see if that helps anything, dunno if this guy has a triple digit iq or not.
[Hide] (169.9KB, 1224x1128)
Oh so that's why.
Replies: >>2693
It seems to have worked, too. I'll leave it on for another day or two and silently turn it back to threshold activation.
Replies: >>2694 >>2695 >>2706
HEY why are you not allowing linking in custom board CSS?
looks like it didn't work, he was just at school
you're either going to have to start banning for content on /b/ or it's going to be half thread with one retard calling everyone trannies
got a board on fat what can handle both of these issues but for some fucking idiot retard reason can't have the same here. So why exactly is that?
Why exactly is that? Why is it that, on this very same software, board owners are allowed custom spoilers and custom loadbars via CSS but here on your website it is entirely barred?

what exactly
Replies: >>2698
[Hide] (8KB, 374x147)
What exactly are you trying to do?
Replies: >>2700
Hey sturgeon
make a mumble server
Replies: >>2702
This >>2682
Replies: >>2702
>>1 (OP) 

'test aaaaaaaaaa
For what purpose?
Alright I'll allow url(.
Replies: >>2704 >>2707
Thank you
[Hide] (15.8KB, 920x322)
It indeed worked well, perhaps too well.
Also how fast captcha expires?
>For what purpose?
WoW private server guilds
Replies: >>2708
Though now that I think about it it's probably better to just do that on blacked.moe since they have more activity, and making a mumble server just for my autism is a waste since blacked.moe already has one. This splintered activity is becoming tiresome.
>>1 (OP) 
A global ban for two weeks with reason: clearly the nigger.
Can you even explain why am i getting banned when my only posts are on fucking /b/ of all places?
You were nigger posting in loli thread.
Also people with (((twitter))) filenames should be banned on sight.
Replies: >>2715
I admit i was shitposting in the loli threads but is that really reason enough to ban me from your entire website? Don't you think that's a big nigger move from your part? Also you need to realize that there is at least another person flamming the weebs besides me.
So tell me who else could it be?
I came to /meta/ just to tell you to kill yourself immediately.
[Hide] (215.1KB, 500x500)
[Hide] (70.5KB, 619x550)
[Hide] (22.1KB, 638x349)
[Hide] (208.8KB, 2092x1179)
[Hide] (98.9KB, 328x281)
>spends all day scouring every thread for anime pics so he can reply posting >cuckime, >tranny and >pedo and facebook tier memes over and over 
>does this on every thread under the sun no matter the topic
>finally mods get rid of his poopoo everywhere
cry more
tvch goons btfoed
You and however many other people have shat up /b/ to the point normal posters have been losing interest. It's not even funny or clever, you just screech a handful of words at anything that resembles a chinese cartoon. You've done this long enough that I'm making an exception and purging you from my site and you aren't even making it difficult. 

Anyways thanks for pointing this guy out. Please keep doing so, I'm still stuck being reactionary but I'll be cleaning this crap out.
Why is there STILL no autoban wordlist? Why is Tom such a retard nigger?
Replies: >>2724
[Hide] (143.6KB, 1242x1394)
I'm tempted to say the b-word
Replies: >>2727
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1920x1080, 00:23)
They fear the power of Hoihoi.
You are hopeless, if this is how you are going to be then fine. I'm leaving. Whoever remains though, he will keep doing whatever the fuck he has been doing while you stroke your ego thinking that you defeated some big evil from your site by banning me for absolutely nothing of note.
Replies: >>2727 >>3330
what a janni
Oh no not the b-word, anything but the b-word!
what's the b-word?

You arent even the worst spammer we've had to deal with, your bullshit just fell in a grey area.
Replies: >>2728 >>2729
Probably the aced word.
I find it incredibly easy to win against the dumb cuckchanners. Just have autoban if one uses words like chad, cucknime, bbc and whatsnot. Just let the fucking computer do the job for you dummy. Dont even let them pist it in the first place. What the fuck is wrong with you idiot? Cant you do something as simple as basic quality control? You know like what /a/ does this entire time but tone down that shit a bit and add whats obvious in it? Its been a year or so and still you still do it manually. What are you a masochist? Bakaro.
im not a fan of filters, and s.need != sneed etc. a filter can only do so little when it's not a robot making the post.
Replies: >>2732 >>2735
Better than nothing, if they have to evade ban like that the words already got diluted of its meaning. Force tor users to solve captcha every time they renew a session and they will give up very soon. Yours just lazy as shit and let them walk all over you like the cuck fetishist you are.
>Its been a year or so
Newfag-kun, I...
Replies: >>2734
5 months?
/tv/ and cuckchanas if there's a difference aren't that creative. A simple word filter will get them 99% of the time. They are only here to wait for their bans elsewhere to expire.
Replies: >>2736 >>2738 >>2743
smug/a/ please stay in your hole
Bans doesn't work for me child.
Replies: >>2741
And clearly english too.
>worldfilters as a moderation tool, because it worked so well for 4chan
>automod, because it worked so well for reddit
As always, those who don't know history are condemned to repeat it
Replies: >>2757
>>1 (OP) 
Hey, faggot. I want my clean animated thumbnails. Now.
fatchan org/t/thread/1.html#883
and you don't know shit. 4chan and reddit fails because the people using the wordfilters are retards. Don't mix me with them.
Replies: >>2761
Testing if I can post midis.
Still no, please some faggot add midi support.
Replies: >>2759 >>2835
ask thomas
mod is a fag
[Hide] (303.6KB, 299x198)
>my perfect wordfilters and automods have never been tried
Replies: >>2764
sure retards, let's manually remove the cp posts and anything differs from your opinion like cavemen and leave out the shitted.cuck posts because whites like you are cuck.
Replies: >>2768
>cuck cuck cuck
Replies: >>2786
Obsessive people are always better than half ass retards.
[Hide] (26.7KB, 296x317)
[Hide] (174.9KB, 800x600)
Hey fucktard delete the soy wojaks thread over /jp/ already.
From now on please do not spoiler lewd loli because it's a good detergent against normalfaggotry seeking to invade our land.
Perhaps global chess should be enabled for a while.
Just convert the midis with your favourite soundfont and upload them, it's not hard
>>1 (OP) 
Why are all of the JPEGs converted into JFIFs now?
Replies: >>2858
what's a jfif
[Hide] (16.3KB, 400x400)
Can I do it for free on b in euro time?
Right now it's seen as free time to spam shit.
Thanks for deleting footfag thread btw.
Replies: >>2864 >>2869
>deleted footfag thread
Foot connoisseurs are truly oppressed. Why did it get deleted?
Replies: >>2865
[Hide] (209.5KB, 356x399)
It was literally titled as HOT TEEN FEET, so it was likely deleted due to recent shit on blacked.gov.
Replies: >>2866
THIS! In fact, let's stay one step ahead of those evil pedos and just ban any discussion of real life women or even 2D women on /b/, and then we should rename it /b-exceptstuffidontlike/ as it should be.
Replies: >>2867
I agree, don't bother banning the literal schizophrenic /cow/tards spamming the same image/webm in every thread about some literal-who eceleb on twitter, instead we should ban the harmless footfags.
Replies: >>2868
[Hide] (143KB, 640x635)
Can a janny resurrect threads? Footfag thread being renamed would have been optimal janitor praxis.
Replies: >>2872
make an account, then email me. We'll talk from there.
Last edited by sturgeon
Remove /jp/ BO.
>get threads
>offtopic complaints
>redditor soyjak
How can you be worse than  even dead /jp/ from entire webrings?
[Hide] (621.7KB, 2518x1350)
Replies: >>2872
They can not. Once something is deleted it's gone barring mongodb shenanigans.

[Hide] (14.5KB, 386x257)
>>2888 (checked)
Bridge Saw is my favourite of the cinema movies! Good times!
[Hide] (81.6KB, 888x888)
Hello, friend, 314chan installed the webring plugin and they'd like to be linked back from the rest of the webring. Could you add them to the list?
Replies: >>2900
[Hide] (28.8KB, 627x524)
someone already followed them, so they auto added to the known nodes list, it'll take a bit before the plugin updates and they start showing in the boards+webring page
Replies: >>2901
great, thanks
>>1 (OP) 
What's going on smuglo.li?
Replies: >>2908
DDoS attack
Replies: >>2909
Yes i know that I've that they are working on it.
I'm afraid that /monster/ shall lose some anons.
Replies: >>2910
/monster/'s got bunkers everywhere anyway. I've seen them activate the one here not too long ago.
Replies: >>2912 >>2914
Replies: >>2913
Yeah but this is the most active one. 
What was the other the endchan one?
Replies: >>2915
Actually, I think it may have been /hgg/ I was thinking about when I posted this.
Yes, but some faggot spammer is shitting up everywhere he can.
God he can't even let me sleep.
Replies: >>2922
No, we must stop a people from posting things we don't like at all costs.
Replies: >>2923
>And out of his shithole came the faggot
Begone thy fag and cease your meaningless shitfest !
Replies: >>2924
[Hide] (35.6KB, 960x574)
>he thinks gradeschool tier insults mean anything to anyone
Is this your first day on imageboards? Is that why you're so thin skinned and annoyed by pictures? You know it doesn't have to be like this right? There's no chain around your neck, you could stop being a bootlicker any time but you instead choose to be one. Sad!
Replies: >>2925
A                A
G   (you)    G
G               G
O               O
You have to be some special kind of retarded to redirect the .onion to the clearnet.
Replies: >>2939
Works for me. Top of the page says it's being tinkered with anyway.
Could you not fucking ban non tor IPs when hunting down this autist?
[Hide] (7.5KB, 716x328)
I guess I'll just have to cope with the state of /b/, as reporting does nothing.
Replies: >>2949 >>2950
Only global rules apply to /b/. If you report something because of it's quality then obviously nothing will happen.
Replies: >>2956
[Hide] (144.9KB, 1266x1042)
Could you increase the maximum file size to 100 MB? I came from KC and some of the files I might want to upload from there can't be right now.
Replies: >>2957
this but also he missed the fact all those posts were moved to the zoo thread, I'm guessing jschan doesn't automatically get rid of the report unless you outright delete the offending posts
Replies: >>2963
Can't wait for people to start uploading 90 megabyte ClipboardImage.pngs
Replies: >>2958
That doesn't happen on KC so why would it happen here? Also, people could do the same thing with 30MB right now. Kill yourself braindead retard. GOd I hate Americans. Fuck off and let a human respond to me please.
Are you that Tor autist who complains about everything and mini mods all the time? Fucking kill yourself trash. I hate your kind. Just fuck off already. I'm done with imageboards. Get tortured to death please.
Replies: >>2961 >>2964
tor wouldn't be (1)
Replies: >>2962
I came here yesterday so I don't give a real shit anyway I'm going to leave now.
>, I'm guessing jschan doesn't automatically get rid of the report unless you outright delete the offending posts
We can manually dismiss reports, no need to delete anything.
>hurr durr what is dynamic IP
I've seen 20 MB images many times before. Why stop at 100 MB? Why not 100 GB? Use a file upload service faggot.
Replies: >>2965
Ah I guess this site is just to shit to actually want to attract any good posters. Have fun with your 8gag circle jerk then!
Replies: >>2966
[Hide] (207.1KB, 800x810)
Replies: >>2967
Didn't read you pic lol. Kill yourself minimodding autism fag.
Replies: >>2968
rofl die n00b
[Hide] (91.3KB, 300x100)
[Hide] (509.2KB, 300x100)
I made some banners, I don't know if they're useful anywhere.
Replies: >>2976 >>3002
[Hide] (2.3MB, 300x100)
Here's the full animation, but I couldn't optimize it to a decent size.
Replies: >>2976
Onion site dead?
[Hide] (136.3KB, 555x593)
these are really good
Replies: >>3072
There's an actual z channel or did you make these completely from scratch?
Replies: >>3004
>>1 (OP) 
So any kniws what is again happening to smug, is the ntrporcfag still Ddosing? Or is it something else?
Hey fishfaggot
Why the fuck haven't the pictures of underaged child-models haven't been deleted in the loli thread on >>>/b/40408/

Sounds like you have some explaining to do.
I want to stuff my cock in her amazed mouth
[Hide] (17.3KB, 239x200)
Hi, >>>/b/5446 reached reply limit, and I will be mildly annoyed if you don't ban anyone.
>>1 (OP) 
So will the board descriptions ever go back to normal? I don't remember exactly why they got changed in the first place but I think it was in response to a possible threat of normalnigs flocking here or something like that. I don't really care either way but it would make the front page look nicer. I mean, /a/'s board description is "BRAAAP".
Replies: >>3116
I don't see the issue
>The holocaust didn't happen, but it should have!
/v/ related so it should stay
perfect for /b/ or /pol/ but we don't have /pol/ so /b/ will have to suffice
[Hide] (16.8KB, 1085x150)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 540x540)
>>1 (OP) 
>can't post with my /v/iggers because of spamming niggers
Replies: >>3132
BASED retard newfag banning innocents just like mark to show how we're different from mark. you got what you paid for, cuckimer.
Replies: >>3136
>no you're j-just like Mark...;_;..
>y-you have to put u-up with my tantrum
Consider suicide /cow/nigger
Replies: >>3140
[Hide] (1.5KB, 697x82)
If thread wasn't made by you, good on you fish. Almost seems like you are visiting /b/ besides reports.
Fuck off niGGer what are you even doing here. This is /cow/ turf.
Replies: >>3150
[Hide] (202.9KB, 728x924)
[Hide] (39KB, 399x369)
>You must be a ni/gg/er if you rightfully shit in /cow/cucks
Nice assumption faggot. Did you pull it out of your sore ass aswell?
>this is /cow/ turf
Maybe try unfucking your dead board instead of making so-called claims.
<impossible captcha
fucking eternal lulz
Replies: >>3232
That reminds me, we're coming up on the anniversary of the site. Is it time for us to die yet?
Replies: >>3204
[Hide] (55.3KB, 1200x680)
not yet
The captcha is genuinely garbage but it's not that hard.
Why is there so much political shitflinging over on /v/?
Are there any boards other than /pol/ or /news/ Anons want to add? I personally would like a /his/ board but I don't know if anyone else wants one or has any better ideas.
That's not a bad idea but how would the threads be structured? I was thinking having each subject be in a general thread but that's sounds hard to manage.
Are all spammers this thin skinned when its not under 7 layers of ironies?
I only now realised that I didn't save zzz birthday thread. Does anyone have the archive of it?
Replies: >>3414
Replies: >>3415
Thanks anon.
/bmn/ board is still locked. I assume this is not on purpose
Replies: >>3419
Should be unlocked now. My apologies.
Are we still on the webring? I can't see zzzch from either pro nor sparts webring lists.
Replies: >>3422
bot plw and sportschan have had broken/outdated webring plugins for over a year now so they don't show zzzchan because they aren't updating the list of nodes properly
Check your fucking reports, fishman. There's CP on /b/ and I know I sent a global to you fags.
Replies: >>3464 >>3465
[Hide] (19.1KB, 523x518)
I still have that thread loaded, and I can still load the images, does jschan not delete images from servers?
I'm betting its dolphnigger or one of the herdtrannies.
Then again, the webring has a lot of enemies.
i don't want to start using tor to post here if that loli thread will be attracting the lowest degenerates society can produce and having cp enter my thumbnail cache
upgrade the software already jschan is on 0.1.10 and you're still using 0.1.7
Can you fuckers delete the cp on /v/'s catalog? I tossed out a report 12 hours ago.
Replies: >>3517
sorry, too busy deleting what I personally dont like rather than deleting that which breaks rules
Repeating it doesn't make it true, retard-sama.
Pretending it doesn't exist doesn't mean it's false, seagull-chama
Replies: >>3524
The vols on /v/ are painfully slow on non burger hours, do they need more jannies?
Replies: >>3523
Less jannies, more like.
I'm glad Sturgeon still deals the trash from this complete idiot spammer on a daily basis. So much blame being thrown to start shit, so many non-existent boogeymen pseudonyms, so many fake issues and complaints. We all see it on a regular basis; threads spreading FUD that sounds like an issue, asking why everything is so shit and full of spam, blaming it on [dolphin, herdniggers, esther, eden, brandon, patch, etc. ad infinitum].

They have done a good job never giving up their identity (besides false flagging with the aforementioned fake names), so we will likely never know who the schizo is. But at this point in the game it isn't a question of who, but rather why? 

At least a part of their motive is because we are still here. >Us, the anons posting each and every single day who refuse to give up on this category of sites and the last places of freedom on the internet. Really, I am glad it makes somebody out there so mad that they spend time thinking they can ever stop the collective of posters and admins upholding the webring. You can try to change the appearance of the conversation but you will never change the minds and motivation of the genuine users deep down. Get fucked.
Replies: >>3526 >>3530 >>3531
[Hide] (493KB, 1280x720)
>but rather why? 
Where do you think you are? A lot of people from imageboards are not just autistic, but rather SUPER AUTISTIC EXTREME TO THE MAXX if they perceive someone has wronged them in some way, they will never EVER let go and WILL hold that grudge until either side is dead. They will make that mod who that day deleted their post their life sworn enemy, and they will dedicate their lives to denouncing and standing up to the evils of said tranny/faggot/nigger/rulecuck or whatever nickname is hip at that moment in time. Just read their posts, you can just FEEL the passive aggressiveness from them. If it's not that it's people who don't belong anywhere, not even on imageboards. Losers among losers, who get their fun out of crab bucketing wherever they go. On the outside they sit on a very, very, very high horse "Heh, I'm not like them, I'm better" but in their subconscious they're brats who've never grown past the mentality of "Well I can't have fun, then no one else can"

That said, the mods are not without guilt. seagull in particular is a fucking retard whom, if I hadn't known better, I'd think he's actively trying to hurt /v/ with his retardation. I honestly don't know who the fuck handed this moron the keys to anything and why he's still around to this day.

All in all it's tilting at windmills. Infighting when we're so few gets no rewards. No one wins, we all lose. And when we lose, the Jews win.
Replies: >>3530
[Hide] (30.4KB, 386x198)
As long as there are divisions, separate websites on the webring, etc, there will be this conflict. This will not end until all the OG 8chan remnants consolidate and pick one breadwinner. The problem is that everyone currently is firmly rooted to their home board (though smug is currently in distress and bleeding users) and the only way they will leave is if their home gets taken down or dies. So be it, I say. I wouldn't mind seeing all the elitist assholes across the webring thinking their particular version of hell is any better than the others being forced to pick some other side to fight on due to displacement. This isn't a matter of outsider aggression, since frankly all webring sites have the taint of 4chan and other undesirable sites on it. It's a matter of symbolism after 8chan, the proverbial king of the hill, got unceremoniously destroyed and scattered the many boards to various sites of varying strength, reliability, and administration. Every other site in the perspective of any one site is an enemy, and just another boogeyman. This will only end if there is one left standing. Considering who runs each one, I'm not liking our odds. But what options are left, letting yet another site enter the webring just to divide the users even more, even if it is ideologically and structurally sound? I'd take the mediocrity of late-era 8chan over webring boogeyman hell any day. "As long as there are differences, we will tear ourselves apart fighting eachother."
u mad bro? The spammers are based as FUCK and you can do nothing but cope and seethe passive aggressively. Whats next chud, complaining to the jannies about your eternal asshurt?
this is why the site is dying and bleeding users, I leave for 8blacked.gov
Replies: >>3536
Uh oh, lonely loser spammer is desperate...
Keep posting dogshit lol, you are totally transparent.
>>1 (OP) 
Next time you update jschan, redo the nginx configuration. Websocket will work properly with Cloudflare.
I have become a ZZZ celeb now, how do I make use of my infamy? How do I go on from this point forward?
Replies: >>3547 >>3548
attention whore by streaming your mainstream video game playing sessions, then advertising them both on /vhs/ and on the obligatory streamwhore thread on /v/. Then you can expand from then on by boogeymanning yourself.
[Hide] (136.5KB, 200x247)
I don't know you, and I don't care to know you.
[Hide] (14.7KB, 405x260)
5 more months
Replies: >>3791
5 more months of what?
Replies: >>3802
why do images only load after you scroll down and why is it because you're a nigger?
>>1 (OP) 
I figured this probably is the right place since my email got nuked, but the /k/ bunker is now listed.
I'll be editing it when I'm not busy about getting whacked literally by this shitshow of the economy.
Any master plans for adding Jpeg XL or AVIF support in the near future?
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1200x900)
Maybe ask the person that actually develops this imageboard software and not the end user?
Replies: >>4011
[Hide] (45.4KB, 749x563)
Upload limit is 32mb not 512kb please fuck off with meme formats.
Replies: >>3996
[Hide] (134.4KB, 406x406)
AVIF has little to no use cases, and both stable Chromium and stable Firefox don't support JPEG XL yet.
>meme format
Clearly you don't know what you're talking about.
[Hide] (63KB, 352x570)
I've read the To do list of jschan, and it seems that AVIF support is already present. I tried to post one AVIF image, but I can't because of 504 errors.
Replies: >>3998
that list is old and not updated anymore, much more things were added
yes it does support whatever format you want, the admin just has to actually turn it server side on and your browser has to support it
This depends on support by dependencies like graphicsmagick and ffmpeg (and users browsers), not jschan itself.
Can you make tomorrow or some sort of dark theme the default for /b/? please. I don't have javascript enabled so I can't change it and yotsuba hurts my eyes
Replies: >>4052
[Hide] (11.4KB, 1416x161)
I think you banned some tor nodes, Sturge.
Default sitewide SOLARIZED DARK.
Replies: >>4053 >>4076
Honestly that would be really nice, there is no need for these bright themes that wreck our eyes anymore
Kill yourself. Gruvbox Dark or bust. Everforest Dark is quite nice as well.
Look at your E-Mails fish
[Hide] (7.4KB, 770x64)
Thought about getting a conventional domain?
[Hide] (331.6KB, 668x668)
Will zzzchan ever support IPFS in some fashion?
It might be useful for going past the 32mb filesize limit on an anon-to-anon basis at the expense of anons having to run their own local client because public gateways are DMCA cucks who banned the 2hu OVA hashes anon posted on 8/tech/ circa 2016.
ffmpeg 5.1 recently added support for it and mpv is expected to do so too in a future version.
[Hide] (554.5KB, 1209x1408)
does zzz have only one appserver? are all the proxies pointing at just that one? does it not get overloaded at all, or does it have enough headroom that that isn't a problem?
my hand slipped and i accidentally a lot of posts on overboard. how do i unhide them?
Replies: >>4180
(nvm just deleted cookies but now i cant delete this post lmao)
Are we ever going to have a dedicated Tor ID like 000000? Makes distinguishing between users sharing the same node a lot easier, filtering out the legitimate ones from the spammers.
Replies: >>4196
[Hide] (775.9KB, 800x600)
Having a rainbow effect on the +Webring text that rapes your CPU is more important.
Are hyper realistic lolis generated by ai considered "jailbait"?
Zigger chan should retain the flag setting instead of constantly reseting it.
Replies: >>4323
Pleae add an option in the settings menu to disable the rainbow Webring button for those of us on shitty low-end PCs so that it doesn't rape CPU, or alternatively let users know to add this to their CSS:
language: css
animation: none !important;
Replies: >>4209
this also works on anon.cafe if you change
language: css
language: css
How do watched threads work? I don't see where to find threads I've added as watched.
Replies: >>4331 >>4447
Replies: >>4323
See here: >>4206 flags do not get retained and on boards where I use flags all the time I need to manually set the flag again that I have selected before.
Replies: >>4324
You should be using the bug thread for this. I'll have to test it on the new server I'm setting up, if the migration doesn't fix it I'll take a look when that's done.
Replies: >>4325
Sorry Admin.
>I'll have to test it on the new server I'm setting up, if the migration doesn't fix it I'll take a look when that's done.
Alright thanks for the heads up.
Why did someone called alexander bad tor on /b/? In future can we have a basic IQ test for mods.
Someone answer me
Replies: >>4332
[Hide] (71.5KB, 241x369)
Tell the BO of /b/ he banned for me real in the Free Bans Thread, AGAIN!
Replies: >>4333
That's not an answer
Tor is still banned from /b/.
Replies: >>4345
I think Tor hasn't been allowed on /b/ for a little over a month now.
If the Tor ban is going to be permanent then /b/ should be delisted from the overboard or you should turn off the hidden service.
Replies: >>4425
[Hide] (599.7KB, 2500x1668)
Whenever I wget a zzzchan thread to archive it locally, none of the JS works. I can clearly see .js files in the js folder but they have no effect on the page (e.g. enlarging images in place, highlighting replies...etc).
What do?
Replies: >>4425
TOR can no longer be banned outright, but exit nodes will not get special treatment. Use the .onion.

Archive this thread and link to a .zip of it so I can have a look.
Is Eden doxxing himself?
Add a next page and prev page on the page count
Someone answer me
Do you have any special CSS and JS for harmony day?
>>>/b/138560 (thread about someone fucking minors)
>>>/b/138557 (glowpost about stalking school children even providing links)
Reported all this shit hours ago and it's still up.
The site will eat your post if you refresh the page. Please make this not happen. Its so annoying you accidentally go back a page or refresh and your whole post is gone.
add ruffle to the site so that we can play swf files.
PLEASE do something about rapeman on /v/, he deletes that break no rules only because he doesn't like them, then leave ambiguous or nonsensical ban reasons. He's been doing this shit for months and nobody is stopping him.
Is Rapeman ever coming back?
[Hide] (61.5KB, 680x841)
Petition to add 
>le good
to the word filter. This would make /b/ at least 40% more bearable while kicking to the curb the subhumans that have been flocking to this site in the past year.
Replies: >>4541
>This would make /b/ at least 40% more bearable
how exactly are you calculating this?
please take away this insane unsolvable captcha shit with the chess pieces and random symbols that look like a child's scribble drawings all clustered together into a space seemingly incongruous to their corresponding squares on the 4x4 grid you click on
Why is tor blocked on like every board?
>Pasta worked very hard on the new logo, be sure to say nice things about it to him directly.
favicon is the only thing I dislike about this site's design, the stars are too small to see so it just looks like a bland Z. the logo works well for the banner though and I'm sure Pasta is a nice guy.
[Hide] (26.6KB, 575x448)
Can emojis be added into the wordfilter? There's some shitposter taking a huge dump on /b/ at the moment and the entire place is reeking of utter shit.
If you can copy and paste the entire range of Unicode characters used for emojis we could end this faggotry all the sooner.
Not sure where to post this but apparently there's a geo ban on IPs from egypt preventing me from posting. Any reason for that? VPNs are blocked where I live and other options aren't practical.
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