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How difficult would it be to set up a streaming platform to run alongside this site? 8ch has one but a lot of people don't like that site for various reasons. They use OSP and it seems to work most of the time, and seems to be fairly easy to set up. Between BMN and the increasing number of streamers on /v/ there seems to be a good amount of people that would use it. Is the current server strong enough to handle the load?
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I object on the basis of the half dozen boogeymen trying to kill the site for whatever reason will just use it for denial of service attacks. It would need to be a separate server like the one kikechan has. Or you could just find a PeerTube instance where mods are asleep like everyone else seems to be doing.
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peertube uses a P2P model that has not been reliable for streaming. for me it will cut out constantly and there is a rather large 30 second delay for whoever is watching.
i'd be willing to help subsidize the costs via BTC
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that's the equivalent of angelina jolie chopping her tits off to avoid getting tit cancer, why don't you stop breathing altogether to avoid getting lung cancer retard?
I doubt the fish can casually afford to pay for the same resources as a fed sponsored site out of his own pockets.
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You can disable webtorrent in the player widget, chunk sharing shouldn't be causing cutouts since the instance server will always be there as a fallback, and in my experience kikechan and even jewtube have comparable delays because they're just that jewish. If your instance is keeping up to date you can turn off P2P before you even start streaming too.
>rather large 30 second delay
The new low latency mode allows you to disable P2P completely before live streaming, resulting in a ~10s delay which is comparable to other streaming platforms. Not all instances have the new mode though.
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the site i stream with has not updated to this new system, do you have any alternatives that I could use instead?
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The instance I'm currently using has disabled registrations, so you can search for an instance here instead (adjust filters):
Check the peertube version of each instance before registering, you can view it on the about page or similar. Any version >=4.2 is golden.
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