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Are you going to deal with the herdnigger spam on /b/ or will you let it become a mess beyond saving like you've done for the past months?

I've put in several global reports on their obvious and recognizable spam, and you dipshits haven't done anything about it besides leaving it up.
you mean (You). There is no such thing as a "herdnigger". You are just a generic spammer with many pseudonyms.
>why is everything a mess
>beyond saving
>been like this for months
>admins are dipshits
Please, consider suicide instead of continuing to spam.
To these faggots, herdnigger just means anyone who posts something they dislike. I think those types and sturgeon/alexander/seagull are birds of a feather.
Replies: >>3569 >>3570 >>3704
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don't care, stay mad
Replies: >>3581 >>3685
Actually, no. OP is a spammer, and if you aren't the spammer samefagging, pay attention:
For all readers, the nebulous names of people like "herdnigger" don't exist. Not a single genuine user knows what a herdnigger is. Ignore them, and report for spam.

This post sums it up well >>3524 
>We all see it on a regular basis; threads spreading FUD that sounds like an issue, asking why everything is so shit and full of spam, blaming it on [dolphin, herdniggers, esther, eden, brandon, patch, etc. ad infinitum].

So again, PLEASE consider suicide instead of continuing to spam and feigning ignorance
Replies: >>3695 >>3723
I'm the other boogeyman, not that one
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[Hide] (21.2KB, 956x403)

nice pic
Replies: >>3686 >>3687
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if one of you faggots made that thread, I swear to gosh
Replies: >>3687 >>3689
[Hide] (333.5KB, 935x703)
Wouldn't be surprised if they were really just /v/ermin falseflagging a tvch thread and raiding themselves to own le seagull.
Replies: >>3688
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[Hide] (10.1MB, 640x360, 03:53)
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Wasn't me, wasn't seagull, wasn't the admin. I have a fairly solid clue of who's behind it. As time for me is running short, there's gonna be a party soon, and you're all invited.
t. person the OP allegedly pretends to be
[Hide] (526.7KB, 750x1000)
This is your friendly local reporting tengu back with the exclusive ((( (((they))) ))) want to suppress. After going to the realms of the Mad Ogre King, ((( (((Seagull))) ))) managed to attract the attention of the /tv/troons and get his board raped and pillaged by the angry ogre hordes. In typical Jewish manner, he refuses to take responsibility for it and is already looking for a scapegoat. He didn't say it outright, but he's obviously looking for an excuse to throw /japan/ out of the site. He doesn't really care if he has to get his board flooded with shit to achieve it, because he's drunken with rage after your most humble servant made fun of his moderation practices in a private chatroom.
In his desperate attempt to misdirect, he even tried to blame Eden on ogrechan. For those not in the know, Eden was once a cabal member who became a rulecuck and had to be expelled. As they say, you either die hehpilled or live long enough to become the rulecuck. I suppose our feathered companion figured that staging that would make it appear as is your friendly local reporting tengu was behind the drama he created today. This is nothing but a power grab on his part. He knows Sturg doesn't mind us being here, so he staged this false flag with his crisis actors to gain the upper hand and rid himself of us so-called "herdniggers". Sturgeon, we plead you to not let this madman pull this tyrannical coup.
If anyone has a POZ LOAD TIP they want to share with their friendly local reporting agency, this tengu is MORE THAN WILLING to perform sexual favors in exchange for information. INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: egg stuffing, extreme brapplay, kigurumi sex, CBT, and allowing you to use Hatate in any way you see fit. Find me on the FBI's most wanted list for more details.
This has been your friendly local reporting tengu, signing off.
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Been a while since we got a tengu newsflash. Can we get a link to the 'private chatroom' read: discord you guys are in?

 Fuck you nigga
extremely good quality news broadcast
>john is seagull
this gon b good
shut up nigger
to many words

Funny how much misdirection and spam got posted in this thread after OP was called out by >>3552 and >>3570

Can't let genuine users know the simple truth.

Why did you delete this thread if you don't have anything to hide?
Replies: >>3697 >>3698
Maybe you've heard of them?
Replies: >>3699
I just wanted to add (before I was rudely interrupted by a janny deleting the thread) that I don't think the Tor id changes as long as it's the same thread. So same id doesn't mean anything here if it's from the Tor id.
I'm not sure if the anon's post that was talking about the id being the same is in the archive but I'm not going to check because it has jewgle captcha
Replies: >>3700
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Yeah like you couldn't just bumplock if that's the reason. You don't want meta threads because you know most don't check /meta/.
Superbowl, draw and edit, webm thread, FRIDAY NIGHT MUTHAFUCKA, Gamergate (ironic how this situation closely mirrors the m00tening), /v/ GET, "nice gets" and others... you're doing damage control and you know it faggot.
No, torfags get different IDs all the time, Seagull fucked up and forgot to tunnel his connection. Probably uses tor as a general vpn instead of the tor browser bundle.
Replies: >>3771
>puts sage in the name field
You have to go back.
>There is no such thing as a "herdnigger"
Riddle me this, what group spams "shitdick" and crossposts on 8shitted, and brings their faggotry on every /b/ they could find?
<t. the original OP of this thread

>inb4 hurr durr yurr spamming

I remember when sleepy/b/ used to be such a comfy place, with melonanon and etc.
To think it has gotten worse.
Replies: >>3703 >>3777
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When will the Tengu sit on my face?
As you can see above, Seagull himself is one of the higher profile herdniggers/teenbros known as kiimemaru but he shot himself in the foot because his samefagging got exposed. Really Mark-tier self-ownage. Not the first time he tries something like this either, he got removed from tvch a while ago and his board taken away from him after attempting some similar bullshit.
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No, they're right. I made a thread like 10 months ago about being a harbinger of death after all. I'm late to every party so if someone like me shows up you know that hell follows with me. I've been called a phenomenon but in reality there is no such thing as a phenomenon. I'm more an omen than remarkable. Those 2014ish /r9k/ psychos have to get shat out somewhere and they were NOT all wizchan types nor were all right wingers.  Some were spaz left wingers with demented sexuality. If I'm here then where I came from got destroyed, the angry hoards of autists are coming, I'm just ahead of the game. I warned 8chan about incoming problems when 4chan started getting rid of legacy captcha, Tor long gone, range bans for profit, that people would get shaken loose and they are. Most lurk around then leave but the more that stay and post the more it will tempt the others to socialize here. It's why I slowed down my massive walls of text when avatar faggots showed up that weren't even having a cooldown peroid of avatar fagging. I never even REALLy avatar fagged at first, I hoped I'd be in good company and have an attic thread but it never happened then I just XD the image to spite the people that hated it randomly, often after outed as 'me'. 

Do you remember the /b/ thread? That op that ruins communities, wants to make mad cash that way? From Unitarian churches to Interweb communities everywhere I seem to go the plague follow. Maybe it's a tracking cookie because I can't remember my passwords so I never delete them. 

Don't let them in this time. 

<oh wait too late

I have an idea. Make me moderator of /b/ as I'm probably here more than 75 percent of the userbase anyway. Do it faggot.
Replies: >>3705
Nice boogeyman to distract everyone now that the cat is out of the bag kiime
Replies: >>3706
That's fagatha, not kimemaru.
Replies: >>3708
That's kiime/seagull falseflagging as fagatha, wake up retard.
Replies: >>3709
Seagull and Kimee don't even exist faggot, they're tulpas I thought up and started manifesting free will and posting. Fucking retard.
Replies: >>3710
[Hide] (207.1KB, 1080x720)
Actually we're all tulpas of Moot but exiled from the rest of the wonderland by the Snacks tulpa overlord. 

It doesn't matter though as Moot himself is just the dream of collective cyber-elves. You can hax.exe into a chat with them via DMT, or so I hear. There is no escaping the tulpa-matrix wonderland though without deletion of your psyche, that is the point. Don't tell anyone. Hopelessness leads to an inefficient wonderland. You don't want to be accused blackpilling now would you? You could be muted in wonderland aka banned. How do you exile the exiled? Only death awaits beyond that, deletion.
Replies: >>3711
I'm not real?
Replies: >>3712
[Hide] (56KB, 704x540)
You think that things can be real?
[Hide] (93.8KB, 220x338)
>Not a single genuine user knows what a herdnigger is
Herdnigger is a term used in-house to refer to users on /intl/. There isn't an /intl/ because the community split into the constituent parts of the latter day composition (discord users who went to 8moe, boomers who mostly post on spee now, and teenbros).
>genuine user
Well, you might be right.
t. im jew
Replies: >>3724
[Hide] (122.7KB, 224x206)
weren't they the guys from freech?
>im jew
Replies: >>3727
keep teen spirit
[Hide] (31.9KB, 363x326)
Freech is a true 8ch successor in the sense that the (new)BO from /intl/ made a site for his users.
>seagull the teenbro
what a plot twist
Replies: >>3757
It was obvious from the start, only now there's proof of it.
I can't understand how anyone is shocked.
Replies: >>3759 >>3761
that's the tor id isn't it? guess you're john now
Replies: >>3761
I'm john too now shit
Replies: >>3761
I'm on TOR, John.
This is TOR too
And so is this
[Hide] (7.8MB, 2560x1440)
Hey, Seagol here.
You might have heard some rumors going around about me being kikeamaru.
I wanted to be come clean and be as transparent as possible.
We're not the same person. Why do we have the same ID then?
Well, the truth is that kikeomaru and me are roommates. Not only that but we're also lesbian lovers.
It doesn't stop there though. We're in an open relationship with Eden. Our little tsundere sweatheart.
Us three scissor every night and shower in each other's fluids. Bite each other's neck. Eat each other's asshole full of nutella and peanutbutter.
We're in fact 3 sex-driven young girls living in the depths of North Dakota.
We unfortunately fight a lot (though to tell you the truth, my pussy always wets when Eden gets mad).
I hope you understand and continue to allow us in your community of gamers.
Me and my cookie pies look forward to continue servicing you.

Best regards,
Replies: >>3770 >>3775
>lesbian lovers
>No, torfags get different IDs all the time
Horseshit, every time I torpost in a thread on /v/ there's always a bunch of other replies with my id that I didn't make. I really fucking hate people who are this god damn retarded with their lies.
Replies: >>3772 >>3773
Then why is your id not 29b48a.
[Hide] (1MB, 1008x960, 01:10)
Reposting from /b/
Replies: >>3789
hot tbh
When configured correctly, jschan will give a unique ID to each tor user based on block bypass.
Is Melonanon still alive? I miss his posts.
Replies: >>3785
Spoiler File
(2.9MB, 4032x3024)
Spoiler File
(3MB, 4032x3024)
I'm sure he's still around.
holy shit, are you crippling autist?
what am i supposed to focus on, because the captcha you entered was correct?
consider killing yourself, wasting earth resources to shitpost on nigerian tree pissing forum.
Replies: >>3931
Bumping this thread just to ask if you can get rid of that fucking soyjak faggot
Replies: >>3870
/b/ is kill, cancer won, let it go.
Replies: >>3871
What if I don't want to?
That TOR posting can have different IDs, retard.
Welp, looks like the shite dick spammer is back.

Thanks for nothing Sturgeon. You truly are an incompetent faggot, just like ((( alex ))).
tor called
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