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The long awaited server migration is finally ready, I will outline the details here.

What's happening?
I am moving zzzchan to a new application server. This new server is better, cheaper, and has a 100% working jschan installation ready to go.

What has to be done?
I will have to take the site down for a bit in order to rsync files and a mongo backup into the new server. These will slot right in once the transfer is done. From there all I need to do is edit the site's DNS. I don't expect this process to take more than hour if everything goes well. The .onion service will be dormant through the whole process and switched over after the clearnet site is confirmed working on the new server. 

When is this happening?
Current date is this tuesday evening but I've been sick since saturday. Watch the global announcements for any delays.

What if something goes wrong?
The current, soon to be old appserver will be at the ready to switch back to. Again global announcements will be used to announce if I have to switch back. I only see potential issues with updating DNS but thats only because its the only untested part of the process

What's changing with the switch?
A multitude of broken features will become functional, including:
- Live posting, even over TOR
- Tegaki 
- All the other frontend scripts that have not been working.

The site's nginx configs have also been reworked completely for the new server, as has the backup process. We will be even more nuke resistant than before!
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Replies: >>4360 >>4362
Cautiously optimistic about this migration. I hope you get everything working, man.
Replies: >>4362
>>4355 (OP) 
Sauce on image?
Replies: >>4359
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Nevermind, I found it. I think it's a manga called "Crimsons".
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Understandable, i'm also afraid, these things rarely end well.
Replies: >>4362
fix the ban message faggot so i can finally stop e-vading on /v/ (if i get banned again)
this piece of shit only displays an [X] box without the actual details itself
also fuck lute what a hypocrite sorry for the politely saged abrasive comment
I've already done 99% of the process behind the scenes. Me, pasta, seagull and rapeman have been testing it over a different .onion for some time now.

Crimsons is great you should all go read it.

As I said if something goes wrong I can immediately switch back to the current appserver. There's zero risk here.
>>4355 (OP) 
Godspeed, fish.
>broken features will become functional
Does this mean you can finally fix the regex in the markup so two apostrophes are italics and three apostrophes are bold, freeing ++ from accidentally bolding things?
I was the one who suggested that change and it didn't occur to me at all that discussing C plus plus and comparing it to other programming languages would run afoul of the formatting, so I feel kind of guilty about it.
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>>4355 (OP) 
Is that an optional feature?
And will AV1 webm parsing finally work like it did back in the early days?
Replies: >>4365
Markup rules will be default on the new serb until the migration is done, then I'll update them

Yes live posting is optional.
Replies: >>4372
you wont
>>4355 (OP) 
>We will be even more nuke resistant than before!
Were there any previous instances of being nuked before?
The migration is going to fail and Zzzchan will never be accessible ever again.
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Please do not make liveposting available, it is a cancer. This is what happens when your imageboard has liveposting: https://shamik.ooo/ftb/

Look at this shit and tell me this is what you want zzzchan to become.
Replies: >>4373 >>4374
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Fuck off with your moralism, I'm looking forward to it. It might bring some new life to this place.
What the fuck is liveposting even?
Replies: >>4375
anon post thing it thing instantly appears on your screen like instant messaging because it's constantly polling instead of doing so every set amount of seconds
>no onyo
>muh js mobileposting (for /digi/?)
can't make this shit up
Replies: >>4383
mp3 uploads don't work anymore, the update broke them
it just says internal server error
so country flags work and webring is gone?

too green
>install webring script and make sure it fucking works
>make post formatting match vichan instead of being discord shit
>make audio uploads not fucking break due to missing thumbnails
>disable local time and relative time by default because it will only empower the "original 8chan thread" nigger
Replies: >>4402
This live posts feature is uber shit. If the connection is interrupted for any reason, it just goes into a "Error connecting" state and stays there. The old behavior was just to retry updating until it finally succeeded. I don't want to check all 30 open tabs every five minutes to check whether there are really no new posts or just this thing shat itself again and I have to press F5 to get updates.
Replies: >>4419
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>>4355 (OP) 
>application server
It should be fixed in 0.11.0
Now I only have to wait 5 years until sturgeon updates his site again...
Captcha got worse after the update.
Before it was reasonably effortlessly solvable on the first try unless you got a very offset row or a very distorted chess.
Now for each chess figure you might as well guess if it's filled or not, especially for queens and bishops.
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>>4355 (OP) 
When will you use this DDOS protection script instead of cuckflare? https://github.com/C0nw0nk/Nginx-Lua-Anti-DDoS
Hey admin, I'm thinking of migrating to jschan and want to know what your thoughts on it are. (I can't test it out on my tiny server because of a dependency not supporting the hardware)
Especially things like administration and moderation tool. What is good, and what is missing?
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