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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

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This thread is for handling boards from other sites that wish to migrate here/have been orphaned if public thread creation is locked on /meta/. If public thread creation is open you are free to make a dedicated thread here, otherwise I will make one for you.

The rules for migration are : 
- All Migrating/orphaned boards will be considered outside of the application cycle and should contact me at the same email address listed below.
- I will require proof that you are/were the BO/mod of the original board, or that the moderation team for the board in question has fallen apart.
- You must agree to follow all global rules for this site.
- You must agree to actively moderate the new board.
- If accepted, you must notify anons on the old board if it still exists. I do not mind If zzzchan is used as a bunker, the new board will be unlisted in this type of scenario and will not be announced until ready.

Feel free to ping me at [email protected] in case of a happening. I'll come right here.
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Anyone know where /jenny/ went?
[Hide] (66.9KB, 500x357)
In case this shit goes tits up while I'm asleep, drop a line on the vbunker cytube, will ya?
I really like this place, I don't want to lose you anons again.
Replies: >>657
[Hide] (477KB, 600x600)
I have both your cytube channels bookmarked, fret not.
From the looks of it /animu/ over at PLW has been completely abandoned by the BO and some butthurt retard keeps trying to kill it and it looks like he's succeeding, could we potentially set up an /animu/ bunker here or is /animu/ just fucked completely?
Replies: >>854 >>856
I'd like an anime board here, at the same time I'm afraid the BO would be a massive ultrafag just looking for attention, I like the BOless situation of /animu/ better not gonna lie
Replies: >>855
A loleron type BO would be alright. The current situation is bullshit though I'm gonna have to say your opinion on that is dumb, there's one guy shitting the whole board up because he has a grudge against vtubers or some shit, which is understandable but why fuck the whole board like a toddler over it?
Replies: >>879
You could try bitching at lolreron at his streams until he does something.
Lolreron might as well have handed the board to dead man.
Replies: >>879
loleron is still in charge. He pretends he isn't by not responding to anything.

The meta thread had different anons all opposed to vtubers. They are 3DPD and any tolerance for them is going to bring in twitchtards. The new hot pockets is deleting posts from meta disagreeing with him and destroying the board. Over moderation is worse than no moderation
Replies: >>880
>They are 3DPD and any tolerance for them is going to bring in twitchtards. The new hot pockets is deleting posts from meta disagreeing with him and destroying the board. Over moderation is worse than no moderation
Like what?
I don't see any bans and the posting speed is exactly the same as before, nor do I see any deleted shit besides old spam.
Is this D&C shit?
Replies: >>881
He deleted posts saying vtubers were just twitch thots. I saw 3 posts which disappeared an hour later in meta.
Replies: >>882
[Hide] (101.6KB, 1267x318)
Maybe you should have considered not spamming 3DPD whores all over the board then. 

There's plenty of posts still up criticizing and calling out Vtubers on the meta thread.
Replies: >>883 >>884
I'm not the spammer but nice of you to admit to deleting on topic posts because you don't like the user making them. Acting like a kike from day one
Replies: >>884 >>885
Missed something
>Thee posts were deleted by AniMark
>Spam was already cleared up so it couldn't have been the spammer
>Animark deleted random anon posts out of paranoia

Dead board incoming. Witch hunts have began.
Replies: >>885
[Hide] (158.2KB, 806x695)
>Implying I'm the mod
I'm just glad there's someone cleaning up the spam in a timely manner rather than letting it fester for days on end and I have not seen his influence outside the meta thread.

It is suspicious is that  a day in after cleaning up spam and related posts and he's already called as  "Mark-tier" here and in the stream and someone that will kill the board. The only posts I saw being deleted in the meta thread so far was a disruptive post of a 3DPD whore making an ahegao face and the obnoxious /tv/ faggot justifying it.
Have you considered actually talking about anime,manga or japanese culture/media?
Replies: >>886
Does /tv/ live rent free in your head? Is that what you see when you forget to take your lithium?
Replies: >>887
[Hide] (186.7KB, 708x418)
>Recognizing posting patterns,behavior and dialect is paranoia
If you were actually a worthwhile poster you'd know the meta--thread and a deleted post or two are not the end-all be-all for a board.

If /animu/ is going to die it's not going to be from a single bad mod misfiring on occasion, it's going to be from cosntant moves,a dry well of discussion from multiple bad seasons, unopposed bad actors and  administration that does is not consistent nor communicate and centralizing all discussion to two or three threads.

I wish this election ending will stop the faggotry from leaking everywhere without a faggot BO with a stick up his ass.
Replies: >>889
[Hide] (427.2KB, 890x1200)
Claiming these digits for a great man.
Replies: >>893
One bad mod kills plenty of boards. It's what killed julay entirely.
Replies: >>894
[Hide] (800.6KB, 250x195)
[Hide] (172KB, 1500x1000)
Hanging foreskin was not a mod, he was global staff along with other fags with a far more malevolent purpose and Julay died from their dishonesty and them effectively enforcing the same shit people left/didn't go to 8kun for.
Is there an /auto/ board or something like that in the webring ?
Replies: >>968
/auto/ as in /o/, cars? I just searched for it and it doesn't look like there is one.
>>138 (OP) 
Is anon cafe down for everyone?
clearnet and onion is down for me
PLW's certificate expired again
Same here
Here we go again.
>zzzchan is down
>check cytube bunker to see if anybody dropped a line
>cytube is DDOSed
so what/who was it this time?
Replies: >>2040
[Hide] (10.1KB, 800x102)
I wonder too but considering something was merged just yesterday it probably just broke on update. Sometimes NPM needs a little push after all.
Replies: >>2041
Sturgeon doesn't update JSchan often and he tends to announce updates whenever he does them.
There were issues with the proxy hosts again https://freespeechextremist.com/Sturgeonfish
[Hide] (540.9KB, 949x711)
Did anon.cafe die again?
Replies: >>2135 >>2136 >>2139
I can't reach the site. Haven't been there for many months, how were they doing?
probably just down for maintenance
I know the Cafe is down, but should it completely disappear from the Webring listing?
Replies: >>2138
Yes, that's normal.
Has it ever been down this long? Might be dead for good.
also what is this stupid captcha? let me post
Replies: >>2141 >>2191
just like solve the captcha bro
(you) are the only who has trouble with the captcha, bro..
Since /fascist/ is dying I think now is no better time for a /pol/ on here. I don't think it will fare quite as well as your other hit board ideas, such as /a/, /tg/, /vhs/, /tech/, /x/, and maybe /fit/, but hey maybe it will at least get some users! By the way I really must congratulate you on /a/'s addition, I think it was a wonderful idea and is really paying dividends.
Replies: >>2199 >>2200 >>2202
Activity is a bad metric of success. A /pol/ board would be active and a complete failure as it would attract cancer and ruin the site.
Replies: >>2220
are you the guy that requested it?
Replies: >>2220
>Every board needs to have /v/ level of userbase
Replies: >>2220
>wanting the admin of an anonymous imageboard to give up identifiable information about himself
Fuck off retard. I'd rather have /fascist/ here than a generalized /pol/ but admins and BO's should be as anonymous and irrelevant as possible. The biggest crime against anonymous imageboards was them being ran by retarded identifiable e-celebs are this tradition needs to be fucking shattered.

You retards were willing to have a bunker on one of the most pozzed sites in the webring, blacked.moe. Literally everything pales in comparison to that so I don't even know why you feel compelled to ask such retarded questions.
Replies: >>2214
Seeing the level of hostility so far, I decided to remove personal info and repost from the Tor endpoint. I must say I am a bit concerned that I had to enable Javascript to do so. It smells a bit like a honeypot.

Given that /fascist/ is considering migrating here, some questions for the admin to gauge compatibility:

1. Do you believe in Christianity or any other Abrahamic religion? Alternately, are you an atheist or satanist?
2. Do you think Brenton Tarrant and his imitators' actions were good or bad for the white race? Would you praise or condemn them?
3. Are you white?

The admin has access to user IPs; users are not anonymous to him. Many users advocate exterminating nonwhites (at least from white countries, but some say globally) and eliminating the Christian religion. A nonwhite or Christian admin would be likely to betray the posters on /fascist/ out of self-interest or to protect his Jewish religion.
Replies: >>2215 >>2218
> I must say I am a bit concerned that I had to enable Javascript to do so. It smells a bit like a honeypot.
You don't have to enable niggerscript to post retard. I'm doing it right now without JS.
>The admin has access to user IPs
Your privacy and anonymity are a personal responsibility. The admin has access to the information you choose to expose. In a perfect world this wouldn't be possible, but that's how how websites function.
>Many users advocate exterminating nonwhites (at least from white countries, but some say globally) and eliminating the Christian religion. A nonwhite or Christian admin would be likely to betray the posters on /fascist/ out of self-interest or to protect his Jewish religion.
You can make your intentions and board culture clear without needing to harvest unique information from the admin about his personal beliefs. He can then decide if he's comfortable with hosting a board with those ideals.
Replies: >>2216
I see now how to post with Javascript disabled. However, it is not something that an ordinary user of Tor Browser would easily figure out. Nor should they; the nontypical settings would help identify them.
Replies: >>2217
What the fuck are you even talking about? You literally just post how you post normally. There's virtually zero difference between posting with or without JS. The only difference is that you lose the ability to move the reply box around and automatic post quoting.
Fuck it I'll bite

>1. Do you believe in Christianity or any other Abrahamic religion? Alternately, are you an atheist or satanist?
I'm atheist but I will acknowledge a good idea when I see one. Best way I have to I've come up with to descibe my views is hardcore objectavist. There are tangible, quantifiable societal benefits to many of the values espoused in the bible but the average christian is far too tolerant of the varied cancers tearing the societies they built apart. Doesn't help that one of the largest sects is defacto a global pedo support network. Satanists are edgy faggots without exception, and I'll take all the christcucks in the world before any mudshits or (((reptillians))).
tl;dr its not all bad but I'll believe in a god when I see him.

>2. Do you think Brenton Tarrant and his imitators' actions were good or bad for the white race? Would you praise or condemn them?
I am required to preface this by saying I don't advocate for violence, ever. 
There were copycats? Ultimately tarrant just wasn't in a country where he could do anything substantial. He did bag a few mudshits linked to terror cells, and the attempted gun grab by NZ feds was an utter failure which is a pretty big hit to their authority in that regard. That said, ~60 kills does not change anything in the grand scheme regardless of who dies. If any group was going to fight their way out of the hole whites find themselves in you'd need an army of tarrants, one incident only allows (((them))) to crack down harder. 

3. Are you white?

With regards to how I personally align with the views on /facist/, I mostly don't. That's not the point either, zzzchan was never meant to be catered to my views.
Replies: >>2219 >>2220
krikey, are you drunk?
[Hide] (2.6MB, 2400x990)
Hopefully you don't mean the /v/ here which struggles to get double digit PPH. I think a smug/a/ anon put it best - Too little PPH and you get a dead board nobody visits or cares about. Too much PPH and you get cuckchan. Find the sweet spot. I'd say smug/a/ found their sweet spot but it's mostly shitposting in their circlejerk cafe threads, much like what 8moe/v/ has with their gamergate threads. Everybody likes talking about politics so I think a /pol/ would be successful. 

I am one of the guys that requested it, yes. 

Just as long as you don't become the board owner of this place's /pol/, s'all good with me dawg.
Replies: >>2221 >>2223
Neither /a/ nor cake/v/ have found any such thing as a "sweet spot". They just have inflated PPH because they have circlejerk threads whereas z/v/ doesn't. Obviously no one thinks that single digit PPH is sustainable or ideal.
Replies: >>2222
Eden might. And also check em
Replies: >>2223
[Hide] (889.1KB, 1050x903)
H I  E D E N 
>>2222 (checked)
>your board's pph is too low therefore it's shit
t. Eden
>my board has lower pph therefore more quality meaning it's obviously superior
t. also Eden
Replies: >>2224
Pointing out my posts doesn’t disqualify my argument. Plus you didn’t even get my argument right in your strawmanning greentext. A board with too low a PPH isnt necessarily shit, but if nobody posts in it then either the BO is doing something wrong, the webring/website is already saturated with that kind of board, or nobody knows it exists/cares it exists.
Replies: >>2226 >>2227
[Hide] (125.6KB, 500x562)
>it's actually him
I gotta say I was skeptical at first when it said "100% guarantee" but damn anon kept his word
>A board with too low a PPH isnt necessarily shit, but if nobody posts in it then either the BO is doing something wrong
Ok, Eden, we get it
>if my board has low pph there's nothing wrong with that and doesn't mean it's shit
>if your board has has low pph it means you're doing something wrong and it's shit
You can stop embarrassing yourself now. I wish you would stop embarrassing yourself.
Is anyone else getting a 503 error from plw?
Replies: >>2282 >>2288 >>2292
What's the plw domain? I know the site has gone down the past because the admin doesn't maintain it very well, but it usually comes back up.
Replies: >>2283
prolikewoah com/geimu
You have to have a board name in the url.
Replies: >>2284
>You have to have a board name in the url.
Yeah I already knew that. I'm getting a 503 error as well.
Replies: >>2285
Alright, I'll keep the /hgg/ bunker unlocked until PLW is back to test the board functions out I guess.
[Hide] (271.6KB, 460x524)
>503 error from plw?
[Hide] (11.6KB, 393x149)
Replies: >>2293 >>2295
[Hide] (55.1KB, 400x360)
Wait what? If the go away page is working, that means the server is still working.

I imagine that the go away page is an exception in nginx, and other pages return 503 because Lynxchan is fucked for one reason or another. That means it's not impossible that the content is gone.
Replies: >>2294 >>2752
>That means it's not impossible that the content is gone.
For future reference you can backup boards and their content with this
And you could perhaps even get them restored on blacked.moe, if one was inclined.
[Hide] (63.4KB, 727x660)
>plw dead
yes! now zzz/v/ will absorb the additional 5 ppd and 10 users! prepare for eden sperging hard for a trillion years.
Replies: >>2296 >>2752
Eden seems to be mostly just silly, not the kind to sperg in any malicious way. I won't revel in instability for any site.

Do reindeer not have teeth?
Replies: >>2297
[Hide] (201.4KB, 346x479)
>Do reindeer not have teeth?
Replies: >>2298 >>2299
Hmm, I see. Would this make them optimal animals for blowjobs?
Skeletons are all so happy. Is there any skeleton that looks sad or angry? They all seem to have big smiles, haha!
Replies: >>2300
[Hide] (106.1KB, 630x748)
I'd be happy too if I was finally released from the suffering of life,
When will you actively try to boycott 8chan Sturgeon or do you not give a shit?
Replies: >>2381 >>2383
This sites existence is literally a boycott of 8chan.
Replies: >>2382
Then why does this site still list 8chan in the board list and sync gamenight with 8chan?
Never, sturgeon loves 8chan and acid.
[Hide] (745.6KB, 1879x1494)
Every webring site needs to block kikechan from accessing their webring.json right now or you will get buried under a mountain of glowniggers and normalfags.
[Hide] (96.4KB, 1242x1184)
>>138 (OP) 
Hello friends.

I have no personal beef with 8chan or Mark, but I'd like it if you could consider temporarily dropping (and getting yourselves dropped) from  8chan's links on the webring.

The reason being that Mark, 8/v/'s moderator, has been interviewed by HBO for an upcoming Cringementary about Qanon and left links to the new 8chan domain (not 8kun) in his bio as well as possibly parts of the interview itself. I'd prefer if the webring avoided the fallout from the swarm of journalists, triple letter agents and cuckchanners just because of one fatso's oopsies.

Proof: https://8chan.moe/v/res/259671.html#q260047



However, understand that I don't believe that the actual 8chan owners (Acidman, codex) had anything to do with it, so consider it as a precautionary measure.
The end of April should be a good enough deadline.
Replies: >>2403
WHAT THE FUCK? What the fuck did that fucking retard do? God fucking shit I'm going to kill that motherfucker. How can anyone in the fucking world can endure that fucking retard for so long? God damn it over and over and over again this stupid motherfucker keeps being a nuisance to us and you dumb motherfuckers keep spoiling him like the stupid fucking whitoids you are. I want to kill that motherfucking jew fuck. Kill the clearnet url now we gotta go into hiding mode now or it will be too late.
We need to grilll the fat jew on what exactly was said in the interview.
Replies: >>2408
He was already asked if he mentioned 8chan.moe and his answer was "I don't remember". So you aren't going to get much about what he actually said until it's released so he can lie about what he actually said once he knows what they put out there for us to see.
Replies: >>2415
He's being evasive but whatever he's said, the documentary shows his twitter handle, which contains 8chan.se which is one of the 8ch.moe handles. He's given away their site to the press and indirectly these as well.
Replies: >>2416
>the documentary shows his twitter handle
Where in the trailer is that?
Replies: >>2475
it's not there, he's just lying
[Hide] (58.5KB, 640x640)
Hello. And Bye.
Hello. And Bye.
PLW seems to be down again.
Replies: >>2765
>prokikewoah goes down
>no semblance of bump in activity minus /hgg/ appearing
wow it's almost like, it's almost like all the people that browse there already browse here and there's a 100% overlap of users and it makes no sense to have two sites. almost!
Replies: >>2766 >>2995
>PLW goes down
>zzzchan still fine
>zzzchan goes down
>PLW still fine
One day you'll understand the point of decentralization.
Why cant user allowed to post image without uploading image. For instance, just fetch the image from the server itself should save a lot of effort rather than uploading an image file.
>wow, dumb faggot doesn't understand the point of not having 1 site that can be taken down for good
just go back to cuckchan for that ebin PPH
>>138 (OP) 
What's the name of the song in the the webm?
Replies: >>3353
Lisa The Painful - Summer Love
Replies: >>3357
[Hide] (16.8KB, 255x255)
Replies: >>3389
[Hide] (21.9MB, 1280x720, 03:18)
[Hide] (31.6KB, 300x100)
>>138 (OP) 
Ciao, Sleepyfrens,
I've been asked by some of my users if it would be possible to have a bunker for /ita/, possibly moving here at some point. Would it be possible to do something about it? Unless it just puts an unnecessary load onto the infrastructure, of course.
Replies: >>3433 >>3453
don't you medkikes already have bunkers on every other webring board and non including BLACKED.gov? why do you need yet another one exactly? also isn't your board dead? also isn't jewlay stable, why are you looking for a bunker? fucking slimy cunts I swear
Replies: >>3434
>don't you medkikes already have bunkers on every other webring board and non including BLACKED.gov? 
nah, they're all dead or on unusable sites, 8chan's the only bunker still alive
>why do you need yet another one exactly?
users asked for it
>also isn't your board dead? 
so and so
occasionally there's burst of activity then it dies down until the next big one
Replies: >>3439
[Hide] (287.5KB, 467x508)
When will /b/ mod clean the tranny rambling? The board is completely unusable at this point because of it alone. Its typing pattern is not that hard to figure out, since obviously he's desperate for attention and trying to stand out. The entire first page consists of only his post, so do your job for once.
>they're all dead
rita.null too?
Replies: >>3440
Spoiler File
(268.6KB, 688x688)
Regrettably, yes. The resident anon who was hosting that and the /ara/ bunker didn't get enough traffic over there and it was eating into his finances so he had to pull the plug. At least he let us download everything for a month before closing it.
There is no point in a migration, let alone a bunker, because there's no community left.
Should have banned andicappino when you had the chance, coglione.
Replies: >>3455
Scusa, diversamente da altri moderatori non rimuovo affissioni di utenti che hanno opinioni diverse dalle mie. Se non ti piace come opero, sei libero di affiggere altrove.
Replies: >>3456 >>3462 >>3477
[Hide] (37.6KB, 436x399)
>i-io s-sono per la libertà di parola n-non come gli altri!!!
>ogni filone, anche quelli che palesemente non c'entrano un cazzo, diventa una schizofrenia di
>obrobri da faccialibro
>ammazzati andicappino
>passa la voglia a tutti e non scrive più un cane

sasuga, testa di cazzo
Replies: >>3457 >>3462
[Hide] (188.8KB, 566x401)
Per gli schizzati basta fare pittura correlata, e come per magia il faccialibrese se ne va via. 
Inevitabilmente un gruppo o sottogruppo di persone si romperà il cazzo che un altro gruppo non venga bandito/moderato, ma le strade sono o quella di diventare l'ennesimo "channe italiano" con le stesse problematiche di un Diochan a caso, solo magari più di destra che di sinistra, o ingaggiare più moderatori e sperare che si comportino bene (ma su di una sezione con max una ventina di latitanti non penso sia fattibile senza farla diventare un circolo masturbatorio). E a me non piace nessuna delle due, onestamente.
Replies: >>3462 >>3477
[Hide] (20.4KB, 300x300)
I don't speak your disgusting dog-language, but it's nice to see there is unrest and distrust even in your ranks, Italianos.
Replies: >>3466
We specialize in backstabbing and two timing, many thanks for that. Drives up the PPH.
>dude, off-topic spam is totally a free speech issue!
>dude, just filter the spam yourself, for free!
>dude, id hopping is totally hard!
And this is why you failed: there are more /ita/ threads on 4/v/ than on your board and they are somehow of higher quality, it's frankly pathetic.
Replies: >>3479
Then what the hell do you want me to do, exactly? I had set up the meta thread to encourage people to come up with sensible rules and it just became a designated shitting street. 
I cannot even add moderators or block TORspam on Julay, why exactly do you think I tried to move it onto blacked.moe?
Replies: >>3484
>can't add moderators
Should have locked the section ASAP and pin a link to whatever vaguely usable alternative you could set up.
Hindsight is 20/20, of course.
Replies: >>3486
Well, that is why I tried to move to Blacked dot moe in the first place, I should have probably been more drastic instead of giving people a choice in the first place
Sadly I went through all the trouble of finding a way to force a manual account creation for the other mods and they haven't shown up since
>>138 (OP) 
is anon.cafe down?
Replies: >>3545 >>3546
Both them and 16chan when I went to see what was going on. Anon.cafe reported 502 errors over the course of the day on the main link, side-link, and tor node. On their third link I got a "DNS Probe" error and it also wouldn't connect. Don't know if 16chan has fallbacks or not.
Replies: >>3549
yeah its down for me too
hopefully there back up soon
Replies: >>3549
seems to be down again
Has /fascist/ banned Tor already? Why is zzz hosting them if it's just going to be a circlejerk of outsiders.
Replies: >>4188
No, I haven't banned Tor, I don't even know how to do that yet, I probably banned an instance you shared with a faggot, no idea how to tell naked Ip surfers apart from Tor users, change your identity in the browser and try again, if that fails idk what to tell you. I only banned one guy.
Replies: >>4189
you banned tor bro
Replies: >>4190
No, it appears that issue is on the site sode i banned two people one a lowquality shit stirrer and another a faggot who threw up a thread with unspoilered gay porn of indians that somehow stopped all Tor posters from posting. And I also can't seem to post gere in this thread from Tor due a captcha expired error for every captcha
Replies: >>4197
Why do discord niggers use the webring as a dumping ground? Some boards advertise trannycord servers in pinned threads and the rest just spam more political shit than a mainstream news outlet.
[Hide] (86.9KB, 580x580)
Hello, BO of >>>/digi/ here.
Just wanted to thank you for taking us in, really enjoying the site so far.
You mentioned something about an announcement a day or two ago, feel free to do so when you please. 
The board is actively running as of now.
Replies: >>4213 >>4236 >>4299
I expected you to email me or something, I'll make the announcement now.
Hey are you still close friends with silvia, the pedophile?
[Hide] (1.5MB, 600x338)
[Hide] (19.5MB, 640x360, 04:11)
Why does Carp keep deleting my posts? I just want to recommend a game in the indie thread. You guys need to kick this mod out asap. Below is the content of my post.

Why did you keep deleting my post though? I just want to recommend a game. Carp you need to fuck right off, you aren't fit to be a mod.

Replies: >>4262 >>4268 >>4328
You should not be so disingenuous, you were reported as spam on multiple threads and you kept reposting the same shit everytime after being deleted.
Replies: >>4263
The what? I only post in the webm thread, then repost in the indie thread(because i felt like it deserved to be in a different thread). There was no spam, only two of them. Of course I would be pissed if my GENUINE post kept getting deleted for supposedly "spam". This has never happened before, only after Carp was used as a mod. This fucker needs to go now, power tripping piece of shit.
Replies: >>4264 >>4265
Don't spam the board so you won't get reported, it would also help not putting a fucking link on your post.
Replies: >>4266
yeah this fucking nigger is by far the single most retarded of the bunch, he even deleted meta posts calling him out for banning tor and IP wiping all tor posts on /v/ in the fucking meta thread of all places before. I hope he gets removed soon because he's been twice as bad as seagull up to this point
[Hide] (1.8MB, 3840x4800)
Motherfucker you need to kill yourself asap. 
>Don't spam the board
I'm supposed to beg and moan for your permission to post actual content? Fuck off retard. Just delete the post in the webm thread, leave the one in indieshit thread alone.
>not putting a fucking link on your post.
So you want people to go out of their way to search for a game, a very obscure game that might as well not exist on search engines? It's a fucking gamejolt link moron, not a link to discord child fuckers.
Replies: >>4267 >>4293
You've been warned, do as you wish.
because your spam is annoying and your game is shit
If the captcha changes before the post goes through, should I input the first or the last one?
You probably won't read this but I understand your frustrations. I saw both of your posts in the webm/mp4 and indiepshit thread before they got deleted. Reposting just a single time in another relevant thread and then getting both posts reported as "spam" would make me upset too.
The autist discord clique running this haunt uses intentionally miscontrued global rules to b& anything they get upset about while allowing traced 2d loli.
Why the fuck is this on the site?
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My post may well get trashed but I'll risk it
/digi/'s board owner johnhandcock goes also by the name "Silvia" and was a board owner of the /b/ on 8chan briefly before getting ousted by Acid/Codex as the guy inciting, if not directly posting, cp. It only makes sense they're up to their old tricks again here. Unlike 8chan, zzzchan has very very few users so legal trouble is extremely unlikely unless someone "snitches" on the operation. The admins sure as hell don't seem to care. If you want more info on the /digi/ clique I'm sure you could ask Codex directly, he has a whole dossier on them and their posting history proving their wrongdoing.
Replies: >>4303 >>4308
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Go ahead and ask Codexx, he can easily vouch for you being full of shit.
I double dare you, nigger.
Go ahead, ask Codexx. YOu are just butthurt because you got banned for shitting up the board telling others how to buy drugs online.
commit suicide
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Hello, the evil moderators will certainly try to silence me for these unforgivable truths for the information I bring you is most sensitive and I need to artificially create an sense of urgency. 

Person X is bad because person X has done Y nefarious things and much, much more. I will not source my claims or provide evidence to corroborate any of them, instead I urge you to verify them yourself, elsewhere, by asking someone else other than me but still believe everything I say regardless of this minor insignificant clause. I hereby insist, with no proof still, that all I affirm is true and that you should trust me. 

You should be warned that, dare you attack my most truthful claims filled with true truths, I shall call you names and say you are affiliated with person X (whom is very bad) in order to discredit your positions.
Replies: >>4310
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I do not believe John is Silvia; we were investigating some similarities and asking around, but we've had users vouch for knowing john going back 2+ years, and the evidence for a link was circumstantial.
I don't have a dossier on anybody, but am happy to answer questions about users I have had contact with in the past. The best place to do so is to reach out to me directly via e-mail or IRC. I was going to attach GPG keys but this site does not allow text files; you can find them on 8chan.
Replies: >>4309 >>4329
my question to you is, why are you friends with a two fed informants, one of which a literal (tl note: literal means literal) kike and a literal niggerlover?
Hello, brave anon. I say, you are most courageous to have spoken out against the nefarious moderators and Person X, whom, as you have stated prior is a very bad person filled with nothing but malice and contempt for our homeland as a whole, your gospels of truth appears to have struck a cord with the perfidious Person X.
I am here today to back up your very plausible words that Person X has committed the atrocities that is Y.
You see anon, you already have cultists of Person X attacking you for speaking out against Person X's agenda. I have no doubt in my mind that these "people" may actually be none other than the wicked Person X samefagging and trying to give off the appearance that he has supporters but alas, he has none and he knows it. Why Person X continues to commit Y is for reasons that still perplex the vast majority of this site. I am hopeful that you will remain resilient and finally banish this jackal from our beloved site and be rid of him once and for all.
>we've had users vouch for knowing john going back 2+ years
What the fuck does that have to do with the question?
Replies: >>4312
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that every single point of that sourceless accusation is now verifiable as false. Just maybe.
>John is BO of /digi/
<Anyone with a fraction of a functioning brain knows this isn't true, all it takes is looking at the board and a completely different person actively posts with the Board Owner capcode, not John
>John is Silvia, my basis for believing this is Codexx accuses him of being Silvia
<Codexx says John is not Silvia
>zzzchan is a hub for illegal activity and the admins don't care, the only way this could be a problem is if someone, to quote, "snitches on the operation"
<This site is not an operation for illegal activity and illegal shit gets deleted and banned here all the time, this point is blatant false flagging to try to get this site shut down
>Codexx has a dossier on the people who post on /digi/ about how they do bad things, I'm not going to bother specifying what those bad things are, but just trust me, they do bad shit and Codexx has a dossier about it
<Codexx says this is untrue and no such dossier exists
Obligatory: end your life.
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I can see I have an impersonator here. You can come to the IRC or email me (newfags hover over my name) and I'll tell you the truth - that is, the proof we have regarding John's appellation of "Silvia". In truth I know not why someone is going around pretending to be me to such an extent and spreading disinformation around, but I presume it is due to ((( someone's ))) pent up anger after having been kicked out of 8chan's global moderation team. 

In any case, come to the IRC and I will show you the proof zzzchan is harboring pedophiles (hopefully unwittingly). 

You're responding to a bad actor, my sub-70 IQ friend.
Replies: >>4315 >>4316 >>4329
Verify your alleged identity.
Replies: >>4322
zzzchan is not a secret cabal for hosting illegal content. Not even Acid or Codexx believes it is. Your false flagging is obvious. D&C harder herdnigger. Or better yet, put a shotgun in your mouth and pull the trigger on livestream.
Email him that is his legit email address, not sure why, btw Codexx if you are still here, go ahead and email me your supposed proof. 
Replies: >>4329
I know I'm late, but I remember the posts you made.
>post a link with a webm and some Downs-Syndrome anime gif
>no content, no context, no potential for discussion, nothing
>an EXACT copy of this post appears in another thread
<b-b-b-b-buh why did you deleeeeet me?????
You literally looked like a bot, which is why I reported your posts.  If you'd put a smidgen of effort in and actually said something about the game you wanted to share (and/or said "reposting from the webm thread since it's more relevant here . . .") then I wouldn't have cared.  It's not complicated.
You fucking retard, this is >>4308 Codexx, this other post >>4314 is just some faggot stirring up shit pretending to be him.
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Just wanted to say FUCK ni/gg/ers, DELETE all ni/gg/ers, and LAUGH and MOCK all ni/gg/ers relentlessly when you see them
Replies: >>4337
I agree
t. someone who makes fun of ni/gg/ers but still crossposts on 8chan because it's the only webring site that isn't a ghost town 90% of the day
Whatever happened to >>>/av/?
Replies: >>4342
They went to Markchan
Replies: >>4343
*went back
Yeah, I saw that there were two different Codexx posters, moron, which is why I said to email him, as both used the same address which was real would very quickly become apparent as soon as the poster I was talking to, did so.
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I've been browsing the thread about anon.cafe's demise on /shelter/ and ((( someone ))) claimed that not only are Tor and VPNS banned sitewide but have been for as long as over a year. Now I know this isn't true because as I've already said many times in the past, I exclusively use the .onion and I'm using it to make this post right now, however I would still like the admins and mods or whatever to make some kind of official statement regarding the status of onion posting through tor in order to shut these ((( well intentioned anons ))) spreading bullshit rumors once and for all. Following, an easy list of bullet point questions
>is Tor currently disabled/banned sitewide?
>are VPNS disabled/banned sitewide?
>were either or both of those ever disabled/banned sitewide?
>are either or both of those disabled/banned by any of the boards here?
>are there any restrictions for posting through Tor or VPNs, like having to complete a captcha each post or not being able to post images?
Thank you for your attention.
Replies: >>4573
>is Tor currently disabled/banned sitewide?
No, TOR is enabled sitewide. It has been temporarily disabled in the past but we don't need to do this anymore.TOR posters now get unique IDs per-session which makes cleanup easy on our end without sacrificing privacy. 

>are VPNS disabled/banned sitewide?
Not explicitly, but they aren't given special treatment either. If someone abuses a VPN with enough adjacent addresses then that VPN is going to be unusable for a while.
permabans aren't really effective these days so they are avoided

>were either or both of those ever disabled/banned sitewide?
Before TOR posters had unique IDs we did have to turn TOR off briefly a couple of times, yes. 

>are either or both of those disabled/banned by any of the boards here?
No boards ban any VPN explicitly. 2 boards ban TOR but that decision is left to the BOs. 

>are there any restrictions for posting through Tor or VPNs, like having to complete a captcha each post or not being able to post images?
We don't have the option for that. Captcha requirements can be set to the following per-board:
-All posts
-New threads
-All posts after a specified pph threshold

I could technically make TOR posters jump through extra hoops, get rate limited etc via my proxy config but the big issue with TOR in the past was that all posters shared an ID which made moderating them a nightmare. With that no longer being an issue there isn't much of a difference between TOR and some obscure VPN when it comes to bad actors posting illegal shit. Cleanup's a breeze and punishing anons who just use TOR is completely unnecessary.

If you have any other questions let me know.
Replies: >>4578

I can't access the onion version.
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Wasn't there a tool to export board from lynxchan over to jschan? How does it work?
I'm tempted to own an /icup/ board here on ZZZ seeing that anon.cafe is soon to croak.
Replies: >>4622
Apparently the guy is moving to Trashchan.
Replies: >>4638
If you want to talk to the guy
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