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I brought this issue up in the /v/ gamergate thread and was told to repost it here.  For reference, I'm >>>/v/26109.

To summarize, I wanted to know why minor shitposting was deleted in the gamergate thread even though other threads (like the first FPS general) had much more and much worse periods of shitposting/calling OP a faggot at the start.

The reply I got from Seagull (presumably; no capcode) was >>>/v/26199, which claimed that deleting bitching about the threads was not preferential treatment because these threads are allowed under the rules - even if the rules literally refer to them as "special" threads, and no other threads get scrubbed like that.  Yes, I'm aware that the rules put ""special"" in quotations, which somewhat diminishes the strength of the word, but the fact remains that they are exceptions to rules like "effortless threads will be met with ridicule."

Seagull said to take the issue up with the BO, so here we are.  I'm sure that the reply will be "stay mad faggot these threads are BASED and always allowed!" but I'm just going through the proper channels.

And before anyone tells me that this shouldn't come as a surprise, it's not the presence of gamergate threads that I'm specifically taking issue with (although I do maintain they are worthless and attract all kinds of non-vidya attention whores).  My point is that if the gamergate threads are allowed to exist, they should exist on their own merits.  If people want to spam dubs and shit them up - because there seems to be a tiny handful of people who actually post in them, many of whom are social media addicts and post elsewhere - then why shouldn't they?  The board doesn't have a major problem with people doing that in other threads, so I don't see what the problem is.  It's like a cultural immune response to a foreign object.
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stay mad faggot these threads are BASED and always allowed!
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Yes, hello.
> I wanted to know why minor shitposting was deleted in the gamergate thread 
An illustrious member of our highly-trained moderation team got a little excited and blew his load a tad bit too early. To prevent this from happening in the future, he's been instructed to keep his pants on at all times, and, additionally to that, he's being punished and won't be able to choose which flavor of hotpockets he gets to eat for a week.
>these threads are allowed under the rules
Yes, they are.
>even if the rules literally refer to them as "special" threads, and no other threads get scrubbed like that.
Refer to the first answer, goobergate threads don't and aren't supposed to get any snowflake treatment.
>I'm sure that the reply will be "stay mad faggot these threads are BASED and always allowed!" but I'm just going through the proper channels.
>>1290 Beat me to it.
> My point is that if the gamergate threads are allowed to exist, they should exist on their own merits.
Sure, that's been my point ever since fatchan. I vowed I would not specifically micromanage GG threads and that'd allow them as long as they kept discussion about the topic at hand, and so far that's worked just fine. Again, while a couple off shitposts that shouldn't bother anyone, won't be deleted, this does not imply everyone gets a pass to shit the thread up as they see fit, but that really applies to every thread not just the goobers.

tl;dr mistakes were made.

t. chief janitor of /v/
Last edited by alexander
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>>1289 (OP) 
>>>/z/478 has reached the 500 posts locking limit. Can we still NOT create a new WebM thread?
Replies: >>1294
There was a previous one locked, because the old one didn't reach post limit , report it to unlock it.
How do you make an issue aware on /meta/ if you can't talk about it outside of /meta/? Are you just supposed to hope people coincidentally lurk this board too or are already aware of the issue when they only lurk their own board?
Replies: >>1297 >>1298
> Are you just supposed to hope people coincidentally lurk this board too or are already aware of the issue when they only lurk their own board?
Not really a problem, everyone knows /meta/ exists, people probably check it from time to time for bug reporting and to keep track of board creation. And it's visible on the overboard anyway.
Replies: >>1300 >>1306
Unban meta threads on vee. They're good discussion even if you hate it.
Replies: >>1300
And overboard has a nice catalog view now too, which Sturgeon should have done a better job making people aware of.
You're a nigger even if you hate it, kill yourself faggot. Keep raping the metanigger posts seagull, you're doing gods work. Eventually the cake niggers will fuck off.
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Holy shit, can you undo the damage Mark did to your anus already? BUMPLOCKED meta threads, not showing up on the front page, font of discussion and shitposting are not QUALITY enough for you? Go the fuck back to julay 2.0.
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Cry more cakenigger. If what you claim is true no one will hear you anyways.
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Fine, I'll leave you in your hole. Mark already did more damage to you than I can ever hope to achieve. How can one jew make a man THIS hurt?
Gamergate threads these days are basically 4am threads, I don't really see their purpose anymore.
I think they'd be better served on a dedicated /news/ board, since generalized news threads on /v/ seem to always get shit up with nonsense. But the ones we've had in the past have been kept on-topic by mods so I don't really care all that much about them either way. It's only a band of cakechan newfags coming here thinking zzzchan gaymer gay threads have functioned the same as blacked.moe's gaymer gay threads, which is absolutely not the case at all. They all exposed themselves as cakeniggers who don't understand how meta threads or the GG threads here work and are now throwing a massive fucking tantrum when their posts get deleted.

Lurk more you stupid fucking cakeniggers.
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It just reminds me too much of 8ch /pol/.
Moderation became increasingly oppressive and biased and it turned into a complete echo chamber. They kept redirecting all criticism to /polmeta/ which was completely ignored making it impossible to rally anyone to force a change or get enough people to migrate, which is already hard enough even without being redirected to a containment board.
How are we any more safe from the same thing happening to a board here?
Replies: >>1307
They aren't allowed because they have a purpose, they're allowed because they're allowed because they were allowed on old 8chan because they weren't allowed on cuckchan.  Five or six years ago when the movement wasn't a total joke and/or a bogeyman for leftists, I'd be fine with it, but times have changed.  The thread on /v/ still lists "operation #NotYourShield" in the subject field, as though a fucking hashtag for attention whores actually means anything.  That particular subject was one of the major attack vectors that let normalfags and redditors co-opt gamergate and turn it into yet another toothless husk.

Even Seagull admits that normalfaggotry is part and parcel of the topic: >>>/v/26584.

>How are we any more safe from the same thing happening to a board here?
We're not literally being targeted by feds and other glowniggers like /pol/ was, for one thing.  For another, the fact this board is so much smaller (and is part of the webring) makes it more likely that people will roam, so to speak, and go /meta/ for one reason or another.  When the site first launched, people regularly posted on this board to report bugs and get dev updates; it may be one of those things that bears repeating whenever a new surge in users happens, but I don't think it's a bad practice.

Personally, I think the main reason people (read: /v/ users) are opposed to the idea is that it reminds them of /a/'s hyperautistic moderation methods, which is a legitimate concern.  However, the "problem" with /a/ isn't that it has a separate meta board for meta discussion: it's that the mods have carte blanche to ban users, delete posts, and remove images without providing any explanation why and that they have a hidden list of rules that nobody ever gets to see.  The fact /ameta/ is where most non-/a/ posters end up for making absolutely innocuous mistakes has soured people on the idea, I think.

Julay.world also had a similar setup, but that site was riddled with /cow/tards so the problems arose from them rather than the separation of board and board meta.
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>Even Seagull admits 
Sorry, that's a global volunteer, not Seagull.  Got my mods mixed up.
Replies: >>1309
highest role overrides lower capcodes
Pastanig please consider discontinuing the goober thread, the last one have barely any post in it and end up falling off the last page, so you and i know the one who currently shitposting on the new one are not from around here. Like the small news thread it prone to turn into /b/ discussion and since there is no clear line on what should or should not be allowed in there people just going to report base on their preference If actual news come along then a dedicated thread is better since it have a clear line on what the topic is. Shitposter whoever they are just gonna play wack a mole with your sleep schedule if the goober thread around, unless you and seabird can moderate it 24/7.
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The people shitting up the GG thread are probably doing it on purpose to make the thread itself unfashionable. Maybe Julay, stop falling for it.
Replies: >>1314
>ban everyone I do not like
take it easy /a/
Replies: >>1313
The point of literally any rule is to ban people from posting things you don't like. What an absolutely fucking retarded thing to say.
Replies: >>1315
I don't care if i'm falling for some gayops or some shit if pastanig and seabird can't or don't want to moderate a general like goober or news thread then don't have it in here, it just going to attract dramafag, shitposter or rejects that get banned from blacked.moe.
Replies: >>1316 >>1318
alright you're being banned client-side aka filtered
>can't or don't want to moderate a general like goober or news thread
Didn't one of them just delete 60 posts?
Replies: >>1319
tor test
Except they do moderate it so what the fuck are you trying to say retard?
Replies: >>1319
Taking 14hr and 60 meta/shitpost for moderator to react is not proper moderation. 
And that's not even the point, pastanig or seabird said in the last /v/ meta that they prefer individual thread per new/topic instead of a general.
And where are you faggot come from anyway, suddenly defending goober thread when the previous one barely get any post, are you blacked.moe crossposter that jump back to zzzchan because your circlejerk get interrupted by /pol/ shitposter?
Replies: >>1320
I care not for the existence of the ni/GG/er thread. But the arguments being put forth today have been awful. People can't seem to decide if the GG thread is a high PPH shit-posting den that plagued the boards catalog or if it was so inactive that it literally fell off the boards catalog, and only one of these claims is actually true.

People shit-posted in it for a single afternoon and suddenly people are acting like that has been the norm for months. It's unbelievably disingenuous to the point where it makes you idiots sound like cakeniggers or /cow/ goons raiding. I think there are legitimate arguments against the GG threads existing at all, I agree with most of them. But 90% of the bitch fits tonight are being made in bad faith.
Replies: >>1321
Then maybe you should read more properly and learn to distinguish between people that just want to stir drama and regular anon that got concern over a barely used thread that suddenly become a prime magnet for shitposter.
>Refer to the first answer, goobergate threads don't and aren't supposed to get any snowflake treatment
>I vowed I would not specifically micromanage GG threads and that'd allow them as long as they kept discussion about the topic at hand, and so far that's worked just fine
So...?Which is it?
You can't keep going around deleting anyone that calls them out for the cancer they are with the excuse of 'muh meta' and then turn around and make claims that you totally don't micromanage or give preferential treatment when its clear that the sole reason you have all of that stems from the existence of the thread itself and the kind of attention it attracts.
The kike did that for 5 years back on 8chan and he took /v/ from being a place with events ,OC gamenights,and even some occassional happenings and turned it into his personal no hurt feelijngs discord circlejerk coming complete with trannies,furfags and attentionwhoring tripfags and whenever someone would complain he would just delete their posts and refer them to the 'meta board' where he could just proceed ignore them or give some insencere placating response like you're currently doing.

Or to put it in different words:if you indeed don't show preferential treatment why aren't 4am threads,twitter screencap generals or some similar circlejerk allowed as well?Currently they are about as videogame related as the average gamergate thread is and attract the same kind of autism,drama and posters.
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[Hide] (608.5KB, 1219x676)
>just asking to remove the NYS shit from the subject is "meta"
Fuck you, faggot.
Replies: >>1324 >>1356
Do you understand what the term meta posting means, anon?
Replies: >>1325 >>1327
A meta post would be something like "get this shit off the board". I'm not asking for a lot.
Replies: >>1326
Right, so you actually have no clue what the term meta posting means then.
Replies: >>1328
[Hide] (133KB, 796x540, 00:13)
Do you?
Prortip:it's not anything-that-i-don't-like-so-i-can-just-delete-it
>don't utter even a single word about the contents of this thread in particular unless it's in our lone pocket of the complaints board where nobody can see it
explicitly allowing gamergate +#NotYourShield generals on /v/ is no different than explicitly allowing people to post soyjaks, prove me wrong
Replies: >>1331
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It's just a drawing, it can't hurt you.
/v/ is going to shit. It's becoming over moderated and now we have Gamergay generals. ZZZchan isn't supposed to be Mark /v/. ZZZchan even has Mark /v/ on the webring list now.

If I want to make a thread I'm making it on another webring board now. I wanted to support ZZZchan but it's looking more like a discord hot pockets circle jerk and less like a board that's going to survive six months.
Replies: >>1334 >>1356
>all these (1)'s concern trolling
This is the laziest gayops I've seen in a long while.
Replies: >>1335
>If I want to make a thread I'm making it on another webring board now. I wanted to support ZZZchan but it's looking more like a discord hot pockets circle jerk and less like a board that's going to survive six months.
good riddance
Replies: >>1335
>Hey guys, go to /meta/ to discuss any issues you have
<Why have all these anons only made one post!

Enjoy your Gamergay trannies and furfags. Driving off people who want to discuss vidya with over moderation leaves you with no one on the board at all.
Replies: >>1336
>I'm going to leave!
<doesn't leave
Replies: >>1337 >>1338
Sadly, they never do.
>Try to resolve issue
>Haven't had a response yet

Fucking retards.
[Hide] (80.7KB, 900x900)
I'm been a user of zzzchan for at least 1 year so I can assure you I'm no newfag and I've seen it gone to shit from the very beginning. First we didn't have gamergate and all was well but in the past 2 weeks since pasta decided to allow the threads I've seen a drastic change in user quality. Now every thread is full of "yikes cope cringe" soyjaks and fortnite trash, no one even talks about video games at all anymore and it's all about gamergate in every single thread, I'm the anon who hosts game nights and frankly I've seen better quality players on 4chan. that's it, I'm going to /vg/ and /geimu/ instead, zzzchan is not the same zzzchan from when the other BO was moderating it, this pasta retard ruined it for everyone, not even mark was this bad. pasta more like spastic. ZZZCHAN IS DEAD.
this pretty much, I agree with everything. fuck this site and fuck gamergate.
Replies: >>1342
I've been using zzzchan for at least 3 years and even I agree with this. HashBrown Gamer Gate has no place on /v/. Back on nanochan we never had these threads so we shouldn't have them now either. They're just being spammed by the asukafag like the retarded hapa he is.
Replies: >>1343
what's worse is that they allow gamergate but ban cute girls, too bad I got like 200000 vpns and I'm gonna spam them them anyway. fuck these cunts I'm so done with them.
yeah man I heard they harvest IPs to ban you also, this whole site is a fucking gamergate honepot run by a con artist scammer probably has ties with the feds.
[Hide] (49.3KB, 640x640)
Replies: >>1346
Did one of the tranny mods  take too much HRT again? What is with the sperg out?
[Hide] (175.9KB, 380x507)
Sorry you can't quit, I won't let you.
Hello  is the  admin of this  site around? I proposed a new bo on /v/ please read  my message http://crghlabr45r5pqkgnbgehywk5nxutdks5iss7tabyux5psikqqjirryd.onion/meta/thread/137.html#postform >>1347
[Hide] (642.2KB, 656x532)
>I'm been a user of zzzchan for at least 1 year
>First we didn't have gamergate
>in the past 2 weeks since pasta decided to allow the threads
[Hide] (121.8KB, 1271x355)
I second this post and I would like a more thorough explanation as to why the gamergate thread doesn't get special treatment except all the special treatment and moderation it gets because of all the cancer it attracts.

The board was fine (better, even) without it.  Why are the BO and vol(s) so out of touch with what many users on their board seem to want and not want?

This is also bullshit.  I remember seeing that post, and all it said was essentially "remove the #NYS shit from the subject field because it's just BASED NIGGER attention whoring."  If including a literal Twitter hashtag is "on topic," then why is asking for it to be removed "off topic?"

>/v/ is going to shit
That isn't true, either.  Napchan/v/ has been a good (if slow) place for video game discussion for several months, which means a lot considering how hard webring image boards have been targeted.  It really is just the gamergate thread that has everyone up in arms the last few days.  I have seen this kind of thing happen before on other boards, and it seems to be universal that users immediately forget all the good/uneventful times whenever something dramatic and bad happens.

10/10 I actually chuckled.
Replies: >>1360
I've seen plenty of bad moderation decisions and shitty game nights stickied. It's not just gamergate fags that's an issue.

Mods are acting like fags and over moderating threads which don't need it. We have 3 Friday night threads, 2 are auto saging. Why bump lock it when you could reuse the same thread every week? FPS general was one of the most popular threads on the board, it auto saged and got to page 5 with very few new posts. A new one was made and got immediately locked because the old one didn't fall off the board yet. So why is an active thread not allowed to refresh it's self when it naturally hits bump limit but Friday night threads do? That's my complaint with over moderation. The fags running /v/ want to have their sticky little 'tard fingers in everything when they don't need to. Staying hands off and cleaning up the board of spam is all they really need to do. When they're constantly bump locking threads or locking them entirely it's acting like cakekike. Why would you post threads on a board with random overbearing moderation when you have other /v/s which don't have these faggots randomly fucking threads for unspecified rules? It's the reason why people hate cakekike.
Replies: >>1363 >>1364 >>1385
I've posted on zzzchan since it was started 12 years ago and this is absolutely true. I'm quitting this discord server forever because of this.
Replies: >>1365
[Hide] (31.6KB, 600x338)
>Staying hands off and cleaning up the board of spam is all they really need to do
>I'm the arbiter of what is spam and what is not ok if I want to shit up a thread I don't like I should be allowed to but if I don't like a post it should be deleted immediately why the fuck are mods not specifically catering to my individual tastes I cannot believe why this is possible also I'm totally from here guys I never had a problem with moderation with every incarnation of this /v/ but suddenly I do because everyone else does too
I hereby grant you the "Best post on the entire site>>1360
" award.
don't you mean our subreddit?
Replies: >>1366 >>1367
>he doesn't know about the official zzzchan facebook page
newfags weren't even here when the only board was /v/ - varg vikernes and only 3 users back in 1999
Sorry I'm a newoldfag I got them mixed up. Muses is a bad board owner either way, he should give up this board to someone else.
Is it possible to enable the chess captcha on a per thread basis? /cow/ niggers literally can't do the captcha and if you enabled it for just the GG thread they would be fucked.
Replies: >>1369 >>1370
That's gay.
Considering how posting isn't incredibly fast outside of events regardless and how easy the chess captcha is to input, it shouldn't be a problem.
Replies: >>1372
[Hide] (334.2KB, 772x768)
I shall petition Thomas for this new weapon against the species of man known as /cow/tards.
Replies: >>1373
Chess captcha should be used each time everytime you click something on the site on both Lynxchan and jschan.
>Enter a thread from the catalog
>Reply to a thread
>Want to add a picture to your post
Captcha for each pic
>Want to take a closer look to a file or start a vid?

This will ensure defense against the /cow/ menace and wipe their influence from the webring.
Replies: >>1376
The more I think about the idea of per thread captcha's the more sense it makes to me, even outside of the /cow/ memes. It's the perfect crowd control method for when things get rowdy. Mods desperately trying to delete posts usually can't keep up since bans are ineffectual. A temporary per thread captcha is the perfect solution. It slows activity and weeds out some of the inane posts from people unwilling or unable to do the captcha.
Replies: >>1377 >>1378
cuz ur an retard
[Hide] (776.4KB, 1280x720, 00:07)
Anon you do not understand, the /cow/-poster fears the chess board, they are unable to comprehend long-term planning so playing ahead is an anathema to them, which is something that is omnipresent in higher level chesswhen it isn't making the designated optimal moves.

Chess will purge the webring of drama-fags and bring the rise to on-topic discussion and it will allow them to reign above all.
Replies: >>1379 >>1380 >>1381
Okay okay I'll entertain you. Instead of having an abstract captcha using only chess pieces but has nothing to do with chess, we have an actual chess checkmate puzzle 24 hour bypass. People proposed actual chess game puzzles as a captcha system in the past, but computers and bots can easily solve those. But the purpose of this bypass won't be to prevent bots, it will be to prevent retards.

The only problem is that they could just pump it into a chess program themselves to have the computer solve it for them. I think we need to expand our scope and entertain the clock theories again. Maybe have the chess pieces look like clocks.
Replies: >>1384
[Hide] (972.7KB, 200x224)
Finally! Imageboard designed for high IQ intellectual like me.
Replies: >>1381 >>1384
I hate to break it to you but computers are rather good at solving chess. Moving the captcha from a retard test to actual chess would swap out cowfags for bot spam.
Replies: >>1382
That's why you keep the regular captcha and simply add a retard test on top of it as a bypass.
Replies: >>1383
fucking brilliant
[Hide] (2.4MB, 480x368, 00:39)
They are also unable to deal with abstracts, make the chess game without even squares and make the icons for each tangibly related and constantly switching between them to throw them off.

Then have the solving moves to be inserted in letters with clear rules and numbers to prevent bots and actually requiring interpretation and writing down the moves needed or requiring a second step in whatever bot there is.
The age of brainlet-allowing boards is over, only superior high IQ individuals will be allowed to post in the new age of Chess-Chan.
>So why is an active thread not allowed to refresh it's self when it naturally hits bump limit but Friday night threads do? That's my complaint with over moderation. 
That's a decent point.  I don't have a problem with threads being used well past the bump limit - /tg/ did that and still does, and it works just fine for them since the average user knows to go looking for a thread and ask around before committing to posting in one.

I would certainly prefer if there was only a single Friday Night thread (or none, frankly, but I understand my personal taste may not align with other user).  More importantly, it is inconsistent for one particular type of thread to receive special treatment every week and for another, far less artificial thread to be "relegated" to the bottom half of the catalogue for a while.  The FPS thread was made because people want to talk about video games; the Friday Night thread is made every Friday, because it's Friday, whether or not people have anything to say.  Posting because one is obligated to rather than because one wants to is the mark of an idiot and the low-quality sludge that defines places like cuckchan.

The rest of your post betrays your newfaggotry, though.
>The fags running /v/ want to have their sticky little 'tard fingers in everything when they don't need to. 
If anything, it's the opposite; they don't usually respond to minor derailments and they don't usually do anything until at least half to one and a half days after it's been posted (with the exception of actual spam).
>Staying hands off and cleaning up the board of spam is all they really need to do. 
That hasn't been true of any image board made in the half decade.  This type of discussion and the users thereof are under targeted attacks by feds and Discord niggers who can easily circumvent bans and appear from nowhere to support each other and pretend to be genuine users.  You can't have a garden without a fence.
>When they're constantly bump locking threads or locking them entirely it's acting like cakekike. 
They don't do it constantly.  With the exceptions of the Friday Night threads, there is very little arbitrary (bump)locking.  The last thread I can recall like that was the Steam Sale thread in November, which was bumplocked for being a "shill thread."
>Why would you post threads on a board with random overbearing moderation when you have other /v/s which don't have these faggots randomly fucking threads for unspecified rules? It's the reason why people hate cakekike.
Probably because the other /v/s are either unreasonably strict (smug/vg/'s has HoiHoi enabled, which means you can't type "lol") or run by idiots (/geimu/ and cake/v/, wherever that is these days).
Replies: >>1400
[Hide] (5.8MB, 480x368, 01:31)
[Hide] (56.1KB, 824x720)
So, we're clearly getting raided, though I don't know by who. Could be the pedo retard who's been getting banned on /b/ lately. 
Unfortunately in my attempts to clear the spam in the GG thread, I accidentally deleted the whole thing when I thought I had selected "Dismiss Reports" but had clicked "Delete Posts" instead. I apologise for this Mark-tier blunder. 
But GG threads are still allowed, and they've been allowed since fatchan was a thing. Nothing has changed in the rules since then.

Sorry again.
I'm telling the fish on you.
Replies: >>1392
[Hide] (2.7MB, 480x368, 01:00)
Why do you think it's a good idea to post a fucking anime reaction image when you're apologizing for fucking up a thread? Can't you act even slightly professional?
Replies: >>1397 >>1406
No need, he came straight to me. This was an honest mistake on seagull's part.
>accidentally did what the goons wanted
Replies: >>1394
Given that it had only 10 real posts that were made before the raid someone can just make a new one asap.
Replies: >>1395 >>1396
Maybe waiting a little while would be better.
Or people can let sleeping fish lie and any fags that need a GG thread can use the one on cakechan and push actual videogame discussion there.
Its not like Small News didn't take over it's role.
>volunteer on some obscure anime-drawing imageboard

Ah yes, almost as professional as other serious "jobs" such as "Equality Manager" and "Diversity Director"
Replies: >>1400
[Hide] (8.9KB, 300x233)
But according to the respected circle of imageboard historian in the 1980s zzzchan(back then known as skinnychan) does not allow gamergate thread and yet here you are youngsters keep letting such smut to sullied the halls of great anonymous intellectual. 
Pay for your crime or forever dishonored.
Replies: >>1399
Wait a minute, my archives record no mention of such a site existing on the world wide web.
Even if you're on an obscure board you should still present a respectable face if you want people to trust in you being in charge. 

You agree with the post then disagree saying the post is untrue. 

A lot of the invader talk is idiots not knowing the difference between a raid and a difference of opinion. Image boards keep fracturing because there's always a witch hunt on for wrong thing by another board. You don't need to be a glowie to trigger a sperg into derailing a thread. Everyone is constantly paranoid and on watch so they self destruct. There doesn't need to be a raid or a fed posting when you will do it to yourself by purity spiraling.
Replies: >>1401 >>1402
>A lot of the invader talk is idiots not knowing the difference between a raid and a difference of opinion. Image boards keep fracturing because there's always a witch hunt on for wrong thing by another board. You don't need to be a glowie to trigger a sperg into derailing a thread. Everyone is constantly paranoid and on watch so they self destruct. There doesn't need to be a raid or a fed posting when you will do it to yourself by purity spiraling.
This. Take it easy or others will take advantage of your uneasiness.
>A lot of the invader talk is idiots not knowing the difference between a raid and a difference of opinion.
What happened in the GG thread was blatant raid. Tor posters making retarded claims such as "we didn't allow GG threads before!" and agreeing with each other, talk about how zzzchan is dying (which makes no sense), etc. 

We've had GG threads since fatchan, why did anons suddenly riot against them only yesterday?
Replies: >>1403 >>1404
Those threads have always been hated for being nothing but twitter drama using an old dead name. They get told to fuck off on any board they try to set up on. A raid means outsiders when it could just as likely be people from here using tor to avoid being banned.
Replies: >>1405 >>1406
[Hide] (1.1MB, 878x881)
I thought the GG threads would suddenly end up causing a mass immigration of cuckchan reddit rapefugees that would ruin everything. I had no bad intentions for zzz/v/ and this entire site and was just overdefensive.
The same thing could be said about /pol/ sturgeon plans to bring up here later, but I wasn't heavily against it and just suggested a simple board name change to /news/ so there isn't a huge influx of cuckchanners and feds.
You mean the Julay/v/ immigrants that came here when their board died still can't get over the GG threads and get so mad about them that they shit up everything slightly GG or meta related?
Replies: >>1415
>Concern trolling about a global posting an anime girl
>The people coming in saying things that clearly meant they knew nothing about zzzchan could easily have been people from zzzchan
You're one of the raiders, aren't you?
Replies: >>1415
very organic spamming of new gg thread
Replies: >>1408
[Hide] (351.1KB, 640x480)
Now we'll never be able to have a serious discussion about this ever again because anons will just leverage this "us vs. them" dynamic against anyone who speaks out.
Well played, I guess.
Replies: >>1412
[Hide] (53.4KB, 600x450)
I'd like to remind you that "Luciano" is not exactly a legitimate reason for reporting someone. We've had many reports of this kind and it's starting to become quite of a problem.
Replies: >>1412 >>1413
[Hide] (9.8KB, 408x106)
How is this a derailment in the GG thread? (and >>/v/26854 not)
[Hide] (11.5KB, 812x216)
[Hide] (6.5KB, 469x121)
[Hide] (28.9KB, 1447x475)
[Hide] (18.5KB, 856x212)
Gunsmith Cats started in the 90s.

Are you seriously pretending not to know who Luciano is and why everything he posts is banworthy?
Replies: >>2004 >>2020
But what if it actually is Luciano? Though since you're global, I assume you mean people are abusing the global report system instead of just reporting Luciano Kekland's retardation with local reports.
Replies: >>1414
I assume his point is that you need to report posts based on their own merits rather than some assumed identity of an anonymous poster.
Replies: >>1418
>Muh outsiders!
Every single time. Try reading the thread fuckface. A real gamergate thread wouldn't be the same 10 trannies trying to stir up twitter drama endlessly. It's a thread protected by Mark no one wanted around and no longer serving a purpose any more. All webring boards users are hostile to it or they would be on cakekike's website. And ZZZchan now has cakekike on their webring links. Is that where you came from?

>Concern trolling
You don't know what that even is.
The gg thread was on the board for a while and all of a sudden its an issue again. Why is this? Just like fucking ignore it lamo
I posted in the /v/ gamergate thread saying #NotYourShield should be removed from the OP because it was attention whoring.  My post was deleted and the logs aren't precisely clear.  Why was this?

I hope the reason isn't because Twitter attention whoring is part of gamergate, and that gamergate is allowed (for no reason).  That would be an un-fucking-believably stupid reason for preserving e-celeb worship and would absolutely cross the line into special treatment, which the mods keep claiming the gamergate thread doesn't get.

>some assumed identity 
I feel like I'm going crazy.  Do you really not know who Luciano is?  If you did, you'd know that what you're describing isn't an assumed identity, it's a fingerprint-like posting style that is unique to his brand of retardation.  Do you genuinely think that he ever makes any posts that aren't worthy of deletion on their own merits?  Reporting a post as one of his is a shorthand way of saying the post is a waste of space and serves only to derail the thread topic into political trash.  He has a clearly identifiable posting style that he hasn't changed in three fucking years.

>dude what if he makes a good post?
Then I don't report it.  It's really simple.  I rarely file the report as "Luciano."  Usually it's "Luciano is derailing and shitting up the thread into political garbage" or something to that effect.  The one-word reports I file usually come after a longer spate of more wordy reports.  I would assume the mods are capable of basic pattern recognition.
Was the music thread deleted? Why?
Replies: >>1420
Never mind, I'm retarded.
[Hide] (38KB, 801x534)
>The Id glitch was a raid
Replies: >>1438
what ID glitch, JJ?
Who's Luciano, again?
Replies: >>1453
I think it's some sort of pokemon
I can see right through your lie retard, you ain't fooling nobody nigger. There were honest and thought out disagreements with the thread and you killed them all off. No one is going to bother typing all that shit again and you know it. Kill yourself tranny lover.
[Hide] (159KB, 960x1200)
[Hide] (599KB, 2104x2201)
Why the fuck was my bug-based shitpost deleted in the gamergate thread?  Jesus fuck, you white knight for that thread so hard and then pretend it doesn't get special treatment.  Nobody cared that I made that post and it wasn't impugning some anyone's sacred right to talk about anything else.  In any other thread, no-one would have batted an eyelash.

There wasn't even a reason in the logs.  Niggers, the lot of you.
Replies: >>1516 >>1534
The whole off-topic discussion was deleted, not just your post
Replies: >>1536 >>2004
[Hide] (59.7KB, 1395x895)
No it fucking was not.  I just looked at the thread right now, and all these posts about bondage porn games are still up.  How the hell are they on topic but my shitpost was not?  Furthermore, what about the discussion about medieval wheat and magic?  Do you seriously expect me to believe that arguments about Dragon Age and its depiction of wheat are somehow more on topic than the harmless one-line shitpost that I made?
>Draw Thread
>Deus Ex Thread
>Kenshi Thread
><topic> Thread
Why does every fucking subject end with Thread? Why are anons so goddamn retarded?
Replies: >>1559 >>1569
it's to make sure people know it's a thread and not something else, like I dunno, a basket of bananas or a wheelbarrow. you never know, it might cause some confusion and people might not know whether it's the case to post in a thread that isn't specifically labeled as one.
Replies: >>1569
[Hide] (192.5KB, 678x616)
[Hide] (6.4KB, 715x196)
This is Mark tier.
Replies: >>1562 >>1564 >>1581
Not video games
[Hide] (33.4KB, 517x368)
Are you implying the /v/ here is somehow different from the /v/ on 8moe? The rules are quite literally copy pasted, and the only difference is one is moderated by Mark, and the other is moderated by people who used to moderate on Mark's board. I think they call this the illusion of choice.
Replies: >>1568 >>1569
>by people who used to moderate on Mark's board. 
Apparently /cow/niggers can't even get history right. Zzz is owned and moderated by the vols of fatchan.
Replies: >>1571
It is used as a synonym for "General" I guess
Oh no, a 0 effort off-topic thread was deleted, fuck this board, cuckmoe is so much better!
Wrong bogeyman, retard. But yes, the vols of fatchan admitted in the initial meta thread that they used to vol for Mark on 8/v/ or vch.
Replies: >>1572 >>1573
>the vols of fatchan admitted in the initial meta thread that they used to vol for Mark on 8/v/ or vch.
You are making shit up
[Hide] (287.9KB, 800x600)
>the vols of fatchan admitted in the initial meta thread
unless you are talking about tom and his global mods, and you're talking about fatchan's first meta thread before /v/ migrated to it, you're full of shit. only pasta moderated /v/ during the first week and never once mentioned this, and even if he did, it's probably as legitimate as the fact he says he's ron, jim, hotwheels, mark and josh all at once. seagull and sturgeon (the admin here) only came after a week after and they as well never mentioned anything about being mark's cronies, in fact they seemed to despise him as well.
Make threads bump lock at 450 you stupid noodle
Where? /meta/ or globally? I'm leaving /meta/ as is and boards can set their own limit up to 600, 500 being default.
Replies: >>1586
[Hide] (21.6KB, 600x506)
>No log message
At least have decency to post reasons/point to the rule that was broken.
Replies: >>1584
It wasn't vidya
[Hide] (82.1KB, 555x404)
Preemptive note: /cattle/ is spamming the Uncommon Time stream because it's more popular than the tranny stream will ever be and to try and get back at tengufag for exposing them as psychotic pedophiles.
Replies: >>1593
[Hide] (229.4KB, 1000x667)
t. John
Replies: >>1638
Replies: >>1639
What's with the shitty Florida park that /cattletv/ is posting?
[Hide] (54.3KB, 351x293)
[Hide] (3KB, 123x52)
>post on zzzchan semi-regularly
>make a thread about a new game I like
>some faggot calls me a shill even though I complain about the performance problems and other shit
>offer to rip my steam copy for the thread if anyone knows how to bypass steamworks
>get banned for being a "discuck shill" (???)
If you're going to be a nigger, you might as well be a consistent nigger and delete the entire /agdg/ thread for having a discuck bunker.
Replies: >>1888 >>1890 >>1893
I'm not even going to look at the logs and assume it was seagull, am I correct?
Replies: >>1889
[Hide] (999.6KB, 490x367)
>>1888 (checked)
Ohh shut the fuck up, anon gave fucking proof of you being a fucking discuck shill, the images you used were the fucking same you used in the discuck server faggot.
Replies: >>1892
[Hide] (982.3KB, 320x287)
>join discuck to see if the dev acts like a fag
>stick around to report bugs
>faster than putting up with steam forums
>this means I'm a shill
I fucking loathe that garbage webshit and I wish the dev would just make an IRC channel or something instead, but fair. I didn't see any of this go down, just woke up in the morning and saw I was banned, so I figured it was more of seagull and that one faggot who thought I was samefagging or dragging in friends being faggots.
Having to use (((discuck))) for any purpose at all is fucking maddening. Having trouble with GitGud? No one uses the IRC from what I remember, you have to join the discuck to get any support. Want to talk to a niche engine's developer? Discuck. Want to to talk with estonians making this weird multics-inspired operating system? Discuck. And here I am so used to cucking out for this proprietary dogshit that I join yet another fucking discuck instead of waiting a little longer for a response to bug reports on the Steam forum.
Fuck everything. I hate this stupid fucking program and its furry pedophile mods. I hate Riot for being an unstable, retardedly high latency piece of shit which runs worse than discuck and breaks random /agdg/ dev accounts for no reason. I hate the stupid niggers who think you need to store all chat history forever server-side. I might as well purge this piece of shit from my life and get that weight off my soul, even if it makes some developer stuff more inconvenient.
Kill yourself discnigger, this was one of seabird's few good actions.
Replies: >>1895
[Hide] (213.7KB, 1077x944)
Frankly, if I'd gotten to the point where I even considered putting up with that garbage for some faster bug reports and actually stayed there, he wasn't wrong about the discuck bit.
It won't be right anymore in a couple minutes.
[Hide] (783.3KB, 563x690)
I want answers to questions I asked last month.

Specifically, are the mods truly stupid enough not to know who Luciano Mendez/Keklands is?  A /v/ mod (I think) claimed that Luciano posting wasn't banworthy >>1412, and when I provided examples as to what kind of poster he is and how to recognize him, I was ignored.  This happened nearly a month ago.

My point is that Luciano exists to derail threads and make posts that are exactly one iota separate from spam.  Why the moderation believes these posts are not worthy of ban-on-sight status is beyond me.  He hasn't changed his posting style in three years of deleted posts and bans, so it's not like such a rule wouldn't accomplish anything.

Furthermore, one of the mods claimed that "the entire off-topic discussion" in the gamergate thread was deleted in >>1534, which included my bug-related shitpost.  I replied that it was not entirely deleted and provided a screencap of off-topic posts that were discussing porn games and fetishes instead of anything related to gamergate.  Those posts are still in the thread.

Pic unrelated.
Replies: >>2020 >>2109
[Hide] (126.7KB, 850x903)
>Specifically, are the mods truly stupid enough not to know who Luciano Mendez/Keklands is?  A /v/ mod (I think) claimed that Luciano posting wasn't banworthy >>1412, and when I provided examples as to what kind of poster he is and how to recognize him, I was ignored.  

My point was that a post should be judged by it's own merit, not by who posted it. Unless a post breaks a rule then there is no reason to delete it and ban the poster. Things get even more complicated when we take the "some off-topic/political discussion is allowed" stipulation into account. Whenever a post gets reported for being "Luciano" I simply take a look at it, take account the context of the discussion and try to decide whether or not it is derailing/spamming a thread. So far the vast majority of Luciano reports did not break any rule.

>I replied that it was not entirely deleted and provided a screencap of off-topic posts that were discussing porn games and fetishes instead of anything related to gamergate.  Those posts are still in the thread.

Again a problem of the some off-topic is allowed stipulation. If I remember correctly, when you posted in the GG thread it was still hours fresh. That day there were many anons who intentionally derailed the thread with meta drama and so I deleted everything I deemed to be off-topic. Later the thread headed back tp on-topic discussion so I left it as is. When later anons started talking about wheat autism and porn I thought that as long as they don't keep at it for too long then it is technically allowed. 

TL;DR - Your shitpost came at a bad time and was deleted along with everything else
Replies: >>2023
Let me be clear: I don't think there's something about the guy himself that makes him worthy of delete-on-sight status, but there is something about literally almost every single post he makes that justifies deleting it.  When I file a report for the reason "Luciano," I'm not filing it because reading his posts fills me with a boiling hatred of him, I'm using it as shorthand for "here's yet another post by an IP-hopping semi-samefag that has nothing to do with the board topic and is borderline spam."  I recognize him when he posts, but I report him because all he ever posts is derailing garbage.

>the vast majority of Luciano reports don't break the rules
Bullshit.  With the possible exception of the Capcom art censorship thread (which may not have been him), he never does anything but say one of the same few lines.
This is what I mean by borderline spam: if a robot did this, that's what anyone would call it.  I don't think minor variations in post content and word choice imbue his posts with enough quality to dodge that.

>bug shitpost
If you were going to "clean up" the thread, then you should have deleted all the porn discussion, not just part of it.  The stuff about wheat was more relevant since it was directly related to a point someone else had made; the porn conversation was just two or three people talking about H-games in the gamergate thread instead of going elsewhere.  I think it would have been better to cut it off after the Patreon link was posted, since that answered the question that had been asked.

Thanks for explaining things, at least.
Replies: >>2024 >>2028
so shit on him and hide his posts
why do you have to make this effort to make a del crusade when there isn't really a need for it yet
Replies: >>2025 >>2026
because a healthy stream of bogeymen takes responsibility away from the moderation team
Replies: >>2026
[Hide] (22.9KB, 500x500)
>just ignore the piles of shit on the sidewalk in front of you bro
>just reply to retard and show him how not-baited you are
>just use words to pwn somebody who's so autistic he has been doing this on multiple websites for literal years
I would like to believe you're not stupid enough to say that both giving an attention whore/troll replies and ignoring him are solutions to the problem.  I stopped replying to this guy and most people as autistic/stupid as him years ago.  As for why I want posts deleted, that's the same reason bans don't do anything in the age of VPNs: if you're dedicated enough, you get around them.  The only way that Luciano's posts (or posts like them) would ever stop is if they're deleted.  This is exactly the kind of problem that repeated, proactive post deletion solves.

I don't expect the mods to hit every single post, but at least recognizing his posting style and nuking the really obvious ones would go a long way.

I appreciate your attempts at sedition, but your repetitive use of "bogeyman" and post structure make it painfully obvious you're the same guy from the Capcom censorship thread.  You're not quite as autistic as other people I've seen around the webring, but with enough effort and application you could get there.  4/10, I actually replied.
Replies: >>2027 >>2029
>would ever stop 
Well I guess they won't stop until he's dead.  Perhaps I should have said "would ever have their effects be reduced."
>This is what I mean by borderline spam: if a robot did this, that's what anyone would call it.  I don't think minor variations in post content and word choice imbue his posts with enough quality to dodge that.
I now see your point. I will discuss this with pasta and see what he has to say about the matter.
Replies: >>2031 >>2067
>implying I'm trying to hide what my opinions are, or act like multiple people
Welcome to imageboards, make note of how everyone's anonymous. Also, your meds - take them.
Thanks.  I think the /v/ moderation is generally pretty good, but I'm glad that you're listening.
So what did pasta have to say about the matter?
Replies: >>2068 >>2109
[Hide] (190.7KB, 536x800)
All I got from him was "luciano" is not a reason to ban people"
I asked him to reply himself but for the past few days he's been MIA.
Replies: >>2069 >>2075
>for the past few days he's been MIA.
why? I noticed he's barely been active ever since new year, is he bitching out or what
Replies: >>2070 >>2071 >>2109
He realized that markchan.moe is better and went there, it's over for zzzchan and the webring
Replies: >>2072
He's busy with work but he does show up weekly to see how things are going.
Replies: >>2072 >>2109
[Hide] (3.8MB, 1915x1073)
thank you mark, I love you mark
>busy with work
>/v/ janitor
what the fuck, I call bullshit
Replies: >>2073
Even Gahoole at least uses his own site once a day, what is Pasta's excuse? I think he oughta transfer ownership to seagull.
Replies: >>2074
[Hide] (247.3KB, 335x728)
Hi, Eden.
Replies: >>2077
>"luciano" is not a reason to ban people"
Does that mean I can start reporting his posts as spam and they'll be deleted?
The feds got him.  We're doomed.
Replies: >>2076 >>2109
Wait, I'm retarded - I never asked for him to be banned, I just wanted his posts deleted.  What the hell?
Replies: >>2109
Don't blame me, I just think /v/ deserves someone better as their board owner. It was clear he wasn't really even up to be the owner of zzz/v/ when he acted all defeated following zchan's takedown. He can't even defend himself in Soku.
Replies: >>2078 >>2079 >>2084
[Hide] (110.4KB, 634x482)
>It's actually eden... again
You know what at first it was annoying always seeing you repeating the same nonesense, but I kinda like seeing you no homo and guess what you're board is pretty unique I like the idea of the "game of the month", also they are some literal one-liners OP in your board.
And I forgot what vidya are playing ?
I'm playing EDF5.
[Hide] (8.2MB, 3259x2444)
I mean, you're not wrong, but you two didn't push to agree on an active date for that particular conflict after the first one fell through. Nor did you try to call out to each other to meet in the latest sokunigger, which had it's own week's worth of practice - I would've put you against each other in the first match brackets. If you don't show initiative, nothing's gonna happen you know?

You're already sperging out pretty great lately, so my recommendation is to issue him a formal challenge AGAIN (he allegedly goes to work now and almost never posts; all jannying is left to alexander and seagull as a result) and agree on a time/date and we'll work something out again. Again. After so long. Rulecuck powerlevel is pretty considerable these days, so I'm not going to say no to free infighting.
Replies: >>2080
>all jannying is left to alexander and seagull
But Alexander is pasta
Replies: >>2081
wait what
what the fuck
now it makes sense but how did I even miss that
damn it
Replies: >>2082 >>2109
>Alexander is pasta
what ?
Replies: >>2083 >>2109
[Hide] (940.6KB, 640x368, 00:16)
shit forgot the mp4
[Hide] (117.4KB, 480x700)
How to spot Eden - A fool-proof, internet guide by zzzchan™
>find a post sowing any kind of dissent aimed towards zzzchan, any of its boards, or any of its moderators (/v/ and pasta respectively are the usual suspects)
>reply "Hi, Eden" to the post

100% guarantee or money back.
Hi Eden
[Hide] (13KB, 198x255)
Hey Eden
This is going to get me confused with blacked.moe posters too much, come up with something more specific
Replies: >>2089 >>2093
The only blacked.moe retard that cries about pasta is Mark on his own board, most of that place couldn't give 2 fucks about zzz/v/s existence and are completely indifferent. Unlike back on /vg/ Mark can no longer getting away with samefagging FUD about other places because most people have caught on, so he hasn't been able to effectively sow discord. The only person that complains about pasta on zzzchan is Eden. Mark's signature is saying something along the lines of "I know cakekike can be bad but man this guy is terrible". There are some other signature phrases he uses but I'm too lazy to find my list.
Shut the fuck up, Eden.
[Hide] (153.1KB, 932x581)
Hello Eden.

Image unrelated.
[Hide] (12MB, 640x360, 06:11)
Rules apply to this alleged "Luciano" guy as much as they apply to anyone else, if his post aren't actively derailing a thread he can say what he likes. In short, no "Luciano" is not a ban/delete worthy offense.
>why? I noticed he's barely been active ever since new year, is he bitching out or what
>He's busy with work
Busy with TUBES, but don't concern yourself with that.
>ban, delete
Can you not be autistic and put an actual description so we know what you are actually deleting you loathsome faggot?
Replies: >>2252
He's deleting a oekaki thread because it wasn't serious enough. He could've swept it under the rug when it had no replies, though it's a bit preposterous to delete it when there were 10 replies on it.
wished he brought it back
Replies: >>2254 >>2255
[Hide] (130.6KB, 500x489)
The fuck kind of stick is up your ass right now, seagull? Aniki threads and oekaki threads are all tradition.
I swear to fuck if you dismiss all this as "shills" or "newfags" or whatever I'll personally deliver a dragon dildo to your house and shove it up your ass, 'cuz that's how gay you're being right now.
Replies: >>2254
>there were 10 replies on it.
>It got more posts in a few minutes than the entire board in hours. 
Over half of those was OP samefagging through TOR. 
I merely bumplocked the Aniki thread because it isn't vidya. You can still post so I see no problem. The board is slow enough to warrant it's stay at the top 5 pages for at least an entire week.
Last edited by seagull
Replies: >>2255 >>2256 >>2257
[Hide] (48.9KB, 878x407)
Seriously nigger? This is your fucking ban reasoning? Delete the rules on /v/, you don't mod by them anyway. I can forgive the handful of anons that always bitch but if you are going to be a faggot enjoy your dying site. 
It got more posts in a few minutes than the entire board in hours. Amazing what actual fun can do.
Replies: >>2254
[Hide] (72.4KB, 670x877)
>thread about anons drawing video games 
>hurr durr cuckchan delete
>thread about flaming homo loosely and vaguely connected to /v/ 
>stays up
Literally kill yourself you stupid nigger you're applying rules selectively just like Mark. Fuck you.
Replies: >>2259
Maybe if you didn't keep deleting his posts he would stop being such a samefagging faggot. The board is to slow to deal with your faggotry. Stop deleting shit you personally don't like ,every day I have to see the report log filled up with your whiny bullshit ban reasons. The thing that really gets me is that you have been shown to be completely reasonable in the face of shitposting as evidenced by the logs as well. Stop being so hot and cold about what you enforce and let anons have some fun.
Replies: >>2259
[Hide] (359.8KB, 900x900)
Replies: >>2259
[Hide] (89.2KB, 1000x1000)
TPH threshold for automatic captcha is 10. You literally enabled it by yourself retard. 
Well, have it your way I guess. Let's appreciate that great thread with an OP that switches to TOR in an attempt to bump it.
Replies: >>2261 >>2263 >>2265
[Hide] (224.5KB, 1024x1536)
Just let it run is course man, maybe some anons will join in too. Do you think some torfag is going to run his own thread to 400 posts?
[Hide] (47.9KB, 180x201)
In fact I should also remove the Aniki thread's bumplock too since that's what anons seem to want.
Replies: >>2264
Good. now remove the bumplock from the aniki thread. It only comes once a year anyways.
[Hide] (150.3KB, 1275x900)
Fun is allowed again. Thank you, have another seagull.
[Hide] (110.2KB, 1280x1440)
>Well, have it your way I guess.
Oh thanks, you're the best!
EXCEPT YOU AREN'T YOU STUPID FAGGOT THE DAMAGE IS ALREADY DONE you fucking deleted the thread 6 times and twice it had already gotten replies, you killed its momentum and now you want to pretend it's all ok. FUCK. YOU.
Replies: >>2267
>twice it had already gotten replies
You mean the OP samefagging?
Replies: >>2268
Ah yes, I, too, far prefer the thread being just the OP and nothing else. There really aren't enough threads like that clogging up the catalog, if I'm being honest! 
hey cuckgull, can you actually put in a reason for banning instead of just 
Because we hated it when mark modded and deleted shit he didn't like so lets do it here too right?
Replies: >>2277
It was 3 random webm's of tiktok e-whores from a guy calling random people pedophiles for asking him why he was posting them.
Replies: >>2278
Then it should be in the ban reason. "cuckchan" makes it sound like shit is being deleted on a whim and thats been the reason 90% of the time lately.
Replies: >>2279 >>2280
I still just give them the benefit of the doubt but yes more detailed mod logs are always better.
Replies: >>2280
>thats been the reason 90% of the time lately
Pulling shit out of your ass I see. 
Sure I'll start writing more detailed logs I guess.
What happened to the Dinosaur Planet + N64 thread? It's gone.
Replies: >>2303
I don't even remember such a thread, you sure it wasn't bumped off the catalog?
Replies: >>2304
I made it on February 23th If I recall correctly. Considering the time it takes for a thread to be bumped off the catalog, It's unlikely.
Well its been fun.
Replies: >>2340
I dunno where that number comes from but I don't think it's all time users. I'm not sure how it counts Tor users either.
Replies: >>2341
Anyone using the onion is counted as a single user. If they are using tor over the clearnet domain it probably counts as much more between posts.
[Hide] (4.4MB, 480x270)
Replies: >>2344 >>2345
[Hide] (71.8KB, 545x689)
[Hide] (186.9KB, 480x270, 00:07)
[Hide] (38.8KB, 711x669)
Who exactly is in charge of /v/? This alexander guy or seagull guy? Why are mod actions incoherent and contradictory?
>alexander dismisses a report
>seagull bans and deletes the same posts that were reported afterwards
>seagull unlocks a thread
>alexander locks it

Whose will overrides whose exactly? What's the hierarchy here?
[Hide] (617.2KB, 480x368, 00:09)
[Hide] (231.5KB, 850x1202)
Pasta's actions naturally override mine. Whenever we happen to make different actions is because I either didn't bother to check the logs or (usually) because the situation in a thread has changed. For example he dismissed the reports of the 42385 thread. About an hour later I log-in and see the thread is again reported. I make a decision and move it to AGDG because that's where OP's question really belonged to. Had I checked the logs before that, I would probably dismiss the report or message pasta to tell him to reconsider and move the thread to AGDG.

As a moderation team we are pretty chill, although pasta is the BO and has the final say, I can still make my own decisions without worry. If he disagrees with something then he simply changes it or messages me.
Replies: >>2484
Anon is behind it all, he is just using mods as his puppets. We may never know anons motives.
I hate just about everything about that picture.
Replies: >>2485
[Hide] (261.2KB, 512x512)
>all chess pieces on white squares as if that's a chess rule
>white king's cross is casting a shadow incorrectly
>black king isn't casting a shadow at all
>white pawn at the corner doesn't cast a shadow beyond the chess board
>chess board shadow is at a different angle than the chess piece shadows
>loli arm/hand isn't casting a shadow anywhere
>water is almost completely opaque with no reflections
>doesn't reflect blue light upwards to things
>half assed water ripples
>concave splits in the bucket construction turn into outward extrusions for the front 3 lines
>loli's eyes aren't looking at anything
>clothes don't look wet
>hair doesn't look wet
>hair tie on the right is uncolored
>pillar on the left is transparent
>pillar on the right goes on top of bricks
>sunbathing bed(?) in the shadow casting another shadow
>windows are just rectangle holes on the wall with no framing or sign of a glass pane
>the split in the window is attached to the bottom but goes behind from the top
>light on the back wall is incorrect (extends all the way into the corner which implies light is pointing at it at exactly 90 degrees)
>floating chess platform looks like it's made of concrete
>changeroom sign has a white dot in the bottom corner
>door has a weird round corner
>making lolis complete a captcha
Replies: >>2490
Also just noticed that the light on the back wall implies a spotlight, if it was sunlight then the top and bottom angles of the shadows would be the same.
Replies: >>2490
[Hide] (307.2KB, 538x540)
there's more
>loli is grabbing the piece with an awkward and unnatural finger position and using her whole hand to do so
>rook looks 2x the size of the other pieces despite being barely any closer to the POV
>perspective of the chessboard is all fucked up
>shadow of her left arm going under the water makes it look like her arm is extending all the way beyond her hips since you can't see the hand starting
>no sign of the left elbow at the height where the other arm's joint is clearly visible
>nothing but the loli has an outline
[Hide] (2.9MB, 368x368, 00:48)
I honestly wonder if mods should delete every shitty thread that appears on /v/. That Life is Strange thread in particular, there were two fucking retarded anons that could make up the space the thread occupies in the catalog with the banter against them. Don't you want anons to be entertained?
I do believe anons can fend themselves against cuckchanners and bully them into submission without the need of mods doing their duty, and more so when the nigger may lash out against moderation and try to fearmonger users away from the site. Let us have a bit of a free market, Seagull.
Replies: >>2492 >>2494 >>2498
[Hide] (104.1KB, 634x482)
Cool slideshow and good post.
I can try bumplocking these shit threads instead of deleting them if that's what anons want. My fear is that this could potentially fill up the catalog with trash.
Replies: >>2495 >>2498
Is there a reason why the boards thread limit is a fraction of what it could be? Letting bump locked threads linger would be less problematic if it didn't mean a much higher chance of an old buy still quality thread being bumped off the catalog.
Replies: >>2496
>old buy still quality thread
I think it's fine for a thread that hasn't been replied to in 2 months to be dropped from the catalog.
Replies: >>2497
But why drop threads at all when you can hold more? If it's for server space then okay, but I don't think that's the case. I don't see any reason to want threads to 404 earlier rather than later.
Replies: >>2502
I agree with this. One of the things people hate about Mark is his tendency to delete things based on his own whims; it would be nice if the hotpockets here had a little more faith in their userbase. If people want to talk about exactly how shit a shitty game is, why not let them?

Just leave them alone faggot, you're not the taste police. And there's no need to be so flustered about thread "quality" either, it's not a fucking forum and not every thread needs a multi-paragraph OP. The ensuing thread matters much more than the OP.

This kind of shit happened on /geimu/ too and is why I stopped going there. When did anons get so uptight about making new threads?
>nearing the date of the biggest risk of exposure to the unwashed masses in years
<just stop moderating for quality lol who cares
This might be the most elaborate gunt scheme yet. Well timed friend.
> When did anons get so uptight about making new threads?
This is unironically Mark's fault as well, after being free from his grasp the pendulum swung in the complete opposite direction. So instead of having piles trash upon trash now you have only CURATED threads that must match a HIGH "quality standard" otherwise you'll get bitching and moaning. By all the newfags who started browsing imageboards in 2016 and have 0 clue about having fun but still like to act as the fun police pretending to be oldfags.
Replies: >>2501
[Hide] (3.3MB, 800x4524)
>The year is CY+6, and fun is considered low quality
Maybe I'll make my own site and not tell anyone about. At least dead is better than ruined.
What is with these angry retards and their endless bogeymen
Because I think it's much easier to start a fresh discussion by making a new thread than it is by pulling up a stagnant year old thread from the bottom of the catalog and making a 376th reply to it. It'll also make >>1585 worse.
Replies: >>2504 >>2505 >>2525
>One of the things people hate about Mark is his tendency to delete things based on his own whims
Speak for yourself. One of the things I hated about Mark was his tendency to not delete things that obviously don't belong here. 4AM and cuckchan shit being the greatest offenders.
[Hide] (151.3KB, 851x1200)
What is it with anons and their inability to post on threads once their bumplocked? If bumplocking makes you have a stroke and lose all desire to post on that thread. Why not make the bump limit the same as the reply limit?
Replies: >>2506
The only reason that is/was a problem is because of stupid standards for when a new thread should be made. Wanting a lower thread limit so people don't bump ancient threads is fine I suppose, but personally I don't think the cost of losing 8 pages worth of "archived" old ass threads is worth the trade off.
Replies: >>2508
>What is it with anons and their inability to post on threads once their bumplocked?
Nigger if a thread hasn't been posted in in a  month and is at 401 post count, literally no one is going to have the thread open to know when the 402nd post has been made. I can't believe you posted something this fucking stupid, jesus christ.
>Why not make the bump limit the same as the reply limit?
This was the proposed solution, that the bump limit should be either severely decreased to the point where it's negligible or removed all together.
Replies: >>2510
[Hide] (285KB, 450x375)
>This kind of shit happened on /geimu/ too
No it didn't, I want you to know we at /geimu/ are not nearly as uptight about supposed "thread/post quality" as some other fag board owners of /v/. We just don't want threads with bullshit like
>he killed millions
>playstation sux nintendo FTW
>quote followed by soyjak picture
as defined in the objective rules. Seagull should make an exhaustive list of what he doesn't like to see if he wants people to stop hating his (over)moderation.
Replies: >>2509
How about you scroll down the catalog or check old threads once in a while you fucking retard. Though I agree a better solution is to decrease the bump limit.
Replies: >>2512
you make the guide >>2084 still relevant! when are you going to quit?
Replies: >>2511
>Nigger if a thread hasn't been posted in in a  month and is at 401 post count, literally no one is going to have the thread open to know when the 402nd post has been made
>he doesn't keep threads he posted in open indefinitely until they 404
Replies: >>2513
I'm pretty sure I made it very clear it was me. I often do, and on purpose. I'm trying my best only to butt in when it concerns /geimu/ discussion on non-/geimu/ boards or when the meta discussion of /v/ boards is brought up. I can't help but try to lead more aimless anons to the Promised Land /v/ users deserve! /vg/ users did it back on 8chan so you can't really blame me.
Replies: >>2514 >>2515
Are you actually fucking brain dead? You think that people should individually keep tabs on all 120 threads on the catalog at any given moment and check each and every thread every day, hour, or minute after they've been bump locked to see if a new post has been made in them? At this point I'm all but completely convinced the webring is being flooded with cakeniggers or some other external force because the amount of absolutely fucking retarded posts like this one has sky rocketed recently.

How the fuck did you even manage to make it out of the fucking womb let alone get far enough in life to be capable of speech? I'm actually in awe that someone this stupid could manage to make it onto the internet let alone figure out how to solve the captcha and submit a post on some backwater basket weaving forum. Good fucking lord.
Replies: >>2518
[Hide] (321.4KB, 1300x731)
>he doesn't keep every thread from every imageboard open on separate monitors
You're no better than the average phoneposter.
[Hide] (157.4KB, 440x440)
>promised anything
>when the site is abandoned and a fart will kill it
>when the large majority of the posters there are the very same from zzzchan
>when it doesn't ever get a gamenight
ok eden, sure eden, bye eden
Replies: >>2516
Does it feel weird stalking meta discussions  on zzzchan knowing this site probably wouldn't even exist if you didn't sperg so hard within 30 minutes of zchan going down and expose how much of a fucking retard you were to everyone? Pasta was demoralized, everything was in shambles, all of zchan looking for a new home, literally the perfect storm for your "superior" board and you still managed to fuck it up.

I don't have much of a problem with you since you're more entertaining than anything, but it's pretty impressive how bad you fucked shit up. You're like the anti-mark. Instead of things magically working out for you no matter what they just always fail.
Replies: >>2516 >>2517
[Hide] (655.1KB, 416x720, 00:07)
Slow and steady, last minute /geimu/ surge

>Does it feel weird
No, I am well aware /geimu/ is slow, so I browse the second best video game board available to me. Then I noticed the PPH shot up and, like clockwork, it was due to meta discussions, and that brought me here. 

>if you didn't sperg
Here we go again. I didn't sperg, I laid out my ground rules and answered questions, and some particularly vulnerable anons got offended by my large personality and ego. I suppose I can't blame them, considering how it's easy to get used to pushovers like the KakeKike.
[Hide] (102.9KB, 717x688)
>knowing this site probably wouldn't even exist if you didn't sperg so hard within 30 minutes of zchan going down and expose how much of a fucking retard you were to everyone?
it's funny because it's true. the stars had fucking aligned for him, zchan was dead, the jannies pointed to his board and EVERYONE listened, all he had to do was literally shut the fuck up and everyone would've stayed there, but no, he couldn't.
didn't read, cry more.
Do you lack reading comprehension? Do you understand what "once in a while" means? Why would you check threads you're not interested in? Or are you insinuating every anon is interested in every thread ever made? You don't need to have tabs at all times, you don't need to respond to a post right away. Just scroll through the catalog from time to time and check the threads you're interested in. Is not that hard unless you're a nigger.
[Hide] (86.3KB, 845x601)
>my large personality and ego
>he still can't stop sperging
[Hide] (195.5KB, 1931x1855)
>you're a sperg
<n-no it's just a large personality
Replies: >>2521
[Hide] (24.9KB, 525x478)
>if I took back my userbase would you die?
>it be extremely painful
>you're a big egomaniac
>for my butt
Replies: >>2522
[Hide] (825.3KB, 468x352, 00:22)
Why you fags keep coming here if you don't like how things are handled? If you want the catalog full of bait and low quality shit why not stay on cuckchan?
Replies: >>2524
Last I checked, everybody left 4chan because of censorship. Not "poor thread quality", whatever that vague statement means.
>And there's no need to be so flustered about thread "quality" either
You should slit your wrists for believing this.

>pulling up a stagnant year old thread from the bottom of the catalog and making a 376th reply to it
Is there a problem with that?  /tg/ and /a/ work like that, and they're fine.  Well, /a/ isn't fine, but that's for reasons besides thread longevity.
Dude, it's over, just let it go. You had your chance and you fucked up it all up. You keep trying to recapture it but it doesn't work like that. You just keep making your case look worse every time you post.
Replies: >>2527
>Dude, it's over
>just let it go.
>You had your chance
How many z's is this place on currently again?
Replies: >>2528
I don't know if making new websites when they get shut down is all that comparable to incessantly crying about people not seeing the superiority of your "competing" board because you embarrassed yourself when everyone was considering migrating to it. I suppose they could both be considered perseverance, but one is significantly more sad than the other.
Replies: >>2529
And there’s no friction at all between zzz/v/ and blacked.moe, right? Fuck off
Replies: >>2530
I don't know how you managed to convince yourself that some friction between anonymous posters is analogous to the board owner going to another website to cry about people not using his superior board. People here vehemently go out of their way to reject cakeniggers, they don't try and beg them to migrate here.

I'm going to be honest Eden, you should get some sleep. You're not bringing your best effort right now. Try again later.
Replies: >>2531
You say that like other board owners and mods don’t crosspost. There’s so much disdain for Mark on 8moe/v/ that it’s impossible for me to believe it’s all from domestic anons, not when they have such easy to access alternatives. Consider yourself lucky that I’m so humble and honest with my posts so that you know it’s me, rather than shamelessly samefagging like Mark has been proven to do.
Replies: >>2532
>pasta must be behind anti-cakekike sentiment
You need to be a lot more subtle. It's not as much fun when you make it this obvious you're fucking about. How is it that you even manage to fail at shit-posting properly?
Replies: >>2533
Reread my post without conjecture
>Then I noticed the PPH shot up and, like clockwork, it was due to meta discussions, and that brought me here. 
Did you your magnanimously spergy ass fail to notice that we're being invaded too?
[Hide] (156.3KB, 203x495)
>a Jew does something
>board immediately gets flooded with nigger level bait from "nowhere"
>less than an hour later board gets flooded with doomposting from "anons" saying the nigger level bait means IT'S OVER, >WE LOST, TIME TO GET THE RONA VAX AND BECOME NORMALFAGS
>janny does absolutely nothing to stop it
Every. Single. Time.
We don't need more jannying, we need anons who learn to not be so easily trolled, myself included.
Replies: >>2540
Post quality everywhere on the webring has shit the bed. Something is brewing.
>gamergoy thread locked because there's another one
>it's a bumplocked thread on page 11
This is definitely a shit rule. Granted, I don't like GG threads since they outlived their purpose and are now just 4am+news+meta threads, but I don't want to see the same thing happening with other threads. It just hurts the board and benefits no one.
Replies: >>2542 >>2544 >>2555
[Hide] (486.9KB, 997x1399)
/animu/ and the niggerpill spammer have shown that not replying doesn't work anymore. They reply to themselves, IP hopping every time to get a fresh ID. The objective isn't to get guaranteed replies anymore, it's to kill the board with garbage and demoralize anons into giving up.
Now, who would benefit from the death of one of the only communities on the Internet that allows thought outside of controlled dialectics?
Doesn't help that seagull seems to be unable to tell a vidya thread from a non vidya thread. If I didn't know better I'd think he's actively trying to sabotage the board. Must be something with the Italian blood.
It's literally in the rules thread, and anyone who was posting in the new gamergate thread is handily pointed to the old one even if he didn't see it.  What's the problem?
Replies: >>2543 >>2555
cuckchan faggot kill yourself
Yeah I think as long as a thread is down far enough in the catalog you should be able to make a new one. If you have to wait until it's locked then you can't post a link to the new thread in the old one.
Replies: >>2555
Test, keep getting internal server error.
>janny does absolutely nothing to stop it
I'm deleting and banning every sight of normalfaggotry and cuckchannery, I don't know what more you're asking for.
Replies: >>2547
This rule is an actual serious problem with the board because it kills discussion on a topic, since almost no one posts on bottom page bumplocked threads.
Look at the gamenight planning thread, it basically died for a month, no one posted on it, but when the new one got made it returned to full steam discussion.
Look at the webm thread, it was active with several posts daily and when it bumplocked and sunk, it now goes for weeks with no posts.
The only result from this rule is dead discussion. Also I have never seen a single thread even come close to the post limit. Please urge pasta to reconsider this rule.
Replies: >>2556 >>2562
[Hide] (69.4KB, 600x600)
is it though, seems to me like a bunch of ADHD fags complaining they can't be assed to check if a thread they're interested in got new replies and to contribute to it while it's still in the catalog.
>Look at the gamenight planning thread, it basically died for a month, no one posted on it, but when the new one got made it returned to full steam discussion.
Look at the webm thread, it was active with several posts daily and when it bumplocked and sunk
seems to me that it's working as intended then, newer threads get more attention, and older threads die down, if you want to post in it just do it, you're literally being a baby by refusing to do so because it's bumplocked. in other words you're fucking stupid.
2 canoles have been deposited into your account, keep up the good work
Why not just increase the bump limit to the reply limit instead of having the catalog filled with generals?
This would be ideal but anons are too autistic for that to work.
Replies: >>2564 >>2568
Your solution would be fine but I find it funny you think having too many people discussing something means its a general. No wonder 4chan's /vg/ had more videogame discussion than /v/.
>Why not just increase the bump limit to the reply limit
This should be done. I've never seen the reason for having seperate bump and post limits, why is there an arbitrary point beyond which a thread should not be bumped?
Replies: >>2569
>why is there an arbitrary point beyond which a thread should not be bumped?
Normally it's to avoid flooding the catalog with duplicate threads. If bump limit = post limit then a new thread can be made as soon as the last post of the old thread which bumps it to page 1. If the bump limit is lower then you can let the thread move down the catalog before making a new one.
[Hide] (69.8KB, 1011x761)
I genuinely hope that you're a shill personally sent by Mark and there aren't actually niggers this fucking braindead posting here.
Replies: >>2571
[Hide] (8.5KB, 302x173)
>put argument forth
<u are le retart and le mark plus i post funey picture so i win
very well. look, my captcha looks like your head right now ain't that a doozy.
Replies: >>2572
Your argument ignores the arguments already given. You're arguing against making it easier to see discussion. You're arguing for making it more annoying to track discussion that you care about. You're not arguing for a single positive thing, it's all negatives.

The difference between a bump limit and post limit right now is 50 posts, if you removed that then the only reason the board would "fill up with threads" any more than currently is because people would actually notice discussions and participate in them properly instead of having threads rot at the back of the woods somewhere. In "slow" boards like this, it is completely viable to use the board by refreshing the index page and never go to the catalog, I've heard numerous times that people browse boards that way, and I do it sometimes too because I want to join active discussions that happen where ever they happen to happen.
Replies: >>2586
>it is completely viable to use the board by refreshing the index page 
Index niggers should go and stay gone.
>I want the active discussion!
That's the stuff at the front of the catalogue.  Damn, you're stupid.
Replies: >>2591
>That's the stuff at the front of the catalogue
You managed to miss the entire point of this discussion, congratulations.
Your idea of how people should post in threads means jack shit if no one does it, daft nigger. You can think "oh, people can just post on bumplocked threads on page 12", yeah, terrific idea, except fucking no one does it and the literal only result from this rule is dead discussion. God damn sleepychan is almost perfect but this shit rule is infuriating, the threads you like hits the bump limit and you absolutely know they're going to sink and kill the entire discussion for weeks or months. Losing faith here with the lack of communication from the BO.
Replies: >>2593 >>2594
>Losing faith here with the lack of communication from the BO.
Does pasta even check this meta? Might be better to make a thread on /v/.
Replies: >>2603
[Hide] (120KB, 300x300)
>Losing faith here with the lack of communication from the BO.
<tolerate more heinous and downright malicious shit from Mark for 5 years
<tolerate a SA/cuckchan tier goons on jewlay
<tolerate this very site going down once a week
>hurrrrrrrrrrrrr why won't bo listen to my retarded complaint on board that isn't his and wasn't ever meant to be about specific board drama
you aren't even trying.
Replies: >>2599
One cannoli has been deposted into your account, keep up the good work
Meta threads aren't allowed there.
Replies: >>2604
Since when? We've had them before.
Replies: >>2605 >>2611
since birdfag and pastanigger decided to drop all pretence and come out as cakekike's simps and former colorsquad members
Replies: >>2606 >>2607 >>2610
What the fuck is a colorsquad? Also meta threads that weren't made by pasta have been disallowed since day one. Nice revisionism though.
[Hide] (39.6KB, 382x491)
>come out as cakekike's simps and former colorsquad members
The burden of proof lies on the one who makes the claim. Also interesting how Eden was the first to maintain such a statement backed up with zero evidence.
>moving the rules because seagull doesn't follow them anyway
That that is a pro gamer move.
>asspull: The Post
Only BO can make them when he wants to communicate something important, like when the site was created, otherwise not allowed.
Replies: >>2613
>when he wants to communicate something important
No they used to be a regular fixture. I don't know why he stopped making them, but if he's going to slack off then someone else may as well make one to get his attention.
[Hide] (49.4KB, 571x600)
[Hide] (2.3KB, 721x39)
[Hide] (65.9KB, 414x361)
[Hide] (179.7KB, 1026x577)
[Hide] (2.1KB, 717x36)
How the hell did /v/ get a mod who didn't know phoneposting was a bannable offense?  We should all know what smartphones and the niggercattle they attract did to old 8chan and the internet at large.

There's a blatant phone nigger in the fighting game thread who has repeatedly shat up the thread.  A couple weeks ago his posts were deleted by Seagull.  According to the logs he was a "newfag phoneposter" which I think is a perfectly valid reason to delete and ban him, especially since his posts' content was just a copy-pasted link and general niggery.

Yesterday I reported the same guy in the same thread for the same reason and Alexander's reply in the log message was "well [phoneposting] isn't a bannable offense."  The nigger literally took a phone screenshot and posted it in the thread, bragged about not having a PC, and has derailed the thread for a second time.  He even marked up the screenshot like social media niggers do by smearing his thumb all over the screen to highlight something.

I really don't think I'm asking for a lot here.  Just clean up the thread and let us get back to calling each other faggots for our taste in games.
Replies: >>2615 >>2617 >>2620
[Hide] (261.7KB, 1284x980)
>it's another episode of seagull going his own way and deleting things he doesn't like
Replies: >>2616
>defending phoneposters
Kill yourself.
Alexander is pasta, anon.
Replies: >>2618
Oh, really?  I'd never heard his mod name before.  In any case, my point about phoneposting being banworthy still stands.
Replies: >>2619 >>2621 >>2627
>Oh, really?
Based on what Seagull has said that seems to be the case, and as you said I've never seen his mod name in any other place.
>In any case, my point about phoneposting being banworthy still stands.
Evidently not, if the BO says phone posting isn't bannable then it isn't. Whether or not it should be is another question.

It seems like seagull moderates based on looser cultural understandings, which is fine, and pasta moderates based on more strict literal interpretations of the rules. Yin and yang, they compliment each other.
I didn't post the screenshot, in case you have a hard time with IDs
>asking the mods to rulecuck you harder. 
And you are calling the phoneposters niggercattle.
Replies: >>2623
[Hide] (345.5KB, 1200x1237)
>removing cancer is bad
I wonder who could be behind this post.
[Hide] (151.4KB, 955x372)
Please, don't have the phoneposter banned. He's a phoneposter, AND a nigger. A real one at it, too. Mocking him is fun enough to justify his existence.
Replies: >>2628
I wish I was the only phoneposter now look at all this trash you've posted. Never gonna hear the end of it.
[Hide] (33.3KB, 286x269)
Opening the catalog and seeing if a thread has been bumped is the most efficient way of seeing if there are new posts, ergo,
Remove the bump limit
The newest GG thread is locked, to be unlocked when the old one falls off the catalog, which will be soon. However, it should be deleted and replaced instead, because the OP theme is metashit and all the posting in the thread is meta shitposting.
Replies: >>2636
Or you know ,get rid of the whole cancerous postule alltogether and spare yourself any future pains that it will cause you.
Replies: >>2637
[Hide] (53.3KB, 500x618)
>year of the lord 2015 + 6
>there are still fags getting hung up about goobergate
fools, the lot of you
Replies: >>2638
[Hide] (14.5MB, 1280x720, 02:04)
>2000+21 AD
>still giving a shit about twitterfaggotry that stopped being relevant two weeks after it started
Go look at the fedchan thread ,they don't even pretend or try to make it about videogames anymore.All discussion about videogame related stuff has moved to their own seperate threads and considering how the BO of this /v/ has a zero tolerance for off topic threads i just don't see the benefit for keeping  a thread like that.
[Hide] (188.3KB, 293x276)
After 2 long minutes of pondering, rule 4 was rectified; here's what it looks like now:

>4. Threads can be remade when either of these conditions is met:
> • the existing thread has reached the reply limit (450);
> • the existing thread has reached bump limit (400) AND is currently on page 11 of the catalog;
>   otherwise they will be locked. Check the catalog before making a new thread.

The reply and bump limits are staying the same, as it stands.

Regarding meta threads: you shouldn't post in this one since I rarely read /meta/ as it's really meant for bugs, improvements and other shit Sturgeon is meant to take care of, not board meta. Meta threads on /v/ aren't and were never meant to be banned or taboo, anyone is free to make one at any time if there isn't one already as long as the issue at hand is of greater calamity than
>Uhhh, someone called me mean things and I reported him and you haven't banned him and wiped his history, what the hell?
>Why aren't mods deleting X thing I don't like?
Which I can assure you make up 50% or more of the reports we get.

I haven't made one personally in recent times since last time since last time they really weren't used for anything useful besides complaining about goobers, calling Mark a kike, and other shit that didn't really relate to the board in any way shape or form, ultimately accomplishing nothing.
excuse me I need my daily intake of enlightened meta pill this is an NAP violation
Replies: >>2657
[Hide] (477KB, 600x600)
That's a good change, thanks.
Replies: >>2657
[Hide] (98.1KB, 180x260)
Q is tired now, go bother somebody else.
Q wishes you well.
[Hide] (5.9MB, 3000x3000)
ThankQ, patriot.
[Hide] (6.2KB, 705x118)
>page 11
That basically doesn't mean anything. Did you go to a thread in page 11 and see how old it is?
>bump limit + page 11
Well it's kind of fucking nothing. I would make it page 6-8. Keep in mind threads have been breaking this rule to begin with, such as the new webm thread and the newest gamenight planning thread, because it's unbearable.
Can't you just make a habit of checking this thread once in a while? Meta threads on /v/ invite drama and faggotry to the main board, it's best to keep it all here.
Replies: >>2668 >>2670 >>2671
dwaama bbad
Replies: >>2669
it sure isn't video games, faggot
Do you think they moved these discussions here so that they can 'check on them every now and then?Do you think that they actually give a shit what you think or care about your suggestions?Just look how he formats his posts >>2654 
This place is for them both a pesonal little soap-box and somewhere to safely ignore everything,the proverbial rug they sweep everything they don't like under and pretend it's not there.

If you want them to listen, really listen ,then the only language they understand is that of brute force.So taking the tengu approach to things and take a sledgehammer to the board;then and only then you're gonna have their undivided attention.
Replies: >>2671
Not a mod, but my perspective is that if it's in /v/, it's in view of the people who actually use the board and not just a few disgruntled users. I would kind of rather it be in meta too, just so that it doesn't inflate pph and bring all the crying that comes with that, but I know everyone can't be assed to have both /v/ and the meta thread open because it's on another board rather than just checking in on it every once in awhile when it gets bumped on the board you already browse regularly. The overboard has become harder to use with how active /b/ can be, so it's perfectly possible to miss it if you're using it for that kind of purpose.
While I find the nip bird dropping nukes on those who arguably deserve it as funny as anyone else, I think you're wrong.
>Just look how he formats his posts >>2654
>This place is for them both a pesonal little soap-box
It's just a funpost. I think it's fine for mods to use capcodes in meta contexts. And anyway, I've seen plenty of posts that heavily imply the poster is a mod without a code and they were always in a meta context. I've never seen any kind of -fagging from the mods outside of a meta context either. As for the Q thing specifically, lurk moar
>and somewhere to safely ignore everything,the proverbial rug they sweep everything they don't like under and pretend it's not there.
I would say that they're trying new things out and don't want to just give in to the demands of a few loud voices before seeing things through, especially considering you can never really tell if it's more than one guy doing the complaining or if they're legitimate users. I would cut them some slack since it's not like they're trying to introduce some extreme fundamental change. This place is relatively young and I don't really know how much experience any of them have modding with as much control as they have here.
plz lrn2space after punctuation or dont drunkpost in meta
Replies: >>2673
>This place is relatively young
>still has fatchan icon on browser
Oh you mean that it's young in this, it's 3rd itteration ?How many z's is this place on again currently?

Go fucking bullshit someone that doesn't know any better by now ,after all the time i spent on the kikes board i know a thing or two about powertripping censorious fags and the tell-tale signs of them so spotting a couple of wannabe aspiring fledgling immitators to him ain't no thing at this point.
It always starts like this whenever critisism of the moderation occured
<it's only a few disgruntled posters
<it's goons
<it's julay
<it's d&c
<it's niggerpill
<it's [insert boogeyman of the week]
then whenever a meta thread would pop up it would get locked and re-directed to a meta board where it could be ignored whilst pretending to still give a shit and listening to the users when in reality the opposite is true and any decision that was made was predetermined without any prior discussion or thought and only reversed when it would blow up in his face like homemade dynamite cooked up by a glaucoma ridden terrorist.

Blow it out your ass,i'll type any way i God damn want.
What are you gonna do about it?Delete my posts and ban me?
Replies: >>2703
I see you put a ban in for crossposting. Can you tell me where rules against it are? I can't seem to find them in this page, it must be there if you are banning for it though. I mean its not like you are just deleting what you don't like, right?
Replies: >>2675 >>2703
You were banned for being a faggot that links to fucking IGN, dumb nigger.
Replies: >>2677
It wasn't me, I just know that faggot power tripping jannies need to be watched.
Replies: >>2679 >>2703
It's really just seagull, I hardly ever see sturgeon or even pasta do anything but dismiss reports or delete spam/cp, while the bird nukes whole threads like it's nothing on a daily basis.
Replies: >>2680
[Hide] (27.1KB, 387x420)
>nukes whole threads like it's nothing on a daily basis
Alright, show me examples of "daily thread nuking" then. The logs are there available to everyone.
>still has fatchan icon on browser
If you weren't a newfag you'd know that the fatman icon is something that Sturgeon has tried repeatedly to replace.  He's said that icon literally isn't anywhere on the server and that the files all point to the starry Z icon, but the fatman takes priority for some reason that nobody can figure out.

Your next reply will be:
>oh ur atually dumb enough 2 beleev that? smh

>why did therad get deleeted????
<you shouldn't directly link to IGN, you stupid fuck
>power trip mauch??????????????
Sophistry.  You're a nigger and you should be shot.
Replies: >>2860
Hey seagull. Are you the whiney faggot that spams in every thread
>go back to cuckchan?
Why are you such a butthurt little nigger?
Oh and 
fucking lamo.
Hello. And Bye.
[Hide] (107.1KB, 400x400)
[Hide] (16.4KB, 724x279)
could a kind and illustrious moderator please point out to this old fella, the part of the rules which says a thing called "wojaposting" is forbidden? cause I sure looked reeeeeeal hard and can't seem to find it.

gonna double check with you real quick
>1. ALL global rules apply. Please read them at https://zzzchan.xyz/rules.html
nope, doesn't break any of those
>2. /v/ is a video game board. Keep your topics video game pertinent.
not a thread topic, replying to a post about a vn, seems good
>3. You must be 18+ to post.
no way to verify anyone's age but ok, for the sake of it let's say I am
>4. Threads can be remade when either of these conditions is met:
> • the existing thread has reached the reply limit (450);
 >• the existing thread has reached bump limit (400) AND is currently on page 11 of the catalog;
   otherwise they will be locked. Check the catalog before making a new thread.
all irrelevant, since I didn't make a new thread
>5. /v/ is not SFW. NSFW content is allowed, just spoil it.
nope, not this one

Additional stipulations:
>a. Effortless threads and template threads will be met with ridicule and may be bumplocked or locked. Put some effort when making a new thread.
>b. Some off topic discussion is allowed, use your common sense and and try not to fill a whole thread dedicated to an entirely different topic with it.
>c. If you get reported multiple times across multiple threads and your post history comprises near entirely of derailing, shitflinging, and generally not contributing to any of the threads you posted in, you will be banned and your post history may be wiped.
I'm posting from TOR so I'm afraid that's not an option, you'd just have to speculate and assume with 0 evidence whatsoever
>d. Rolling for dubs in shit threads is allowed; this, however, won't grant you a free "get out of jail" card. If you alone get a number of reports because of it and/or are caught shitting up seemingly fine threads, actions may be taken based on your post history.
not at all what I did
e. No one likes attention whores: namefagging and/or avatarfagging for no practical reason is frowned upon. If you are caught doing either repeatedly you may be banned.
not this one
f. Ban lengths are entirely dependent on which and how many rules you broke. (eg: cheese pizza grants a global perma)
can't ban

so which one is it? is it something you don't like perhaps? does it give you an asthma attack irl? maybe you should put it in the rule then
>6. Don't post things that could near give me a stroke IRL because this is the most srs place on the internet and I must be safe in my bubble from troublesome pictures.
is that ok?
have you considered taking a holiday? this can't be healthy.
Cry as much as you want
Replies: >>2891 >>2894
[Hide] (400.9KB, 720x672)
I just asked a simple and honest question
Replies: >>2894
[Hide] (225.2KB, 2400x2400)
Fucking jannies. Let's all go to 4channel.org/v/
[Hide] (41.3KB, 171x241)
It's funny how even with a long-winded and poorly-put-together rule page like /v/ has, you still get overzealous mods banning and deleting things for their own reasons rather than following the already established rules. 

That said, hope you don't expect anything to change, almost as certain as stockhold syndrom cases like this faggot >>2890 will always exist.
Replies: >>2895
that's probably seagull himself lol
Hello. And Bye.
Go away redditor.
What extraordinarly organic posts.  QQ moar, cuckchan.
Replies: >>2920
[Hide] (28.3KB, 443x395)
Back to Blacked.gov's gamergate thread with you, niggersucker.
/v/ is getting spammed please clean
Replies: >>2928
[Hide] (574.1KB, 967x872)
The threads that were deleted as a result of that spam attack still haven't been restored. I'm still hoping that will happen given that I've even emailed sturgeon about this. For fuck's sake, why am I one of the only people on this site to care about archiving /v/ threads. I really wish that jschan had that archive function by now or that archive.today had an option to save outlinks like archive.org, that would've made my job way easier and prevent stuff like this.
Replies: >>2929
[Hide] (182.4KB, 253x255)
>archiving imageboards
Replies: >>2930
So? Archiving the past is important, even if it's some anon's dumb posts on an obscure imageboard. Even cuckchan has archives, so it shouldn't be a problem that the smaller imageboards should be archived as well.
I've been archiving threads across several imageboards for over three years now (with several exceptions, cuckchan included) but I've never received any major recognition for it. At least various discussions have been preserved under my watch even though I've forgotten how many I have archived (it's probably in the lower 1000's by now).
>Archiving past imageboard posts is important
[Hide] (143.1KB, 1280x720)
>I've never received any major recognition for it
Thanks for your service anon.
Replies: >>2933
How come I can't make any new threads? Im just going to move on to other boards if I cant even fucking post.
Replies: >>2941 >>3009
You can, retard
Do you archive locally or on archive sites?
I've always wanted to make home server to archive boards, but never had money nor space for it.
Blockchan.ca has posts archived/loaded through IPFS. Two birds
good, fuck off
>Thread creation locked
what retard is in charge on this board?
Replies: >>3030 >>3033
How many times do we need to say this? Thread creation gets locked when the board reaches a certain TPH threshold to prevent spam. Lurk more you fucking retard
Replies: >>3031
It's been locked for 12 hours already you dumb faggot.
>heh, don't you know about our braindead solution to spam!
No, because only retards would use something like this.
Replies: >>3033
It appears that a threshold of 7 is way too low. We've been getting complaints about locked thread creation for quite a while now as it's getting activated even during normal times. I'm increasing it to a more lax number, but still low enough to protect older threads in the case of catalog spam.
Do you have the old vita gen threads? Thanks.
Is it possible to amend the OP of >>>/v/63665? This is the correct version: https://pastebin.com/sgPZaiwm
[Hide] (6.9KB, 711x121)
Replies: >>3167 >>3180
[Hide] (82.3KB, 253x228)
Where the fuck did the FPS thread just go? I get that OP maybe made it too soon but we were ~20 posts in and a decent discussion of FC2 had just stated.
Replies: >>3167 >>3168 >>3180
OP was >>>/v/66725 so seagull is a faggot. I thought we learned from the cakekike's reign of sweaty fingered terror that delete by IP should never be used without careful checking of post history. VPNs are a thing for a start.
Seagull banned me and deleted all the posts I've made, this includes strategy games too. It's absolute bullshit.
Replies: >>3169 >>3170 >>3172
Can threads be undeleted with jschan? If not I'll just remake the FPS thread.
Replies: >>3170
Fuck it >>>/v/66966
[Hide] (14.4KB, 518x400)
I wish there was something we could do. Oh well, let's just continue posting on seagull's board.
Replies: >>3173 >>3180
/vg/ is an alternative. It's quite unused. I'm not going near or around /geimu/ though.
Replies: >>3174
Same. I can take getting banned for missing a period in a sentence, but no gamergate thread? No way.
Replies: >>3180
Also is >>>/v/66983 retarded?
Does he know how time works?
[Hide] (273.3KB, 599x495)
>janny turns out to be a tranny censornigger powertripper
>this is the 213928167th time in internet history
>these weirdo tranny autismo losers cling to power everywhere so they can try to guide discussion and dialogie to their narrative just like jews

It's always (((der jannie))) another reminder to kill all niggers and trannyjannies, we don't even need them. 

So for the 213928167th time in forum history the dilemma is you have 2 options. 
1)correct it by removing the offender 
2)or don't and forum dies because eventually everyone leaves.

People didn't escape 4chaim and these other shit holes to be held captive again, fucking kill yourself you jew jannie rat scum. You are so fucking unbelievably pathetic.
Replies: >>3178 >>3181
He is the typical powertripping forum tranny.
What the fuck is this guy talking about. That wasn't me!
[Hide] (179.5KB, 411x600)
Just get rid of these birdbrains, he's done wrong over and over and over and over, how is this still allowed.

HI EDEN, nice try, but you're not fooling anyone, matter of fact stay clear of /gaymoo/ even if zzz/v/, smug/vg/, sports/v/, and julay/kong/ all died. You stupid faggot.
You should be embarrassed. I hope you at least use a VPN.
Replies: >>3183
I still don't get why was I banned. I wasn't spamming.whatsoever.
Replies: >>3185
[Hide] (547KB, 1800x1079)
Lmao shut the fuck up you powerless little faggot cuck, go get your vaccine already. I hope you die in agony.
Replies: >>3184
And I hope you die of cancer in the most painful way cuckjak poster
Replies: >>3189
Dynamic IP? Maybe the spammer is on the same ISP as you. I assume if you were using a VPN then you would know to factor that in already. Just use tor nigger. Less chance of getting your posts deleted because mods aren't THAT retarded except billmurray YOU NIGGER WHO GAVE YOU THE POWER TO BAN TOR FOR 24 HOURS AAAAAAAA
[Hide] (213.4KB, 480x480)
I just want a fucking /v/idya board with actual activity and without retarded mods, how come not a single one has been created yet?
>J-just create a new one yourself.
What a truly great idea! Let's split the /v/ userbase even further!
Replies: >>3187
[Hide] (224.5KB, 464x450)
at this point I'm starting to think the bird is an outside agent trying to fuck the board on purpose, I've given him the benefit of doubt multiple times and he's defied it just as many, no one is that retarded, this is mark tier no less no more.
We should all move to 8 chan dot moe slash v slash. It is a better video game board and does not have stupid problems such as the problem that you are having!
Replies: >>3189
>defending being cyber mind controlled by censorcuck tranniejannie 
>owie owie the picture hurtsssss plz delete my feelings ahh
This is rock bottom pathetic dude,  all he (YOU) had to do was not be a fucking censoring selective moderation little shadowy faggot. Shit all  you had to do was delete the cp, delete the spam, delete the obvious shit and shut the fuck up nigger, but you couldn't do that so here we are.

Selective moderation trannie jannie power tripping constantly censoring posters all the time, deleting shit behind their backs like the little fucking ugly crossdressing imbeciles they are always acting ratty. Fuck you faggots.

No fucking jew jannie rat scum, you must be removed. 

2 options. 
1)correct it by removing the offender 
2)or don't and forum dies because IT WILL GET WORSE and eventually everyone leaves.

I hope your keyboard electrocutes your fatass amerimutt mcHeart and you die
I find it depressing to see how the 4/v/ userbase can fight wars of attrition and shitposting with their jannies due to the sheer numbers involved, while a single powertripping faggot over here has more than enough time to delete every single post he does not approve of.
One more point against "small sites are automatically better", I guess.
[Hide] (49.4KB, 1212x1212)
>seagull is a retard that doesn't know what he's doing
>eden has a dead board and keeps trying to gaslight everyone into thinking every other site is out to get him
>smug bans you for forgetting a comma
janis will always suck, name one good jani/mod/owner that didn't sperg/cuck out at some point
Replies: >>3192 >>3193 >>3196
W.T. Snacks
[Hide] (47.8KB, 524x480)
holy shit kill yourself already you stupid fuck
Replies: >>3197
>smug bans you for forgetting a comma
I'm more upset at the fact that my entire post will get filtered for including an "iirc" or "afaik" whenever I venture there because I'll forget it does that.
Which board? I just posted on /v/ with tor. It's either been undone already or I got a lucky exit node.
Replies: >>3199
The latter you fucking fucking fuck fuck shit fuck
Replies: >>3200
Was it seagull or was it that nigger bill again? Post a screen cap and report it. Although last time I think it got to the point where the ban expired since it was a 24h one. I guess it just depends on how much trouble tor IPs are making.
[Hide] (85.5KB, 1024x467)
Can the bird clean up the never-ending spam that plagues every single magaZZZine thread? I'm sure it's nothing but a complete coincidence that the current biggest OC project on zzz in a while gathers a high volume of completely organic shitposts by samefags and TORpedos shitting on every little aspect concerning the zine.
Replies: >>3792
>trannies with a persecution complex make shitty clique on an imageboard with anonymous posters
>they surprised when the anonymous posters call them faggots
Maybe you're just gay.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 2700x4000)
This is your monthly reminder to do your fucking job, seagull. Delete gayops and blatant lies before they turn into 20-reply derails.
Literally the only thing the /v/ mods could possibly be trusted to do right at this point is kill themselves
>4am threads,
More like 4UM threads!
Why have seagull, alexander and elephant been completely AWOL for the last three weeks? Did they fuck off when you created /fascist/?
Replies: >>4184 >>4186
We've been here less than a week. We couldn't have anything to do with their disappearance.
rumor has it they've been planning an attack that "will make 9/11 look like a fucking joke"
[Hide] (243.7KB, 375x523)
Why have seagull, alexander and elephant been AWOL for more than a month? Why have sturgeon and rapeman done nothing while /cattle/ gloats about turning the front page into a slower version of blacked.gov?
At least it isnt Mark
[Hide] (280.1KB, 1647x899)
[Hide] (664.8KB, 640x426)
having a problem where I'm unable to post and some of me posts disappearing I deeny liker remaking the same posts all the time buttoes I dunno how to take it
Replies: >>4217
Are you getting an error?
Replies: >>4218
oh maybe I'm a dumboes since I think I just need to do the caperah since I seem able to post now sorry I kinda spammed into the questions that don't answer threatdoes matoe ignore me dubmoes
[Hide] (64.5KB, 1494x955)
wait no something going up
Replies: >>4220
that's the captcha to report or self delete posts what are you even doing
Replies: >>4221
well I'm unable to post and there's nothing popping uppers telling me why nottoes so I figure the captoe buttoes I'm unable to do that either so I deeny can matoeable I seem to be able to do it and post here and for a smell moment I wass able again
Replies: >>4222
what kind of force compells you to talk like you have legit brain damage? is it brain damage?
Replies: >>4223
[Hide] (919.1KB, 640x640)
I wishing you wellingtins matoeable
so who is this worse than retarded jackass named carp now? 
>perfectly fine post that breaks no rules
>deleted within 5 minutes because "offtopic, post it in the news thread"
>even though the QTDDTOT thread is pretty much off topic containment
>even though stipulation a clearly states
> A small degree of off topic discussion is allowed. Use your common sense and and try not to fill a whole thread dedicated to an entirely different topic with it.
>post in the fucking meta thread to complain about it
>post deleted within minutes
you are a stupid nigger, you are the blackest gorilla nigger I've ever seen, kill yourself
Replies: >>4233 >>4238
[Hide] (90.8KB, 828x1080)
matoeable me postes have been on topic so if the manner is how they're presented is an issue I wouldoes liker know where that change has come aboutoes either way it's nee real worry matoe
>banned tor
>obviously didn't know it was tor when he was banning it
Where do these trannies even cum from, there sure wasn't a round of asking for vols on any of the boards
>tor banned again
>my posts among others deleted for literally no reason
is this carp nigger for real, not even seagull is this moronic
Can someone redpill me on recent /v/ happenings? i have been busy playing vidya for the past few weeks and want the zeitgeist of modern /v/.
What the fuck happened to gamenights or just general fucking around with eachother over different games like that PPSSPP thread or joining dead game servers for fun?
The posts replying to anon above got deleted but if anything that just reinforces what he was told (and already read). Dumbass mods.
[Hide] (349.8KB, 720x710)
thmakering you champies for your kind willingtins matoes I shall be leaving zzzchan and going onto someplace else I appreicated the kind times and I wish you all a happiness untrue anew my beautiful friendoes
Replies: >>4248
Farewell, my friend.
>report obvious cuckchanner
<banned for reporting
Why was this newnigger faggot carp given hotpocket powers? I was even told to report such posts when asking about it ~2 years ago. Starting to suspect he was the poster I reported lmao
Also the ban message is an empty box and I only found out from the logs. Log message gets extra hilarious when considering carp is the only one I recall ever deleting one of my posts.

Guess I won't be posting any more win7 emu builds or ever get off my ass to do another Dystopia because I got FUGGEN BANNED for doing as requested.
Replies: >>4250 >>4251
You shouldn't lie about stuff like this,   we have enough tools to see if someone comes from cuckchan. The posts didn't have any cuckchan lingo and were talking about V I D E O G A M E S, you just didn't agree with him so you decided to report every single post of his. Don't mass report someone just because you are being btfo in a discussion. I have deleted plenty of cuckchan lingo so it's weird that you are complaining about that, don't know your agenda but you are always welcome to come back to talk about.
If i remember right your ban was one week long, so we hope to have you back to engage on vidya discussion. I'm always receptive to anons feedback or of any kind and it's always taken into consideration. Everything i do is for anons to be able to talk about vidya.
Replies: >>4252
[Hide] (13.3KB, 332x259)
just like
ban evade
Replies: >>4252
No, the correct way to deal with cuckchanners and other scum is to not reply, which I haven't and no one else was until he started sperging about it.
>I have deleted plenty of cuckchan lingo
>The posts didn't have any cuckchan lingo
Had a quick look through your dismissed reports and it is obvious you cannot recognize if someone is from around here or not. As if it weren't already from what you do delete.
>Everything i do is for anons to be able to talk about vidya.
By banning anons who have reported exactly what seagull asked people to report multiple times so they can't post anymore.
>don't know your agenda but you are always welcome to come back to talk about.
What is your agenda dismissing cuckchan reports and allowing the constant gamenight gayops to remain while banning people for reporting things and also deleting what you don't like?
Fuck off retard, why don't you delete my whole post history while you're at it. Just do it faggot. And then kill yourself.

A bit pointless if this nigger is just going to shit all over the board anyway.
Replies: >>4253 >>4254
just like tell the BO so he yells at him
Replies: >>4255
Anon calm down, there's no reason to think that anon was not from here, he was frustrated about no one answering to his posts, why do you think he was a  cuckchanner? You should report cuckchanners when they use stuff like "based" and other cuckchan lingo/wojack posting. But that's no reason to mass report someone you don't like and hoping that "cuckchanner" flies so you can get rid of them.
Replies: >>4255 >>4256
I think he already did when tor was banned.
Keep digging
there's no reason to ban people over being wrong either
Replies: >>4340
[Hide] (245.3KB, 1364x733)
[Hide] (2.7KB, 687x64)
In case it wasn't obvious, I'm only posting this for posterity's sake
Replies: >>4280
[Hide] (19.2KB, 600x715)
Indeed it was very OBVIOUS. Wait a sec, wasn't there someone trying to force this gay "le board wars" with /tv/ for months? Who was it I wonder? Hmm..... it's soooooo convenient that you browse there and immediately come to "warn" us of the imminent "threat" of those pesky tvcucks so that we may all go up in arms for the epic board war, "anon". I'm sure it tooooooooootally wasn't you who made that post in the first place. I say we should all ndulge into this drama and "BTFO" those evil pesky tvcucks because we all know that's one tried and true way to attract more users, NOT tire the existing ones into leaving. Because we all love drama, am I right or am I right fellow "anon" *wink wink*?
Replies: >>4281
I'm asking for the exact opposite.
Anons were right to just point and laugh at OP. We know that there is/are bad actors who stir the shit just for the sake of it, so that was the right course of action.
Every time I want to put a pin in any drama horsehit, there's always at least one sperg (in this case you) trying to pull triple fudge reverse-retard-psychology.
So lmao-ing @ ur lyfe rn fam
Replies: >>4287
Whats next, you gonna tell us to visit 8chan.moe or prolikewoah? To give up our "allegiances" and leave zzzchan? Fucking retard, hope the mods dox you again.
[Hide] (62.4KB, 926x345)
Why are federal agents allowed to get the site shut down with plausible deniability on /v/?
[Hide] (195.7KB, 905x776)
[Hide] (6.7KB, 727x47)
[Hide] (11.1KB, 595x123)
I know that rapeman is new, but is he really so new that he doesn't recognize obvious astroturfing and edenposting for what it is?  (I'd call it demoralization but that might imply it ever accomplishes anything.)

The "X nobody asked for" phrase gets posted literally every single time anyone suggests or tries to host a game night.
Game has been popular and proven to work?  Nobody asked for it; do something new.
Trying a new game?  Nobody asked for it; don't bother.
Game night was popular?  Nobody asked for it; that can't be true.

I've seen this happen for literal years on zzz/v/, and the consistency plus the autistic obsession with the exact same phrase every single time is strong evidence that it's eden.  These posts should always be deleted from any game night or game night-adjacent thread they're found in.

Yet when I reported it a few days ago, rapeman dismissed the reports with no explanation.  Why?

Pics 1 and 2 are the posts in question.  Pic 3 is another example I found in the previous game night organization thread.
If they were right then they wouldn’t be banned in the first place.
[Hide] (37.8KB, 724x524)
Can you please tell your mods to put something meaningful in the reason field if they delete something?  Not every board is /b/.
Spoiler File
(2.3MB, 800x450, 00:28)
[Hide] (13.3KB, 714x86)
you absolute gorilla troglodyte this isn't cp, this was posted on cuckchan a fucking decade ago and mods there never gave a shit. tell your mod to stop being a powertripping niggerfaggot.
[Hide] (7.6KB, 712x51)
why was the mobians.ai thread deleted? how is it spam?
Cuckchanners have shit up and derailed every active thread on /v/ and reports are just dismissed. Bring back Rapeman. I regret ever complaining about him.
Replies: >>4535
It's so unbelievably tiring seeing every single thread turn into a 20-30 post slap fight over literally fucking nothing.
Replies: >>4536
i don't know about you, but I personally enjoy seeing a website I like bleed users. if the mods have become complacent, maybe they shouldn't have taken the "job" in the first place, lol

oh well, not my problem, my board is kept clean thanks to my tireless efforts so if /v/ is having an issue on the same site, it sounds like a 'them' problem..../v/tards will be /v/tards.
Can you niggers do something about the slidechink already? He shits up every thread with his nonsense replies and low-res photos. I report him endlessly but you do nothing about it. Fucking get your shit together.
stop allowing necrobumping. And yes its a real thing dumb faggot. I've seen the /v/ logs where you're mad about reports complaining about necrobumping. It is a real thing and its happening. How about you try moderating for a second and stop letting people bump threads on the last page of the board? They provide no actual discussion and just bump it with inane garbage. For months.
Replies: >>4556
I agree that it is a real phenomenon, but more invisible or semi-visible rules is bad for people wanting to post.  If you think threads you like are being supplanted by garbage then just bump the stuff you enjoy.
<but i don't want to have to do that
It's a bad situation to be sure, and there are definitely some faggots on the board who enjoy bumping threads that have run their course (the actual subhuman who posts pictures of food, the Street Fighter faggot, or people who poke their heads in every month or two and think the first two people in this list don't exist).  But this is pretty low-grade faggotry compared to some of the shit this site has endured and if this is as bad as it gets then I can live with that.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1000x1253)
Please fix the word filter. Every time I try posting something longer than three sentences I see the magic words "word filter auto ban" and I have to weigh trying to read seagull's mind to find out which innocuous word was used to annoy him this week against closing the tab and doing something productive with my day.
Replies: >>4558
[Hide] (247.6KB, 326x643)
Seagull is innocent, It was a rather generous hash filter I had set to curb some spam yesterday, though I'm not sure why it was set to "autoban" rather than just "block post" since I'm fairly certain that's the setting I had on. I lifted the ban already.
For future reference, it would help if you described what exactly you tried to post and then also appealed to the ban through the appeal form when this sort of shit happens, so we can narrow it down and lift the ban quicker.
Last edited by alexander
Replies: >>4559 >>4563
These need to fuck off from the wordfilter list:
These are actual English words, except for LOL which at least has a conventional usage that isn't cancer.
Replies: >>4560 >>4563
[Hide] (40.8KB, 2184x384)
[Hide] (337.5KB, 2464x603)
[Hide] (253.7KB, 1432x618)
[Hide] (631KB, 1303x726)
the fuck are you on about
[Hide] (173.3KB, 2688x2688)
I've said it a dozen times, and I'll say it once more: there are NO word filters on /v/ outside of spam links and hashes of illegal shit like CP. When filters are added it's a short term measure to curb persistent spam and are removed as soon as it's over. With that said, "based", "literally", and "lol" were never filtered so I'm going to join the other anon in asking: the fuck are you on about?

Do note that like in this scenario >>4558, if it looks like you can't post no matter what you type, it might be a problem with the file you're trying to upload.
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