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“…Many of today's problems are a result of yesterday's solutions.” - Otamin

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THIRD TOURNAMENT STARTS AT JULY 31ST, 8PM UTC https://time.is/UTC https://prolikewoah.com/t/20210731T20

BRACKETS LINK: https://challonge.com/SOKUDUELIST
SIGN UP FOR THE TOURNEY HERE: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/DyLvyC1y7h
STREAM LINK (when the tourney starts): https://cytu.be/r/touhourney

For those that do not want to register manually, post the name that you are signing up with here. It will be added to the brackets.

Hisoutensoku is an expansion to Touhou 10.5 SWR and is a multiplayer fighting game made by Tasofro with ZUN's approval. It's easy to learn, hard to master battle system makes for fun and fast paced matches with counterhits often launching girls across the screen. Very fast when played right. As a P2P game, game hosts must forward ports in order to play it or use specific workarounds.

Full installation: https://mega.nz/file/JaZ1WCrZ#S5KOFmp7vvV6I31hmJh157q9Nw0Z0fDMYb01WBQ4h_Y

This repack contains pre-configured soku alongside quality-of-life mods like automatically enabling rollback (sokuroll), autopunch, netplay lobby and being able to change contents of your deck in the character selection menu during netplay. Simply extract and play. More info here >>5125

MIRRORS (links from the old thread):
Full installation: https://mega.nz/#!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k
Mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7ulje2arv05zjbg/Touhou_Hisoutensoku_%252B_Full_Unlock_%252B_SokuRoll_%252B_SWRSToys_%252B_Tensokukan.zip/file
Modpack: https://mega.nz/file/m5ghXYLQ#waa_R8bY-JmApb3Xia__6MetYdKddmCk39QwkJEGlGc

For those that can't download from the main mega link for some reason. Get soku, then extract contents of swrs toys (modpack archive) directly into the same folder. 

To host, a hosting player forwards a port (detailed instructions are available on the internet) and provides IP with a port in an IP:Port format, launches the game and uses the Vs Network menu to start the server. Client connects to provided IP and port and plays game. For hosts, please be sure to check the options menu to set a port and disable the "post to bot" checkmark if you don't want random people from the lobby to join instead of people in the thread. If no one's joining in the thread, playing people from the lobby can be a good idea to practice!

Should a port be unable to be forwarded, workarounds exist - Autopunch is installed in a modpack and is used automatically in case of un-forwarded ports. Keep in mind that it can fail on some routers and workplace connections and that ping will likely be less desirable, so please forward your ports.

Wiki: https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/

This is a central thread for posting information about the game and hosting games. Players are encouraged to get in as much practice as they can before the event - by hosting games or joining them. As always, feel free to ask questions about the game.
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Replies: >>6644
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-The tournament organizer will not participate in the tournament, but will host for others to help practice for the upcoming event throughout the week.
-If final player count is below 32 players, the event will be a Best of 3, Double Elimination contest. Otherwise, it will be a Best of 3, Single Elimination contest.
-Use autopunch as a host when forwarding ports is impossible. Try to mention that it's used in the thread in case of connection failures - for some players, autopunch may simply not work. Link for non-modpack games here - https://github.com/delthas/autopunch
-Streamer is likely to be autistic, please put up with him.
-Three tournaments are planned. THREE.
-Take it easy.


From previous tournaments, there are some things that we've learned regarding the setup. Therefore, all participants are asked to get a couple things ready for when something inevitably goes wrong.


As spectating is unreliable at best, it's best to automatically save replays (enable in options). After the match, one of the players must upload the replays (found in Hisoutensoku\replay) and then give strmfag the link. This will let everyone see your matches on strm.


If you can't host, get autopunch (https://github.com/delthas/autopunch ; full installation already has this); both players need this. It will likely not function on a work network or an old router, so keep that in mind. If the participants fail to have a game until the winner is needed for the next round, it will be decided by concede or coinflip.


If a player is absent during the first round, his match is skipped until the rest of the matches within the round are done. If he's not there by then, he's counted as a bye and his opponent advances in the bracket. Same applies to later rounds. Don't hold everyone up.

Game mechanics and character summaries:

I'll start hosting for practice in two or three hours.
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Second for being useless
british caliphate need not apply
Hi gamers
Replies: >>6376
Oi! Where are the qt girls at?
Replies: >>6376
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those are both my proxies

hosts SOON just let me finish spamming your board ok
Replies: >>6377
You're lying
Replies: >>6378
you're me too ok
Replies: >>6382
Ok when does the start
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>I still struggle with fast characters to the degree that most of my wins are a fluke
I might not be able to keep my promise to beat all the sokuniggers at this rate. This is what I get for my laziness.

Can I also be you?
wut dis
all me
Replies: >>6386
[Hide] (74.2KB, 797x1024)

If I'm already playing someone else or absent, please consider hosting and putting your IP in the thread for others to join.
Replies: >>6389
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GGs, Iku anon. It's getting really, really late so I'm calling it quits for today (6 AM!). Please try to set up more land cancel j.2a's and run more alternative skillcards - Iku has a very nice choice of them. And just in advance, I'm not a good indicator of overall soku skill in the thread - people are mostly at your level. I'll try to host more tomorrow.
Replies: >>6390
ggs anon
alright fuckers get in
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The week of tryharding has begun.
Replies: >>6398
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Replies: >>6399 >>6404
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g gggs
Ah so you did use a card up there.  I thought it was just some weird rollback jack.
lol what is this
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[Hide] (621.3KB, 842x633)
Nooooo. The streak is broken. I think it was around 120 at the end. I'm quite tired now so will take a break. Also don't want the entire day taken up by soku.
Replies: >>6405 >>6406
GGs, sorry for the abrupt end.
Everything just kinda froze then it kicked me back to the network screen.
Replies: >>6407
> I think it was around 120 at the end.
wasn't it 175 matches? close to 200 huh
Replies: >>6407
Same for me. Just lost connection.
I just checked and I have 117 replays. My mind had lost all perception of time later on. If I didn't have the replays you could convince me it was 200 games.
this thread needs more chirno
post moar chirno
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[Hide] (460.5KB, 1500x2120)
[Hide] (521.3KB, 808x817)
hello yes i would like a host
Replies: >>6411 >>6413
>>6410 short games
Replies: >>6412 >>6414
I realized I fucked up my settings, gimme a minute
sorry, your everything seems to be lagging so much that it's spiking at delay 6
it's not impossible to play, but please find a way to delete lag
host still up btw
Replies: >>6415
still failed to choose my actual profile, now i can't connect to you somehow
Replies: >>6417
?G's, too much lag so yuyuko was picked because dodging ghost spam at 15 fps is pain
please attempt to get a better internet so that it's possible to play this EXCHANGE OF IDEAS in full speed and not in 1/4-1/2 one, thank you
also did you rike it
Replies: >>6418
i did not rike it this time because i couldn't have fast froggy fun with suwako
Replies: >>6419
I hope you have a better connection with someone else, don't give up!
there's the lobby plugin too in the OP modpack, you can try it and connect to random people and get SUBSEQUENTLY DESTROYED 10/10 i recommend it
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host up
[Hide] (2MB, 1334x750)
Is Pasta going to be participating or is he still living the normalfag life and distancing himself from zzzchan more and more? I want to face him.
Replies: >>6423 >>6426
[Hide] (304.9KB, 865x813)
His last /v/igger mention was a week ago at https://zzzchan.xyz/v/logs/07-03-2021.html . I think he's still on almost-perma vacation, but you could potentially get in his face enough so that he can't ignore you. It's a matter of persistence.

Host up: xpadder may cause the first match to go back into menu, please don't mind it
Replies: >>6424
Good games Umbrellafag. Try to range with Yukari better and find good timings to 623 - it's a really powerful, if risky tool in her arsenal.

On break now
[Hide] (17.2KB, 300x292)
>still living the normalfag life and distancing himself from zzzchan more and more?
You say that as if they're bad things.
host back
Replies: >>6434
Replies: >>6436
[Hide] (8.9MB, 1280x720, 02:08)
Replies: >>6430
never trust canadians
Replies: >>6435
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ggs komafugger
[Hide] (1.8MB, 378x368)
GGs alicefriend, tired now will host more tomorrow need more stamina save me
it may appear at first glance that no amount of fumos can save you from the beams and ass, but you're essentially fighting for time to set up your dolls, which converts into abusing their delayed bullet attack to burst down the enemy - her moves that outprioritize faster things (like marisa that has none of that but is just there to outfast with utility on the side) are things like 66a (really FUN when it gets blocked correctly) and 623 (positional; alt is a good anti-air)
don't give up alice is amazing, she just needs you to stop being a neurotypical
Replies: >>6437
Soku doesn't interest me or my friends but I have a respect for trying to set up events even if it's requires some 'messy techniques'.
Replies: >>6439 >>6446
my messy technique is spamming all your shitboards and my way of showing respect was not spamming qa does that count
also thank you for your patronage please consider playing game
More game
Replies: >>6444 >>6445
[Hide] (562.3KB, 723x1024)
GGs, game will be back up in 30 minutes.
ggs, yes the lag did make it weird and awkward
drama is a form of advertisement
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Replies: >>6450 >>6451
help I've run out of 2hu images because the board keeps posts for thousands
Replies: >>6463
[Hide] (307KB, 370x374)
Who needs touhou images anyway
west coast host is here
Replies: >>6456
[Hide] (293.3KB, 600x847)
ggs, thanks for hostan
[Hide] (149KB, 500x500)
GGs. Thank you for the games and the bully.
lunch time games
Replies: >>6454 >>6457
Get in, got an hour. If no one joins in 10 ish minutes I'll turn it over to the trannies.
Replies: >>6457 >>6458
[Hide] (4.3MB, 04:43)
ggs alicefag from ye' olden times
hosts down, it's too late in the afternoon to be awake
[Hide] (6MB, 640x368, 02:21)
GGs youkai exterminator. Host and stream down. Will continue doing practice streams throughout the week at 12PM PST for anyone who wants to play.
[Hide] (641.9KB, 1671x1002)
Replies: >>6461
GGs, I feel like I am getting genuinely better at frog and my new card choice experimentations feel kinda nice except for maybe the stone frog that is kinda iffy
Replies: >>6462
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[Hide] (147.7KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (147.7KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (147.7KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (147.7KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (147.7KB, 1280x720)
tried turning that off but the setting refuses to save
Replies: >>6466
[Hide] (6.1MB, 04:25)
guess I'll just musicpost then
Replies: >>6470
host up
Replies: >>6469
oh fuck host closed emergency b back soon
Replies: >>6471
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[Hide] (599.7KB, 883x672)
host back up
Replies: >>6472
fast motherfucker
Replies: >>6474
Replies: >>6479 >>6482
GGs, I'm getting really tired of i-frame cards.
[Hide] (188.1KB, 916x990)
ggs komachi
stop leaving so many openings, try to minimize them, watch some high-end replays on https://sokureplays.delthas.fr/ and figure out what you're doing wrong 

host back up at
I'm back from lunch, and ready for more game.

Yeah I have a lot of bad habits.
Replies: >>6485
GGs to cirnofag and okuufag (reimufag).

what the fuck there is a word filter
Replies: >>6480 >>6482
More games tomorrow
[Hide] (70.5KB, 441x462)
To host or not to host. That is the dilemma.
[Hide] (270.9KB, 595x447)
[Hide] (763.5KB, 750x895)
ggs, sorry for the lag
[Hide] (1.3MB, 200x163)
ggs alice break now because of lagspikes (next time I'll default to delay 6)
you're straight up better than me, but most of your 66a attempts whiffed, please fix that bad habit
GGs, that was a lot of fun.
[Hide] (107.9KB, 00:09)
gg the scythe one
[Hide] (133.6KB, 357x459)
back from break HOST UP
Replies: >>6488
ggs, thanks for games anyone, need to do other shet now
please consider hosting and playing more!
Hello, first time playing this. I was able to get it to boot but is there anywhere you can look to have the basics of the game explained to you? I'm just hitting buttons with no real sense of what I'm doing right now.
Replies: >>6490 >>6491
Reading the wiki now. This post can be ignored.
All right. I played for a bit, I can now win against the AI on lunatic without losing a round. I'm pretty much a professional now, probably ready for some online play.
Replies: >>6493 >>6495
[Hide] (41.6KB, 267x400)
cmon in
Replies: >>6496
Be aware that the AI cannot graze but the average player can, long range engagements are a borefest and you will get into melee pretty often. Only advice I can give is block lots and be fast on your feet with dodging bullet. Oh and don't forget flight is a thing, but be careful with the hot summer sun, it can be pretty tiring to fly near it when its out.
Sorry anon I desperately needed some sleep and now I'm leaving to wageslave. I'll be back in around 8 hours if you want
good morning i hate soku
Replies: >>6499
Beat down time
Replies: >>6503
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1200x675)
meanwhile LET'S GO
Replies: >>6502 >>6507 >>6508
setting delay to 6
Replies: >>6508
[Hide] (998KB, 989x1396)
ggs, well played
Replies: >>6504 >>6517
gg alicefag, games enjoyed.
Anyone want to play? I'll be ready in about 10 minutes (might have to fiddle around with it to make it work in netplay)
Replies: >>6506
[Hide] (140.9KB, 600x800)
yes, fun game here
Replies: >>6509 >>6512 >>6525
[Hide] (59.4KB, 626x720)
good games, Komachi, please, please find more space to use more heavy C bullets and learn how to limit people consistently after hit
I want to make a replay commentary someday using your replays because some komachis exist that absolutely murder me and it would be a shame to just leave this at that

Replies: >>6533 >>6534
ok im coming don't expect much from me this is my first game vs a real person
Replies: >>6510
I will make embarrassing replays of your defeat
Replies: >>6511 >>6513
woops didn't mean to join just wanted to spec
Replies: >>6514
I'm ok with that as long as you give me advice and mentorfag for me.
Replies: >>6514
I can't believe you've done this
Ah I happen to be an expert in advicefaggatory. Plus you will have spectators
wtf you can go offscreen??
Replies: >>6516 >>6518
thats my special attack
Since when Alice became a centaur?
[Hide] (886.1KB, 1300x1000)
Welcome to soku, enjoy your stay.
how do you get out of the corner in this game
Replies: >>6520 >>6521
border escape (see >>1862 ; short version is, stop holding backwards while blocking, hold a direction and input dash twice)
you can also buffer highjump which grazes
Replies: >>6522
I'm not new to only this game, I'm new to fighting games in general so I don't understand what that means.

Is there somewhere with the basic terminology written down?
Replies: >>6524
[Hide] (636KB, 777x1087)
please click on >>1862 and read, then ask about anything you're still confused about
if a time comes when everyone is out of thread (sleeping etc) and you have questions, it's a good idea to check the wiki for an answer: https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/ I think they have a glossary section over here https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/wiki/Glossary
Replies: >>6527 >>6529
all right anon thanks for the games gonna go make a hamburger to regain my pride after that asskicking
Replies: >>6526 >>6527
*mend my pride
[Hide] (158.3KB, 800x600)
GGs. You made some good progress even though you are being thrown into the deep end. I'll be using soku jargon in the following. If you don't understand a word look at >>6524 for sources.

I'm sure you noticed when you did something too much I began to do moves to counter it, such as the way you border escaped or when you approached me in the air I would intercept. This push and pull of always trying to one up your opponent makes the heart of fighting games. If you are in the corner and know my next attack you can graze/border escape it. If you can learn how to control you character then all these tools add to the potential options you have to get something on your opponent.

Some specifics for startes. Learn to high jump and move around quickly even when the opponent is chasing you and shooting bullets. You can escape pressure in all directions not just forwards and backwards. Get comfortable with the cancels between moves. Especially melee to bullet as I didn't see you cancel into them. You can also jump cancel you bullet attacks. You'll have noticed when I was attacking my moves would come out very quickly. All characters are capable of this in their own way. You can also look at some resources online for blockstrings and combos to save youself reinventing the whole character.

Keep up the hard work and you'll see good returns. 
I can't be bothered to proof read this. No bully.
Replies: >>6529
thanks for that I'm going through it now.
it's readable, good enough

Are you able to explain how come near the end I wasn't able to use the "stop blocking then double dash to get out of the corner" trick someone highlighted above? In the last few matches I tried using it but it wouldn't come out. Was that you doing something that prevented me from doing it or was I just messing up the input over and over?

>Get comfortable with the cancels between moves. Especially melee to bullet as I didn't see you cancel into them. You can also jump cancel you bullet attacks. 

I didn't know for the jump cancelling, for the bullets between moves I just figured it wasn't useful for Youmu because the take a while to come out but if it's actually worth it to do that I'll practice it next time I play.
Replies: >>6530 >>6536
You can only BE (border escape) during block stun, i.e. when you are in recoil from blocking a move. If you attempted to BE during block stun and it didn't come out then the cuases are:
 - you miss inputed (too late or weren't holding a direction)
 - you wrong blocked
 - the opponent is using a spell including spell starup
Replies: >>6531
also a few specific bullet moves can't be BE'd until the end such as marisa's 6c laser attack
GG's max, sorry about the lag,I just wanted to play someone.
Replies: >>6534
[Hide] (265.3KB, 850x1360)
good games meiling/remilia/suika/komachi
please, please learn how to border escape properly, it will make your game so much better with what you already know, it's not even funny - BE's are a somewhat reliable tool for escaping corner pressure and oki and you're just not using it

also it didn't lag as much as you think, please consider joining for more games in the future
[Hide] (2MB, 1637x2010)
>Are you able to explain how come near the end I wasn't able to use the "stop blocking then double dash to get out of the corner" trick someone highlighted above? In the last few matches I tried using it but it wouldn't come out. Was that you doing something that prevented me from doing it or was I just messing up the input over and over?
The input is really precise and netplay matches use rollback. You have to do the entire sequence of moves (release block, input direction, input dash, input dash) in the span of a single blockstun duration (duration of your character being locked in a blocking animation as a result of an attack). This means that while for really short blockstuns (like from Komachi's weaker B bullets (1 hit)) it's really hard to consistently get a Border Escape without practice, it's possible even for a complete novice to attempt this from a blockstun of a larger hit.

I recommend you practice this. Boot up a Lunatic AI and let it attack you. Then, Border Escape. On the ground, it's possible to BE forward (6), backward (4), highjump (2), highjump backward (1). In the air, it's possible to BE forward (6) and backward (4). Some melee hits like 6a and bullets like 5C tend to be easier to get the value from BE off (that is, being free from pressure) while other times you need to guess the timing if and once opponent adapts to your semi-consistent pressure escaping.

Replies: >>6537 >>6542
Missed one thing - you have to hold a direction while spamming dash.
[Hide] (232.1KB, 800x754)
GGs Youkai Remover. It's been really fun to maneuver through the j.5C spam, but I'm really tired now and need sleep. You probably need to punish things a bit better and catch pressure attempts, but that's really minor gripes - I'm already almost losing every match and you're winning a lot.

More games (hopefully) tomorrow
[Hide] (154.6KB, 800x800)
GGs. j5a is the end of me. I feel like I should do less in neutral or at least less attacks. Also oki is good and I'm flubbing it so much.
What's up with all the malware reports for some of the files in the game download link in this thread?
Replies: >>6545 >>6546 >>6549
What, like Sokuroll? I can assure you it's nothing to worry about. My antivirus bitched about Sokuroll at some point and I had to slap its shit.
must be those evil soku mods triggering false positives
Replies: >>6547
I don't know this stuff but how does a mod for a game get detected as malware
Replies: >>6550
The source is 
if you want to check anything specific
some anti-virus software is really overzealous and things like swrstoys/sokuroll inject things into soku which could potentially cause that

well, the repack is just soku from community pack (not re-wired) plus modpack extracted into it, so there's no virus in it t. RENOWN INTERNET SECURITY EXPERT
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1550x1900)
Replies: >>6558 >>6561
moral victory
Replies: >>6555
kurwa hours
[Hide] (194.5KB, 367x431)
I want to do something different today. Post your favourite replays. .rep files ideally Stream will start in roughly an hour, around 12PM PST as usual.
Replies: >>6563 >>6611
GG's a, your alice is pretty deadly as usual.
Replies: >>6562
[Hide] (27.9KB, 561x533)
[Hide] (2.8MB, 640x480, 00:07)
My favourite moments are usually just someone getting dunked on.
Replies: >>6564
[Hide] (573KB, 565x711)
[Hide] (3.8MB, 2950x1800)
soku time
suka time
my game crashed
That was me actually quitting this time. The game is eating all my inputs for years now and I've yet to figure out why the fuck it does that.
Can't compete.
Replies: >>6574
If it doesn't happen offline then it's the connection.
>thursday night
<only three players signed up

Replies: >>6576 >>6592 >>6593
[Hide] (8.6KB, 480x320)
engage the maximum overshitposting and spam everything
reposting recorded replays to keep the thread going
Replies: >>6579
[Hide] (28.7MB, 320x240, 04:19)
[Hide] (12.1MB, 320x240, 01:49)
[Hide] (27.7MB, 320x240, 04:08)
[Hide] (19.2MB, 320x240, 02:53)
[Hide] (10.8MB, 320x240, 01:37)
[Hide] (14.6MB, 320x240, 02:11)
[Hide] (15.9MB, 320x240, 02:24)
[Hide] (13.1MB, 320x240, 01:58)
[Hide] (28.1MB, 320x240, 04:13)
[Hide] (24.3MB, 320x240, 03:38)
[Hide] (19.5MB, 640x480, 02:02)
still hosting
Replies: >>6594
[Hide] (1.1MB, 800x800)
GGs Reimu. Got a bit tired towards the end. Taking a break, will rehost after that.

Did yu rike it?
Replies: >>6594
[Hide] (11.3MB, 4210x2977)
GGs. Playing conservative with spirit seems pretty good. Even if you get under pressure if you have more spirit left than you opponent they may have to over extend to crush. I think I've seen other marisas use 214 broom ride in combos more since it does obese damage. You could even spell cancel after it, not that I know marisas combos that well.

Like the games? Yes I did. I also enjoyed the posted replays as I can now become soku famous.
Replies: >>6595
>I think I've seen other marisas use 214 broom ride in combos more since it does obese damage. You could even spell cancel after it, not that I know marisas combos that well.
I've just conditioned myself not to use it since it's only useable from close range and I've drilled easy-looking combos that were usable from most ranges, so I often default to 6C instead, which also limits for 30% instead of 10%. It does do more damage. for what it's worth and I probably need to fix this bad habit of not using it at some point.
[Hide] (132KB, 850x1357)

Come get your daily dose of Soku.
Replies: >>6598 >>6602
[Hide] (85.4KB, 768x768)
>russian federation
daily dose of suka
Replies: >>6602
[Hide] (522.1KB, 885x662)
it's spelled сука get with the times
GGs remi. Picrelated should be your personal boogeyman. Fear it and prepare against it - your ground dash dies against this and 236 whiffs if timed properly.

Still hosting at
Replies: >>6603 >>6604 >>6607
[Hide] (24.3KB, 407x358)
suika blyat
[Hide] (192KB, 850x598)
GGs and thx for the tip. I'll try to be ready for it next time.
[Hide] (384.4KB, 1089x819)
suika desu
Replies: >>6606
[Hide] (247KB, 807x560)
Just played a great Sakuya. Thanks for the games, work on 623's and try not to overextend.

Last host of the night get it here
Replies: >>6608
>still no bites
Shutting it down. Good night, see you all tomorrow for more practice.
[Hide] (20.5MB, 640x480, 02:23)
late night games
Replies: >>6613
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1379x975)
Sign me up for tournament, it's Willy
Replies: >>6615

Can't sleep GAME NOW:
Replies: >>6616
GGs Wally. Need sleep can't play on 100% like this. Great games nevertheless. I keep falling for Yukari's silly aerial C's. It just doesn't stop.
[Hide] (435.3KB, 800x566)
ggs you KGB fug
I deserve big lasers
Replies: >>6618
[Hide] (455.9KB, 605x373)
old but gold
>Can't post on the kraut tournament thread without learning python
fug :DD
Replies: >>6620
their verification thingy is supposed to run for 2 hours, but it does for 12 on tor
source: someone's IP spammed some kigu porn there a while ago
[Hide] (249.8KB, 615x611)
soku soku
Replies: >>6622
fug it's way too hot to continue hosting
Replies: >>6628 >>6629 >>6634
Sorry I stayed up all morning now I have to sleep for the next three hours
[Hide] (734.2KB, 1000x1333)
Soku time
Replies: >>6630 >>6631
GG's max, fun games.
GGs Meiling. Please consider signing up, we're low on participants. Use more border escape and less die.

Need a break will rehost soon.
Replies: >>6646
down for now
Rehosting now. I just wanted to get bodied on the host list while no one joined.
Replies: >>6633 >>6635
[Hide] (441.2KB, 1536x2048)
back, rehosting
Replies: >>6636 >>6637
[Hide] (438.1KB, 2100x1600)
[Hide] (706.8KB, 591x489)
GGs; use 5C into jump cancel more and hover near it; it's a very useful tool that prevents most jump-ins with proper defense
there's things like ranging with j.6a too, but I'm not nearly as qualified with Komachi to speak of them

Practice host still up at
Replies: >>6638 >>6639
GGs Remi. Host down for now, will get it back up soon. Please rembr that while 22 is great when it works you're likely getting hit for ~2k damage when it's expected and countered against someone that knows how to play.
Replies: >>6639
[Hide] (355.5KB, 756x525)
GGs. Back to training I guess.
>Please rembr that while 22 is great when it works you're likely getting hit for ~2k damage when it's expected and countered against someone that knows how to play.
I'm assuming that mostly everyone here.
Replies: >>6640
that would be a little bit optimistic, but let's just say yes for now
you might also want to find places to use 5C/j.5C in neutral as they are some really large bullets which could potentially find use as bullet cover; don't overdo it against Marisa though as 6C is really unfun to play against
Replies: >>6642 >>6643
[Hide] (118.1KB, 850x1275)
GGs, need to adapt to your Okuu more, way more. Haven't actually played any competent ones -  you're really good with her. Surprising.

See you tomorrow for last minute practice games. I REALLY hope we get more signups - there's just 7 now. Fukkin hell.
[Hide] (123.6KB, 600x800)
yeeeeeeeeeeeees typhooon my friend. 
Defence is a little lacking as okuu. I keep gatting 6A'd. Keep forgetting to get the 5c train rolling as well.
Replies: >>6645
>>6368 (OP) 
Add me into the bracket as "dumbfuck". Forgot to sign in earlier.
Replies: >>6645
>I keep gatting 6A'd. Keep forgetting to get the 5c train rolling as well.
Okuu 5C is terrible. So dense, that if you were on board with spamming that, it could've been way worse for me.
Do I need to host to play on the tournament?
Can I use autopunch? I haven't done any of the port stuff.
Replies: >>6647 >>6648
If you have the autopunch plugin, you can actually try to use it now. Simply host and post IP in the thread. If I can connect (despite your lack of forwarded ports) it's good, if not you're going to have to rely on other people hosting - with or without autopunch.

It's for cases like this that we have the coin toss clause so that in cases of catastrophic failure the tourney can still go on.
Replies: >>6649
Read the OP and the second post
>Hosting is PREFERABLE
>But if you can't host, you can use autopunch, it's generally preffered to have it even if you can host.
Replies: >>6649
Okay, let's give it a try.
Hostan with autopunch
Replies: >>6650 >>6651 >>6656
>failed to connect
It's probably fugged. You can still play in the tournament and it could be (in theory) that I just wasn't able to connect for some inane reason - others can host for you. It's not the end of the world if you can't host.
Replies: >>6652 >>6653
Failed on my end too, with autopunch v0.0.4. Did you remember to also run sokuroll? If it's all running correctly, it's fugged. Try learning how to port foward.
Replies: >>6652 >>6653
Hm, Well sign me in anyway, I'll be gen.
I'll see if I can fix this thing by tomorrow,
Replies: >>6654
works for me
I'm usinmg autopunch from the mod pack
Replies: >>6654 >>6655
Yeah, that guy managed to connect, so it was probably on my end.
Replies: >>6655
I think I fixed it, someone playing oku connected at the end there, played some games and it seemed to work alright.
Replies: >>6657
[Hide] (580.8KB, 2480x3507)
Replies: >>6678
five hours left, here's some last-minute practice games

Replies: >>6679
ggs suikafren play more game on tourney or after

Replies: >>6680 >>6689 >>6690
you kicked my ass that fucking hard and you have the gull to say "ggs"? dude, i was pretty much a punching bag the entire time
[Hide] (487KB, 640x368, 00:09)
of course, that's what made them good
[Hide] (122.9KB, 848x671)
(you) can only get better from there m9, keep playing people in the thread and that'll happen t. died about a thousand times to better players before getting not-bad
[Hide] (199.8KB, 1200x630)
This is how it works.
The best Youmu player here, a guy who has likely beaten all of our asses multiple times, got gud the very same way you have to: getting bullied by people who've played a little longer than you have.
It's not a trickle-down either. This fucking nerd of a Youmu got "gud" in a single month-- all while being a wagecuck. He kicks everyone's ass no matter how long they've been playing this stupid game. It's all due to him getting his ass kicked, and coming back for more.
Replies: >>6685
wow thread so active must be lots of fun gameplay going on <- more fun here folks
Replies: >>6688 >>6694
[Hide] (67.8KB, 187x176)
>all while being a wagecuck

This part is false, pls do not lead them astray from the path. Channel your inner NEET for ultimate power.
He will continue to kick your ass until you can say "ggs" yourself.
Also hosting
Mostly a test connection to see if ports are properly open. Will tilt, rage and quit the moment 236 converts into 623 due to lag, which is guaranteed to happen first round.
Replies: >>6692
[Hide] (1016.5KB, 1723x2690)
GGs. More pressure = more fun.
Replies: >>6694 >>6695
Well ggs, I feel like I did much worse than last time; I didn't even manage to get a single round.
I'm trying to incorporate 623 into my neutral but the inputs/opportunities don't come naturally.
Thanks for the host
Replies: >>6690 >>6707
[Hide] (149.2KB, 850x850)
GGs Sakuya player. Those were some really nice games. Please consider signing up on the brackets, you could really do some good there bls we're so short on players it's not even funny HELP HELP

Still hosting >>6679

This takes a lot of time to get a feel for those opportunities and a lot of those come when you're not worrying about the pressure. Keep playing, you'll get it.
Replies: >>6691 >>6696 >>6698
[Hide] (108.6KB, 400x400)
>check game
>forgot to host
Replies: >>6698
[Hide] (199.6KB, 723x1023)
ggs old friend and leader
Replies: >>6699
GGs thanks for hosting
[Hide] (174.9KB, 657x778)
when are bets opening
Replies: >>6698
GGs Sanae. Don't think I've seen you around there before. Participate in tourney to play moregam

when you make them open
my internet died until just now, i did not mean to leave but clearly something wants me to die so hard it even prevents me from communicating my pain and anger and sorrow and
Where's the pregame interviews
Replies: >>6701
prestream in half an hour, exclusive footage awaits
Replies: >>6702
does it include live footage of your salami nippled obese handler? because otherwise I ain't comin
Replies: >>6706
Hostan with autopunch.
Playan and testan for a bit one last time before the games start.
Replies: >>6708 >>6709
[Hide] (45.3KB, 465x293)

pre stream soon,
tourney in 1.5h
ok we lied about the exclusive part please come
Didn't have time to respond before. I was playing more of a keep away style with the teleport alt as well as trying to take as little damage as possible to prepare for tourney. I don't think you use 2a enough in pressure which means I'll rarely take damage under pressure unless I stop blocking.
You'll also find yourself playing worse when trying to incorporate new moves into your game since you end up rethinking your game plan on the fly.
gonndeedsction faild :DDD
Replies: >>6709
Well, good thing I ran some more tests then.
Trying again.
Replies: >>6710
Replies: >>6711
Damn,it was working yesterday.
Give me a while I'm gonna try something.
You are using sokuroll and autopunch or the community pack, right?
Replies: >>6712
Ok yeah, my routed ip changed overnight, should work now.

Trying again.
Hostan with autopanch + roll.
Replies: >>6713
well, 'ere we go.
GG's cirno, sorry about the lag, fogort to turn off the stream there.
Replies: >>6714 >>6794
eh i had to disconnect coz my Pad wasn't working somehow, GG anyway. glad to see you can host propertly
Replies: >>6794
can i register and then ask to get dq'd into losers bracket in the first round?
i probably won't make it in time for round 1 but the rest should be fine
Replies: >>6716
>ok; post name
Replies: >>6717
Where the fuck is gen, your game is up against me.
Replies: >>6720
game 3
Replies: >>6724
Lets go son, whos hostin?
Replies: >>6721
Me, i can host. Show up in the cytube, at the OP.
TOURNEY STARTED AT https://cytu.be/r/touhourney 
TOURNEY STARTED AT https://cytu.be/r/touhourney 
TOURNEY STARTED AT https://cytu.be/r/touhourney 
TOURNEY STARTED AT https://cytu.be/r/touhourney 

join cytube to coordinate or it might end up complicated
https://files.catbox.moe/juobdv.rar game 3
https://files.catbox.moe/aovmlf.zip game 4
Alice (sixty_niggers) v Patchouli (TannedCirno)
there was some autism
game 1
Dumbfuck (Patchy) vs Gen (Meiling/Remi)
https://files.catbox.moe/tnsxae.zip game 9
Alice (sixty_niggers) v Yukari (Umbrejolt)
https://files.catbox.moe/0h7gsf.zip Game 7
Dumbfuck (Patchy) vs Namesarehard (Komachi)
match 8 for posterity ig if catbox even keeps files idk
game 11 OxfordComa vs Namesarehard https://files.catbox.moe/f8dzsk.7z
game 12, losers' bracket IIIIIIIlllII vs tanned cirno
https://files.catbox.moe/6mgi37.zip Game 17
REMOVE_YOUKAI (Reimu) vs Dumbfuck (Patchy)
Game 14 loser bracket
Gen vs 103
game 13 Az vs Umbrejolt
game 15 Namesarehard vs IIIIIII https://files.catbox.moe/93wl99.7z
game 15, losers' bracket IIIIIIIlllII vs. namesarehard
game 16 Az vs Gen
Replies: >>6743
backup in case
https://files.catbox.moe/s10blb.zip game 22
sixtyniggers (alice) vs dumbfuck (patchy)
game 19 Remove Youkai vs Az
Az here, can't play anymore because the power decided to go out now for whatever reason so now i don't have a usable connection
not sure if my messages made it through in the stream chat but it's easier to post here so whatever. ggs everyone and sorry for the anticlimactic ending
Replies: >>6747
that's okay we got the message, hope you return for the rerun the next week and the one after that
thank you for the games, hope they were fun
[Hide] (320.1KB, 483x685)
the era of Alice has only just begun!

Second place and honorary mention goes to the other alicefag and his uncanny ability to assassinate not one, but two fags by cutting off their internet with remotely-detonated gunpowder dolls. We never know what to expect from that one.

Third place and honorary mention goes to the Patchy that absolutely killed the brackets and lost to an internet cut out. Venezuela is a harsh place.
Replies: >>6760
[Hide] (9.7MB, 640x480, 01:33)

SIGN UP FOR THE TOURNEY HERE: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/tbeojAEAiI
STREAM LINK (when the tourney starts): https://cytu.be/r/touhourney
Replies: >>6753 >>6754 >>7075
Sign me up again coach
It's still willy
Replies: >>6755
Hosting some games for anyone interested
I unfortunately wont be able to join tournament. I'll try to be able to join for the next one.
Replies: >>6756 >>6757
GG's ccb!
Replies: >>6757
GGs meiling
Managed to get the VOD from 6GB to 800MB
>third place again
Oh well at least i'm still up there. I should have died a long time ago anyway.
GGs everyone. Alicefag our exhibition match is posponed for tomorrow.
Games? I don't think I gave my 100% at the tourney
[Hide] (771.7KB, 400x225)
Very fun tournament to watch. I'm not a soku player myself, but I will certainly be watching again come the next match in a week, thanks very much for throwing it together, I'm sure that takes some effort!
[Hide] (1.5KB, 136x70)
Apparently you can add attachments to sets?  I don't remember this being available while the bracket was live. May be useful in the future.
Hostang some games for a while

Replies: >>6775 >>6778 >>6789
>Already playing
I'm not used to this.
>Meiling still causes the client to get Covid on spectate and replay
Replies: >>6779
GG's champ.
You may want to use more bullet and use more of your spell cards to add more damage to your combos and attacks.

Re-Hostang for a little while more.
Replies: >>6789
Yeah even my replays the other day were fucked.
[Hide] (49.3KB, 272x242)
Hostan. I haven't played since December, quality is not guaranteed.
Replies: >>6781
Try this instead, sokuroll no autopunch
Replies: >>6782
not working, want me to try instead?
Replies: >>6783
I was fucking with my deck try again
Replies: >>6784 >>6786
I forgot to turn autopunch off. Gomennasai, try connecting again.
Replies: >>6785 >>6786
Autopunch does not interfere with normal hosting nor entering hosts that don't have or are using autopunch.
GGs sorry I had to leave early, but lunch is ready
Replies: >>6787 >>6794
It's cool. Hosd is still available if anyone wants.
NEET games
Replies: >>6795
GG's willy.
I accidentally activated vampire kiss on the last match and it killed suika, that was kinda funny.
[Hide] (4KB, 148x125)
ggs italiano
one day I too shall be capo
[Hide] (177.4KB, 900x1200)
Wait a second
That's not italy
That's Mexico
I wonder if that's a common mistake or I'm just getting senile.
Replies: >>6794
Well, Italy is here >>6714
Mexico is over here >>6713
Not really much of a difference, outside the emblem. It's kinda the same with mine and uh, this faggot's >>6786 flag.
Replies: >>6801
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1280x720)
"g"gs holy fuck I am terrible at this game
[Hide] (856.7KB, 979x1427)
GG drunk man. Are you one of the new players?  You'll want want to brush up on some combos and mechanics. There's a guide somewhere, lemme bring it up. Wiki here: https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/
Replies: >>6799
Ah yeah, guide stuff is at the bottom of this post: >>6369
hosd back up
Replies: >>6798
guess I should repost the fuggin ip
Replies: >>6808
[Hide] (77.6KB, 622x720)
I'm not new but I only end up playing during sokunigger events which means I never got gud.
no u
host so I can defend myself
Replies: >>6802
Am currently downloading vod you're gonna have to wait.
Replies: >>6803
just 2 matches, I need to go out
Replies: >>6804
Shit's still downloading, expect the worst.
Replies: >>6806
I am so sorry about the lag, but i'm glad it cleared out in the last match.
damn I couldn't defend my honor
maybe another time GGs
Replies: >>6807
GGs you need to do a lot of grazing to deal with patchy.
Replies: >>6809

GG gam grill. Pretty good Sanae, you nearly had me quite a few times, and you actually adapted to wake up DP shenanigans. On the other hand, why aren't you BEing or tech rolling out of the corner? It would save you from a lot of crushes and damage. Your offense makes up for it, but you will have trouble surviving with low health without good defense.
Replies: >>6810 >>6811
gonna take a break, more hosd later
I don't BE mostly since it takes a long time for the orbs to refresh and my spirit usage is shit so the 5 given aren't enough for me already. I think it's better to just take the hit.
I stopped doing wake up tech a while ago but I don't actually remember why so I just end up forgetting it's an option most of the time.
Replies: >>6814
[Hide] (567.2KB, 850x1336)
tryin out a new deck
Replies: >>6820
https://mega.nz/file/Wx5n0Aia#zpN26vgVlh31yJEIKkaeFhZN3nt_bciOvMZaWZWp_FI - sokutourney vod
Replies: >>6833
Those are valid options. The important thing is figuring out what situations are optimal to use those options. Since you stopped using them, you have no way to gain experience with how to use them.

For example, if you see your opponent running too early to where they think you'll be, you can often tech in the opposite direction to get a lot of space. Of course, you need to be able to recognize this to pull it off, and that requires experience. Sometimes teching into the corner from quarter screen is a good tactic if you think they are expecting you not to tech, or tech away from the corner. You want to minimize the opponent's knowledge of where you'll be.

You are correct with BE's potentially being dangerous in the corner (of course you should still use them when they will work). You need to understand opponent's corner offense works or else you will likely get caught by a player who expects it. HOWEVER, BE's are also extremely useful even outside of the corner, where they have both neutral and offensive uses. You can interrupt opponent's strings and move in ways that would otherwise be unsafe. For example, many characters have aerial pressure strings where you can BE forward past them and escape, or even attack them. If you aren't confident with the input for 2BE (looks like hj8) you should try to get it down. A good number of my ground melee moves you can escape with 2BE
[Hide] (107.1KB, 510x378)
Host up for bulli session
Replies: >>6817 >>6821
I dont know why game dc on last one but GGs. Playing against suwako's drains me too much and need to take a break.
Replies: >>6818
ggs anon. yeah dunno why connection drop
I also notice that quite a few people were spectating, y'all better start hosting. At least 5 others were spectating.
hosting again at
Replies: >>6821 >>6826
Hosting some more games>>6815
I tried to see if you were playing/waiting but I'm assuming you stop?
Replies: >>6823
in a set right now
Replies: >>6824
Closing host
ggs! i need to learn the suwako matchup really bad but i just don't have time to learn a whole new fighting game.
ggs, sorry about connection
really wish I didn't have a shitty connection to play
Replies: >>6827
i've dealt with much worse. if you're really in australia, then that's as far as you can get from my location and still have electricity. even if our connection were as direct as physically possible it would take light ~4 frames to get there and back, so being able to play in 4/5 delay is frankly a miracle.
Replies: >>6828
oh it's worse, I'm in new zealand
dunno why it's AU on my flag

Last games of the day, get in here.
Replies: >>6830
Oh yea, hostan with sokuroll + autopunch btw.
[Hide] (308.2KB, 700x800)
Was going to host more today but had like five bites of fast food and immediately felt like shit. What kind of poison are they putting in borgar these days?
Replies: >>6836
ghostan again

If any of you decide to rewatch this shit, consider posting some clip timestamps in this format:

00:00:00 00:00:10
00:00:10 00:00:20
00:00:20 00:00:30

(just a start time and end time on each line)
I'll run a script to clip everything into mp4s, maybe make a highlight reel, idk.
Replies: >>6834 >>6835
just got a call gimme 2m
[Hide] (840.6KB, 975x1632)
GG. Thank you for teching a bit. BE next. You almost won that last game fug.
Replies: >>6837
host back up
Replies: >>6840
got another call one sec
I want GAME
Replies: >>6842
GG's (you)mu, I need to stop punching into i-frames, goddamn.
Replies: >>6841

GG meiling fugger. I need more PRESSURE. Though honestly I don't know if that's how you should play this match up. You need to abandon your fear of dash in 2a block string resets. It is risky, but it's necessary. You don't have me cornered enough, and that's gonna make it tough for you. The five cards are cool but eventually I'm gonna get wise to those. maybe, I hope
hosting myself then autopunch
Replies: >>6843 >>6911
Sorry was busy today.
Did you get to play games? I tried connecting to that IP but there's no game.
Replies: >>6844 >>6845
Im still here, I was trying that lobby mod for practice
Replies: >>6845 >>6846
GGs, for now I can win against the meme deckcard, thats a step foward
Very GGs. You helped me learn a few things about spacing and "your turn" in these situations. You have a lot to learn and learning to graze and probably having a basic combo (beyond A spam into spellcard) is probably very high in your priority list. I forgot to drill into you to always block on wakeup, but it's one of my own faults as well, many players like to setup oki and punish you as you try to wake up and attack right away.
Replies: >>6848 >>6849
Ghost returns. May spontaneously stop playing due to high volume of phone calls.
Replies: >>6858 >>6859
Yeah Im not that technical yet with stuff like frames, Iframes, hitboxes, hurboxes etc, I play using my impulse, guessing and trickery to win, all of what I've learned came from sheer force alone but my main problems are:
> You have a lot to learn and learning to graze
Yeah this is the one, I want to graze and then attack, but people are always faster than me , like jA 
>having a basic combo
haven't learned any yet
> I forgot to drill into you to always block on wakeup
Oh don't worry, I know I have to, it's just that I like to experiment doing anything in order to counter, thats how I have learned interesting stuff without reading the wiki (I know I should)
Another problem I have is doing BE's correctly, especially the down BE one, I can't seem to find the correct frame for it
>do it to early, get hit
>do it too late, get hit
>do it right in the middle, doesnt register
I hold down and press D (space) twice, or as many times as I could and nothing happens
Replies: >>6850 >>6855
Also don't go easy on me, you are not a training dummy
Replies: >>6855
This is always tricky and a bit risky. Unlike regular BEs, you have to stop blocking to input it. As for the timing issue, there is a bit of a window directly after the last hit. HOWEVER if the block string is tight (no gaps) you can't BE until there is a gap. That means especially with 2BE you need to know that there is going to be a gap.
Replies: >>6851
>ou need to know that there is going to be a gap.
huh, thats the way I've been doing it now, I thought better players could do it anytime they want, good to know
Replies: >>6852 >>6873
marisafag will often do a tight string into crush with master spark for example. At a certain point in the string you have no options aside from praying it doesn't crush. It infuriates me to know end, but it's a pretty short part of the string, makes me feel dumb for not seeing it coming every time.

ALSO, just remembered. You have to RIGHTBLOCK to successfully BE. That's something that you might not have known and would explain why you seem to randomly fail to BE sometimes.
Replies: >>6853 >>6854 >>6873
>You have to RIGHTBLOCK to successfully BE
I know, its the yellow thing that makes a "cling" sound, thats how I time it out
[Hide] (79.8KB, 606x900)
>marisafag will often do a tight string into crush with master spark for example. At a certain point in the string you have no options aside from praying it doesn't crush. It infuriates me to know end, but it's a pretty short part of the string, makes me feel dumb for not seeing it coming every time.
Marisa's 6C and j.6C (beam and air beam) are unique in that once her opponent blocks them, it's impossible to BE out until their very last hit. However, once Yellow Ball (Luminous Strike; 2-card; Air OK) and Master Spark (3-card) are activated, you get what's known as spellflash. Spellflash is a spellcard effect during it's startup that prevents the defending party from Border Escaping for a short duration. This effectively means that if you ever block Marisa's 6C/j.6C (j.6C only reliably works with Luminous Strike - maybe also with other spellcards? while Master Spark works at any distance on the ground) with less than two orbs, Marisa can guarantee a crush on you by beaming, then cancelling into a spellcard just before the last hit and there is nothing you can do about it. The solution is, ideally to see this kind of stuff in advance and don't get hit by it when you're low on orbs and when Marisa has spellcards in hand. I'm sure other characters have similar BS to their name so this is fair. hosts here
Replies: >>6857 >>6864 >>6873
>I play from sheer force alone
I feel like I'm playing like that myself, however I'm such a boring ass nerd I have read the entire wiki like 3 times by now. Still don't know everything there is to know and learn something new in every match
>I want to graze and then attack
One good advice I can give for that is to not think about attacking, but about expecting enemy attacks. There's only so much bullet that the enemy can trow at once but always assume they know and can cancel every one of their bullets into another bullet or into a melee and play around that by grazing AND blocking. 66 and 44 (different from using dash button) in the air are somewhat safe because you can queue a block as soon as your graze frames, along with also letting your own attacks come out faster than D6/D4 inputs, with the caveat of not being useful for trianglegrazing (which is just using flight to fly into the ground as quickly as possible in a diagonal manner to gain or maintain distance and then highjumping to continue dodging).
I don't do them lmaoeoam.
In a more serious note, they're incredibly useful WHEN you know the enemy's pressure is going to just be bullets. If you suspect them to know about BEs and try to spam them, they'll catch you with melee. Often blocking until the last second is more profitable as long as you don't encounter an opponent that can reliably guardcrush. Remember that most spellcards can be BE'd out of, except for instant-hitting ones like marisa's laser or ones that do melee hits like youmu's dash attack.
>don't go easy on me
I wasn't, I'm just a huge dumbass with massive inconsistency issues and a perchance to teabag and meme at every possible chance. Punish this at every given opportunity and you'll never lose against me.
Replies: >>6856 >>6863
>as soon as your graze frames
>Spellflash is a spellcard effect during it's startup that prevents the defending party from Border Escaping for a short duration.
Why the fuck does everyone seem able to BE out of nocharian deluge though?
Replies: >>6861 >>6873
[Hide] (124.4KB, 1010x1244)
GG sakuyafag. I had to concentrate really hard in those matches. Fun. Please be carefuly with my bullet spam traps!
Replies: >>6860
GGs thanks for hosting
I tried to bait you into doing j5C just to try figuring how to beat it. That coverage is so annoying.
Replies: >>6862
Probably because spellflash doesn't last for the entire duration of the spellcard - Nocharian is good for crushing that one last orb though, once you get the hang of it.
Replies: >>6863
[Hide] (67.8KB, 187x176)
Yeah I don't know what counters it either. Best move LMAO
<4B 5C Noachian Deluge
<4B 5C Royal Flare
Just some ideas. More here https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/wiki/Patchouli_Knowledge/Strategy
still hosting
Replies: >>6866
[Hide] (152.6KB, 992x1134)
soryy for short games
it is fazoli's time
Replies: >>6867
GGs Yukari. Try to control neutral a bit more with your massive fuckoff C-bullets. It might be difficult to repel aggression without them. Also, try to learn some pressure, Yukari may be slow but she's plenty capable of it.
Replies: >>6869
host up if anyone is here
Replies: >>6870 >>6871
you are motherfucker?
[Hide] (3.1MB, 384x288)
GGs sakuya. It was fun playing against you though sorry for the reversal at the end. Hope you'll be ready for some of these trick next time.
Replies: >>6871
GGs, I had fun too.
I really should've been able to react to 22b/c and when I did my punish game was lacking.
KD set ups are rather rough too, Remi recovers far too quickly for me to be comfortable.
I think we would've done better if I respected you more and you respected me less.
well, there doesn't need to be a true gap, i.e. you can do it in a tight string, but you can't do it while in blockstop. most attacks have much less blockstop than blockstun, but most multi-hit attacks put you back into blockstop the moment the previous hit's blockstop ends, meaning you can't BE until after the last hit.
>>6852 is partially a separate phenomenon, >>6854 explains it well.
and yeah, most spellcards' spell flash doesn't last their entire duration, but since marisa's laser scs all have perpetual blockstop, you can't BE them after you start blocking.
i don't know what noachian deluge's blockstop looks like but it would definitely be possible to BE if even a few bullets whiff, or possibly even more often if the blockstop per bullet is very low.
Replies: >>6878
hahah you really styled on me at the end there, GGs!
I could feel myself falling into the same predictable patterns and being read but couldn't bring myself to break out of them.
Replies: >>6879
eh, i wish i could style with actually good combos. ggs!
and yeah, a lot of sakuyas fall into predictable pressure pretty easily. i suspect it's hard to be unpredictable since 6a, 3a, and j2a are all so useful in pressure, but they're also easy to see coming and BE. i don't know anything about sakuya, but those i've played either let me escape there or beat me.
Finally have time to play some more. I'll be on in 4 hours and a half for some games if someone wants to play.
Replies: >>6883
wow you're romanian?
Replies: >>6884
I'm whatever this site wants me to be.
[Hide] (10.7MB, 640x480, 00:23)
After extensive testing and extreme frustration, fantasy heaven is only a punish on hangeki against:
-aya:     reasonably lenient when cancelling around f16, when the red swirl of the hengeki just dissapears
-komachi: needs to be delayed to 20f-ish since the hit is very meaty and late
-suika:   needs to be delayed to 18-20f-ish since the hit is late

It may be a frame perfect punish on a couple of others, but hitting 5a on the very first frame after the spell is quite difficult and not something that will have been practiced a lot.
Reimu tends to be +4 a lot after fantasy heaven cancel with around 16f reaction time, which is not good enough. Reacting sooner causes fantasy heaven I-frames (1-13f) to run out before the hankeki hits (~28f) meaning even frame perfect cancel is probably less +6f. I propose all hangeki excepts the above's are nerfed with at least 5-7f. This will lead to interesting game mechanics such as instantly loosing against reimu which will buff her up the tier list a bit.

This isn't a host post by the way. Just important research.
Replies: >>6887
[Hide] (37.4KB, 216x218)
host up

>buff her up the tier list a bit.
do not want
Replies: >>6888 >>6889
GGs (You)mu
GG. Not as good as yesterday, I think I need to sleep more. Host down.
Host up
Replies: >>6892 >>6893
Replies: >>6894 >>6899 >>6903
GGs Sanae
Replies: >>6893

I noticed that you don't use your ground dash much. It's actually really good you can use aerial attacks during it. Also you should use 2a a lot more it's pretty safe on whiff and you can follow it up with a 5c on hit to combo from both normal and counter so you can't go wrong just throwing it out there.
Replies: >>6897
sorry yukarifag, my internet cut out. GGs. Apply more pressure. On break now - will rehost soon.
Replies: >>6895
[Hide] (57.4KB, 329x301)
a ok
>apply more pressure
hard to apply pressure when angry
Replies: >>6896
t   r   y

a  t  t  e  m  p  t it
Host up for about 1 hour
>I noticed that you don't use your ground dash much.
I tend to avoid it since I have a hard time to properly time when to dash again when trying to graze.
>Also you should use 2a a lot more it's pretty safe on whiff and you can follow it up with a 5c on hit to combo from both normal and counter so you can't go wrong just throwing it out there.
Alright I'll try to use it more next time.
Replies: >>6900 >>6901
rehosted, come join
Replies: >>6902 >>6903
GGs Sakuya
GGs Remi, I'm astonished that I still 
manage to fall for your demon lord arrows.
GGs thanks for hosting
Replies: >>6903
GGs Sakuya. You've managed to win a lot of matches. Those games were really fun, there's no complaints about them, except maybe defend a little bit better, though that simply could be lack of matchup knowledge. I recommend participating in the tournament, it'll be FUN.
[Hide] (683KB, 1000x1200) host up
Replies: >>6906
GGs Max. idk how I KO'd in the one round. That wasn't just a fluke was it?
Replies: >>6907
It's something that will inevitably happen after I screw around with bullet mixups one time too many. Think on how to dodge Yuyu's bullets better. More hosts tomorrow.
late night games
who wants them?
Replies: >>6910
Replies: >>6911
host here
Replies: >>6912
can't connect, even with autopunch
Replies: >>6913
can you host?
Replies: >>6914
Replies: >>6917
[Hide] (938.6KB, 720x977)
thanks for playing, ggs
[Hide] (15.2KB, 281x307)
GGs dolls are so frustrating, I can't do anything against them
I learned two things today
-I can't play defensibly against alice
>graze jumping on oki doesnt work
sorry for the sudden disconnection, I clicked esc by mistake
Replies: >>6925
Replies: >>6926
ggs! i can handle sanae, but i really need to work on my kanako matchup...
[Hide] (206.7KB, 790x590)
Replies: >>6928 >>6929
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1378x2039)
ggs, nice memedeck
I liked the other alt 214b more
Replies: >>6930
[Hide] (66.4KB, 400x400)
GGs. I'm not smart enough to use this deck.
I'm trying to overcome my addiction to that card.
Anyone want to host? I will look into learning how to host if no response
Replies: >>6932
here host
but also pls learn to host
Replies: >>6933
Is it possible to host with a port different to 10800?

I'll be on in a second
Replies: >>6934
Should work, as long as you include it the port range when you configure your router.
Replies: >>6935 >>6937
games? I want to test out a new deck
last one for me
Replies: >>6938
[Hide] (33.1KB, 376x323)
GG. Seems I can't help but go coach mode when I see a fellow youmu player. I hope that wasn't too annoying. You learned to block pretty fast with my charge 3a bullying. If I have any recommendations for you it would be to take more risks getting out of the corner next. You can block for a while but you will get crushed eventually if you don't walk or jump out. Though, maybe you were just humoring my defense lessons. 

Next, I would recommend you practice some block strings in practice mode. An easy one is repeating 5aaa 5b, dash in, repeat. Also, 2aaa, dash in, repeat. I of course did that a ton to you. Try mixing up some jump ins and other moves to create some variations Take a look at our replays for ideas to practice. These will allow you to do PRESSURE. The key to strike fear in the heart of the enemy.

Also, wiki for combo stuff here: https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/wiki/Youmu_Konpaku/Combos
Replies: >>6939 >>6947
[Hide] (71.8KB, 350x259)
>wrong picture
host back up
Replies: >>6942 >>6944
[Hide] (179KB, 637x900)
gaphag host here
Replies: >>6941 >>6943
[Hide] (189.7KB, 637x900)
Oh wait. Wrong one. I meant
Replies: >>6943 >>6957
GGs, seems like this new deck sucks
also that last hit I was like
Replies: >>6944 >>6945
GGs reimufugger. Please work on escaping my pressure. I know it's scary, but you can get out! Experiment with more dash outs, BE's, etc. Pretty good offense, when you were able to get a word in. Keep at er.

Perfectly lined up cross up. I hit behind you instead of in front. totally intentional not a fluke at all :^)
ggs my laptop decided to restart itself after figuring out its keyboard and mouse input were frozen
host re-open hold on
[Hide] (489.2KB, 750x750)
when you spend the week semi-unconscious and don't even start to work on a third trailer but still want to bully nerds in soku so they'll perform better
Replies: >>6949 >>6950
I played maybe a total of an hour and a half of this game. Still trying to get my head around what's going on. I have a lot of trouble when I'm stuck in the corner.
Replies: >>6948
That's understandable. Make sure to read the guide if you haven't (located at bottom of >>6369) There's a few subtle mechanics to learn, but you don't need to learn them all right away. Just play some games with people in the thread and try out new skills against the CPUs they are a bit retarded, but fine for practice
GGs reimu, go faster with more precision and you should be able to solve this
host still up get your SOKU EXPERIENCE
[Hide] (456.7KB, 720x540)
Replies: >>6951
[Hide] (1023.9KB, 839x1000)
Replies: >>6952
I hate BE's so much
Replies: >>6953 >>6954
apply game mechanics
use different keystrokes
perform anti-delet
[Hide] (4.7MB, 4093x2894)
you must learn to catch the BE
**Basically do mix ups of overheads and grounded melee. You need to cover both jumping BE's and dash outs. Advanced players will bait and do things like frame traps to fuck up the opponent's timing, or baiting with a repetitive string and then catching the opponent with a different string when they try to respond to it.
Replies: >>6955 >>6956
I mean doing the BE's myself
[Hide] (88.8KB, 277x260)
aaa yukari dittos are something else
GGs other gaphag
[Hide] (19.1KB, 612x612)
ggs again umbrellaman
I had forgotten how effective spinning was after using 6A
also i hope you enjoyed my new pressure of 2aaa walk up into 2aaa
spent many hours in practice mode perfecting that one
Replies: >>6962
Replies: >>6963
it gud
gonnedsocistion faled :DD
Replies: >>6964
[Hide] (26.7KB, 339x339)
fugging shid DD:
Replies: >>6965 >>6968
connection sugseed
now someone play this fugger so I can watch and eat food
Replies: >>6967
still hostan
Replies: >>6968 >>6969 >>6970
[Hide] (133.3KB, 635x457)
[Hide] (170.5KB, 460x554)
Connection failed
Replies: >>6969 >>6970 >>6971
GGs radman
try now
GGs drank domt giv up I have hope in yuu

STILL HOSTING get in here

was playing
Replies: >>6974 >>6977
[Hide] (22.3KB, 258x252)
GGs, see I can suck less when I actually pay attention

taking a break, might probably not hosd more later
Replies: >>6972
GGs drunk oni. Try not to pressure yourself too much. You should learn to block more on wakeup since I haven't seen you do it and in general. You should have a look at the wiki if you haven't to get to know some of the basic of the game.
host up
Replies: >>6978
ggs sakuya start spamming bullets with elegance and don't get caught up with my 623C's
it doensn't stop or end it jsut goes and does not cease just learn to BE before it gets so badly that your health bar is gone

hosds down for now need slep can't slep
Replies: >>6977 >>6979
[Hide] (158.3KB, 500x455)
rare soku gameplay
Replies: >>6981 >>6983
GGs, no matter how many times I got hit by that 623c I was surprised every time. I was also definitely throwing my bullets about carelessly and getting caught a lot of the time because of it.
[Hide] (122KB, 850x850)
ggs ye olde` remiliafag
Replies: >>6980
This kills the aerial pressure
Replies: >>6982
[Hide] (37KB, 384x340)
GGs gaphag
[Hide] (197.3KB, 700x700)
GGs. Listening to relaxing music while playing is a nice experience.
it really does but it's supposed to be risky as h*ck
it's not supposed to be almost never blocked and almost never punished reee
[Hide] (209.3KB, 869x761)
>game has not started yet
Replies: >>6984
[Hide] (71.9KB, 900x700)
Lag switch killed the previous opponent.
Awaiting replacement.
Replies: >>6986
[Hide] (93KB, 417x799)
Energetic music started and all the blood went to my head. Hope you enjoyed the rare miko gaming. I made a deck that's supposed to make the game go on as long as possible, but it didn't show up in the random que which was quite unfortunate.
Replies: >>6996
[Hide] (137.7KB, 1200x628)
Replies: >>6997
that looks good and disgusting at the same time
sorry if I disconnect during games it looks like my internet is having issues
Replies: >>6998
internet is gud
Replies: >>7000
reimu has dissapeared
Replies: >>7006
that was my first win ever
first round was funny how it ended
fuck youmu i love patchy now
>Goes from rushdown to zoner
so it goes
Replies: >>7003 >>7006
gonna try out muh new deck
Replies: >>7006 >>7011 >>7012
gg finally managed to win a game but gotta go
"physical attacks are ineffective" nice bait
Replies: >>7004
gud gam host up
Replies: >>7013 >>7014
[Hide] (2.3MB, 212x160, 00:08)
ah yes time for some fun zoner gameplay

Reimu time is now

phosphoric slash
Replies: >>7007
gud webm
Replies: >>7008
pure obs my nigger
[Hide] (25.7KB, 316x266)
Replies: >>7016 >>7017
Replies: >>7012

GG sanaefugger. God I hate kanako. Good stuff though. Careful with that gray thaumaturgy card, since I can pretty easily 623C through it. Consider practicing some spell card combos/confirms so that you can land some guarenteed damage rather than throwing things out in neutral and praying it works.
Replies: >>7015
ggs reimufag, stop falling for my pressure, good BE callouts
[Hide] (154.5KB, 400x940)
I fealt like such a shitter in those games. Will try to rethink gameplay. GGs
Sanae already deals high amount of damage and the added spellcard damage is pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. They are there mostly to make things safe and provide some situational spirit damage.
Replies: >>7018
Sorry had to check something, can do a couple more games
Replies: >>7019
Suika is drunk again
gud gam
>pretty irrelevant
nigger next time I am going to play sanae and do nothing but set up 9 character pierce and supernova storm until you like it
O fug :DD
Want me to play again?
Replies: >>7020 >>7022
sure why not
Replies: >>7023
Replies: >>7025 >>7030 >>7031
All right ggs for real now. Too tired for this shit right now, but either you're sandbagging or I'm getting less awful at this.
Replies: >>7024
[Hide] (87.6KB, 600x424)
ggs again fugger
[Hide] (144.5KB, 495x700)
>Either you're sandbagging or I'm getting less awful at this
I assure you that every action I take is in the pursuit of victory.
[Hide] (209.7KB, 732x850)
Oh boy, green reimu versus red!
Replies: >>7031
How are you supposed to concentrate in this game when the opponent is Suika running around being cute?
Replies: >>7027 >>7028
Drink heavily
[Hide] (155.4KB, 850x850)
dominate and bully
sure hope we don't get ERPfags from this
[Hide] (248.9KB, 800x700)
GGs. More blue square = more I win. Also after all the cycles of soku niggery I have come to the profound realisation that I can dodge under pople with 66b slide kick.

I sure hope I don't get hit by the big log girl. THWACK
Replies: >>7032
>madman discovers another tool for his kit
I am still recovering from telling you your j5a is good pls stop
Replies: >>7043 testing new deck please join
Replies: >>7034
dude air control lmaoa
[Hide] (225.6KB, 500x500)
thought ground 6C into yukari fan would be tight :^(
still want to experiment with the 623 alt, but it still feels kind of inferior to level 1 default 623, there's just that guarantee that you will not 623 that opponent can exploit
Replies: >>7038
More host
Replies: >>7044
Are half your inputs not going through as well?
Replies: >>7039 >>7040
holy fuck everuyone is trying to talk to me games later
Replies: >>7041
no no
things seem fine on my end
Replies: >>7045
+ and - on the numpad increase and decrease delay (rollback specific)
Replies: >>7045
[Hide] (539.5KB, 900x900)
youmu is really popular
Replies: >>7042
[Hide] (930KB, 1800x2400)
I just rediscovered a bunch of soku voodoo I wrote down in a notepad document a few months ago. Shit like 5c 214b 5c 214b 5c is a tight block string in the corner. It even has a fantasy orb cancel after 214b which is +40.
[Hide] (86.2KB, 200x250)
gud games komachi
ggs, I really shouldn't have taken the last 4 days off.

I know. I just never had inputs disappear that consistently before, so I didn't even think it was caused by rollback being too low at first.
Replies: >>7047 >>7049
I can only play a few.
Replies: >>7048
GGs big, meaty, shinigami tits
ggs. I'm unsure if my game is just acting strange or if those 4 days of not playing made soku feel strange. As for advise I would suggest getting very aware of the size of the hitboxes of your attacks are, you seemed to be unsure of what will hit.
Replies: >>7050
>you seemed to be unsure of what will hit.
you bet!
Replies: >>7052
[Hide] (513.4KB, 992x1275)
GR8 GAMES alicenigger. Be more aggressive with escaping the border, pls and thank you.
Replies: >>7053
ggs! i got to land my 3.7k 2card reversal, so i don't even care if i lost.
that being said, the youmu matchup is cancer and i would like to never see it again.
as for border escaping, you aren't predictable to me since i haven't played you much, so i don't have any idea when you're going to reset. you never really finish your rekkas, so i can never be sure. hopefully i'll play you more in the near future and learn your patterns.
Replies: >>7054
>you aren't predictable
my fingers don't work, so even I don't know what move will come out next!
Replies: >>7055
[Hide] (256.6KB, 702x620)
what do you mean by, 'be more agressive with escaping the border'?
was i just overblocking in general, or were theere particular things i should have tried more?
Replies: >>7122
I have about 40 minutes. Anyone want to play?
Replies: >>7057
[Hide] (65.1KB, 413x600)
Bad news!
I, Willy, may not be able to participate in the finals/semi-finals due to family matters.
So if I win any sets and kick anyone out of loser's bracket only to cuck out during finals then whoops sorry haha.
Replies: >>7069 >>7080
Replies: >>7071 >>7072
[Hide] (504.6KB, 500x500)
connection failed
Alice players truly scare me
we alice players laugh now. at our level, alice kills reimu for existing, but once you get better, reimu MU becomes a nightmare for alice. reimu's bullets are dense, and her pressure is good at exploiting alice's weaknesses. also, 6a has a habit of low profiling j.5a and beating it, which alices like doing a lot.
it gets easier.
[Hide] (1.6MB, 946x1351)
Is anyone playing right now?
Replies: >>7074
this guy >>7069 is playing games rn
Hey uh, I won't be able to participate. Just letting you know somewhat in advance.
Replies: >>7076
rip venezuelafag, cartels got to him
GGs alice, if you j.2a land f.5a me on autopilot one more time while I have master spark in hand it's gonna be the same result

on break now
Replies: >>7077
[Hide] (757.9KB, 1736x2456)
ggs, I'll land it one day.
You're against me. It's fine because pretty much anyone will knock me out first round anyway. I have not had as much time as I wanted to practice.
Replies: >>7081
You think YOU'RE bad at the game? Nigger, you have not seen me fight yet. I can't beat anybody for shit. I'm convinced even you could beat me
Replies: >>7082
then we should play some games in a bit. see who is the biggest failure
Replies: >>7083
Okay, but you might to host because I've never hosted before. I know there's autopunch but I've never tried it before so idk if it will work
Replies: >>7085 >>7089
[Hide] (63.5KB, 784x514)
I will host
hold on
I can't play right away, maybe in 40 minutes or so. I'll look into hosting then if you haven't figured it out by then
gosh just host yourselves already practice games up the ones that don't get in please host
Replies: >>7088 >>7095
[Hide] (163.7KB, 1280x960)
>git gud
m-muh family...
also hosting
Replies: >>7099
ggs host still up
increase practice and beat up others with drunk goblin
Okay, first time trying to host. I'm not sure if it will work. Please let me know if it doesn't work so I'm not just sitting there waiting for nothing:
Replies: >>7090 >>7091 >>7098
>it worked first try
amazing what technology can do
I connected
Replies: >>7092 >>7093 >>7094
This lag is pretty bad. I wonder if it's yours or mine. Let me fiddle with some stuff on my end, 1 sec.
should be able to join again
Anon does it usually lag like this when you play? If yes I can deal with it but if no I'm wondering if my host is bad because it doesn't lag like this when I play usually.
Replies: >>7097
nice end
this frog girl is so weird I was laughing the entire match
this is a fun game
Replies: >>7098
gg consider using kanako 623 alt it's kinda good

host down for now
Replies: >>7102
[Hide] (97.3KB, 640x786)
GGs, but it still feels like all my wins were flukes, I guess I'm just not use to winning. Well at least it looks I finally found somebody who is at my skill level.
Replies: >>7101
gg's willy, those XBOX HUEG yukari parasols are the bane of my existence, but I think I'm getting the hang of em.
[Hide] (109.4KB, 850x637)
ggs meiling and/or remiliafag
You're defense is very gud.
thanks for the games anon
they were not flukes, I'd say we're evenly matched - maybe a bit in my favor based on the amounts of win but it's much closer than with anyone I've played. patchy feels kind of strong when it's 2 noobs playing, you can just spam spells and it mostly works.

still hosting at for anyone that wants to play with me
Replies: >>7107
Wind tunnel is the greasiest shit in the game. The better alternative to using it is to play a different character.
Replies: >>7103
I dunno m8 everyone that played against it seemed to be salty as fuck for some reason as far as I could tell
maybe it needs some practice to use properly, but then again losing the default 623 is hard too
Replies: >>7104 >>7105
>Use wind tunnel against Yukari
>Nothing happens
>everyone that played against it seemed to be salty as fuck for some reason
Because it's autowin you can pair it with the Suwako landmine and the 5 card for the ultimate no fun allowed.
By the way, is there gonna be a tournament tomorrow?
Replies: >>7108
press up after shooting a bullet for increased winning chances
gee I wonder https://prolikewoah.com/t/20210724T20
Replies: >>7109
Oh cool, if there's still a chance to get in, sign me up, I'll be gen again.
I didn't get much practice this week but I'm ready.
Replies: >>7110
Replies: >>7118
>its another yukari gets you stuck in a corner forever episode
thanks I hate it
Replies: >>7112
it's a rerun at this point
fire hot
I need a minute to check out some of these patchie moves I didn't even know she had
please hold
Replies: >>7115 >>7130
Oh right. Outside (or inside with mods) of the game you can modify your deck. Patchy just so happens to have the most different skills to choose from in comparison with the rest of the cast.
Replies: >>7116
thanks for the games anon I'm going to check this out on my own. Clearly there's a lot of stuff I'm not doing but I don't want you to just sit there while I try stuff out.

you will definitely beat me tomorrow but I'll be there anyway
Replies: >>7117 >>7130
well fug ggs.
Please experiment lots. Patchy's decks are fun to build.
[Hide] (97.6KB, 359x285)
Family thing is going to start earlier than I had anticipated.
I absolutely can't participate. I can watch from time to time, but I can't commit.
Blease remove Willy from bracket with many apologies.
Replies: >>7119
reapply when you run away from covid hotspot
trying out patchie deck. it probably sucks
I don't know how long I'm staying
Replies: >>7121
all right signing off
[Hide] (227.8KB, 856x675)
Wew unable to respond due to finding living accommodations. To respond: yes. Just like BE more. It won't work, until it does. THen thank me fori t. Alright time for gamesa.'
this is a once in a lifet ime oportunity rto beat the shit out of a youmu without actually having to be sklillled.

I'll laugh at you if I win. I'm intentionally not correcting typos letsz go

also join breacket fuckin homosexuals
Replies: >>7123 >>7124 >>7138
GGs, sorry if you were hoping for longer matches, I'm kinda tired rn
Replies: >>7125
gg FAG join ytourjney or dont
have a nice day
Replies: >>7125
host back up for limit ed drunk time spam everyjhwhere
Replies: >>7126
gg that's gonna be it alright lad kmake sure to join tourney and fuck em up
Replies: >>7128
if someone joins this in the next few minutes, i'm getting food, pls wait warmly
If you want some advice from a patchy main
>Asides from switching your 236 Fireball or 214 knives, everything is a sidegrade or a worse gimmick that depends on the opponent being retarded
>Fireball can be exchanged for a very punishable but stupid powerful flamethrower that has the highest bullet priority in he game and deals thousands of points in chip damage if blocked
>Or for a somewhat less ssfe melee swipe with no anti-air capability but STRONG ground pressure and high comboability as a finisher or frametrap in a blockstring
>Knives are already strong but you can switch them to a slower fireball that autoaims and has pretty high priority for such a large projectile
>Or a set of swords that you can hold menacingly to bait the opponent into melee range
Arguably you can also switch out 421 Dew Spear for Emerald whatever the fuck, since that's a true reversal DP as long as the opp doesn't realize he can just graze it. Switching out 623 Spring Wind might seem tentative but it really has decent utility by itself and the alternatives are either
>fake DP with long startup and highly punishable
>long charge windup into an instant projectile that is not a laser and has the absolute lowest priority in the game meaning even B bullets from cirno beat it
However note that at higher levels the instant projectile does explode into an AoE for obscene punish/counterhit damage and it can be comboed in the air if you hit the enemy with a 22 water geyser for sick points and subpar damage from across the screen, but i'd rather get levels in Fireball for the trails instead and the same type of utility, at a much easier input.

On that note, don't listen to what anyone says, all types of bubbles except the spellcard that literally makes you invulnerable  on command are useless and using them is akin to throwing the match. Unless the enemy undestimates the counterhit damage of big bubbles and tries to j5a you only to be hit for 5k damage by a triplestack of bubbles on their sprite instantly. Which again, depends on the opp being retarded enough to press a button inside a bubble.
Replies: >>7131
remember that time alice main told you how much he hates bubbles since their job is to GTFO and set up dolls? abuse that
aside from that, default 236C is crazy fast and hits like a truck, 421 dew spear is EXTREMELY fast with jump cancel (don't know why you don't spam it)
214 knives should be leveled too because the default ones get a homing effect; a214 sawblades are arguably a better alternative but they require some getting used to
623 is usually a big brain move since the B version's pushback is small so you don't get a lot of leeway but it's probably like a situationally useful coin when it works, it's fine to switch to a DP if you're having trouble learning how to use the default one, but as usual, don't overuse it (it gains i-frames on L2 so take 4 of them if you run it)
do not underestimate 4b5c spellcard/mixup during pressure it is extremely effective
noachian/harvester/silent selene/royal flare are very effective spellcards and you should learn how to use them
it might be an autistic wall of text and I don't main patchy but she's a fun character to play as and there's some depth to it

https://prolikewoah.com/t/20210724T20 starting soon
[Hide] (588.4KB, 811x627)
last minute practice.
get your head in the game /japan/
no more messing around
Replies: >>7133 >>7137
mmm no
Replies: >>7134
it doesn't work?
Replies: >>7135
no I'm not gonna play
Replies: >>7136
ok well I'm gonna play some randoms. let me know if anyone wants to play and I'll host again
>Getting drunk the day before
Enjoy hangover, njord.
Replies: >>7139
[Hide] (52KB, 1000x1000)
i am
back up for some last minute games
Replies: >>7152 last minute hosting please join the other guy head feels like harder hangover than strmfag
Replies: >>7142 >>7144 >>7145
does not work
Replies: >>7143
I-I think I'm just going to play singleplayer today
Replies: >>7145
s-sorry I didn't mean to bully FUGK

[Hide] (180.8KB, 800x320)
Hosting practice matches 'til the tournament opens.
Do your best. I want to pretend I'm still participating.
Replies: >>7147 >>7160
Replies: >>7159
Some games before the actual thing
Last minute testan

Sokuroll + autopunch.
Replies: >>7149
forgottan the portan
Replies: >>7150 >>7153 >>7155
is it too late to join mister sumbrero?
Replies: >>7155
ggs alicefag
ggs whoever played with me.
i really need to figure out how to not get sniped by 6b 6b 6b 6b. if i lose to stuff like that i must be really bad.
ggs yellow fever man
Replies: >>7154
GG's drunk.
I'm going host for a little bit more if you're still there.
>>7149 rehostan
Replies: >>7163
Be careful not to wear yourself out, Suika.
pre tourney stream starting soon. 

get in and sign up fags
I went for a walk, I'm clear headed and ready for the competition.
[Hide] (280KB, 422x1000)
GGs, it felt like all of Yukaris moves where "safe" and she could block after them. For projectiles where superior to anything suika could do, and all her attacks seemed faster then Suika's jab. I don't know what I could do in certain situations except turtle and look for an opening.
Replies: >>7162
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1013x760)
The time approaches.
Good games Suika.
Host may be back up if one of these fuggers aren't waiting for someone.
Most people underestimate suika's damages. If you get really good at looking for those openings, nab the 5-card reversal for maximum fun.
Host down.
Gonna get a snack and get ready for strim times.
any host?
Replies: >>7165
gamers in the chat

STUPID BITCH vs Namesarehard https://files.catbox.moe/dh1wty.zip
game 1, gen vs. IIIIIIIlllIl
>chromdad missing
if he doesn't show up in stream chat soon that's a DQ
Lokoko2 vs geimu_representative
Replies: >>7172
GG that was incredibly tight
game 5 Az vs SPIN2WIN
Lokoko2 vs Namesarehard
match 7, IIIIIIIlllIl (P1) vs sixty_niggers (P2)
game 10 103 vs Az
[Hide] (9.2MB, 1865x4096)
I'm glad Yuugi is in WATER ACTION GAME, but she should have been in one of the fighters.
game 11 sixty_niggers (P1) vs SPIN_2_WIN (P2)
game 12 Lokoko2 vs Umbrellafag
match 17, IIIIIIIlllIl (P1) vs Namesarehard (P2)
Game 14
gen vs 103
Game 13
game 15 sixty_niggers (P1) vs Umbrejolt (P2)
Game 16
game 20
Az vs sixty_niggers
Game 19
Namesarehard vs Remove Youkai
Are the 2hu card games with netplay any good? Don't try to lie to me, it's 2hu, there is a fangame in every genre imaginable.
Replies: >>7194
Finals music.
[Hide] (5.8MB, 3000x1900)
there's 2hu mahjong
can't vouch for the netplay but it is fun
Replies: >>7195 >>7197
what would even be the results of bad netplay in mahjong?
I've only played 2hu hentai mahjong
Replies: >>7198 >>7199
Replies: >>7205
[Hide] (1.8MB, 4486x3939)
Got any fucking links?
Replies: >>7205
VOD soon. 8GB raw because thanks flv. Compressing now. We cut the tourney down by an hour by watching games live so it should be smaller than the last when done.
Replies: >>7204
GGs thanks for hosting
Replies: >>7202
thanks for playing
brb making new tourney

BRACKETS LINK: https://challonge.com/SOKUDUELIST
SIGN UP FOR THE TOURNEY HERE: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/DyLvyC1y7h
STREAM LINK (when the tourney starts): https://cytu.be/r/touhourney

don't expect me to host the next couple of days (crunch time on autism trailer)
Replies: >>7204
Replies: >>7224
[Hide] (429.9KB, 685x562)
I think I deleted it and I don't remember the name. It was on DLsite. Here's a picture from it.
Replies: >>7211
[Hide] (269.6KB, 400x533)
Here's some history VODs for the uninitiated.

24.07.2021 sokunegger 2 - https://mega.nz/file/m84QWDIb#9r0F96ZwVBBYUL-sxioufBYhk8kHhZsiQR3n6NzXI70
17.07.2021 sokunagger - https://mega.nz/file/Wx5n0Aia#zpN26vgVlh31yJEIKkaeFhZN3nt_bciOvMZaWZWp_FI
12.26.2020 the flanal last sokunigger tourney thank god - https://mega.nz/file/vpxmVApD#w-B-Z9HY3WIpG4FdKyzG9r8ETnRUcUl7DLR3x3bmuXM
08.01.2020 literally last ever sokunigger tourney, prestrm and main event - https://mega.nz/file/vkxX2ZaK#n7lX6M5wlnSB68dRs9PsfKnl8kzhhY3WjkoiOGqdNec
03.15.2020 the really extra pepperoni last sokunigger tourney - https://mega.nz/file/epgmVLgT#gd-fFXY0Jh7R47tyTTBIQjdYHRCOaUo3BvE-HWEhnTA
03.13.2020 the really last ever sokunigger tourney - https://mega.nz/file/3hg0HLaA#G5YSHDu6jqMztAJqmoQWZabr7xq2x4fPYc2ImHmRN9s
12.21.2019 last soku tourney - https://mega.nz/file/TsJl2SyL#W-9FshdP-SYraVKirITKMpkAk1KKdD281mgGiaUsv38
09.15.2010 last ever soku tourney - finals missing sorry - https://mega.nz/file/H1pQnRoA#i690vS_GXn8n2NdUPTzpYQmQNRo-jueIZ-twCHYp0CY
02.03.2019 last ever soku tourney - for real this time - https://mega.nz/file/2hp2lTTT#i9-5ZenMVRtM7hWF20Kv3zcZr6-7w_IEZslTII2CDVQ
01.09.2018 last ever soku tourney PRE-SHOW - https://mega.nz/file/qswUFZra#BGByv1LFEbK8i5AKqWxA1B4UnXEQjhlCzkbIezM6hSo
01.09.2018 last ever soku tourney MAIN EVENT - https://mega.nz/file/XpgExZJI#OQDsh_limEU03lfg6wY7HjdkAKTpG4SnlY4nqu7Lwwk

Off to fuck with the trailer (must spam all shitboards) make do without my hosts please
Replies: >>7228
[Hide] (1.9KB, 215x39)
Replies: >>7209
dude get yourself a bigger disk drive
Replies: >>7210
The disk is 1TB. Windows partition is 200GB. I should probably grow the partition but I'm going to probably going to need to baleet windows at some point anyway.