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“…Many of today's problems are a result of yesterday's solutions.” - Otamin

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THIRD TOURNAMENT STARTS AT JULY 31ST, 8PM UTC https://time.is/UTC https://prolikewoah.com/t/20210731T20 

BRACKETS LINK: https://challonge.com/SOKUDUELIST
SIGN UP FOR THE TOURNEY HERE: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/DyLvyC1y7h
STREAM LINK (when the tourney starts): https://cytu.be/r/touhourney

For those that do not want to register manually, post the name that you are signing up with here. It will be added to the brackets.

Hisoutensoku is an expansion to Touhou 10.5 SWR and is a multiplayer fighting game made by Tasofro with ZUN's approval. It's easy to learn, hard to master battle system makes for fun and fast paced matches with counterhits often launching girls across the screen. Very fast when played right. As a P2P game, game hosts must forward ports in order to play it or use specific workarounds.

Full installation: https://mega.nz/file/JaZ1WCrZ#S5KOFmp7vvV6I31hmJh157q9Nw0Z0fDMYb01WBQ4h_Y

This repack contains pre-configured soku alongside quality-of-life mods like automatically enabling rollback (sokuroll), autopunch, netplay lobby and being able to change contents of your deck in the character selection menu during netplay. Simply extract and play. More info here >>5125

MIRRORS (links from the old thread): 
Full installation: https://mega.nz/#!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k
Mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7ulje2arv05zjbg/Touhou_Hisoutensoku_%252B_Full_Unlock_%252B_SokuRoll_%252B_SWRSToys_%252B_Tensokukan.zip/file
Modpack: https://mega.nz/file/m5ghXYLQ#waa_R8bY-JmApb3Xia__6MetYdKddmCk39QwkJEGlGc

For those that can't download from the main mega link for some reason. Get soku, then extract contents of swrs toys (modpack archive) directly into the same folder. 

To host, a hosting player forwards a port (detailed instructions are available on the internet) and provides IP with a port in an IP:Port format, launches the game and uses the Vs Network menu to start the server. Client connects to provided IP and port and plays game. For hosts, please be sure to check the options menu to set a port and disable the "post to bot" checkmark if you don't want random people from the lobby to join instead of people in the thread. If no one's joining in the thread, playing people from the lobby can be a good idea to practice!

Should a port be unable to be forwarded, workarounds exist - Autopunch is installed in a modpack and is used automatically in case of un-forwarded ports. Keep in mind that it can fail on some routers and workplace connections and that ping will likely be less desirable, so please forward your ports.

Wiki: https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/

This is a central thread for posting information about the game and hosting games. Players are encouraged to get in as much practice as they can before the event - by hosting games or joining them. As always, feel free to ask questions about the game.

Old thread: >>6368
Tournament info + important information: >>6369
Game mechanics and character summaries: 
Reuploaded tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfcJaQweQEg
Replies: >>7267 >>7293
Will start hosting games in a couple of hours. Please train properly kudasai training games up get in
Replies: >>7242 >>7243 >>7247
Internet shat the bed there I suppose.
Replies: >>7243
My PC BSOD'd. Rehosting at >>7241 get in again lad
streaming bragdice for any fags who want to join
Replies: >>7246 >>7253
stream starting proper soon, post in chat if you want host
Replies: >>7248
ggs, you need more practice escaping corners, consider BE-ing up
brb break 30 or so mins then back into the grind rehosted practice
Replies: >>7254 >>7255
Strm over. GG cirnegro. Will do more if someone wants practice games and/or solicited and unsolicited advice. For the fags that did solicit it, pls respond and I'll try to strm at a time that works.
Replies: >>7256
ggs. marisa pressure is disgusting.
Replies: >>7255
Welp, GGs. Went about 40-60 in your favor. It's kinda hard to adapt to hangekis and dolltism when it's not going in your face like the other guy.
It's less disgusting and more 50-50. Yu want comfy dash attack into 236 you can graze? Fukk you here broom. If you do this kind of gambling too much, you're gonna get rekt, so it's hard to balance these hard-risk moves with the immediate threat of death that Alice presents while she's out of Marisa's melee

Again, gimme like 20 minutes and I'll rehost.
how i kil youmu
Replies: >>7257 >>7258
hangeki and kill him in the corner
you'd need a flowchart with about 20 extra steps as to how, but it's possible and you should try it hosting practice
Replies: >>7262
can't kill her, she's already dead
Replies: >>7259
nah she's only half-dead
Replies: >>7260
[Hide] (79.2KB, 679x674)
so you can only half kill her
GGs Gen, use good pressure and be wary of enemy BROOM
Host down for now
Replies: >>7262
GG's maximum, those brooms are super deceptive, I keep thinking they're far enough then get hit anyway.
Replies: >>7263
It's a pain setting them up, against half the cast it's super positional and if they start to overblock, the whole setup is wasted. Against rushdown characters that MUST get in though, it's a good way of denying them easy damage - or at least forcing them to approach more carefully.
host post
Replies: >>7265 >>7266
[Hide] (91.4KB, 600x450)
Replies: >>7266
[Hide] (356.4KB, 1000x900)
speedy reimu is best but I still don't have enough tengu fans

G*d G*s
>>7238 (OP) 
These are sum gud OPs, ruskiman.
Think you'll have enough willpower to burn in order to make a Christmas tournament OP?
Replies: >>7275
Sokurrollan + Autopunchan.
Replies: >>7270 >>7273
Hostan for a little while more.
Replies: >>7273
GG thanks for hosting
Replies: >>7274
GG's lang.
I can't believe the remi power claw landed, that one never lands.
we can only hope hosds up it's too late and I don't expect anyone to join but it might as well stay up just in case
Replies: >>7276 >>7278
GGs reimu, lagged towards the end there. You've won some games - did you finally get used to Marisa's pressure game? It's difficult, but you can apply that knowledge against most characters since timings stay relatively the same (except cases like Okuu and Suwako).

Will host more later
Replies: >>7278
also challonge seems to be having a stroke, I just hope it'll go online in time for the thing
[Hide] (414.7KB, 400x1240)
I feel like less of a cock today. Can't tell if you block on purpose to test my pressure or I am actually doing it right. Don't know what the mystery lag was, but maybe someone else fugging my interne.

Yes I am used to marisa pressure. I have a laser-shaped hole in all my orafices.
Replies: >>7279 >>7283
>Can't tell if you block on purpose to test my pressure or I am actually doing it right.
you are confused which means I'm doing something right
>Yes I am used to marisa pressure. I have a laser-shaped hole in all my orafices.
someone get the burn heal
haha funny teleport dodge
ggs az
it's strange seeing regulars here also on the dicksuck hostlist
but that's also a good thing
Replies: >>7282
do yukkuri have teeth
Replies: >>7285 >>7292
they are made out of sugar hosts up
Replies: >>7287
GG's maximum, the lag got the better of us in the end, it was getting really good too.
Also I think those "fuck you I eat bullets" cards I added really started carrying me.
Replies: >>7288
GGs. Sorry, my internet cut out. Can't host right now, it looks a bit too fucked at the moment. Someone pls host so thread isn't dead
Replies: >>7289
me + autopunch
Streamin. Practice games on request. Testing out voice autism mod.
Replies: >>7291
it works. strm over
[Hide] (56.6KB, 555x555)
host's post

only a few have evolved teeth from what I've seen
Replies: >>7294
>>7238 (OP) 
Seems I'll be able to join for this tournament, you can add ccb9 to the list.
Replies: >>7297 >>7298 >>7305
[Hide] (56.2KB, 555x555)
GGs. If you didn't notice I have an anti suwako deck just to ease the suffering.
Replies: >>7295
[Hide] (24.3KB, 300x336)
ahhh souka
my suwako isnt very good anyways
GGs meiling, still cant figure out how to properly face you.
Replies: >>7298
GG's ccb. 
I'd say save trickster devil for the end because using it early takes away remi's jump in option, and given that her dash is already weird to use it makes weaving through the pressure harder during the rest of the game.
Also because it's always funny when both of you have a sliver of life left and BAM trickster devil outta nowhere.
[Hide] (32.4KB, 597x392)
Replies: >>7301 >>7304
[Hide] (75.2KB, 954x914)
posted host

cannot connect
Replies: >>7302
try again
very gaphag hosting
things may occasionally lag out and slow down due to reasons
don't worry about it
Replies: >>7309 >>7310
GGs, DRUNK. Nice to see somebody who is at my skill level. I appluad you for being able to preform 623, that is something I have not been able to master
Replies: >>7306
[Hide] (217.1KB, 449x489)
Replies: >>7313
[Hide] (78.3KB, 637x476)
Ogey I might actually be able to Do a Thing this weekend, so sign me up as DRUNK-san.

GGs fellow suikafag, finally a fellow high IQ individual.
Some tips:
Remember to block. It's important. Half the time when I caught you out it's because you fell straight down out of a dash and forgot to hold back while falling, or even just fly down so you don't eat a bullet.
Try to avoid being predictable. It's hard because Suika has like 3 combos and some awkward bullets, but while I may be baka and sleep-deprived enough to fall for your ruse cruise your average sokunigger is not and will just combo your drunk ass for 40% life when they see you're not reacting to their pressure.
Don't spam the j.5B bouncy balls all the time. They look cool and it's cool when they catch someone out of a jump but half the time they seem to just go over the opponent's head. 5C and 214
Don't use the full Dial-A all the time, it's some nice damage but unsafe on block, so anyone with fast buttons will make you cry when they see through your 1488D chess plan of running up and pounding the A button like it's your imouto's anus. The basic combo I've been trying to use with partial success is 5AA - 5B - 236B which is much safer because you're not stuck in the 5AAA uppercut pose for a million years on block/whiff. Other normals (especially air normals like j.8A and j.6A) are important and cover holes in your ability to exert pressure.
Learn to do motions properly. Use a gamepad or stick if your keyboard is preventing you from doing motions properly. I'm still bad at pushing buttons but I can mostly do 623s and 241s - mostly.
Replies: >>7308
Also added.
GGs, willy. Thanks for hosting. You weren't going easy on me on the three rounds I won were you?
Replies: >>7311
[Hide] (77.4KB, 850x803)
please forgive me
Host still up here. >>7303
Replies: >>7316
>You weren't going easy on me on the three rounds I won were you?
No, fug no. Everything I do is done in order to achieve victory.
Replies: >>7312
> Everything I do is done in order to achieve victory
Okay then. I'm just not use to winning. I'm still new to this game
ggs anon
GGs Suikafugger. Use Border Escapes and don't rely on Suika's grab too much - it's usually a Hail Mary kinda thing, even if it does work on me all the damn time. Instead, pack some skillcard alts - https://hisouten.koumakan.jp/wiki/Card_Tier_List#Skills_5

>Gnome -Thin- 
4.8 orb damage on block - you should be SEIZING that
>Oni Spirit Bomb 
mindgames with 6b and 236 at long range - are you gonna follow up or reset?

There's a lot of stuff in there too, but those two are the meta and they're REALLY good. Consider trying them if nothing else.

Will rehost soon-ish.
[Hide] (297KB, 850x713)
ggs (you)
GG Willy. Those games were fun, how nostalgic. Did you enjoy the cross up j2a? It's a special technique I am working on.
Replies: >>7317 >>7318
It is a display of magnificent gameplay yes.
[Hide] (188.2KB, 850x850)
work on instant j.2a land cancel mixup instead host up
Replies: >>7321
Replies: >>7323 >>7324 >>7329
GGs, MAX, thanks for hosting
Replies: >>7322
[Hide] (59.4KB, 800x800)
GGs, please consider getting your basics down with Suika; Border Escapes, footsies, everything. Play some people in hostlist if there's no one in here. The game's fun.
Replies: >>7325
GGs green dork, don't go easy on me, I saw you giving me free shots
Replies: >>7324
GG reimufag. I think you need to work on other methods of escaping pressure aside from mash. Reimu has strong mash, but you can avoid taking a lot of damage if you are more selective about it. Also, I noticed that your pressure sometimes pushed me away, instead of keeping me in range. That's something to pay attention to. Pushing away to get some breathing room is helpful if you're stuck in the corner, but counterproductive if you're midscreen.

Nah I was just having fun trying new stuff.

host back up
Replies: >>7328
>Border Escapes
You mean not getting stuck in the corner?
Replies: >>7326
yeah that, it's a tool to prevent that
BE2 from the corner and then kinda wiggling out of it is what you should start with
gg suikanigger. You seemed to adapt a bit toward the end. I would recommend you use more BE's to get out of my toe stubber 2a loop. You currently are stuck between being forced to block too much, or mash out. Suika seems to have slow pokes, so mashing out will require more precision.
sorry for the lag, ggs
Replies: >>7331
Come on and slam
and welcome to the jam
Sokuroll + autopunch.
streamnig and hostnig

Some nigger wanted OBS spoonfeeding. Tell him to get in.
Replies: >>7335 >>7336
missed what?
Replies: >>7337
benis just ask the ghostfag, he listens
Oh, my bad.
[Hide] (26.6KB, 256x256) FRIDAY HOSTS UP
Replies: >>7342
GG's (you)mu.
I think I'm getting the hang of those barrages.
GGs Gen. Council has decided you should work on getting some tighter pressure strings, maybe learn some more patience with blocking so that your escapes are more effective. Excellent reversals as always.
Replies: >>7341
Yeah, I know I need more patience, but I always forget mid match and just rush in.
Replies: >>7343
ggs, good games but please consider just doing BE2 in the corner, my 4a 5c hjc j.5a j.5c reset (or hjc land reset) die to BE2 no problem and I didn't even have to adjust my corner pressure

games in like 10 minutes brb host back up
Replies: >>7349 >>7350
Host back after extended OBS lessons. Come join beat some 2hus.
Replies: >>7352
[Hide] (36.9KB, 197x188)
GGs Gen, Please don't underestimate Marisa's pressure, BE when in the corner and DON'T DIE. The last part is VERY important don't neglect it.

Rehosts soon need to shitpost in cytube chat real quick.
GG's max.
I really need something to eat up those bullets, it's hard to get in there just grazing.
[Hide] (191.5KB, 500x600) hosting again
Replies: >>7364 >>7365
GG sanae fugger. You won game at the end and were getting closer to beating me. You really need to beat that habit of using that card in neutral when I can just graze through. It's not that safe to use.
Replies: >>7353 >>7357
Nothing is safe to use with Sanae. If you're talking about the 2card I'm going to eat damage anyway if I don't use it in those scenarios and it gives me a low chance of actually getting away with things I otherwise could not.
Replies: >>7354
Oh right.
Replies: >>7355
[Hide] (409.1KB, 1272x694)
Not an argument
Replies: >>7356
Just use the wind to make your air-pressure safe lamao
Maybe. There have been at least a few times you used in strings where I thought you would have been fine to block. If you're setting up a 50/50 anyway, see if your opponent reacts fast enough to the cardless string by just blocking at the end. If they are less often able to punish with the card, then keep using it. Otherwise, you should probably just keep it and preserve meter.
Replies: >>7358
Are you still here? I new to hosting and I want to host to see if somebody else can join
Replies: >>7359
Go ahead, I'll try joining.
Replies: >>7360
See if it works
Replies: >>7361 >>7362 >>7371
It do.
Replies: >>7371 >>7372
I can't connect for some reason
Replies: >>7363
in geimu currently
Replies: >>7367
[Hide] (261.3KB, 480x325)
GGs, I should probably not soku and drink.
GGs Remifugger. Really proud of that double perfect in the first game. I wasn't screwing around when I said to be very afraid of Marisa's 214. Be mindful of those 236's in the future - if they get called out, your health bar just stops existing.

Rehosts SOON
>6 people in the brackets
please join
Replies: >>7369
I can't even spectate, uhhhh
Replies: >>7368
host is up if you want a gamu
Replies: >>7375 >>7376
Sign me up.
I'll be gen again.
Replies: >>7370
GGs, Willy! Thanks for joining. I'm still half convinced you're going easy on me. I typically don't get this many KO's against my opponents. idk why I have an easier time against you than most people I play against
Replies: >>7380
Also, what was with the random character select this time?
Replies: >>7380
[Hide] (395.8KB, 850x1188) hosting YET AGAIN
Replies: >>7383 >>7384
GGs, idk what happened in the end, maybe something faulty on my side
That sneaky attack is so broken, and I can barely defend and that attacks me from behind, can you block it?
Replies: >>7377
Dont know what happen on last game but GGs reimufag. Need to take a break for a bit.
Trickster Devil can be block, you just have to be ready for it and quickly change your block direction. You have to keep track of how your remi opponent uses it and anticipate it (ei blocking 5a,5aa or 5aaa then Trickster Devil).
[Hide] (60.2KB, 581x679)
oh will I wake up in time for the soku tourney I hope so. Gemes here
Replies: >>7392
Random character select is the option flowing with most romance, you know.
Also, it's able to show you a wider amount of characters you'll have to face rather than just Yukari forever
[Hide] (2MB, 1980x2800)
Replies: >>7387
can't stick around
gotta get going in 2 matches
Replies: >>7385
GGs, MAX, thanks for hosting
Replies: >>7384
[Hide] (174.7KB, 850x1207)
ggs suikafag consider not dying against yuyuko, she is really UNIQUE
need slep want slep time to get slep see you all for practice tomorrow
Replies: >>7386
GGs willy. I have much to learn.
[Hide] (11.1KB, 658x721)
btw hosd is up if you want to play more suikafag
Replies: >>7387 >>7388
[Hide] (124KB, 1024x480)
GGs, DRUNK. Thanks for hosting
[Hide] (2.1MB, 4200x2700)
ggs, you're getting better but you're still being too predictable. Don't just run up to the opponent and expect them to not do anything. Half the time when you caught me it was due to ADD on my part or just sleeping on the match.
Replies: >>7389 >>7391
[Hide] (192.9KB, 1500x963)
>or just sleeping on the match
you ever just wake up in the middle of the match and realize you're not losing?
Replies: >>7390
[Hide] (5.1KB, 39x64)
suwachads know that feel
>still being too predictable
I know, I tried doing some 214s and 236s but I still can't pull them off, except for that one time. I've gone into practice mode and I can do it but not consistently. It's a lot harder to pull off during an actual match
Replies: >>7405
[Hide] (861.7KB, 950x1295)
soku here

GGS. You are no match for my blue squares. Game will feel less unfair with better connection. Also the more you teabag the more I will abuse bullet rape.
Replies: >>7393 >>7395 >>7396
It was more the corner rape I couldn't deal with than anything else.
Replies: >>7395 >>7397
[Hide] (1.4MB, 474x600)
I can probably join the tournament, probably.
Sign Willy up
Also (the other) gaphag host is here:
Replies: >>7395
So in the end, what kind of rape was it?
Replies: >>7398
GG's remove youkai, I need to find a way to deactivate those stickers on the ground.
Replies: >>7397
[Hide] (120.3KB, 1061x1080)
Youkai buster lvl 4 feels so good. Wish there was asmr of that sweet sound when it hits the opponent.

Grazing them activates them, but I'll usually be around to try and stop that.

Unfortunately that is what most people usually deal with in normal connection, though diamond dust does add to the fun factor.
I was tryharding like mad so it was a bit rapey everywhere honestly
[Hide] (93.5KB, 736x736)
For continued friendship I must apologize for my stubbornness.
It's fun playing you, and I hope it's fun to play me.
Replies: >>7400 >>7401
GGs, I'm sorry to cut it short anon, something came up on my end.
Rehost if you're still up for games
Replies: >>7402
>and I hope it's fun to play me.
I've got to press button, it's fun.
Replies: >>7402
Sleep time is now.
[Hide] (251.2KB, 1440x1080)
It's not that, it's that you do the exact same thing almost every time you try to get in so anyone can just hard counter you once they recognize the pattern.
i forgot to practice this week
give game
Replies: >>7412
[Hide] (238.6KB, 967x1078)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 3000x2500) hosting games

https://prolikewoah.com/t/20210731T20 3h 44m till the start
Replies: >>7411
ggs drunkan iku is my new main still hosting
Replies: >>7414 >>7420 >>7421
GG and fuck this matchup
Replies: >>7413
understandable. it's definitely pretty good for alice.
ggs patchy

host still up come get your last-minute games
Replies: >>7415 >>7416
[Hide] (276.5KB, 900x900)
had fun wish i could play more
dunno if ill join tourney got things to do all day
had fun funfunf
[Hide] (98.9KB, 698x658)
it seems that someone killed yuyukofag in real life as he appears to have d/c'd mid-game; what a shame

host still up; get back in yuyu or if someone wants to steal that they're welcome to try
Replies: >>7417
[Hide] (55.5KB, 362x427)
no one's joining I've scared away the only chance I had at playing against a somewhat decent Yuyuko player in the thread by pretending that he violated my NAP

Replies: >>7418
Sorry, my net dying right now.

Last minute testan and playan.
sokuroll + autopunch
Replies: >>7422
GGs Remi
From my experience, you keep losing because I fish for a moment, in which you stop holding block and start going for some kind of counterplay out of block (236, 5c, etc etc) and then I do the appropriate thing and your health bar disappears; it works so many times I don't even have to worry about breaking blocks
Learn how to Border Escape, it's seriously necessary in this game, otherwise you'll keep doing risky things and then getting punished. Also block out of wakeup in some cases please the suicide is not worth it.

On break now (probably) more hosts soon.
Replies: >>7421
GGs, my main issues is knowing when to BE on your attacks. I was able to BE a few times and others I probably shouldn't have since I got punish.
>Also block out of wakeup in some cases please the suicide is not worth it.
I'll be honest some time I was trying to see about high jumping on wakeup for grazing and other time I was holding block but also another key on wake up (6->9 or 3) which I'm assuming is whats causing me to not properly block on wakeup.
GGs, the stone frog feels really brutal when used correctly
Replies: >>7423
GG's mimic, it was laggy but it was fun. Yeah I underestimated it in that last match.
https://cytu.be/r/touhourney - PRESTREAM UP https://prolikewoah.com/t/20210731T20 BEGINS IN 1H20M more last minute practice games
Replies: >>7426 >>7429
sorry had to pick up my phone
Replies: >>7427
Replies: >>7428
yeah lets leave it as it is, I keep getting calls, maybe later
Replies: >>7429
ok, ggs, hope you're free in time for the tourney

host up >>7425
https://cytu.be/r/touhourney - TOURNEY STARTED
match 4, sixty_niggers (P1) vs Chromdad (P2)
match 2, DRUNK-san vs Umbrejolt
match 3, 103 vs America
match 1, Willy v. Gen
here game 5. Willy v Spin_2_Win
Replies: >>7438
>same zip
I lied, here's Game 5 actually.
match 6, ccb9 vs Umbrejolt
match 8, sixty_niggers (P1) vs REMOVE_YOUKAI (P2)
game 7, IIIIIIIllllI (P1) vs 103 (P2)
Game 11, Spin2win (Player 1) vs. Chromdad (player 2)

game 11, 103 Vs Drunk-san
Game 10, ccb9 (Player 1) vs. America (Player 2)
match 12, sixty_niggers (P1) vs Gen (P2)
match 15, Willy (P1) vs Umbrejolt (P2)
game 16, IIIIIIIllllI (P1) vs. REMOVE YOUKAI (P2)
[Hide] (185.5KB, 501x563)
RIP stream
match 14, sixty_niggers (RED) vs 103anon (BLU)
Replies: >>7452
Game 13, ccb9 (Player 1) vs.  Spin_2_Win (Player 2)
man this match broke me
Game 18
Replies: >>7456
match 17, Willy (P1) vs sixty_niggers (P2)
Game 17 Sixty Niggers versus Willy
Remove Youkai vs ccb9
match 19, sixty_niggers (P1) vs REMOVE_YOUKAI (P2)
[Hide] (7.3MB, 768x432)
Remember to wish IIIIIII a happy day since he won the first tournament and it didn't even have a prize wwwww
Fuck mark
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1032x1457)
the year of Alice
[Hide] (178.4KB, 850x920)
Thank you once again for another fun tournament, organizers and players! Truly, Alice reigns supreme and her dollmy will conquer all gensokyo!
[Hide] (546.4KB, 1100x800)
It appears that to prevent ALICE SUPERIORITY, we shall have to take... Drastic Measures.

Stay tuned for the NEXT Sokunigger Tournament. The HIGHER POWER awaits.
Replies: >>7463
https://mega.nz/file/r5gymbDT#CANmSz8tsxtxiTWCGCIgtsfA4ahFYuesUXI1wLQgR3A - VOD on mega
>>6291 main thread here go play
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