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keep minority spirit

cave_on_sdoj_pc.mp4 (u)
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__tatara_kogasa_touhou_drawn_by_mame_mame3737__491e3577b19acd1a534676fb5a326d83.png (u)
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it's been 3 years
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Yousuke_Yasui_-_Bust_a_Move!.webm (u)
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Yousuke_Yasui_-_Aernoaut_(Arrange_version).webm (u)
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>>492 (OP) 
At this stage, you might as well and try to emulate that shit with a 360 emulator. Then again, Ginga Force got a PC Port this year, so who the fuck knows anymore.
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You still can't emulate 360 well. Only option to play it is to buy it.
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That's what I originally thought too, but apparently the latest build of Xenia plays nicely with the iso of Saidaioujou. I've only found the Jtag/RGH version so far.

What the fuck are you doing, Cave? First it was the shitty mobile gacha games, then fucking re-releasing Saidaioujou Exa label again at the fucking arcades. Just make the fucking PC port, you goddamn mongoloids.
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Based on the clip it looks like when exa-arcadia got to them they signed an exclusivity contract.
I'll give xenia another go but I'm probably just going to add it to my hidden gem collection because I've wanted it for years.
Replies: >>542 >>544
Yep it's still fucked. At least the full iso. Even if the did work the extra lag would make it unplayable. We are already talking about a port from an arcade. Adding an extra layer of emulation on top of that spells disaster.
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oh ffs
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Scrub_plays.webm (u)
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I've gotten the motherfucker to work on Xenia barring some glitchiness with the menus/hi-score list (see webm). The feel is very similar to the PC port of Dodonpachi Resurrection, and I don't really feel any input lag. 

There's a way to compile the JTAG/RGH into an iso file, then you gotta fuck with the config file for the emulator. I can upload the iso and config file to a throwaway account if you want.

Fucking wew.
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You might as well upload the whole setup. You might be on a specific version of xenia that has better performance. Just like how newer versions of MAME bricked games that worked on previous version.
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__maria_dodonpachi_and_1_more_drawn_by_mizuno_kurage__93a16a030ce8950b69c034f05bfcc2fd.jpg (u)
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Here you go, anon. Good luck and have fun: https://mega.nz/folder/REMOVETHISDaQT3YTa#ffIQd9aGTB88TuG_6uwT0w

One thing: If you have an AMD card, you should open the config file in Xenia with a text editor and change "d3d12_edram_rov" to false.
Replies: >>553
Okay I tried it out, glad to see that it's finally past the intro. Input lag is noticeable but I might be able to compensate. I just need to figure out how to change the controls.
To change the controls you have to recompile. I did it, but it was fucking gay.
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You're doing it wrong if you're sticking your dick into it, anon.
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__maria_dodonpachi_and_1_more_drawn_by_imuraya_ayuka__aa0943c6f48431a90d25b5677f55a67b.jpg (u)
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They are literally dolls. What the fuck else am I supposed to do with them?
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Just imagine fucking a doll in order to fly an aircraft. Do you think Microsoft Flight Simulator would accept sex dolls as input?
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proxy-image.jpg (u)
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I'm sure you could figure something out with onahole controls.
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excited_Japanese_noises.png (u)
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What will those crafty Japanese think of next?
Hidden_Gem_Sign_「Holy_Grail」.jpg (u)
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Replies: >>1587 >>1593
You still have a working red ringer? Be sure to record some gameplay of it.
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__samidare_kantai_collection_drawn_by_yokoshima_euphoria__a2dc9e3ba5d5e71f4e1161e9dbe6a267.png (u)
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Fucking nice.
>Sealed too
Jesus, how much did that set you back?
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cavehu.jpg (u)
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A /nen/fren has the smaller limited version too!

I got one just so I could play it. The pieces are coming together. New tv, new console, and now the game finally showed up. I just need a way to send footage to my pc to be able to strm it.

Less than ebay since I got it from buyee. I think the total was around  $300. It's officially the most expensive game I've ever owned.
Replies: >>1596 >>1597
At that price, I don't think I would ever open the sealed packaging; I'd put it in a nice display case instead.
Replies: >>1598
>triple digits
look at this fucking retard niggermonkey
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shelf.jpg (u)
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The awkward packaging makes it pretty hard to display. I think I need more shelves. You might be onto something with the case idea.

Would take this over 4 ps5 games any day of the week.
Replies: >>1599
4362550_p0.jpg (u)
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>Umihara Kawase as the centerpiece
Very good choice.
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