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“…Many of today's problems are a result of yesterday's solutions.” - Otamin

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I fucking hate dicksword niggers and their ilk with a burning fucking passion edition

>What's a 2hu
Shrinesl00t armpit licking sim series
>Where do I start?
Get EoSD with the vsynch patch If you're new to primary games. SA if you're some kind of mushihime master or something.
Or just play the fangames, only /jp/ is gonna judge you for that.

>Only for pure secondary niggers:
soku: https://mega.nz/#!ashhnZza!cWdD2mqnQSfpzow5h_LDABQzHOnAiHDL62ceAOF6z9k
>Try to learn soku:

https://github.com/delthas/autopunch - autopunch (lets non-port forwarded players host; can only play if both players run it)

CHECK YOUR HOST WITH: http://netplay.lunarcast.net/check.php

General game mechanics and character summaries
also host down
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Replies: >>9857
[Hide] (870KB, 1000x1000)
Replies: >>9858
[Hide] (1.9MB, 2000x1500)
good games willy
after 41 games I can't come up with combos anymore
why do I perform better when it's midnight am I a vampire
Replies: >>9860
Is it still up?
Replies: >>9861
>10 hours later
Replies: >>9863
Replies: >>9864 >>9865
nah game crash
also drinking alcohol doesn't help with my performance but its fun
Replies: >>9866
GGs fugger. Huh does remi really not have a default low crush? That makes it too easy for me to block it. Good patience and bamboozlement this round good job.
Replies: >>9867
remi cant low crush unless I use vampire claw (236C). Its a pain but that the character.
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[Hide] (4.5MB, 512x512, 00:56)
Replies: >>9875
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ggs reimufag, my attention and focus have been defeated.

Also, to a certain slavic shitposter: finish committing your war crimes and get it together, or I will be forced to take matters into my own hands.
Replies: >>9876 >>9877
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GGs mister youmu, I missed this post earlier. I wish I could press the buttons better, pic related. Some of our games are starting to go on so long now and I feel like I speghetti 50% of the time when you let me.
>finish committing your war crimes and get it together, or I will be forced to take matters into my own hands
do it faggot
my schedule for the past few weeks has consisted of "irl + super unconscious" and I don't think that in the near future that can change
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gib opponent
Replies: >>9884
wait are you the guy on the server browser?
Replies: >>9885
nope, im currently not on the server browser
Replies: >>9886
Oh, I just fought with a Remi player
Replies: >>9887
host is now on the hostlist, post if you want gamu
I'm assuming its probably a player named oku, pretty ok player iirc
Replies: >>9888
host is kill
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new canon art
Replies: >>9890 >>9908
His traditional art feels better than his digital art. Although her hand is a little scuffed, it has soul.
Replies: >>9908
[Hide] (1.1MB, 650x2330)
found a neet rating system: https://archive.ph/TcCqZ
how high have you climbed???

6+ ~ Novice
12+ ~ Primary
28+ ~ RSI
Replies: >>10612
Replies: >>9896
[Hide] (11.6KB, 243x189)
If todd howard was a soku character what would his move set be like? Not that I'm asking for any reason in particular. Pic related.
Replies: >>9900
Come on people, don't you want your suggestions to make it into the mod?
Replies: >>9902
[Hide] (496.7KB, 1000x910)
Alright, I think this thing is working so I'm going to post it for anyone who wants to register ahead of time: https://challonge.com/xth8bx55

Current plan is for the tourney to be on Saturday August 27th, next weekend. I think the usual time is 8PM UTC. A thread and announcement will be posted this weekend I still don't know if I can post threads so I may require assistance. Please be patient
Replies: >>9904
I can't find the join tourney button
Replies: >>9905
shid try this
Replies: >>9906
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1500x1062)
 thank you very much
why are her eyes red
Replies: >>9908
Oh no reimu has hinamizawa syndrome

She's been playing family mahjong II for the past 2 and a half hours and hasn't won once
The real question: is P4 going to be okay?
Replies: >>9931
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[Hide] (431.5KB, 128x256)
[Hide] (79.2KB, 128x128)
[Hide] (13.4KB, 64x75)
How did they make the vfx like bullets and spells for this game? What type of program do people use to do this? I made some gifs using extracted game resources to show what I mean. They look pretty basic but I still wouldn't have any idea how to make something like them. I'm curious if anyone knows any good resources for learning this stuff so I don't have to wade through the sea of trash tutorials.

bulletJc000.gif from one of yukari's skills doesn't actually loop properly. I looked closely in game and it was hard to tell but it looked like it didn't. I'd never noticed before, kinda funny what you can get away with.
Also forbidden cirno run animation. It's pretty cute.

And yes gimp soft locked in the first 10 mins of me using it and I had to end the process. I hate using this piece of shit so much.
Replies: >>10123
[Hide] (881.2KB, 1536x2048)
I'm making a list.
Replies: >>10122
ggs az
I'm trying my hardest, please believe me. If you're feeling like I'm not trying hard, then it's working.
hosd is kill
Try the adobe photoshop, goy.
Replies: >>10126
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damn it
hosding gib opponent
[Hide] (937.7KB, 01:00)
goud gaem LIU or ccb or whatever happened to wolfkran
I ran out of images so now I will soundpost
Replies: >>10135 >>10136
[Hide] (261.7KB, 850x963)
host ded
GGs willy, I hope that I didn't surprised you too much with me trying out remi's other skill cards. 
I do not know what ever happen to wolfkran since I'm not him.
Replies: >>10137
Also you started to learn the ways of the drunken loli now?
Replies: >>10138
[Hide] (8.8MB, 400x400, 04:27)
rip wolfkran he died too old
Those cards are great. Try some ceiling fear next for maximum fun.
Replies: >>10139
watermelon is fun
I don't wanna start learning another girl however. I don't even know english.
Replies: >>10139
[Hide] (50.2KB, 850x718)
I would love to add that card but I'm running out of deck space to add it ;_;
Ah gotcha. Just an fyi for you, watermelon is a good counter to remi if she's using fire oni.
Rest well and dream of train and watermelons.
hosd is up
I forgot to say that its hosted off the hostlist
Ggs, thanks for the games
Replies: >>10146
GGs, I'm surprise I was able to win a few games against you. I had the feeling that I wouldn't win anything against you. 
If you have any tips, feel free to share.
Also fuck sakuya's crouching in corner. I want my gunrir to hit you god dam it.
host is kill
Replies: >>10147
[Hide] (78KB, 800x592)
Sorry, had to leave earlier, but
>If you have any tips, feel free to share.
At least what comes to mind is that your oki is still kinda weak. Sakuya has terrible wakeup options and a shitty techroll so you really want to make the most out of every knockdown. If you let me get away too easily then you are just making the matchup way harder on yourself for no good reason. Setting up a 214x doesn't do much if there is no melee move anywhere near me to stop me from just flying away. You probably already noticed that yourself because i did the exact same thing today and you were able to escape a bunch of times because of it
Also you still tend to overextend when it's really not necessary or even worth it. You used to do that way more often with point blank 3A. Even if you try to scare me with a DP afterwards, the risk/reward is still very skewed in my favor. It's an alright mixup, but it's the kind of thing you want to do very rarely because it's likely to kill your pressure unnecessarily. This time you did it with the rekka guard crush too, and you ate a ton of damage for it. Same with all those blocked j6As, sometimes they can go unpunished but that depends on the character/deck. And that's just when you make me block punishable stuff, but it's even worse if you whiff entirely in an attempt to continue attacking when it's just not possible anymore. Sometimes you just have to accept that your turn is over

>Also fuck sakuya's crouching in corner. I want my gunrir to hit you god dam it.
Yeah some strings or combos are very character dependant. Even my "universal" corner bnb doesn't work against Remi, and only against Remi not like it mattered today because i dropped almost all my corner combos anyways. It's annoying but eventually you either find another workaround or just come to terms with the fact that it's simply not gonna work. Gungnir is probably still good to confirm a crush off a wrongblock at < 2 orbs, but it's not a good idea to expect it to casually delete half my spirit like it does with other characters
fucking deleted replay input viewer again
[Hide] (375.4KB, 1079x1359)
Games shortly. Taking a break from mainline, cause I miss chilling for the first hour.
Replies: >>10155
[Hide] (8.6MB, 03:45)
Replies: >>10156 >>10157
ggs remifag, host still open
GGs. With every game I get closer to being able to win a match.
Replies: >>10158
ggs komachifugger, your practice is really paying off. Had me down to the wire a few times, and you very nearly won. Keep at it, very fun gam.
[Hide] (3MB, 480x360, 03:07)
Goud gaem Gen please have a good day
Replies: >>10160
GG's willy, I see you've added some new cards,caught me off guard at first.
[Hide] (5.1MB, 02:14)
host ded
Same remi anon, new ip
hosd up (off the hostlist)
Replies: >>10167 >>10168
can't connect
Replies: >>10169
Ggs remifag
Replies: >>10169
Host is kill
GGs, you played a lot better than last time we fought, though I cant say much the same for me other than I tried to avoid overextending as much. I  really need to stop trying to hit you with j6A when I'm in the air.
Its probably due to the fact that I was in game already
Replies: >>10170 >>10171
True, I did see you be a bit more careful with most of those punishable moves besides j6A. When it comes to the rekka you could follow up the second hit with other normals instead. It's true that each individual hit is very minus, but (at least for the 1st and 2nd hits) I am also conditioned by the fact that I could end up getting hit by the next hit if I mash. That's what makes rekkas useful, so if you always do the second hit and then block then it just loses its purpose. You can even follow up with the charged overhead which is safe-ish, or just stop at the first hit and reset off of it if I end up respecting it too much.
Same with 3A, it's a good move but if you rely on it too heavily you'll inevitably put yourself in situations where you mess up the spacing and now your pressure is over. You could use f5A instead which is a pretty good low for pressure and also much more ambiguous since you can cancel it more freely into other stuff. It's even good for stagger pressure in the corner
Replies: >>10172
[Hide] (5.5KB, 288x468)
Hey I found this networking protocol breakdown for soku. It's pretty cool, if you're a nerd.
Pic shows host, client, spectator as H, C, S

Unwanted commentary. It looked like you had a lot of ideas you were trying to implement, but maybe weren't used to using on a real opponent. Once you figure it out you'll see some nice improvement. 
Also, try being more reactive in neutral or when at a disadvantage in neutral. Some players have a deer in the headlights effect when they see bullets coming towards them and block until the bullets hit them, even though the bullets may have been more than half a second away. I know 'have better reactions' is meme advice but you can improve on it and the input is easy once you're in the habit.
And finally, if you opponent resets a lot you can jump out. Remi is good at this with 6D j2a which can CH, alternatively I like to hold 8 or 8D while in block stun so I jump out first frame and then react into bullet or something after.
Replies: >>10172
[Hide] (2.6MB, 480x360, 00:30)
Thanks for the tips, have a clip of a flat youmu 
Pressuring always feel difficult for me since I feel the need to go as fast as possible in order to not loose it which in turn causes me to not properly plan well what I should do next. I need to play it slower but it feels difficult to achieve while applying pressure. Though I'll probably get it one day
>maybe weren't used to using on a real opponent
I'm not really used to winning neutral so doing pressure and oki is somewhat new to me (though this is more oki than pressure). One thing I need to do more is tiger knee with chains (2147B) on oki since I can dash backwards but its something I keep forgetting.
I dont really have much problem being under pressure but doing proper dash attack is something I am lacking since I fear getting punish for it too much (ei: dashing into bullets to then attack j2a/j5a)
[Hide] (571KB, 565x711)
Replies: >>10174
Delicious juicy flat
>I'm not really used to winning neutral
This is why it's always worth grinding a few combos and crushes in practice mode before going online. You don't want to realize you've lost your rhythm mid-comeback in a match.
Replies: >>10177 >>10178
Sorry, ggs. As usual I can't press fucking buttons.
Replies: >>10178
3[a] is a reaction if 3a is going to whiff, though it has some funky side effects. I picked random decks and it kept giving me the a214 mine even though it's 1/6.

you are forgiven
Replies: >>10179
>3[a] is a reaction if 3a is going to whiff
I'm not sure I follow. I just assume net delay is causing my input to happen too late, but it's frustrating as hell when I think I blocked early and get crushed anyway. I just need to stop being a shitter and maybe lower delay.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 03:04)
Replies: >>10194 >>10195
[Hide] (11.7MB, 1012x1799, 03:50)
host is dead
[Hide] (331KB, 640x480)
GGs anon.
Sorry about connection.
Replies: >>10196
[Hide] (2.5MB, 02:46)
Connection was breddi good when considering what I'm used to.
You're breddi good.
hosding off the hosdlist
GGs Ikufag, sorry for short-ish set but it was fun playing against you!
ggs, kind of shitty play on my part, sorry.
[Hide] (144.1KB, 1036x885)
[Hide] (142.1KB, 1066x913)
reimu or sanae?
Replies: >>10224 >>10227
Replies: >>10229
Hosd is back up same as last time (off the hosdlist)
Replies: >>10230 >>10231
reimyu or sanyae
Who the FUCK voted for sanae
Replies: >>10231
GGs cute miko, both your reimu and sanae were fun to play against
[Hide] (475.2KB, 800x800)
GG I forgot to turn off the downloads at first. I wish I had sanae speed with reimu agility.

Me. It was a tie 1-1 so I decided to tie break for neko sanae. Please give her a chance all mikos need love.
[Hide] (204KB, 795x1127)
sexualize the fumo
strmed more of aya's game today
9-6 is gey
hosding before the strem
Replies: >>10243
[Hide] (558.9KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (339.3KB, 640x480)
[Hide] (368.6KB, 813x1004)
Replies: >>10247
GGs anon.
Replies: >>10248
[Hide] (315KB, 2000x1435)
GGs. It's been quite a while since I've faced Suika, or Yukari so sorry for the bad performance.
[Hide] (663.4KB, 800x600)
Here's a host
Replies: >>10252
host is kill
hosd is back up, same as always
Replies: >>10254
Ggs remifag, thx for hosting
Replies: >>10255
hosd is ded
GGs, thanks for joining
unlocked extra in stb! all the cards I cleared I did with a high enough score to get the story too
I wonder is DS is easier
t. my blog
Replies: >>10257
Maiden & Spell got a patch
plus the dev called the players sluts
Replies: >>10258
can you play it vertically horizontal is really gay for something like this
Replies: >>10259
Depends on what you mean
M&S is a 1field game it doesn't have vertical or horizontal scroll except for distance compression if you fly away from each other at the start of the match
the field is way wider than it is tall though (and shrinks horizontally as the timer depletes until it's taller than it is wide)
Replies: >>10263
imagine that but have the field more tall than wide and you start on the bottom with your own screen online and have the controls be the same as touhou
that's the game i want, but i dont think it exists yet
[Hide] (182KB, 981x239)
Replies: >>10269
[Hide] (46.4KB, 622x320)
gud gam ccb
Replies: >>10268
[Hide] (199.6KB, 420x300)
GGs gaphag
[Hide] (1.8MB, 2894x4093)
Replies: >>10271
[Hide] (1MB, 1600x1200)
well played
I'm tired of playing arcade mode in soku, but I'm not sure if netplay is really viable for my computer. Autopunch doesn't work at all, and I'm not really sure many other tools it seems people use will work either.
sokuroll seems to work at least...
Replies: >>10275 >>10276
take hostlist mod and join randm games
you need autopunch/port forward only to host games not join them
also if you reply in next half hour I'll host
Replies: >>10277
Sorry, maybe tomorrow. Thanks for the advice though.
[Hide] (128.2KB, 300x300)
I can't use swrstoys with my computer... OS too old...
[Hide] (706.9KB, 643x900)
Here's some soku
Replies: >>10283
It's over here
ayy good gaem ccbs 
host up agian aaa
Replies: >>10285
ggs oldhag
[Hide] (341.9KB, 1354x601)
I tried to edit the infinite deck json to give myself a great deck, but unfortunately it has a validity check when loading decks and defaults them to random cards. What a shame.
[Hide] (411.1KB, 2000x1400)
Replies: >>10316
also gam
Replies: >>10315
hostlist games are cancer pls join
Replies: >>10317
GG's willy. I almost avoided that last tremn, it still got me thou.
Also what is this captcha its obnoxious
[Hide] (624.9KB, 969x1237)
The suffering of having to soku with FUCKING DICKSORD NIGGERS
good gaem gen. Your defense makes people have to be VERY DELIBERATE in order to win a match. It's wonderful to match against you because I have to stop being a buttonmashing autist to do anything useful for a round.
host is kill
[Hide] (85.4KB, 622x403)
don't worry there'll be salvation soon(TM) enough
Replies: >>10320 >>10321
dont u dare
[Hide] (44.1KB, 1080x1080)
It's the iq filter.

>Retards can't solve a simple captcha
>Retards train an ai to solve the captcha in a attempt to make it worthless
>causes a harder captcha to be put into place
I don't think you've thought this through.
I don't know if I even want to try to play online if I'll just get completely fucked...
I do, but man, I've never bothered with fighting games until recently...
P.S. Captchas suck and don't do much for spam in my own experience. This one doesn't even work on my computer forcing me to use my shitty laptop.
Replies: >>10327
[Hide] (943.9KB, 498x280)
You can't tell the skill level/sweatiness of anons if you're looking outside in, so it can be intimidating. I'm too am crap, so I'd play with you if I could get hosting to work, which it was a week ago. 
Best advice I could give is practice and reliably pull off your moves, last thing you want is to fatfinger; learn and get to know your 2hu's spellcards, skills, and how they move too.
Replies: >>10328 >>10334
wanna play now reply and I'll host
Replies: >>10329
sure, I'll play a match
Replies: >>10330
Replies: >>10331 >>10332
[Hide] (88.4KB, 214x256)
well, my skull was thoroughly introduced to the ground
Replies: >>10332 >>10333
[Hide] (266.1KB, 877x1240)
ggs I guess
pretty sure if you keep using the hostlist (or this thread!) and keep at it (like bash your head against the wall at it) you'll be fine
here's a cute marisa to lift your spirits
[Hide] (18.9MB, 480x360, 06:47)
do not think you can escape so easily
I can get hosting to work, but it's kind of a pain. I'll try and play sometime but I'm not really able to tonight.
I do really want to play though. I'll try for tomorrow night if my keyboard isn't fucked.
[Hide] (448.5KB, 900x682)
Replies: >>10345 >>10346
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1800x1160)
Hosd, it's kill.
I wonder if crunch is here.
Good games again.
That was pretty fun.
hosding off the hosdlist
Replies: >>10349
host is bed
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1413x1060)
[Hide] (23.7MB, 10:20)
Fat mp3.
Seems the japs made an improved version of the soku ai that is actually competent and can rival other players. Though it seems to be only for reimu.
I've tested it out and it is quite challenging though you'd have to use the non-translated version of the game (or just the weather translation).

Here is video of the install https://yewtu.be/watch?v=-zfl9gttjrk
GG gen, FUCK buttons
Replies: >>10380
GG's youm, I just keep getting jebaited, tricked, bamboozled even .
GG remifugger, fun gam
Replies: >>10390
GGs (you), game were indeed fun just too bad commands kept getting fuck up.
Mind if I ask how was my pressure? I keep feeling like it weak.
Replies: >>10391
[Hide] (180.6KB, 1230x2048)
It was better in the early matches but I felt you got more and more hesitant to pressure as time went on. Being cautious is good but if it gets to the point where I can see and take advantage of it, I will. I definitely noticed that you are just jumping away from the corner after seeing me block a string. Don't do this. Work on pressure resets and mix ups. If it feels like all your pressure backfires on you, then it's probably because the opponent knows what you're going to do and is fucking you over for it. Jumping out of the corner is safe, but I would recommend avoiding it unless you're low on orbs and know your positioning is bad. Otherwise, you're giving the opponent a free turn to chase you down, and permission to mash furiously when they know you're about to chicken out.

Dropping inputs doesn't help for sure. Bad connections are out of our control, but I know that I sometimes start inputting things too early or without thinking and the buffered timing is just completely wrong. I've started playing Reisen against beginners, and it seems like it's forcing me to think and time things deliberately, so that's not a bad thing to do. They would all rage quit on me before, but now if I give them permission to win a few matches I can at least switch to Youmu for a few games and practice pressure mix ups on someone who can actually block (as opposed to the CPUs that don't know what that word means.)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 2231x3276)
I huffed some bleach
Replies: >>10402 >>10404
[Hide] (78.2KB, 658x418)
Replies: >>10401
soku but only weather is typhoon
Replies: >>10400
[Hide] (500.2KB, 620x876)
GEEGEE marisafag. Spotty connection but it only made the matches more intenser.
[Hide] (201.4KB, 1920x1323)
The only way to play
[Hide] (754.2KB, 744x1052)
soku but you don't actually get to 214
ggs youmufag I threw some games you threw some games
it felt like you were really struggling to get in at times, while in other times you just waltzed in effortlessly
still don't get why that is
Host is up again
ggs gen
host up more
Replies: >>10405 >>10406
GG's willy,this is the first time I try to avoid the treinmf by going behind yukarin, it kind of works well if you're close enough.
Host down more
hosding off the hosdlist
Replies: >>10413 >>10420
hosd back on the hosdlist
[Hide] (2.1MB, 640x480, 00:07)
Here is a video of an advance trick using coin and BE:
Hold a direction, Hold the flight key, Tap the coin card.
Replies: >>10418
[Hide] (234.3KB, 269x430)
Thank you for sharing this sekrit knowledge. This is a very powerful way to use coin, and it was already a really good card. Also, after playing around with this, I see you can just hold dash+1 to block low without backdashing, and then you only need to input card once, no double tapping. Unfortunately you need to be holding coin to do this, it would be really nice if you could input BE like this all the time. Have a smug remi as thanks
not sure if anyone is here at this time but host is up off the hostlist
Replies: >>10421
nvm, host ded
[Hide] (1.4MB, 2920x4096)
Replies: >>10428
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1645x1166)
no musack tonight, but host up for a few games
It's 4 am and I contain something that demands soku, can anyone host?
Replies: >>10451 >>10452
[Hide] (323.8KB, 707x1000)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1657x1558)
Good games, I'm done for now
Replies: >>10453
[Hide] (2.6MB, 2865x2026)
ggs, sweet dreams
[Hide] (1MB, 1254x1771)
GGs (you)mu
[Hide] (540.9KB, 1500x974)
gg I hate keyboards
Replies: >>10458
We both mess up quite a few times, but it was fun though I'm salty that my keyboard keeps miss reading d22.
host live
[Hide] (154.8KB, 472x472)
I lurk alot here, but too retarded and scared to play with RATS
Replies: >>10468
place Turdgay flag above
[Hide] (1004.7KB, 640x640, 01:07)
[Hide] (454.1KB, 1360x877)
((( Americans )))
Replies: >>10472
brb dying
Replies: >>10473
I return
host too
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1501x2024)
my back hurts
host is kill
Replies: >>10475
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1158x1559)
why the fuck star of david?
Replies: >>10476 >>10486
((( thaumaturgy )))
[Hide] (5MB, 2150x2900)
>captcha looks like a benis
fug :DD
Replies: >>10481 >>10482
oof ow my back
I'll be back
I return
[Hide] (504.3KB, 900x1273)
No more.
[Hide] (478.7KB, 640x480)
it looks like an interpretation of astronomical entombing, which has  that pattern. hexagrams in general have been used as generic magic seals in the series since the PC-98 era.
Replies: >>10490
[Hide] (357.8KB, 2174x2048)
Replies: >>10491 >>10492
muh ports
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1080x1372)
ports fixed
host aaaa
haha funny connection error
ggs trainhag
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1200x853)
goaud gaem remilea
Replies: >>10501
Was that the last game or did something happen
Ggs still
Replies: >>10502
[Hide] (506.2KB, 850x1133)
I'm too tired to continue. GGs, sorry for being so rusty. Throwing Atlas makes me mad.
[Hide] (347.1KB, 1000x1000)
I wish next soku had any documentation at all.
back again
[Hide] (262.7KB, 1224x1354)
[Hide] (123.1KB, 1000x1200)
GG. That was some pretty intense soku for me.
Replies: >>10550
Ggs, fun games
Replies: >>10552 >>10553
gg's miko your sanae is bretty gud.
[Hide] (199.2KB, 600x500)
GG. I can't see cirno behind her 5c and she keeps bamboozling me.
Replies: >>10554 >>10555
[Hide] (1MB, 1180x1320)
GG. That's a big scythe and I'm dead. 
Replies: >>10556
[Hide] (1MB, 2508x3541)
GGs, Sanae has some strange moves.
[Hide] (574.8KB, 1693x2278)
GG. CHs are the end of me.
GGs, I had fun against your Sanae.
If you want some info for the matchup against remi Sky God Summon: Wind is strong to prevent her from trying to close in and zoning above remi j2c is a good way to slowly chip away at her
I forgot to change my profile, I'm the local resident vampire
Replies: >>10558
Thanks. I'll use wind eventually, but I can't resist the urge to whack people with kanako for 3k ch at the moment.
I figured from some certain tells, i.e. j6a -> j22 n00b destroyer combo etc. Also you're getting way too good. I don't remember you being such a bully
Replies: >>10559
>Also you're getting way too good. I don't remember you being such a bully
A while back I decided to bite the bullet and join the soku dickord to improve and to play the game more often. I was able to get access to helpful resources and learn how to play remi somewhat better. Though I mostly lurk than anything else. In fact the first deck I was using against you was an anti Sanae Zoning deck that was shared. Hence why I used the Rocket Kick Upper DP instead of de default
Something that might interest people here is that every game that is hosted on the hostlist mod, you can find replays on this website https://sokureplays.delthas.fr so if you want to see what higher skilled people are doing you can somewhat find some games to study 
Replies: >>10560
Man, rocket kick upper, I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw it but it works very well. I did actually join it too to find next soku documentation, but there was fucking nothing and it's laid out like shit. Then my account got nuked for using a disposable phone number. Feels bad.
Yeah I've seen the replay website. I even have my favourite players, though I haven't looked at any for quite some time now.
Replies: >>10561
[Hide] (2.3MB, 640x480, 00:56)
From what I could see, next soku seems to be dead and now the next thing some people on dickord are talking about is a "community patch" to try and balance some things out though it doesn't seem to be a mandatory thing and one of the main mod dev is working on implementing a new type of lobby system for hosting games. 
>Then my account got nuked for using a disposable phone number.
I didnt even needed to put a phone number when registering for their shit just a cock.li email work fine for them
Replies: >>10562
heh, they're actually doing that guilty gear style lobby, or whatever originally did it. Looks pretty cute, I hope there's nice sprites for all the chars later. I see they also kept soku's beautiful 3d background aesthetic.

If they make reimu's 5c not randomly drop, I'll be happy.
[Hide] (683.1KB, 1000x1004)
Replies: >>10564 >>10565
ggs, thanks for hosting
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1500x1665)
GG. Maybe I BE more next time, or not.

Replies: >>10566
host ended
ged in
Replies: >>10572
GGs, I was planning to spectate, accidentaly hit join button and figure it'd be too rude to drop.
Replies: >>10573
[Hide] (649.1KB, 1024x1024)
GGs, you certainly kicked my ass more then I was expecting, hopefully next time I'll figure out how to put up more of a fight against your Suwako.
[Hide] (427.9KB, 1024x1024)
Replies: >>10587 >>10588
[Hide] (22.8KB, 360x480)
Replies: >>10597
[Hide] (136.8KB, 1200x1101)
GGs. Sorry for going afk twice during that.
[Hide] (70.4KB, 768x512)
GGs, you've come far. You had very good spacing in some of those close matches in our early sets. Thanks for games, sorry for lag.
now hosdan
[Hide] (95.4KB, 600x800)
looking good
Replies: >>10603 >>10604
[Hide] (610.6KB, 827x1169)
ggs thanks for hostan
[Hide] (97.2KB, 800x739)
GG. I will right block the 66a soon.
[Hide] (623.5KB, 1000x1294)
Good morning /japan/!
Tomorrow I will have a different flag that is a little bit more like before. Although much to my own dismay.
I'm still awful but games will be had, I hope, after a trip.
Hope everyone has a great day.
Replies: >>10611
hosd up (off the hostlist)
Replies: >>10610
hosd slep
excellent news, have a safe trip
>DDC ExNB ReimuA and SakuyaA
doesn't seem quite right. I have DDC ExNB and while it took some effort it wasn't THAT hard. I think I'd need LNB at least to meet the SUPERPLAYER requirement
I forgot for a day.
Host here
warning unstable
warning bad at games
Replies: >>10621
lag ;_;
i rehosted again hopefully i can set rollback to 8 now
Replies: >>10618
I'll forgot to turn off my vpn before joining, sorry.
Replies: >>10619
Is okay my connection is probably overloaded right now too. Will host again in a bit once i figure out how to change the fucking hexcode to not have it on numpad - and + since i do not have a numpad
Replies: >>10620
Try to change it with onscreen keyboard.
[Hide] (16KB, 181x112)
Rehosted on >>10614
aaaaaa whats with my connection suddently doing that in the middle of games, that's awfullll
It keeps happening.
im sorry i dont know why it just cuts off like that. I'm just gonna blame the communists and try again with a wired connection later. Host ded. Thank you for the games though, haven't played since last I tried with radical. That was almost a year ago.
Replies: >>10625
GGs patchifag.
destroy m
nice work nice work good old marisafag
I'll host more
[Hide] (195.3KB, 1315x1000)
it's like I'm really gapped back into 2020, nothing changed at all
Replies: >>10631
[Hide] (1.1MB, 700x800)
better times
host is kill
More destroy of m
Replies: >>10645
host again up
Replies: >>10648
[Hide] (105.1KB, 400x400)
GGs, got no pressure at all and no combos, but was still funfunfunf
>connection failed
I obviously fucked something up.
Replies: >>10649
It's doo lade.
Hosd ids gill
goud gaem LIUSEM VON CCB
Replies: >>10657
GGs you gaphag. I'll have to play more safely now against you, you did many traims in the set however that one traim you did on low health was bs and can go fuck itself. You're still more fun to play than dickord though
Replies: >>10658
[Hide] (5.3MB, 640x480, 00:19)
You did a lotta smart stuff through the pressure.
I'll never forget the fun moment where you waltzed right up to my face during dimensional border with red the nightless castle.
Replies: >>10659
[Hide] (3.2MB, 640x480, 00:09)
[Hide] (2.6MB, 640x480, 00:08)
hostlist is cancer give game
Replies: >>10661 >>10662
[Hide] (10.1KB, 900x960)
ggs it seems my connection is cancer too
[Hide] (357.9KB, 850x1202)
I'm getting closer to being able to win a round, GGs.
[Hide] (763.5KB, 960x1280)
Replies: >>10664 >>10665
[Hide] (667.2KB, 960x1280)
ggs fuck rollback
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1413x1060)
gg's miko, kanako always catches me off guard.
[Hide] (246KB, 800x720)
Got'em. GG

Replies: >>10669
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1200x1150)
Got'em. GG

Replies: >>10670 >>10671
[Hide] (75.7KB, 512x768)
stop letting me win, I only ragequit like three times today ggs
Replies: >>10672
[Hide] (396.7KB, 1200x900)
Probably no more unless someone wants.
[Hide] (118.9KB, 1200x1200)
I try and I die.
you're too good when you use your brain
[Hide] (946.8KB, 1890x2359)
j5b edition
Replies: >>10674
[Hide] (511.3KB, 2729x2403)
Replies: >>10686
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1200x1697)
And now it's time to sleep
Replies: >>10690
[Hide] (57.8KB, 582x561)
Replies: >>10691
host is up again
Replies: >>10692
Replies: >>10695
Good games but names are hard
save me from this hell of dicksord niggers
Replies: >>10694 >>10696
[Hide] (570KB, 800x600)
GGs. I find myself learning about new shit every time I fight you.
ah I'm saved from dicksord niggers finally
please come again
[Hide] (4.2MB, 3000x3300)
ggs fag
I've been so busy with random crap yet I promised many games since wired connection
please beat the shit out of me
[Hide] (853.6KB, 1570x1818)
very GGs meirin
God I love the way you do combos. Very fluid and simple. Wish I had that control with my character. I keep misinputting a lot.
I'm gonna be busy for a little while, gonna host later for sure though!
Replies: >>10702
gg's dumb, I hadn't played you in forever.
Yeah, meiling is very fast so I think if you play patchy you wanna have emerald city or some of the skills with iframes against her, so you have space to breathe.
Replies: >>10703
I used to have a deck specifically to counter rushdowns because of Rad's Marisa but I never really used it to its full extent. So I mostly just run meme decks that are thematically pleasant to see and use but also cripple me in some ways because I can't into planning. Hard to do 412 motions with arrow keys. Still fun to play with them though!
I'm glad I got to play with you again! Sorry I haven't been around for a while. Been busy with travels and life. You've improved a lot and your adaptability is amazing.
I'm listening to 00's nostalgia, and am well hydrated
GG's youm. I try to bait the dp's but you ain't buyin'.
gams up
[Hide] (80.2KB, 709x709)
requesting games
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1860x1384)
thanks for the games
[Hide] (93.2KB, 600x454)
oooooooh aaaaaaaaaaah muh grazes
one day a fabled player will appear who can think and play at the same time
[Hide] (255.7KB, 1448x2048)
got 3 hours to waste
please come play with me
gg's a, the connection got a bit funky but those were some gud gams.
Replies: >>10736
desync out the ass. rehosting with the discordfag version to maybe fix it
pls rejoin but ggs otherwise
Replies: >>10737 >>10742
oh yeah, I'll play a bit more
Replies: >>10738
woops too late, I'll spectate now lol.
[Hide] (276.3KB, 1448x2048)
ggs you mu
fun to play against a competent player who hasn't yet memorized every page in Alice's book of bullshit
I'm also bad at handling Youmu, therefore double fun
still hosting (after piss break)
Replies: >>10740
[Hide] (831.8KB, 960x960)
slanderous lies
[Hide] (297.2KB, 2732x2048)
I am now no longer hosting
thanks to all who joined
'FixMeiling236' is probably the module you need.
The duration for default 236 reads uninitialised data or something so the duration is different between players.
hosd up
[Hide] (58.7KB, 1285x1206)
its a week until christmas…………………
hosd up (off the hostlist)
Replies: >>10752
[Hide] (616.8KB, 850x1202)
Replies: >>10753
GGs names. Was fun playing against you again.
Help a nigger shake off a years worth of rust. Going to be hosting and streaming over the next few days, not sure how long I'll last. I need (You) to give me games.
Replies: >>10783 >>10797
gg remifugger, host remains open
Replies: >>10784
Host closed now, will reopen after sleeping.
Replies: >>10787
sleeping complete
hosd up
Replies: >>10793
GGs names
Replies: >>10794
ggs. Sorry for playing like shit, I shouldn't be attempting to play while sick.
Replies: >>10795
No worries, take care and rest.
I kinda guess something was up though I taught it was due to something technical.
Replies: >>10796
There was a lot of random lag spikes, however my inability to keep up right now caused the most issues.
Host open for ~2 more hours. Will also be celebrating the new year in an hour, with some, more or less, new years themed music:
[Hide] (244KB, 921x1116)
Running soku from wine, might crash randomly.
Replies: >>10860 >>10866
Suprisingly not bad, crashed once, but the main problem is lag on bullets. Going to have to see if I can fiddle with some settings to improve performance
Replies: >>10865
oku 22b is the real killler
hosting again, also musics stream has returned.
[Hide] (885.9KB, 400x300)
gud gaem alison
Replies: >>10868
[Hide] (554.6KB, 1000x1414)
ggs willy
stream server dead but I will host a little longer
Replies: >>10870
[Hide] (4.7MB, 640x480, 00:10)
ggs youm
Replies: >>10871
[Hide] (664.6KB, 1200x1681)
ebin, thanks for games
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1240x1224)
gg's ccb, you've gotten breddy gud.
Replies: >>10873
[Hide] (96.4KB, 850x626)
GGs gen and thanks, your meiling is quite tough to play against. First time seeing Fierce Tiger Energy Release and panic there. Thanks for joining!
well stream server is alive but account creation is fucking up so here's host join for gam
[Hide] (164.6KB, 850x850)
Replies: >>10876 >>10877
Replies: >>10877
[Hide] (222.1KB, 1246x2048)
oh no
gams up, strms up
[Hide] (48.5KB, 700x900)
Replies: >>10882
[Hide] (5.5MB, 2400x1900)
Today's lucky numbers are:
39 10 09 57 and 78
Replies: >>10883
host kill
good gam a
Replies: >>10884
[Hide] (92.7KB, 700x1140)
ggs thanks for hostan
you ok willy?
assuming that was intentional, ggs.
Replies: >>10892
computer borked, laptop keyboard didn't want to respond nor force shut down
took a screwdriver to it and it werks again
[Hide] (3.1MB, 640x368, 02:20)
Replies: >>10897 >>10898
goud gaem other alicefag
host is kill
[Hide] (766.3KB, 1587x2012)
good gaems
[Hide] (3.1MB, 01:20)
Seems to DC immediately when you connect.
[Hide] (13.8MB, 1280x720, 05:07)
Thangk you for hostign
Goud gaem liusem von ccb9ndnfdlsd
ggs train hag hope you liek the vampire kiss
Replies: >>10922
host up again, let's see if I'm still a dumbass
host is kill
I don't like it
Game is not working.
[Hide] (529.7KB, 2048x1730)
Game works completely normal. Nothing weird here.
ggs REMILIA PLAYER I swear I'll learn to block on wakeup honest
Host up again
Replies: >>10925
ggs willy
[Hide] (167.1KB, 900x545)
feel like doing something
or not
[Hide] (51.8KB, 280x280)
or not
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1920x1200)
pro strats only
Replies: >>10934 >>10935
GG's remove, I hadn't played you in a while, you're reimu is as good as always, I'm just glad I didn't have to deal with those stickers in the ground.
Replies: >>10935
GG gen.
You make me feel like such a scrub sometimes when you figure out my silly habits.

I'm being nice using nice strats.

rehost because I can
Replies: >>10936
Good con soon. For now we (you) suffer.

rehost again
Replies: >>10937
[Hide] (683.2KB, 850x1295)
[Hide] (310.7KB, 1448x2048)
Replies: >>10952 >>10953
Replies: >>10954 >>10955
Too bad it was typhoon. We actually get good games when con is good.

Replies: >>10956
host ended
[Hide] (162.5KB, 944x944)
Replies: >>10959
Replies: >>10961 >>10962
[Hide] (121.2KB, 1200x1697)
thank you for hosting when I am not sleep
Replies: >>10962
[Hide] (61.5KB, 640x480)

Ur welcome
[Hide] (27.5KB, 500x500)
Replies: >>10964
[Hide] (36.1KB, 155x200)
Incoherent rant along with schizo numbers 27-99-00-357-221-09
Replies: >>10976
[Hide] (546.8KB, 640x480)
ids pofv 2 8=D
[Hide] (14.7KB, 500x500)
[Hide] (1.4KB, 180x100)

stop clowning around
isn't he bored of making shmups yet?
Replies: >>10982
[Hide] (1MB, 732x2136)
>stop clowning around
Stop NOT clowning around.
Replies: >>10987
play shmoo hoo's

you got me
Replies: >>10988 >>10989
[Hide] (1.3MB, 2149x2157)
no tegaki today folks

GG. More spell card spam coming soon.
[Hide] (132KB, 935x1266)
Replies: >>10992
[Hide] (673.8KB, 1000x1400)
My right, your left.
Replies: >>10995 >>10996
[Hide] (334.4KB, 1911x2048)
host down
[Hide] (401.1KB, 1586x2537)
thanks for hosting again and again
Replies: >>11007
[Hide] (511.7KB, 967x758)
Bop it, pull it, flick it, flick it, bop it!
Replies: >>11012
[Hide] (171.3KB, 800x567)
Oh, neat.
Replies: >>11016 >>11017
[Hide] (427.9KB, 1363x1535)
I kept fat fingering the delay by mistake somehow.
[Hide] (467.4KB, 481x679)
ggs man
[Hide] (14.9KB, 453x184)
Touhou 19 demo will be released at both Reitaisai and ((( Steam ))) the same day.
[Hide] (270.3KB, 1241x1879)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 2000x2800)
ggs thanks for hostan
Replies: >>11023
Replies: >>11029
Replies: >>11031
[Hide] (2.7MB, 480x270)
up down up down up down
A certain canadian is unable to post thanks to chess.
Not because he can't solve it, but because site's broken. Blame sturg.
He's hosting on:
Replies: >>11048
[Hide] (581.3KB, 1280x1873)
Replies: >>11052 >>11054
Okay I can post on my laptop weird. Opponents wanted, pls respond.
Replies: >>11063
Replies: >>11058
>Port's not working
host down
Replies: >>11063
latitude +90
Replies: >>11064
[Hide] (498.1KB, 1280x1873)
I'm retard. I fixed the port. Host north
Replies: >>11065
host south
[Hide] (165.8KB, 700x550)
Good games anon, sorry my connection kinda suck at the moment.
Replies: >>11067 >>11069
Is good. I like you're style. Good gaimu
[Hide] (36.8KB, 334x338)
[Hide] (69.4KB, 904x935)
[Hide] (44KB, 00:04)
Replies: >>11075 >>11076
was that gen
good gaem gen
Replies: >>11076 >>11077
Replies: >>11076
gaem over
[Hide] (322.8KB, 1694x1277)
Nah, its wasn't me, I don't know whomst'ved might that been.

But maybe I'll play later.
Replies: >>11094
Help me test if I've fixed my ports.
Replies: >>11084
host down, I suppose I'll have to try again tomorrow.
Replies: >>11095 >>11096
[Hide] (417.1KB, 2160x1620)
Was that a gen? Good gaems gen.
host is kill
[Hide] (53.6KB, 1000x700)
gg's willy, I see you've been practicing new tricks,they really caught me off guard there.
Replies: >>11116
game now
Apparently there was a new alice player that started playing the game and got angry with the state of sokuroll that he made his own rollback for soku and is in working in beta but has a few bugs like memory leaks. And the best part, its actually open source now. I was able to play with d2 with NA-EU connection.
Replies: >>11110 >>11116
no one plays soku bro yuo should know that already
Praise alicefags. Praise 6a. Praise soku
>memory leaks
download more ram

>sky dragon kick -> sky dragon kick
they can't keep getting away with this
[Hide] (463KB, 2048x1536)
ass blast USA
Replies: >>11121
[Hide] (142.8KB, 850x695)
host down
[Hide] (395KB, 1809x2232)
thank you for hosting
God bless you
and God bless America
Replies: >>11122
[Hide] (205.1KB, 862x995)
[Hide] (873.7KB, 1920x1080)
ISP kikes have infringed on my right to port forward. Have any of you bridged a modem before? I am able to connect my computer to my router's ethernet port, but I can only connect to the internet if I set the modem as my gateway. If I set the router as my gateway, I can only log in to the router control panel. If my gateway is the modem, I can't connect to the router at all DESPITE THE FACT THAT MY CONNECTION IS BEING ROUTED THROUGH IT. Fugging hell.
Replies: >>11144
sounds like a different subnet issue or something idk
Replies: >>11145
You're right. Putting them on the same subnet allows me to access both. The guide I read suggested they should be put on different subnets, but idk if that's necessary. Either way, the router still can't access the internet and I'm out of ideas for now.
Alright lets give this a shot.
Give game.
Replies: >>11154
[Hide] (43.8KB, 1920x1080)
Replies: >>11155
[Hide] (610.9KB, 850x903)
I'll take that game now.
Replies: >>11156
[Hide] (18.4KB, 1920x1080)
my ports are broken
Replies: >>11157
[Hide] (1.4MB, 738x416, 00:32)
Well that makes 2, potentially 3 of us.
[Hide] (554.2KB, 500x500)
I fixed my ports. 

Also I'm using giuroll. Assume it just works.
Replies: >>11159 >>11162
[Hide] (1.8MB, 2604x3647)
Replies: >>11161 >>11162
[Hide] (704.7KB, 1024x637)
>Games keep going up when I can't play
Give game please.
Replies: >>11163

Maybe a burger can save you from no games.
Maybe increasing pph could also attract potential players.
[Hide] (92.1KB, 816x645)
Those games go very fast. Maxumim bully power. 
Giuroll seems pretty good. I couldn't figure out how to change the delay but it seemed fine.

ggs, thx for hosting. finally got around to installing that new netplay mod

also is the KO sound effect not playing part of the new rollback experience or is my game just fucked?
Replies: >>11166
They were fine on my end but I haven't tried joined someone else's host, so I don't know if it only effects p2. 

There are some bugs with the rollback like the slowdown effect on KOs happens too early for spectators. So who knows.
still hosting
Replies: >>11168
Please increase the delay.
Replies: >>11169
I'm not sure how to do it with giuroll.
I can try with sokuroll
Replies: >>11171
I try rehost with sokuroll
Replies: >>11173
>Start teleporting to every location on the screen while kicking my ass
H-he's fast!
Try "+-" on the numpad.
[Hide] (50.4KB, 640x480)
I forgot the delay number was on the left and not the right.
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1032x1457)
Replies: >>11175
Replies: >>11177
ggs remifag, my connection is being shit currently so sorry for the delay. i'm surprised we could even play to begin with
Replies: >>11179
For others that are using groll, here is the latest version since the fucker cant make an effort to make a new release in his git repository
ggs sakuyafag, the connection was ok but next time you should increase the delay. We were playing in D2 with a latency fluctuating between 25-60ms (you can see the latency by pressing 8).
Was fun playing against you again.
Replies: >>11180 >>11182
>but next time you should increase the delay
i tried but none of they keys do anything. i probably need to fix something in the .ini first
Replies: >>11181
it because  the default one in the ini are different from the sokuroll version. Instead of being the ones on the numpad its the key 0 9 and 8 on the main keyboard for increase, lower and display latency and also now q to rewind replays when viewing them too
new giuroll >>11179

wish they just used git instead. I think there may also be a new
Replies: >>11183
>pressing enter in the subject field sends the post
a new infinite decks version that doesn't desync for spectators
Replies: >>11187
>have to leave for a second
>Lose spot
A tale as old as time, ggs.
Replies: >>11185 >>11188
GG. Sorry
Replies: >>11186
[Hide] (42.4KB, 600x600)
For what? I'm the one that left.
Replies: >>11187
[Hide] (421.6KB, 999x999)
oh yeah me baka

100% of my brain trying to not dash into the big j2a.
Replies: >>11188

i didn't check if anyone was playing before, i just joined in and figured no one else wanted to play
Replies: >>11190 >>11191
It appears something came up, ggs.
Replies: >>11191
Replies: >>11192 >>11193
I need to find something to use when you're at mid height on screen. GGs again.
[Hide] (864.9KB, 1180x1500)
GGs. Host down
[Hide] (7.3KB, 153x150)
GGs if you're here anon, fun games.
Hey, is anyone here?
I need to learn this game properly. Also what's the weakness of Remilia's 22A skill?
Replies: >>11219
Do you meaning Stigmanizer or Ceiling Fear?
For Stigmanizer, it a skill that she can only used on the ground and that can clear almost any non spellcard bullets. Remi can also move freely after launching the projectile at the height of the skill. Its also a bullet so you can try to graze through it to place yourself in a better position to try and catch her landing but chances are your opponent can dash away from you.
Its overall a decent skill but the fact that it isnt air usable makes it not that much worth it to use and there isnt much combo potential in it.

Ceiling Fear on the other hand is air usable and opens up a few new ways to remi's combo finisher for some more extra damage and can catch you if you try to BE. The main weakness of this skill is that if you managed to BE6 the skill after the hit, remi cant move until she touches the ground which makes her very vulnerable and dont try to low block it since it will guard crush you.
Replies: >>11222
The standard 22A, Demon Lord Arrow.
It seemed to me as if you could just spam it, but I've just recently learnt, that you're extremely vulnerable when you don't manage to hit your opponent.
I'm just a beginner in this, don't even know how to keep someone in the corner.
Replies: >>11223
[Hide] (4.1MB, 640x480, 00:10)
To be honest, you should avoid using it in neutral since not only are you vulnerable but the opponents can BE6 your hit and punish you even more easily. I would recommend only using it if you have the 5sc scarlet devil up since you can use it as bait them.
If you're still somewhat determine to use that skill, you can try to use it when you can guess your opponent is going to use bullets that have a high recovery but its not always an easy thing to pull off.
play soku
Give game.
Replies: >>11235
what are these fuckfaces in the hostlist talking about whenever they put down .6? Did a new soku thing happen?
Replies: >>11236
[Hide] (413.9KB, 634x505)
this thing
Replies: >>11237
host up?
what is a 0.6.8?
Replies: >>11238
Its the new rollback that someone made to replace sokuroll and it called GiuRoll (hence GR).
Its somewhat of an improvement over sokuroll and the current version now allows for you to set your own rollback independent of the other person.
Here is where you can download the current version https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1113775565778989096/1157355431639916576/giuroll_0_6_3.zip
thank you romania man.
I will now download this new adware and host again in a second.
Replies: >>11240
My name doesn't appear in the hostlist since the hostlist doesn't want me to use it without sokuroll.
Replies: >>11242
Updated my crusty .dll, host up again. please helb desd :DDD
Goud gaem hard name.
Test is successful, now the dicksord cocksucks won't hold their new rollback over my head.
Replies: >>11245
hosd ub again
[Hide] (247.2KB, 1200x1200)
Replies: >>11246
Host aborted
goud aemg
Need mage.
what the fug :DD
kimee I am blog :DD
>Can't say hots
white light fag detected
host paused
okay its back
Can't connect, are you on the latest version of giuroll?
Replies: >>11262
Replies: >>11263 >>11264
That's what I'm using as well, I have no idea why it's not working then.
Replies: >>11265
I wonder if autopunch is causing the faggotry.
Just a second.
Replies: >>11265
>Won't even host without autopunch.
Fug :DDD
Alternative is trying to run the thing in admin mode.
Replies: >>11266
Admin mode doesn't work either huh.
I wonder what the fug is going on.
http://netplay.lunarcast.net/check.php says I'm okay at least, but I dondd fugging no :DDD
maybe sokuroll works?
Replies: >>11268 >>11270
Lets try it.
Replies: >>11269
>Hostlist boots host if it's not giu
bgs, I played like shit.
Replies: >>11271
[Hide] (251.8KB, 725x1000)
I merely made you play like shit, as planned.
[Hide] (160.3KB, 1500x1061)
Replies: >>11275 >>11277
is there new shit I need to install to get a game? giuroll? the fock is that
Replies: >>11276
is this what the kids are using these days why can't I get a fucking game here
[Hide] (118.4KB, 1200x1200)
this new netplay code is smooth as molasses and twice as slow. thanks for games everyone.
reply for gam
Replies: >>11317
[Hide] (147.2KB, 500x405)
>cave announces 2hu game
>it's gacha
Replies: >>11303 >>11304
that feelio when you though CAVE was going to be the one to save zun from himself but instead they're dragging him down to gacha hell with themselves
lmao zun is right at home with the hacks at cave
we're not dead yet
Replies: >>11318
been so long I forgot the port
Replies: >>11320 >>11345
[Hide] (98.4KB, 706x625)
Up again. Wednesday streams return next week.
Is there some secret hisoutensociety I don't know about?
Replies: >>11400
[Hide] (49.9KB, 221x221)
Anybody wanna help me test this shit on linux?
I can host
Replies: >>11409
yea, gimme a time when you'll be around
Replies: >>11411
about now for the next 5-6 hours.
Pls off captcha this board is ded now
Replies: >>11412
host it, I'll stay up for ~2-3h
Replies: >>11414
You might need autopunch
Replies: >>11415 >>11416
sec; installing autopunch
connection failed without it
connection failed
with autopunch + sokuroll R 1.3
is your sokuroll on?
Replies: >>11417
Yes, one sec changing to 32 bit autopunch
Replies: >>11418
I don't think thats gonna work, I'm using 64-bit version and it wasnt working
how about you try connecting? up
Replies: >>11419
Too laggy?
today yu face the boss 
of this gym
Why is willy ded?
Replies: >>11423
I havent hosted for too long this is why hes ded

Good games, I forgot just how much I love this game
Yeah ggs I need the practice.
Same time rommorrow?
Replies: >>11425
maybe around 4-6 hours earlier or something
Replies: >>11427
but sure
>maybe around 4-6 hours earlier or something
Unfortunately I can't.
1-2 hours is the best I can do
Replies: >>11428
2 hours then
it's a sunny day in malaysia
and 5 am in the morning
Replies: >>11429
>and 5 am in the morning
If you wanna do 5-6 pm moscow time it's fine with me too.
So I see there's a stream?
Replies: >>11430
>5-6 pm moscow time
this is best.
see you then!
Replies: >>11431
Sleep tight!
Replies: >>11432
im here
post when ready
Replies: >>11433
Couple matches?
Replies: >>11434
took ya long enough up
dont forget sokuroll
Replies: >>11435
>still no joiners
I'll host more later
figure out how to damage opponents once you catch them; it will win you games
Replies: >>11437
I'll do that once I remember how to play.
See you in 8 hours I guess
Replies: >>11438
good luck in malaysia
Replies: >>11439
Try not to get drafted
Replies: >>11440
Replies: >>11441
no seriously you're the only one here left
Replies: >>11442
survival mode (real)
Replies: >>11443
Will post IP for fights
Replies: >>11445
post ip for fights
Will post IP for fights (time-limited: 2 hours)
Replies: >>11447
Replies: >>11448
Give game.
Replies: >>11449 >>11450
Sorry having firewall issues please wait warmly
Fuck it, hosting with autopunch and sokuroll 1.3
Replies: >>11451 >>11452
Sorry, I had to go before you started hosting.
Replies: >>11453
Sorry for being born here
games bitches
still there?
Replies: >>11458
[Hide] (134.5KB, 686x680)
I can play right now if you can host
Replies: >>11458
Host up right now. (>>11455) Got about 1h tops.
Replies: >>11459 >>11460
Host pl
Ggs anon, thanks for the swordsmanship practice.
Replies: >>11461
GGs anon. I gotta wagie soon so I'm going to eat. I will be back tomorrow same time if I can. Fun games. I think you should consider BE'ing more even when not in the corner, because I felt like you were having trouble with defense? It's a bit safer than getting pushed back into the corner. HJ BE is hard to input but very useful. (You need to block, and quickly switch to pressing 2 as you double tap. You'll jump BE straight up. Good for center stage evasion.) Also remember jumping and teching out of aerial knockdown make you vulnerable. Hope that's helpful.
Replies: >>11464
Hi I'm back to get fucked thank you
Replies: >>11465
Sorry I slept in and have to leave soon. Tomorrow?
Replies: >>11467
HOST UP: >>11455
Replies: >>11468
Shutting down soon... try again tomorrow...
Host up again.
Replies: >>11470
GGs, I broomed
Replies: >>11473
Replies: >>11475
no response
ill try again later!
games 4 (you)
Replies: >>11480
host closed for now (more to come)
How do I unlock Okuu and Suwako in soku? Botnet version has them from the start, moriya version hasn't.
Replies: >>11484
Do their story mode. Moriya version also doesn't have all cards unlocked, so you need to grind AI for them :DDDDD

Soku up at , dont forget sokuroll!
Replies: >>11485
i wont give up !!!!
Host up for a few hours. Newfriends welcome. If I am afk, please spam b until I hear BAMBAMBAMBAM and I will join shortly
Replies: >>11487 >>11495
GG broomer. Host will remain up for about an hour more if anyone is around.
Replies: >>11488
I came. I saw. I broomed.
Replies: >>11490
up again, limited time offer
Replies: >>11491
Ggs, Alice Mongoloid really is pain in the ass. I wish I didn't miss every third input...
Replies: >>11492
GGs okuufag, and good dolltism. I can't remember shit to give you good advice but try to remember border escapes and teching and how to guard crush and skill cards and oh god. I can't remember what you were and weren't doing but here's the wiki:


Ton of info on here. If we play again later I can pay more attention and give better advice. Thanks for fames ggs.
Replies: >>11493
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